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Mountain advocate. (Barbourville, Ky.) 1904-1935, July 07, 1922, Image 4

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Preparatory To loving Out of Town
We have reduced all our prices to a Closing" Out
basis. We are not desirous uf going: before the s
public as Price cutters but that we may meet our
Our Prices Are Now Dowo
And will continue down until ail goods are sold.
C. C. PARKER, Proprietor
Drugs and Sundries
Medicines, , Ice Cream,
Sodas, Candies,
Kodak Development Films
Prescriptions Carefully filled.
Will Sell
We would like a customer who is in the market
for the whole stock and will make him a very
attractive price.
We Must Close Out by January 1st.
tor our own convenience.
Rheumatism at
S. S. S. Thoroughly Rida tho Body of
Rheumatism Impuritie.
Pomcboflyfl mother Is sufferlw? to
night! Tho ecourgo of rheumatism
has wrecked tier body; limping and
euHcrlnp, bent forward, sho sees but
tho common ground, but her nscd
heart still belongs to tho stars! Doca
anybody care? S. S. B, la ono of tho
prtatcst Mood-purlflers known, and It
helps build tnoro blood cells. Its med
icinal Ingredients aro purely vegeta
ble. It never disarranges tho ntomach.
It Is, In fact, a splendid tonic, a blood
maker, n blood cnrlcher. It banlshoo
rheumatism from Joints, muscles and
tho cntlro body. It builds firm flesh.
It Is what somebody's mother needs
tonight! Mother. If you can not go
out to got a bottlo of S. S. S. yourself,
surely somebody In your family wllL
Somebody, get a bottlo of S. S. S. now!
Let somebody's mother begin to feel
... . ... Joyful again tonight. Maybe, mayoo
How glorious yon will feel, mother, ff8 your mother! S. S. S. Is sold at
irhrn your rtif umatlem ! all (tone. Let nil drug stores. In two 6lzc3. Th
6,6. 6. do It. It will baUd yon ap, toot larger Blzo Is tho moro economical.
. si
Barbourville, Ky.
Charles J. Sipple, democrat of
Laurel County, may becomo a can
didate for Congress In opposition to
Congressman Houston. Tiho demo
crats of Hell County sought to run
Rusb Hill' of Hell County, but that
silver tongued young gentleman did
not fall for Hit- task and Mr. Sipple,
who is owner of Spring Grove Farm
near Farlston may undertake to de
monstrate what Is the real democra
tic strength of tho 11th district.
Bassctt Asher and Ilaman Jarvls
aro now at the hall gamo near Lon
don and from thcro they will leave
Immediately for Harlan gold mines
to dig gold and other metals for
sovorai iuuiuii? i
& Mil, br aleciur Mivippr Brndleata.
i Fnthrr nnil Mnthor Rntemnn looked
nt each other ncross tho dining table
set for two. Just bo they had looked
for three weeks, eer since Tom and
Dorothy had left cm n long trip. Even
with the other children gone, It had
not been so lonesome while Tom and
his wife wero In the house. There was
young life nnd laughter, nnd four to
exchange cxierlcnces nt every meal,
Dinner never hnd been dull, then.
Even Mother Bntomnn's broken teacup
seemed Important with Dot to sym
pathize. Since their departure echoes rang
through tho large, old-fashioned rooms.
Tnthcr nnd mother took to sitting In
the dining room evenings. Today each
knew that n climax was at hand.
"Say, mother." It was father who
begnn It "Can't you think of nnythlng
besides that kitchen? Seems to mo,
nfter all these years you might hnvc
something elso to talk about."
"You aren't particularly Interesting
i yourself, pa, going to nnd fro tho way
I you ilo nil day. I should think you
. might"
I "Now, Sally, don't I turn down Pino
street Instead of Chestnut every other
day to make variety?" He brought a
J sudden fist to the table. "The trouble
with us Is, we've got Into a rnt I We've
i thought of nothing but those children,
and now they wnnt their own homes.
They don't wnnt to sit every day nt
our table, listening to our prosing, or
1 helping with your dishes; no, Dot
i wants dishes of her own. Wo thought
' Turn would always live with us In thl3
big house, but they went off this way
to sort of break the shock, wen, as
far as I'm concerned. It's broken. When
Tom nnd Dorothy come back, they nre
going to their own homol"
Mother Bateman sat down before
the piano nfter a hasty glance over
lier shoulder, then rose to shut the
liall door, glad no one could see how
foolish she was. Then sho snt on the
old stool, and her Angers found tho
notes of "Robin's Return." Sho stopped,
a little scandalized at these old mem
ories, and took up a modem piece of
Pnrnnn Hnlo nf .Irtrvls Pint
Woods, who has been a log steer ' te there by Dorothy She tried
driver for a great many years at tho
"The Pacific Triangle" Chautauqua
Lecture Subject
S;i n-.nble, noted wrltir and
travc -i .1 urn- f the leadlL author
ities o' Tl.i (' :;. it. the prc.Mei.is nf
tho IVcXc .'H l-cture nt tho oraIng
Rcdr."-t . ; 'itauiua here, on "The
Pac'Lc Tr... '- " treating esi-Mly
of t1' - r ' ltlnM of Ar irlcu, Ja
pan t.r- .reat Prltatn with regard to
Paclr - .LjsfliTii.
