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w r. T" 1.1 A 1 !
3 Muhlenberg County
Costs Notltistg.
S is rich in coal, iron, timber, potter's cla.!
31 M'
v !t pays fcr itself. The investment is $
r a ire of returns. Get our rates. w
i : t r -r i a . ) i Yxx x a k k k X.HJIwtClrf
Wctc, and the most inviting field in Ken-j
Jtucky for investment of capital and pluck.
V;!.. XIV. NO.
. i
fi:.v York to Expend Over ?5,000,OCO
This Year in Repair
Hon- few nutomobiUals nnl toui'tsis
rrn'.i.e ns they jiide over the rjood or
I 1 roads if Now York s.ln; . what
( upk'ep of lluse ihlr.va and by
ways is i-osliue their ti,vui, cmit.ty and
i! to. nu.l 1ti.!'.r-i- ! them. Ii Ihey
would stop to think of this t'wo would
V- much less prolaiiity h"n oae
ci ir.ccs upon a mud puddle difficult to
t' i ia;e.
la tho first place,
la'her. tlu ina.ioi !iy
in idea of the i.u;
:.!. in New York
the avein;;e, or,
of lomisls l..io
ili. r f mill s of
!tat' which must
h" annually repaired, oft-itiuios scmi
m nuallv. Frank I). Lvon, the deputy
co- uuissloner of the stale? highway
c". i nrtment, has furnished statistics
; f.tl information on this subject which
: not only martlinp; and surprising;,
but vastly interesting to motorists.
There are in the riarire I'ta'o S .- '
0-1 miles of ro:uls. :i ftreator milea-
of whi"h Is Inipio.cd l'.i;,hway than
r.ll tho other eastern siatos iut to- ;
pother, not Inehtdinst Massachusetts, j
There aro row 2.0;0 miles of utnto :
roads and more umlor ronstrnciion.
There are macadam romls totaling lu j
mileage J.lOtl. oonstructe.l hy towns.
There are more th:m 0,t)00 miles of
Afifeh rrtnft Tirniei-tv stinne.l and
crownoJ. stones idckei and removed. 1
depressions filled, culverts and bridges
Tcraired. Towns have roust rue ted
8,00) miles of gravel roads, iu first
rlass rondilioit.
To keep tlu:;e road navigable, so to
speak, shape means work, systematic,
untiring labor on the part of a creat
eorps cf people. Tho state is divided
actual charge of the?e. Each district
haa a superintendent, an assistant to
Sir. T.yon. Then the state is again
sulHllvided into forty-four counties un
der the supervision of fifty-four super
intendent!?, v ho In tura are answer&l'.lo
to the nine assistants of Mr. Lyon.
Then it Is further subdivided Into SSI
towns, under 934 town superintend
ents. Hy th!s sytieia Commissioner
Lyon can resell within twunty-four
hours after notification any road in
tho state In ned of repair.
' Work of construction and repair Is
now at Its heisht, and Mr. Lyon's re
port of recent dale showed that on cue
particular day there were 26.000 men
and teams on the. roads of the state.
t o-onoranon on tue part or aiuonio-
is .vlh ".e ir-i: .. i: -!tie Islnn.
'. '! li tb" v!.a i.iHrf H.pw
uient. Mr. I. you tuu iliut tourists
running across anything vrong with
the roads immediately report the same
to bliu. In this way tourists those
who are actually using the roads
will not only aid the state, but them
selves, in keening the highways In the
best of condition.
"The upkeep of motor cars," says
Mr. Lyon, "will this year bo reduced
per cent. In my mind, on account
of repairs to highways being inr.de."
Towns are this year raising by
taxes for highway improvement the
sum of $2,504,075.23. The state la
turning over to the towns to aid them
in this work $1.5ftS.O70. Bridge work
during the yerr 101 1 la to cost fC2S.
414.C3. The amount to be paid out for
new machinery is $1S0,011.23. Special
road improvements in towns of the
F'.nte are to coit $279,705.22, making in
all f.-i.lP'.STV.'S to be expended by
towns this year.
The state i to bond Itself for 19
OOO.noo for the construction of state j
rords. Towns and counties are to be
railed upon to provide as their share j
f3.000.P01). The state leshiature has
appropriated $1,500,000 for tho main
tenance of state roads already con
structed, The sum ef f21.9S5,S7".33 is to be
expended In one year for road con- ,
rtruction and improvement throughitut j
the great Kir.pire slate that Is, this j
amount Jfi available for the wort", end i
in all probability will be utilized by
tho fitato department of highways.
