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p. Dfekirudn & Co.
OtfUtf CVf f.'OU-l luflxj St.l
Nlitf' Stllf,M VDUInllll; No. 41
i tw !
Knox County votes cast nt the
Ilepubllcan Primary hold Saturday,
August 6th, 1921:
John M. Tlnsloy 1,789
S. M. Bennett .' '. . . . 871
L. W. Hampton 880
J. M. Messor 1.10C
Circuit Judge
J. D. Snyder 1.G32
R. S. Rose , 4,2r.2
Judge R. S, Rose had n majority
of 2,721 In Knox County, 1,302 In
McCreary County and 1,277 In Whit
ley County, making a total majority
of 5,300.
Commonwealth's Attorney
T. R. Culton 241
J. C. Hlrd 1.940
J. Fred Catron 2.24G
Mr. J. C. Ulrd had n majority of
3,150 In Whitley County and 1G5 In
McCreary County. Mr. J. Kreil Cat
ron's majority In 'Knox County was
County ('.tint Judge
J. T. Stamper 3.09C
L. S. Monholleti C2
E. J. Miller 2,152
County Attorney
P. L. Seniors 2,197
J. W. Messamoro 802
V. A. Jordan 2,144
II. C. Mills C61
Mrs. D. W. Slusher 2.S4C
J. C. Scars 1.7C3
W. H. Davis l.l'.l
Stevo Phllpot 340
E. J. Wyrlck 308
D. u. Reynolds 143
J. M. Games ,, 1,330
J, W. Bays ,....,,..,.. 1,238
II, C. Pnrtln ,., ,,.,,, ,, 006
0, P. WftlkBf , , , DOT
F, M, Maxey' , 67
Tax CotuinitMoner
A. A. Hopkins 1,889
Ed Hampton 2,261
Obie Mills 7CG
John D. Martin 1,546
C. A. West 1,575
Dan Grace 734
Steva Golden 329
Levi Scars 269
George Goodln . .,, 376
Pleas Mills 1,025
J. r. Dozler 1,397
District No. 1 .
District No. 2
District No. 3
District No. 4
District No. 5
District No. 6
District No. 7
District No 8
. W. H. Hlgnito
. . J. W. Alford
. . Clark Smith
John Hammous
David Johnson
. . J. C. Warren
. . W. H. Grace
. Poster
. . A. O.
. . W. J.
Tho services this coming Sunday
will be held In tho chuich building.
This is the first sorvlco thoro for a
few weeks, but Sunday tho building
will be. opened after having been
palnted inside and out Special
services In keeping with day will bo
held. Spoclal music. Sunday School
it 9:45. Sermon by Rev. J. O.
Gross, minister.
That Boy of Yours
N be bcliiu taiiislil to save'.' Does lie icallre tin
value of inlni','.' (Vitaluh not, unless miiucoiip tins t.itifthl
Mono) act mutilate so i.ipidly uilli th it tint tlie dull tr
s-tved b. the Ihij is uoitli tea lines il.n: :iii"m:ii .ncij
in inhhlle life. Ten h that lioi of Minis (lie value or hav
ing a bank miouiit. Advise lilm to open an ik.miiiiI m i.iii
bank with his siue p,'iiu!es histc.nl of i''ii(llir; all the
money lie m-ts his liugei-s mi, We will t i!,e jiiut a n.viit
pains with Ids .ucoiiut ns with the lii:;ei- onrj, mill will
help iducati hint in miiilcin liiisiue.s uieiainln.
Honor Roll IV.
Wo pay 11 ami all (axes ou (VitlUcutCN of Dqto.sitt, i
Tlio oftlco of Circuit Judge was
won by Hiram J. Johnson ovor Win
Lewis, of Lou-Jon, after ono of tlio
.Hottest raccn ever staged in iny
County. Much of tho credit of John
non'o 2,000 majority may ho glvoi
to Miss Oraro Wilson, a Methodist
evangelist who stumped llio County
for lilm nnd simply stampeded tho
wonion for the dry candidate. It
was us a mntch to dry timber ns tho
woinon are slcl; nt hem I ovor tho
murdors nnd debauching of their
sons nnd husbands by moonshine.
