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t i an Vc.it this s.hcd lie K
thing liy adopting the I:-.! o p'au of
lu. .mil" .1 tt'W f. 1 ll i.t !:(' .1ST.. I ill I"
A lii-lr-jHtilviit Ni-wsiiri'icr. I . .
..... tr:M Ut thi sir; w.-.ul : p f.is
rnucu tiiitMw.n. or but u tiiiitr. ; ta. If mn'w
l . c.V U.C C
-e J-r cutu: . .'. , . ; Kl. v I lift '111 I 4w 'I'll n
uicii-n L. hV..vh,
i:.g a :nK!ii cv'sa ir a ct'':..:e.l
r ',:j ! It'll.ilit.
'.v . . . -
. . .4 t 1 . .u..' ! 1 1 M . . v I
t v !. .1 ' I V ' ' ; ..'. " VM"'
' :! . tt Mn; . i; "i ': ! , , r . .
i v . I ii'i ; 411 . - (" .;..! m 4 A
:' ill r '. ;;l r i ' ' .r :-' i.
ii-r .: .. IV r . . ,.41 iihi ti ! ; "t !' .
. -I r' . .. i ! wit! t: rt-4i. A rat 1 t:' l
, . H 1 t.r. l-.;4 l 4 ill rv , 1 .
; ,', , .-h at t 4r 'in i;t ) 'I lo iWtr l i
4t t;vi r pa r u K I iK
HLBSB.4Y. (iCK'-El if lvl.
rront-r'.a aiatlr.
i l. : c i.n : .1! . 1. 1 , . : u. j.'i
j I he in 411 ii. i i !. - ! 1 ' '
t-itits in Xhe t--t t.i'ii v- a i .1 n.:,,'ii)
tH)i.r v.' .' 1. 1 Tit) !.t !.
i TL' I
one. its not iiard U) keen ili-i
flMitoily in good taor if
iimB.v :T1lj'oa have good wholasomi
I lu ,il Jk1 11: H !.:. ;.' S.iS
Ii 1. ,il .;!s t!.. 11 ,i .I ! I . il' i !ic
I tis i:n.:i
ir. :
Aw t;oixl tJiij; il.ji tor a;i jjve ""
a remedy for the nmij;. so i! :nt
throw away ciir fi:. y ii.i'. u it.'. y u
have tried jtne1.it".f;.
(Ivt lio.jtj st r: i'i i-.
U in t hiv h-l '! Iii!lfs
r.hl'i't'! l i- mii.h. .itil
ty tin- c'iiiii- is t e : 11 n; ;n Ainv
v t t. ni n v ; 1 y :.r ,.!i air? i(
hih fjie firm Ian ! .1 p'i-.i thi
v.muM j 1st ali.iut buy a i.ice l.ttle
.ia;.iai,li!c. itijt the fiim land
l.inr llot up it tire.
MakiOM. the invMilor of mirfl
tch'raphy, havini; been injureil in
an nut'i wreck, will now jirnlublv
devote some of hi lii::e In a rci
le automobile.
r routs no one w nulti be rude
enough to itima'e that the average
et of p i ical opinions i niactenths
lijtioraiifc and one tenth pn judire
cvrrpt in the rase of one' op
ponents! An 1 R a woman lias hung to a
street car strap for eight mile the
old argument that woraia suffrage
1- . .:t
sir ; ; 1 1 I i ..ir is
,;i.m il , 1.1 tl.e m ! . is ..h js
1. 11 tl.u i iiiili', .it..l t i.l 1 j.i oii i .l.s to
be one rf the most impoit.iut atid
intcrebtiiij; allairs evtr held i;i t!ie
It .ill.iv- lias been iciMiiJil on
Main si it'll to ti;e i!iji, l!.e
Ciet;: l iide hsiinr; I ftii inn; !i !t il
ai.'.l bel a sutVii ii'nt b n-tl: of
I I. is is a -"eat 1 nvriii. n e. n-. I'm
S'l-ni- iviks ill': !j-:IIK 11 ! b; e 1
1' l!i -s i re ftiir). ti.ii 1! I th'.'1
riei li.'ti c : ;i: 1 ", a; t'..i imo ; e
th'lsi a-t'c a I i s.: o ti 1 c s :. ,'. d
not e. unit 0:1 mor." l.'i ni 1 . o !( s lo
on? in i iv. r rf j to! il itii ti.
I . fia.H son. of Cinriiinati, the
only nut !io has the r.erv.- to
lim lc up aiinst i ir $20 a day
auction lb- 11 f, -.is ! ;v;:in
Monday, after an absenc e of scleral
minths. lie sold a considerable
ipuntity of shoes and clothine;.
