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v5L i. no. 1.
Ki. i if, iPOc
Tin nrMV iliillijt ll-t
Our wunK nnr iIikKL'IU.
Our 1'CU. nr -lrtio." f
HmpIi Willi l.t n tsiintHKitiii.
Of wW fnultn
Tlic Luvlti'i iiw I'orivi'iurs;
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mun wlPiit' lhMnjf lrlvtn
UV'ro j,!ntliprtl lut lty lu't
Alltl InIIh1 f))l ll'UVtl.
KKAM'IS VI'A1U.E. -DlTllIC I'lUll'lOW,
Sample copies of Tin: Hklokd
may be obtained on application to
this office.
Railroads Are Not Enemies.
The okl feeling that "anything
you can get out of :i railrnatl com
pany, is so much gain," is dying out
and oeoule are learntm that the
railroads arc the best friends any
community can have. In years
gone by it has been the custom to
bring sip' against the railroad com
owrv occasion where a suit
ouK' il to matter how trivial
the am., i. i ov-Mved. and it is an
old saving -t 'no jury ever re
turned a ve; .. m favor of the
company." It is herd to convince
the average jury that there is any
merit in any defense a corporation
may present, and because of this
well-known and well-grounded feel
ing, it has been the policy of the
railrails. to compromise every action
It is not our purpose to take up
the cause of the railroads as against
the propir. only so far as. justice
and n.t :u;! interest goes, but the
New t beliees that the change of
sontunent which is rapidly coming,
giving the railroads the same con
sideration and the same chance that
is accorded private individuals, will
be beneficial to the people and to
the country, as weil as to the corpo
rations. .No community can thrive without
railroad facilities, and the greater
facilities, the better theoppor-
for thrift, Every town may
tD b"lf
"Heir lines, helps thetr
f-Smpany ajso, and in nearly every
iv2"nstance are ready and willing to do
p -'mbre than their share m co-opera-.
'fibn with the people. They should
. :be known personally' by the busi
Wiiess men of the different towns, for
a,personal actpMaintance has much
to lo with fostering good feeling.
The ambition of the towns in the
ay of public improvements should
be made known to them, and in
, nine eases out of ten the railroads
will aid and encourage the people.
- In short, the railroads and the
communities should get closer to
gether, and work for mutual good,
rather than along the old lines of
antagonism. Uramlon, (Miss.,)
ic. awcek for Tim Rbcokd.
The Dog Question.
Milton News: If the farmers of
the county owning worthless dogs
c.ould be induced to destroy them
and substitute one well-bred shep
herd pup, noi more, to each fann
.the wealth of every farming commu
nity would be increased in many
ways. Farmers with a little tact in
getting along with a dog would soon
find the collie saving them many a
step. Eager and anxious to learn,
trilling to do everything within his
power, the dog needs . only a wise
and patient restraint, an intelligent
direction, to become the most useful
hand on the place. There are a
number- in Milton to which the
headsman's ax should be applied. It
is impossible to understand why a
person living in town wants to feed
and care for so many worthless dogs.
A 50c. investment in a year's sub
scription to Tub Record is a good
business proposition.
The total expenditures of the
Brooklyn Bridge from the date cf
opening, May 24, 1883, to Dec. 1,
1898, were $18, 151,300. The total
receipts during 'the same period were
$17,727,900. The first year the bridge
was opened 12,500,000 passengers
crossed it, the second year 30,000,
000 crossed it, and in 1S90 40,000,
000. The present average is about
45,000,000 a year.
jjo you iiKe tnc iooks ot tins jra-
pcr? It costs 50c. a year.
It Is said that the Czar is the only
European monarch whose life is not
well insured in some English or
American life insurance company.
James Tyson, the richest, man in
Australia, started in life on a salary
of 30 per annum. A short time
ago he took up 250,000 of treas
ury bills to assist the government.
