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lillB'i .
Prices cnfjffj Pastcnger Car Tires
and Tubes', c'ecirc May 8th, are, not
su&jtct to iar-U-x, ht war-lax having
can inau
On First Kentucky Home '-.Which Is
Near Barbourville
History was In the mating .when.
the first house was built In Ken
tucky and Knox County lias thq dis
tinction ot being, the site ot the first
house built... not pnlyMn Kentucky,
but west ot the Alloghenjea,
In the year 1750 Doctor Thomas
Walker, ot Virginia, having come
tHra Cumberland Gap arrived In
what WnoW-known as Knox County
but which at that tlzno 'was a wide
stretch ot tree 'clad hills and grass
covered valleys. Moved probably by
ah instinct that the beautiful spot
should bo a place ot homes, Dr.'
Walker, Ambrose Powell, Coulby
Chew, Harry Lawless and John
Laws built a cabin ot fresh hewn
logs whloh stood tor many years as
a historical landmark.
Mr. George Owens, ot the freight
department ot the L .& N. Railroad
who has a liking tor history, has
delved deeply Into the facts pertain
ing to tho building of this first "home
in the wilderness. Moreover, he Is
supported by ample evidence from
other sources that this house was
tho vanguard ot the thousands ot
homes that dot the Commonwealth
of Kentucky, and also that It
was the original ihome first 'built on
this side of the Afleghenles.
Mr. Owens has personally ihad a
monument ot rough cobbles erected
Tour money bac if it leaks-a guarantee good
at any Rexall Store. America's best known Hot'
Water Bag-the safest and most economical to buy.
Your home needs one.
Herndon Drug Company
ThP HtccM store
Barbourville, . -..,, .. .Kentucky,
X stejrUts who tKlmkf
Mt. ik ckepe tkay fcuy..
a tif the feettcrj&e bargabu;
Than there are, the rwculr
G &.. Titp twera wbt haye
fount that tfr economy
can osly be reckoned up
months after tho'tiije it
pur ptu
If you are looking for the
genuine value dip kind
that makes cvcydollar
work-you're likely to stick'
to G.&'J Cod,
J. J. YOUNG, Gray
five feet long, capped by a mar
ble slab two and one half feet high.
In one corner ot this slab Is carved
a log cabtln and in the opposite
corner' Is a picture ot the moon, at
Ms projier stagejJiaving carefully'
traced It back; the"aate7 ApflTsS,"
1760, and -the 'names -of the builders
are all" given'.
This moriurherit Is sitnateVon the
Faulkner farm and' maybe' seen'!
from the south 'side of 'the river
Just after crossing the Swan Pond
bridge. ,
Mr. Owens' is to be commended
for his public spirit In thus mapping
one ot the most1- noted historical'
points In the southeast which when
the roads are improved, will become
a spot all tourists will wish to visit
lHot Water Bath Room Stove,
1 New Kitchen Cabinet,
1 Refrigerator.
All In fine condition and "will be
sold at a bargain. -Call at Advocate
office tor Information.
Ordinary Shoes Made Into "Nice
Saddlesand Harness .Repaired.
Depot for -City PaperB.
Business Appreciated.
It Cant Leak
Because its Made
in One Piece
oirihot DixtK highway
, Both clttMiis of Wl)Mamsburrf
aad Corbln as welt as alj over the
county and State are watching with
Ifeen Interest the progress being
tftade on our part of the Dixie High,
way now under construction, which
when finished links Williamsburg
and Corbln and will be one ot tho
best thoroughfares In tho State
Mr. Dreslln, president ot th6 firm
of Dreslln & Durrott, Is now on the
Job In person and Is leaving noth
ing undone to push tho work along.
jyto8t ofthe bnso rock Is down and
tho finishing metal Is being put on
as fast as It Is rccclvod. It tho
present labor troubles do not ter
minate In a traffic tlo-up, tho con
tractors hope to finish all work by
December 1st, of this year.
