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program HMHBHHaauBaBKaKjjniaBHaaHHHMgHaM b
Issued weokly by Tho Mountain
Adrocato Publishing Co., at
Baterod at tho Tost omco at Bar
bourvlllo, Kjr., as socond-class mall
i matter.
(Strictly In advance)
One Year J1.60
Six Months 10.75
Any Item Intended for publication
should reaah this ofllco not later
than Wodnosday or we will be forced
to carry It over for the coming week.
The Kentucky Federation of Wo
men's Clubs of the State at the an
nual meeting in Madlsonvllle In
May passed resolutions requesting
the University of Kentucky to offer
courses In citizenship and to outline
a program of cducatlpnal work along
'this lino. The University In response
to that resolution has announced a
course In Citizenship at its Summer
School for the week beginning July
19th. The course Is open to all wo
men of the State and Is given free.
The University has also announc
ed that in response to the request
from the women's clubs a general
conference on Citizenship, under the
auspices of the Department of Uni
versity Extension, will be held In tho
early fall, perhaps in October.
The program for the week's course
in the Summer Session is as follows:
Monday Afternoon, July 19, at
the Little Theatre, 2.00 p. m Pres.
Frank L. McVey presiding.
1 Address, What is Citizenship?
President Frank L. McVey.
2 City and County Government; Its
structure and organization. Dr. Ed
ward Tuthlll, head of the Depart
ment of History and Political
3 General Discussion led by Dr.
Tuesday Afternoon, July 20, Dr.
Edward Tuthlll presiding.
1 State Government in Kentucky.
Dr. Edward Tuthlll.
2 Taxation in Kentucky. Dr. Ed
ward Wiest, head of the Department
of Economics and Sociology.
3 General Discussion; Question
Box conducted by Dr. Tuthlll.
Wednesday Afternoon, July 21,
Dr. Edward Tuthlll presiding:
1 Political Parties; their methods
and organization. Dr. J. S. Cleland,
Department of Economics and Soci
ology. 2 National Government; Its struc
ture and organization. Dr. Tuthlll.
3 Nominations and Elections. Miss
Mary Scrugham.
Thrusday Afternoon, July 22, Dr.
Tuthlll presiding.
1 Alms and Purposes of tho
League of Women Voters. Mrs.
Frank L. McVey, Chairman Fayette
County League of Women Voters.
2 National Elections. Dr. Tuthlll.
3 General Discussion and Question
Box conducted by Dr. Tuthlll.
Friday Afternoon, July 23.
Dr. Tuthlll presiding.
1 Problems of the School System of
Kentucky and recent legislation.
Prof. Geo. M. Baker.
2 General Election conducted by
Miss Mary Scrugham.
3 Question Box conducted by Dr.
K. II.
July 12 to 17, 1020
County Superintendent
Prof. E. E. Ervln, Instructor
Mis Mnttlo O'Nctt,
Assistant Instructor
On Music: Myra Amis, Mrs. Sudlo
Sutton, Mrs. Chas. Rathfon, Rev.
R. L. Creal, Rev. A. II. Davis.
On Entertainment: R. W. Cole,
Mrs. A. W. Hopper, Mrs. W. B.
Mlnton, Fred Burman, W. R.Lay.
On Program: J. C. Bright, E. V.
Osborne, Jcsslo Mayhew.
On Resolutions: C. B. Humfleet,
Mrs. John W. Hughes, Dr. Leslie
Logan, Mrs. Alice Sasser, P. L.
Centers R. N. Baldwin.
Teachers Association:
Educational Division No. 1 Hei
drick August 6th.
No. 2-Lower Little Brush August
No. 3 Forks Stinking Creek Sep
tember 6th.
No. 4 Bull Creek September 10th.
No. 5 Grays September 24th.
No. C Swan Lako October 1st.
The public Is cordially Invited to
attend the Teachers Institute.
When in the Market
for Farms and Homes
Next Door to P. 0. Bnrbourvillc, Ky.
Your soiled or last year's suit, SWISS Cleaned or Dyed,
saves you $60.00.
md Via hml hri laeoiroratrd LOUISVIUJE, KY.