Tho light hns broken thru the rloml
and ns n consequence the liquor
manufacturing will be seen In Its
somber aspect and will bn brought
tinder better control
A. D. Hull was iiomln ited lur
Couuty Attorney, Da ugh Whlio,
SherllT, Jntncis How man. Jailer.
Politicians ut home inJ In adjnln
Inn couiitiui may sif well ierognl7P
tho fact that the randldito suspect
ed of oven aynipath) with liquor or
lawlessness Is n gone coon. T!nv will
smash lilm to save their family hon
or and decency.
Tlio following w'io nominated in
Hull Couuty last Saturday:
1)1. J. S. liiugh.im. Judgt
1). M. Illngluim, County Attorney
W. II llrougliton, County Clerk.
J P Ashcr, Sheriff
T. E Wilson, Circuit Court Clerk.
James Howard, Jailer.
Ci-pt. II. n. Golden, Commonwealth
Mr. Golden won his Unlit on a
law and order plank by several
thousand majority,
With his great tnltnln us a pia
Beeutor, Cnpt. Gulden should make
u big dent In tho moontihlnlng und
bootlegging business which Is tho
basis of most of tho criminality of
our country.
Mrs. W. IJ. MInton was hostess
for tlio Civic League Aug. 4, 1921.
Mrs. J. II. Tuggle, president, was in
the rlinlr and slrteeu members re
sponded to roll call. Regular iou
tino business was d'sciissod. The
commltteps for the year appointed
by the president wcro read, also an
outline i" work. All wero very en
thusiastic planning to soon sco our
city fiee fiom weeds and papers.
Tour visitors wor present and en
joyed a pleasant social hour with
the members, during which time the
hostesa served delicious cream and
cake with punch.
The nit meeting will ho held
with Mis Archer on Augttit lSlh.
Edwin Davis, the m joar old son
I of Prank I!. Davis of Rockhold. suf-
! feted tho misfortmip of a broken
'right log about three inches abovo
the ankle and a bad gash when ho
'va t truck by an auto dilven by
Win. Ilnffonbcrg, of tlio Knox Gir-
t.go The boy was visiting his uncle
Judge K. P Davis and. according
to Mr Itnffonborg. he ran out from
back of a wagon and the driver did
not hive time to stop his car
The Farmors & Merchants Dank,
ono of tho county's most progress
ive banking Institutions, Is now do
ing business In Its hnndsomo now
homo on tho comer of Main and
Lynn stroots having moved In last
Ileyond question this Institution's
now homo Is ono of tho finest, If not
tho finest building, intho county,
and la located on tho best business
corner In tho city. While tho cost of
tho bank's now homo has been con
siderable tho olllclals and stock
holders of tho institution are ex
ceptionally well pleased with the lo
cation and tho modernly construct
ed and equipped structure, which
no doubt, coupled with the safe bas
ins policy of tho bonk, will make
It ono of tho strongest in this sec
tion of tho stato within tho nest
few years.
Tlio second Htory of this hand
some new building lias been cut off
mill modern OUICC- rooms. UUcll
have already been let m rent. -The jn, u,,, wrotIR company or euvlrou
Mncoln Republican. Hamlin, W. Va. 1PlU , N ,,,, Inl() i)(,lli; n ,)ls.
wo .to pleased to pilut tho above
since the cashier of this lunik is
ono of our own boys, diaries (1
Illack, who with Airs Hlack, (nee
.Miss Lillian Albtight.) are expected
homo for a visit soon
There will bo a m iss meeting
called by tho Law Enforcement
Leaguo for 10 a.m Monday ut tho
Court House wtien every citizen Is
asked to attenJ Women r.re es
pecially nuked fa bo present.
