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1 KOARK rr Fvimiture t WaJUp per Shades Molding e r n u tt1 ttil rtf < i tJjo t
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Undertaker s Goods CoffinsC Csketsl o les Wrpper Slippers Greve V ults Dj5infedionQ Muc
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Vhen Condltlonlno For Spring Fwd
and Groom Thorn Well
I An expert hors breeder nays when
I worlItd
td the vicht triad of start nnd the know I
UaN nrc required the same us In do I
4 lug anything else properly If tho
Ithol have been allowed the run of a
sttnlk ficui or Htrmv stark they are not
v in good p vsUiil condition to Immcdl
nteljf stnrt it heavy work With such
1 conUioaR It is nwc snry to begin at
r fUer to rpsiuon uu animal physically I
Uy tiMug nl tirst n sinull amount of i
fcrnH and nnidually Increasing the
tnulOUnt ns lie bwomos accustomed to It
t y 1 1 L It should require nt least three weeks
I J 1 to Jt a borne urtfustomcd to consum
0 ins liberal grain feed Ono feed otj
has faa1 IIP given each day to replace
tr traw or corn stover It Is not
1 1 t web o deprive the Imrso of his dally
t WEurcteo its Increasrd feeding without
e 1 i ofcrclJjp is likely to cause deranged dl
S < KOtiou For best results exercise IsI
f uljurst as oHsenUttl as the feed
trTito old Jot of hair should be Rued
f qnltfkir au possible after cold weather
n i has rassoil and this win IH > hastened
JtJh fcirtbllni the animal nt night with f
It f good dry bed upon which trf sleep and
ij i7ouwln hlcnkctlng iind tCthllna 4I
a small amdunt of oilmen each day
t If lljp long hair Is allowed to remain
s < thpj orse well perspire fl ely when nt
ijwn wblch is exlmnetliiff and Ue is
vuiT ipt U catrh cold
Hwme Atviiors resort to clIpplUR their
I bifcs AiRhJJi Is boner than leaving
3 IuT hair ailbut QUppIng Is tnt de
U tdmble as the natural means of rumor
t lutrt Qv tniug KlionUl not bo tiR
IcctcXl In either case slnco the excrete
ji > 1 ry glands should be kept open
M Au th ic npproaoues for the
i heiyjr work to licgiu the horses should I
j i be hitched for u1 uliort time cacti day
l t r and tiip amount of work gradually hiI
11 r cremeil as th e3 become hardenetl It
t i ti Is necessary to uot only harden the
o tj W t the rioulflora tolmcollara8 well
t > There are n variety of feeds nil of
If S which art vcelll suited to the needs of
y i
r ytJN iDLt PzmOIlEMY I
inc horses and will give ustisfactory
tpianlts when judiciously used Oats
Xud timothy bay is considered a stand
crjl teed for working horses I
Timothy is not very palatable
> Horses arc not likely to gorse them
1 fiblvv with it and oats having a large
f coir c bulls are bulky aud as a result
i they become more thoroughly nixed
1 t r s < wtUsalivL during the process of mas
z r llcntion and when they enter tb stom
r acbf 1 re iuor < s readily acted upon by the
r tl digestive Juices Because of this fact
1 v n liorsQ Is less subject to < leran d dl
h 3z jgostlon nut colic caused by careless or
t improper feeding
d aGood pure water is Important and
this the horses should have In pleati
ful supply at all times
i ix 4li
Pried Eked Meal For Ptga aiH Calvesj
Dried blood meal Is a very valuable
tyt for calves It not only supplies
= s f them with an abundance ot protein
Y r + wlilcli is very necessary to all grow
1 + tIw 14 G animals but It acts as a regulator
i i 6f the clf s digestion It Is also a
1ivalua la feed for hogs
s Feeding Young Stock
+ I The bcff way to fatten young stock
to secure a luaximum ptxJfltiy to feed
