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fry Baby s Clothes
en-'?ZfiiMA "-ites
-&"$ -.iiiiTTBrgrra yv w,
ss.y -? whmh tff .yssr-' i .woijasanniwiE
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Helm Bruce, Former Attorney for St.
Louis Bucket Shop Syndicate Seeks
to Destroy Racing.
Tho Kentucky Jockey Club Pays Over $300,000 Yearly
In Taxes Into the Slate Treasury.
(The Thoroughbred Record.)
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m f$fe
y order ot the Knox Circuit
Irt rendered at its August Term.
Il, in tho case ot
IDaniel Walker, etc., Plaintlff.s
lies R. Wnlker and Amanda Wal-
tain; thence with tho top of the
mountain a northwest direction to
the Hampton line, 400 acres at a
high pinnacle; thence with the Ham
pton line to a mulberry stump in said
line at the creek; thence up the
creek to a point opposite the Begln
ning. containing 75 acres more or
lald property to be sold on a ere-
How To Get Relief
From Rheumatism
Scientist Agree That the Cause
Is Due to Watte Products
In the Blood.
Kentucky is the home of Hit thoroughbred. It Is the nursery of the
finest breed of hor.se.s the world has produced. An Infus'oti of thor
oughbred blood enriches every other strain and gltrs epinlliy, .snood and
rout-ace to the colder breed. niimlrcds of iIioiisiiiiiIk of acres are devot
ed to tlm raisin of thoroughbreds In this State, and millions of dollars
are Invented In the Industry.
At the coming session of the T.eglslnture an organ'rril effort will be
made to destroy the thoroughbred Interest la; waste the fertile pasture,
now valued at from J.Vx.1 to $1,000 an acre, upon tinkli trey jrare nnd re
duee the peerless Miin O'War, for whom .MXt,(H.X has becn refuced, to the
worth of a plow horse.
Under the old book-making system whlelt Mr. B.'tire sought to pel
petualu for his dents, the Stale did not recelte a dnllar; tinder tho pre
nt law the Kentucky Jot Ley Club paa vearly Into the S.afo Treasury over
t.tmoriii If Mr. It nice aun-icils In tlestrjylnc the thoroughbred Interest
this Immense sum v.111 be entirely Inst to the S'aU; ami tin! book-makers .
wilt return to prey on the public.
The lender of this destructive crusade, faNelj 'put fottli a, a moral Is
sue, is Helm llrucc, a Louisville Inwjer who. n:rrt';tg personal gric.iaiie-o,
and In grateful remembrance il his fortiiei nn" lr.uk cliiiits. (Vila, Titles
and Adler, the St. lxuits bucket shop ramblira, seeks to prohibit all rucng
In Kentucky. When the Baring Cnmmlsslnn was erenteil by an act of the
legislature and the turf In tills State was laken out of the hands of ties
IxMik-mnkers who had dlslioiiored a rojal sport. Helm lirtiee. took a
from this sjndleat-j of bucket shop owners and snttgnt to have the Inw !
elared unconstitutional. H" was ilere.Ued In IN rHIlali purpee and now
that the sccndul breeding bixik-nt-iker has bi-n driven mil. mid the tun
la prospering under the parl-umtuel sjsteiu. with the lending Itoreemen of
Kentucky, scleottnl by the Ctnemti', fixing lltolr tnie to the etifort'enioiit
of the l.tw, Mr. lirute seeks to des.ro.! the rtnlrt turf si rue. tire and euro
with It the whole thoroughbred Interests of Kemuekj.
Desha llrvckcuridge. editor of the lA'xingtnn llrr.ilil, his riefemlel
racing, us now eondocted uniler the Stsje 'unirolsston, and lit a series of
frank" and forceful editorial he Jots exposed the Inconst-iency of Helm
Hruce, onif an attorney for the hmik-nuiKets. and now advoejiing the
destruction of the .url-ninnwl which would open the wty foi the return
of Sir. r.nice's foruier cllen e to Kenttstky.
Mr. ltruee pleads Ignorance of the 1 The aet creating the Stnte Hacinc
character of bis clients or their selllsh 'ominlsfdcn was tlrnwn as a result of
intere In the following statement to n meeting held In our otllee In the old
Mr Ureckenrid'-e: Herald biiltdlng, and as we recall at-
tenueii oy num. . . .?n.j.un, v i..j
"A numDer 01 Buicracisi. -. ...-
to my knowlns tnai cermin ur,'
dltlonS. In connection with racing, former
ly eximcd. such aa that race tracks were
controlled tiy booScmTkcra. and that uooK
makra retained twenty to thirty per tent.
