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rt'Ht.tHHfn THfllMIAliI r
0 rn K'.i-k,
Political Enlightenment.
I ins-tlitcr.e9 TcJephcnc, K?. 72
' :n iii-w a n;i'' . I r if , ;Tr.'llll.l t' .(.
Wehcic j.,kc a ronvsiHUiilenre
bi-lwcen Jiule (vnill Si. l'ricc anil
ami the Hon. I'. T. 1 1 an;-;.
IKnvtr I .aw n, Oct. i i".
My lWr Juile;- 1 ukc this o
pottuuity in aildrcisir:.; you ly letter
knowing you lo lie a nun uf ileliler- J
;'.t' rot'i.Ii-r.iti..ii nul iini in i charge
iMVJIil t. the nolllu.il lrrlnl limv i v- I In
new tom&k Goods at Brizendiners
that the ruhnus of t'.ic Chicago con-
vpniion were uaf.iir, bn those- w
wvre cntrustoi! to .loterr-.iini;
wjs iriui'.l to tho noirmi.iti ii
thought ,!ill,-rcUy. Aa-I iu my ! Sor?l1!i f!l NewOatS Mackerel NflVV Rnn
Evaporated Peaches New Canned Goods
j tint, and lie in,; actualcil in
Tt-c ui--T'iiit'U rn.--of tin- jMh-r It car.-.
io i.i.; h i i-ai.i. in- iiT -mi-i-j. I I "I nuuou mat i
'.i-.l- .-I t nan.. iHi 1 iry m.lii .. t. . . if i"t ' suc h 1 1 TICS. 1
' 'i-. r ih.'ii i 1 1 im.'-.. In i.ul.'i .hi"' fti-i-. A !
raar,-t- of V. .i : mif ' II l- in;i.- lor Hil il ! Si)IIIC H il J t COSlillSOll 111 fC
inr 1i mw. Nn Viii-i at t.iu t'f Ih.inilt' l.i .4 It HI'. 1
if., r mpir.-.i.' iiii iiti.-rf.i. . politii al status j:nl coutculi'in
rcsulcnti..l ttnitcst, aiul liclicviuj;
you foniiK-tciit in ive me any in
ula V tlcbiro aloim
would say lli.it i am
j inl to our
i .
our 1 1 ' 1 1 1 wini t-
m,.-,-i, ,ii'!l-.M. s. i Aral, .anl ' ttlL. IU-i:i!.!i. 111 IMtlV,
.. 1. 1. .u !ii lit- .1 i :.!-. I nil tfiii
A .1.' .fn .1 1 ' i1 iwnit'tiica'i
a.iuiii-. r.i .
-.1 m., i
. .-.. .hi
.in ,
! J
fe-.-iwri-u .41 It-." 1. 1-. h . . .!.-.irt
.foril i lass ful'.'-?.
Kim. tiioKi r mute kilts the
other day. Wonder if it was from
the tame reason that Harry I.auder
To m i it of a man merely as a
millionaire convey no notion of op
ulence tiowailai s, when no person t
considered n in nk.il!y wealthy who
has not l'een invi-sti '' d.
I'ok i V wouirii i'l Colorado h ue
taken out Ikciim s lo ki I d.-er.
Mean hiL-il ji v I iiveriy hs
j ist appointed an i lal rat cilli:r
t ne j;ue:-s as t the t of the r .
cati her.
li.. Roi-t vt 1. 1 i;i ide an exjiil
lent witness for hiin-iclf and did not
send any new people to the Ananias
clul, proliabiy ieal!in ll.at iih a
few- moie in.-iiil-i rs that i e!tlrated
oratii.ation will haw a inanity
of the country's votes.
Tin following unique, advertise
ment appeared recently in a Hanov
er (Germany) paper: "I. est, from
an aeroplane, old watch and chain;
was last seen disappearing in a large
stack of rye on a field i.ear I'ien.
Liberal reward for leluiii of same."