IZt n i io !.as recently published
n bt :. ' .,. tli. sax.it UUe as his
lecture. . ia precipitated an ai
mer r i" flood of i raise from
the rrt-s aii parts of the world.
Fror the v t. tor In Lfdon, from
the S rriifs iifoid nnd from
the Nr rl- Cit. i iptrs have come
appreciative common's on the author
ltatlvo tn.l fcund InfiT.iation that
forms the hasis uf his In ok. '
Mr. Greon'de has lived la many of
the countries that bonier on the Pa
cific. In Japan he was connected for
some time with the Department of
Education of the Imperial Japanese
Government. He was on the staff of
the Janan Chronicle nt Kobe, Japan;
has been nn associate editor of the
WlmT 1MB i
V 'Pii 1
Mr. Greenble Is thoroughly American
magazine. Asia; nnd n contributor to in his viewpoint, and what he has to saj
mnnv other leading periodical?. Includ- on the vital problems of the I'nrlfic will
- ... I,,npter hv hfftrt' TTIPTT
Ing Harper's, Century and wonas u u "" . j --
I Nervous troubles, with backache,
dizzy apells, queer pains and irre-f'
igular kidneys, give reason to kus- I
, pect kldnoy woakiuss and to try)
I the romedy that has helped our j
, neighbors. Ask your nolghbor!
Mrs. J. T. BQdfiow. N. Main St..
says: "I can recommend Doan's i
, Kidney 4'Ills- 'from oxperienco. My i
I kidneys werb woak and I suffered I
I with nervous, dizzy headaches. l
I felt run down and languid and the !
I it'usi wulk uiua lav uui l no acuuu
ot my kidneys was irregular. I
Know my kidneys wero nt fault and
I bought Doan's Kidney Pills at the
Costellow Drug Co. and used them
ub directed. They helped me In
i every way. strengthening my kld
jiuys and relieving tho dizziness and
I headaches.'' (Statement given Nov
ember 7th, 191C.)
I On March 11th. 1921, Mrs. Bed-
idow added: "I still think tho same
of Doan's Kidney Pills as when I
endorsed them four years ago.
Doan's havo practically cured me of
tho trouble and I haven't needed to
ubo them for a long time "
COc at all dealers. Foster-Mll-
burn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo. X. Y. Adv.
The governor pardoned William
Iinman, who was received at tho re
formatory April 2C of this year to
servo for sixteen months for mali
cious shooting and wounding. Im
man was convicted for shooting
Murphy Poarcc, AugU3t 19, 1921, at
tho Lynn Camp Church, Knox Coun
ty. Tho trouble which resulted In
the shooting was caused by brothers
of the two men. Clyde Poarco, a
brother of Murphy Pearco, having
threatened tho lifer of Flnley Ira
nian unless ho stopped going with
a girl in whom ho was interested.
Louisvlllo Herald.
Grlndstaff sawmill camps lias uc-:
cepted a position driving eight to
twelve mules hauling timber to tho
Fair Grounds and other eastern
C. C Black, who has been run
ning a hoisting engine on Horse
Creek, camo back ihomo Sunday. I
Gilbert Mills has bought a lot on
Allison Avenue nnd will build a four
story brick dwelling.
Jim Gray was at tho Grlndstaff
saw mill camps all last week. j
K. T. Thompson was on-routo
Saturday for 'tho Grlndstaff camps '
passing thru Baileys Switch vory '
early. i
Listen' You had better subscribe
for the Advocato If yon fall you
will lose tho best part of your life.
Nancye Steolo returned Sunday
from an absenco of sovon weeks
i which she spent visiting relatives in
Coeburn and Big Stone Gap, Va
Notable Lectures
her of his ("hn"rnrniii rnnll"nrft
Department and forwarded to tho
State Deptrtment with Instructions
to proceed to let the contract for
grading and drainage.
County Attorney Phil Senters has
On the authority of Congressman
J. M. Robsion, Judge J. T. Stamper
is able to announco that tho con- tnj0n prompt action to ensure that
tract for macadamizing the roaci ue- all rght-of-way objections bo imme
tween BarbourvIUo and PInevIllo dateiy cleared up so that nothing
will be let by the State Highway De- .may jnterfore with the building of
partment shortly. tho road between PInevIlle and Cor-
Thls moans that Knox county bin
will soon havo a completed .highway
running from tho Laurel county lino
to the Bell county line, since the
work to be let on the BarbourvIUo
Pinevllle road Is merely the fore
Tunner of the completion of all the
road which In turn will mean that
one of the weakest links in the
Boone Trail has been obliterated
and tourists will bo able to travel
from north to south over a perfectly
good road leaving their monetary
tribute bohlnd them.
