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the record.
A i I ;vhi!nletit Newspaper.
rnaLui TimuT bt
PrcitrDt .
Coin I RBK,
A Corr;5pind;nc: 3cl:cn TvCaa
jrcssmaa J. D. Dugau And
Judc Trice.
Kicritw, Oil ii, iijy
Mv l;ar Jude: I noti- -ed some
da) i a correspond .ir:..: li :
you and Hon. 1. T. Mams. I tie
sirs to say to you lhat I li.ivc had
a similar experience to th.it of Mr.
; Harris, only a m ire j-:iv ; .1:1 1 ; -t-j
haps a in n r j devoted o.u i-i r.- ir I
to the third or "Hull Mouse" patty.
1 aut tii sty tin. I hi 1 j-A i.s al
n i ret ('til. U-.is ell, rvry sim:.-
Ositx L. Koakk. ErntiK.
frZ.r:::sKC9 Telrzbcrf.Hn. 72.
wi'lt'irlli'M Tr'c .' tlic rmiMT l. inva-
l. . i .i a.O A- . A'l.l t Urn till- turn nj:ir .iri-d I
u !.:. , ;t ih r-.ii.it.. rwr nibc wniH. j he tame into ilitirs and I ili! all
.ir.K .f l l.a'-t. -. I'litTiir. 7' n.i:i.. ... rt.., if not . . , . . . . . . ,
.i i i ii i..- y; Kii-.i f;- a ' that I coul. I to have la:u IIO!lli:l ltO:
rh.'.r..'i ol r . --v !:ii' :!! I i f..r -lit -.-.l- . ., . ,. i . . .1
In lu.es. N.. v triuiin ..f tiiiH mil-1., aii uv. ttte Kt" u 1; . i a tu et at Lie
I'ivi .iiiiiif .-i. 'is K.- n:ai-i-.l.
t.tvcli iii-ii. i'l 1. ii ...t-1...! A t-i.f..-:.til
i . I, furnl-h. .1 on r.-. !:. jlli'lt'Ul 1 rolll .1 i tl t' i till." l. I I I : t Mi its
.'.'. 1 1 -sn ah iMim.v.lf.ir .' '' .ii'.l m:it.r :i il ri" ' ......! ! ,,l ...
1. 1 i Ol. O I I. : .-. ii.. mi . a i i I n. ii'i!i'..i .in jj.il i j .
i m , . Ii . j bM ,:s .1 tl(.l v.i to to ii:e t olive!!
lion l'i..t imii.i:i.iu-.l 1 Tat on .1 ihiril
iiartv In lit t, i i itiu !i n 1. wuh th;r
Entered it the (.wt'Viil, K.r.. ikinIiiMi'i1 a. ,
fi'i)ii.iv:i.4!-.ur. ileifrniin.iti.nl to tin .ill th.it I could
for him and his rji c; 1 t t one day
Wiim lias lici oine of the seven I nut up wil'i an old llepiihlit an
. Chic.ij;.i fiiiiventimi and ultii
u iijiv 'i. r lit
little ;ovei!:ois th.it precipitated
the third tcuu move men:?
I'm 1. 1: Sam is at a disadvantage
iu not beiug aide to pay his senators
as generously as some reat corpo
rations pay theirs
associate lu said U uk "lVian,
who are you f.ir in this r.i e f.ir
president?" I t"l I him that I was
undou'otedly for Col. Uoosevclt.
lie said, "then you are no longer a
Kepuldieau." I told htm that I
was as j;oo I a K.';)u'i!i: la as any
tiody. lie sattl. "no gnoil Kepub
ai.liihiv . ii try -i;. u ;,,, . v ,h,. u ,.:..,
poLeemen fro;:, the . ii;,try tn. pan; all a,e Roi tvvt!. wai,
l .-.nd. n a. i. pi.l. he ,lBn i.-ng ayo 1(C Vl(!c thp ",,,,,.,11:,
"'h1 " hj "tk" "t':l r.rtv ..Ml Id le ..1 anistaiit to
the I ) in 1 it r .1 it p:r. " 1 Mldhiiii
that R srt!t was a to. id KiIjiiIi-
S.-'.'r ui.;ui i.t c.'iiij.iieu. per
ecu ii j, lhat lircf on the hoof is $ 1 1
a li -J ml 1 e ti. are planning to let it re
main on the hoof and see if lhat
ili help any.
Cnx m:.u .m 1 ostal ItaiAs have
worked no it jury ttt the regular
liatiliiiK orani.ationi), and thus an
other 1, tie, a boo is taken from the
path of timid rrfortn. Now for the
paicc-ls post '.
