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& hey Idled up their j-ivcnilc voice in
t a fcu a it i i'
:..-.rtiit t,i. i-.ii-, Ai-i .-yvM, h.-., I...-. . , shouts vl tnii.r.h, an d jou stood by
rhirj; . I Stv ! hti ill In' m i ! ir tm-( fl
int lim. N- artitUoit it I tit. ru'r W hhj oif.
Free atnj!e if ill t;i raail.M.
A-lvriiH.'iiu-tii will Im insert. A ratart1
A!Jivh ail ttimmnti (.n i: ntu it i: '1
nitaucfii aytt; i. KM Ut I'lihSN,
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K.tifrtfd at I'l? trt!Ti;U . K .. ...ltilat t- s
ntt'tl.t!t'-;i i.miif r.
tie of the grainiest parades ever is our luty to i hc:isl ?.iul in. ..ash
wade in Irecnville. I want t say the est' in. The t.-tkles.-u'i.-s .f
that I have seen soldiers march, I : foinur or.cr;tii. haw ::ic.tii ;!r;
aavr ia-cu 1 1t o .i:iit:-i orders and :it;itiui l.u- lcaa a.il tit. -.: : o . ii
It.iit-s inaii h, but .is I stood todav, . the Icrt'l'iy oi t! c. u.i. ii. y '. at
upon the sitK v alk of li.e streets of , b.t'.i iicie.l an.! w.iss-. 1 mm h t in
( reeiivilh I snv the grandest matt Ii ' soil and it h.ss :,t ; ;! a;. U.e tiveis
thai I have ever witnessed, an army into the scs .y.d o. ,i-ii..-s ;., t 1 e
of the iiiinu cuts of I leavea man h- seen in many p'.i.s. Nov; our.g
lug to victory and to compicst in ' men leiru tj asr.i t e.ulh to
llie great liutl'e of life. As those ') icM lier lmii:. L;s i-i.i ; . c r' ,
s eel, tender and i i :a!it eel gills ; our too.l ait ..i .U;.nci; u;
arnl hoys, some of theiu titiy in bi.'e, ' o.i the j.rciliii li-ms (! ti e e i t! .
passeil I'V uc, tlnir lif.le heatts and remeinhei that lalmr and
u.,11 y is tne yu
. . i ...
:m, is m 10 fr.ircnasc vour sunn :es tor
jtiniiksjfjvijijj C:ikiii v.c Isavj jiie pods and can
seemed to he tided wiih delight
Tuts country w va'.d d we'd to
make the most of l'reidrnt Wilsuii,
for our next president may he a
W'mi in ... u i y
liiiue t !' i
tinii a !r.id t! ; i
on the apjTlitc. ;
s thia tuijd in t!
x?M -r A ir I.
Iv the ten Ma'e i:i I'.t a i in.'n
have tl;-. lull h!..:i.''t; ii.- rus u!
not le less n: ertai-i ihau l-efoie.
hut the uncct t.:i! y he more d-.-lighlftd.
il -lPMNv adt!;liLtt in Sol ! i.o.
t ir'.co shotd thai one of t'.ie express
ronipar.iiS has Inn ii-. k:: :; i . !
a beggarly .-i-o pr eeut pr.iiit. No
wonder ii ha:cs to divide its iiunlet
bui-inos with the gt:veri:ir.ei:t.
is tlie g!t,:!t.hvoi k (
the eiamleiir and r.hnv
id I lie ai hiev tiaciits of man.
with smiles of of comfiirt and eon- ! I ur great itie-, our railroad-, the
solatioii. l et me say to you par-1 ehatteiing wir;.s ;::id humming ma
ents and teachers, the less. mi that i hineries aie the product id the
i ou have givcti these chi!tlit.n today 'earth and labor, and remember that
! is worth das of schoi lin. N ou ! those that do not are drones with
l.ave tancht ilit m to it j, ice .u.d i.ot out nieiii. io he uxlnl t oiir
to iiintiiii. on uc t. iilIi! tlitiii ' s Ives ami to your u ti.iw m in ou i
to laiigli ai.t! i;t;i t, weep, ou 'have j must piodui e Mu:i:liit g. Now 1
made lasting impressions upon them . see some babies here, the tender.