SiANl'AkK Oil oliicials seem desir
ous of impressing the public with
the idea that it doesn't pay to inter
fere with a trust's business, and to
that end raised the price of oil and
gasoline after the dissolution. Iut
Uutle Sam is scarcely one to submit
incckly to a spanking.
l seems
i oil km. a that 1
ys been a trae .11,. 1 ti ied
l. pn' lii-.ili, d u e ;oivoi a'.e.l the
p.i.m !pii s und politics ol tl'.e Ke
(iiioIk a:i p.uty iu vi. i.ny and de
feat tluo all the years of my matur
ity; but after the contention and
disatlection that occurred in the
Chicago convention 1 have be
lieved that great wrong was done
Col. Roosevelt and my sympathies
turn to him, altho he has abandon
ed the Republican party and its
piinciples and policies, which
ours: I do not admire. However,
I had made np my mini to vote for
Col. K i.ijevelt at tlii N jveinlvjr
election, but alter hearing the
speeches that wete delivered 111
Greenville September .S h by two
141 lillciiien 'iii iltim to b- advo
cates of ! r.-i:-v.-'t and of lU- pri:i
ciples of the thiid piriy, I b-ia to
loulu the iropricty of my d -termination
anil In in I 1 ti.-li -vo th it I
1 ' t !
w as ilii.ii :o : ; l. !:. ij iter
an unnecessary levolt of a third
party whose principles and policies
are antagonistic to those of the Re
publican party; and now- I teel un
willing to follow Rooseveltisin any
timber unless I atii more fully con
vinced to do so. No a- I want your
opinion, and hyjiing to be obliged
at your earliest convenience, and
believe inc, jours most devotedly,
Thfkp. t great deal in this sun
shine philosophy after all. Fran
Ihar, composer of The Merry
Widow," has made f 5 0,000 in roy
alties from that operetta alone,
which is taore than old I'.urton re
cieved for writing "The Anatomy
of Melancholy."
Frederick A. Ci f.velash, head
of the Taft economy commission,
believes that $300,000,000 a year
could be saved it the government
' were run on businesslike principles.
Why not try the experiment? One
could be just as patriotic under
that kind of government as under
the tttendthrift kind.
A liKiusii lawyer whose client
was arrested for speeding .juestion
cH the evidence given by th: police
man, claiming that the man was 111
capable 6f judging speed or distance.
He asked the tfVuer the width
of the court room, and received
the answer" jo fcft." 'I he room
wjs over so feet uidt! The court
6ubjict(-d him to a test of time and
the answers fed so fir sh r. of th :
correct, that the sttcscd a? let
Time was, ;.m1 tht i.ot fo very-
long stio, when the f.rrt t! !ng the
relatives of a sick person did was to j
cover the street in front of the house
with straw so as to deaden ad sound
from passing vehicles. I he great
inmbcr of rubber tir.-d svitouto'd'es
lias 111 nile tin prccautiiin urineccs
siry, tid instf al of ihc lone horior
cil ttraw- coveting, there appeared a
tiig sin at eai h ttref t crohjiiig near
the "housi of f.if.kness," on vhif h
this sti.ttnee st pai.-it-.d in L let
ters: "lUi't l.ocl! J iaessl"
(Coincident wt;h i'ns an;;ariare if
this sign in Kensington, Loudon,
the l.fool.in Daily Mirror p-u'olishei.
.1 tieuchaiit cliio.i.il on foi litlinesn
of taxing st-.toirobiles li r the v.-e of
ity Str. cts. " I he horse K a ilan
per at.d a nuisance iu the titr. st of
s large city. . vVt he.ir a lot of 1110
tor car trttt tanr-s, lut it is the
hore which ihou'.d be URid, not
the motor car. The horse is unhy
gienic, erratic and occupies too much
space. Tax the horse at ) ou w ould
dogs, and leave the wo tor ca.s
loot '."
Poplar Level, Oct. 5th. 191;.
The Hon. I'. T. Harris.
My Dear Sir: Yours of the 3rd
inst at hauil, in which you ask my
opinion concerning your political
trouble. You seem to be like some
o'.hcrs who have been attracted by
the siren song of disappointed politi
cians. 1 have always regarded you
a a man of too much sense and
information to be led astray by sucb
a whimsical craze and pretense as
is being agitated by Roosevelt and
hi followers. However, such un
called for breaks have occasionally
occurred ia the history of our poli
tics. Now I want to say to you,
that Rooseveltisin and a third party
is only an attempt to dismember
and to disorganize the Republican
party, which has long been the bul
wark of our prospeiity and has
made us a progressive nation, one
of wealth and of power. It is very
unfortunate for our country that
Rooseveltism was so untimely sprung
to harass and agitate until it became
a factor that shall undoubtedly prove
detrimental to the welfare of our
country, and perhaps may be the
means of disrupting, to some extent,
the greatest and most progressive
party that has dominated in Ameri
can politics. You say that you
have been a lifelong Republican
and have always advocated strictly
the principles and policies of the
Republican paity, but that you arc
unhorsed by the remit of the Chi
cago convention and lost your cq
uiiibiiuin, fell from political grate
and are uow- somewhat politically
changed and persuaded to follow
the rco!t of a defeated, ambitious
ciinJHlaie, wnu oecame a tioiier,
not only to the rulings of the. con
vention, lut to the principles and
polities of the Republican party,
that had elevated hiu to liijhetl
national honor. I want to say f i r-
fher, that a man that will betray hi.i
politi.il party, its principles and j
politic.!, and try lo disrupt it ami j
to.denouare its advocates as bury!
