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1 ri Important iI
I it 1J properties of
I i S t the Grape areI
rtransmitted is
1 i by
j Baking t
2 Powder
to the food 1
The food is
0 made more
4 tasty andI
idigestible Li I
T Ht e ratnlUe Express 11 5 ixnl
4 IK ClMMBatl Jbpreasn 151pm
IN It TlUn tlmltcd 40 ILPJ
I Cea4lCIty eom 15 Im
ij 4 >
PSh hl1d Cairo nccOin j 15am
I M Ja HMi Aecu wo4atlon > 5 1240pm
m w eR Speelnl 3 4ft pm
t TM X Oi 1Jttee LoaUrille passr OJ111 1 20 am
L11e5 1 WO W GT On AVjronD Ay
OOa 1
S I S e s S S I C e I
t I
Following our usual custom I
tkcre will be no paper issued
ext week but the office will be
apca for ihetransaction ofbus > I I
latH and job printing orders I
IieM w1l1bc accepted nqd eXe I
ectd D I
oa 8 I
Thrktes hoppico e once more
W7 raID I rruin bore tobtore
And the Mine olil tiun we sing
Cnot ftada blea c l tblpp
L Dds cigar jar we innat nnt
1 Seat oflant year with film tnit
I 01111 peaeut thAt he had t j
ge i i tov je we pinched on < lnd v
F01 h FSe 9Ib pr tc
r frtc lif fiber t jinn txifore
I t ke look ncl b11fem dow
t U4tie difference anyhow
Seem fwrtrotlen laltl nwftrt
I r itgt io llfflit another tUy
lraMed aloBg to pay the debt
4 r i D BOOK friend we cnnl forget
> 11
> WTK lIHd weary with the grtndj S
4 1 Search for thing we cannot flhtL
i4 S4MyvlNr late noil la the cruh
b Kiiew 1U ChrlHtraa by the nioh
t Xieea buDdtcH more to NtI
s JWreai fairly Martcil yet
CJarSMaB asonJoF PrUOflflI
I cwe > ake the check 10 rounlf
I 1 UAnnr M PEAC S
t YJ
I P Nopapcr next week
t ft p
ai > k 1 This ii the shortes day of the yea r
All work guaranteed at Ford Bro s
d f < rOJ P Morgan was in Louis t
t filJ 1hL1SiJ1 U he Irstof t we1
4 I tll IT n 1 Ji e
Itt J
E Etiicl jarvis were in Louisville the
r ftnK ol the week shopping S I
i Hot drinks of all sorts now at
a C L Hales fountain 4 1
5 S fl3I 5
b o L 4r and Mrs Jake Gardiner of
5 S ladUMolisare here for the holi
1 Iir
0 t toys witk Mr and Mrs JS Miller r
b Mr James Louis Roark is at
r dowa from Louisville where he is
c u f takiif his last year in dental study >
1 fj
11 w r Wi i Brizeisdinc Co Head
r fuWill9ri l r G o H doli
t 1 l Fw cllma if a 14d b ow IT ake
1 cckry tr ietc
4 < rJ
j > <
Curistwas day the religious work
committee of the association de
cided to not have a mens meeting
in the afternoon On New Years
day there will be a big union meet
ing for both men and women at the
building at 3 oclock An announce
meat of the program will be pub
lished next week
Do nut forget to be at the Auction
Sale at 730 next Friday night This
is open to both men and women
and will be a very enjoyable occa
sion The fun is well worth the
coming Com6 andsee The pro
ceeds are to be given to the poor
and needy of our own city Be
sure to come
On Thursday night the Central
City team will come over and play
the Greenville team in basket ball
This is the greatest and most en
tertaining of indoor games The
admission is 250 to the general pub
ic and sop to members of the Y
M C A Owing to the lack of a
balcony and floor space only 50
seats cAn be provided for spectators
When the tickets for these 50 seats
arc sold the opportunity to see the
game is gone Admission by ticket
only so it will be advisable to se
cure your tickets early They arc
on sale aty M1 C A building
Come out and boost the home team
to victory
Some have been presenting their
boys with a Y M C A member
ship ticket A good idea
Brizendincs for Toys Fire Works
Fruits Candies etc w
Joins U SNAmyt
William NV Long of this ciunty a
joined the U S Army at the army
Recruiting station 22I3 Main St
bwensboro Ky1 Dec 13 He en
isted for the Artillery branch of
SorvicTi ana passed an excellent phys
icial examination He was sent to
Jefferson Barracks at St Louis Mo
for his preliminary training in the
duties of a soldier where he will be
