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E ''Record' Advertising a
T.luhlonbsi Cc-jn
is rich in coal, iron, timber, potter's clay.
Costs Nothing.
. ! jays for itself. The investment is
' sure cf returns. Get cur rates.
etc, and the most inviting field in Ken
tucky for investment of capital and pluck.
y a a a ixxxifixM k m' x x x H Xxi if K iil
' '"'.J
. . . v
. - .
- - I
: -I
7 ?
'". '' ,'
.. .. v '.
r ' I' 4-
v.-' J vc-. I;.
. - ' I
v w . . i
- t .
- j . . 4 -
Tor The Reden-.:tion cf the Vcung ci
tie Prtser.t C:r.;ioticn and f-'u:ure
Cencraticnj Crcat Meeting
Will be Held.
Tln Ki'tiiiitky I'hilil .!i'.iro Ckiv
f'i'. n.-i' j:ml Khi:.!l. (! s:;m:'J fi.r Hit
:it' jvi!. P'lii .l ih' il.il.lrcn it
Ktiiuicky, uiuil tl.c lliinl ;itul
K.'n;'r.ii1(-iij rml I ; iiniu ily !
tlvr.rJ u r rr-l.!ii!;.upii .f tln iii
l,': i. n i I tl.i- ri i-.'iiT f;'ii' ;:iiion, wil'
l- iit'id in II:" i-omi'iciiDils First Ki-ni
liM'i t Arirory in lm!.. Njvomboi
2! ;'..'. '1 In' xliilttt roj iT will be ":n
ff-i'siuii Uii ilays. Th onfir ii-e will
1h i:i sessir.l Ihroi1 d:i8, Nov-ml)P
2j-2iiC7 : uti ilt confru nro v. ill l
lidit in tlif W'i inn .Memorial l'ushy
leiijin t'lim. li. ouni.T l-Viinh an i
ltro.xl .va.. . ."i- cf 1111 most convenient
Piceiini; il:ict s in !.o'iisvill,.
That Ihe is f.uln r to the in:) n
Is the belief f those back of the 1'hilt!
Welfare Kvhilri. to I ive the ciillC
ut lens! r.n veil bretik for health, lib
this inm: pig
..M'Titts little
' ; n.Wc Irish Licv
JTO-? ;'n.ijr risers
r' 'Hhs little .hin
n.vlf wiilw plumes
9 ' held hai-v
1 t'AiTUSlV. j
erty and pur--uit cf h:ipplnes its aim
The purpose of th.? exhibit will be
shown "Wil l we are doins for chil
dren: what ve are net doing for chil
dren: vhat v.e cui-'ht to do for chil
dren." The Kenfrcky ( i:i!d Welfare Exhibit
organization Iihs lt-ra in existent (
since lut J.iuuary, but Its work hat
been so uaotMent itiour, so quiet, bc
unobtrusive that few realize its mag
nitude and U 'ope. Lclniiing the nigh!
cf November ::i at 8 o'clock and laat
ig ten days the public will have nr.
oppcrtunity to Jud;e cf the vastneas'
of the undertaking. The exhibit wili .
be held at the srmoiy and will be ot t r
dally from 1) o'clock lit the n.-ornina
until 10 o'clock at night with the ex
ccption of atulny r.nd Thankspiviuj!
day. when li will open at 2 o'clock ir
the aftfrnct i niJ lemain open iinti.
10 o'clock at nl;-ht.
:cp: Comprer.snsive.