A Parisian statistician announces
that there have been thirty-nine
changes of Cabinets during the twen
ty eight years of the life of the
French Republic, involving 530
The Rev. Dr. . D. Marshall ofl
the Methodist Church is the latest
claimant to a safe trip to Thibet,
lie says he stayed there for eight
months and converted several na
tives. I he ( 1 rand Llama received
him as an honored guest.
David M. Wilson, who died in Phil
adelphia recently, followed the curi
ous fad of shaking hands with every
Mayor of the city on the day of his
inauguration, a practice which he
indulged for almost seventy years
without a break.
lfred A. Winslow, United States
Consul at Liege, Belgium, enter
tained a number of friends at an old
fashioned Xew England dinner,
at Brussels, on Christmas day.
livery thing served was American,
even to the wines, which were im
ported from California.
Johnathan Xorcross, who died at
Ulanta the other day. was an abolu-
tionist.from Maine and settled in
Allanta sixty years ago. ' Me was
the Republican nominee for Govern
or of Georgia in 1876, when he orig
inated the I.ily-White idea, which
has divided Avhite and black Repub
licans ever since.
A former master of Ely Work
house in England has just been ad
mitted as a pjiuper.i.mnate :t,thi irtJ
i. (Ill- Hvll lilllti.ltB.l- -Mill
1 m
f'lVlsbin the fale.ifthnitflniS?
for. Mr. Bumble. r-: '
The largest private library in the
United States is said to belong to
Colonel Reuben T. Durrctt, of
Louisville, Kentucky, which con
tains over 50,000 volumes, collected
during sixty years. Books on the
history of the West predominate,
and among them Colonel Roosevelt
worked while preparing his "Win
ning of the West." ' ' ' '
Queen Victoria has- been, quite out
done by Emperor Francis Joseph in
the matter of the. bestowal of titles,
orders, and decorations at1 a jubilee.
In three days Austria's ruler gave
away 4,500 of these baubles, and for
weeks past the two firms in Vienna
which make them have been working
night and day in order to catch up
with the demand.
The Governor of Arkansaw is
named Jones. The Lieutenant-
Governor of Mississippi is named
Jones. The Lisa tenant-Governor of
Ohio is named Jones. The Attorney-General
,of Nevada is named
Jones. Since Senator Morrill's
death there has been no "father of
the Senate," two members having
served exactly the same period; one
of them is J0I111 1'. Jones.
M. Vernon, the French engraver,
has received an orded from the King
of .Denmark for a medallion of
Queen Louise, to be prepared from
the best of the family photographs.
Small reproductions of the memorial
are to be prepared for distribution in
Denmark. The Queen is represent
ed in profile, the inscription record
ing her name and rank, motto "Vir
ttite el fidelilale"and the dates Sept.
7, 1817, tmd Sept. 29, 1898.
Aspall Hall, whose name Lord
Kitchener has incorporated in his
title, is one of the finest old granges,
remaining in the eastern counties of
England. It is a two-story building,
moated in the old style, and has a
long family record attaching to it r n
the Sirdar's mct'ier's side. Her
family came into possession of it just
200 years ago. Before that it was
the residence of the Cobham family
from the time of that Lady Cobham
whose husband, Sir John Oldcastle,
vrn$ bur.it as a Lollard in Henry V.'s
Do you want job printing?
do the best;
1 hmv Jcvt iiIhihI tlwttW
It 'll1 kH'J II tOWII-lHIj' lllllllH
lrvr lo wni'k nil uiiitw. rttttiilr
K.'i- n M rtn-JiH'. llll I dlil !
Unv.: Uii'in nlil ttim wiix luintntlry ! -
Mump luioklmlioo' vtnlp. HrtiMllit
Wouldn't ImtiiUt nitil I wt NkvcnMlktf
Clnut on Into FWnnry!
X'ntlilu' miulo m niHtMw
TIhiii f'r 1'nji t tinj In. In j In'
On ti vxiry fnivMlok, nyln
"(ItiitllliUiitg'MOUt ami M'0llitHtinitiUr!
Jan I WniToiMn Ittksi.
