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H i B XI Hl
Trof. I. en l I!. Cbrisman who was
professor of English In Union Col
lide from 1908 until 1910, has re
cently pubilskod a book eutltlcd,
"John RusVIn, Preacher." Ho allows
i In tho hook that while Rilskln never
was nn ordained minister, yet he was
u preacher In that ho was an Inter
pelcr of the thlngi) of Ood, I'rof.
Clirlsmsn Is noV professor of Eng
lish In West Virginia Wcalcyan Unl
vurslly. Those tli.it remember him
will be clad to know of his success
In his chosen work.
The Chic League met In regular
session Thursday, September 20th,
at the home of Mrs Elbert Evans, on
Allison Avcouo with a large attend
ance. Miss Kan Faulkner became a
member. During the business session
the Cemetery Committee made a full
report of what has been done at the
City Cornell ry, whut should he done,
and what ltvI hoped can bo done in
the nc.tr future.
All who have given tho qubje'ct
any serious thought know unit the
tirst tlilnr to be dono Is to get a
road built that will bo passable in
wet weather. Because It Is possible
to carry n cifsltet up the railroad
to the cemetery Is no reason why
this should have to be one most of
the time during the ivlpter season.
And a scarcely lees Important need.
Is a small chapel where people may
go for protection from tho elements
and where services can be held In
Inclement weather. These two needs
aro felt during the had weather and
in- the dry summer time tho neeess!
ty of a water supply Is felt to main
tain tho grounds In any condition of
beauty. If the city ater were piped
there It would serve both for drlrk
Ing water and sprinkling purposes.
Tho League hopes to seo these things
accomplished feeling as they do that
tho present funds cannot be turned
to hotter use.
Dr. 0. II. Albright, our County
Health Officer, gave an address on
what tho needs of the county are
and how best to meet thorn. Tho
one point that needs to stressed Is
that all the power Is In the hands of
the people to see that the very prac
tical lawss are enforced. We have
tio laws, they are not enforced, tho
Health Officer can only point out tho
ne'd Uut the people and that power
ful weapon, public sentiment, can
see that these laws ire enforced. Dr.
Albright's talV-s before the LeaguU
i.m alwjys gre-itly appreciated.
Tho hostess served delicious Ice,
cake and caudles. .
Tho next meeting will be at the
homo of Mrs. II. II. Owens and tho
Music Department will present a
pleasing and instructive program.
Hear Governor Morrow at the
School Fair Saturday and be Inform
ed on the Amendments.
OrccUn Girl Provides the Horn.
In ome pnrtu of Greece no x!r! can
urtr hii to Unit h I'lishaml until she
id Imuie nf !pr own. Hence, pro.
lillng hl iImii"I',.'v with houses Is nn
piicimiN ilnn flil.li full to rtir li of
You Judge A Bank
by i!it it rail do for Ju by its provision foe ibe s.ifr
giiitrilinjt of oiir funds and by the scope and qualit) tf
tho service t'ls in position to render u. .The KlltST
NATIONAL HANK, Unite Judgment on llioe grwuiidt-.
Aiuplo capital and Surplus, experience and couserv.'i
lle nuiniucmient, and MEMBERSHIP in tin; FEDERAL
JIESEJIVH SYSTEM, which not wily bro.tdrnN Hm fnelltlli
but ulso proiides additional assurance of siifety, m;ik thin
a ii Iderl bunking home.
Honor Roll Bank
We pjy 3 and all Vxws on Cortlilcates of De)Kilte.
si'ispj.us iT.vn r.,i)4Mi.ni
I Misses Cljde Nelson and Eunice
Lumpklns spent the week-end with
their parents at Grays.
I Jess Fuull.ner has returned from
a visit to Lswronceburp and Isling
ton. Ho brought with him a num
ber of subscriptions to tho Orungo
vnd Black.
We aro nil glad to welcome Mar
jory Brown hack to tho College De
partment. She Is a member of the
Senior Class.
Miss Sevier, the swimming direc
tor, Is now meeting her classes Rnd
pretty soon she will have all tho
iglrls anxious for a swim.
1 Chcr.ley Franklin visited II. C.
Tuesday on his way to Harlun where
ho 1111 bo married Thursday to Vic
toria Creech. Iloth are former stud
ents ot thn collerQ. Everyone wishes
tho happy young couple success and
happiness thru their entire lives.
I The reception given last Friday
'evening in honor of Union College
students by the Kpworth League,
proved to be n delightful on, A
largo number of people were present.
Candy and Ice cream were served
and we feel safe In raying that no
one went away without having spent
a very e.njoyablo evening.
I Thn College and High School bas
ket ball teams arc organized and are
hard at work. These teams fre
quently play at the S.iturday night
lOym Games. Tuesday evening tho
faculty men pl.ived the' High School
toam a practice g-ime. Faeully line
up: Dr. Franklin and I'rof. ltancroft
forwsnl; Coach Trospcr center; Trot
S. P. Franklin and Check Franklin,
guards. It was a good g.ime.
