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In Men's Suits
For One Week
We Are Selling Young Men's
Easter Suits
$35.00 Values for $19.95
You cannot afford to miss this chance to get a suit that J
looks well, wears well, and prices well. Some arc in the
window, some inside. Come and see them.
Sherman & Cawn, Proprs.
Diamond Rivers.
The rcoIorIciiI formation of the fa
mous diamond region In the state of
linlila, ltru7.II, shows that at some
time In the history of the world the
mountains there were thrown up by a
hot mass and the rnrhon In the stone
crystnll-ctl Into gems. It uus. In ef
fect, an electric furnace on a gigantic
scale. In linulllnn diamond mining
natural water courses play nn Impor
tant part. JiVater and the weather
gradually disintegrate the rocks, and
the diamonds ore noshed down Into
gullies and the beds of rivers, whence
they are recovered by the miners. In
.some places divers are employed to
work at the bottom of the rivers, fill
ing sacks with silt that contains the
diamonds. The river beds are rich
In precious stones which cannot be ex
tracted advantageously, If at oil, by
the methods now In vogue.
Exercise for Blood Pressure.
Certain vigorous eierclses are dis
tinctly beneficial In most cases of too
high blood pressure. At a recent
meeting of the New York Academy of
Medicine Dr. C. Ward Crampton de
scribed his favorite treatment of this
trouble, which Included regular exe
In the earlier stages the following
program was advised: 1, Morning ex
ercise, 12 minutes ; , 2. Walk three
quarters of an hour; 3. Vigorous ex
ercise with sweating three times a
week; 4. In the open half a day.
In advanced cases the exercise
should be milder. Of course, exercise
li only a part of the general treat
ment, and there are many cases In
which It should not be given, especial
ly those in which the heart and kid
neys are seriously Involved.
Classified Ads
Wanted: A high class man to re
present a large National concern in
Knox County. Write or reply to 134
North Upper Street, Lexington, Ken
tucky. 22-ltp
For S.ile -House and Lot on Man
chester Street. 2 acres first class
garden, 20 fruit trees, grape nursery
shade trees. Good outbuildings, 2
good wells. Ten room brick house.
Going Cheaply. J. M. Cole, Man
chester Street, Darbourvllle. 22-4tp
The Mountain Advocate gives the
news of Knox County.
For Sale One Saw Mill, 15 hp
In good shape. Can be seen at my
home on Fighting Creek. For par
ticulars call or address, J. T. Morris
& Son, Darbourvllle, Ky. 22-3tp
Milk For Sale 1 Gallon Fresh
Milk for sale dally. Mrs E. G. Gar
rard. Pine Street. 22-2t
ForJSale-Auto truck Apply at
Mountain Advocate. 20-4t
From a Bride:
"As a young housewife of only
two and one-half years' ex-
perience I am glad to find that
even we amateurs can cook
successfully if we use Royal
Baking Powder."
Mrs. J. L. M.
Absolutely Pure
Contains No Alum Leaves No Bitter T&te
Send for New Royal Cook Booklet FREE
Royal Baldag Powder Co., 130 William St, New Yerk
Dr. A. L. Parker, who Is equipped
to find the seat of trouble In the
roots of teeth with his X-ray ma
chine, will, It desired, extract teeth
under gas. tf
Own a Brunswick It will please
you. All the latest up-to-dato re
leased records at Hawn Drug Store.
Dr. A. L. Parker now has his X
ray machine nicely installed In a
prettily furnished room with every
convenience for those who wish to
have the roots of their teeth exam
ined, tf
The Ladles Aid of the Christian
Church is agent for the well-known
Wade's Extracts which any member
will be- glad to supply you with, tf
For Sale? 150 acres of Coal Land,
or will exchange for level land here
or elsewhere. 5 room dwelling, a
good barn, good orchard, good water
2 tenant houses, good stock and bee
stands, f aiming tools, pike road thru
land. Price right. Call or write
Milton Scalf, Daughman, Knox Co.,
Kentucky 19-4t
For S.ile F. H. Catron is offer
ing all his surplus cars at a bargain
! Including roadsters, touring cars,
I trucks and light Ford trucks. All
i guaranteed to be In good order or
purchaser does not have to buy. It
I For Siile About 45 gallons of
I Wood Alcohol, 90c a gal. Sell by the
I gallon or otherwise. Buchanan
Motors Corporation.