I'jstin ;slcr l'o da is rif.vasin
the patrons i f the r; ti Ii.i e ts to
heir wishes about the delivery a,!nl
handling of Sunday mail. I bis has
been disrotiliiitiid in lhc I f 1
cities and 111 11c is mi 1 rttniuty
to ut the tMi:e in 1 flic t l.-.ie.
Kciuks Firslrclicn. ,
Nervous prostration is a more or
I i ,1 , , "A vs.t "I .
fef Ikim here ihey are tti
,,w n 3vaot.H .iiw l.H ia?vva IMWi
C. Kirk pat rick D. M. Roll
Kirkpatrick & Roll
Over Oid Bank Building, Court House Square
Telcoliotic io.H'J
We are a&ais of a line oi iiii strongest American
vOjp rji (Vi jcoaipanies, writing all forms of insurance.
. ....'
We carry
Kcv. G. !?;;l::n, rastor M. L Churcl-,
Siat;-. fjr A:;j'ih:r Y'.ar.
f i The Public.
We desiic to nnuoum.c to the
ul lic that our ncv n.iil is now in
; full oji i.ition, and we will ot all
limes l .te on hairl the very finest
; .,i.i!;ty if llour, meal and Ittl.
We a'e try anxious to do custom
:gtiii'i;:i f.ir i.ur fti'Mids, and ran
' ;,i ve ;! -t :u the very best Hour at:d
I he.it that is to be had anywhere, i:i
'im h.ini:e for t hi ir cmn and wheat.
! I lo.Mi". Mil 1 im lio. ( Inr 1
Our price makes litem an economy.
tivcry II 1 itijj: (iood to ZZnt
Greenville, Ky.
Hail on Tobacco
and specially solicit this Business.
Real Estate
v a a m
i? a pleasure.! we Day anj sen re.il estate ana have listed with
us farming, timber and coal lands, town lots, etc.
Also property for rent. Shall be glad to have this
business in all branches.
Tuna: might not have been so
pronounced a seii'.inici.t in favor
if the recall of judges or t'ie recall
of decisions had thete not been
suth pcritent clT rt i 'i th j. ut
tf the judiciary to legislate from the
Ii is believed that by the judici
ous use of the electiic current sleep
can be induced at will. Thus the
yo'in woman who is learning to
play the piano nexl door will lose
her potentiality as a menace.
In the duel b:tec;i the editor it
l.al'tdlette's Wet 12 v atd the contri
Luting editor of theOutb ok the pir
li( iiiiiits should be cartfil not to
hitler up the puLlic a s with scalp
locks aud dismembered anatomies.
I'.t t sK, after their ancient man
ner, are going south at the approach
of wiu'.er, while many humans who
rould do likewise do not. Some
times otie wonders why "goose"
should be a tynonytn for stupidity.
Mc Huah says that the feud
between Messrs. Taftaatl Kooseve't
bliads these excellent men to th
I t'.nciil;s involved in this campaign.
I liink of S4)in that about one wro
bold a httiipioiiship belt as the
best heavy weight pmreui iter in
the business!
That Connecticut man who has
been trying lo live on :d cents a
week hss been taken lo a hospital
in a starving ciiridiiio-s. -'jr. a
lime his life was dipairtd of.
The dtspurirg was iLmc In iitiii-rs,
we fauiy, for j. t:it:i livn j; 011 2C
cents a week would c!c :.i; death.
1 1 i tOif bad that this awful irjt
f rcvtr.g thiju'.d obtain in high
pl aces. As one ( (lie list acts i f
J.is ( present ) liui'iistratioii l'r si
ltnt Taft wi'l p'jc; ,;;.cca fourth
class p)tinist.n und.'t i ii -.rtvii e
rules. loit (hit's wjr and poli ies
l.biw up the Meaiii roller rather than
permit it to fail i:i!. the h.-widn
i f the enemy.
If Col. Roosevelt did nothing
mote than obliterate the prejudices
of the nortl. ai d st.uth ;i ii.irt each
other i;- sun iy v..
vsi.i. Aud n v ! at ai
in? fcludy he -Il mis ti:c u
'st, swwing th; rff.-? "f min v'.n
the Pntcii Liiitd er and the i: r.il.t ti
c iv.ili.T in on; per-t m.i'ry. N
41'uLdtr he ii c k;;u!
Iiv.- Ill
i.ri : j.o
vous system; it' occurs when the
sufferer has urgod hiimelf beyond
the limit of his nervous endurance.
It is most common i;i catly cr mid
dle life, when the nervous sys'cm is
most constantly taxed. When it
oc urs in the.very your, excessive
wotk at school is usually the cause.
