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issued weoklr by The Mountain
Advocate Publishing Co., at
Sntore 'I the Post OQce at Bnr
bourvll! ur, as ""fond-class mall
(Strictly In advance)
Oae Year $1.60
Six Months 0.7S
Any Item Intended for publication
should reach this office not later
than on Wednesday or we shall bo
forcod to carry it over to tho next
)000000000t00t00t0i0m0m0i notick to contractors
Notice To Those Who Have Not
Paid Their Tax For 1922
After Jan. 1st. 1923, 1, or one of my deputies,
will, in ten days, or as scon thereafter as wc
can, get to you or your property. If not paid
beforehand we will expose to public sale to
the highest and best bidder your property or
enough of it to cover said taxes.
J. M. Carnes,
Sheriff Knox County.
Bureau of Construction
Knox County
IkTCjnbcr 15, 1022
It Is with sincerity that we wish
our readers A Happy New Year.
Wo thank ono and all who have
assisted us In making tho Mountain
Advocate a financial success during
the past year.
Tho "flowers" wo haVo received
have also been gratifying. That the
citizens like the Advocate and say
so, means a great deal to us.
Government reports show that
unemployment Is steadily decreas
ing and Is becoming a thing of the
past. This means good wages and
better times.
Tho Improvements being put In by
tho L. & N. R. R. mean the turning
loose of a lot of money, as does the
building of the Federal and State
Highway. When the latter project
is finished it will mean much to
Since there Is a scarcity of homes,
we believe Darbourville will do
some substantial building In 1923.
Let us put our shoulders to the
wheel and move forward.
that I havo been careless about.
'ME" A few days ago I had the tooth
ache I got along some way all
From the cradle to tottering age,
from skyscraper to prairie and can
yon, fate, during the coming year,
will pursuo some one person out of
each 12,000 in the United States
and mark him for the murderer's
bullet or knife thrust.
I havo been sitting hero thinking through tho week, but Sunday morn-
nlinnt mv nHIHirln tnwnrH tllfi tni ft wna tinhctnrnMn T ttimifvlit It
church. Therjo is not a doubt 'in my was but yet it probably was no
mind about it being the greatest worso than it had been during tho
moral force in tho country. I take week. Sunday I called tho dentist's
great prldo in looking at its homo and was told he was at
achievements and am quick to idon- church. I sont word by a boy thnt
tify myself with it. But at tho samo there was nn .mergency case at his
timo I act as tho I could get along tMlco. I Jui: hod K. have it pulRI
without it. I usually subscribe to then. The ilrntis: r.ili! he left as his
the church budget as I know that a pastor was getting his Interest
church like any business organi- aroused In tonic special dlscoureo
zatlon cannot run on "guess", but Ho asknl mo how long mj tooth had
whtlo I do I am not as quick to pay ached; since Tuesday, I said. Ho did
my church obligations as my gro- not say anything but ho Just as well,
cry bill. In fact, there have been I felt it. I went homo relieved of tho
times when I allowed it to go some toothache but I was far from being
few months. I wonder if my min- at ease. I thought of my selfishness,
lster, as a self-respecting man does I had ruined the Sunday of my
not like to havo this salary promptly friend, the dentist. He was at
in order that he might meet his own church with his family and I be-
obllgatlons. It the company for came an "emergency" patient Just
which I work should hold up my when he was seeking spiritual ln-
salary for three months, I would splratlon. Since then I have been
soon bo looking for another Job. Yot thinking about the little tribe to
if my pastor were to do that I would which I belong-fellows who put off
say that the was a mercenary, after everything until Sunday. I have j Foundation dry earth
the money, as though the "bread of watched my physician leave church
heaven" .would satisfy the physical time and again in the midst of a
needs of his wife and children. I service. I asked him the other day
promise myself in my beter mo- how many of these calls could be
ments that I will pay my church ob- postponed until afterword. He said
ligations weekly, but the time about 99 out of every 100. He told
passes and I am soon "dunned" by me the other day of a fellow calling
the secretary, a thing that I would him from a service to ask him if
think reflected on my integrity in castor oil should be taken in the
bed time. Since my
I will not bother my dentist orj-QR
. .