Tho Pink Marble Personal.
nn.il. . i. . wa.vI.11w n
nut; uv aaiiiit-pc mr mi'iu'j 1
similatlng western business notions. I
they have not yet entirely divested i
themselves or uriemai extravaganca i
of expression In their advertisements.
especially tr.nse or a personal nature,
as the following, which some time apo
appeared in a Tokio newspaper, will
' "I am a beaailiul woman. My abun
dant, undulating hair envelops me as
a cloud. Supple as a willow is my
waist. Soft and brilliant is my visage
as the satin of flowers. I em endowed
with wealth sufficient to saunter
through life hand In hand with my be
loved. Were I to meet a gracious lord,
kindly, intelligent, well educated mid
cf good taste, I would uniie myself
with him for life, at;d later share with
him the pleasure of being laid to rctt
eternal in a tomb of pink tnsrble."
Oxygen As a Cutting Tocl.
A Jet of burtdiig oxygen from a blow
pipe may bo f.ucccssfolly employed to
cut eh?et Iron, iron tubes, and small
bars. The cut made Is almost as
sharp and thin as that made by a saw.
Jn earlier atlempts difficulty was en
countered in 4'learing the cut of lliprld
metal and in preventing the spread of
the melting effect byond the borders
ef the cut. In later processes two
blowpipes wcie used. The first has
aa ordinary oy hydrogen fluun, which
beati ths iron to rednesj at the placa
where the ci' Is to le made. Ibis 1j
followed immediately by the second
Jet, composed of pure oxyptu, which
inr.tantly burns the metal without melt-
ing. The Heuldlred Iron 13 blown
swiftly from the fissure, co that there
is no serious f preadlng of the beat to
surrounding parts.
Th( j'i-:--:lon ic r- !. '.o i r'.-'h-
r H liilllil i: sue of $.".e.',lM;i,l'tM: Ic-i
in road huiMhir, v. oi;W he i't vV i rv.:
ai'ilons. i!y rcle:!:ii;; to the siio
n.ent of the treasury Vj;'-l t .i nv ;...
v ill liml th.it the pu-i ent hot . i :.
anionnls to almnt ?ll per c.tpi'a. . . 1
tlie aniiual iiiierivi chai.; i-, ci is.
The iy.-ne ol S.iCt!.!i'Mi.e.M (l 1 ;
wonl l arry the l.cn.l i .ue up ':
proximately ?ir. p,r cai'iia jm.l t !-'
intore:( char;;.' to ! cents. Ai t'.at
rate it woiiM 'eo the tit.i t Iva
iiiileliteilncss per a'ii of any .f i'j
leaiiliif; oiilitii-'s f tlie Wi rl.l. As
iifahist t?:e r.re.'.t Itiiiai'i K a!
ileht of fi er c;ifit;. tierm.ni Ci'1. ;
Italy 1X2. ami l'ranee $111. It U i . -r- '
fectly i;afe tl F:iy (h;1 if xu (:,,. .-mi- '
inetil oui'i isem :.nd c::ieiui : "i,- 1
ttiMi.OrtO of lioii.ls in ni.iin-; the i -n-i.
truct ion ol . 1 1 1 i.i l ! t lii;ilr.va 'iio
people woiihl i:ever know thai ,-r, :i.J- ;
ililion.'l tax hail been inipote.: a.al i
v.ouM never foil the payment. 1U'r.t
step would :lve
road ImialiiiK. J
i ;;rs Jirel ahly
read ra::M h:
revolut iiini :."
a inl.hty iniiieti;.; to
:i;il in ten or lit"- it '
; le.rtml miles of e a .1
If-:!!, ami this v.. :'! ;
tran-; oi ,;;! !; n ; :d
v ouhl mid It.ii-it :
liiv.hly t; the i '
t;re of country life, and would i r.i' . . v-
ral tiniPS the aiai urt t: ti e j :e;i-
erty vah'e of the mtien. and ;-;ee im
Utter schools, higher social life and ,
a higher standard of cIvWTatlen. !
There is a widesnrrad demand for j
a parcels post, and as congress usu-
r!'-v respond , to i.opular l-ir.a1M. and
always does If the clamor i.; html and
; long oroiifh. Po it ia (;iii'o prohtiblo
' the parcel post v. ill be tried out.