Wh. n il comes on la'et i:i life, it Is
be. au.12 the siiugi.1..- for existat.ee
is 1 ioing too severe.
The breakdown is not j: J v. ays
caused by actual ovcrwoik: some
tiniLS it. means, in old fashioned
phrase, that "the caadle is bei'ig
burned at both ends." Only very
s rong people csn work hard ai.d
keep late hours as weil. 'I he Man
of aitrage phxsical powers 11 usl
make up his mind to devote hhiise f
t his wotk, and get his recreation
i 1 h;jlt iful o;cu .a io is o 1 1 )r-.
As a means of rest and amusement
for the tired business or profession
al man nothing is better than a
fjuiet giiiic of golf not taken too
Nervous prostration does not
declare itself without warning.
1'herc are many danger siguals. It
m ty be no longer possible to ac
complish theuseal timity oripiahty
of work, because of impaired i.ieni
ory or loss ot t!.e powtr of concen
tration; pettish iri'lililly aid a
tendctii y lo constant fa.i't lituiii g
may appear 111 a person ft r net I v
equable and serene; headaci.e may
return ach day about the stre
tiTie that is to say, as soon ,n a
certain degree of tatigu is reached;
there may be nervous indigestion,
ai.d tie Ssinipltst food may cause
d 1 siren. 1 1 kn:u cas :s the uu:iit.l
d .';;reii i:i i i s gre tt th it 1 slfo.ig
lit an, at tl.c K-urt pti 1 tii n, mil
burt iuto tears bk a giil.
Most csis if l.iiM.us 1 toft t a
lion could have Ikii 'uxiLttd it
taken i i tiaie. The onii.i.uy man is
i itcliigetit ii.oiigh to recc gitie in
J;iuiscll'the many silisof 01 1 'tsti; ir,
an i thtte ate few 1.0 dii. en bv cir
eu n.sl.'i:i e thr.t ibi y . 1 1 ot, if tin
choose relax a little, and av.ule tin
coining trouble. If anolhtr hi.ur i-.
added lo the night's slttp, anothtt
mile added to" the daily v. aik, ai
oceasi nal day diiibc lately taken
for complete test, an tututstiig
hobby taken up, ti c l.rbiL of wmiy
fniniy t heel l, tl.e neivon-s e.tstem
ttill ouieLly it 'f. V.'oiry i-
the realist ti.'ti.ii.i..,u of i.eivoiis
force; re should all le:rn let be as
obstinate about ru t wii;rie..T a; we
often ate abmt voiiy:ig uniiettis
lUtiilSC ti! a it .W
.v.- n i;.!:; to .1 vrMrr i i the I. i
d. 11 Inns, there is piom's : i'i
new loom of Sniss invention that
wtil paid labor of men will be vib
istittited iu nulls where cloth is man
ul'u tiired for the present low pti red
labor of v. omen and children. He
repoits that nunc than .5.00a of ihe
new I imii; ar; t:ow in operation
and that they liav.: b ng passed the
epet:m.mtal st-ie. The loom has
a wait r.'.leiiis'iiii,' i-.-eehanisni and
in rtliti' was il has betn rendered
aim. .u i.iejiendent of attendance.
As a result of the iiaproveincnts in
troduced it is 1 I li ned that it o
looms 1 an be lende i by thiec c -sms,
iacluding weavers tatklers;
this claim is bori.e tut by actual
null practice. hen it is Ktncni
bered, says the Mnglish writer, ti at
n rl
only i lain loon-5,o"f TwcTiTrrbtjf
Northrops, with the assistance of a
a tenter and a tackier t.i eighty,, the
labor saving will Le rergiti:il a
cuorm. us. A weaving shed of i,
Ovic looms v.i'h but thirty opera
tive?, ii. eluding tackiers or loom
iiiech.mici, 13 something never
thtii:..;!.t of previously, and the out
com.' may be that man weavers will
Le employed in place i-t women,
since ti c wages it will le possible
to jiay will be more than adequate
for men.
mrk And don't
E-T a di ruiik-r.-'wi vj
Made in Louisville by C1IAS. C. STOLL OIL CO
r.vr nr ftttrj
f- c!ilv f j V- The regular price i.s Jio-.x. Tho. pwho hiiir.;i mail 1
tl: i-l :ilK'i 11 flll(-Tit lis 11 uilliin l-i..f t i v n flfT -.. In., il :i ml ti'iliit i TM
i.'.JI . . ..0 ........ , j-.
vj vvuere tin saw it will lc able ti li.ivc ouc reserved at the I j'.v rule ot
?; "j and stationery are included. No time buiiU It not ready
n buy one for future use.
