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S "Record Advertising
S Costs NotHing. s
2 Muhlenberg County 5
5 It pays for iisclf.
The investment is jg
sure of returns. Get cm rates.
(iftrr.NVii.M-:. ky.. tiiuksday'ogtoijkk 17, una.
3 h rich in coal, iron, timber, potter's clay. 3
jtc., and the most invitinjr field in Ktn
jjtucky lor investment of capital and pluck.
In M'itWm Wiring ta Sa
"Tail EandCiS?'
fk;e cattle o chides
C: c M.r. tD C.-.ra r" St. en Jcrr.'y '
Hi tiers .ricJ C.T3 TracHtr For 1li- i
1 '-bin, Sixty rnd Fv.-: J Huik'i e;l i
i. Icul l.ii. iv.ii 1. ' I i:.:. ti'.i.c ilv-.t !
I. I: :..'n . ill ii. i .. r f il-' : I
t.na-il was v i-i'V !. I lii'tt liiwu lit.!;
h':i v : in lln- i-t t !' ill: eii'- v . w I'll
ill! ils iillcml. till 'il-. Inn I Ir nl Ii
J; i i- if. I .n lii.i i. ii ! !:. 11..11- i
I ,,f .,.r i !: i, i u x. il.ii.-.
! i "In li l t'"l ' i "! ! !.V
V :;: li::i:iu ". i:!l .'. I l.'.li lie.' !' il !
ii.iiiv liiiiiij !' iu'v i.li'ii in i: i i '' ;
i , !y be li.it j.eneil i !-:i : j
! I'll y.i;i. I've In ii. :('.(' I i'i j
sl,i I :... J.:i! i'ni.-I. i i :t .
lei:; !iiih'. I've lur.i ii:t liii-i l.'iiilil Ii T
lui;:lil.v lii'.ll t"ii c.ir."
- am tlelijJiied l.i l.i-ir .vmi s.ij 1 1 1: 1 1
mi are into! . -li il." I li:'. ; i-.n -1 i
ply, "fi r yea knnw Ki-itiii !;y slii'ul-j
tliirtj -ninth i i lli.' Iit i'i' II..- M;it.--V
lien it iii::' I" riliii :il inn. 'I'll:. ! :
l:el very f:tr iln'ii tin- i-.i-.l .if I'n' ii-;.
Y nri'il liu'ii lil.c j.i-.l tn li'!' ii". !.i i i'
tilings lii'H i:i-."
Tin' iiM i.i il'.i iiiiiii st I'n! i'ii 111-: : li'
7lil U'.-itil II '':!ul!.. ntiil 1 IVH n i-
t:ii.i th.il I h. il iii:nl :l iiil ii'ipri'
Ntuii. A sii.lu-. a tii'.v Mii.ill aii!i".
V l illUli ll til'" rill'IS lif Lis l-Jl'S IIS l;i
c.i ul iiii".ly:
"I rt-i l-.'ti ji'ii fniv't i-iii' tlmiB i?i
t!l!S Wllilll" l:;i-iilli'S :-;.illl-li:il.v"s j: 'I I '
In- 'liiil fi.i'. li'. s.' ii in"l Ilii'vV"
I had glimpse of rural Kentucky's
attitude towaid rducation.
8 mt i y ;F
or of Lafayette
Cue Gcod Vay Is to Notice Difrerei:;a .
In Voices Mating Sson Is
L'snally in Fall.
llfi!l:SW'r til il ll'.li'l'.V :ia to I ii -. ' : it (
it i fin' i'. iii' ii ! t'.ii. tii X nf ,
Ml lArlla!'!'" Ill.'l'n s till tolioWiir: li1- !
I'ly: i
1 In iv :n . f.o iii:ir!;s liy v. lili li
iiii ti ll ill." ;.i'':li'i' fi'iiu tlio jm.