dishonest, should not be intrusted
with public responsibility; such a
man is a dangerous man lo put at
the head of 4 tuition. Now you are
a n an of so tn e jtis aid (tight to
' now' that a!i political parlies have
a discipline of proreetlure in nomi
nating candidates, and conventions
are cousidei ably fovi rutd by select
ing committees hcse rulings
become the (overr-irj; laws.
Conventions are bodies in which j
political games are played and as a
general thing all candidates that en
ter their names lor office abide by
the consequences, win or lose.
You might bonc&tly have believed
lodgement the proper and most
woril.y in 111 received t'-e nomina
tion, atnl the one eir;-.!. .l to it a -1
ordin to f .rniei cistoui, and a
gainst whom there is no
of default or corruption.
the Democratic (.invention cl
the mail who entered
1 1 11 0 convention wiin tne largest tot
I low ing was defeated in the wimlup,
'to the dissatisfaction of himself and
I friends; luveithelcss, he had the
I manhood to abide by the conse.pieti
I ces and remained true to his paity
and prim iples. I lie nominee of
the K peddle an p.uty is woilhy of
' the suppol t of ev er v 1 il i 'n of onr
'gieat coinmonie;.!:!i. President
j I alt outranks any of his pie le. es
sors in nation.:! ii-lorm, progress
and development. Never before in
the history of our union has it
been in so prosperous and growing
condition. Now the question for
you to decide, is not whether the
Chicago convention was right or
wrong, that is all over; but the
question for you to determine is, do
you believe in the perpetuation of
the Republican principles and poli
cies, if so, wo k tor an i vote f r
the nominee of ;h : Kc;ab'i".in party.
If )iii favor the pti'ieip'.es and poli
cies of a third ami untried piny.
then ras' your lot wji'i it. ihi ik '
your j i lgenient wi.l in In. e o;i t j
turn tr,i::i .he trail oi lie "b'dl j
moose" and t 111 n w'j U friu
with vim poliiicl d.lusio'is ai.d
whose soli" ai n nnd obj ;et is to ills
rupttii: R :p i'i'i.: n pi'iy. I h ;.'
that the scales of Ro . rve'.ti iin r.'i ill
entirely fall fr.cu yoir eyes to
gether with all others who hive
gone as'.ray and that you s'l ill
boldly return to your lirst love and
be content, and beli.'vc me,
Yours most sincerely,
, li. I'l l. 1:.
New Borgtim at liritndinc's.
This name is applied to several
distinct acute diseases of the lungs,
but most commonly to that caused
by the poison of a particular mi
crobe, the pneumococcus. "Lobar"
or croupous pneumonia is so named
because it attacks one or both lobes,
and involves the whole of the lobe
or lobes affected. In "lobular"
pneumonia smaller parts of the
lung, called lobules, are invaded,
and the patches of disease are scat
tered here and there over one or
both lobrs.
The air-cells of the infected lung
become inllanicd, and are filled
with an exudation of fibrin and
blood. Thus the lobe becomes a
solid mass, im previous to air. At
the same time the poison is absorbed
by the blood and causes the symp
toms most characteristic of the dis
ease. Lobar pneumonia begins sudden
ly, with a severe chill and usually
with a sharp pain in the side.
Sometimes there are no premoni
tory symptoms, and the transition
from health to serious illness occu
pies only a few hours. F'evcr be
gins with the chill, and quickly at
tains its full height. It remains
high with little variation for several
days. The patient's breathing is
labored, rapid and shallow. There
is an almost constant cough, with
an expectation of thick mucous
tinged aiih b'.o i.l. t he a is
very r i, 1 1.