1 For Sale At a bargain, Soda
'Fountain, in good condition, plenty
'of supplies. The first $150 gets It.
Well worth $500. 00. J. D. Partin.
Artemus, Ky. 21-ltp
I Ittiirk For Sale Model 45K 1920
Al condition. Call Sanitary Gro
cery Store. 19-2t
' Fin Sale We havo considerable
Denatured Alcohol we wish to dis
pose of at 90 cents a gallon. Whole
sale or retail. Buchanan Motor Co.
Subscribe for the Stespean, Union
College Annual. It is something you
I can keep and enjoy years hence
'when U. C. has quadrupled in size.
'Price only $2.00. 19-tt
..FOIt SALE Beautiful Lots across
the river. Call on T. F. Faulkner.
For Sale Good Kitchen Range.
Also Sectional Bookcase. E. L.
Johnson, Post Office Building. 22-2t
For Kent Four Nice Rooms on
the Public Square. Newly painted
and repaired, with toilet and bath,
electric lights and city water. See
M. G. Htgnlte. 22-2tp
Mountain Laurel, One Plentiful Every.
wlure, Has Been Destroyed Through
Public Carelesanes.
Many years ago, when the American
Indians were the Only Inhabitants of
the United States, the mountainsides
in springtime Wore almost whlto with
the blossoms of clnymouu, the Indian
name for mountain laurel.
Nowndays the laurel Is not so plen
tiful. People have broken down too
many plants and pulled up too many
others by the roots. Still you may
find some of these low, scruggly bustl
es. If yon are familiar with the coun
tryside. For in nearly oery hilly part
of Hip stntes, from Maine to Ohio,
from Florida to Canada, n few at least
of these attractive shrubs nre grow
ing. The roots of these particular plants
reach out for surprisingly long dis
tances, seeming to enjoy prowling
about In the loose soil of the moun
tainsides. Yet, with nil Hie rolng
tendencies of the roots, the patches
of plants do not spread, lint remain
nbout the same slro fr)m.rar to enr.
Calico-hush Is nn old-fashioned name
for mountain laurel, n name that some
country people tlilplc Is the only name.
Spoonwood Is nnother queer name by
which you may he.ir this same plant
Amen One of the Chief Gods In He
brew Word Signifies Strength
or Trustworthiness.
A wealth of significance Is stored up
In the word ''Amen."
Amen wus one of the oldest deities
of tho Ancient Kgyptlans, and one of
their chief gods. His emblem was
a man wearing n red crown, surmount
ed by the disk of the sun. In token
of Ills dominion over both the earth
and the heavens.
Ills name meant "hidden" or "con
cealed," while one of his titles was
"Amen-ka-mut-f," the husband of his
mother, thus signifying that the de
ity in question was at the time the
oldest and the youngest of created
In the Hebrew language "Amen"
signifies strength or trustworthiness
the "God of Truth." referred to in
Isaiah 6elng literally the "God of
Amen." In using the word at the end
of our creeds and prayers, therefore,
we not only exclaim "So be It!"
which Is be generally accepted mean
ing of the term hut affirm the truth
of what lias been recited.
Sunbeams Destroy Bacteria.
Experiments In various quarters
have slum n that sunbeams are able
to destroy bacteria In water at a
depth of at least twenty (nches be
neath the surface. One might almost
liken the rajs of light In such a case
to Javelins and arrows piercing nn
enemy, for It has, been found that the
destructive action is greatly dimin
ished If only the perpendicular sun
beams full upon the water.