The Calumet Baking Powder Com
pany of Chicago which advertises
with us from September to June of
each year states. that us the result of
Mountain Advocate advertising their
sales have greatly Increased in this
territory. Persistent advertising Is
sure to bring results, us Is well
known' to such concerns as the Cal
umet Company. They have an A No.
1 product, as every housewife will
testify, but It takes advertising to
bring it to tho attention of the pub
lic. Tho fact that the Advocate
specializes on local news makes It
the more valuable since every mem
ber of tho family likes to read it.
The picnic given by the Modern
Woodmen of America and the Amer
ican Legion lust Saturduy drew u
big crowd and was greatly enjoyed.
Owing to the fact that Captain Wal
ter Carr, the aviator for the Jelllco
Aero Club, decided against tho Fair
Grounds as not offering a sufllciently
large clear space from which to rise,
the picnic was transferred to ground
on Manchester Street and from this
place Captain Carr made constant
trips, many of our citizens taking
advantage of the chance to get near
er heaven than they ever did before.
The cost was ten dollars a fly but
the sport had such a faclnatlon that
there was no lack of flyers.
The unevenness of the ground pre
vented some of the sports from be
ing pulled off but the greasy pole
and the greased pig which lacked a
starting crank (at least no one could
find It) were In evidence.
Tile baby show proved Interesting
with Messrs. Messamore, Charlie
Cole, and other prominent citizens
acting as pacifiers. These aforesaid
citizens, either from thoughtlessness
or from Ingrained wickedness, tried
to inveigle Barhourvllle's two most
useful and honored citizens, namely
tho Mayor and the Editor, into act
ing as judges. Fortunately they had
the sand to turn a deaf ear to the
blandishments of those who would
have ruined their future usefulness
In the community and they still re
tain the respect of the ladies. How
ever, our private opinion Is that all
the babies deserved the first prize
and we recommend that in the fu
ture as many first prize? ins there
are babies be offered. Vse Mayor
gives his official sanction to this opin
There was plenty to eat and drink
everyone was good natured and the
committees deserve praise for mak
ing such a success of the affair.
Be It ordained by the City Coun
cil of the City of Barbourvllle, Ken
tucky, that a local tax, to-wlt: a
Street Improvement Tax, bo and
hereby Is levied and assessed as fol
lows: Section 1 Thut the cost and Im
provement on Depot Street in the
City of Barbourvllle, Kentucky, in
curred under the Ordinance author
izing and directing said improve
ments to be made, approved March
IS, 1919, be and samo is hereby ap
portioned In accordance with the es
timate preparod and furnished by
the City Engineer among the owners
of the property abutting said street,
on both sides thereof according to
the number of abutting feet owned
by them respectively, as follows:
Name Frontage Amount
without Interest, within said thirty
days, or In ten equal annual Install-
J. & C. Smith
M. Cannon
Jelllco Oro. Co.
Dixie Gro. Co.
L. & N. (on left)
L. & N. (on right)
19 feet $41.41
Taylor Newman Heirs 134
- 32.72
O. S. Goodln 156
J. D. Faulkner 89
Sallle Hosklns 156
Wm. Locke 30
W. C. Lochart 80
Mrs J. H. Slusher 44
J. Rasnlck and
Matthew Mitchell
City of B'vllle
City of B'ville, C B Tile, etc., 212.00
Section 2 That there be and
hereby is assessed and levied a local
tax on and against the property
abutting said lmprovemet and said
street, of tho total sum of Fivo
thousand and twelve dollars and
ments as herein provided. Any pro
perty owner who desires to exercise
which privilege of payment by Install
ments shall, before the expiration of
thirty days from the date Of publi
cation of this Ordinance, enter into
du ugreemeut In writing with the
City of Barbourvllle, that, in con
sideration of such privilege, he will
make no objection to any Illegality
or Irregularity with regard to tho
taxes against his said property, and
that he will pay the same In the
manner herein provided with speci
fied Interest. In cases where such
agreements have not been filed with
the time limited above, the entire
tax shall be payable in cash without
Interest before the expiration of said
thirty days. Any such tax not paid
within said time shall bear 6 In
terest per annum from the date of
the publication of this Ordinance
and a penalty of 10 additional up
on tho amount of said tax, or any
part thereof not paid within --said
thirty days.
