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The silo has In recent years sim
plified winter dairying and no man
can well do without It who expects to
make his cows do well In winter
writes C T Lawson In American Cul
tivator This Is the best substitute for
the summer food yet devised It sup
plies tho necessary amount of moist
HUcculent food which the cows demand
to make good milk But the ensilage
must be good sweet and nourishing
The failure to obtain good ensilage ono
year is no brood reason to abandon it
the next
With good ensilage plenty of root
crape and fine hay and some grain the
dairyman can make his profits double
t winter Hoots are too little raised
They may not supply nourishment for
fat and muscle but they are essential
o for a good milk supply Fed with hay
and grain they almost take the place
of ensilage But with roots hay grain
and ensilage we have almost a com
plate substitute for the best June
grass Properly planned and raised
these four component parts of the win
ter feeding need not he BO expensive
that the margin of profits is narrowed
Indeed they can be raised and fed in
winter at less actual cost than the or
dinary feed of hay and grain which
sonic dairymen hold as their stock win
ter feed By having the ensilage and
roots the grain food can be reduced
more than onehalf without causing
nay falling oil in the quantity or qunl
ity of the winter milk
I SHCCCKB With Clover
I am having very good success with
clover although I do not grow as
much as I ought says Lester E War
ner in New England Homestead
Dairy farmers arc using more and
more each succeeding year If there
arc any failures it is due to late seed
ing and extreme dry hot weather I
usually seed in the spring with oats
t using onethird clover and twothirds
timothy The sod Is turned under and
c lf jilantcil to corn the first year The
l > agxt ycat1 plant with potatoes using
f Btalle nlanure about forty two horse
r > J ads ivpcr acre and seed down the
T > zing The after feed I usually
s e not allowing
eJ nst
ijrTngJX sccdwl about uo Wre w llslit
orchard grass and alfrlfa 003 bushel
orchard grass and ten pounds alfalfa
as an experiment
t experImentS
SeiialeBB Cheese case
Sortie of the TVatertown N Y pulp
mills are perfecting machinery for the
1 purpose of manufacturing cheese boxes
out of pulp They will be made with
> out seams the whole box except cot
er being pressed out of a sheet of
pulp The cover Trill also be made in
the same way
Cora Smnt
Gnmgee conducting experiments for
t the department of agriculture Wash
o ington years ago fed forty pounds of
com smut to two cows without ill ef
1facts says W A Henry In Breeders
I Gazette More recently the depart
Dent of agriculture fed corn smut to
heifers likewise without 111 effects At
the Michigan station Smith fed corn
smut to four cows The maximum
dally allowance reached eleven pounds
of smut per cow When this allowance
was reached one cow showed indispo
sition for a time but soon returned to
normal health At the Wisconsin sta
tion the writer ted carefully cleaned
smut to two cows When the allow
ance reached thirtytwo ounces per
day one cow refused to cat more The
other cow continued to cat more and
more until she was consuming sixty
four ounces per day and was fattening
t rapidly upon the fair grain ration glv
en Then death suddenly ensued
It is certain that under ordinary con
ditions smut is not Injurious to cattle
rr It is possible that in certain years or
with certain animals it may be poison
ous or that certain animals become
abnormal in appetite and seek large
quantities of smut In the stalkficlds
l and consuming this brings on trouble
s cr death More experiments arc need
J CarlA Cheese
Curing is one of the Important proc
cases of cheese + manufacture Tho
= roof m
f which can lie kept at A uniform tern
ptrature of Gi to 70 degrees They
should be turned at least once a day
and tboroughl rubbed with the hand
Some advise removing the cloth as soon
ns the cheeses are put on the shelves
while others suggest leaving It on until
ready for shipment While nCw It Is a
good practice io uru the cheeses twice
