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The Woman Makes the Home
She makes it best who, looking after the
culinary department, turns her back resolute
ly upon unhealthful, or even suspicious, food
accessories. She is economical; she knows
that true economy does not consist in the use
cf inferior meat, flour, or baking powder. She
is an earnest advocate of home made, home
baked food, and has proved the truth of the
statements of the experts that the best cook
ing in the world today is done with Royal
Baking Powder.
6. K. LOCAL II Ht (HD.
lit Lmilttnll FsrtM
lot t'liM-lltn.tl Ktm
hH Lulvlltr LiiNtll . -.
I:Mlairall'ii- artMiiintMttioii
Iluch ii) Cairo o...m
I2I KlllUHi MTOlUlmMtAttOM
New OrUni MM-i-ml
.11 S.S.m
. I it put
. I imam
. 7 I.Sput
.. VI am
. . IS pul
IQ S. O. frr. (Luuiavlilr paMar.oulyl l.tliam
Jun&. W.U.CB4roD, Airt.
Ok take me not into the realm of Yctfer-
For I am tired and wearied of the Back
ward Road
Which ever lead through marthea foul
and dank from rain
Of long ago still held within the murky
ali me.
Nor in Tomorrow' land. Oh take me not,
I pray.
k'a aislea are sheltered by the stately trees
of I lope
Whose fragrant bloasoma, would-be-fruit
e'er shrink and die
brt t ie h.M r- time that aho
Content then with Today a fair lau. uu
-Jet me be;
It's scenes are all that mortal eye need long
to view.
It's realms are all that mortal feet need
want to tread.
Nor seek logo the Backward or the For
ward Road.
- Amy M. Longest.
A baby and a bos of pill.
A puppy and a rat.
A roly-poly pudding and an old Tom Cat,
A pound of taliow candles.
And found of buttered toast.
All came to me this morning in the par -eels
Automobile weather appears to be
over for time in these parts.
Horse swapping was not an act
ive industry here Monday.
Special January sales are blossom
ing at roses in May.
Mr. John Haley was "here from
Earles last Monday, on business.
That January rain outdid the
dreaded February thaw.
Social affairs have about settled
down to normal state.
Daylight minutes are getting very
preceptibly lengthened.
Mr. W. C. Kimmel was here from
Draketboro the first of the week on
Mr. Cam Howard was in Lexing
ton on legal business the latter
part of the week.
Good morning! Do you not feel
sorry for those uncivilized nations
that have not the parcels' post?
That was a fine opening day for
court, about the best ever known
at the January term.
Mr. Frank Haines is up, after be
ing confined for many weeks by an
attack of typhoid fever.
- -
Visiting attorneys are adding
much to the social gailics during
circuit court.
When you get "Quail" meal you
gtt the best that is to be had.
Wfiaby buggies at Roaiks.
Ice skates for loy and girls at
Kuark's. All sizes anil pikes.
j Mr. I'. 1'. (iibson was here from
Central City on business last Mon
day. It will ay you to look at the
wallpancr bargains now on at
! Roark's.
Messrs. J. I'.. Latham and Roy
Cornett are in Louisville, where Mr.
Latham goes for the removal of a
The wreck of the water wagon,
the first week of its journey, was the
most disastrous ever known in this
Mrs. I. User and baby were taken
to 1-ouisville last Sunday, where
Mrs. Oser will be placed in a hos
pital tor treatment.
Coal mines are now getting bet
ter rum, as the car supply has
h .ncn increased lately, and
.V--. u.i never been a. heavier de-
;ur coal.
There are a few cases of smallpox
reported in various sections of the
county, but every means is being
employed to prevent the spread of
the malady.
The . V N. railroad was out of
commission a few days this week,
on account of water covering track
and bridges.
"Bob White" is without doubt the
best flour on earth.
Drakesboro is suffering more from
high waters than any town in the
county, as a greater part or the
busiuess section has been submerged
for some days.
High water, wrecks, collisions,
and other besetments have caused
trains to be anywhere from an hour
to a dozen hours late during the past
Best one ever made the Kirsch
curtain rods; Roark has a large
Mr. George C. Jeffers, who has
been in Louisville and other points
for tome years, has returned here,
where he will probably remain for
some time.