, Mr. Murphy J. Warren, stato en
gineer in charge, and Mr. J. M.
Card, stato Inspector, nro very well
pleased with the work already com
pleted. Tho concrete bridge, 120 feet In
length, spanning Watts' Creek at
Wofford, has been passed on by
other engineers and Is said to be
one of the best ot Its typo In tho
State. Much credit should be given
Mr. Jack Carson, former county
engineer, for It was he who recom
mended this bridge, together with
the wholo lay-out ot the work.
If weather and railroad conditions
are-favorable the entire highway
botween Williamsburg and Corbln
should be finished by December 1st.
Whitley Republican.
Paris Martin, tried for Implica
tion in the murder of Roy Sasser,
was given a life sentence by the
special Jury .summonsed to hear his
case. The Jury turned In Its ver
dict last night after haying been
out since Saturday morning.' Judge
Manning returned to Plriovllle yes
terday evening 'and thecourt start
ed tho trial ot Vesta Owens this
mornTng. "" " '" ' " "
Paris Martin .had been tried. In
connccttdn" -With this Cumberland
Mountain murder case"' fb'ur-'times.-
The first time he was given a life
sentence which the Court ot Appeals'
reversed, and the other ' two times
a hiing Jury resulted.' The others
Implicated In the case
were John
Dussell and Jim' Harrell, toth of
whom have received life' sentences,'
and Vesta' pwens, whose trial starts
A special Jury frdfn Cay County
will hear, the case of .Vesta Owens.
Judge Manning will preside again
and D. B." Golden will' prosecutd the
A special grand Jury was called
at Pin'evlllbj last week In' connection
with the special term of court. They
wqre Instructed to Investigate 'and
return Indictments In llguor law
violations. Xo Indictments Have as
yet ,eben turned in. Mlddlesboro
Dally News.
Joe S. Boggs, State Highway
Commissioner, has asked tho Inter
state Commerce Commission for
8,000 cars for moving toad material
to Its various destinations. Among1
tho towns mentioned to whlch'-mat-erlal
Is to be sent aro Barbourville,
PInevllle and MIddlesboro, Mr.
Boggs states that he Is afraid some
of the projects may not be finished
this year unless the cars are obtain
able quickly.
Perry Taylor and Katie Love, of
Four Mile.
W. M. Jackson and Allie Brock,
Robert Williams and Myrtle
Brown, Wilton.
Hoy Diznoy and Capltola Brlttaln,
Sherman Hammons und Mary
Jane Mills, DoWItt.
Good roads mean longer life for
you and your vehicle.
Grant Drug Store
C C. PARKER, Proprietor
Drugs anStodifes
Sodas, Gandles;
, Kodak Development' '
ions" Carefully
(SWwmon Sme
and Eimtkml'
Ton nUMM U irnrnw t rgbC
b rlafetla Utt blood. TtMro Is no cet-,
tin iiway rrfin Jt."TScltni!i haa'provM1
it We prove iV Tou can prore It.
When tho cause ot skin troubles and
rupUona Is In We bfaea.' It Isn't com-
let S. 8. B. Clr&'Tdo. An Ariitllo GUM
moo senso to simply treat tho skin.
A. bottl of B. 8. H. will proTO' to rou
what Is happenlnir In your blood. 8.8.9.
ia a sclfchfltlc-blood clennBtfr, It drives
out tho'lmpurltles which cause eczema,
tetter, rash, plmplos. bolls, blackheads.
tetter, rash, pimples, bolls, blackheads,
blotches and other skin cruntlons.
blotches and other skin eruptions.
When these Impurities aro driven out.
you can't stop several very nice things
from happening. Your lips turn nat
urally rosy. Your eyes sparkle, your
complexion clears. It becomes beau-
tlfuL Your face looks like that of a
prosperous, ruddy, well-fed, refined
gentleman, or it you are a woman,
your complexion becomes tho real kind
that tho whole world bo admires. 8.S.8.