.d that all ort of rascalltUs were com
mitted unJer this aystem. The fact la
I Lnow nunc of these things ,,
It Is said that I know that Ce!U. Tllles.
nd Adlcr. of St. Louis, owned Latonla
"2 iJoUKlka I'ark. and It la aald they ran
bucket shops and race tracks In wlo
"cctlona of the country. I recall that
Cell" had an Interest In the Douslas lark
Jockey Club, whether or not the other
persons mentioned had any "' J" 'J
or not. I do not know; and whether or- not
they ran bucket shops In other ; parta of
the countrj. 1 do not know. It la said
that I know these things because I wai
an attointy In a suit Instituted against
the SU rtaclng Commission seeking to
have the act cheating thit CommUalon
eclarei unconstitutional. I l entire
iv true that I was an attorney for the
UougVaa Itrk Jockey Club In o .suit
brought to tet the constitutional ty of
that act. but It Is not at aJl true that 1
learned In that case, or otherwise, any
of the facts atated In the editorial aa to
It. . ".ji,, nn the race tracks."
gamuiiiiK ....-
will, as Master Commissioner,
the 24th day of October. 1921, dlt of six months, the purchaser to
io being the County Court of execute bond with approved
. .. . . , . ... -I- .L .C. Ll . - .!.- :
ox County, sell at me uourt security, oearinK niiercai ui ait. tnru uic diooq stream tnai worn-out tissues
!use door in Darbokurville, Ken- per cent from date, having the force and waste products arc cast out of the system.
The blood is the means by which all tissue,
muscles, ligaments and flesh of the body are
directly or indirectly nourished. It is also
ky. to the highest and best bidder ,and effect of a Judgment and retain- a 1 The7us Ta'iow'ered
following described property, nig a lien on Bam property unm me vitality, many skin disorders and rheuraa.
estate, to satisfy the Judgment purchase money Is paid
isald case, and J65.00 probable. WITNESS my hand, this the 4th
bt. day of October, 1931.
Description J K. JONES, Master MCommtssioner
jBeginninB at a cliff near the creek Knox Circuit Court.
Irner of Green Carncs; thence in I Sale about 1 p. m. 1'urciiaser
luthwardly direction to a maple In muBt execute bond as soon as sale la
lid Carnes lino; thence with said over, or the property will be immedi-
irnes line to the top of the nioun- ately put up and re-sold
rheumatism can be had only by correcting
the basic trouble waste products,
Let us appeal to your better informed
jubgment. Which man can pe the easi
est understood, the one who has a stam
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next Tuesday, Oct. 18 from 5 to 7 p. m.
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man in charge of this demonstration who
knows a Phonograph.
By courtesy of
Genuine relief from the agonies of
Thousands and thousands of men and
women during the past 50 years have cleared
their blood ot waste products with b. 5. 5.
It is the ideal remedy for rheumatism, be
cause it removes thi poisonous waste matter
which is causing the trouble. There are no
bad after effects and the result is wonderful.
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Medical Director, Swift Speci6c Co., 732
S. S. S. Laboratory, Atlanta, Ca. All good
irug stores sell S. S. S.
commissioxek's saw:
By order of the Knox Circuit
Court rendered at its August term,
1921, In the case of
J. P. Hawn, Adm. Plaintiff,
Sudlo Coins, etc., Defendant,
I will, as Master Commissioner,
on the 24th day of October, 1921,
same being County Court day Knox
County, sell at the Court House door
in Barbourvllle, Kentucky, to the
highest and best bidder the follow
ing described proporty.real estate, to
satisfy the Judgment In said cusce.
Beginning at a stake corner of
Lun Barneys lot on Manchester road
thence N 83 W 210 feet to a stake;
thence S 66 W 105 feet to a stake
S. 48 E 210 feet to a stake at road;
thence X 46 E 166 feet to
the BEGINNING and being
same lot ot land conveyed by Wil
liam Golns etc. to Hobert Coins on
22nd of Novembor, 1901 and record
ed In Deed Book 4, Pago 146.
WITNESS my band this the 4th
Mr. Breckenridgc makes the fol
lowing reply:
"Mr. Bruce knew that Cella, Tllles
and Adler. who ran bucketshops and
race tracks In various sections of the
country, controled Latonla and Doug
las Park; that there was a syndicate
books on all the tracks controlled by
them ; that racing In Kentucky was In
a deplorable condition ; that the meet
ings v ere long, and under the syndicate
jystem of bookmaklng every sort of
rascality wps committed.
Mr. Bruce states: "I knew none
of these things."
"We now that all statements
made by us are true; thu all Intelli
gent men connected with racing or in
terested In racing know them to bo
........ Hint the facts were published In
the dally newspapers, and that In the
Woodford, Johnson N. Camden, Charles
Mi'Meekin. Jouett ShoiteO. then editor
of the Kentucky Tanner and Breeder,
and Hal I'. Headley. No man con
nected w ith Churchill Iiviis was In
lted to the meeting nor advised of It.
purpose. John T. Shelby and John H.