1 v: l"nj;iibli slaughter houses ani
mals ate killed by a new and humane
method. 1 he instrument employed
is a sp.iiii operated pistol that 10
jects a shaip blade- into the animal's
head. N 3 bullet enters the animal,
aad as no powder is used, the pis
tol may be placed direct upon the
vital point of the skull so that the
aim will be unerring, death will be
absolutely 'instantaneous and ike
animal will feci no pr.in.
lican. Ilc then said, "Uoosevclt
satsthat he is not a Kcpublican
and has abandoned the principles
of the RcpiiM can party and has
ailoliiLtl pnucipics ol a in putty."
I then began to study and come to
my senses. I said to myself, "Who
am I?" and am I a holier and a re
nenegade. So I came to a stand
still. I then read carefully Roose
veils platform aud confession of
faith that he was advocating. 1
could see lut little analogy with
the Republican principles, ami aftet
. j he began making speeches in Lis tour
over the slates I said 1 am don?
with revolt and the adventure of
Rooseveltism, I am a Republican
dyed in the wool and have now de
termined to stand by its principles
and politics, live or die, -sink or
swim, 1 shall not forsake the old
ship but shall cast my vote for Wm.
1 1. Taft for president, and 1 waul
Cel.. Ti!Hit'ia. KouMMi 1 was'to-.ayto you lhat 1 am glad to
shot as he entered an automobile at
Milwcukee about 8 o'clock Monday
night, the assailant being John
Scbrank, of New York city, who
acknowledges that for a month he
has been following ahe cx-l'resident
tor the purpose of killing him. The
bullet struck a bundle of papers in
the right breast, and this arrested
atd ilt fleeted the ball, which pene
trated the chest and is lodged iu
the tissues. 'I he lung cavity was
not penetrated, and unless compli
cations arise the Colonel will soon
be out. There is sincere and gen
eral rejoicing that the injuries
indicted are slight, and it
affords much satisfaction that the
act was lhat of an unbalanced mind,
ralber than the result of conspiracy.
Schrank was laboring under the de
lusion that Roosevelt had caused
the death of McKinley, and that it
was his duty to commit the deed.
ii'KNc'K. that the cost of living
is still risitrg it d riling at a more
alarming pace than ever before is
know that others who have strayed
oft are coining to their senses and
are coming home. And to tell the
truth I am ashamed of id self and
feel like I had been eft on a trip
and got home with my people. 1
regret my conduct and action in
opposition to the Republican pary
which 1 have long advocarcd. I
am now conscious that every vote
cast for Roosevelt is a vote against
the Republic iu party and in favor
of the Democratic party which wc
do not want; with this explanation
I shall close, and'remain.
J. D. Dl'CAN.
Poplar Level, Oct. 15th., roi2.
The Hon. J. 1). Dugan.
Dear sir: Yours of the itlh
insl., received and would say in re
sponse that I am surprised at a man
of your attainment anil ability to
gether with your congressional ami
political experience that you would
suffer your self to be induced to en
gage iu a revolt against your politi-
given in the latest . ,.rnpli.i t,f lkdl ,,i,M' awl " u,"k f'lr i,s "vrr
1 .1. 1 . e .. . ..
the r.raiUtrcct monthly iudes
prices, whir-b iaclu l.-j not ouly fo ld
but rani!, textiles, ejil, building
material and a number of other
things which go to make up the or
dinary necessities of life. The fig
ures for September shov that the
cost of living climed more in lhat
pen.id linn iu any previous mouth.
'J he September index number 9 4515
11 not only the highest 011 recotd,
but represents a jump of 2.5 per
cent over the August figure. As
compared vt iih the pievious
record, tcuifctd 011 May 1
the adviire is 1.9 tr ai.t.
What Arc You Going
To Do This Year
by way of making ) our business suc
cessful ami your domestic life full of
)lcasure, if you are not supplied with
telephone service of the Cumberland
Telephone & Trb'gr.tph Company?
Kveryone should have a telephone.
You are connected with all outside
important points in local connections
w iili all residences and business hous
es. For any iuform ttion call ruan-
'Cumberland Ttlcfhnn: & Tdegrafh Co.
throw aud to follow the political
rabble led by a selfcouccUed dctu.t
gogue. I am glad to heir that you
nave cut loos; from such a clamor
ing element and no longer shall be
drifted by the wild waves ot Roose
veltism, but shall henceforth be
fountl batting for the promotion
aud preservation of the Republican
party, whose history is wriit"ii in
shining Iu iters upon the ro-rL-
and prosperity of our great country,
withia whose extended borders th?
hum of industry and the sng of
commerce is today heard from ocean
to ocean anil frt.ui lake to gulf.