ilibm well from t he start Whether
it bo young cattle or lambs they should
° f be liberally fed from the beslnnlng of
the feeding period
1 i Where the bogs ar < lcd large amounts
t > qrv sloppy fowl a little baking soil t
l g dr added occaWonally will tend to prc
5rca any unjno acidity of taw stomach
r rvt 1 Hew to Cure Stringhalt J
t t halt spoils 31 horse for markc
> aT curl u horse of tblft tr < iubl4 na
+ r iOU m jilroboJ cure per tIny QJI bla I
° tJtiito Joint aud Just above It tu1 band
4 r 111b wall
T > Per H = rd Worked Horses
OrfQf time beat remedies for soro
b adse afacl harness sails on borses Is
I two tt Miyoonful3 of ground white onk
I Bart bull two quarts ofAvater Pout
u Ii c > thiswater hot over the bark end letI
t r Jtstaiid until coot Tbcu strain and
I a bptUc for use Bathe sores iu tbta
ai J z r plntlttl
P of R Jdjpg Cows of Lice
To mini the cows of lice apply a 1 to roI
to y ra j iioltitlon ujf oval tar dip tvct or three
J elites n week flnil then rub hi Dowers
to k < of sulphur or uu Miom together Ap
r lly with spray pump jpd then scrub
+ of t Ju with brash It also vjH l > e nieces
I ABary to ciennse dljlnfiJQi Apt jjblte
+ a wash tLe stable
tf Tetanus In the HOPSO
4 1 < t retaiuw lockjaw from Infection of
4 a Wound t > ytU bacillus of the dlsoas t
ti3 to be UHpcelojiJ sad It will not
t < Bprendto the otlic + r ILg Put tho
V hor e aCfocted hi a seciMded hex stall
4 S r find feed It soft easily mnstfcHtwJ food
t 5f gruclh iud Iu time It > may recorer
jf HUdtiHbu3e6f taedlclae
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t r al > > I
t 7 r i J c
i Jf
tlti of Y
jxt f 1Ji 1 I
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Miladys Mirror
the girl who from motives of econ
only or convenience prefers to do her
own Hlramnoolng will care herself
munch time nnd weariness it she In
vests In several appliances used by
One ot these Is a pray with a long
rubber tubing and One nozzle This
can be bought to fasten to any spigot
and Li a great convenience in rinsing
the hair It is Almost Impossible to get
the hair entirely clean by oneself With
the greatest came some of tbe soap or
shampoo mixture will cling nnless
forced out by the strong current of a
Another convenience Is an electrical
drier These can be found In a Bum
ber of Alffcrortt styles woine that can
be attjtcued to any electric Qztvre in
lie house others that are not depend
ent upon un electrically lighted voom
but tale their ewm tempe tmtterte
Where the hair to henry cnoasfc time
Is wivwl In drying to more that make
the drier an advisable fwckan
Where one is sensitive to draft ad
usually ratchet cold atttr a Iwrnpoo
the drier IK Invnltwble a s the c rr nt
of air tlltU be regulated to any 4Mired
teuipcTAture The Kborter tmt that
ducip bnlr hangs around shoulders Is
also R ieventtv of colds
A drier that send the current out
Into the room 11 better for time Mir
than those ou which the hair reek to
dry I
The Falling Hair of CoIta
When heir falls after 1 fever ter cth 1
er weakening xHscaa U ta for te ret
son thnt the parts ncuribe roots bare
tiudergonu decay It Is always a mis
tube to arrest any such JiIL One
NhQuld rather try to quicken It and so
give the roots a chavc et wading otit
now healthy hair Free eoailxf
brushing and scalp thm uictfg will
maim get rid of the dlwaiwd Jiair
When the pntlrntH str agth slfows the
licad uuMt do VHxbwJ sad t lawd Now
CtlUltjC tho Unit for notirlr bln And ttm
117 J I >
tery scar f t tc tute t 111Tto HC t