(jeinem ituuoie:
Over In T?np.oTiH TDhava ia lnn'o
,n,nM i mnr m nnH ,t,i lthe business world having my ac- morning or at
cuunt over uue mrue rauiuua -yei uumist tjApeneiiLu i uuvu jusuivuu
I have no scruples about having the that
officer come around and tell me that doctor at church time except when
I am behind with my churoh ac- It i3 a real "emergency." Both of
count. them are good men, better than I,
One year I refused to sign up an and I know that my patience would
be tried to the limit by a "critter"
that needed information or help
lied desperately w.hen I was in the midst
than here death will come to only
one in each 412,000 by the mur
derer's hand.
Crime flourishes in the U. S.
because of the uncertainty of pun
ishment, Sir Basil Thomsen, K. C.
bids will bo received by
tho Stato Highway Commission a,t
tho offlce of tho Stnto Highway En
gineer, Old Capitol Building. Frank
fort, Kentucky, until 2:00 P. M.
on tho 23rd day of January. 1923,
for tho Improvement of tho Barbour-vllle-Corbln
road from tho Corp.
Limits Barbourvlllo Sta 0 plus 00
to Corp. Limits Corbln Sta 833 plus
37 In Knox County, a dlstanco of
approximately 16.243 miles.
This road Is ofllclally known as
Stato Project No. 6 Sec B on tho
Stnto Primary System In Knox
County. This project Is also known
as Federal Aid Project No. Gl.
This improvement will consist of
shaping the road, constructing nec
essary drainage structures to a
width of 26 feet on fills and 30 feet
In cuts as a Grado and Drain Pro
Joct, in accordance with approved
plans and specifications.
Instructions to bidders, forms of
proposals and specifications may bo
secured at the ofilco of the Stato
Highway Engineer, Old Capitol
Building, Frankfort, Kentucky.
Bluo prints of this work will bo
on fllo at tho division headquarters
at Pinoville, Kentucky, also at the
Court House at Barbourvlllo, Ken
tucky. Contractors desiring to ob
tain copies of plans may secure
same from the Department of Stato
Roads and Highways at the rato of
lGc per sheet.
Each bidder must accompany his
bid with a bond or certified check
for $11,000.00 payable to tho Stato
Treasurer, credit of the Department
of State Roads and Highways.
The right Is reserved to reject
any and all bids.
Approximate Quantities
Borrow 125,000 cu. yds.
Earth 118,534 cu. yds.
Solid Rock 66,000 cu.yds.
Loose Rock 15,000 cu.yds.
Channel change 700 cu.yds.
For structures 400 cu.yds.
100 cu.yds.
Foundation dry rock . . 30 cu.yds.
Overhaul: 87,000 Yd. Sta.
Clearing and Grubbing .... 9 acres
Removing trees & stumps 300 each
Alternate Masonary (Concrete):
Class A concrete . . 1330 cu. yds.
Class D concrete 20 cu.yds.
Class B concrete .... 820 cu. yds.
Cement Rubble Masonary
170 cu. yds.
Reinforcement S1300 lbs.
B. former head of Scotland Yard, amount lor me curreni year, i sam
told the National Society of the I uld "elve what I could." Of
TTr,ito,i ct-ioo n.,,.!,!.,,. t mi course it is not nice to say I
todnv " -but I actually did that year. I gavo of an Interesting service.