Ti.is roi.di i 11 ; r : i s or a era!
d ys, -from three 01 Coir to nine
or ten, -.111 I tin n, iu f.. vwral'le
cil; fc'ie!" comes almoit us tud
'e 'ly ii the fi s -.:se l.ig;n. 'I he
fever begins to f-li ra;ill); tilt
breatltng bec omes cisicr; tl.ei i i.g'i
groAS less iron idjs.-smc; the d.usUi
neks of the foe disappears: delir
:iim, if thcie was a?.) , erases, ;itu'
the puient set-tns a'ino;,t well. He
js not yet we), h. w.v. r, for the
I ing is ti l! tilled, but the system
h is n w the i' j e 1.. n 1 1 f tht i iv.ul
tr.g gt-ims
Thi s'lii lm il.en,e. cal
"crisis, ' i ; li e itMial te- r 11
iu pi.-. u'li'.iii.:, bat olicu the ir ieis
siou of t ie i- 1: 1 t. ins at.d t'.c return
to c-.mf. it -re mote f;r .du. '. In
nia iy f- 's.-s, too. the pan. i i fec
cu.-nbs t the p'-ion, at.d t!u l.eart
glv' s way to i's 1 u 1 il r.
l'hyd 1 -lii -ire .i' ided in thtir
views as to treatment, but all aerec
ou tne v ilue 01 good nur.-i 1
fres'i air, nud incsu-. s t- s ist.iii.
the heirt in lta tiiugle S o.ie hos
pitals V.erp their pneumonia paieiila
(in the roof, wtlt covered and pro
tected from rain and snow. Th.u
seeun hemic trtatnicut, but they ?il
get well.
Oranges Bananas Lemons Apples
Limes Cine Plums Tokay Grapes
Concord Grapes Peaches Pears Cantalopes
Lettuce Celery Roasting Ears Cabbage
Sweet Potatoes Orish Potaio:s Pole Deans
White Onions Turnips Turnip Greens
Let ns have yaur orders. We havs the goods
can take care of your'IVanls.
livcryiltlitK Cioocl to Etit
Greenville, Ky.
C. Kirk patrick D. M. Roll
Kirkpatrick & Roll
Over Old Bank Building, Court House Square
Telephone No. 89
We are agents of a Hoe of the strongest American
companies, writing all forms of insurance. We carry
risks against
Hail on Tobacco
and specially solicit this Business.
Real Estate
We buy and sell real estate and have listed with
ns farming, timber and coal lands, town lots, etc.
and; Also property for rent. Shall be glad to have this
1 tauC? ? . oil lUo n rvr
li ail UiUiiUlO.
Si 1
And don't
have to grease
but once a
Made in Louisville by CHAS. C. STOLL OIL CO.
ave $7
Who Have An Attractive Proposition For
Fertilizers For All Crops
for onlvfiv The regular prico ia Ji?x. Th-wscwho brine or mail
thi.j advertisement to us wilhin five days aftrr sreinj; it and leHin? ns
where tlmv sa it will bo able to have ouc re rved at th low rate of
f.'5. liooks and stationery are included. No time limit. If not ready
now, buy one fur future use.
szx 5 vvi-' v1 V;-' -
-4 "I
Second and W&lmtt Streets.
DIRECTORS W. A- Wickliffe, W. G. Duncan, C. E.
Martin, R. T. Martin, E. J. Puryear, C M. Martin, Jno
T. Reynolds, Jr.
The standing and responsibility of the men
who constitute cur Board of Directors are a
guarantee of careful, judicious management.
Th. quality of Lamp Oil yo aw coaasa
bnmeutly fur or .Kainst our comfort ami
tmllb. Thrr.'. a (Mtfrrt vii luaU Xor pOfi
wao slv louglil. li ia
rflnJ from rennrrlnla Cmd Oil tha Mat
tr-aa. iuii. wiin. iiim. Mv.r nRKer no aoat so
oilor. Coflt. no mr. than inferior lank-waaoBj nH.
aaves niouvy aa well aa e;n and comfort, tour dealer
haa It la oriamal parrel, direct from o
Cbas. C Stoll Oil Co looisviik. Ky.
. . Keflawy at Warrea. Fa.
uiKBVtTBeM Wvtar Uaaeliaa. Care." aal OH.
Victors and Records at Roartt's
- .v .. .
a .
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