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g "Record' Advertising
S ContH Notlilng. 3
Muhlenberg County
5 is rich in coal, iron, timber, potter's clay. 3
p(t p.-.ys for itself. The investment is $
: -fs.j.a.7;n
Kt:rc., ami me most mvit.n" ticid in Ktn-3
ti!cl;y Ibr investment of capital and pluck. 3
s cf returns. Get our rates. ';
f r. 4 '..;: x K it B X f . a 4 K'.liE kvSi-tf
gki:l:nvii.ll. ky.. Thursday, jantaky t, nm.
1 ; UiMkM,
I f.mi mm mmmm mw m - imir tw i - v --
4lir.fcl.u:i Vf'i.ij; rami l i.iotij
rr All tHe Mischief Wrought ty
Salsons Country Pecple Mutt
Feet Heaviest forticr
Tlio great u:?:i::u t.t used lor lie. in -ii.';
the talon I tli.it a revenue i.;
U'':s ur J to I s-i 11 t.iva.ioii. Il U
i ' 1. Icons c money u i.l build mie
. ..Iky. suppn.t school, ii.ul ili) !..;u
I: r tliii.tn uliu li nlln iiM- v.oulil
1:. i' to I '..id fur !lu t tly mil m til'
1 hetM of tit t::x i-: rs "
l.iivu" it.i.::ry ilcos n.il il ru a. 1
.'.jr tixoa nf lit ; I. nt the s iKxnirj
. i!" increase your tavr nutritiously.;
V 11 are t:ot i.tKt'il to l'i;il.l i hli-u
the ttn-rif-, or to ilo any if ti.'V
t'.'i ss It is 1.'.1ikn1 ilrciiKe r.ioiu y
. . s 1t t!ie town, lint yn'i nre tax J.
m:U t!..it tii-'..t heavily, to .ty the.
o.inl.V H li:U lor courts, jitils. iiiors
house, care of the iiinan.-, und things
like that. The land yuu own mys tin
bulk of the county taxes.
The poor-l-ouse anil farm are Jus-t
outside the city limits ami yen feel
flattered when the Mate suftiorities
report It the l'et Ini-titution of tlie
kind in the hi ate. Well, you may, fcr
you are haei of that liiMlttitiott. f
far as money gnc; lor the taxes you
pay. In Iar;e iriiat-ute. mstaln It. IV.it
Its physician, hiiiirelf a drinkiiit; man.
not a temperance fnnatir, reiiorts
again and ai;aiii, to your FH)iervisors
that at Uat three fourths of Us in
itiates coire there thioi'Kh the drink
habit, either in tlienivelves or oth
er. Ths case t.t a nutshell is this: If
there Is any rood coming from license
which we !eny the city petn it;
while for all the misihief the ralonns
work, the fr.rmera fcot the heaviest
lart of the I I I'm
Infinitely I cyond any motley copsid
eration are tl:s daiifter-plta that the li
oenaed raloonj of the town lis for the
unwary feet of your l oya. From lack
of familiarity with the enticements of
the ra'.oon. farmer hoja arc more li
able than city boy, to fall victims to
Its rnsres.
"Temperate" Use of Intoxicants Is Apt
to Be Frocuctive of Queer Fan
cies and Fallacies.
It Is a well known fact that when
nlcohol niters the body, one of the
first orgaiiB (o feel its Influence is the
organ of the t-.-.ind, the br;.ln. The per
ceptive faculty is beclouded, tho rea
son dethroned, and he moderate drin
ker never k'.ows the exact moment
hen the sceptre pastes into the hand
of the arch-deceiver. In fact, mich is
the llluMve uature of strong drink that
the drinker often lmsgines that a
"proper anii legitimate" use of the
Fame ktimulttes n.J charpeus the In
tellect. We find anting the friends
and supixrt-r8 of the liquor trulrtc
very few to'al abstainers. The mod
orate drinker, on the other band, is
found characterizing liquor as a neces
sary evil acd apologizing for the Fa
loon as the poor man's club, which
goes to prove that even a "teinierate"
use of Intoxicants is apt to be pio
ductlvc of qjeer faacles and danger
ous fallacies in the mind of even a
good lawyer, an able editor or an emi
nent clergyman.