. .
The railroads have lost hundreds
of thousands of dollars by the high
waters, which have washed out
bridges, tracks, caused wrecks and
delays, and generally hampered the
- - - -
Read the advertisement of sale of
traction engine and thresher box, to
be made on Saturday, January 25,
by Mr. X. Adkins, administiator of
Wiu. M. Lades. This machinery
is in first-class condition, and should
attract wide attention.
Mr. J. II. l'ittman was in Louis
ville last week, and Friday brought
his daughter, Miss I -can Carr, home.
She has been at Norton Infirmary
for some weeks, under the care of
specialists for heart trouble, and is
much improved.
Mr. J. S. Miller left the latter
part of the week for Florida, where
he will spend several weeks. He
will be joined there by Mr. John A.
Williams, of Ixington, and to
gtther they tutcud to tour the bUtc
pretty thoroughly,
Winter Term Convenes Here
Monday, and Is Swing
ing Along.
Miihlcnlici ritruit r.nirt .
t-t.itlt-il 011 iis tli rue week winter teiiu
at 1 o'tltuk Moiuliy afternoon,
when Hon. W. I'. SimlM!'.", judge
on the bench, rapped for outer, and
pint eeded w illi the cmputit'lliii;; of
the juries The grand jury was
(jiuii (-oinprcheusive iiis'rtiriiotis,
ami taiteil at 01. o on its tlulies.
ll.i:i. . R. M allory is guarding the
ui'crcDls of the loiiuiionvvc.tllh, as
distiirt attorney, and is being assist
ed by Mr. I. t . Jones, nullity at
torney. Court attendance has been
rather liht on the beginning, as no
cases of unpin.. m e have drawn wit
nesses and s.r t.il.ns in !are,e num
ber'. Judge Sandidge is ciup'o) ing
his usual inethoiis of moving matters
alon, and night sessions are being
held, so that the docket may be
maintained. Following is a list of
the juries:
1.KAM1 U kV.
Warren Nash, foreman; J. M. I!iv
ins, R. C. Bandy, Bud Johnson,
Frank Martin, John McDonald, K.
W. Shrcwsberry, K. L. Davenport,
F. M. Latham. Jr., W. G. Warren,
John Haley, C. C. Shannon,
i'K 1 1 1 .11 k.
A. G. Vick, Will Vick, Geo. Cole
man, D. 1'. Taggart, Mansfield
Jones, J. r. Mercer, H. A. Wallace,
J. Wes Gish, B. C. Mayhugh, J. II.
Martin, I red 1 aisginbotham, l'hiiip
Mercer, Fdward Kennedy, II. K.
Kaves, J. T. Oldham, Albert Jerni
gan, W. C. Underwood, Geo. Mc
Therson, Fd. Glenn, Andy Glenn,
G. B. Head, Milton Batsel, Marion
Miller, W. N. Baxter.
Peie Shadowen was fined ioo
and costs for cutting in sud
den heat and passion, and for
gambling 35 ot his winnings
was collected as a fine.
Oney Shadowen was given a fine
of only 35 for cutting in sudden
heat and passion.
Theo Laswcll, for a breach of the
peace, drew punishment to the
amount of $20 and costs.
To The Public.
We desire to announce to the
public that our new mill is now in
full operation, and we will at all
times have on hand the very finest
quality of Hour, meal and feed.
We are very anxious to do custom
grinding for our friends, and can
give them the very best flour and
wheat that is to be had anywhere, in
exchange for their corn and wheat.
Homk Milling Co. (Inc)
Parcels Post Docs Overwhelming
Reports from all over the country
for the first week of the parcels
post service show that more than 7,
500,000 packages were handled in
that time. If this business grows
in the same proportions that other
new ventures increase, it will not be
long until the express package will
be a dim recollection. The govern
ment has every advantage in this
matter, as it already has help to
handle the business, and reaches
thousands of points that the express
people cannot touch, every postoffice
being open for the dispatch and re
ceipt of packages. There are glar
ing defects in the parcels post law
as now framed, but these will all be
eliminated, and the service improv
ed, as time goes along.
Aunt Mabala Eaves Dies.