a day
1 Kefc tI r 8e High Priced
I IT P patter president Connecticut t
Dairymens association says there are
S S > ED many causes to make the cost price
vripy that it would be very dlfllcultjo
v give y ft correct estimate V imvc iio
j 01 figures whereby i could make anything
like rt true > staJcmQiitof iclmat it costs
r me tomkde aqA art of milk I ant
milking II rtysQveh cows at present
and nm free may say that the cost of
I iffceds s Wtiigbifcit flftre tevery llttfc
j 0 Jjrofl tfrbmWt erdl r
L 14 If t
CowS jnuss be kept ucajtjhj qfl pjein i
r And IMIV punvqir < P breathe of tUcy
S cannot yield a good voluble of rich nu
p c tVltipus milk
1 p L ixow that Is kept constantly sta
JIO Tt l 1 lrcSJ ncx t ra
< i ly nl1
+ Y t k tree
i r r
t f 4i s sncb
4b 1 ro ct
J ff t r Y jf
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AVorklna Ont IIlBhivny Taxes Pro
duces Xo IiiMtliijr Results
Commenting on the highway law of
the Kniplre State the New York llm s
In n recent Issue said
The legislation heretofore enacted for
the Improvement of the roads of the
state is good as far as It goes but it is
not likely to go very far In the lifetime
of the youngest of our readers Jt pro
vides for state aid to towns that are
willing to contribute their part to bet
ter roads built under the direction of
the state tp to the present time we
believe that only 300 miles of the 5000
in the stato are benefited by this law
The highway alliance whose purpose
Js to Increase the usefulness of high =
ways proposes that the plan now In
operation In towns generally shall be
so changed that the resources avail
able which are very considerable n1I11
be applied under state direction
At present each property owner Is re
quired to pay his share of the amount
voted for roads but Is at liberty to
work out the tax at the rate of one
days labor for each dollar due by him
The work whether voluntary or hired
is done when and where tin path mas
ter and the highway commissioner may
direct The change urged is that ail
payment of road taxes In labor shall
be done away with that all taxes shall
be paid In money and that the money
shall be expended umlpr the direction
of the skilled acid trained officials of
There can be no doubt that this ar
rangement would secure very much
better return for the money of the va
rious towns than Is got at present Xo
one need he a great traveler in the In
tenor of our state to know that the
general condition of the roads Is bad
and that the badness Is tremendously
costly It is quite common to see tti
fairly good road passing from the areat
of one town become a wretched road
Iti the next and the proportion of the
latter Is many times greater than that
of the former
As a rule the actual cost of the de
cent roads Is not appreciably larger
than that of the bad ones The mon
ey Is used In one case and wasted in
the other The plan suggested would
not increase as we understand it the
amount collected for roads It would
simply secure an immensely better rcj
turn for it And this return would be
In the definite shape of economy and
profit for the residents of the towns
as well as for the community general
It has been estimated that Improve
ment In roads steadily used which
should save only 10 per cent of the
wear and tear of horses and wagons
and of the tiiuc of men employed
would save to the average farmer from
t 30 to cloo n year It Is not at all unit
reasonable to Infer that the plan proms
posed would effect such an Improve
ment As it would not cost the coun
try residents a cent more In expeudil
ture it ought to be popular if it is
once understood
They Cod Money but In the Uiul
Are Cheaper Than Poor Ones
The greatest need of the country Js
good roads To have good roads we
must have n good road law says Tex
as tarin and Ilaucli To have a good
must he made to jcoiuprcheud their val
ue Then they will demand of state
and county legislators to proceed to
solve the problem
Good roads cost mane and myopic
taxpayers have objected to any prac
tical system on that account whereas
bad roads costa great deal more than
telford or macadam There is no InjcU