Let the Foveriitiv-nt le !p 1 ni'd pe.r i
i roads the highways over whieh the
, (hildreu must fro to r-ihoal. th doc
i tor to reach th sufferiai; and over
v.hlch must pass every Imiiel of
' Rraln and every bale of cotton ralre.l
' tho road which ro.n'irs every fieM,
i every fa-ri hem1 red cwvy market
! town. Tl-.e peetde everywhere de
, mand pood ror.da. 15 :rds are urivi r
i Fal: waterwat s are sectional. Ood
' roads n.ean n f-ivIhr in transportation
i far creator than can be accomplished
' lu any other way. Good road:; mann
! better srhool-. mo.-e fecial life aiid a
j hir'her Ftandaid of livine; they mean
! progress a'td clvl'izati.tn.
Highways Traveled hy Heavily Loadod
Vehicles Should Ce Kept Down
to Three Per Cent.
a en
7T er
t;rado on a
i the hill.
f.-ct ..; bia' since traveled ,r.
A ten per cent, prade mean.s
ten feet rise In each hundred feet so
traveled. A one per cent, grade, then,
means that In travelin;' up hill cue
mile an ascent Is made of 52.8 feet,
while a ten pur cent trade means a
rise In altitude of 528 feet in a mile.
Accurate tests have shown that a
horse which can pull l.nOO pounds on
a level road c?.u pull only S10 pounds
on a rise of one foot in fitly, and on a
rise oi one foot in Ion he can pull
im iKiund. These facts show
that tho 'erw'ct" load than can be
hauled over a road Is tlie load which
cm be taken up the steepest hill on
that road, or through tho deepest
i"ud hole. It is therefore advised
that all highways traveled by heavily
loaded vehicles should be kept within
a three or four per cent, grade if
practicable. To do this may rc'iuire
a change of location to g at around
bills, nlwayi iping in mind that tho
lower the err-lo the larger the !o?d
may be hauled and the c il of haulage
l:ept at the lowest point.
Bircls a Help to the Farmer.
Tho demand for the protection ef
wild bird3 was once baed soh.dy on
humane and esthellc grounds; now the
demand is coming to be based In addi-
tion on economic grounds, which will
commend it to a larger number of men
and insure It a more careful hearing
In the court of public opinion. Pird
slaughter not long rf-;o was decried he-
. cause the native songsters were being
! killed at the behest of millinery
I Now another note is sounded. Tho
lnereaRO of
increase oi insect pst3 and cense-
rp,i,lr(ion ihe harvests has
forrespcuded with the decrease of the
i,;,. jn ajdition
rr wg witn iiu:oc s
to filling
birds feed on weed seeds, and weeds
' are a handicap in rgriculturo.
j In ncvcrrl states Increa::!;;; safc
; guards ere b 'hii; thrown around birds
i because ot thuii a:i aids to ;gii-
! cultt.iy.
j Russia's Fiqht on Tuberculosis,
j The first "white flower day," which
: wiis observed In Russia oa May 3.
j was a "success bpyond the hopes of
j the most sanguine," says the Itus
I Rieclie t'oirespondejiz. Tlit'fiei.laiiit
j the nation on thut i: y men. women
; and children offered for sib titty
whit? flowers. Tlie proceed;! of the
; sales were handed over to the League
for the Prevention and Cure of Tu
j berculosls. Mowy in large quantities
wa3 collected, tlie smallest and poor
est hamlets contributing their sitra.
It iu not to be wondered at, Localise
Russia is i'4 al!y the land of the dread
uialady. The trying climate and un
speakable sardtary conditions make it
a fruitful ground for the deviop
mcut eif iLe disease, and statistics
. show that iii lata years there haa
iifon sfaaflt increase in its ravages.
TPe i-iiuii-.er i; .wt.icli tho pvcpie re
Fpondjil -oa tl.c la.-:t "white Uovrcr
'day" sj-.sv.'s that tlie opprceiuta tLe
Wiir.t Did o!'.o Mean?
"Oa bended kneo I bugged bci for a
- k'ss."
And wrist did tho s.iy?''
"Told-nio to get up and t;- pr?.
ti;al." Loaloviile Courlei-Jouiuyi.
W'CEteni Poultryrrsn C.ives Excellent
Method cf Contrcllir.3 Hens in
Changing Feathers.
Most people believo that if they cr.n
foiee their iii us to molt early they
will lay more e.: s during the scusoii,
but this is not line, liens that have,
laolied late will lay m'ue ci;i;s during
the v. ittier t'u. in t!it early mollers.