Tin only Viiys im In wrtrh tl. : ' ;
lions if tlii' I'inis aiul tn notiii' ti'ii j
(Itfii'i'i'lH'i s In llu ir vrli-.'.i. Tlio sn- :
'i r liny v h;it ii piini!iii Iv ul'i'il :' '
ti nor voice. It !! jiivii il li' tlnit till f.' ir
cf jour I'iiJa may bo m'ps". Ii
Catt! and Children.
I was tiivil iiiiil ili-. oiiiii.;i'il aftiT
tlavM of k Ii.hiI iiisii.. t i.ui In Ji'li'iT-' ii
-oIllily. mi I ii.nl ilii iili"l In t:l'. i' n 1 I;.
IT ami is'.t 'In- Si:iti' 1 "ii ir ami sii- tn:
ijiliti. Itlu.' riliU ii':" I aUnl Hi t.iii .
wi'iirins :i Iiii n il fiiiiii' a In 1:11
down tin' niiiiu i.'.nlwiiy.
"Villi ln'tT III' ( Si '.illiiird 'Ii it-rr:
hi; tit of in i iiiiii'ia anil l ontiiri '!
Ja't yoti v riiil to J:ik a siitiiisli.'l
tf pit lMfrV
a!i .iium'4-iJa.si!i!iiiLJ"Ul,ii
uimi'.l tnto )M;ltloti for t iitioiiiKrtipii
1 li.'id a hainf In InoU ln-r over ivni'
fully. 1 was ri'rl'iln slu was of rovnl
llllMlll. for ll.T llol llS liMlkill lil.t ; :l
Islioil I'lmiiy. nml Iht tiN iiiiiN Iiiiil ii'i'M
luauii-uriil IJ.iit iiioni!nK. Winn '
was li'il lo I In luii ii h "ar ly I kurw
kIii' was a n-.ial riiu r.--, for tin' stalilo
liny was WiI;i;i In tliro'.v Iht nu'ra
t Inak over tiff mitl loatl lit't' to litT stall.
"How miiiiy In ift'is havf ymi Iiito';"
1 Hskt'il tin' stiilile U'V wtit'ii lie liail
tiiiislicd lii'ili!::!': Iht t'nwii
"1 have my lentils full 1I1H liui;. In
fclainitHl. "i liavf sevt-u In ink'' caiv
tif. Tli.it't : ii:i'it tlif limit wliftt you
ar.' tlolv.r "i' Sl.tt;' l-'alr. all rirlit."
I li ft tin' o.iiti ami wi'tii out Into tin
roailuay in 1'iItiU. I niiilinl vivM;
a wIiihiI l-il:i'il only thi' l:iy lirfoic
wIiiti' a yoimi; limn in .li-iTi'i'snu
cniiiily wAis stiivliis to hamlli tliirly
ix Ik r.ijil cirls in nil i'IbIiI Kraili'
mill niiollii r s hnoi uti a liii'il'wnui
an worried villi sixly five. I Imvf st-i'ti
J(M ill Olio ron!ll.
Tlio mad iv ay w as ithm. tied wil'.i
Fplt'iiiliil. lu'i'Iiliy Isiy :tiiil Bil l'. Iirnvvn
Willi till' ki-i'S of II MMHUIlT sun. 'I'll.'V
were latiiilii'ii: mill iliallrllirr. full in
..'.. ivj
Toulouse Goose.
you will l'o tinfortiiiuito in utleniptsi
to raibo any posliues t'Vfti ii' ; on do se
cure ganders. This Is bctaiipo the
mating sc;imhi is in the I ii II. usually
in fc.')tenil;tT or OetobfP, and also be
cause tet se very niiich dislike to have
thi ir tiuartcrs ilr.ii!j;ed when oiu-e ;
ciistoiiu'd to tlietn. For this reason iipo
jile who w Isli tn Bertire birds for breeJ
iii? puriii.r'i's tiiiike tbeir )i irehases in
the fall to the fowls will get aoer.s
toiueil to their new surroiiiiilinrs.
I toutit Uf s nesti will be made and the
rz 'ni'l b":t 'he may uot hateli.