The Evil cf the Saloon.
An American social reform Journal
hss this to (ay of the evil cf the li
censed liqucr traffic:
"It Is not hiefly that the saloon is,
a political evil, not chiefly that drunk
enness is aL'orrent, not chiefly that
it Interferes with work and business,
not altogether, tbat It makes so much
misery for to nmcy. but that at last
we are seeing that the saloon and in
temperance rre the enemies of souls
that have Infinite worth and the de
stroyers of bodies that have cost such
car. We are at last seeing how ut
terly llloglccl, even imbecile. It Is to
spend thousands of dollars on schools
and churches to produce fine souls aud
thousands cf dollars of sanitary cit
ies and streets and houses and safe
guards to grew a healthy young man,
and even to rpend thousands more to
restore crlvi nals to manhood, aud
then to allow on any corner an insti
tution which destroys both body and
Columbia Makes Unique Record.
Records of all kinds have been
claimed by steamships coming iuto
port, renin; a Chicugo paper, but
none more ctrange than the boast of
the "Columbia," of the Anchor line,
which reecn'ly completed a trip from
Glaspow to New York, without hav
ing fold a crink during the entire voy
age. Althoreh there was liquor pro
vided, rot a drop was purchased, for
every one of the passengers was a to
tal abstainer.
The Peace of God.
Sickness i- discouraging and Is bard
to bear. Pi t we should remember
that the dc'.t g of the w ill of Cod Is
always the roblest, holiest thing we
can do any hour, however hard It may
be for us. If we are called to suffer,
let us suffer patiently and sweetly.
Under all cur sharp trials let us keep
In our beam tbs peace of God. Vnder
the snows of suffering, let us cherish
the fairest, rmtlest growths of spirit
ual life. Th? outward man may lu
cVcJ deeay, I ut the Inward man will
be renewed y by day.
lb H JR
d V-
I l.itf e Hare Attc.-.tirn to Df ji's Wi l
1 Hcsult in -roiit, Rcp.iyi.-g Tim s
i.l- il'. A.
! l'li V.I
! I'.I.l!
imi: i
li.i !n Hi r v.:...i
1 , . iuli-; :
!. 'i'1.0 .vi.: 1 '1 1
I' IS l.'Sii'l'd to i
ir. the
a. 4nJ
i.l :.ii;i ir.i r . I', il lic--h i
nt i: til aii. I sui':;inir iln-
: e in
: y .in v. i. l. r wlun fK-.Ii ;
Ii.il.. I i. .Cit.ti'
, ii ; ins oin !:iu ;
ii'llt ion to i'i' :'" '
't ;:t:i! V iv; :;. : '!
Ii: 1 ;.
-lit i
I; is
l.tl'or involved.
l.l'l P'.iri-os.t Here to en
" i'.tris.t ln'ie to
.:ito any lisA it-' -ion or uio v.-iys u
inn of the
J :i;i iectt;t: p 1'ie 4 roIact ion or e -.,s. Mi
j :i:vily t I'i. inf. out t!.i jrn ;i'nilit'ei
- vi r vv jw
xcellent E33 Canii:er.
. i . f,t .u a result of extra care la '
ua ad marketing the e.sgs noir f
produced; the extra profit Is to ha
made by obtaining the to; retail
priee, and, us consumers brcotno
aeipiainted with the r-roduet, by ob
taining a preiuiLin of from ona to fiva
cents per !ozcn over the regular price
pair for ordinary eggs.
In order to obtaiit ton pricea for
eggs, they must be unllorm in i.c,
tiniiorm in color, and uniform in
quality. The uniformity in color Is
not always important and depends on
the market; 1111ilor1r.it y in size ex
cludes small cg;:s and unusually largo
ones as well; while uniformity in
quantity calls for abrokitdy clean e;:ti
that have been g. I hired p-i-amptly
aHer being laid, kept under ti'e best
possible conditions, tmd i!iareted not
more than three or four days ufter
they are laid.