'1 Ms has iiei n Eli.e.vn hv the uiont
cariltil fvp! linn h's, b,tt the fads uta
not generally know n.
Moliitm hens require a lar:-e nniouut
of Iced conlaiiiii:!; nitrogen such us oil
i:''yl. meat and o;her f'ds ri h in pro
ti !n. Moiiii.-r can be loreed by ruitin;;
' iv. n the f". d of hens as II has been
slaovn hy p( rin.ei.ts that scantily
fed lw us be-in moltiiis; earlier than
those on feil feed, but the former do
le.t finish mo'tin;; mueli caiiier.
S3lam-J la as molt more r.iiifoi inly
than others ami IMa Is parlieu'.aily
i! iiie4;:b!o In In ns two or three years
la an experiment conducted by the
Cornell experiment station It v as
l'otiiid that, osi n basia of Ji'O h ns the
f -d (lock produced eijiT:! to the value
of ?;;.&7 more' than by tho starved
tl.u 1,.
The total income from all the binls
was $27S for the starved Hock and
$'!.".0 for the fi d fleck, u dif;'-r iKe in
favor of nauiml mull it.s for the year
of about S:T.
A western poultryr.ian of long ev
perlence ;.ivrB nulled of conMoll
iti:: moitii;;; as follows:
As coon as the Ir-ijs are throui.ll
lajii:g le turns lh. m oitl tn airisiia,
loedittii (hem dry bran cr.Iy, in -iddl-lion,
rndi r this treatimnt they net
thin. Then he f,.. d.s them a mixed
ration of grains and meat, viviim a
li.-ht feed in the lm.i iiin;; and ail ll'i v
will cut i,t ,ioon and i:!;;tit. 1'i.der
this treatment ihey finisli moiling
quickly, ya l new feathers and beiii
laj i.i5 in September. Py October 1
they are all in pood laji'.i. condition
and make a profit throusU Hie fall
niul uint4 i
t5.fCky"SFape"r.!3ke i hem Excellent
Dreed for Broilers Much Favored
2S Utility Fowl.
Tho Paired Plymouth Pock is with
out a doubt the most popular breed
of chickens iu thU oov.it ry more cf
them are found on the farms than
any ether breed. On sp-.cial poultry
farms the Leghorn is a very popular
breed, and in the pouliry farming
districts the Rhode Island Iteds are
nlviwt exclusively used, says a
writer In tho Kural Xew Yoiker. As a
Gencriil uti.iiy fowl the Wynndottea
j Ffize Winning Rock.
r.re reeond in popularly to the Porta,
ilie v. !:!to variety being tlie tuo.-t pop
v.Iar. I Their block y shape makes them an
cce!!cnt breed for broilers. Like the
Il.'iaoith itoeks and Rhode Island
Red:-., they lay a brown efg. The leg
horns lay a v.i ile c:;,;, and in this re
rpect thry have a 8l!r,ht advantage, ns
n.o't Markits prefer the wiiitj c'".
though there is no difference in tl.e
oua'itles of eggs v.itU a brown or a
.v.hite shell.
! Overerowoing ducl.lir.gs will Induco
Kerosene is pure death to lice, if
tii': lied as a spray.
liens raii'.T treii overeating as
re i :eii as !:i m i'lan inp;.
!'. is pio(kiii:T to Lave hens Ftcal
('. ; ir n; is lids time of the year.
! i he feeiliu:? of on!- l;s t', I ij lug liens
I :. , priaiui ed ;.:t o'lloii flavor In eggs.
A In ii egg-bnund will be tccn to
vis'.l the i.est rii-eateJly wil'aout re
- cx'xS
t';.iU'aer corn rattkH tine green food
fc.l -riiil'i-y ef nil iisan. Try it fed
; --ei'V.1." v.-i'.i rc.-.lie t!ia fu'l and win-(.r.-t'.'-t
tho early h: Ul 1 el.ie!c is tho
i.'rr.i. r l;.yr.
i Ii is not iuiviaaiile to ailo.v duek
l'':s buikiiiK water before tho we-ath-'.r
is v.'arm und pleasant.
j .Market at ence all males not kept
'or br ( ders, : nd all pullets that hav
;iot kept pace with the rest of tha
i liock.