II iv. HZ $"rve&-o buy santir this
Bplng, It will (.erhapn b advisable
for you to purchase some Rood ergs
of the saute breed as you keep, and
use these rather than the egcd from
your own flock, or at least mark the
eKs eo that you can distinguish tho
ptircha.'-cd ones from those laid by
your own birds. In this way you
rhould not be wholly disappointed.
JvJ T, "T
. 1
'.- .. -v ,v- -v.-.-if Vkai. v- i
vj -v . " r V-? J
- i , r H
. k ....
Marqu:3 Areonati Visconti cf Paris has presented to the United States
National Museum the armchair of the Marquis ds Lafayette. It is iri txcellcnl
condition and has nc-t been repsircd. The frame is of plain unpolished mahog
any and It i3 upholstered in greei1 silk and v.orstod cloth interwoven with a
ficrr.l design resembling tulips. After Lafayette died in 1?34 the chair becamj
the property of hla son, Edmond de Lafayette, who presented it to tha Mar
quia Viscon'-I. r . '
TrDCELrwmnTsTnH Greece
is nn u!-!;:vr.!od nraedy for nil troubScs o?
THY IT. PRfCu 'JGo A?33 51.00 PETi BOTTLE
lold by Jarvis & Willinins.
I Li N r i a T.
1 - - ' - 'tr if 5 S -tJ 1 .
: : a..',. I.-T-1
The tricks of theater nudiencea have
been remarkably similar In all acs.
AU-ipliron. who wrote of tbe later At
tic cotncily. shows thf.t the ilaa8 wan
known tin n, anil al:-o "young taen of
liie town" who took tualictoua-deifght
In bii i inj; a play o.T the ptag. Tlieo
hr:iKliis. who died ' la - !S8 U. C,
i-keti-hos nmi.-ps bin "characters" tho
1:1:111 of snperior tnslf. wli03e prido It
vas to b:s3 when cvcrj'budy else ap
plauded, and to dap wbni the rest
' tliei't; ati'l tji jiwojing jwrson
it vt-a. -A f- . 7 ,-. - -., -, .. 1 j patiftnuit rWrfc'un fl:8 ptd
' him. And Arlstii: hltiftplf .refers to
DK. I. c5. SLAICK,
llt J .lcln and hurtcon.
Ollic- ?I.i.i.--roiisirtn t l" ' Miulrw.
CA',1 Wit
OJi e '. air, iu ilisJuai'i Uut!U:i. ! f?
An unusual freak of the wind is 11-
im. And AristU: fclntself ftefers to
spectators who fcronght, out iTovteions
muraton in me nccoinpanyii's picturo. ,!llril!.; tl,e dull parts ot lha perform
"Town Hill t'omailts Kuiiide" was tl.o ;luce j
l:e:?f!!iiie displayed in a r.evvsj iii.er of ; x
the vicinity, but it loeUvi! ir. "ie l:! e
a tue of iiii-.rder. Ir dm in:; a heavy
w linli-toriii thv till spire cf the
church was blow n cfj end lalliu;'. Tho t'hnrt h of Santa Croce in R'ime
. . . . . 1:: In I ...1.1:1 ii.rv ... 1 ... . i i n I, 1
ulvllU LnAhlUAL IU rUVKUo Tl e chiin h lns mod for nearlv a bun-! reputed to have been built by the Km-
d. t d yriirs cn Town Hill, Nt"w l!:u t- I " -- Helena, the mother of the Km-
ford, t'otMi.
Cfert in Gtcf XZ. .of jlUtntts-ie BMH. If
Cibce t Home, EjI Mitn-crcss S xcct.
Tclcplioms PtOi 7H
Put Them in Good Condition for
Work and Prevents Many Diseases
Incidental to season.
Does the average farmer know tha'
an excellent grade of charcoal can
be made by burning com cobs till
tl'ey turn red, extinguishing the Are
mid when dry grinding for niash
feeding for the imultry.
Charcoal U not a food, though
fowls pain in flesh mid eggs during
llourts are row m:i.!e rhirml of
prt n !-"". 1 tiii n cotton. The tS'lirU of
ll:o fii'lils. tiie v.( cpi;i:;s of factories.