In case any one or more of said
property owners shall elect to pay
With Franklin I). Roosevelt As Vlco
xj.s sn,j (ax n (en equai annual Install-
djj.as (ments, the same shall be payable as
67.76 follows: One tenth of said tax,
174.12 with interest at 6 per annum on
.the entire tax, at the time fixed by
law for the payments of general City
The Franklin Is Inherently an easy
rolling car. Lightweight and fric
tionless construction are two of the
principal reasons why tho Franklin
will go much farther on a gallon of
gasoline than any other fine auto
mobile. W. M. Phillips, of Lexington, Ky.,
drove from Syracruss, N. Y. to Lex
ington, a distance of 770.3 miles, on
25 gallons of ordinary commercial
gasllne that was procured at road
side filling stations. The average was
30.8 miles per-gallon. John L. Boyle
automobile editor of the Lexington
Herald, accompanied Mr. Phillips as
tho official witness.
On Octobor 9, L. A. Miller, New
ark, N. J., drained the gasoline tank
of his touring car, under official ob
servation, and with the observers at
testing each succeeding move, pour
ed one gallon of gasoline into the
rear reservoir. Then, taking the
New Jersey roads as they came, Mr.
Miller traveled 49.6 miles on the one
gallon. The three observers were
passengers. F. W, FINLEY, Agent,
Williamsburg, Ky.
taxes for the year 1920 and annual
ly thereafter one tenth' of the entire
tax. At the end of six months from
the time of the first Installment of
tax becomes due, interest shall be
duo and payable for such six months
on all unpaid installments of said
tax. Any person muy, however, at
anv lntarpst navlnp nnrlnd nmt aftnr
eighteen cents (5,012.18) for the'tne flfth annua, installment of his
purpose of paying and for paying. tax becomea due pay the entire as
the cost of said Improvement to bo ses8mont remaining unpaid of such
paid by the owners of the property tax agaIlst hl8 proporty with ac
crued interest.
"I Wouldn't Go Camping Without
Hut-Smip," Say.s liny White.
"Wife and I spent our vacation
camping last summer, smell of cook
ing brought rats. We went to town
got somo RAT-SNAP, broke up cakes
put It outside our tent. We got the
rats alright big fellows." Farmers
store-keepers, housewives, should
use RAT-SNAP. Three sizes: 25c,
50c, 1.00. Sold and guaranteed by
Costellow Drug Store and Wilson
Bros. Adv..
abutting said street and Improve
merit at the rate per front or abut
ting foot of $2.3298.
And there Is hereby assessed and
levied ugaiusttho respective parcels
of land abutting said Improvements
the sums aforesaid apportioned to
said lots as the proportionate cost of
such Improvement at the rate per
front foot aforesaid.
And of said total sum the City of
Barbourvllle shall pay from Its Gen
eral Fund into the Street Improve
ment Fuud for said street the sum
of Six Hundred six dollars and four
cents, representing the cost of the
Improvement of the Intersections
with other streets intersections and
its proportionate part of drainage,
grading, engineering, and other costs
uniformed to said streets us a whole
Section 3 Upon approval and
publication of this Ordinance, the
City Treasurer shall give notice by
one publication in tho Mountain Ad
vocate, a newspaper published in
said City, of the apportionment of
the cost of said Improvement against
the parcels of land abutting thereon
requiring all such owners to pay the
taxes herein assessed against their
respective parcels of real estate
within thirty days next after tho pub
ltcatlon of this Ordinance to make
the election to pay In Installments of
ton equal payments and enter Into
contract to that effect as hereinafter
The local taxes herein assessed
and levied may, at the option of the
property owner be payable in cash
The ideal tread for an automobile DEMOCRATS NOMINATE
tire Is one that can be used with GOV. J. M.