rlliie utllh > iu Ckonoiuy In thaeeta I
one should nlwaya make an effort to
purchase the best thhigs obtainable
preparatlpnn ordered to meet the pe
cial needs of the patient Tlewever
somt excellent rcsulu have followed
this simple treatment Make a nhctito
of tincture of capsicum tea parts t
llquentd pheuol four pans JIJCfdn
ten parts and water to covpe the
hundred ports Shake aid Repeat tit e
chaklng before pouring out Apply a
dessertspoonful iaUytborougulr comb
ing the hair both before and afVrjr tho
application After treating tbe hair
than during evea days VM the ktUon
only four Umea weekly aM M the
ether days apply a Mil quantity of
oil of roaemary mixed with three tlmea
Its bulk of olive oil As the we ki go
by lesson fill fretveacy or th camas I
caw mixture and wearer the rt a aary
mixture by d411ag more uT eO
To Make Artie Pretty
Girt whose arms are not road and
smooth skoald lassie at ece ta use a
bath brush for there te ae doubt that
constant dally applicatlea of such a
toilet article scatters many a soap of
pimples and other Ala dhrftfBreenta
while it BtiBulatM drcvtatlM and
clears the skin
After scrubbing the araw la
bath brush and any port recap lot a
week the roughness ahould dfIMpear
The unevenuess of the fle fe to ampl1
old skin that a cloth to too SIMO to
remove Bat when there la Irritation
such as sometimes appears oa the free
more treatment will bas needed
Bore using the formula about to be
glvru the skirt should IMI broafced with
green soap washing it sir and drying
carefully afterward Them apply the I
ointment made front 4M dram tI
Bubllmed Bplphur 2TVe drpyc tt ell of
IeQcap1YDtuM k4ptto ot teeN k Dt otat
went of oxWe of ejDC aad otatttMt jrf
rosewater These shod W mothy
blended This mixture tbepVL be pat
only should scrubbing wfth green fort r
i be given The bath bracfe to to be
used daily however with vipfle soap
Jrlr Nails
TLe nails should be cared for every
lay It you follow this practice it will
take but a few minutes at any one
time Sank your Bills in warm water
I i which there Is a little ttacrare of
i jizoln or arouwtte vinegar Lather
them well with soap and then fire the
ends to the same shape as the little
halt moon at the base Trim off all
rough edges Press the akin away
from the half moon so that it will
done e
vita the towel every time you wash
your hand Do not ue a nail file
oranxeb wood
stick After the nails are shaped by
this treatment at both ends polish
them with a chamois polisher being
Careful not to heat them by too brisk
tnaf y
rub A NtH ygitollne or olive oil ont
dualt edto
pollso to
sumI t
cared hii
Lo wash the powder 11 of The finish
ius toudt 1 s + vN b1 ttblll with a
plain cliaMeta
0 1t1it
I t
i 11 I
Z > i
At ono of the LQndon pqb1iq hops
plW a special point is mtLdo of giving
alcohol to Uio patients OB rarely bnd
sparely M possible and each time
that one of the physicians does so lie
submits iv special entry of tho reasons
that actuated him In the thirtytwo
years of tho existence of tho hospital
alcohol has only been given seventy
ono times Tho caws received aro
wracily like those received by aH tho
other hospitals For 1001 they num
bend 1337 in patients onlfTbo
doftthralo among these was 73 per
cent For the same year tho nverago
death rato arpowg tho other London
public his titots trrs 01 per cent
Thcroforo the tko of alcohol in sick
neat ia not to bo regarded as n neces
sity Although most physicians pro
noribo alcohol in eolation vrith drugs
lor their pnt euhthere was ono phy
Blcian of national reputation who did