of facts and figure to prove this staje
ment true Railroads telegraphs and
telephones are great modern agencies
of civilization and if thero Is an ex
ception to the rule thSfclYlllzatlon
follows these iiislitiitlonft w e Jiave fall
country roads greatly retartV the civ
0111z111g process besides levying the
heaviest tati kiown to clvilixqtlon
Rural mall deliver ls largely de
pendent upon the character of bur
roads andjvvojild be well nigh Imprac
tlcabje njtlip muddy lanes of the
tTexas black vaxy section in we
tvei tlior fhercf0re to enjoy the lent
fits rn dally mail our people must go
jkjTwqrk systematically to make better
Toads WhAt matters It It a road costs
f 000fl0Kor c n10QOO per mile
Xiscsit jvlll feel glad that the espOudl
ture wasmado j
Ilimt Tree r UO + l > y ilte u Roadside +
How much and at what little cost
could the roadways of the country lead
ing totholargceltle3bc beautified if
each farmer should give a little time to
the planting of trees and shrubbery
I lon thvasl >
Detail of How Mo In Anno IZlng
Wan IlrtMl Cn Order
GeoiRO H Poor says In regard to the
young bull plctmvtl It might lw
stated that Violin Anns King r UT Sl
ATOM bred to order Having purHwHiMl
his sire I bred him to Lottie Melhi Ann
100773 who Is a sister of 1rldes Olga
fourth with a test of 77 pounds l a
ounce from 120 pounds n ounces milk
lolli being sired by tho siun liull with
hopes of securing a bull fit to bead my
herd In this my expectations were
fully reulixcd and Mella huts King
was the result Next to his famous
sire ho Is tho highest standard bred
pure St Ijtmbert iella Ann bull liv
lug and the only OHO with SO per cent
of old Mella Anns blood
The picture was taken In his seven
teen mouth form Ills sire was Melhi
Anns Son 22041 he In turn being sired
ly Lucys Stoke Pogls Ili44 and out
of the great old cow Mella Ann 3444
who has a butter record of 18 pounds
1 i ounce In a week made upon grass
alone The dam cf Mella Anns King
rittSl is Lottie Melhi Ann 10077i with
a test of 21 pounds 2 ounces from 303
pounds ofinllk In seven days her sire
being Mella Ills Stoke Pogls 22042
sire of ten tested cows among them
Prides Olgu fourth 95870 the sweep
stakeV cow at the PanAmerican
whose record of G3Vi pounds of milk
in one day 420 pounds 9 ounces In seven
days and 27 pounds onehalf ounce of
butter In n week Is well known says
The Umil New Yorker The dam of
Lottie Milla Ann 100773 is Melhi Ann
third GS070 375 pounds S ounces of
milk and 2S pounds S ounces of butter
in a week Molia Ann third is a full
sister to Mella Anns Son 22041 and
to Molln Anns Stoke Pogls 22012
There is a great deal of rough bro
ken land In western and southwestern
Texas that will grow fairly good grass
that cuimot be successfully cultivated
says Dallas Farm and Ranch At the
same time there are millions of acres
in the state that are now being grazed
that eau be successfully planted and
cultivated at least in forage crops By
increasing the acreage cultivated of
these tillable lands their cattle produc
ing capacity will be correspondingly
increased In other words a given ter
ritory with a large percentage cultl
voted In forage crops will produce fat
ten and feed more cattle than will the
same amount of similar territory
where the native grasses arc relied on
solely for feed It usually requires
ten acres to the animal to supply feed
the year around when the natural
grasses are relied on while ten acres
properly cultivated in forage crops
will produce feed enough to carry n
half dozen cattle through the winter
and five acres of the same laud will
carry ono animal through the spring
summer mid fan By raising feed and
feeding through the winter the raueh
vmii and farmer not only guards
ugalust the possibility of loss but also
more than doubles the capacity of his
This years experience of feeders
with shredded corn fodder will go a
long way toward determining the stat
us of this too much neglected forage
Bays American Agriculturist If at
tention Is given to thorough drying be
fore shredding there can he but little
doubt as to the o outcome So far as
the careful farmer Is concerned shred