instructed in thC duties of a soldier
prior to joining the organization for
which he enlisted
Oysters cclery cranberries
flLl EXoonibs ft Co for Jnaiu
v Our readers will enjoy the seasoh
able poem in this issue from the pen
of Mr Harry M Dean who has
heretofore written several things of
like character for our columns
IVour patronage solicited by Ford
Iros x
John H Malone returned from
the Ozark mountain country of Ar
kansas where he looked thecountry
over with a view of locating but has
not as yet made up hismindto leave
old 7rtuhlenberg
Gallon Joe Morgan and get your
Christmas presents i
v Messrs franklin CQ of Daw
son Springs bate opencd a meat
market in the Richmond building
lear the depot and will provide the
best the market affords Delivery
to all parts of town Telephone I
jo 204 4
5 E tfa fancy cranberries 560 gal
Ion at Howards J
1 Mr John T Reynolds Sr left
the first of the week for Florida
where he will spend the winter as
usual He was accompained by
Ir David Rhodes of Rockport
yho is making a prospecting tour of
the alligater state v
Club i pressing rates 1 per month
at Ford Bros
When you have provided all the
items for people whom you think
you owe Christmas presents buy
several for people whom you con
sjder have no claim on you who are
WQnJty bu needy an l tbce quU
turnout the best to you
Get first class service1 and food at
City Restaurant just openedin the
Jsara buildingS
j Mr John H Martin of Earles
Vasin v town a day or two the first IIi
f of the week prospecting for a home I I
> as he intends to move here with his
wife soon after tHe first of the year
Mr Martin has sold his farm to his
aonsj and will probably engage in
some business here He is a pro
i gressive man and win be welcome
here S
II i
dolitY an buy load of toys tt33rizs
tor im all amountandlpake the little
l Des happy > j
4 5
dlJ < S S
1a vxv < 5vttxurc s
The true value of a piece of furniture is really known pnly
after a lapse of years j
In this it is much like a friend or an infimate S servant
both of which it should be
People like to feel that they buy furniture on judgment
which usually is equivalent to buying it dn faith
Where the judgment really comes in is in deciding wlwe
to bestow the faith
There arc few pleasanter feelii run the realization i hat
the years have provewones wiwt ti litive been good
when a certain thing Vas at v decided uponas the best
and then promptly purchased < bestI
People who buy our best lurnitv t pttt thej buy it
when they buy it and as long as 4 J Lhrti their children
treasure it as one of their most f > > uujafe 4 j
Our furniture is not at all hi f r I iteh it might be
without any objection fipm thos < Ijt I
To our many ir t tbo public hi ge eral
wHo have made tl hlsah6bslness year and
the largest in volu 1 r c f intciwe ACC i oar
best vrislws for tt t son ml1 the new yr
to comeS
at your comeOur command Lnluged J pry test service 1 are
The J L ROARK Estate I
Furniture Wallpaper Funeral Directors Embalm ers
Private Longdistance Telephones Store 72 Home 148
Established 1879 ORIEN L ROARK Man iger
rUE RECORD 5ocpe I year I
Love never listens to fear
Matc1 game basket bail tonight
at Y M C Aj
v j t
Try the hev meat ma et4J jthe
depot 1 i
7tws lR A th ft fq ft
was here Monday 6n a vi1t to tm
family of Mr R f Martiu
Ford Bros are in busiiiesslQ
stay Take theniyoujork
Mr C M Martin is confined tc
his home by an attack of indiges
tion built is hoped he will soon be
out again
Try the work done bythe press
ing shop operated by Miss Lena
Arnold over the Greenville Coal
Co ofjke f 5
The board of city supervisors s
in session Tuesday and yesterday
and heard the cop plaints of many
persons who had been raised on
their tax listsI
If you will call at Joe Morgans
you can find what you varit Tora
jCKrlstmas gift for old or young I