Foultiy Gate as Shown in thj migra
tion Will Save Cussin and
Garden Truck.
Barrels of perspiration may bo
saved by the poultry gate eiiov.11
herewith, which is reproduced, wi;h
the article from the Now KugianJ
Homestead. Whoever has uninten
tionally acquired tho ben chualas.
hen-cussing habit may cure binsseir
with this little device.
In the fence, preferably r.t a point
near where the fowls are fid, a li.tio
door about 10 by 12 inches is bui sr
on the Inside of the yard, sj a.) to a,
vays swing shut without sr-riu&s. It
Is stopped from swinsing outward, by
the peg shown at the ri;;ht.
-----. - .-, ii (auiiiiti lltJMI
tho garden, will ioke her head Inta
every mesh of the fence in her efforts
"'. I
to rejein her happy companions.
1 no
gate will thus allow her to eater I olu a'via ,ree's
without excitement or ccmiiioii.m from ' l'or a-frt" of actea about 20
thalordof the harem from the irat-3 , :,ce!, FbcuU1 1)9 K111 llD to tho ,;llUJ
ow'ner and orohard.
Hut "another advauiaso may bo-
i... i.- ...
h, ' V Z:
gates are used, one opening inward '
cita I I ' I
r I K ',
"rrV-r-v-'-:'; -ji-yy---, ,-,
Garden or Mest Ccte.
la front of the uc-st, the oilier o; ien
lag outward at the had; or tho MiJo,
ca that the liens may go to autitiicr
yard after laying, tio poult--niau
may know which huis have and. have
not laid. Tbu4 bo may avi.H t)K,
trouble usiialiy connected wiiii ordi
nary trap cest3.
Breeder for Uext Year.
This Is the season of tho year tu
bur your brcaders fir next, c.-, bo'
the lare breeders ate idlipr; ft t:"'
Cain prices iu c:ier to have the -oor.i i
f ... ... " ' 1
needed for the growing stock,,
All V.irictics .Should Be Grown In i
Wide P.owc to Allow of Cultiva
' tion by Horcs rnj Hae.
Tiie Fi.uiiul between the roxva and
r.rtuud the buhlies should be k'M't
l.no and ni'llow. If the soil ia al
lowed to bccoiiio hard and allowed to
prow tin in weeds and Kran3, the yield
v. ill ho cut t.Iinrt, ami the fruit will
! 1 i.m.ill and of inferior quality. All
, hu:il fruits hhould be Rrown in wlilo
rowf, 10 the greater part of the ctilil-
' vat ion can he done with tho horso,
i hoe and cnltivator.
' The itroper ilL'tuiieo to jilant cur
, tatitit. ras'iben ie.-i, bl:c!:l:orriea nnl
'. ;:oseberri. s i;t th fruit parden is
live feet apart each v. ay for ltotr:o
' mitiva'ion. i'nr Un Binail .:i.u!y Kar
, den il.iiit ie rows live feet apart and
: three aiiait in in;; row. This will sl
' low of tho larger portion of tho culti
' ;.tion being donu wiih the l;oi'6 cnl-
The Kround around tho bush-
i ra t!iiif.t be broken up and mellowed
with the hoe. Kxptrt fruit jirowcra
: ni.ii.itai;! a dust m"lch until the bir
: ties urj half k 1 .ti-. then a thick coat
j of long btruwy Manure, rrass or rot
i tt-ti le.lM'S i:l i,pie.-d over tTl Clltiri)
i ground about four indict thick. j
Tins mulch tuevints tuo crovvth o" .
j edts, and keeps
tho soil cool and
j ir.oiat. When this method is fol-!
: lowed the yield will bo greater, tho!
berries free tu dirt, and much larger j
: i.lze. and or extra lino tir.vor. All
; milts Miccectl best when given plenty
i o! Bunshfne and air, nlotiK with intelll-
gent culture. Tho common practice
! of planting the bushes along the gnr-
U n walk or fence row in bad, as the
I btit-'ios cannnt bo cultivated eeonoin
i ira!!y. The yield and nio of the ber
i ries ia Kreiitly increased whero there
j is n full supply of moisture.
: The. irrigation for fruit and vejre.