3d la bo prcsen
Tho Onion ixrvicn will be at the
Msthodlst Owtrii Sunday night nt
7:S0. A noii! program of music
will be presiited. Dr. W. B. MIn
ton will prc:h
Tho pagont of India put on at
Union Collete Chapel Sunday after
noon by Re' F I. Johnson, a foim
er misslomry to that country, was
instructive and entertaining. Those
who took jart did splendidly. Tho
pageant siowed tin great need of
the peopk for a better spliltuulity
as embraed in tho idealism of Jesus
Christ, a- well as medical attention,
hospital; etc. Tlio lecturer stated
that thoMothodist Church alone has
to refus.' baptism to many thousand
annuall because of lack of teachers
In ll' evening hymns weio sung
from Jlustr.ited steicoptican views,
and tlf. tcituio was greatly enjoyed
A du In Mrs. J. O. Gross nnd Rev
S. lJJPianklln closed the musical
led Cios Needs I'll nils
itceting of the local Red
ss .Monday night. It was decided
put on a canvas for funds to
i) on tlio splendid work being
ne liy Miss Elbe Jump, our elllcl-
t Red Cioss Nunc. In this can-
.s each citizen will be asked for
oney which s,um should bo accord-
ng to the doner's ability to give.
Clntliltifr ii.lll tin nultimln,! 1... ,l.n
fAuilous churches and sent to Miss
Jump's olllco In tho Lawsnn Hulld-
tfing or delivered to Jlls .Maggie
.Sampson at Hawu's store.
Numbers of citlens din In Knox
, i.univ ior too lacK ot necessary op-
eratib.is. The medical men nie good
nd nv always leady to do this
i sr t ible work, hut tho. cannot
nffutNl to stand tho ust of mi. sing,
food, dressings, etc., which would
pi in tun lu'.i) u Imidii! on (hem
fe dollars troi.i each of us will
ue these llus and in .i number t
cumm lestmo fathoi.s and mothers
with lurgu ftiulllPH depend ".t up u
Wo are merely utow arils of whu!
wo own und our weaker and poo.-ur
brothers and alMcrs li.uu a claim on
us for our bolp. It lb a Christ call
which nimo cm affoid to iguoro.
On hor part. Miss Jump Is doing
u lino, solf sacrlllt'liig work, which
Is bolng greatly appreciated. Many
peoplo in tho coiiutiy aro seeking
membership In tho Red Cross after
witnessing tho result of hor work.
Unless our peoplo help this work
must cease for lack of funds.
Lifo Is merely a mutter of' laying
up treasures of well doing nnd now
Is the accepted tlmo.
Duty Is calling. Will you meet It?
mi:. imstoIi-totkh, fellow
(tiizknh, you and i
The other day nt the funeral of
John K. Stamper, In the presence of
a great crowd of peoplo, I made tho
statoinenl that the peoplo who
carry pistols should bo classified an
1. Clnss ono Includes tho officers
of the law who should go 'prepared
according to the Inw to enforce tlio
authority of tho law.
2. Class two Includes tho person
who either plans crlmo or nt heart
says I will bo prepared to commit
crime should tho clrcumslnnccs un
der which I ran do the thing come
3 The third class Includes the
coward who Is nfrald that he mixht
be found by the criminal In sur
roundings favorable for said crimi
nal to do Ills wnik nnd the rnnnid
thinks ho must lip ready with a pis
tol to defend himself.
I, The fourth and last class li
rlmles tin. lierann u-lin Iimo fnlln.. In
tol carrier.
Then In a few words, which the
limited time iiocessltnted. I said 1
believed that the time had colnn
when tho 2nd. 3rd nnd Ith classes
should be dlwirmed If It took force
on tho part of tho non-plstol-earrior.
Now. Hi nt her Pistol-Can ler. Fol
low Cltlren. You and I. let's look nt
and talk about this mattor frankly.
I havo been trying to see this from
vour vlow point as woll as mine I
am your friend nnd lovo you tho I
probably hnvo given you llttlo ovl
donco that I lovo you.