Everything 'hat telrMeji to the child
and through the child to th?-:ireut
will be ties':) with. To epitoaii.e th
exhibit it wi:i consist of screens, l.iov
ing pictures, l.re exhibits, inoJe!
dairy, mode: taeire;it. free clinics
model tiinitt.rcoi.i and kitchen, (lirtj
and dean Iran, nxilel jdaypround
flcmou.-tialK :; of t'uj vtoik g'ciic ut tin
tidiool for to- li'.iiid and the H.ibics
Milk Ftnd v. i',1 have a booth whict
will be in hsrRe cf a trained nurse
here rr.cthTg (an have their babios
and where froph. pure milk will bu pra
The conditions cud needs cf Ken
tucky chi'.eici will l.e shov.'ii In tin
following scions: Health, sr heels, tht
child end th" law, settlements and edu
caticnul im.ven ent, lccieation, Indus
trial (cnditioi?, moral end religioui
life, ct.untry iifs and schools, phiian
thropy end l.-tties.
t'ive huit(i;ed volunteer "t-xplainerj'
working in four-hour shifts wi l be
well drilled ia the pmicuUir Iran:!
they are to '.teidatc and wi'.l give any
itiformation tiealred.
The ofiiccj cf Ihe Kentucky Child
Welfare Kxliti.it are: Mrs. Morrlj Helk
nap, prciiidtn:; Mrs. Alfred li.antiies
first vice, resident; si;s3 Kl!.utetl
Walsh, secoi.J vice prcbident; Ills. L
W. Thompson, secretary; lr. Anns
Louis Strong director; Mita Ade'.c
Brandies, assistant uireeter.
Vurious co!tmittee3 Mid subcommlt
te?s have torn work ing in, their de
partnieno r d the results already au
roirplisheil h vo Leen extremely grati
fyiug to theso in charge.
Med) Detail Involved.
The trcmt-Htnus anicunt of detai
v.oik attached to cuch a stupendous
undertaking -n be grasped only faint
ly by a U'.l to the hc.i-buancis it
the Armory. The only handicap ihtu
far encouuteud is the very serious one
of money. 1 ! e New Yolk Child Wei
fare Exhibit thows cost f 100,0 tK) tot
tvera viiited by C50.000. The ecreeni
el r
i i
k lc vi'ninii'n ti'ftrr o' i i.sf a.v
u.scj there witp used In Chicago, and
iu itiiiiiiioii $.it,lnii) was exie:ided
Their efforts were avanl. il by an at
tendance (if 41o,oiu. l'xhihits hav
been held in Hansis City and .'orthi
ttmiton. M;tsn., and are to he held it;
St. I-ouis and Montreal. Then Ken
tucky Child Welfare Exhibit has sc.
uivd nearly $4.MH no far, but much
more is needed. IioHations may bq
sent to the Kentucky Child Welfan
Kxhibit at the Armory.
The Child Welfare Kxhihit haa been
accorded the hc.trty co-operation ot
Ihe Hr,;!rd of Health, r.oard of Tuber,
enlowis Hospital, various charity or
ganizations and the churches. Static
tug have been looked up, information
of technical character furnished, re.
pons on local conditions in various
branches have been submitted and tab
ulated after being vcrilied. The vari
ous commit toca total '2M men and
women. Hut. an U usu.tlly the e.usa
v.here committees are aointed, a
few active spirits do the work and the
otlxrs come tnroiiK on the suetOion
end. That the workers, the real work
ers, have been unremitting in their ef
forts is shown by the spit mliu results
' uviT ct Behoof children, folk-
dacius . gymnastic . exhibitions,
kindergarten and folk-games, drilli
and athletic contests by the Hoy
Pconts, Y. M. C. A, Y. M. H. A, the
Turners, and many other organiza
tion, will take place iu the Central
Court every afternoon and evening ex
cept Sunday. Free moving pictures
cn Child Welfare will be given after
noon and evening.
On Friday eveitinx and Saturday af
ternoon, November 22-23, the Histori
cal Pageant given in Central Park in
.May, 1911. will be repeated.
The directors and managers of th
Ixiuiaville Kxhibit have been preparing
for their great task since the National
Child Labor Association held its an
nual convention In Louisville last
January. The enthusiasm and inspira
tion aroused nt that time has been
productive of such excellent result!
that Pr. Ktiong unhesitatingly asserts
th:t the U uisville Kxhibit will bc tin
most enjoyable and successful in Ills
history cf the entire movement. an
has set iir.-d the services of 500 young
I.ouisvilie girls who are studying t licit
various parts end v ill devote their
full time during the week of the ex
hibit to explaining the various exhi
bits and giving information and guid
ance to visitors.