equally good results on any wheel,
either front or back. Given such a
tire a motorist need carry only one
spare, and his car Is always evenly
balanced no matter what tire chang
es he makes. But it one style of
tread is used on the front wheels
and another on the rear, the motor
ist will usually carry tw.o spares,
one of each type. Having two types
furnishes further complication when
it is desired to shift partly worn
tires . from the hard-working rear
wheels to the front wheels In order
to get a few thousand more wear
out of them before they go to tho
scrap heap. The non-skids used on
the rear may not he suited for front
wheel Purposes,
In designing Its Royal Cord tiro,
the United States Tire Company had
this problem In mind, and developed
a tread design sultablo for any wheel
Tho- simplicity of this arrangement
appeals alike to the tiro user and
the tire dealer. The user does not
have to bother about special tlro3
for" front or rear wheels, and the
dealer finds it unnecessary to carry
so large a stock. United States
Tire News.
After a deadlock which caused
the Democratic Convention at San
Francisco to grow bad tempered, the
McAdoo boom died Tuesday and
Gov. James M. Cox, of Ohio, was
nominated as Democratic candidate
for the Presidency, his running mate
being Franklin D. Roosevelt, of New
York, assistant secretary of the Navy
Both parties will now shed -their
xoats and get busy among the elec
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
Passed, July 2nd, 1920, and ap
proved July 6th, 1920.
Gut Rate Drug Co,
After you catalways tako
Instantly rellovoa Heartburn, Plott
ed CUtiyFeehos. Stops food souring,
repeating, and all stomach roUorica.
AUa diMUoa and appatlla. Empi atomach
awcetandattonc. !ocnM Vitality and i'ep.
EATON1CU tfaabaitruiiadr. Tana of thou
iaada wondarf nltr banafltad. Oobrcoataacent
ertwoadartouMlt. IHaaJUvely giurantewl
to plana or wa will rf uod money, (kt tdc
tnxloday, YmwUIm.
When the circus comes to town It
creates a "powerful" lot of excite
ment, as they say down south, and
the aforesaid excitement commences
for the small boy and other little
folks about the time the first car con
tainlng the young men who post
works of urt upon the bill boards,
arrives. "The circus is coming!" Is
the delighted shout of the small ur
chin, as he gazes upon the big bills
that announce the date of the great
canvas entertainment, which is to be
In Barbourvllle on Wednesday, 'July
As time flits on apace, and the cir
cus day draws near, the enthusiasm
of the small boy Is shared by his el
ders, and when the circus comes his
father and mother and sisters and
cousins and aunts, eleven or seven
of them, will all go Just to take that
small boy to the circus. They may,
howovei be excused when It is con
sidered that the Rhoda Rayal Big
Railroad Show is coming with an ag
gregation of ring attractions and
great zoological collection from the
Jungles and forests of five conti
nents. This Is a large three ring cir
cus, a monster menagerie, which, by
the way, Is entirely distinct and sep
arate from the wild beast show,
which consists of all kinds of savage
brutes, exhibited In startling per
formances in a huge steel-barred cir
cular cage, the same as seen In Euro
pean capitals. New York and Chica
go, at the Atlanta Exhibition. Then
thorp Is a real Itomun hippodrome,
and a wprld of wonders which space
forbids a detailed a'cecunt of here.
All n al the IfoyaJ Shows ijre hejd
to bo the most surprising and pleas
ing unification of all that Is new and
wonderful In the circus world,
There will be a urand'itreet par
ade during the morning ot exhibi
tion day, July 21st,
F. A. Selberling, president of the
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company,
has been olected president of the
Lincoln Highway Association, to suc
ceed l. B. Joy, who was named
head of the Association last Decem
ber. Mr. Selberling did not accept re
election at the annual meeting be
caso of the press ot business affairs
but with the Inability ot Mr. Joy to
servo any longer than tour months
because his time was entirely taken
up with business, the Goodyear pres
Ident agreed to again devote a part
of his time to the development of a
project is which he has always been
greatly interested. Goodyear News
1 1
Oil and Gas Leases in any quant
ity desired at tho Mountain Advo
cate Office.
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and surq.
Medicinal virtues retain,
cd and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
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Mountain Advocate office. Quick
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a year.
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y , hJA- w ',nri,tir jfcW.,.,
A.-. JSA -'-i -1 "SfilflE - . 4. '
JttrrfcsY-A. n"A-, -riiW.fr--lri.

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