Is also a powerful body-builder, be
causo It builds new and more blood
cells. That's why It fills out sunken
checks, bony necks, thin limbs, helps
regain lost flesh. It costs little to)
hovo this happen to you. S. S. 3. la
fold at all drug stores. In 'two slico.
The larger elzo la tho more, economical,
Mr.1 and Mrs. R. O. Kautfman
went to PtnevlIIe and MIddlesboro
Thursday by auto where they dem
onstrated the beauty and. efficiency
of the Moon automobile for which
tho Buchanan Motors Corporation
Is agent. Several nlco prospects
are the result. Between MIddles
boro and Cumberland Gap the Moon
took Cumberland Mountain on htgh
with perfect ease. While at' MId
dlesboro Mr; dhd'Mrs.'Kauftman at
tended a delightful dance. They re
'Jlfid Sl(urday. ; .
. -t: : r. . ., .
Your attention Is called to Prdlft
nance' In effect relative to tall .as
well as to head lights on automo
biles; We have a full and complete
Jlho in stock they are cheaper than
paying' a fine. Let us supply you.
We also have complete ifrie of ac
cessories for every make of car and
can supply ypu with all kinds of Oil
Gasoline and Parts and wo maintain
a First-ClMB Repair Department.
We solicit and thank you tor your
Buchanan Motors Corporation
,Phorfe 245
Cooper. Lee and Kellv-Snrlncfleld
Tires, Cooper JBatt'erles.' ' 39-2t
-' ' 1 "J. i.'r;
XRADB'.fo.-O ,QUrf RUUMlWifr :
AS.SQ WVMavpEa.-
PqOJ!. U' ,QUVf.MIVif5t
:Ice .Cream,
.' "V5V
"--tl - ,-
' " p "P ' '
' cut
li."' . W IIWlJr" ' '". t '.Pit
Border McthFlow;lfi
Is Well Adapted to a
Variety of Soils.
Not Prefltabla ttf Prpaw Field far Or.
Crop Alfalfa, Clover and Other
Forage Crop Arqfmonjj
Those Favorov
The border method ot Irrigation, fol
lowed In many parts ot the western
states, Is well adapted to a variety ot
soils and crops and Is growing rapidly
In public favor. As described In
Farmers' Bulletin. 1243, 'Tho Border
Method of Irrlgntlftri prepared by
Samuel Fortlcr and now Issued by tho
Upltcd States Department of Agricul
ture, tho method consists cssentlhllj'
In the division. it, tbe. tm to be Irri
gated Into a scries of strips, lands, or
beds, as they arc vnrlously termed, by
lowT flat levees extending usually In
the direction of the steepest slope.
Sufficient water Is turned into the up
per end of ench Btrfpond avowed to
move down tho slope in' ntajn sheet,
moistening the soil to a given depth
as it ndvnnccs toward the lower end.
Crops Suited for Irrigation.
It seldom pays, It Is said, to prepare
n field for the border method for one
crop. The method Is well adapted to
the irrigation of nlfnlfa, clover und
other forage crops, as well as nil
grains, and the fomgc crops may be
rotated WtliUj grains tolllidut. jnod
ifylng the method.' It I also possible
to Irrigate potatoes, -sugar beets and
other rowed and cultivated crops by
making n s'llgot "Change in the'bonjers,
so that the latlttidl "as to rotation 'lis
rather wjdel "
The most 'favorable isoll" for borders'
Is a freeVork'Ing loam several feet
deep, underlain by a more or less Im
pervious subsoil I Ae-We' sheet of wn-
ter flow? Mowrifeachistrlp, the pervlons .
top. eoij, ia, re.aouy imojiaqeo;' flpai f.p0,
heavier soil . benooth. pyeveats the
Applying Water ts Land oy Method
That.h Could Be More Generally
Adopted in Utfcm.?:armrjg;Stp$s.
such formations are (he most' fdvotv
able tint' rbecaqw, no other'.metbxjd will
do aa well.