Mien wore engaged to draw the act
which was supported by all the breed
era of the Slate, and jmwd b a pruc-tli-.illy
unanlmoui vote ot both houses
of the legislature.
The purpose of the act was to pre
vent a continuation of such conditions
as were incident to the ownership of
race tracks by Mr. Bruce's clients. It
provided :
The snld commission shall hae the
power to proscribe the rules, regula
tions and conditions under v. Men run
ning runs shall be conducted In this
Colla, Tllles and Adlrr had control
of the Latonla track unil of Douglas
Park. IlcsnrdlcS't of the Interests of
racing, they had purchased IXiuglas
Purk anil revealed their purpose to
have conflicting uates with Churchill
Dowds and to conduct long meet'uga,
as they did In M!souri. Mr. Bruie
apparently attempts to put the btuW
of the suit In which he tried to hate
the State Baring Onimlsslon detlured
unronMltntlomil n the ground tlmt
the State 'lacing Commission was
created to kill IXiiiglas Park.
We avow that it ttas the desire nf
nil the men connecied with the move
ment to have a State Kaclug Commis
sion to remedy such conditions ,
existed at every track under the con
trol of Mr Brace's client We wen
' power, which wi never don hefur
tt iToatlnn.
Mr. Ilrttce may not know It, but vrn
believe It to hs a fact that the chief
reason his known client, Cella and hit
ctual clients, Cdla's mwcUle,
wanted tho net declared uBeontltu
tlnnal was that It made potable tha
destruction of their syndicate book.
We do not wy that Mr. Bmea
knows It, because nfter hlfc statement
we fear to stale that he know even
Hie must widely known fact, but ac
cording to tho grand Jury of Jeffer
son County It I a fact "that n wnt
Unrulier of handbook"! are being per
tited In the city of linlsvllle."
iV have not heard of any incitement
by Mr. Bruce to slop thci" hand hmik-t
If Mr. Brtlre had suc-ceded In th?
suit to deeture unconstitutional liw
net creating the State Itnclug Com
mission there would ba book on thii
rare tracks in well ns liatiilhixik in
the city. The law now prohibits hand
books In the city. But they elm .n
the clly of lnlvllle, Yet Mr. Bnna
.shirts a campaign aga'ltnl "lcgnltr.0 1
beitliu" ntid so far as we know takes
no action against thellleg.tl belliiu
Hot Is, Id our op'nlon, infinitely tlm
greater etll. which la ruinpiint lu his
own Imiiie town.
In the communication published llili
morning, Mr. Itntce says:
"I have never pretended to mafc
any accurate, statement t what ai
the total prtlta of the Jim key Club,
bec-au.-e I do not know them."
Iii a statement by him sent throueii
the AssocImM Presii from Ii!h11Ii
September IT, he mh)h:
"A le,allr.M giant monopoly enj-ir-mi
the gambling privileges icallrc I
prollt nf two or three million of dnl
lars a year out of this ileinorallxiiig
Atrafn we apologize for having stat
ed in a previous editorial that Mr.
Bruce knows this statement Is Imi.iii
l.lte But we atow that It Is Inaccu
rate and utterly misleading and
known to be Inaccurate by every nun
and woman who has ee:t ciirury In
formation In regard to the puoes and
stakes giver, by the Jim key Club, tin
expenses Incident to the iniiduet l
racing anil the taxes paid by t'.u
Jockey Club.
Mr. Brucu close his cojimiin'catlun
with this statement:
'Tan-mtittiel betting on th. rae
tracks may he a safer form ot beitliu
than booktii.iklng-sefer for the gum.
bier out I am not Interested lu pr-e
tceriiig the gambler."
Who Is It Mr. Bruce Is Interesien
In protecting ? As a lawyer be wai
Interested In forwarding the lnlerea-4
nf Ci.lln. 'flllefl and Adler. who. tlniug'l
of eouise he neei" knew it, conducted
bucket-shops and byndiiaie htsiks.
The present movement fathered by
him will Imin- to the benefit of tl4
bookmaker and handbook men, though
cciuully of course he cIo.-s not kiwui
this. As pritcn by Hie result In Nov
ork, the suceesa of the iimtemcnt lif
advocates will lend to a form ol
gambling that Is most pernicious ;ul
as a rule crooked.