Calvin Gray, of Grays, spent tho
week-end with his parents.
Miss Cramer, a teacher of the Pino
vllle City High School, was the pleas
ant visitor of tho Ryder family dur
ing the week-end.
1 Tho Junior Academy Class organ
ized Saturday and the following of
ficers worn elected: Etta Howard.
President. Opal Gray, Vice-President
Allene Kiiittfman, Secretary, Helen
Sampson, Treasurer.
The Juulor Class is very much de
lighted with the way every one la
responding to the call Subscribe
for the Orange and Illack.
I The marriage of Mr. W. F. Par
ker and Miss Mary Williams was con
sumated In the Seclbach Hotel I'.ir
lois Saturday afternoon, October 1st.
Tho bride Is a Williamsburg .girl,
formerly a school teacher but latter
ly a valued oinplujce of the L. & N.
Railroad at Corbln.
The groom was representative far
Knox and Whitley count!5' timing
the urm of 1S12, and was former1'
a teacher -by profession. Liter he
became a merchant and is now repie
sentlng J. ZlnmclMer & Sons, of
Louisville, Ky.
Tho happy young couple will re
side In Rarbounille at the'r homo at
170 Hlack Strict and will bo sit home,
after October 20th.
Their many friends will unite with
the Advocate In wishing Mr. and Mrs.
1'trkor every joy and blessing th.A
may be good for Ihora.
This was tho title ot a lecture giv
en In the Court House here last Mon
day night by Prof. R. N. IHld.wln,
who taught tho Smoky School last
year. This lecture was a severe
treatment of Kentucky politics, Ken
tucky administration of justice and
'Kentucky religion. Nothing like it
I has ever been given bofore that .we
aro aware of.
Whllo the strong array of facts
brought by Prof, Datdwln to Indict
the Old Kentucky Hume are known
jand road of all men, the phraseology
ot tho lecture was peculiarly Bald
I He Is a forceful speaker, full ot
earnestness and eloquence. He is
'In a class by' himself as an orator.
He Imitates no one, and singularly
enough no one can imitate him.
, The Court House Auditorium was
' filled to overflowing with people
eager to hear this glfte' on of Ken
tucky tell "What's the Matter with
If the audience believed all. the
speaker said It must have believed
that Kentucky Is mighty sick at the
present time and needs a remedy
forthwith or a little sooner.
: lie said that Kentucky had practl
,cnlly no roads and that roads are the
foundation of civilization; that with
out a foundation it Is impossible
to build an enduring structure.
He said that Kentucky's school
system places her forty-second from
the top In the matter of education,
end because of this low educational
status we are a very Ignorant people.
1 He said" that Ignorance was the
parent of three, bantling's more re
pulsive than Itself. These three
'daughters of Ignornnce are called
Poverty, Crime and Disease.
I He mid we were poor because of
road-; or rather because of our im
passible mud holes that we call our
reads and because of our Ignorance
To Illustrate, he said that Lenoir, N.
V., with about the same population
,had 7i'l automobiles last May; be
cause the peoplo there had tho mon
ey to pay for them and had tho roads
upon which to run them, A great
d".il of the money possessed by Le
noir people came to them from the
tnuvlsts who spf-nt more than a mil
lion dollhrs there eich year.
He said tint more than 10,000 of
Kentiiek's citizens die each year
from preventable disposes, 8.S69 of
those dying in the state last year be
ing victims of tuberculosis- or: 19
In every 1,000 in North Carolina
have It ai.ii only 7 in every 1,000 lu
.Wt.shlnglon Slate have it. 4,427 died
'of it in North Carolina lest yo,tr. Ho
asked: "Is Kentucky sick?"
He "ii! the ruport of the Ame-I-i"jii
ll.ir AMoWatitm showed tlut in
1919 thire were 9 murders per
LnOjLAOO Inhabitants in England.
.Canada for the same year showed IS
, murders per million. Chlcnro show-
'ed 110 murhr for 1,000,000 whlh?
dear old crime ridden Kentucky
showed 115 murders per million In-
t habitants. He asked again: "Is Ken
jtueky sick?"
I Yes, Kentucky Is sick, mentally,
phvslcally, morally, spiritually and
. financially. Vet tho Kentucklans
have the best blood and thn best'
brains of any people on the fuco of
the eirth.
"What's tho reinejy for Kcn
tuel.j's Ills? Here It Is. There are
live stcp-i necessary to make Ken
tuekv a tew state. These steps are:
."1. Get a Mslon of what Kentucky
'ought to be. With all Kentucky's
lesources. Including good blood and
brains. Kentucky ought to stand
al.e.-.d of every slato In the Union.