Tne ,cq5t pf ptepartng. and for the
border" .metfiofl la' .low fts compared
wijh that ' required ' for most "otKeT
methods If the physical conditions are
favorable. At the eame time It Is usu
ally feasible toobtaln a fidrr.crop at
small cost by the use ot temporary
borders, and nfterhe crop. Is harvest
ed, the majslng of (permanent .borders
may be undrtafcen without undoing
much of .the'prpvlous season's work.
Slopes Are Essential.
A smooth, regular 'surfaB having a
slope In one direction of about 2J5
Inches to the .hundred feet miiy be re
garded -as .ideal ifor thc.bbrder method
6t irrigation. It .la possible to make
borders -on lopcajno ,lnch ot ,1'ess to
.tho .hundred feet and on .steeper sopgs
,up to ? fe'et and taore per hundred.
Borders' have been" used on slopes as
great1 as 7 feet to the hundred feet,
biit extra caro must en be taken to
prevent soil and crop erosion:
The amount of lrtiter that can -be
turned Into hc strip depends on the
,ele,of each-strip, its .slope, and other
conditions. In narrow," short strips
the 'bead used may be reduced to half
n cubic foot a second or from 20 to
23 miners' Inches, and In wide, long
strips 10 cubic feet n second may be
none too large. A large volume of
water cannot.be handled successfully
on $teep slopes, but It .Is always pos
sible to divide a head' between two pr
more compartments.
Full details f the 'construction and
operation of borders aro contained In
the .bulletin, copies" ot which may be
: had free by wetting' tp the United
States Deportment of Acrlriilrupe.
Washington, pC.
PeaCan 1B Guarded iAflalrt cby
Puttlno t-Ittle Turpeiitine ' In
" ' Dl,nkjno Water! .
Now tha t.'jrarm, weather. Is comleg
t .on, , gape .wprma wlH,,Boon put In o
appearance: in conaunjoeauu. -loay
few'dwpe,9t wrbbatlae In.eaeh.'quftrti
of 'water-iads?attwag If alaked'
waste pf iretcs by deen. percolation.
Bflrlhvs.aV-nlsQ V r' Werqily used' J? We(tVL&i
vtitfRtrih mftnli W .Jtlr'n. -L i Uf arftoand lA.ttaBrpnx
ij'i"iTfrji-'rTi.viri! ir-.:'-.Jlv dKV..Mavor.nylan.eztnlled the
Tr)rMnhWo;ft troups
of Varying Size.
Wew ToTfcrOnJanlki mdk now.
aayato bo 'in the iwtm. StaUitlea f
Cleaned, from the out-door departaiaata t -et
tha nawspapao. from tha Boy Sccsi r
aad'1 Ciippflrf '61. oiaJUe ,.
from the X. M. C, A. brandies and'
klndretLbea, tj8fn score ot amatanr -athlatlo
clab,-a'ail from tho leadlnx -dealers
tn tportlng goods. Indicate that
Best Walker Make Best Citizens,"
Says Mayor of New York.
today there are no lets than 8,000
hiking clubs In Greater New JTork,
with a total membership ot more, than
a quarta pf a mlllj&p incn and wom
en, who ore keeping themselves in the
ptik of condition and experiencing (he
rejj joj1 ot Bring Jjjy getting regularly
ot,"lnto fhVppeil cooptjVllh' ao 'otll
eK'means of locomotltin.than 'their God
glvn legs.' '
TUe city 61 Kenr"Xot- has 'taken' offi
cial "notice ai the'movenienl. On three
occasions recandV'Maybr Qylan has
conjKatn'laleji I'bfirV and girls ot tha
VtAac 'silioaiauupiB 4h"elr'':ea'thuslasm
in tatlogufi ',tha.-new sptrt ,ot hiking.