As revealed by the report of tin
grand Jury In Ixiul.sville. the Ii tud
books flourish even In ths rarltled .it
mophere that surrounds Mr. Bruce.
the uauy newspapers, u - iroi or jir irini- m "c -
dlscusshm In regard to the enactment Inen aa we are now opposed to
of the b'll creating the State Baclng a bucket-shop hookmakiag comblif.ttloa
Commission were alleged and not de- j wntrolIln race trucks in Ken
nled. But we accept at Its face value wUy, we were npposecl then, as te
Mr. Bruce's statement : "I know none ,L, J,mVi t0 a stidl-aie book robbing
of tbeao things." the public and framing up races.
t I
"Mr. Bruce does recall that Cella jt is provided In the act that Mr
hed an Interest In the Douglas Park itnK.,.'s clients tried to have declared
Jockey Club. It Is Interesting to know ' unconstitutional :
that this much of what was general irovtded, 'Hut a refusal of the
nowledge percolated through the at- rommls3lon to crout any racing ssso
.nosphere of sweet Innocence that aur- t.atin n HuMxa or to sss.gu any rue--rounded
Mr. Bruce. If he had then , jusoei.ttlon at least forty dsja. If
had the slightest Interest In the preser- desir,-,!, ill he subject to the review
vatlon of racing, either as a sport or ut the courts of the Slate."
as an aid to the breeding of horses or , i5,lt fella. Tllles and Adlcr were
us a destructive agency of ull that Is . uot satisfied with this provision. They
good and noble. It seems to our mun- j ,vlint(Mi t,e whole act declared uncon
dime Inl'lllgence be would bate to ( stttutlnnal, for that art though it
formed hlm'elf ns to the controlling , my not i,p Vnnwn lo Mr. I'.rmv. who
factors In racing ui.d certainly as to I kmjw8 Bn little, as revealed In his com
Hie personnel of his clients. munlca clou toihi) ru Ides:
It has been a long time since the . sjnld romnuas't n t-hnU have th-e
Islate ltucing Commission was created p0WPr to presi rlbe Hie rules, regula
and the effort made by the owners of (onl ,,( ,,m,utli)nt. under ahlch r tie
Douglas Park and Ijitonla Cella. TU-1 nn;j rnv tmii he conducted In this
les and Adler to have that act declar-' .state."
ed unconstitutional. Mr. Bruce makes , ijn(pP ,,at provision the Statt Bar
a very plausible statement of the baids-jnl. fomnii(.nloii lias the power to pro
of that ! ut a statement that in j,hit hookmaUng on Its tracks and
ur Hulo is entirely misleading. jt nn exercised and enforced tiial
Not Interested In protect lug thf
gambler? Of course not. Not inter
ested In the personnel of his clleali
who employed bis services to deslrov
the Statu Baring Commission sn that
they might run ruc tracks In Ki u
tucky aa they ran them In Missouri
solely for the henetlt of Ihe s.Tiidi. ai
book? Not Interested In prolectbii
the breeding lrter?s:s? What Is Mr
Bruce's real interest?
His letter reveals, according to hli
own statements, that Mr. P.ruee h.n
icver been Interested enough to at
certain even the most widely known
facts in retard to racing and ih.il
he knows no more about It now Hi. in
he know when he was the at'oruer
for Douglas Park and Ihe bucket .slui
lionkmiikiiig aggregation that owned IL
Why Is Mr. Brut a giving h's timn
and lils high ability and great iepu
tatloB and his money In this il.-ht in
have repealed the provision In tha
Keuluek.t stiitutes that waa pas-ed
April 8th, 18!, ya.tra before In- a
pistresl as the attorney for the iMugias
Park Jockey Club? lie did nor then
attempt to buve that section i-f tb
statntes rejiealeil The nit ercatlm;
ihe Slare Baclng Comm'fslon wm
passed in BH)J The provision under
which pnrl-mutuels are penaltled w.n
passed In IWnS. Ihlr'een e.irs In fo a
that. During those years the iniol'
makers operatrd i.s nninnlesled nil i!ia
race true Us as they now opeiaie .n
Louisville snd will again operate on
I .ho we track if Mr. Bruce sitceeils
in Ills present efforts.
i Every nun tmiiillar with racing
knows rb-il racing has been cleaner
Hid on a higher plane; that the slakes
and purses uic four "i live hiir.dri-d
tier cent eroitcr slme the bonktii:i!rs
were drlteii from the tracks. Itui Mr
Bruce "Is tiot uiereied In prntecilug
ng Ih gamblers" nor the horsemen
lor the breeders nor lie Unact-ial In
terests of ihe S ate, nor Ir. dr vliitf uut
i tbe handbooks In l.ou'llin
day ot October, 1921.
J. II. JONES, Master Commissioner,
Knox Circuit Court.
Sale about 1 P. M. Purchaser
must execute bond as soon as sale Is'
ovef.nqr tho property will be Imme
diately put up and resold.
IE you need
some come
ia and sea
: 'n
j ti

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