1 i
. HF I f.'r
Wk iJi K.ii
In connection with the Kcniur'i)'
Child Welfare Conference and Kxhibit
two other notable conventions will b
held in Louisville: the Child Welfare
Conference proper will be held No-1
vembcr 2.lh and the Kxhibit will con j
tinue until November 30th. Tht;
Soul hern. LMucatioual Association wil
hold Its annual convention at Louis
villc, beginning November 28th uni
continuing three djys. It is cxptttfc
that one thousand southern tertthf.rs
will attend this convention. Mrs ;
Charles C. Weaver, of Louisville, h.n,
ta' cc advantage of the Southern Fdn i
catloiial Association itnd of the t'liilii
Welfare Conference, which v.ill be Ir (
Itrngreis at mat t;iu. to cut a conwi
cation of EchouJ improvement workers
the first ever held la the v.oiiu.
r .,"w;j..'u.sli h i m tt.j i i ti
N'M At: ISrw Ideas, but All Are Worth
He ',-f inhering One Especially
Tii.it Will Suit These Fond
cf Pepptrmint3.
-'t" c-li Prill i r.-s One pint of oc-ok
! k i i . t ;. 1 1 . one pint of milk, threo
r-utol a litlle stilt. Suflicient (lour
l.i t:.ake then! turn easilv on the grid
tile. !.i':t(! Sauce l'.eat one egg nnd
Jimrhi-r yolU slightly, add time table
speo':; Miuiir. and a few grain of salt,
t!in stir constantly whilo adding
gradually one and one-half cups hot
milk, t'ook in a double boiler, con
tinue Mining until mixture Clickens
and a coaling is formed on spoon.
Str.iiti. t'nor with vanilla, one-half
Fricil i lijekiu Cut tho chicken in
to six or eight pieces Mid season well
oitli salt am! pepper. Hip in beaten
tt-'si- .tic ilien in in bvead crumbs in
which iher. is n teasimonfiil of chop
ped parsley to every small cup of
irtimbft. I ip arain In egf.s and rmmbs
iid fry In deep boiling l:tt. Cner the
-nter of a cold dish with a nio.i white
in nee
Peppi rmlnts If yon want a good
ivipc for peppermints here It Is:
Two cups of sugar, one-Jialf cup of
milk, boil ten minutes, tlten add two
leaspoonfuls of peppermint and beat
till white anil creamy and drop oi
buttered paper; bo sure and get it
Ihlck enough. Keep a basin of hot wa
ter near so if it gets too stiff you can
melt it a little.
Ksealloped Salmon Jtemove the
bones nnd pieces of skin from a can
if salinot- and break t'.io fish Into
small pieces. Put alternate layers of
Ish ami bread crumbs into a buttered
baking dish, having top layer of
frumba. Pot top with pieces of but
!er and pour in milk until it can be'
ern around edges. Pake about half
n boer
Kndive Salad Use the endive plant
is yci: would lettuce. It is considered
letter than lettuce, being more bleach
fd an J very tender. I like it best
lervi d by itself as a salad, dressed
with French dressing, made as fol
lows: Two ao-eMMK ': vM,. gar and
tour trJcaper- t--ed. TtfT
add on? pice'- ..i mix. unit a little red
pepper. I'o-.ir over chilled endive plant
ind serve.
Delicious Stew.
I use a small agate kettle and set It
nsldo of my large boiler. Keep plenty
f water In the large boiler and keep
t boiling hard. One pound of stew
)eef, two pounds pork chops, two on
c:.a. Put !n a Inyer of pork, then a
eye: of beef and a little onion, season
:ach laj tr with salt and pepper. Con
tinue until all the meat is used. Do
jot put tiny water on the meat, but.
rover as closely as possible and set
u tho laro boiler of boiling water.
?ut a cover on the large boiler, too.
Do not uncover the small boiler for
hree and one-half hours, then you will
jnd lots of gravy on the meat. Kx
mange. Hints on Cooking Eggs.