:1 hey have seen and heard things buds of lite, reposing in the arms of
today that shall be indeiiHv wiitten young mothers, and these little ones
upon the tablets of their memory, may not realize the importance if;
that thev can narrate in th.ir ad the occasion, vet their lif.le hearts'
jva!!i-d jeais. No doubt that some ! sei me d pleased to ?ce the rowd of
of ihtiri have ii'-vtr bi t n in the pi o.de ati-i to he ar tie i.li.io! d
1 i . ,
i i i: it : v..ii I t t. i e ! h.tv . in vet j strains of n ti i- that !aiii.-? arid
, bt liciil It. is tiiagl.i icei.t slid I.eaU!!- ' CUilVeiiS the t tcasi. ti. M the'S,
lul ci-iHt .i.e, and piii.i p; have j lodav, some !" : ma be l.oidti g
lot; u i mess, il ihe rutiriiig oi antt -' in ytitir aims a sou that may wave
! it.obi'cs the h riUsss c jrti ige. I the rod of an t.mpite. I'.'rccts,
N .nv I uu.br-tiiid that the object j some of your children h.re today
Itl'ti.ii rcjsii n fii.l this splendid m ly become btiiel'acl. us ..nd te a
demos: r uion is to trcouiag tic!
, mtettii usa. ami iai;uil:l.:I J r. RICSS
j of oar i oen y. ve l! i:ik it to be
tTie ot the ;,r.-.!niist tin.veiut i.ts icr
maile a .ov sa. e. ,i::es l.y tr.e p p;e
of .lie onit.,- s:ute .n.. u aiiur.
lake care oi uuir xmis.
hi cf v, hat vc have
uaiSiiiS i i;;s
Citrons lilincc Meal
jloiv tC givc')ou partial
Ciii ranis
Lemon Fee
Orange i'eel Iciii Sugar Englisli Walnuts
New Nuts, lite.
i iViJi-ylltlii;; ocl to Iiit
Green vilSe, Ky.
: i pvs. n. xr tin ta ai wvi;a &.4r da ft trTjf? at
m m urn m lam mm vim s 1 1
: It?; RJ?& ii m U b VERMIN -I
C. Kirkpatrick D. M. Roll
Kirkpatrick & Roll
Over Old Bank Building, Court Hwrse. Square
Telephone INo. HO
We arc agents oi a line of the strongest American
companies, writing all forms of insurance. We carry
i risks aiainst
Hail on Tobacco
and specially solicit this Business.
Real Estate
We buy and sell real estate and have listed with
us farming, timber and coal lands, town lots, etc
Also property for rent. Shall be glad to have this
business in all branches.
; in- t an t . ,.
! aw r.-,t '.. .1
t i b 1 i l the
Til t California woman who ail
vises lieridcii: l lect V.'i'son to have
a woman in his cabinet does no! con
si.ler that there wid be four ut iinn
light there in the white li.nn; i u ti
lling the family cabimt.
Tin-ki: is a further sling fur Joseph
tl. t!ar.no:i in the liidavit d his
successful opponent, l-'rank T.
UTiair, that the said t)'IIair did
not spend a tent fr his election to
rnnorrl -lev. .Jj!ower ol I ontreru
is all at sea.
a:.u n
I. :. v .
t!i.- h ,i:.i.. n
ittle boys
with von
An Lnglish paper is asking its
readers: "What would you do with
)our last t-liilliti-e?" Make it a
quarter and frame the .picry in the
last tense and we'll tell. iJui what
would you do with your last tjuarter?
Address by Judge Reaster.
The MuLlenberg county School
celebration took place last Friday,
was one of the largest gatherings of
people ever witnessed before io
Greenviile. After a grand march
made by nearly two thousand child
ren of t'a: cut! t'ir th; strjets,
and after the band had played some
beautiful tunes, Judge Keaster was
called upon to make a talk. An
outline of which wc here give.
Judge Keaster cime forward before
the immense mixed crowd, his voice
was strong and clear and rang out
distinctly over the crowd, lie said
in part.
"I. atlies ami ("tenth-men if Muh
lenberg coerjy, I am proud this
blight day to appear btfore you and
to have the hoajr and the pleasure
of talking to you mothers and fath
ers and to your children that you
have brought l.cre to rtjoice with
you on this grand occasion. Now
I want to say that 1 am a stranger
to niobt of you, having been Lorn in
a western state, reared upon a great
j rciiie laLd ai d tfcve rc! long been
lu your county and state, but I want
to say that since I have cou-.c into
your state that I have become st
tached to the people of your county
and have determined to spend the
remainder of my dajs upon the
soil of Old Kentucky. Now I want
to say to the many parents that I
see here before me tint this is one
of the grandest occesiotib of your
lives and of your ("oa'iu's history.
This catheiini; is a mai.ifestaiion
ahd a dtnu tiratiuu of a giaud move
along the high a) s of life. Von
have left your homes in various
parts of the county atd Lave brought
your thilditn here to the county
seat and I know .hit you are proud
to do so, for they are the nctcr of
your l'Vi and affection and upon
the n rests )our hopes ui.d anticipa
tions of life and ymi it-joice as their
little ttrobr l.eaits seem to leaj
tviiti p tide ami exultation in their
sieat uniform, and having the oppor
luu'vy and p ivilcge ot marching in
scale of .ile th;.t we can see thcrejd
of intellectual and industiial de
ve! opu cut, and for the first time in
our ccii:!i! 's histoiy v e fii.d stored
heie in our iimp'.e of justice an tv
hioi.-on of the fruits of the indus
(bistri.il genius of the joudis and
the y.)-i:ig p:opIe of the county.