In fact, ever th;,) Unit wrn fe: merly
1-eji'i !i ,1 as wate, is mixed into a
paste, runl In u !icrt tii.ie becota.-'s :m
i i nr.i as stone. liv so.l tiii.viiiie is
LgeisyiHs vsA Cliicno
i;i-:st LINK TO
California iiiul tho
Vast Northwest
veror Conatantine. Tbe lloor of the
piibterranean clinrel was strewn with
earth which she brought from Mount
Calvary, on which Christ was cruci
fied. There are three relies there
which sl.e fiiiinj on Calvary, and
whit h have hern venerated for cen- Two tnins ili.ilv
tunes, i ii i is a ionion 01 liie cross , , 1 V 3-,f c,-;,,.
on v l.irh h" died, a recoml is the n- TCCCa LlCi LSI rfwll iia-'.3 j.r.Ji.S.
script ion cn the cross and a third is
one of the ualis which bound his
shannon, nm a co.
Wc ainioi:nco t our IrsJc and the pub
lic that our stocks cf goods in all depart
ir.rnU r.rc Iisct and better selected lhan
ever in c.ir history. V. c carry a varied
l!r..of :-: :-:
and can supply most of the wants of the
, J. t -pople hi Dry Goods. Clotltli.'. Sitoes, .
I la's, Etc., wc cter Lt.' selections. "
hi Groceries, IlarJwarc, Tir.'vrc, Farm
Isip!'jnic:;s ai?d such Loud our ;'oeks
v.rs tspccia!!y slronj. :-:
Li all dearlmcnts prices ni!l be fotind
Hi? ftivc;.l, and your vi.-ils v.i!l be l'sl;ly
I'ppteeeiteil. :-: :-:
IJnieriilfi Deoertmeof
hnm's nnd feet The authenticity of
its use; it Pimply puts them and ! l'' " c,,1 In t, :,''s aR(I 1,11 11 i.s,U;t;I' these relics, it is said, was revealed to
keeps them in a good condiiion for' "'""u ,,M" - , """"' " her In a miracle,
work. It j.revtuis disease because of j house constra. tcd ot this cotton con-
.,.;i. I f... T! -.. t!"! costs about on,.ihir.l the" am,,,,t ot LIGHTNING TWISTS BIG GAR
.111(13 UIIU lllllllll II If a. IL lr ill) UIH I" I ..... . ...
ative, changing diseased conditional "W'" - ' M e. in. nt3
to normal, disinfecting - the dkes- v',' ' e ,K'W "!:,:tli:,U aro M , Twraty-two mea were carrying a
'., i ,..:. . ....., .....; ! vincing. b?r of iron 29 feet long at the Pitts-
W c tl.ll l gnu lUMJlii LI f u:v rjoiiai. I
ii putrid disease like roup, in fcr-;
mentation like sour crop, iu intettl-
nal maladit-3 like diarrhea or cholera,
It is of great bt nclit. la spring and
ia sumtrer, when the fowl's biood Is
burgh Steel company's Monesscn plant
MONEY HAKES SHOE PINCH w"e i'l,ollt to place il in i,08ltior
in the loetidations of a blast furnace
when a bolt of lightning struck the
liiin.s r.f.i c.m
TIIIUtV-S!X li'i'.M A.NI)
i'i AI'IIKIi.
iveiilnw ing v. itli I In "''si of li
W'iitc biii'4 tie n as they pas-i
"(JiMitli.esv; What is ill ..' -;ti r
oar oiil c.i ii'ioiiv. mIiIi w in . i
I-K:ii-ll all kn iw linil i' I ii:.' .