' tables is being extended as a result
of tests made by practical men. Tho
method of irrigation for vegetables
r.nd small fruits practiced by market
gardeners of Itoato'i 1ih3 been found
economical and profitable.
directions Given and Illustration
Shown of Quite Convenient Im
plement for Orchard.
A buoer built lifca this i:s very hardy
nlout t-'ie place in picking fruit or
pruning- -rces. For a ladder ten feet
imp hp e "o pieo-d one and one-fourth
,ncnPB ,nlc , "
l1"1- . ti
"jfo.. in the F"ra,rs a,l1 I'rccxe.
For tho Biipportk ' tvvo Pces of one
Fo.'d'ng Safety Ladder.
by four-inch stuff. Holt tho two si'p
ports togct'Jer in tho middle. Sprea l
(in lower endu as shown and use a rod
for tho connection at the upper end.
The longer iho ladder, tli3 heavier the
t:pr:?hts s'nould be. Such a ladder
caa be foiled and carried with ease.
The Da:iauaapi.els well worth test,
Pruning shears can bo used every I
month in (he year. (
The qultckest grovt inn trc for a a'tel-
I ter bdt ir. tho willow. .1
I Pear f ees nlnnt-rrt rn thin irroi nd I
1 aro not so ant to become bliehted.
Pruno tho currants nnd oioseberr ies
soon as the leaves fai. or cai'iy
next spring.
Straws, stalky manure r.inkt o an id. il
mulchlr.2 fertiliser for h..lh vr.une an. 1
, . - - - ,
lil,ltu whero crimsoa clover
will grow, trv uiwinir it for a. cover
crop in the od
WhiIe saB Y ui'3 pro'.vably Coot
for strawby rrie- auy soil nof too rich
. ' .
.( 'i
i iu uriiig good results. . aoor, one h-hsiwuiuui uu-
Tho tr rest end quickest -way of ' hi'.f ieaspoonful doves, one egg (beat
t-radic-i' ng white crabs iu a. fcrccn- thite separately), one teaspoonful mo
house r oil would be to steam it. KSfs. one cup chopped raisins. Bake
Wit Lt. .l in iiV I r..i hour
Und. of fruit treec. especl; illy to'
the peach and other slono frui ts. '
Ft climbing cutworms bo U r or-!
ard or other crops by eating buds
i..nd foiiae, scatter loisou bait
Ripen the pears in a dark placo.
Tin y will assume a fine color If. ripen
ed between the l.iytis of woolen blank
els. Plow tho ground for tho lat or
chard. Disk It In lata fall and It will
be in good shape to plant neut
Heel fruit tro.oa In cr. veil (. ra'r.crf
ground, putting two feet of dirt cn thu
roots and coveriun tin tops witl i ubcut
nix inches.
Itemenibe-r that the wood asl r-s that
j come, frcm the tool; stove, lire; flaee) or
I furnace lire tho bei-t kind if f irtiliznr
I for the oreiiatd. lawn or gar- len.
Tho best fruit trecu for kie ill town
! lota or gardens nre peaches r jid cher-
, ries. Appbi troe3 U'Vo up t m much
room ana aro rjilc:i fcl'6tr 11 1 Cumlne
into bearinc.
i w Vi
; Will 0s Found to Ba Labor Savers a
I Well as Economical How Rusty
Needle. May Ba Effective
ly Cleaned.
When darning j a rent in woolen
Roods, r.nd it Is impossible to ravel
out th- poods itself for thread to dim
with, use long hairs from your own
head. Tho loose weave of the wool
loses tho luitr in its meshes, and so
the (I aru become invisible.
The best way to clean rusty needles
Is to run them tip and down in the
crrth. Just go oot in the garden und
ttick the needles In the ground, then
pull the tit out. jlavo the needles
j threaded, with the thread tied double.
fo there will be IsoniethinK to catch
iKild of to extractlthe needle from the
earth. This method Is even better
than using an cutpry bag.
When buttons rome off shoes and
you sew them on again, run through
all tho other buttons with tho same
ihtti'd with which you replace the
titUsing ones. It Will strengthen them
nil ar.d make tho next button sewing
n task lar in the, future.