Voii have put a premium upon the
skill of industry that shall advance
the productive interest of the
county, of mental and manual
training !.u!i is an absolute essen
tial in life. Intellectual and indus
trial training arc the principal cogs
in the wheel of progress, and many
ing it. Our government is using
means for the encouragement and
for the development of the natural re
souiccs i f the states within its bouuds
All the s'ates are turning their atlen
tion loFiiih woik. Ne.v and more
pei feet methods of education are
bcin;: i uciscd for the risinu L-cner-
r S3 - "
ii on, and it is a pleasure to see our
children crowned with the advau
tages that were unknow n to the gen
eration past. I he battle of life
never ceases, it is going on and
these young people that are here
today apparently in the rear will
soon be in the front ranks leading
up to the elevation of life and to
the heights of educational success.
Friends, our future is fast becom
ing gilded, its glorious opportun
ities, facilities and advantages; and
the highway which our children
shall travel is being decorated and
charmed with the flowers of peace
and perfection and the thorns that
have jagged and vexed our ances
tors and gave them trouble and hard
ships are fast falling away and soon
they shall be feared and felt no
more. My fiiends, I am so enthused
and gladdened that I do uot know
how to properly talk to you, what
to say first aud to s.ay last. I would
that 1 was an orator ami possessed
the eloiuence of a statesman and
I the inspiration of a prophet that I
could more forcibly impress upon
you the grandness and the impor
tance of the iutent arid purpose of
this occasion. No I want to say
tJ the boys anil the young men
that 1 see before me: You have
commenced the battle of lite, v ictory
or defeat must be the consequences.
Let n.e admonish you first, be vir
tuous and good, be brave and stro
b'essing to tl'.ur country
r i. e a id be ins run ur in
tioii and the pio:: o i .:i ,f
family. S imi ; ot t'n se I
that are here k j ii inn
shall reach the highest ; sitiou with- ;
i:i the gifi of the. po; ! of i.nr state j
and nation, thvir i io ;-.: nee ; n I
oratoi v ir.ny liie. out i:i t'. e ii.dis if.
state arid national legislative as.setu
l lies; some id t'.cm p;iha;s s. h a i i
become profcsiois i f i.'ir highct't lip
erary and iduLaiiutia! iititutions,
some of them may stand upon the
shore ot distant hcall.cu lauds aud
p::int a benighted people to the blur
iu the east; a Governor and a i'resi
dent of this great nation may have
maiched thro the itreet; of tiiccii
villa today. Mothers, yon have
daughters here today whose lives of
chastity aud purity shall make more
noble the manhood of this country
LukI shall lesi
t 7'
IV TE!! SRVeo nnwuii.pso.ii' 'Mt ivi; v.in.T t.
.i I litt, bXft;n iiisitt-s :t't..in,. ii.-.ilf-titu .twnniM int r..
.( - tit.-....u.-ni i. It'tll,,.rtti(., I
t I.....I1.I.., kii.i i-. ,tn i ,tn ii'mi l -li. i tit
rriM tiit
bt.tt... ...n
M... ..1.I I..- . t.ii. I. .j. . I ilt t ui, huri.il. . l .ile In nil .icks.
"-"rrr w -a.s -jmkv
.'-'S , . . a . x---:My..-'.5J
Qll I "'
liiu CAKER VALLT carWcd in block by
The J. L mm ESTATE, Greciiviile.
I'ty M: ;.u:o ci l misria i:ij i-i.t-l.n :.qJm.
of life aud shall soften, sweeten atm
ameliorate the roughness of mascu
line nature. Some of your daught
ers may be sent of heaven and call
ed from above to bend the sunshine
of life and immortality into the
darkness of far of! homes, l'urcnts,
tin: gems and jewels of your lives
arc here with you today. Some of
your children that are here rejoii
ing with you miy become, unfor
tunate, disease may claim them for
a prey and the pale countenance of
the extinguisher of life may take
them from your bosoms and from
your homes, but you should strive
to make them happy and to enjoy
life; teach to be virtuous and live to
die; persuade your children to make
better men and women lhau you are,
teach them to be studious and in
dustrious aud to hi good, for' in
them vour livcu shall reflect after
you shall have gone down iu death;
teach them to build up a noble pos
terity that shall glitter down the
years of time aud shall be an honor j
to yoifY names. 1 see some old if
persons in this crowd; their heads
have grown gray by the ruuof tears
and this dc.uostration and the ;.d
vanctuient of their posterity is
something new to them; their fur
rowed cheek, today, are brightened
by their smiles of gladness, aitho
their year have b?en spent under
unfavorable circutnstaiu cs and con
ditions, yet they rejoice to see their
posterity moving upon the tide naves
of a more perfect i iv iiia'.i.,n. W'e
hear those old people say with
enthusiasm. "We never saw s.ich
things iu our young days. " Now I
have detan.ed you ki:g cuotppi.