Let me say to you, that President
Taft is the man for the liuus, the
strong man for the occasion, om.
upon whom the people of the nation
can depend and trust for security and
safety. He is the right man in t he
right place, lie has been t r ti - and
tried to the principle of the Rpub
iicati party arid has steadily kept
his onuai.I and upward course !
wauls the g 1 il of naiio'i il s l ice ,
aud with li n iicive and courage
and with the intelligence ami ability
of a uir.lchlcss stu'.cmati he has
heroically stood the taur.te and
attacks of Democratic demagogues
and disgruntled insurgents, who
have attempted to lead him into
err..r and di usvr ! y v. ;! itn ,- the
principles a..d ;ni. ii-i i.f 1.:.
but he ha s'ood nut like .1 m'o.h1
wall an I an imj.enetr i't lr:l.nk
for the perpetuation and gr.i tth i f
his great country, and never 1 ei'oie
has any of T.if'.'s j rii! .1 ( . r ;, :.i e
the d l)S of I.llo 1. ill leel: so I cset
and li.tt. ir.s:.i by a ;.ic it. ! :i;i r 1 i
the r.ili! ) i f j . : ; 1 " -i .1 i.:.!:i:'!.oi:t!s
;Mnl f in itic'sni. I v .-. l.t t 1 -'.iy i .f
tl.cr ;';.i'. C. e '.. .1'. ! . us.;.: . t.d
billot --.s p-.-i ; !e ..i th;-, n.tt. iii v.ii!
i.oi f'l'iotv after a i.;.i;i traxclliig
o.i.r tl.e states r.i this union bellow
ing i.'.c a mad 1 nil mouse, spitting
!l"nj Mid v,n.::i t!i a p.uly and
; p-.-opI,- wl.. have 1 .noretl hi in with
the 1 111. e ot' I'rcsid.-n: and g ive hini
til.- I.ini.ill til ! : !..; :, a!:. I I W ; : tit
to iv I;;::'... r t'. 1' I u 1 not relieve
that y i le have ti y di.ii.r t' be
er:ud Jtid r li 1 ! I.'.:n
1. ii- p::rty, that h ;; ;-l.-.as bee it
t oi.-.i.le:. I 1 td 111. .lit i ne. I If
ieoj,!o l,i not n.int t t i.tkc- ;tuoi!,rr
do:.e of it like tlu y did i.i i.'-j.-.
The people and the lnisiues inter
ests of the coimtiy cannot aiiord to
turn do'.vn the pres.-n: prosperous
administration for one likely to be
ilis.istc-riius. "A biirut child tears
fire." And 1 do not believe that
they can again be led into a death
trap of Democrat y. I h-ve mci:'.
icisui t.) make of (lov. Woodro-v
Wilson who head; tii ; I ' -mi kt iti 1
tieket. I beli.-ve that Ire is :o '
lloltest u.-nliclii-. n, i I ; of :.'. iiitt.
talent ai.tl sen . let r,: !, .v.- 'v
he is s.-i.ing 0:1 'He -i !-l' o.mui'.
tlown stream .! t'.i it, .r:d .;.d r tne
wrongiolotsf.it ili.- people of I.Uj
country. Now iu ctnn luri v Ij
want to say to you, thai the 1 hihlrcn
(f Lincoln and the veterans of his
grand old party will all tb-ck to its
fort ami defend it and be able to
hold it against the coiniiiu -d attacks
of aK other parties 011 November the
5th, and that the ll.ig 1 i the part)
of Lincoln siijiil ag-.na wave in
triumph over the la.i 1 of the
free did the hoaio of t!;e
brave. Now Mr. Dugan, let me
cotigratulaie" you 011 your tioble
resolve, aud believe lae as ever,
O. 1'.. I'Uli 1..
W'aJch Touiid Near Unity Church.
A watch was found near Unity
church Saturday Oct. 1 if owner
can recover by deseiibing antl pay
ing for this i.olice. J. II. Love!),
Tel. jS Depoy, Ky.
Merchants with full stotks of
goods are goiug to be 111 niighty
good s.hape lo serve the public, as
prices have already advanced strong
ly, 111 the face of a Presidential cam
paign, and predictions are for much
heavier boosts after the election.
!ftf teKs
ILiro it is most of the
goods we handle are the
very best, if not so they
are correctly named seconds
or poar. Our customers
know just what they are
bi;vi;;?. Wc are nolicld
C. Kirkpatrick
D. M. Roll
by the final j:jdses, ila cojks, tiuy are pleased and
yen to3 vill b: satisfied it yoa will give us a chance
for your trd:.
r . TT m -.. us rr a. w . x .
Greenville, Ky.
Kirkpatrick & Roll
Over Old Bank Building, Court House Square
Telephone No.