Ah, this is a beautiful world! I
know noi what to think of it. Some
times il is all sunshine and gladness,
and Heaven itself lies not far off;
and then it suddenly changes and is
dark and sorrowful, and the clouds
shut out the entire day. In the
lives of the saddest of us there are
bright days like this, when we feel
as if we could take the whole world
into our arms. Then come gloom v
hours, when the fire will not burn
on our hearths, and all without and
within is dismal, cold, dark. Believe'
me, cverr head, has its secret sor
rows, which, the world knows not.
and oft-times we call a man cold
when he is only sad. II. W. Long
Tin; Rucoro, 50c. a year.
Two States ynly are represented in
the United Sfeta& Senate by men
whose place of residence is the cap
ital city. These two States are New
Hampshire and Indiana. Both Sen
ators from New Hampshire reside
in Concord both Senators from In
diana resfde jn Indianapolis.
i"" 1
Recent Inventions.
An improved holding device for
overshoes is formed of a pair of piv
oted arms surrounding the top of
the heel, with a spring pawl on the
pivot, which locks them in place af
ter they are gripped around the shoe
Fr hm; in mining the beds of
rirhi r golu an improved dredge
ht: a:, endless chain of steel buckets
ui rr.ngud to bring up portions of the
' 'bed, aftur.it .has. bean, lpo0neU
OX, - Sujaj
Imbtrbe turned frOiii. th'd outside aJ
new escutcheon plate has a hinged
member on one side, which swings
to the center of the plate, a slot in
the end engaging the flat portion of
the.key to loek it.
An improved scale bar for type
writers has a roughened surface ex
tending parallel with the gradua
tions, adapted to receive temporary
pencil marks to serve as a guide to
the operator in setting the carriage
for certain kinds of work.
Fish can be rapidly scaled by a
new implement, which is of semi
cylindrical shape, and has teeth on
its edges, with a toothed brace run
ning across the center, the scales
being more easily removed by the
teeth than with a smooth blade.
In a new automatic pen-ejecting
holder a sleeve slides on the handle,
with a fixed under portion which
forms a clamp when the sleeve is
brought forward to hold the pen in
place, releasing it instantly when the
sleeve is drawn back bv hand.
One party has subscribed for six
copies of this paper, sending five to
distant friends. We trust the re
membered ones will appreciate the
favor as highly as we do. Such ac
tion is very encouraging to us, and
is worthy of imitation. v
The marriage of Mine, l'atti to
Haron Cederstrom came to a pain
ful pause when about half completed,
it seems, because the marriage li
cense had been left at Craig-y-Nos
Castle, instead of being taken along
to Brecon, where the ceremony took
place. After the performance of the
ecclesiastical rites the bridal party
went into the sacristy to discharge
certan formalities before the Regis
trar. He refused to finish the mar
riage without the license, until final
ly persuaded, after the bride had
wept in van, by Lady Kandcl-Phillips.
Mr. Hloggs "Von see, my dear,
my salary Is small, and lam notable
to save n.uch. . I am continually
troubled with the thought thai if I
should die suddenly "
Mrs. Hloggs s"( don't bother
about that, Henry. You know, I've
got my ol 1 black silk dress. That's
nearly as good as new," r givers.
,T-arr ,
If you want The Rhcokd, you
must subscribe for it.
' ' ' ....... '-WJ
Out of the- Ginger Jar.
"So her husbatfytfs an editor?"
"Ves. Hut, gowlmnd! If there'
anything in the v. , f news she can
beat him publi m,. It abroad."
Baltimore Sun.
"To tell the :. !. I increase my
height a little Jnring footpads
in 111 v shoos" Mll
toads?" "Ves;,
they hold me uj
Cleveland Plain
"The first act.
posed to cover
u Know, is sup-
,criod of twenty
a lvn-M
hue between
She "Do viQlvnruineinber that
thirty years ago yXM-proposed to me
and that I refused fpu?" He "O,
yes. Thai's one "i he most treas
ured recollection . ?' niv vouth."
Household Word
Mr. Bikel " fraid our new
minister is not . r.ght and well
informed as he mijlip be."