Why not?
j "2, Teamwork to bring the vision
of the New Kentucky Home Into the
realm of reality; teacher and binker
aud cver$ citizen to unite into an
i army of progress to boost Kentucky,
Throw away your hammer and g",t a
"3. Trnver is the most efficacious
power In all this world. If Kentiick
Ijiis had n great deal more re'lglon
we would have much more ability to
solve our problems. Prayer and unit
ed effort will always win anythii.g
that ought to ho won.
"4, Pay for what you wan. If
you waut Kentucky to become the
best stato In America you must pay
tho price. You can't buy a diamond
for a nickel any morn. Raise road
taxes and school taxes till you get
roads and schools. Pay your preach
cr enough to enable them to preach
At present we have 'poor pay 'and
poor preach' as the nigger preacher
once said,
"E. Then Kentucky must be ad
vertised better than It has ever been
advertised bofore. Every man 'ind
evory woman In North Carolina Is
an advertiser and the result Is that
every town has from one to a doz
en factories, and tourists spend In
that state each year more than one
hufndrfcd tons of silver money.
' "A vision, teamwork, prayer, pay
ing and advertising will remove the
stigma ot bad roads, the menace of
Ignorance, the Inconvenience o pov
erty, the danger ot crime, the horror
of preventable disease and the drcud
of fearful feuds.
"Who am I knocking In this talk'
I am knocking the pessimist. I am
knocking tho mossback. I am knock
ing the knocker. I want you to help
mn tfikA thn knnrVr'it tifimmot avov
from him and to give to him a horn.
Then If he refuses to blow for KVn
I tucky's glory, lot's knock him In the
head with his own hammer,"
M. G. HIgnlto, who has represent
ed Haynes Hcuson Shoe Co. of Knox
vllle, Tenn. for ten years and has
sent them morn than ono million dot
lars during this time, has just re
turned from St. Louis, Mo. with his
new line of shoes for the Peters
Branch of the International Shoe Co
which lino he will now represent.
It' will bo remembered that the
International Shoe Co. Is the biggest
shoe concern In the world with a cap
ital stock of two hundred million
dollars. Their shipments in shoes
during 1920 were seventy-five mil
lion dollars. Our townsman HIgnlto
now has the biggest shoe Job In the
ATLANTIC CITY. N, J., Sept. 26.
Charles F. Heldrick, of Barbourvillc,
Is stopping at The Ambassador for
several days.
At the home of Mrs. James D.
Black the Methodist Ladles Aid met
on Friday afternoon, September 30,
with twenty-four members present.
After tho opening exercises aii hour
was given to business. This being
the last meeting of the conference
year, all committees gave favorable
snd interesting reports showing a
most successful year's work. From
the Secretary's and Treasurer's re
ports It was shown there are now
flfty-soen memben enrolled (four
teen having joined this ear); more
than five hundred and eighty dollars
were "pent by the society.
Aftfr the election of officers Rev.
John Owen Gross Kae a splendid
snd helpful thlk. The next meeting
will he held October 7th at the home
of Mrs. W. R. Hughes with Mrs.
Hughes and Mrs. Kauffman as host
esses. After adjournment Iced refresh
mints, cukes hiwI candy were served
by MIs Gertrude lilael: and Mrs. II.
II. Owms.
The following for the new year
were elected:
President. Mrs. W. S. Edwards.
1st Vlce-pres. Mrs. Edward Faulkner
2nd Vlee-prts. Mrs. John O. Tjo
Rec. Sec. Mrs. John StTinfill.
Cor. See. Mrs. W R. Hughes.
Trots. Mrs. Hugh Miller.
Auditor, Miss Naneye Faulkner.
On I.-.m Thursday Uncle Nath Par-
'kir, ono of our beht citizens, a farm
er nmr Grays, reported to Squire
Greee that he had found a moonshine
still on his farm. Squire Grace at
r.rre summoned T. JI Young and In
a '.short time they had the still In
their possession hut the shiners got
away. Squlro Grace Is making a de
termined effort to put down crime
and to enforce the law which ac
counts for the good citizens of Grays
standing by him.
A show with about fifteen wagons
of exhibits and paraphernalia passed
thru hero Thursday noun. They had
the misfortune to let some ot their
animals escape. Jess Turner and
Ncls Gambrcl each caught a cub Hon
within tho city corporation. Mr. Fee
captured a monkey between Bailoys
ami Emunuel and other monkeys are
fftill at large. We. hope they will all
bo returned to the owners before
cold weather or taken care of by
some ono. .
Tho Chic League will, meet with.
Mrs. II. II. On ens on Thursday of
next week. ,
Gov. Ed Morrow came in Wednes
day and, putting aside tho cares ot
State, took his fishing pole up Red
Bird, Clay County, to try his luck.
On Saturday he will address the
boys and girls who arc attending the
School Fair.