Vse a vessel with straight sides fa
)uart measure will do because It is
rasier to keep water up to the desired
. mpen.lute than In a vessel with
luring bides. Have the water boiling
Sot. Diop the eggs in and keep the
X'lnperature up to boiling, bnt do not
vt it bcil. Let eggs remain in the
nater eight or ten minutes; the whites,
ihould be Jelly-like, not hard, and the
oik should also be cooked, but rot
lard. Cooked in this way, eggs are
wore palatable. Home Department,
National Magazine. '
Hamburger Steak.
Cook one heaping cup cf macaroni
n boiling salted water 20 minutes;
vhilo It is cooking fry two large on
ons and have your hamburger ready.
Then butter a baking dish and put in
l layer of macaroni, hamburger, cn
ons ami one cup of tomatoes (hot);
epeat and cook about half an hour In
tot oven. Salt anil pepper to taste..
iou can reheat and make a good,'
learty dluh.
Coffee Mold.
Scald one .tnt of milk, dissolve two
K'aping tablespoons cornstarch (I pre
r Dour) in a little cold milk or wa
or. add two tablespoons sugar, pinch
if salt, half a cup strong fresh coffee.
Stir this Into the scalded milk and
rook until it thickens. Turn Into a
nold and set it aside to cool. Serve
I th cream and sugar. It la called
roffco mold.
Sausages Cooked in Batter.
Four tablesKtons of flour, one pint
f milk, one egi. Heat the batter five
plnutes. pour boiling water over one
jound of sausage and pull off the
ikins. Place In baking dib, pour the
latter over them and bake till nice
ind brown cn top.
Cup cream, one-third cup of butter
ind one-third cup of powdered sugar.
dd oiie-ihird cup of molasses, one
st-ven-tighths of a cup of Hour
jne cup chopped peacnn njits. Itako
li eclair tins with one half nut on lop
)f each cake.
Coffee rdarshmallow Jelly.
Maku plain coffee Jelly, not too stiff,
ind when it litis set serve in stemmed
rl.".?ses, with molted marshmallow
loured over It. lk corato with a w hole
r; rshnrall'iw cifl serve.
Freedom, represented by a beautiful
ghl attired In classic draperies,
Bhrii ked .vh" Koseiuski fell.
"Don't strain your Inns". said the
man who was operating tho picture
mat hine "if you simply move your
1I;ih we'll get all the effect we need."
The boy stood on the burning deck
'Don't tir.dlike a wooden Indian,"
yelk d ti'o man at the ntachiue. "I dun
lin where ihe management finds all
these bir.ii hams.' ' ;
A soldier of the lesion lay dying at
"One tubulin lo fhange tho reel,"
bawled the operator. "Keep your pone
That won't give you timo to smoke
no cigarette."
Just s Cjsy!
The child of the professional humor
1st. was gazing at a lump of lee, from
which vapor waa risritif;-
"Sco, fathert" cried the child. "Even
th ice is hot."
"Weil, run out into Ihe pantry and
you can see the lee-cooler," replied
the professional humorist., carefully
making a note ou bis culT. Lippin
v.'. s.r v
Teaclier (to geography class) Wil
lie, you may tell us what -a strait is.
Willie live consecutive cards of
any suit.
Go To It .
.Quit your grumbling and boo-hoolng!
Fare the lllit witli courag stout;
It's tho man who's up and suing
Who Is never down and oqt, -
Fr.rr.ln4 HJs.:.. -
- rrs'i..-:.- fe'.rt toy?,
j."th oi!V. vj next door neignbor
Is learning to play the cornet," he ex
claimed. "The man is a public nuis
ance. What would you advise me to
"I-oarn to play the trombone," re
plied tho astute lawyer. "Ten dollars,
The Trouble.
"Why were jou absent from school
yesterday, Grace?" asked tho tencher.
"Please, teacher, niuvver was sick."
The teacher, who is afraid of con
tapon. asked:
"What is the nijifter with her?
What does tho doctor say It is?"