Mrs. Diker "IitTlbud!"
Mr. Hiker "YW for in his last
sermon he made soiM remarks about
putting ourshoiijdor to the wheel.' "
"That yo(ungestlf&? of yours docs
not seem to be aViredit to you, '
said the white maiifljfc Uncle Mose.
"No, sah," said I iv k- Mose. "He
is the wustest child i has. He is
mighty bad. He's l white sheep of
de family, sah." !!mioii Journal.
Mrs. Smarte sa 'k r husband is
the wors
litCruvcr was to ro
says, "
st sure to get
niiri ., t
j nv, sue
other dav he
n it came
it was full
tit any
one should steal
bv his clothes.'
m d Know linn
"The minister has.pr- misedto say
a few words at the temperance meet
ing." "He won't do it, though."
"You don't think he would break
his word?"
"O! his intention arc all right,
but when he gets wound ui he does
not know when to stop. ' Puck.
"Would you buy a Legislature?" in
quired the patriotic young man, indig
nantly. "If you mean a whole Leg
islature," answered Senator Sorgum,
"I will say promptly . . mphatic
ally that I would nor. : : v ould be
a needless, extravagant v little
more than haif of the. Ler urc is
plenty for all practical pur,
Washington Star.
"This," said the police judge the
other morning, "is one of the most
aggravated cases ot assault and bat
tery ever brought in, my official no
tice. How couUa big, able-bodied
man like you strike a deaf mute?"
"Do you's mane that he could n'ather
sp'akenor h'are?" .'That's precisely
what I mean.'' "Tiling sor, phy the
divil didn't
Free Press.
o?" Detroit
"How is it thai - of your chil
dren have no nan asked the be
lated traveler of t 1 . . ntucky far;n
er who was entertaining him for the
"Well, stranger, "raplicd the moun
tianeer, "after my fourteenth child
was born I kinder gbt tired huntin'
for names, an' quit. : They can name
theiuselves when ;thuy gits old
enough." Puck. ,
The. . 'usnuinjambled gingeily
o.cr tin. .no. : "These arc tU
ti nes thai 1 1 ' nHoIes," he called
to a passu uieiift. He tlirew a
heavy emphasis biififye "soles" and
the friend smiled. -jAjHhat moment
t'ie punster's feet fib'fr m under him
and he came down ui a resounding
thwack. "I sec, , .aid the passing
friend with much f ait, "that tin
oxact s.eat of th.; s still a mat
terof doubt."-Cl(rviandPlain Deal
er. In
1 j 1
. g 7
tnati 1
A I.U;ni.oKi v ;kki:tin:.
Greenville Hannor: A nc paK-r
for Greenville. Tin: Rk.op.i, will
make its appearance in January
owned by Orien L. Roark and
Owen Rice. Will bcacveii column
folio. WewishTiiii Ri:i)isti rciis
and feel sure il will suc ceed ax the
promoters are ootn nustnng oun
i hom 01 a inriiit rvMii.is.
Owensboro Messenger: Orion I.
Koark is preparing to start a new
paper all .rccm die about January 1
It will be known as Tin; Ria ki. and
will "have an excellent new nbnl.
Mr. Roark has had aluablc exueri
eiice in newspaper worn, and is an
enterprising young man. h is safe
to say thai lie will conduct a pajcr
that will be in all respects a credit to
Greenville and Muhlenberg countv.
A I1MKN1H.Y joi.lv.
1 1 erald-Ledger, Russellvillc:
new paper is to be started at Green
ville with the new year by Owen Rice
aim urien KourK. Air. kicc is a
graduate of Bethel College of the
year 1S96. He is a young man of
excellent training, fine business
ability, great industry and above all
possesses a mind which sees clearly
the essentials of any matter which
he has on hand. Mr. Roark is an
old stage horse and Ids' qualities arc
proveni This team will get out a
paper which will do credit to the
countv of Muhlenberg.
niKKr. ain't i;oin' to m: no" ir.-
Madisonville Mail: Grcenviileis
to have a new paper. Tin: Ria oRi,
an all home-print, seven-column folio
will make its bow to the pubic about
unitary 1. It will be owned and
edited by Mr. Orien L. Roark and
Mr. Owen Rice, two of the cleverest
young.mCtt-in theSrata.,., Mr, RoarJv.