We are agents of a line of the strongest American
companies, writing all forms of insurance. We carry
risks against
Hail on Tobacco
and specially solicit this Business.
Real Estate
We buy and sell real estate and have listed with
us farming, timber and coal lands, town lots, etc.
Also property for rent. Shall be glad to have this
business in all branches.
rP have to grease
"JS ut once a 'II
BP. .:
MaJ in Louisville by CHAS. C. STOLL OIL CO.
LO 1
fi nil
Who Have An Attractive Proposition For
Fertilizers For All Crops
f armers of Muhlenberg will meet
here Saturday morning to discuss
the drainage of land, cleaning and
straightening of water courses, and
relative matters of importance.
There are losses of niai- thousands
of dolUrs eveiy year Iroiu water
d.uaa ; that cold I at oii,;ar itive
ly s-:i.l! 1 oit b : ri i.niv - 1, .ot-l ll-.e
in sttei iV.i -l I have !...! t.li.m
Mr Kidn-rt !) J..h:-.s..n. .1 l.i.ile
ii;. 01 in the cinploy i,f t!.-- !. t: ."..
R. K. (.' ,.in ti e y..u!s i;i li..iu-:-V.U:
v..i hi.led tii.-ie la,. I-.; ! tv
b bii.i I'm nv. r In c.ir. I i!:l;
con foiiKirl) lived i:i t!.i; ( i.ttv,
bi:. left her. al.ou tt:i it.us ego.
Hi, l . ly v .-.is broii-lit heie J'.urday
tin irt; ii ;r, ne--u'lip.ini. d bv.'piitea
l.u.id rr ..f O.I 1 cf t!.ieh
urder he was 1 1 n.l t r, a t.d at-i
by a 1. 'i in 'it r of l.i!u-. ein;l iy
ct. I i'i ;-..!;: t nil. th.iie
of th.i bod , oil .: r 1 v d 1 el -. .Hid
j a'loijt a !; in b e I ii.-nCil. e. it:.l
I the fuiiei 1 pi.ty I 1 iv-i.ib.ti o .
jwl.eri- IUv. Won .son ihlivetid a
iscii'Ijii, mIoI iti'.crm.nt. rt.ii 1:1 n!c
li'ldt r she 1 i i' e 1 . I":;
1 c-j-.e 1 is '-'li i i-.cd ! y I.i i .w!e ;ii.i!
live cli.l lie. 1. I! ; v .1:1 i.ni 1 i
0': s 11 i 1 ;i 1 1 1'. ir 11I a . 1 .1 .' 1. ii ) w:i.
:ti d i is 1 mil h is ili ; dee t sj 111
iM'.hy oi v-.-rri'. T.i..r: iva; a;i
jiiiii.eine cro-Ail in aUeudaine, ami
thetlir.l oif ti'i:i i.eie liinncr.ins
and i'e.iii.iti.l.
, Tti ! your btef hides lo J. J',.
Cooiiibs il' Co. aa.l t;et the caih.
. 1 . . . : . . 1. .. .
i uovc i vnivi luiiiiueiii is mat u
provided for loi.ight at the Cumber- j fj
land I'resbj teriati church when "I!
Musical Ire;uir' will be rendered
by local talent. Admission, adults
35c; children 150.
l'.njoyable, pleasing, witness the
musical play at the C. 1'. church
this evening.
y DIRECTORS W. A. Wickliffc, W. G. Duncan. C E-
Martin, K. 1. Martin, t. J. furycar, M. Martin, Jno
T. Reynolds, Jr.
The standing and responsibility of the men
who constitute our Board of Directors are a
guarantee of careful, judicious management.
fir only $1, The regular price 13 fioo. Thorcwli' brine or niail
thia advertisement to us within five days after seeing it ami tcllmi; u:i
where they saw it will be able to have one reserved at the low rate of
f5- liooks and stationery are included. No time luaiL If cot ready
now, buy one for future use.
Second and Walnut Streets.
B . C XT 'J
'a Tlia qnalllr Lamp Oil yoa count.
tmm.naely fur or asiiiat our comfort ami
lifalib. Thrrc'a a avifrrt oil iiuula tor paopl
bo (Wa tlMasbt. it la.
refln4 from Prnnaylvaala Crad Oil tfca bt rr
mad. Full, wkil Hm nvr flicker ao t-rnt nn
odor. Coaia ao mora ihaa Inferior luik-tima nil
aaves money aa w.ll a rye and comfort. lour daalac
baa It la arlsiaal aaxralr direct trom aa.
Chas. C Stoll OU tX LoalsvCIe. Ky.
Rrftorrv at VirtM.
Motor OaifitBe. -Na Cars'9 Amtm WL
Victors and Records at Board's
nmTmmmmm ill
Edfcon Mazda
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