'r-.iirw.. f ,.ii,-t i...... 'ten dollars to the church at the end
crime." said Sir Basil. "The length 'ot the year when tne balance on the ,t,kIns about Pases-
of the sentence does not matter, u .nnaeet was oeing raised, -mat sum
is tho fact that it Is swift and Just about represented wiat I paid
.prflln for oil for my Sunday auto rides
" Your parole system and your
'What if I had put in tho gasoline
The other day I heard a fellow
He said
there were three kinds that he
wanted to avoid: the kind known by
our soldiers as cooties, that lodged
between the undershirt and bide;
He said the other two had homes,
.indeterminate sentence, I believe. and rePalrs! My wife had several e saia tne oiner iwo nau nomes
tend & increase of murders and n!ce soclaIs Bt home that year and Some nlCe ne3' bUt they "Ved 3ust
lenjvine increase oi murutrs anu i 'iiv ho cniioro ii.Q ntt nt D
other crimes. In England we do not
have those systems. We do not allow
more than one appeal. We can also
amend a faulty indictment during
the trial, which is not possible
here." Louisville Herald
the refreshments for them amount
ed to more each time than my "ten."
Yet 1 gave "what I could!" I will
say for ray own credit that this In
ventory made me think a wihile and
llko the soldiers' lice, off of some
one else. In community afllalrs he
said they tried to live off of others.
Ho did not hit me since I take a
pride in my Interest in community
Will Patterson and Annie Gray,
Flat Lick.
Tom Jones, Dowlsvllle, Va., and
Mattle Mae Roberts, Anchor.
Ben Hinkle and Mollle Davis,
Whitney Gambrel and Tltlna Law
son, Eleys.
Charlie Moore and Mae Miles.
Garrard Gambrel and Nora Lewis,
J. F Helton, Cargo, Ky fiWl
Fraud? Clouse, Cram Nest.
Enoch Taylor and Mahala Mosser,
Robert D. McDade and Lllydale
Tye, Darbourville.
Thos. L. 0'IIara and Mary Agnes
Heldrlck. Darbourville.
Curt Runyon and Ida Carter,
Levi Nolen and Attle Gray, Flat
John Carroll and Eliza J. Savage,
Harrison McKeehan and Martha
Hart, Anchor.
Wm. Smith and Louella Smith,
Gobel Mills, Mills, and Ada Car
nes. Walker.
The 14 y.ear old son of Tom Lam
bort, of Swan Pond, was shot in the
legs by a companion Xmas day, tho
run the latter vat carrying being
accldently fired. Fortunately, tho
wound is not serious. .
since then I have tried to be more j improvements. But when ho talked
My business sense convinced me
a church could not be run. without
a budget and now I never pass the
committee up with the "give what
I can."
I am subject to headaches and
many sevenlngs when I come homo
from the office, my thead hurts, but
a good nights sleep usually rids me
of it and I am fresh and bright the
following morning for my work.
But Sunday sun seems to bring a
headacho so often. It Is strango
they never come during the week,
always wait for Sunday. I have been
wondering of late if my headaches
were as real about Sunday School
time as I Imagine. It I were as In
terested In tho Bible Class as I am
the desk maybo there would not bo
the chronic Sunday headache. I re
call tho other night I came homo
and my wife wanted to go to a
party. I had a headacho and felt I
should not try it. She began to tell
me who would bo there and some
things that would happen and I Im
mediately started to get ready to go,
forgetful of my headache. A few
Sundays ago 1 was loafing down
town, trying to get fresh air (as I
said for my headacho) and met my
boy, Frank. I asked hlra why he was
not in Sunday School. Ho said ho
was "laying out". I whipped him
when I got homo for not going. He
whimpered out in the kitchen to bis
mother that I had a lot of business
whlpptng him for something I would
not do myself. I guess a fellow
would be mora consistent It he vent
alone with the boy. It !s not fair to
whip him for neglecting a duty
of the fellow that tried to shove the
support of the church and its work
off on someone else I felt guilty.
Religious parasite I guess I don't
have to be it. Well, I can avoid be
ing a "holler than thou" Christian
and will, but I think that my better
Judgment suggests a change In my
religious thinking and acting and
hero is ono layman that, is going to
turn over a new leaf in 1923 that
he hopes will be permanent.
Cement Rubble Masonry
22CS cu. yds.
Class A concrete .... 350 cu.yds.
Class D concrete 20 cu. yds.
Reinforcement 40000 lbs.
Alternate types pipe:
18 in. Standard Vitrified Pipe,
1864 lin. ft.