My peoplo have fought when nec
essary. Sovcnteen Aliens of tho samo
i blood that runs In my volns wore In
ono regiment of Washington's army.
Ethan Allen, of TIcondcroga fame.
Is another of the samo family. My
grandfather took upon himself tho
duty and peril of a citizen's guard
during tho Civil War. which duty
was probably more dangerous than
tho soldier life at that time Ho
carried a bullet in his body to his
grave only a few years ngo. I could
come closer to my own life with In
cidents, but su'reo It to say. God
has helped mo to !o perfectly cool
In danger until I believe I fear and
lovo God, but only love my fellow
Pistol-Carrier, you aro nj broth
er man. I never have owned or car
ried a pistol you have, but am I
one bit better within myself than
jou are because of this? I t , not.
I was roared in a quiot community
wliero I can only lpcall three cases
of murder In my home ceauly dur
ing tho twpntv-twn yiai- i led
there. Tlio plstol-carrior ,.n on
eil on as a rotten criminal and was
given tlio limit under Hip bitter
teeth of tlio law. Moat of jem whom
I have in mind now aio cicatures of
different clictiinstancps. Even thp
very hills, rocks and valleys seem to
suggest lurking danger. Your fath
ers did find them filled with danger
but today the wild Indian, vicious
beasts and poisonous reptiles aio of
tell past. 1 know the mule still kicks
and runs away when frightened and
our gentle cow still p'eslsls In be
ing armed with her sharp horns and
oven our faithful, fi loudly dog will
not pull out his fighting teeth. Theso
were their means of protection and.
they being merelv tnlnvil . are not
capable of entirely thiowlii;; aw.iv
jthelr Inheritance. Hut you and I.
with tlm-lutolllgcnro which God has
glen us. 'ire capablo of lwllzlnu
t,i thene outsddo danger,- are no
more. Let u behold lit the hills
willeys ibp heautlos nnd ricbo-
n d
GoiI'b glftw us nnd loarn to fen
luv.trouru and love Hln who
those for our good 'mil luvi our fe'
low man. !lii, tint whwre I l!
need loilr-i' of the u' " thlvli oi'
father of Hie pj did line-!'
I bellovo aiost of t'.o pi.tol-cai-rfors
nt today holmiK ' the ti '
of nil i-Ied tt.-oin who h.uo v in! -conception
of life The public tell
mo that ovou tlii'so men of tho fueds
have many noble traits, nro good
uolghboit,, honest llnanclnlly he
tween mini and man. and would sac
illlco In onlor to do you a good tutu,
but thoy aio human and It is human
to err. At tho samo time it Is not
only divine to foigivo but to lift up.
strengthen, und help against temp
tations. Young mon. lut's lay aside
this idle of savagery and bocomo a
noblo cltlzun, seeking tlio good of
our fellow men rather than their de
struction. Out, Mr. Good-Citizen, uro not
you and I about as much to blame
fer our friend's pistol-carrying as
ho himself? Let's classify ourselves
ns wo did our neighbors and sco our
selves ns wo roally are.
1 First nro the officers of tho law
who hnvo Hworn to uphold the lnwsldn to work out an understanding
against plstol-carrylng, but who aro
helpless to enforce tho law without
tho co-operation of tho rest of tho
2. Tho second class Includes tho
persons who do not themselves ac
tively commit tho crime, hut either
laugh at It or Indifferently pass It
up ns nono of their concern, forget
ting; that wo aro every one of us In
n measure our brothers keeper.