1 4Me' S H Uk
Win u the body or President Garfield
lay iu state lu the capital, an old en
gineer who was employed In tho base
ment, and wlio lidiculed' tho hle.i of
gliosis, decided to be reveuged upon
tho wnMiaieii and polictmen who ic
maimit in the building through the
night. He procured two large Lng
lisli v.alnu's and securely tied the half
shells to the four feet Of a pet cat and
carefully turned her hxiso In Statuary
hall. 'Ii ,' noise of tho-e shells on the
marble lloor at ini liiis'it, In the senii
darUncss as I lie cidti acted cat seam
pernl about tryin;; to get rid of her
new shoos, gave the watchers the
fright of their lives. This incident,
though a harmless joke, gave riso to
liie story of tlie aioetriil footstep.)
which follow all thoae who have to
cros.t ti-.e rot inula in Statuary hall
alter the buildieg is closed for tho
Tlie rotunda has Ils ;wn especial
hantit. Tlie prevailing Lclief in re
gird to tliis particular hutiut is that
on certain days, presumably anniver
saries, ihe bout and huddled up figure
of a woikiuan with his tools may be
seen Hitting through the section. The
iouudaiiou for this hit" a doubtless
arose from the account of the death
of a workman which occurred there
during the early days of the construc
tion of the capitol. He lost his foot
ing upon a scaffold and was killed by
the fall to the floor. "
The wraith of John Quincy Adams,
from all narrative? on the subject,
sarins to be the one most often en
countered. At times tt Is alleged that
he may be seen in Statuary ball, for
merly i:,e old house of jrepresenta-tive-i
and the scene of hls death, ac
companied hy the whole congress of
INii). gathered In ghostly conclave. He
is ah- credited with roaming about
all arts of the capitol aid may bo
set n at almost any time. '.
There is also the story of Gen. Lo
gan, who returns, it 1b said, to ob
serve the doings of the committee on
Military aifairs of which he was so
long Ihe chairman. Those, ho claim
to have encountered the general, say
that I:e always wears a black slouch
hat and remains cither In the commit
tee room or in the corridor adjoining.
VlcF-Presidcnt WiNon, who died Iu
Lis room iu tho senate wing, is also
recorded as a constant wanderer about
the scene of his death." -
T'-.e demon cat legend, bas been re
rea ii f-.i last 50 year as the
'- :-i''. a
''let. - -
i u tory
- roes iiul
vary much, tieitirr merely that of an
ordinary Tabby at first sight, but
which grows to a gigantic horror be
iore the eyes of the frightened obeerv
er. Suddenly this demon cat emits a
fierce yowl and with eyes ablaze and
mouth open leaps toward the specta
tor, but Invariably leaps quite over
his head.
A lawsuit in which the parties are
angry heirs deprived of their Inheri
tance, and a handsome griffon do
which has deprived them of It, Is to
he heard in the Paris courts.
Mine. Stella Itela Ceho. a wall-known
Hungarian resident in Paris, died re
fently, leaving her house, horses, ear
i y.-.c. and an income of $2,000 a year
lor the maintenance of one small grif
ten. S!ie was very foud of dogn; and
tl.e little griffon was her favorite.
Put she leaves relatives behind her,
and they are taking action for the
disinheritance of tho four-legged pet.
This solid pillar of basalt, the "(3ob
ron Dutsl" or "Solitary Rock' stands
near the Fulani city of Wase, in IJrit
ifh Ka.-t Africa. It is more than a
thousand fe t high and 13 reimted nn
diuialile. Tho natives say there Is a
river on tlie tup of it and that there
are people ti'ere, but that If anyone
ever did manage to go up to them ha
never would return, or would return
I demented. So f ir as can he tern, ti:e
: t,i.iy h'habiiants of tlie ruc!i are rell-
; '.as. uaraboat ftorks and Luge La-
Leon s.
I !