not bclievo in mind alcohol Many
years ago whoa Dr 11 V Picrro de
cided to pnt up his vJnablrt Tnjecrip
lion for tho dis nra of women in a
ready to nina n forniho used as a
solvent and preservative chemically
pnro glycerine of propor strength
which ia a better colvnt end preserva
tive of the active medicinal prinwplco
residing in most of our Indigenous or
native plants than ia alcohol Dr
Ploroe fomu1 that the tt1ycorino tC
aides being entirely hnrmr lCS3 posmeesea
intrinsic medicinal properties of great
value No woman who la Bettering from
inflammation from tho pains and
drains incident to womanhood can
afford to bo wilhoci Dr Pierres Fa
t orita FrcterlpUon An honest medi
cine which has tlio largest number of
ewes to its credit and a deserved popularity
larity for two score years all over the
United States Dr Pierce Mia you
jurt what is contained in his Favorite
Goldtu Seal root Hydraatta Gana
MOOS Ladys Slipper root Orpri
pedtHtn Pub Black Oolioch
root Cimicifaga RacciaoFa Unicorh
root HelomM Dluieat EhjejSohosh
root Caulophyllnra HaKctroidoaJf
Chemically Pura Glycerine + tv
Among the proJt ant medical men
of tho country who tbeonimetkh the
ftbr v ivKrettiuntfl aa Pmt eriQr rem ies
Jar rb ns conditions appending upon
disorders of the woraahrv system and
for tho 11 r + of i4op e < nrnial condi
tion in tfrt affected pario are Edwin
M Hale M D Profcdor of ilatcria
WotMJi ct Kahncmann Mcdjcal Col
in Ro Chicaf0 Pmt John King M D
Author of the American DicpcMktbry
lVomoit and her Diseases JProfesfqr
John M sadder Doctors Halo Ivcs
Wood Bariholo wand others Address
Q poctnlcnrdtoDrIeo for m
pieta 1rofttisM off the Fnbcc6cent 4 i
yori without cost =
aQ i dlzbitltas O 1M2ne6Ei 9i C0l1
vac < rJpatlqn of thoibowelsrlossiofttppo
tHo e Ud iongno eour etomachi
wind belcUinfB n irorl n t pain
and distress after eating and kin le1
deNngemcnfB of the Uer etomac h
and bowels
Persona who are subject to any of
these troubles should never bo withont a
vial of the n Pleasant Pellets nat hand
In proot of their superior excellence it
can truthfully bo said that they are
alwap ax opted as a household remedy
after tho first trial
One little Pellet Ja a laxative two
aro cathartic They regulate invigo
nto and cleanse thoUvcr etomach and
obowsls As dinner pIll to promote
Ton rdr
have tho distresa arising from over
eating nothing equals ono of them
little Pollcts Theyre tiny fcugaf
coated antibUona granules scarcely
ryBove to livo in healHi and happi t
ness is tho general theme of Dr
Pier ea Common Sense Medical Ad
viser This great work on medicine
and hygiene containing over 1000
pages and more than 700 illustrations
la cent freo on receipt of stamps to pay
expense of nixing ortly Send 31 one
cent stamps for the clothbound vol
name or only 21 etampa for tho book
in paper covets v is
Tie Ittflstefrt WHAH OWA BOAR i
strain of prize winners is now In
service atzoo cash in hand only
The patronage of the public is
solicited J E COOMBS
eCorvriitn AC
bAnyoneoadtng A ktlch and dMCriptlmi ran
l11Sel nscettaln our opinion frog n ether aD
treedtiouttrictl rccnldontlnl HANOiOOK on PiUtnta
Pont free meet ancyfu eecurmr smears
J Juk i
op = taken hmuch Munn a Co rtcsLFs
tTfteiat ROts without chftreo ta uo
SckHtific JftKilcaN e
A AhKndioraelflIlaftr neoklr I rrMt elr
cuintlon of anT cintllo Innrntl Terms IS a
jrew tour moetbeI Sold br ll nawidcAlon
toIsramcg Cit tIN Y etxatltslDCtoa A tk
No matter what typewriter you pie
OCet tt
ti1tttitit l r
L t
1 I lOur Name i > +