Small holes in iblack or white kid
gloves can e.tsll.i be mended with
court plaster. Cut tho plaster a little
larger than the hole itself, and stick
It to the tinder part of the glove di
rectly over the hole, pressing the kid
dow n t ier otlion the sticky surface of
the plnster. This will laft as long as
the gloves themselves do.
If tiio tip breaks off the end of your
sdsFors. the iarra'd point may be
FTuootfcpJ off by robbing it on a whet
fclone. The point fill be uneven, but
j n v.ill cut oil rlgh
The same treat-
merit mty ho used
kir blunted needles.
filov. rlanps, or
knap fasteners are
better to use as a
listening for plack-
cts on cloth dresses than are hooks
and eyes. I'.ut when the latter are
used 1).? sure to buy those having the
peat eyes instead of the ordinary loop
Silk petticoats always give way first
p.t the scam; therefore, when you buy
a new one, sew silk seam binding
over each seam cn the right side.
This will often serr aa a cur fo
WOrtlOllt rettlenstn
When doing drawn work or hem
stitching cn linen, soap the place
where tho threads are to be
drfiwn. ttsins a thick soap lather and
a roft brush. After the work Is once
started, it will be an easy matter to
draw out the threads, as they slip very
easily on the soapy surface.
Molasses Combatls.
For a family of five buy two pounds
Df corn on the cob. or one pound all
shelled. After popping pick It over
and remove all hard kernels. For the
sirup use two cups of molasses and
ane half cup of white sugar and boil
until bard, when a few drops are put
in cold water, then add a piece of b'lt
'er i.x of a walnut and a quarter of a
t'Mpoouful of soda. Pour over the
:orn sbJ. stir thoroughly. Cutter the
hnnds nn1 while the corn is warm
form Into balls. You will have to
work rnlcly as they cool fast. This
makes anyw.here from two to three
tiozen rorribufVs. according to the size
1 you make then:.
Marshrtallow Fudge.
Heat two runfula of granulated
iiignr. ,inr tun of rich milk; add two
soua-ew of cboectiate and boil until it
har.'.eias ii eoVl water. Just before It
Is done iidd a small piece of butter,
and theit begin 1o stir In inarshmal
:ows. crulilng an beating them with
i spoon. Continue to stir In marsh-
"irllow. after the fitfge has bnt.t
' from th fire until a pound has been
stirred into the fudge.
Cool in sheets
hree fourths of an inch thick and cut
Into cubes.
Peanut Fudge Filling.
1 Two cupful-? of sugar,
one pint of
four squares of chocolate, four
tablospoonfuls of butter, one teaspoon
til of vanilla essence, one cupful of
' " hfiyjird peanuts. Put all ngre.lients
Into a Mlicepnn and let mis stand at
I the bS cf the range until the mix
ture liqueOs. rtoil until a sort ball
Is formed: beat until creamy; spread
between cakes.
I Aunt Marias Cake.
One half cu butter, one cup brown-
ugar. one cup sour milk, two cups
,1 fiour, one teaspoonful soda put In dry
... - . .f,.t lnr.o--n
Chestnut Salad.
PheTt large chestnuts and blanch
Muni. Then boil until tender. Whilo
tiuy nre still hot Immerse them in
French dressing to which has been
.Killed a little onion Juice. Drain and
rr.NI thoroughly. Serve In a bed of
watorci ss.
Pickled Tripe.
To pickle tripe cut Into squares and
toy iti an earthen pot. aud pour over
boiling vinegar euough to cover. In
which a blade of mace, a dozen whole
cloves and a stick of cinnamon have
Iv en boiU d. It will be ready for use
iu 12 hours.
Clranii! Bedsteads.
Ta dean while iron bedsteads use
a daoiip doth and a little cooking soda.