The slaughter of the bacteria Is by
fur the greatest when both perpen
dicular and oblique rays enter .Hie
water uninterrupted. Like n ship In
action, the sun is most powerful when
It can rake the enemy with n cross
fire. And It has to shoot Its tiny nr
rows of light a long way almost 1)3,
000,000 miles. But. fortunately for us,
they get here and they are effective.
Mice as Travelers.
When Robert Burns called a mouse
a "wee, sleeklt, cow'rin', tlm'rous
beastle," he was probably not aware
that a mouse Isn't the frail, helpless
little creature It looks to be. Accord
ing to the discovery of the late David
Hutton, of Dumfemiline, Scotland, the
average mouse travels ahojit ten miles
a day. Some mice make teal speed
records, and cover even more ground
than this in 24 hours, Mr. Hutton
found. There was one mouse In partic
ular, In his collection, that smashed
all the long-distance records in mouse
dom by running 303 miles In 35 days.
And all this marathon mouse required
to keep him going was a half-penny
worth of oatmeal during the entire
"Should a physician give his wealthy
patients harmless powders when tbey
Insist on being treated, although he
knows they are quite well, or should
be tell them frankly there Is nothing
the matter with them?" asked the
young doctor.
"That depends on the financial
status of the physician," said the el
derly doctor. "If he has an Income
sufficient for his needs and Is not de
pendent on bis practice for a living
he should not only tell such patients
there Is nothing the matte'r with them,
but If he feels In a facetious mood he
can even afford to pooh-pooh their
most cherished symptoms." Birming
ham Age-IIerald.
Pets Provided For by Will.
Cat legatees are not peculiar to
France. England has had them, and
In our own country only u few years
ago died the second of two cuts,
Blackle and Pinkie, that belonged to
Benjamin F. Dilley of Wllkes-Barre,
Pa. Mr. Dilley, at his death.' left the
Income of $40,000 to provide ftfr them
as long .as they, should live, appointed
a woman to care for them, and be
queathed her a pension till her death,
after which the estate was to be di
vided, most of it going to charities.
Pinkie -died first, .Blackle .followed her
two years later at the age of sixteen,
which Is four years beyond the arr
am llf of a cat.
The Story of
Our States
KIA, the
oldest town In
Illinois, Is on
the site of an
Indian village
and it was
here that
Father Marquette, oftcr his first
discovery jot tho Illinois river,
established a Jesuit mission In
1075. Four years later Ln Salle,
tho French explorer, passed
through the Great Lakes, landed
nt tho Chicago river and trashed
on to tho Illinois river, which he
named after tho Indian tribes
living in that region. Here he
built a fort and sent his boat
bock to Montreal for further sup
plies. When his vessel did not
return he started home on foot
and succeeded In finding ills way
to Montreal .through a thousand
miles of tangled wilderness. Ho
gathered together another expe
dition and returned to the fort,
which he had left ln charge of
his companion Tonty. The fort
he found In ruins, but finally suc
ceeded In locating and rescuing
Tonty, who had been driven out
by the Iroquois Indians.
This rlverway to the Mississip
pi became one of the leading
avenues of communication be
tween the French In the North
nnd Louisiana. French settlers
soon located here and estab
lished the most friendly rela
tions with the Indians'. In fact,
though the Illinois country wus
ceded by France to Englan'd lu
.1703, the sentiment of the Indl
nns and French together was so
hostile that It was several years
before the territory toutd bo oc
cupied. During tho Revolution it was
George Itogers Clark and his ex
pedition Into the territory north
of the Ohio which captured Kas
kaskla and drove the English
from this province. Various
states claimed rights to parts of
this territory, but these were
finally ceded to the federal gov
ernment and In 1787 It was
formed Into the Northwest Ter
ritory. This tract extended from
Pennsylvania to the Mississippi
and was eentually divided Into
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michi
gan. In 1818 niinols was admitted
as the twenty-first state with an
area of 00,603 square miles. The
state Is one of the most level ln
the country and Is often called
the Tralrle State. Politically
Illinois Is the most Important
state In the Union next to New
York and Pennsylvania as It lias
twenty-nine electornl votes for
(by McClura Newspaper Syndicate.)