has been before the public for 30 years most of the time right
on the spot where we are now located V 0 f
I Our Aim tr + ni
itcutantly has been to sell the best foods in our lines at ther
Most reasonable prices Our services are of the highest grade i
ear wares the best and dur equipment compares with the best
I IlkfIl the larger cities We endeavor constantly to increase our j
nsefulne +
s Our Claim r
I OA your patronage is based on a service the duration of an ordin r
ary life time and a square deal assured every one The accum
alated experience and knowledge of this third of a century are
at your coMmandt
I IIht J L eo ARK Estate V v t
+ 1 a I I
I 4 Y
P V I DEALERS t 1jr a
r t Rti S
lRECTORSf > ti
fSte of lit Ln Wstuce TeiefMiei Stte 7t HMK m r 4
+ t 1tn A ASAAI
seaa sba e r tirae Cd e ee i a
r iresnvilli Livery Co > e
e 1
9 Feed and hitch business selicitcd
and girem careful attent ion t
1 I
5 Teleplfoiic No 182 Day or lii ht
1 I
e eee e 1
i J
o 0 oIII 0 110
r Selecting Wall Paper
0 0
for one or any nw ber of room can be done with sat
inaction at Roitrkj In time fifty stock patterns shown
there k wide variety of Ucign and coloring And the
foods are ready for imMcdiate delivery One great ad
vantage is the aWIfty to get Mora if you find you need
ft and if you have a roll or so over it b easy to + return
LIf and jet credit I I U i
0 i r II
o 0
Just at this time we have several
suflkient for one to three rooms the price in some
cases being half Price oat every pattern is low
whack will be sent on request
0 lhe J L ROARK Estate 0
IID 10 IOII Ot 0
itftb for ircnti
I l
II Laid se I years sago rc as pod M IMWT tofey Mid pare MYM stteuiid i 1r l
I nprf Thiek 0 it I
a1 v M ttr oagwtiLl afotaat3lanJturrtiQl r
i ° IcY c r c oel s4er root amid vcy CI i1 is + +
f 4
1 i 1They can behddrltitt jc W9d a ati 1intceS3aryWtthoutcre
IT ting 4kt or incoalcacc l f l f i I
FK pekes and ether detalIad Isteststatteta PtdY o r 0 n
i 6 M UUR D 6f Yii
I I i tI Jo4f i I
P > li
f 1 t
I lA New Newspaper t J It J 1 10 Ir c
I T i r A New Newspaper the Jot 1 4r < j ft
M UUlf NNBcwINReWpl6perSftfheNTIN f i t t JtrySf T f < I
Edited and published by RIO Pace at + 1 1
Greenville made its appearance r t
APRIL 1r 191OL
All home print all the home news 4 Vm
Republican in politics but blur to CTcrybo3y r S
f Devoted to the countys social jaoral rrliirttMurf 1 ftitefg1
trial and political welfare ° I
1 i ll
Pertinent editorial 11Wcnt OQ matters of public jetti it1 w
A free want andiyywr
lubfcribcn except regular dealerr I r
One Dollar per y carasld worth it 1
J 1 ii
j f n
7fce Sentinet hone of the mOlt complete job offfc r fif 1 + fi 1
Western Kentucky This depart rent is under tire opcrritv 1t
ion of Mr E E Rcnoonc of the most obliging and practical
printers in the state He will be glad to see hir oid euttMners < ft t
and to serve them when needing anything In the job lii et I
All machinery operated by electricity > v c t
Your patronage solicited Our price arc < rif htui > >
faction iUaranteedt
jJ t i f
PhYSIcians Advise tift + 1
tite tine of a JoodloaxaUve to keep tile bowels open and prevent the poiSiM eluAIMaJNIf
1004 fro
get ocfnto your system
The latest product cf science f VELVO ttasath oLtver Syrup purelY vecetaWe < A
rMfabJe and of t pleasant arcrnatfc taste Vcvo acts on the liver as M I
stoaach and bowels and Is ofliver sic
gest pos btt effiCACY 111 constlpstfoa tIM
+ side heads rhea VcolfcAattlNcectc Try YFJ
X sy fN
LIVER Vim t z
1 Yy zy
o 4

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