"Please, teacher, be says It's a boy."
Harper's Magazine.
A Trsde Grievance.
"Our advertising club has con
demned the Wisconsin professor who
says noo rubbing should take tho
place of kissing."
"And why, pray?"
"For encouraging a ust as good'
substitute." Judge.
Cause for Regret.
Lady I don't like this picture so
well as 1 did the last one you took
cf me.
Photographer Ah, madam, I have
not tho artistic taste that I had when
I was you u.; ; and, besides, my cam
era is getting old.
Do Vhia 1 don't Bee tow Douu-I'l-K
n;an;:s d to get along in Paris.
Do Quiz Why not?
Do Wilis Why, ho couldn't speak
tho Fr; ncii language.
Dt Quiz Ni, but his money could.
There Was a Man.
Tt..-rr was a limn In our town
Who us '1 to iro on toots.
Until tin b.iw pink elephants
Kniiinln' from bis boots.
A (ii&tlnn.
Tlie Ciiriir That picture entitled:
"Charily" i.j pretty fair for Church-'
moitso to huvo painted.
The Cjuciiiit Yes; wonder whero he
got tho mod' 1 of th-3 i bill tho woin
vii ia h.u. li'.g over."
tu bub rage Days. I
Prc-ity f'.iii--Will you be eulillcd to'
a vote before I:m;? I
llrmtl.-onio Friend No; bnt I h(.(ie
to Il?.vc some ono v lics.a voti I can
direct pretty soon.
Li.M mm
As filth flics before the broom; so do disease
iiiijur indiicr
They can't stand against
uvuuiwa wiuw, oucti as p:mpies, nous sores eczerrz-, c..
rheum, malaria, rheumatism and kidney disorders. It makes a c'.zzn t.vrcp.
It curc9 quickly and euro to tay. It f?lves rlorlous hearth and lsor to th
woak, sickly and run-down.
! l i N T I H T
4 ;u up .tt.iit'H, til Ihf June buihtiii?.
Urrcnii. Kj.
Phi Mk Ion u ttiirgcon.
OQo-e Main-crus Htrrri near xtainiitrrrt. 15
WAPt a. 6ff.tr.
' SHicc li Crrtilnililci. f?wiUlillci Botci.
osiEorAiiiic riiYsiciANS
OIHcc at Home. East Miijvcrcs Street.
TclCpHono No 7H,
. Nonon isMfe
Louisville - snd - Chicago
California a:ul the
Vast Norlliwcst
Two tra'tis daily
French Lick and Tcst KaJ;a Spring.
Dinirw ar.d Parlor Cirs.
Palace Drawing Rcota Slccrti".
E. H. BACON. D. P. A..
N. W. Cor. 4th mid Market St.
LoriVILI.K. K V.
A'"r.iisrrri!tf in I 'rtr.:i mi f
nr.: iv j. .fr:i:!i t tr.- (-.ii:a f . o wnt r mt i i
tn-'rti!t'-i ia frr.ti p tf .'Htn'il.r d.i r-.i.r-.. .
pcmi. iioo. iM.tnsi n:'rf!fv l"rn.H'::;i2 iriiUM:
R:r;tltl IiiUti tiiriik'l JHBMTl A I a, J-.-.-lTtf
tpt Ctul nott;? wtrh Hit titers, tu t't3
SctenfiHe JiitsericatL
nnfrr.rtr ClnVrlM T-.-vklr. J.nra--'t r'r.
's'fiiiftu (" ot sruri:iif J'!!tti;it. lrnt. f a
reir; fitiir mufttbj, (U biaiitl ncwedtnir-.
bub iITil j. F St, Vmbm auu. u. C.
It is a very ktIcus r:iit'.T r c -i.
Ir cue mcuiiins cr: jvc tl;c
is wror.j cr.s fjiven yJ. i-'cr t:;r. j
I reasoa r.-a i::2 you i:i buinj to )j
tc car;:''-! tc grt the jjc&tiis; 1
. li.vf aii'Jk.?