Davis & Graham, road contractors
who are now grading tho Knox-Bell
Boction of road to be macadamized,
hope to have the grading finished
within a few days and be ready to
turn orer tho road to tho govern
ment properly surfaced, by August.
Congressman Robsion also states
that Diana and specifications for the
Ttarbourville-Corbin road, via Grays Who would be without the home
have been approved by the Federal town paper!
On Sunday night Shorlff J. M.
Carnes, and Deputy Ike Taylor left
town for the head ot Big Richland
to go to the home ot James Jones,
wanted In the courts of Knox Coun
ty on various charges, and surround
ed the house. Shuffling was heard
as the door was opened from the
inside. Tihe folks denied that said
Jones wa3 there but upon searching
they found some ot his clothing un
der tho bed. After looking every
where else without success the
Sheriff threw his flashlight up the
chimney and lo and behold, there
was Jones, nude except for an un
dershirt. After a wash-up he was
brought to Knox County jail.
The following applicants In the
June examination made grades as
C. D. Knuckles, Beckham Garland,
Joe West and John C. Sears, made
First Grade Certificates.
John L. Hall and Winnie East-
ridge made Second Grade Certificates.
Thirty-one originally entered the
W. W. EVANS County Supt.
There will be a sale of tho person
al property of I. T. Mills, deceased,
at his home place on tho 13th day
of July, 1922, at 9 or 10 a.m.
5 Mules and Harness,
1 Good Brood Mare,
Cattle, etc. Furniture etc, Wagon
Outfit, Chains, etc., Guns, Saddle
Bags, etc.
Everything over five dollars will
be sold on three months time with
good security.
N. B. MILLS, Administrator,
of I. T, Mills, Deceased.
Fclten In BVi tJnj.
de secretion of a honey bee'a Btteg
b tbout lx-thnusandtha of a grain,
two-thirds of which Is water. The rest
U tho polx.m
Redpath Chautauqua
"" '" '" ' T
"Wit and Wisdom of the
Chalk and Clay"
"Human Interest and the
Master Stories"
"The Pacific Triangle"
"The Wonders of Burbank"
JULY 6-11
Five Big Days
Season Tickets for All 5 Days
few bars: It wasn't so Impossible.
"1 believe I'll take it up again," sho
thought, nnd went about her work with
new courage.
A daring thought struck her. Tom
was the only son within miles. Those
children of hers had startled her al
most as much by their wide flights In
search of fortune, as ducklings startle
a mother hen.
Fred's room, for Instance, rrod was
i In Cldna. A revolutionary Idea oc
curred to her; why keep things as they
bad always been? There was pioneer
spirit In Mother Bateman, but she hnd
been too busy to give It a hearing.
' When pn camo homo to dinner, Moth
er Bateman seemed eager and excited,
"What's happened, ma? Somebody
left you a fortune?"
Sho laughed. "No, pa, I Just had a
sudden idea."
"Goodness gracious, Sally, It must
bo some. Idea to make your eyes shine
like that."
"It Isn't ; we'd ought to hnve thought
of it long ago. How long arc those
children going to be gone! Two weeks
moro? Well, Jim, I was looking the
house over nnd It seems to me It would
take mighty little fixing to make up
stairs Into a first rate little apartment,
all by Itself, Jim, let's do It, and have
It ready when they come home.
Jim looked at his wife with new In
terest. "Sally," he said, "you're a won
der I I'll speak to Brown nnd Rogers
on my way down town.".
There wus plenty to talk about dur
ing tho next ten days nnd two animat
ed "old folks" met Tom and his wife
at tho station. It was the young folks
who seemed spiritless.
"Well," said pa, "I suppose you chil
dren will go house hunting first thing."
"Oh, I don't know," Tom spoke with
resignation. "Dot and I were reading
ads all the way down, and there Isn't
n thing where we want to live. I guess
we'll settle down with you ; hey, moth
err' "Well," said Mother Bateman, doubt
fully. "We'll see; there's an apart
ment on our street, separate front door
and electricity, for a pretty reason
able sum. Td have more tlmo If yon
children were out of the way."
Tom looked at her In astonishment
He had never heard her talk like that
before. But they were stopping at the
door, and nothing could be said or
done until they were safely In the
"Why, why Is this where the apart
ment Is?" For where there had been
one front door, two stood In friendly ri
valry, waiting for the touch of the
proper key.
"Dad," cried Tom, "I wished I the
old house I Come on, Dot, we can ex
plore later; let's carry mother in to
With quick understanding they made
a chair and picked op the flushed little
lady, whose hair waa silver under het
"Queen Bee," thty eald. "let ua wall
on yon this once, and tomorrow we
shall Invite you to our own little home.
Be sure and ring tho bell I Now, thea
Onrrah. for the best parents two people
eter hadl"
Skilled la school cheering, the Irre
pressible young people gave It with
Clot 'Cm All Worried.
"Vi'j alck In bad."
That so? U your mother worried?
TUtay so. When Pa'i sick hrt
wwrr anybodr.''
?r V

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