This will leave the bedstead clean
nnd white. Soda will also remove
titi-riy all atalus from the sink.
flip hz-LJmmMiMmmL? I
Wmn BRomm us health WS
this peebisss T8HIS m mmm mm i
13 an
t)5yil" J-JJiS'.!1" J 1 tSWM inJUff,
- ii m inCTiiriTstNM
DR. .fa Wo BAEwi&K,
I) li M T I H T
iror. itaml Wot Um? at reasonable
ti ii uri, tiitir .Ivtu.-! jU.i iMiuc.
ire-nvihv. Kj .
li -iwli iimJ hurntoil.
Ollter vru-. -.lr- -l i.4f M.iili lrrl. Ii
t.iw uowxun.
K.t.f .7. bSAT.
liiift is trrri felting, 5ilteUSte BrtcU
OHice at Home, East Main-cress Street.
Telephone No. 7e.
lenon Koute
Louisvillo and Chicago
California and the
Vast Northwest
Two trains daily
French Lick end Vest Badca Springs.
cxmx STATION",
1.1 H ISVIl.I-rX
ni:. h iu i:x statu x,
mm mt
Dintn &nd Parlor Cars.
Pakce Drawing Room SIcerers.
E. H. DACON. D. P. A..
X. V. Cor. 4th nl Market Sts.
i ns''. r'.iiti our tdnm -rt rt' 'n t)T .
I'iv-.!!mii i rt.tviNv piiri''; -i '"
.tnvli-i..i:l ti'.i.i:l. l!VJi
I'ut.M.lal t-LfM Mirv'tlh Ml TlU Cv. t-
ij,, -i r.-tuY, w.iout chr::. Li
K tir1imrl- nhutMtml i-flT. 1 'iw'. ftr-
,. hlWll 'f " !' f "U'"u1, -lorn-t f I ;
f,,P. f...it ru. i.t!u,L tiwiai yu.l pw.l. lit;-..
Vram.li e!co, H V 6U W : ttiiiHoo. L C
Very Sifism
I. Ij a very Krious ir.i;.tr t- r.3
f..r cne rasc'icina cni have ttw
v-iai! ' cr.i rivtn yo-J. Fit t;.'c I
tcssua v.'3 c-r-5 yoa ia hyiij to
fc5 ccrcful to c!t tho g-uL"!
3y.CK-DRMUSil8 !
Livzr Mecict.-s
BTlis rtputatloti cf this oil, ic.i-
"I riiT-slirm nn:t liver trI:!?. i- l'.f-n-. r
U ly estabi.il-s J. It dooa n.n halite ii
I J oihir tue-oiei.ics. It id be iter tror. 3
H o.lcrs cr it woulJ r rt is ths r j
verito liver J'O'.vucr, w:tU la-c-i
sals tia c.l diners cot.u.n:.
upiivaled remedy fcr ail troubles ct
C r! r !.:rx n ! .
i-k.- W V. Vvlvi14 I imtliJ t i tt.TT,VT-tttn,;mrt&tf
Vy Jiirv5i Kr U'iliinniH.
Zi'-Z&.'S.rjj '-. t
mm mm k co.
u urn m r.-
We announce to our traJe ?nJ the pub
lic that our slocks of goods in ail depart
ments are larger and better ecbe-cd !3an
ever in our history. We orry a varied
line of :-: :-:
and can supply most of the war.'s of the
rcoplc. !n Dry Goodi, Qoltdii& :ioc
Hats, Etc., we offer Lr2 sc!:cli or.5.
Ia Groceries. l!?jrdwnre, Ti:vtvrae. Patn
Implements and such Hoods our stocks
we especially strong. :-:
Li all departments prices will fce found
the lowest, and your visits v.iil be highly
appreciated. :-: :-:
1 . Undertaking
fi in scnicc, cn cJI anywhere.
f and cart;1-:; atlention any hour
ifituiici. cc, ivj. i.
U'c!ir,ve ittst ad Jed an !';u!er'.i'ir!t DreaTrmfr.? h t.t
, -.
business, and will carry a ccitirfrihcnslve .:c of CciT;r.3, Ca
i; kcts, Rone., Suits, Wrappers and Dresci. Ata have a Hcsrse ,--,
;l 'l rre ! to be twblcU
Y.o:".;j:i," wsi.es f.n. Anna
noarly a yc..r, f cc::!J v.oi y. -
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