24 in. Standard Vitrified Pipe
350 lin ft.
18 in. Double strength Vitrified
pipe 976 lin ft.
24 in. Doublo strength Vitrified
pipe 320 lin ft.
1:3:6 encasing concrete 200 cu. yds
18 in Reinforced Concrete pipe
2840 lin ft
24 in. Reinforced Concrete pipe
670 lin ft.
IS in. Standard cast iron pulv pipe
2840 lin ft.
24 in. Standard cast iron pulv pipe
670 lin ft.
State Highway Engineer.
In The Following Line?
Nice Juicy Meats.
Fresh Fruits.
Celery and Nuts
Fresh Package Groceries
PHay Grocery Co.
Successor to Golden & May
Wonderful Values in Ladies' Suits
and Coats. Also Men's and Boys'
Suits are reduced to tho lowest
price possible.
You had better buy now.
r vs'
Lieut. Richard Tuggle arrived
home on Saturday following an ab
sence of five years. During that
time he completed his course at
Annapolis and has Just returned to
the U. S. after circumnavigating the
globe. During this cruise he acted
part of the time as aide to Admiral
Jim Turner, of Harlan County,
came in Tuesday and paid a $300
flno imposed on his son, Victor, for
selling liquor in Knox County. Tho
son is tubercular and was coughing
up blood to the danger of the
others in Jail. ,
Half Soleinj? $1.25
Rubber Heels 50c.
Ordinary Shoes Made Into Nice
Saddles and Harness Repaired.
Depot for City Papers.
Business Appreciated.
A Happy New Year to everybody.
Gale Bingham has a new son-in-law
that he likes One.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wil
liamson a fine boy, weight 13 lbs.
Paul Carnes moved to DeWitt
last week and is well pleased.
D. M. Walker, our Bchool teacher,
had an entertainment on Friday and
gave the children each a present.
Will Carnes' daughter Is In the
hospital at Pinoville. She was oper
ated on for appendicitis and Is still
very ill.
Miss Ellen Carnes visited her sis
ter Mrs. Llhue Mills, in Pinoville
Martha Carnes entertained Delora
Walker and many others on Christ
mas and they bad a fine time.
John Carnes, a business man, Is
making ax (handles.
The men who are hauling find the
roads very bad and they wish that
Judge Stamper would fix them.
Mrs. Sudle Brewer bought a fine
beef, about 800 lbs, and a fat hog
about 760 lebs. They both died in
one week.
A. M. Carnes Is on the sick list.
When yon own yor wn heme eeh
cent forested la Improvements fa
crosses ttu valut of tho property.
1 1 TT
Is Back Again At
Powder, Dynamite and Mine Supplies
Near Brick Plant,
Barbourville, Ky.
Lewis Drug Co
Have just received a full and complete
line of Xmas Jewelry, both Ladies' and
Gentlemen. Toilet Sets, Ivory Goods,
Manicuring Sets and Block's aristocratic
Candies. Call at our store and look
our line over before you do your Xmas
All accounts due the Buchanan
Motors Corporation that aro past
duo must be paid by January 1st,
1923 or we will ihavo to take steps
to collect.
8-2t Buchanan Motors Corporation
All persons holding claims or ac
counts against tho estate of F. J.
Mitchell (deceased) will please fllo
samo vltb mo.
1-41 AdmtBttfcYtar.
Don't kill all lh quail Hi erey
4ea for fcSaU.
For Sale 10 Acres sandy loam
land, 4 miles from city. This is first
class hay or farmng land. Jackson
County, Wisconsin. Price $25.00 per
100 Acres Pino Timber Land, Lib
erty County, Florida. Good soil aj
lays well. 8 miles from railway town
Price $12.50 per acre.
2700 Acres good timber land 3
miles from railway In Tennessee.
4000 ft timber. CO ties and many
cords of wood and telegraph poles
per aero. Priee for land and Mwber
J 18.59 per aero.
Cilvht, KMtaeky.
VV v

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