Clarence Ranks, who has been 111
for weeks with typhoid, Is able to bo
up and Is taking lite easy. He will
be put In a few days. Don't expect
to see a gaunt persou, however, cos
he halnt.
Miss Sallle Messcr has returned
home following an operation for ap
pendicitis. Julian Farmer, from tho Construc
tion Camp, Emanuel, has gone borne
to Decatur, Ga following several
days In the hospital.
Following the usual Presbyterian
services on Sunday, Miss Wilson, of
Manchester, who did so much for the
forces of law and order In the recent
election, will begin Monday nlgbt,
.October 17th, a series of special ser
I vires. Miss Wilson Is a speaker of
power and will, It Is felt, prove u
.blessing to the people of Rarbour-
vllle. All citizens are cordially in
vited to come out and hear her.
There will he a meeting of tho
Parent-Teacher Association at the
I High School Wednesday, October 12
to which all patrons Interested In the
jr.ihools are Invited. Prof. Caywood
will lay plans before the organiza
tion for a profitable year's work.
Th pastor Is preparing some spec
ial sermons for both hourr next Sun-
day. Morning service, Inspirational.
Evening service. Evangelistic. Morn
ing hour 10:45, evening hour 7.
S. S. ft:4n A. M. A new class has
been formed to take cure of the in
eieasing attendance of young men,
anil avwiifAt IflAiantiirn 1 !
I"1 s..u.-u i"'iir i" lilt i'W-
mary department.
j B. Y. P. U. C:15 P.M. Every one
I Is invited to attend this enthusiastic
I body In training for service.
Tho following are the two tickets
that aro in the field for the City
Council to be oted on lu November:
.1. B. Cjuipbell, Mayor; Council,
J oo Hopper, Jim Miles, Jim Fletcher
Jim Archer, Kilo Mitchell. C. W.
j T. D. Tinsley, Mayor; Council,
j Andrew Decker, Jr., Jeff Moore, W.
ill. Main, Lang Holt, A. J. Fisher,
W. W. Kans.
Keep Up Fighting Spirit.
Be patient with every one, but
above nil with yourself. I mean, don'l
be disturbed hecmnp of your tmper
fectliiiis himI always rise up braelj
fmiii m 'nil F'lpi'U ile Siilf
aAttfk tfjfy.Jnccn&aru.lfe Auk toUHctfixfotT
Sturt your bank account with us today, we have nior than
2 600 depositors. Deposits mo re th'uu hull million dollars.
The National Bank fo John A. Black
Tho rcival meeting under the
leadership of Dr. George Ulrnoy of
Cleveland, Ohio, continues with In
creased Interest, Dr. Dlrncy is a
splendid speaker and brings from a
wide experience helpful scrtnoss.
The meetings will be every nlgtt ex
cept Saturday.
The llttlo child of Godfrey Jack
ion, of Cannon, died Monday Irom
A child of Mr. Poff died Monday
morning at the family home on Big
Richland. Scarlet fever was tho
causo of death,
Gladjs, the five hour old child of
Arthur Payne of Trace Branch, died
Tuesday at E p, m.
Mr. Walters, of Indian Creek, died
Friday as the result of a stroke of
I paralysis,
I The year old son of Wiley Paul
Idled Monday of dlptherla,
The 1 year old son of A. Ingram
died this week.
Due to the fact that we have in
stalled a new press this week, sup
plemented by the fact that Hen H.
Gregory was taken for registration
'duty on Tuesday, the Advocate is be
,hind with its work this week and we
shall have to ask our friends to put
I up with a smaller amount of news
I than usual. The ox Is in th ditch.
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 1. When
Schick test for diphtheria is given
the 2.200 school children of Owens
boro during the first ten days of this
month it will be tbo first time that
an effort has ever been made in Ken
tucky to immunize against diphtheria
all the school children of a city, ac
cording to Dr. A. T. McCormack,
State Health Officer.
A concerted drive has been plan
ned to carry this programme out
Immediately after receipt of word
from Dr. G. W. Duvall, Daviess
County Health Officer, that diphthe
ria had broken out in tho county and
lu Owensboro, the State Board "began
Its preparations for the wholesale
Schlcks. Arrangements were made
to have the necessary materials sent
to Owensboro, and Miss Cora Wal
lace, former assistant director of the
Louisville Public Health Nursing As
sociation, and Miss Edna Reinstedler,
recently connected with the School
of Public Health, left yesterday for
that city to aid Dr. Duvall and his
two public health nurses in making
thn Schick test and giving the im
munity serum where necessary.
W. H. Green announces he will
build a garage 150 feet long by 75
, feet wide which will be a reinforced
I steel building of the latest type and
1 with every modern equipment to
handle business.
Mr. Green says the. building will
he one of the finest garages In this
section It will be completed early
in the spring.
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