5 Tfc? rc?utstbn cf tJ.h ci-.L rjUa- 'A
Mc. mc.iici-:, f r ccsr-tipvs, itv jt
6 di;.;slini: cvA iivcr trcul' . ii lirrj- ,
!?; ether t.ied.L-::l.-s. t is better tb.-ui IJ
?! otters, tr it v.'Ottl-i l.ol no f.v- 3
kKfj4if OVER t-3 YCA nf
K vc-ritrj l;vcr j ar-i'.tr, v i-.!i a lur-rr j-i
( sal 3 tbui t.U Lilusrs co -..'cinz2. A
am laui Tiumors in the diooq uy cz.c-ra
this matchless broom of the
sold an guaranteed
by Jorvis & Williams.
SIIAIBflll HHiffi : W
Wc announce to oar trade aci ths f " .
lie that our stocks of goods hi a3 d i.
merits are larger and better izlzttzl V -j
ever Li our Listory. Ve crry a rr-!.'
line of . :-j
and can supply most u tle wals of the
people. In Dry Coods, Clothing, Shoes,
ILts, Etc., wc oITer large selections.'
In Groceries, Hardware, Tinware, Farm
Implements and such goods our stocks
rr tspeciilly etropg. :-:
In all Jepattnients prices will hs found
the lowest, md your visits will be hiViJy
spprcckited. :-:
We have just id Jed n I
jyx lusiness, will can7 a crrprchensivc luie of Coiilns; Cas- ij
q kcis, l?o':c, Suit.;, W.ippcrs
ff iii service, call anywhere.
' 1
and careful alc:;tian any hour
itiCpHOiicS: i'CfD, hO. I
j ?me Up Hope
i . ' fhfijriu itvC cr.rs. w:;!i rw:t.l naira. 3 icrrnti
Jy foal -les," wrtcn; A'r3. M
ooiiri, J. L. i I:ey f.rcw v.orcc, ll.i 1 would often famL
I coi:!J r...i v.r.!k rl c'A, ci:: I had r.r. &v.d hurtiaj in cy
ride; : Lo a hc-.dac d a takache.
i :;-.ve s .1 .-.::.! i-:ciTt;l;t I vci ?d die, but my husband
ll-cJ i.:c i !; Civdt::, ro, I teann, end U:c t:rst botile
helped r-.c. V-y the iir.e the third Lotde Vas cat-J, I could
co ell tr v.-;.-. th- pscjis sreci'd I.tre cola 1 vcIci
fl';p I - r . - -. IV - - -I -
VJ - . , ... V-. . . 4 w . - .U l,.v.
1 :.: I A, .V1 U d
r:r mon lin & yeirs, Ctrtful h.?3 b?r rclievinr:
wopjn'; ?y. c.i:r: 4.1 nvAin.' v.crk wr-i.:cr. s'ronfT and
well. l:i'i's: lime, li -nionuis ci woir.cn lv.ve written,
like "lis. csti"?, it icll ci J.'.c ai::y suriMisi.i rcsulis
tiicy 'b:.:iiicd ty iU-s ucc c! tiiis puidy vegetable, tonc
remedy ivi , iinvi.
Cr.r:i'.,i Tci-.'V.hcr?, f);ii!cf. rcrtr.res, nnd relieves or prc
veoi.i i-i:w.-:ry p.r.n rn.f s'H.orir-i Ixom wonui-Jy tioubles.
If yea a; a a weuuui, te-in taIciH5 Coitiui, today.
Lr !: . -.Vi. -..:.. .. of.! i. -
germs, cfTita end
blood. Cut they C3,c!
by ZZ
i V
i )
i )
ride: liking Dcparlmcrit to cur
andDrcsic: - . AU j have a Hearse vii
Crd:rs in t!ui line given prcrr.nt &
k -
day cr nlfit.
nip, lC. U Cf RSL j.
D. McPherson, from Chad- M
r3 O H
Cn.. CiV'lKKtX TiTl ,
ri.v,- ;i;?u;!.i.i:
, . . . -. . .

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