.1. A third class of us realize how
criminal It Is In curry a pistol. "Wp
know- It will got Its owner Into
trouble by loading him to commit
crime which he would not hut for bnttomloss. w,e within was an op
the fact Hint he had the pistol, or ,,reslve darkness In which could bo
else it makes him tho object of tho Lcr iv .,. iKi1tnnirs of hltr
other fellow V tire, because tho other
follow thinks he had bettor get lilm
before ho himself is shot. Wo know
tills (KTlirS a thousand times to one
where the pistol keeps its owner out
of trouble. And yet no aro too
COWARDLY as good citizens to go
as a friend to our neighbor and to
law mid order, und shuw him tho
perils with which ho Is surround
ing himself and tho locord ho Is
I The fniu th class of us seo all
thee things, hut when wo do speak
it is with Pharisaical spirit as wo
hurl our invectives thru our teeth
at our In other Instead of going In
tho spirit of meekness and restor
ing him.
Now, Mr. Good Citizen, aro not
you nnd I as much to blame as tho
nctunl plstol-carrlcr? Havo wo tri
ed to show him Hint It Is to his own
Interest to tho Interest of his own
kindred nnd friends ns well as to
society at largo for each and every
ono of us to lay aside theso wea
pons of danger and crime? Have
wo taken tlmo to show him that
law was mndo to protect all of us
in our lifo. liberty and pursuit of
hupplness? I need not blame tho
other follow If I am as much at
fault for my neglect of my known
duty as bo Is Have wo foi gotten
tho cMtinpIo of our Saviour who
could love even a noor nrostltuto
Tills is a copy of a circular broadcasted Friday night
with .Mr. Scntcrs name forged to it.
I havo decided to come off tho track for County Attornoy.
I havo been compelled to como off tho track again, on
account of Hie law which would not permit mo to hold
olllco if elected, which reads as follows:
No peison shall bo eligible to Hie otllco of County At
torney unless ho shall havo been a licensed, practicing
Lawer for two e.us. I havo not practiced that time, so
I ask my fi lends to vote for who they please. Thanking
.vou for your favois in the past. Yours truly,
P. L. Sontors
That this was drawn up by a man of Intelligence thoro
Is no doubt. That tho forged withdrawal did Mr. Sonters
great damage there Is no doubt. The author is naturally
not claiming attention. It Is not a matter of which ho
may be proud.
A m VOff lliy llr Pis- isTrf&IJ' cWatf
Start your bank account with us today, wo have more than
S00 depositors. Deposits mo ro than halt million dollars.
The National Bank fo 'John A. Slack
Into a higher IIfo7
If tho mon who aro tho victims
of clrcumstnncps and havo become
Involved In n filed doslro It, I would
ho glad to take It up with tho other
Hint thoy both lay down arms and
cull th conllro affair off. You and I
both realize that to continue tht
filed means danger to you ns well
as the possible necessity of loading
you to that which would ho nupleas
ant In tho doing ns well ns bringing
horrlblo results. Lot's call It oft!
With you in mind tho othor night
far In the night. I tried to go to
sleep, but hnd only dozed a fow mln
utes when I thot I was out thoro
among the hills and saw In tho
earth a great hole llko tho crater Of
u volcano except It seemed to ha
'nncui, n.nBi,hi. in nvnrv .llrnrHnn
i,,,,, the demons of tho pit piercing
I wU1, l()rror ,,,, woo a who ,;,
within It seemerl Hint tnafonrl of
being on an elevation llko a volcano
all around was down grado and tho
wind of men's circumstances woro
driving .so hard that no ono could
possibly keep from falling Into It
terrible midst As I was being hurl
ed ovor its Jagged edges I saw aris
ing as If on the Miioko from tho tor
ments below where Ho had tasted
death In my stead, u person with tho
wlngi of an .unci, a faeo of tho
sweetest tenderness and strength
of a (Jod. und I leaped into His out
stretched arms ind Ho boro me up
ward to peace and happiness, hut
those who did not como to Him went
down to destruction.
This reminded mo that not ovoa
the circumstances around U9 can
make or save us, but our hopo la
in Jesus Christ who camo to brine
peace on earth nnd good will among
men. He wllleth not tho death of
any, but that all como to repentance
and "Dolleve on tho Lord Jesus
Christ and thou shalt bo saved."
"He that belicvcth not shall bo
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