V ii
Miss Bernice Roark who hag
been in California for several
months has returped to her home
here She is greatly pleased with
the goldenwcst t
Will be open Sunday morn
ing on Xmas day until 9 oclock
J E Coombs 8f Co
Dont miss the match game of
basket ball this evening at the Y
M C A building between the local
boys and the Central City team
Seats are 20 and 25c on sale at the
Y i C A building and as only
50 persons can be accommodated
you had better be on hand early
for your tickets r
City Restaurant in the Lam build
ing open 6 a m to to p m Meals
350 short orders bf all kinds soft
drinks fruits candies etc
Services at Presbyteriahv rch
next Sunday at II a m and 715
pm At the morning service Pr
I Henderson will preach a Christmas
sermon A Chnstnua entertain
ment will be given the Sunda
Ichool of this church next Saturday
night at the church the cxlrcjscB
beginning at 715 oclock The
public is cordially invited
Time you were planning ypilr
magazines for next year jiGive 4is
aa opportunity to submit our club
bing prices
j 0
2 1 Arrf
S StWcbolas
ltn HEN the old saint comes a Join
zz Down the path JUteJmem ifypre
IVe who arc women and men i
Let us be glad as before 1 j
Lei YiU tt fI lJsItaV1arlh toOr
Lf litJaht Q ycmbTt 4
1 ilhf U1
t IS a it comes 1
r I
ll1 1JW iNth mciJgftft y 3
twn holiday hs of vld I
l a H + n R wvm n and men
> Can we yrbi c greeting cold r
cI 1 iiiwaLotly I1Oj
JV iutithtipltirf race should win S
L A iW letium a sure our hearts endure I
> i f en ihagyoA old saint comes1n f
i S v
UR tIc oJdfttlnt conies again <
Down thzdear remembered way t
Ue who arc women and men i
IDoun laugh as children 71PJij
S Let our home aid hearts be gay
Wflh revel and mirth and cheer i
S S Let fhfJOIJ JOY wake for the old loves
1 safJJ
1 Vhcn tneaood r pld saint is hcrfa <
life hope the greatest line of Rockers
qndChafrs ever shown heremore than
65 patterns Full line finq Diners Office
Chairs Childrens goods etc
Wh n you see 4 sqint flpuadertng
around you maybesure he is trip
ping over borrowed garments of I
Piety S
What makes more usefuljor nicer
present than china such as salad
bowls cake plates celer 1tt y
fruit sets pitchers chopolatp pos
CMps and saucers pla p < gar
bowls cream pitchers shaving mugs
mustache cup and saucers all of
this at IJriza
k t
I Its no use talking brotherhood
when youre only courting men to
have them boost your ecclesiastical
burdensIf 4 S
If you want your pressing and
cleaning done neatly and promptly
call Ford Bros Telephone 253
We have complete stocks of fruits
nuts and candies and It may pay
you to see us before buying
Remember the Victor concerts at
Rqarks s ore when you are dpwm
town shopping and drop m any
time day 6r e vdninf i
< <
AUress Hn W ky Is a Fly
Dr Woods Hutchison delivered
in Chicago a half humorous half
serious address on the question
Why Is a 11uVe may ad
mire him for his industry pertina
city and business enterprise we
may even love him lukewarmlyas
one of Gods creatures but we had
better wipe him gently but firmly
out of existence just thesame He
is the best traveling salesman known
carries a grip on each of his six legs
and a trunk in his head His line
of samples is extensive and will last
from time to eternity He is more
of nurseryman and tree agent than
anything else the only ohe whose
seeds and cuttings will bear bIos
soms and fruit equal to the pictures
in the catalogue In fact they
bloom never fading on the other
side of the Jordan or translate you
to bloom there
UA fly in the houte is as danger
ous as a rattlesnake as filthy as a
louse aK disgraceful as a bedbug j
concluded the speaker II The time
wil come when any mir cleanly
borne will feel itself ashame and dis j
jruacd by the pfescnct uf a fly arijt
when every hcuBehoJder upon whose J
343U15C a rod of flisi5 detected