I!ut in conclusion I vvai.t ta siv as
I have already s iid, t'l it li'.is grand
gatherii.'; of the se'.iojl children of
Muhle-ivvrg county is the most
won. lei nil tn it 1 nave e . er witnessed
t ssi'i u? wi-i 1 1 rnuraft i il; lu
Who Have An Attractive Proposition For
I ertilisers For All Crops
for onlv?es. The regular price is Jioo. Those who brinffcr n.r.il
this advert fa:nent to us within five days after seeing it and telling ns
when: they saw it will be able to have one reserved at the low rat of
5e lioohs and stationery are included. No time limit. If not ready
now, buy one for future use.
Second and Wainut Streets. LOUISVILLE. KY.
DIRECTORS -W. A. Wickliffc, W. G. Duncan, C E
Martin, R. T. Martin, E. J. Purycar, C. M. Martin, Jno
T. Reynolds, r. ,
The standing and responsibility of the men
who constitute our Board of Directors arc a
guarantee cf careful, judicious management.
, . :.i
Ni J.i
to meet the demands and the achieve-i nn "V s- 'T1 t'1s v tst ciowd of
mcnts of your lives aud to withstand " ur or "k0 ''"ousaiiu pe.io.e nung
the obstacles aud defeats that may
....nf...,a ...... . I .. .1. ..!
kuiiiniii " ai.n tu. ton ui'i lliai
mental and manual ncipuiremciils
and culture are tli: thief levers of
life and its successes, an 1 remember
that this I eau'iful'earth upon which
uug iugei:ier, i nave not near l a
ripple of disaord, I h ive n i! s.en a
fro". ii of disp!ea:inie, ! hive not
he.lnl a muimui of i!i,-ailii.n no
one hurt tjiiiic showiiit bi-.onoi in
loxicatlo'.i, nor jf i!is;i a..i ; ,n,;a
tioii. 'I he ti:.i.; and sai n.' h i3 en
Victors and Kecords at Roark's
The Domestic Science Stove
iecrcrt!c:i hr.uxs oftentimes teach val-
liable leasers,
that i.uno5 ar
curinj these hours
tionc tic cttsicst way, and
thus you leant many hbor saving jnethods good
fur every day use.
The electric gn:f r.o: only rdes cuse to the fun
tf making fudge or cor.incss to the impromptn
luncheon, but it al teaches the most important
lesson in doir.t'Jc rcLncc ho to cock in the
easiest, cieaneit a;:
Anything you v.i. Ii ca:t be quickly cooked by
You can Trill, boil, fry, toast, ctetr and bake
nuuie cu-c- :.U r:; the li'r.ir-T room tabic or
en the Iittb tabic in ycer own boaioir.
Greenville Liht & Water Co.
you live is your mother and has always
long r.o't-isncti i cr gcncraticiis with uem n
tr -i (jii.i,
e t.aj.oy.
her wonderful and validated boun
ties, omelimss I think that vvc do
not proper' appreciate ilie good
utsi and mercies of (iod. lie has
p v - -.ii ' n i ei on:i n .
history oi our co :ii- an
b : vt airly k ,;t I . t
re. i o: the cj-i';i v i!i--ct i
and r. j re in ih'-ir tii ::v
made us heirs to this splendid and j of lite in dt.'.i:,, !c: i:,
beautiful vvoild to live uoon aud hii!' l'-: she prom '..r of
has supplied it with tvciy adaption
and comfort necessary to make our
!. !1 .
: ot
t! e
lives happy and projpeious, and it
on v ou i n.iMe
a id tit -i v t! it
gt !i iii.,' have
f fleet.
I , . ar
m !-. h
loa cant:ratu
'..'lis oi l-'iol!
; here t ..lav,
l. tit Mid la:.,
1 11.1 i l.is.l'ii
. ' 4' ft T
fehoM-i l-.rtov.'n as the
5f--"i5" f't i 7 50 years
a. .1
for r.
it VI
.i ' i r..
. ,r .. .
d -r, f boot
b.'il . Cari iSi, a L,:Pf:d Liiiot Shells
vi'.t- in in apy ir.::l-e of Fhotgun.
i r'ri.ita-; CA.r.7f.rtGE co.
I 't-. V-'iU Cit
ic!.-, snappy n
i";Lt' fw-- iui y - i
fadzin Lcwzvtlle by CI! A S. C. STOLL OIL CO.

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