Aunt Mahala Kaves, one of the
best known of the old colored resi
dents of the city, died at her home
at 9. 15 o'clock lasf Friday morning,
from chronic bronchitis, which for
some months had kept her confined
to her bed. Deceased was in her
85th. year, and had always lived in
Greenville; she was an industrious,
faithful woman, and had been em
ployed in many of the best homes
of the city, and has had the care of
scores of childen, who have grown
to manhood and womanhood, and
who have always had the deepest
respect and affection for her. Rev.
K. II. Fmcrson, pastor of Wesley
Chapel A. M. F.. Ziou church, con
ducted the funeral service at the
home at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon,
aud the body was carried to the
family lot in the old cemetery, near
by, aud laid to rest.
The LaMcade Opera House next
Thursday night will have an attrac
tion by local talent, when "Mrs.
Wias of the Cabbage l'alch" will
be given.
Death of Mrs. T. F. Drake.
Mrs. Cornelia Caroline Drake,
wife of Mr. T. F. Drake, died at
their home on College street at (
o'clock, WcdncMlay evening, Janu
ary S.'Jrom a complication of troub
les from whii h she has been a stiflcr
cr for two years, and for some weeks
had confined her to the bed. For
some days it had been tcalicd that
her case .vas hopeless, as no relief
could be provided. Deceased was
in her 5.;rd. year, and had lived in
this county since her marriage in
1 S j 7 . She was a woman of most
excellent characteristics, and was
held in high legard by all w ho knew
her, and in her death the ommuui
ty loses a most useful member.
Surviving arc her hiiiband and
daughter, Miss Minnie Drake.
Funeral services were conducted at
the Methodist church lit 2 o'clock
Fiiday afternoon by Revs. R. C.
Love and W. C. lliycs, in the pres
ence of a lare congregation of
friends, an l interm.-n: f I eil in
Fvergreen cenu-tcry.
There will be a general test of the
supposedly unlucky number, 15, at
this term of circuit court, which con
vened Monday, the 13th. in the year
'13, and there were 13 prisoners in
jail, charged with various offencis,
who arc to be tried this term. You
may not believe in the hoodoo num
ber, but it is in this instance most
likely to prove unlucky to some one.
Notice to File Claims.
J l. ito.nu km;ii.-. ptrr.
t'ltkmiw h llt-irr of KlUa NieliU, lHV4-a'it,
All persons holding ' claims
against the estate of l'.lia Nichols,
deceased, are hereby notified to file
the same with the undersigned Com
missioner properly proven on or be
fore the 24th day of January, 1913,
or forever be barred, this January
Ml", 1913,
F. A. Ta i. ok,
Master Commissioner of Muhlen
berg Circuit Court.
Mr. and Mrs. George Mooring-
ham have returned fron- a pleasant
visit to their old home in Tennessee.
Mrs. Willis from Rochester is here
at tha bedsid ' h . ''f Mrs.
Josephine W
. Mrs. Mellon who has been on the
sick list is much Improved.
'I he Ladies of the Christian
church organized an aid society on
tew years day at the home of Rev.
and Mrs. S. II. Harlan.
Little Annie Belle Frazier who fell
out of the surrv and was run over
by it Sunday recieved only slight
injuries but is now suffering from
Rev. and Mrs. S. II. Harlan en
tertained the young people at this
place Thursday evening. Delightful
refreshments were served. Those
present were: Misses Fthcl Moore,
Edna Withers, Ola Claxton, I.iliie
Anthony, Edla Clements, Ida Clem
ents, Annie Tat:, Una Jameson,
Pansey Tate, Pearl Arnold, Grace
Longest Fthcl Fleming, Laura Long
est, Klva Fleming, Mrs. R. E.
Frazier and Mrs. Everett Cum
mings. Messers: James Frazier,
Lewis Frazier, Tom Withers,
John Moore, Clar,s Heltsley,
Tom Daves, ''Anthony, Ben
Anthony, Drey Brown, Alva Gray,
Willie Heltsley, 42mmit Cesna, Tom
Alexander, Jasper Hankins, Shelby
llclsley, Frank Dotson, Everett
Cummins and J. G. Flemings. '
The coal mines along the O. & N.
south of Central City have suffered
severely by the heavy rains. Sever
al have been filled with water, and
will be out of commission for some
time, entailing heavy losses.