.1- ' ixtt. y TOcanjaigjiiuna r, a -
tfiWnnS;:,J;iv&!Wl vfrirslYn Tine .h'Aifn Kti'li
gaged in conducting a successful
furniture business which he will con
tinue. Mr. Rice is up-to-date, full
of vim and energy, and the two will
make a team that will give Greenville
and Muhlenberg county what it has
long needed a first class newspaper.
The Mail wishes the new venture
success, and with Roark & Rice in
charge its success is assured.
Keep Young" b3r Science.
Do you know why it is that fash
ionable woman lpoks as young and
rosy at 50 as the unfashionable wo
man at 30? It is because she takes
care of herself. The unfashionable
woman gets her beauty sleep every
night and never dissipates in the
matter of balls and little suppers
prepared over the. blazer while the
rest of the world is aslscp. She eats
her three meals a day anil at just
the propen hours. Everything on
her table is wholesome and intended
to keep her skin rosy and her little
body lissome. She thinks it almost
immoral to clog the pores of the
skin with powder and pomade, and
she belives in nature absolutely.
And just there is the difference.
The fashionable woman or woman
of the world, if you choose, for the
fashionable woman is hardly a broad
enough term for the woman that is
always young at 50 believes in art.
She knows that nature is a wonder
ful restorative, but she has infinitely
more faith in art and science. When
the wrinkles begin to come the fash
ionable woman knows of pomades
and masseurs. She has found that
the Turkish bath will do more to
wards making her eyes lustrous and
her skin clear than all the ten-hour
sleep and whole-wheat bread reme
dies in the world. She wears cor
sets snug ones, tjo but they arc
corsets that fit the figure and do not
grip it in a cast iron vis', and
hangs her skirts froiq ihe hijis
she (tan daucc all niht ami la- a
fresh and rosy 'n.-t day as if she
had never seen Ihe inside of a bail
room. Feminine Observer in Phil
adelphia Times.
Say, did you know now was the
time to purchase a aero Overcoat z.t
ioq Sipnmoi' heat prices, at J. R.
Morgan's, South Carrollton.
How does this weather pan cut
with the G. H. sign?
f 1 1 in ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1' iii,frr- ii nut ' mmmui i i, " tf' 'i li .1i .icjik&.iK.-v .:jjiiwitii(
Ksmrmmr-'' ;.. ;.tw "W TBiBIWg mmm iMwm iiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii
The above is a representation of our Challenge Country Cyi
iiicJer Press, It is manufactured by the Challenge Machinery
Co.,, in Chicago, claimed to be the largest of the kind in this
country, It's a great improvemsnt over other country cylinder
presses on the market, and is in
ment of our offics throughout,
Chicago, are the agents through
N &
We m making extensive
Sisuliag in no way Interferes
all orders for grinding,
Hf R.r. m is a Practical Ml!ier5 and we guarantee
the highest grade goods to
Prompt and careful attention to
alS work. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Vehicles overhauled.
Bmm 8 HI
batmactete. .
ur Prescription
the supervision of Mr. . L GAYLE, a
registered pharmacist and great skill
and precision are exercised, in the exe
cution of all Prescriptions.
Some special strong bargains in
Watches, of which we have a strong
lineo Rings in great variety.
Back in ihe shop, and ready
special attention to Machinery
Ask for an opportunity to supply your wants, insuring the
best service on shortest notice.
Jwst Below My Old Stand.,
line with the high-grade equip
The Crescent Type Foundry,
whom purchase was made,
r m Mills,
GARY, Props.
improvements, but our ovef-
with the prompt execution of
be had on any market.
Bran for Sale.
a Specialty.
if m
Department is under
nil Jewelry.
to do all work in my line. Give
Tt -TiTik
mom..- :

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