After r,niiil:'ln;n' t!.:it n
which be had borrowed pinched his iron, twisted It Into an "3" shape.
thiols, it is needed as a puriller tn ' toe. Carl liVtU.ky of Mnnci... I,.,!., ex- ', ' " " , J", ""
ward otf Ulseasea incid. ntal to thcae ' amine-1 It ai d found $120 In hills ; or"'ui-v lrea 1H
scai.ons. jH;.!e!ty and a young v.o'i'.an. ,vcili
It should bo ke;it before fowls in riii'ng in au iiuionijiii'.c ia tho conn-. WODELcD AFTcH Tht PIuEOl'ii
size to ctdt their age, and where fowl i ! I'y. ni r thrown froirt tl.o nnchi !!. :
when the sternng gear bro!-:e. and, A German Inventor has exhibited a
refuse to eat it fine charcoal should
be mixed in the mash occasionally. It
Is best given to individual birds in
live-FNiiii capsules large doses are
Made of Two Four-Inch Pieces Six
Feet Long, Nailed Together
With Five Crosspieces.
Select two four-Inch pieces six feet
lor.;;. Lay them parallel and nail five
crosspieces, three feet long ami three
Inches wide, to these. Tho legj may
be made of 2 by 4 stuff the desired
ia.ni In liai'o!-? .seven .li r-oy I. i.'. i
in M Male fair ni:tl llu'V do la. I l,li ,v,
1 1 tit t one t.Mi-lier liinie.t p.tssili'..i
liiiii'll-.' fr-Mii t'liit.v l. seventy Mnie-:
nniiun! ; iit. i h-r.i' tli.-i.i In i -niidiii. n
tn lilke l izi-: ill (lie slinw li.l'.- of life':'
1 fell thai '... iliililli-!l i f !ve:i(l.-l;
were not &-'.V.uti f;l'l' s::;i"'-' tleui.
Convenient Chicken Pcost.
length, ny means of iong spikei se
cme tbcm to the parallel l iei cs, say 4
tile Iowa Hometitcad. I'lace these iv.
roosting quarters for chickens and
they will Boon be perching upon It at
Poultry Ketd.
Corn la a good poultry feed tl.o
year nrouud, piovidcd the birds have
plenty cf greea staff durius the warm
were hurled Into a p'.i'li'.!- of water, (lying machine, designed on the lines
jut no? seriously hurt. At tho home ' ot a pigeon. The wings and tail are a
ir Oro I ;'!!, neur by, dry clothing. In- gcod imitation, and the car is In
cluding the valuable shoe, was given ! closed, giving it tho appearance of the
them. i body of a bird.
l.ot i-;viu.i:.
ii:. inn i:n" statu .n,
l llli'At.o.
Dinin? and Parlor Cars.
I'ulucc Drawing Room Sk-ercrs.
K. I I. DACON. D. P. A..
N". W. Cor. 4th ami Market Sts.
l.ol'JSVII I.V.. KY.
r.jt '&i':' ''svT:
3uBt hy Rmm Carnegie
.... .,.
ft: VJM
.' ?; :"" ' ' "i--.-rrrrt-if
,. i-s,.. -. ... , ... , ;i .v ' . .,'. ... . -s . . .. -svj
C 7.-.A-:: r.r-.r..;3
7(1t IJI.'PHT.i
Ye hr.vc ysA cdJed in Urderlikini Department lo cur
f.; b::;.:nL-s5, and v. ill ca.rT a cor.rreher.sh2 line cf CcSns, Czs-
:,- Kci., .:tr;.., ra, p-'-a ..pj L-:i'C'2e3. .-..:.o nave a ucarse
) i i scrviec, c-i cr.!! anywhere. Oi Jvrs in Ibis lineyvcn prortpt
( lir.d c?.rwf.d al'er.I'oii zxy h ur. d.vy cr rtilit. vi
f T... ri ' l"ft.l n l' ii
or.roY, ur.NTt'JUY
' .- . r-. .0 -.. . r..t.fA
V ' V-.,'...- ..'...
t -9 . .
muu ytas. wrong
r.vi .iv .'t t Til f-'ir .p;t...n i.'t-.i v't r .- i
i : 1 1 , i i i' pr-.tioft. I :irn : i. i .'i';if .o- .
i!.. 1 1 4 ti !r ..ii;t.U'ni!:il. t'iHt l-f 'tlV " '''--i
t , i i (;: -! i.;n. v :. r r t -Miit r ::t,,";
I' -''. !fl ;.vvi 'i tiir ui i JVi't:"1 A ,', fcvt t-7J
..I, ... i-- -f r..r 1 r-.vk.'. I n f.f-
i ... IM.il I ,: Ml :.! .1 -n-ri-i. i.
i. t' er l.i. ttuial-.-il Ti- w..-i" .-..r..