.new pob
the other
w pt 'lhe.'bjyk anb Irls and
4m hfk)rlfhm0tfittFthere- wka
no bitreSf' or;niorel'ptoflaWe way' In
whih'they could' paii'tWJr.?vacaUonj
andatiuze taelr hbliflaysthan by the
3.rrtoa,tDtp-jQeld oad forest. their
wgBdfcgg. clobi He jsave the" samp
meflfage, o fhe 'Amateur ,'AfhletIe''Un-.
loWSrobjtmi a few days'fi'ter, and'
,whin'rf c-'briJastSjooys'and girls"
visited ftlmat city ,-haB preparatory to
a , hike, to ( the" )bmb "ot ftcsevelt at
OTSter Bay 'he assured Ulem' 'that the
est walkers amour them would mate
Walk and Be-Welt
IUess 'enthusiastic a champion of
the .walking 'game Is Dr. Royal .8.
'Copelandi' 'city Jhealtb commissioner.
The .benctlt to health and ,the ,safe
CUArd to morals to be foaiud In long
wks," .aald Dr. eopeland In an In
terview, "are" too apjarent to speak
of them. If one takes long walks alone
ItMts wen; fw" he' 'walks the. foad ot
health,, irai. ilt ie stakes ;loog walks- In
company It -Is .better for. -he adds the
tonic ,of jMmpanlc9ihlp to .his exercise.
Walklng'is the om form'oi exercise In
whjch 'there ,1s 'themlnlmum risk of
orcrfloiag It' In short, t consider
walking the mosfbencflclal ot all exer
clses'tfoa'U WtfeveifoOt'bf season,"
'"Sever lainy itfetlmeM said ;JEd
arXli8.i Wilbur, .manager of a nation
ally .known spoTting Bj)ods, store, "have
I known sjk a demand as now for out
door jganjients and 'shoes and stock
ings and 'appliances '"for 'tlie tocrlsfs
lunch&m box. The rapid spread and
tremendous popularity of the walking
club ,ldea has jno parallel tn our ex
pcrtene. rnjehrser ,can .make .his (rejul3lte
Just what he feels Ilka spending.' .Ileal
ly, there are only t6' or 'three articles
Indlspensablo.toihlklngr-thlck walking
shoes that allow Jots of room, thick
w.oqlen. socks and. clothing that will
glve,'frdom ot limb. lc should have
a canvas or .leather musette'bag, spsh
as tip Midlers" used In France.
The Cow In the Knapea.ek
"To g?t ..tho real benedt and Joy out
ot hiking luncheon' should be carried
and prepared' and eaten In the open.
.Bread and' cheese, a few1 slices? of
bacon, .6ome coffee, n can ot condensed
milk, and a cako ot chocolate fur
nish high-powered ftjel for tho hiker
and are readily and happily assimi
lated even by those who In their pro
biking days' were afflicted with di
gestive apparatus so feeble as to balk
at crackers .and milk. Fortunately for
the hiker,-he-can jrepjenlsh his simple
larder at any cross-roads store and
provide himself with the most nutri
tious' and appetlilns food In a form
that can be conveniently carried.
"Koemgle'deyelopnient.'la tho prob
lem -of. food .'transportation for the
hunter, fisherman, blkerand.all.lqvers
ftjietout-of-doorsrcafijconipare .with
the gift besjovrefj by, the "man whp
flrt Afqnid,,'tiie war to' make' con
Sensed 'milk, ffierebV potting "a dairy
&neveri'''taanV.Vn)fpStft!kr Before' 'loag
there will bo a national association, of
rniKtrsjaaa wamraea w pe.jts pa-
Uron SigJsp-Sjjeh anassoc,latloA wpl A do
nil "nilnM ,"nll
rostea, 'eCQTtrtM establishment ot
shelters, rsCiMtUu.-land camp-sites
Otoe abeat)thafcae,Aa4rt. . hJT

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