il be fined h s vitv and ssnt to jail
T > c fly E a litml eve of the Lord
v ouse heis ihevery pluce behod
ug the evlind the jood cspaciallv
the evil for he loves to lay eggs it > i
You cunt hile ditt fron a fly
He is u 8O ti nirst fttPattt Itt
domestic aninial We bTr dand keep
An ounce of cleat jj < is is worth a
ton of fly paper and wire screens
Onehalf the moneyzstet on fl
traps and window scrc4 iuv fifth
the energy squandered m slapping
and profanity would cleanup the
back yard ana wipcvout the fly
What she expects for Christina
A diamond ring
A solid gold bracelet
A silver dresser setf
Manicure outfit
A necklace of pearls
gohhwatch1 > f
S hat sticl1 etf <
i dtillft 1i ntlblam ii kt i
t 1jo JtQfpq 1 f r t
IA picture cajendar
A box of note paper
AboxbfnotepnpcrIiss 1
Miss Lena v Arnold now has her
pressing altering and repair s t
in operation in the Greenville Coal
Co building up tairtnt solicit
thu patronage of the public
In this issue will be found ah ad
vertisement of the firm ofBoyd
Marks practical tailors Mr Boyd
is an experienced cutter fitter and
tailor and has had wide experience
in the work which insures sat sfa
tiort to the pampas olj rAhe firm
This 1A io ustry we bae long
uecke o 1 cre nd oy pepole should
extend to he new fitrn te patronage
it deserves
r t
Roark kai extra kelp thin week aqcl on
Saturday Wlll hare > ftwn delivery
wagon so all customers cam have prompt
atteiUoi aai deliveries s f goods are
assured f
Nttice ti StKkWfcrs
There will be held at the office of
the First National Bank in Green
ville Ky on Tuesday January 10
1911 between the hours of 10 a m
and 12 m an election for the pur
pose of electing seven directors for
the ensuing year d 8
JNO T REVNbLi SjjR Secty
Its a long way to heaven by the
back door
Take your beef M dip l
Coombs p 5 m get fte pa h
YQU do not gain strength by posing
ing for sympathy
Get potted plants and cut flowers
from Miss Lena Arnold
Happiness and holiness take turns
at being cause and effect
People pay 1 to 5 to hear a
great artist sing or play one night
You may hea many artists tor
many nights at a cost ofa few cents
for each entertainment Get a Vic
tar and records from Roark
If you think you cant get your
work done to please you call 253
They will show you
Save yoar hdme bf having your
fides repaired Barktef Bros do
this work in ttit MlktfeL
1 l t t
S M ilffll Of IftfI
that brings health and prosper i
S ityj consequently happiness to
S c all who avail themselves of its
r manifold advnjv lges Electricity i S
has yet to find n worthy rival f i
There are many limitations but 1 r
nq equals If 6 hive resolved 1
to introduce this beautiful lightP J
S into your residence store or
Splace of business be sure and S 5 L I
I i
S get an estimate and specificaI S i <
S tions from us for lamps wiring It S
and all nocesary essentials
S S They dqtlie Kut work and the S < r
5 5 5 cheapest Ji1
fir enYiH Liht < Water Co
Ictd1vnLtTzuS 1
S f I
S Oniccllours 720 toS a in 0 I ti b4
S 5 I
tnto c
S 1 to 130 pf W It < h
0 fS
f lhonuasio i51 I to 5 r n m r >
0 Ic
L 1 t tt
Mt iI ArnoHl hashollywrenths > ttI
It9 nr b t
S Mr JNW Lam lusbeen mLouis
vile this W kr v butiness
Get your Christmas turkey
from L E Goombf Cor S i
Sunday Kill not be observed si K
fistdaybr anyone whocau vgjjlit
Kill h turkey to iaytf vedfVai
j to have good eating f > r CbriVm s
dinner f iiLi i I
W Special attention j rI p c IC
WIlt Jivein the cruhtr r > r1 R > c
c I S S
JJ gold cjnua 61 Iii
d pt JJrcsenW kt9 I 1
IMessrshs p lciecoiWr
Had S CiEts wcre hh tutvit
this week v 5
t I
hugoods for Chrijirnus are at
oe I oiafi store nand get I
thdi > L
> i u
A skiilorp ot snow MtHnIay gave
hopeofa white Christnsbutthe 1
fall was light and hardly reached t
the ground S
Have BarkIetf Bjog repair your J
flues andj pent a fire loss I