M AMf Villi vtniii 1 1 I A 1IV1 Ail X M Is LVf
Who Hare An Attractive Proposition For
Fertilizers For All Crops
i-Vv-'v- Wf 'JH" " .II
,J , t l ;
ScconJ am'. Wa!nt Streets. LOUISVILLE. KY. jf
ct me World V.
Hi 71K C V 4fcW 4"J
m,7k Or TYPE
IM Oariscns Tell I.bre
Than 200 Mwm .
ThoWorid s Best Each Month
C".r!'.-!i-.s li.iiTi daiiifs iiri't woklif ;,i.hlistitd in
it.ii cuii'.'trk. Loi.lun. r.':u-. IVili.i,
Muii-h. 1'iin. VV'.a-nv. llvci..pi t. M. V-lcrs.
.ri A:- l iil.i;a.;lut'.iTJ,t.Tii.ia. Jc:no.LiUtt,
Zu.n Ii. l.-:.i . i:i.'ii.!v i. yd'iry, Cto'ii. na
Sitl'i Ani-rita, :'ui the ::t c,iiiif lh(l
T oil'!. ):! li e yiW I'f 't out ot 9.4MI csutoms
i:h lnon'.h, uic ctlcclol.
A P-h'r Kit.tsy cf ffetifs Everts EacS Kionth
C. AMPAiCN CAPTOO f 3 -Forow tl.e
fji:';.'"-! i.i "i ii.i A..,j'' a-' i i a.cii Hie oppos-
i"U p-Ia c:iri: 'J i-.itU c'.lf.
vraci-w s - t.c :t'- orf ;a.c; ! r lory is.
r..- t ' . . ' i I , l I f ft . -o ii.J li s p:h.
I; .1 ?- II I! V. . .) . , '. . .v. i m-.'. .tliir.cil
DIRECTORS W. A. Wickliffc, W. G. Duncan. C. E
Martin. R. T. Martin, E. J. I'urycar, C. M. Wartin, Jno
T. Reynolds, Jr.
The standiiij and responsibility of the men
who constitute our Board of Directors are a
guarantee of careful, judicious management.
. l? fix'-
niialitr of Lamp cm roa one count.
iirm'ftii" l..r r ut.':i.i:t .our minion and
li -lih. Thn-'s i pr fl ell luaila iJt lXO.:
Lj Bite IlkMllil. it ii
t-fA. W'.i'r tA - ' r.-."i-'.l f-. r.i r'srrv'vK c,n,li Oil the
i f
I B"?et I v . a.i! ' r... s r'i- '' t i t flk'krrs tn w4 oo
tVwSi l I :.' V i, .,... t:.. ii .r.fikr i.iiik-wmoB oi:
: -'sti'v til '' if 't; I f o- r-.-.uy rr'l : ry,., Pn i r.nif.rt. lour dealer
'-.... VWV J. J i xrigiail t-irtcli. u.recl irita im.
i ou : x: Cnss. C SkXi Oil KUtfsvWe, Ky.
I -VJ.MO.. ,. v , K. Ili-cry ut V.".:r:tn. Pa.
A Victors and Records at Roark's
i ri .-" -v J its .
A C Oil i'fc kti'-i C:i!ip.:i!l thC.
'I be i.i'-s? iihe'al we have ever
ni oi:. 1 b i.l until January
i, ii;!.;. ; :.'i ! i;.- l.-ady livening
i'i.'-'. ivrtii N ., i,,' ; io. ioi
urn ','. '. ::.:'t r j.!.-; ;5 ceti'.
I .' l. I ,? :h , t:.- l.a'l tl.v .'eg-.!
I'i ri , i;: .:ii t oil ;,. r..l in
voi. i !;.! r 'he :uore you ili get for
o::f Hi ICV. 1 1:" Sllie IO r.i .id 111
i o:t oi ! i ';:i.l- r t!,i ; ' j ci i il :. e
! d iy t.' I ,:;:!'.!';- , t ; : -. i.ie,
. .. (;:er i hit j .in w hi! in s..-v.
i.':; !! ..; f.ll! ' suppiita )oll rill g t
il li'.l.' liorilk.
-j Z-j ' CMis" in si1! part cf 6oa?.
ll '' ' ' i:v.-..i.i.i. , . I, ...r. H
.in.. , t,...: it.u.iii r.-Esf
,i;;:,;.::';r.:,.'- '-S
srs.-'-.r..- ;-. . a..-r inn
C' - . i .'. . . ...I.. .... M.i.-,l ..t.i
M L-jf uuil live. tiviwaiA. N.
lliSvt m0?:: v- - h ' 1 r.3,1

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