A'l v;om:i:. vho cr.ffer from t'12 achc3 end rsifs, cue RI
;S to fcrvi: r:i!n ciii.5, ."2 u.xcd ! try CarduL the rclLib!?. 3
scient.:?, toi.ie renevy, for woiisexu Cardid acts proir.pily, ?S
yet eeti-y, n:; J wt!:.::!t br.:! effect j, cn tho vcraanly system,
rclievii! : ia:-t, Uiik'i.v i p sen,ji!i, rubtirg system,
and toning ro t ie i.cr-.-es. Dt-rincj the. past tali cc?.tcr7, E
feoar-snJs of i?.dica !:a a v.'r.ior. lotell cf the Quick curative L
results t!wy cbtaV.cd, from t':e u;c cf this well-knov.-a iscdiciae.
;Vvv?v.V- :;:.::'. v.j& . ' '.' . .'i'i --":. v'--
-f;:u-.-"; '-":- v'' :'--- ' ?'-:' ; ;:,;-' . , : ;i
-'". ' ' : -. :;i;'.-'..- .-.::-';...iL-:
v.rc::.-r c: q f-:vc;i jc-t. I cr U:3
f..v.3.i v.-3 v;,' j'C'l i i fc"ir?3 t-J jj
( A PpjB BB. "'?T .'I
. f.Us. Jane Ca:i:!:ta suffered from rPT!r.nly troubTa for
neaily i:a ye-ais. I : a !-eticv from Wlut-jvlilc, ll C, she p
saya: 1 w.;s lx.i a! le to do iay ca fcoasewe:!:. My Si
stoiiint!- VVT.S v.'crik, a.vl iry Mor-d v::s vroa;T. I had back-
aehc, a-'J va ; wiy wc-.. I t fcc'l i:":5, bit tiiey fe'.
did me in; i-o ;tl. I v .! Ca'd.-f f- r 3 cr '. rrnlf??, and now p
I ran in t!se led l;t..kh I have ever been. I can never praise
Cardiu eiK):?:!i." It is i!te ttf t toire, for v.omeiu f
:er senou:y iicl:, or c;;ui ;y wealc, try C
Explorers In the ruina of the ancient city of Timjjad, In Aloerta, hava , M uijjfcsUo.-'. aa4 Lvr vrci.t-jj, i.j IVm- 'A
library r.ra been completed at a cost of 4C0.800 seste.cei, under tha direction ij e-ae ljacil '.h.- jui.'tat-iiii.'j.
of t le citv authontv." I C jijiii ivmu -
. i ra
.. I K V;.'.- .- Laifc-. A-lv'-n f:;-,-t. Oti.-K!0,-i K-iW.ij Cm. 0t.iea, Tiaa, C?l
j-'"J (or S-.-i.'i'-'i..". rjhit': ;-c:. ":.-:T.:J..:jMki v'mi.x"t.Sfa& li3 I
- . :,'-' - ' ' i
artl-.i?d tlte Ptminu of a ruolic library erected by a Roman i,arne;j!B. l aa .1 1 tGtabii: 'ird. lidooar. t ii.tta Ci
inscription cn the walls ia to the following eflxct: "Out of funds fcs-;Kj cf-.c n-.ji'iciaer. Ii U fc. tier tl.j.n ii
cd by Micus Julius Quintianus Flavii. Rcjr.tianua, of Einiatorial mem-i i'-j cti:t:.:, or it v.O'.'i-I n i is t: - i.i-
. tv his v.ill. to the ceicny cf Tliarnaratll. his mother city, the erection of a ! f.l " " - ' I - 'i- t, v.. .i ii i . ,. s.-a

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