The earth is in fine shape to ilc tI
ceive and hold a snow as the cold I
weather and winds have dri ed aad c
frozen the rolnt I
S Leslie Hale has provided equip
ment and is serving all sorts of hot t
drinks now at his fountain
Greenville should have the best
appearing people anywhere as weI
have three public establishments
for t repair and pressing of wearing t
apparel and at least a half dozen J
men and women do the work for thet
ptb1iat home 1
All kinds fresh meats game t
turkeys chickens for Christmas
atJDE Coombs Co 1
Mrs Tabitha Paxton who is in I
her 63rd year I has just completed I
5 task that wouljd jjiut a shame J
njiany a xoungef woman for Intwo
I w 4s and one day she has cut fit
tod and made into a quilt 9600 C
pieces of cloth and the work and 1
arrangement are as neat as can be t
found any where This she has done i
in addition to her regular household j
duties which include the cure of a 1
cow anda flock of hens Aunt
uBi as she is familiarly called is
being congratulated by her many 1
friends and the quilt has bean ad
mired by scores of persons
Special Millinery Clearance
Beginning Saturday Dec 17 and oJ
continuing to Jan i 1911 I will
have a special sale of millinery of
fering the balance of my stock at
clearance prices Stock consists of
a splendid line of new millinery of
every description for ladies misses
and children Also hair goods in I
switches braids and puffs all shades
I aiid colots AH goods must be sold 1
l By Ji i AiRS M fe Aii
I r I
< ic 5
Here Late Ckrisffta Stofperst S L
V Delayed shipments just re S
A ved and the arrival of some r S j 5
r sh orders placed ten days ago rr S
i txt our stocks in fine shape i i
the late shopper as our of FA
fcrmg arc fresh 4 afattk i
qtjkteS r vlr
J r L Z ow r
wj R04 JBS7iAEE
II Jtr I <
l ol I f I
jcl Joe Morgan bell ouLn your tirA n tj <
Uolidtiy gift selections H has the Il S J
hOOCle j S
etesares If eu I
IfwilLbe some tise baiere we
ngamcorae upon use centenary oit > S S
a year like iSo rannus mirabi1isS
Lote tor the birth of so many dls
tinguished men and women There r 1
weni not in the present year enanY <
such centenaries to celebrate I
191 i however there will be mixke 1 t
the hundredth birtk auniversMy of
Several Amecicans wbo attained dis 1 S
tinction in differeat walks of life s
it was i8n which saw the birth
of Charles Sumner Wendel Phillips
and Horace Greeley These three J r
Lcsserpn fame are Henry B Claflin V S
the merchant Henry Rogers who s
was an associate of S F B Morse f
and who is said to have been the ti
first to perfect a system of code sgj > 1
naling with flags Delia S B QOBfe
who started the Baconian toy e1 S t
lieauthorshipofShaksapys il d
Henry Meiggs the railway contract
tor whose lines in the Andes wtr
marvels of engineering skill and
William Kelley who was among the > I
firat to make steel in this countx
The first organised mctropoHUmV I
police force was the work oS George 5 >
W MdtseU who was born in iSir S
as vvesc also Elisha Otis the elevatox k t ji
Snvontor James M Gillis and EUsS i
Loomis astronomers Henry s jt
Lane governor of Indiana United
States senator and presiding office
of the first Republican Rational con r
the Rev Noah Porter assistant ed
itor of Websters Dictionary Isaac S G
M Singer inventor of the sewing S
machine an other lesser personages S
See Cur salad bowls and you will
be surprised at the low price f 5
Netice t Fife Class
Frank Dukes and others
S 5
vs f
Jsv Dukes and others
All persons having interest in the S
above styled cause in the Muhlarr V r
berg circuit court and jwjogr S
claims against the estaiU ofW L S 7
Dukes deceased a hereby isotifiS
cd to preset tise same prbperlj <
vroyerv to me oabr before Jan 1 O rs
19 Lt j dl5 31
Jil W Oateis Kt C M CCU

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