did fodder has passed the experlmen
till stage lie knows It Is first class
mush feed and that If given the prop
er attention keeps perfectly Howev
ci the average farmer and stockman
with his somewhat careless methods
may not get the best results But ho
knows that the fault Is his own and
he can remedy It If he will The con
dition are much the same as those
confronting a community asking for
free rural delivery Tim government
says Provide good reads and you
will get free delivery Adopt Im
proved methods and you will get good
feed The results of this seasons ex
perience will be awaited with interest
To Make Corn Crop Profitable
In the eastern states where dairy
lag Is a large Industry more land may
be devoted to corn not for sale or ex
portation but to feud on the farm from
the silo 01 as grain to the cattle and
hogs and thus save purchasing says
an Ohio farmer in American Agricul
turist For the protein needed to bal
puce the ration clover or alfalfa may
be grown for roughage and soy beans
will give the protein concentrate re
These crops should make the dairy
farmer almost Independent as little
bran Mould be required Then let him
weed out his dairy keeping no cow
that does notiglvc over 0000 pounds of
milk or make 300 pounds of butter In
a year Corn In my opinion cannot be
g olvn in the middle and eastern states
incoinpctitlon with the great west tot
shipment The grain and stover must
be utlliztd on the farm and marketed
In IIvo stock or dalryproducts to make
tin corn crop profitable to the farmer
of the Ohio valley or the older eastern
states t v 4
Foley Co
GENTLEMEN I had a severe cold which settled onI
my lungs I tried a number of advertised remedies I
and several physicians but recered no benefit I was I
in despair when Foleys Honey and Tar was recom
mended but a few doses cave greet relief I could
sleep and the hacking cough ceased Two bottles
cured me entirely It saved my life
677 Sedgwick St Chicago 111
Foles Honey and Tar cures croup and whoop
ing cough It gives great relief in all cases of
asthlnaandconsumption early
stages It Is often imitated so be sure you get
the genuine Its Foleys Honey and Tar
BANNER SALVE will cure Piles even though everything else
has failed Its guaranteed and your money will be returned if it
doesnt It is the best salve for all wounds or sores tetter salt rheum
eczema or any skin disease See you get Banner Salve
r o ± S 1 < S
A Goad
< r AGoodeription
For mankind
Tt for flje cttiuit Dracxhts Grocer ResUnnnts
Saloopt NewsStands General Stores and Barbers
Shops They banish palo induce sleep and prolong tile
One Pier No matter whats the ru one will
M you good Ten samples and one thousand testt
2TJ sent by malt to any address on receipt of price
HT tb KlfM 6Mstel Co icCSprec St Nw York Qty
If you have sour stomach indigestion biliousness constipation bad
breath dizziness inactive liver heartburn troubles
kidney backache loss
of appetite Insomnia lack of energy bad blood blotched or muddy skin
or any symptoms and disorders which tell the story of bad bowels and an
It will clean out the bowels otimuLae the liver and kidneys strengthen
the mucous membranes of the stomach
purify blood and
your put you
on your feet again Your appetite will return your bowels move regu
freshen and you will feel the old time energy and buoyancy
Mothers ecoklng tho proper mcdlclno to give their littlo ones for constipation
dlarrhc jcollo and similar troubles will sA iaxakola an Ideal incdlilno for children
It keeps their bowels regular without pain or griping acts as a general tonic assists
restlessness clears tho coated tongue reduces fever
causes refreshing restful sloop and makes them well happy and hearty err Children
Lorty I
4xakol3 Is not only ttoem03t efficient
moat vf tielillereatedMa cwt
blocs two last mOlt ccohomlcal because It com
medicines rim 1uaUc and
SImple look Ad seas prke 21iciIT roc At druggists Send forfrea
10 THE
will express to any addrcsi on recritode in
stoat 1 tw pot note all charges prepaid a
1o 11alll patu
silo bottle of Laxakola su8icient to test for a Ion + time
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