! Twelve Men w ilh 2 itoo I eyes ni'd
. 12 pUtss eyes attended a dinner served
by one of their number rt n hotel In
, Miiiieie, lad., the other day. Tlie
leaf was particular ttiat every nun
present uhoiild wear a 'asa eye When
dinner was over 1J iass i)im were re
iiuaed, wraiied iu a neat package
end s nt to the proprietor of tlio hotel
with the nipicst that he inspect and
leter.i tbeiii. lie o:enel tlie pa'i-a-je
ill ti e p-v.-i ac:- of tin; tt iepao.ic t;iii,
y; ii -he i.ii.t -1. . i
KOSuis is M.-.r.o 0:1 shces
ll 1s eutii:at.:J tli.it tho hi bh'.a skit t
has doutile.l the uaiiiijer oi women s
uhecs soli in tho world. They have te
tahn two rteps no v.iicre t!;ey fnol:
cue before, and that meaus thu shoe
iWtwr tat t'. i-o in fat
! 1
v tH:j 'Mil UL&fifi l ' ' 'fl
As illiU flie& lcf ce iho broom, so do Clxcc-se c,crm, elfcic and
impure r.!attor ami fou! humors in the Wood fly befcre
W3H jfjifev sekjs
am tUB 1 lf SL; ii
vnjai c.vs ta3 a
Sia ".' " 4 oKaiioi
a wj.'i tho troubies tnev
rheum, Rinluiia, rheumaiis nrl kcnpv (i-sr.r-'erc.
9 " euros !Uctiy and
I) li N T I W Tt
C'-wnaiet Itritli; W oi n t)um: ul ri-atnablc i
iU up iUk'r., tii tie Jon IttnUin-.
lirfe-D!!!-, H j .
m. I. j. S1AT0N,
PhyHkliin un.1 t-i u rgcon
Otlict; JtainirruiM ir-l near Xt:.inlrc.l. I&
tA"f It. 6KA t.
Cilite 19 CfM9 EiiiliiiaS, np;lttli"esdf BitcL
jSIL'ATilli; r.IYSiClANS
Office it Mom, Erst Main-cross St.ect.
Tclvptione !No.
1 l I . I i.i.x:. i"
(!:i!iforria ;mk1 the
Vast Nt'illiwcst
Two trains d ill V
Fr:r.ta m asi 'wt Badua Springs.
!.;'.' I. !.K.
lK.i:i!'KN STATIt'V.
t Hie A:'..
Dir.ir.s? ar.J Parlor Ccrs.
Palace Dravini Koom Sleepers.
H II. BACON. D. P. A..
W. tor. 1lli an ! Market Ms.
i.nl ISVil.t.i:. KY.
T1.;-'. Mrr n;f
i't. -.ri i ' . u t.oo v. r r.i
IP,.' . tj f ! t; : - ..iti:-T 1 i.frv v'r -
t- .a; -ti'-r;.-.. ni:.t. t.ti. t. ViitWi - .
r, i;. iid i .-.(. r t.-r i .
I. 1:1 i,ifl li.Pu-ii :ilMi .t t. i. - .-"'
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by.Jarvia fv Wllllatnts,
5IBHN011 MERCER & (0.
Wc announce to our trade ar.J the pub
lic that our slocks of goous in alt depart
mcnis are larger and better selected L'nn
ever in our histor)'. Wc carry a varied
line of . :-: :.:
6 E N E R A -v--MFPr.rl A Ni M
" anu can strrpry most of the '..--.Li m' V.k
rcop'r- 1 Goods, Gothirg, Shoes,
Hats, Etc., vc offer large se'cctior.s.
In Groceries. Hardware, Tinyare, Farm
linp'emenis ar.J suth good our stocks
arc especially strong. :-:
In ail departmentj prices v.iil be found
tl.e lowes, and your visits tvul be highly
appreciated. :-:
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We Iinvc juit rdded an
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(jf) i i senicc, on oil anywhere. Crd;r3 i;i this Ii.-?ivcn rr:j.T5pt v?i
') and carci'ul utter.Uon any hour day cr niht. Uf
Idfjte Sltre. S3. L Hpi, ii5. 17 Ef fi. 3.
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U SMmom Case
pj "I wss i.iicicr tho (rcr.frac.-.t cf two doctors," writes fe
K'-J iVc-L f. I Phili'i; tt In. I"
ir - . ' - . y , . m., - j t" grj
j xj nourced nr.- ca:c a v?ry stubbonr or.e, of womanly weak- M
j nc.-s. i was not able to sit tip, when I commenced to
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the womanly nerves, and reeulating the womanly system.
fcji Cardui has been in successful
53 Thousands of ladies have written to tell of the benefit they
H rccciveJ from it Try it for your troubles. Begin today.
ti Write : L-.di" Adiir FVpt. Onirtanoosa Medicine C
M lor F?tci:l instructions, t.ui frl-ric book. " Kontf Ircainwoi k.t V.
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at a!!. I am feeilna better than fcfc
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women wbo suffer from any
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niiij ouuyui. vemifUicu .j
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womanlv stTcnpth. tania& nn
use for more than 50 years.
ubles. Begin today. F
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