. .... ,., In! il -H-l' .. . . .'. lf
The Story of
Our States
Arizona Is
both the
youngest and
probably the
oldest of our
states. While
It Is the last of the states to be
admitted to the Union and as
such dates Its existence only
from 1010, Its history before the
advent of white men dales back
Into the dim past. Here were
located those Interesting people,
the Cliff Dwellers, and the ruins
of their cities high up In Inac
cessible places have caused much
speculation as to these ancient
people. It Is supposed that these
Cliff Dwellers were the ances
tors of the Pueblo Indians and
were decidedly more advanced
In civilization than their neigh
bors. They were probably of
the same race as the Aztecs of
Mexico and understood Irriga
tion, agriculture and the build
ing arts.
It was rumors of the great
Pueblos that Instigated the first
visit of the white men. Padre
Nlzan In 1539 explored this ter
ritory and he was followed by
Coronado ln search of the myth
ical wealth of the Indian cities.
Coronado, though falling to find
the reputed gold, did discover
tho Grand Canon of the Colo
rado with Its wonderful scenic
beauty, which has become one of
the great assets of the state.
This region was 'considered
part of Spanish territory and
when Mexico declared its Inde
pendence It became a Mexican
province. After the Mexican
war the section north of the Gila
river was ceded to the United
States and the southern portion
was acquired through the dads
den Purchase ln 1853. In 1803
Arizona was separated from
New Mexico and made a terri
tory. The derivation of the name
Arizona Is uncertain,, but it pos-.
slbly came from the Spanlfn,
meaning "dry belt"
(atkrVoClue Nweppr Syndic!)
sfr i e
MS. ... ....,. I
Your Faith
in our ability to supply you with the best
Groceries, Flour, Meal,
Feed and Hay
at all times is amply justified by the
QUALITY you will always receive
Your order phoned to 63 will
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attention and prompt delivery.
Our General Merchandise includes the Fine
Through our big car load buying
of Flour, Feed & Hay, our friends
and customers are now getting
the benefit in lowered prices.
Mrs. Will Jarvis, PHONE 183, will be delighted
to call for city grocery orders. ,
Country Produce Bought and Sold.
Our prices are in line with the average pocket
book. Let us serve you.
Ralph Toggle
PHONE 63. . N. Main St.
Hot Weather Is G.oming
Be Comfortable
We are taking orders for the
high back Peerless Mission Furniture such
as Swings, Settees, Rockers.
Let us ship you direct from the
factory and save the difference.
The Clear Tone Music Co.
Barbourville, Ky.
Hey There!
How about your letterhead,
billheads, statements, enve
lopes card, etc. Don't wait
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thing thafr
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-ingis worth
doing well.
Ut m hwthat enter M-0W
teAtf w Aaev IM Mm t. dm ymmr
Printing m U JUmU W JtoM.
3 TN
fc. ". M
i r9LO)
The Mountain Advocate
THE kiwi of printing that
pay dividends is tb
kind you should bar.
tiif, muddy, poorly a rranged
printed matr is won. than
boo. Th quality ol your
business is often Judged by
tb quality of your stationery
inferior printing gives an
impression of cheepneiythat
is' bard to overcome, While
food printing oarrie wjth it
We produoe ooyQuallty
Printing. Whether yotfant
an inexpensive handbill or
letterhead in oolors, U you
order It from us you will be
sure ol getting good work.
We have the equipment and
the "know bow" that enable
us to get out really good print
log printing that impresses
people with tb good taste oi
its users. That Is the only
kiod of printing that

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