Alvia McKianejr Drowned.
Mr. Alvie McKinney, while en
gaged in rescuingl ogs in Pond river,
near Red Bridge, last Sunday, was
thrown out of a boat and drowned.
Wes Edwards, a colored man, was
with McKinney, but managed to get
to shore, but could render no assist
ance to his companion, whose body
was recovered Tuesday. McKin
ney is survived by two small child
One w ho has frequently heretofore
contributed verse to these columns
offers "A Thought for the New Year"
in this issue, and it is worth the at
tention of our readers.
What has become of the gang of
bad folks that formerly ran awav
from home and stayed away until
the grand jury odjournedr
Seed aud automobile catalogs arc
cluttering the mails these days.
Land Sales for School Taxes.
By virtue of taxes due white School District
No. 1. 1, for the year 1912 I will on MONDAY,
the 27th. day of JANl'ARY, 1913. between the
hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. in
front of the court house door in the city of Gtctu
ville, Kentucky, sell to the highest bidder, for
cash in hand, the following real estate, or as much
thereof as will satify each amount of taxes due
to wit.
Tl Inlrrr-t nrn.it- T..:a
Brown, J. M. 4. 1 j .06 1 25 5 14
Brooks, J. J. i 2$ .04 1.13 342
Day, Win. 1.73 .03 1.10 2 X
Dockins, Fstell .30 .01 1.02 i.t;
Dempsey, Mrs. W. F. 1.12 .02 1.07 2 21
F.nnis, Mrs. Armada 2.25 .01 3 42
Heltsley, Mrs. C. F. .37 .01 r.02 1 40
Johnson J. A. 5.62 .oS 134 701
Pence, Ed 7 50 .11 145 S of
Plane, Mrs. Sue L. 3 00 .04 1 22 4.26
Sharp, Allen 1..S8 .03 1.15 306
Shutt, C. T. 1.6S .02 1. 10 2 .So
Stirsman, Ida May 3 37 .oa 1 20 4 61
Whitson, W. E. .3J .01 I.C2 1 3;
Uhitaker, I.. D. 1.73 .03 1.10
Williams, G. B. M. 7.50 .11 145 Son
Yost, W. H. 15.00.22 1.90 17.12
C. E. Blackwell.
r j r t 1 l I
iaiu 01 mauls.
There can be no adequate expres-!
sion of gratitude to friends and :
neighbors who were so thoughtful, 1 "
?'l:;Lt.r::rL'tr.0;iSell Your
e I ---- I
of our wife and mother. But the
memory of these comforting ser
vices shall always remain, and may
divine blessings rest upon everyone.
T. F. Dk vkK.
MlS Minnil Dkakk.
Mr. Thos. Frazier, wno has been
at Milan, Tenn., is here now for a
short time.
"Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage
Patch," will be given by local talent
at the opera house next Thursday
night, the proceeds for the benefit
of the Y. M. C. A. ladies' auxiliary.
Mr. P. W. Middelton, of Lcxing
ton was here a few days on business-
Mrs. G. E. Countzler is spending
a few days in Hopkinsville with her
Mr. II. A. McN'ary, who has
been at home for the holidays, left
the first of the week for an extended
commercial trip through the South.
House and Land for Sent.
7-room house, with 9 acres of
land, adjoining town, for rent.
Apply to this office.
H Square Seal
Works both ways: it benefits
the buyer as well as the sel
ler. We are firm believers
in the Square Deal as much
for our own benefit as for
yours for we know if you get
the Squre deal habit you will
buy from a Square Deal
house. We give a square ileal
always anil we are as
glad to give it as
you are to
get it.
Funeral Goods
Telephone -72, 108
What Are You Going
To Do This Year
by way of making your business suc
cessful and your domestic life full of
pleasure, if you are not supplied with
telephone service of the Cumberland
Telephone & Telegraph'Company?
Everyone should have a telephone.
You are connected with all outside
important points in local connections
with all resiliences and business hous
es. For any information call man
ager, Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Victors and Records at Roark's
tin Loose floor
On L & N. Railroad, Between 13th & 14th streets,
Best equipped warehouse in the city for quick hand
ling of tobacco. We can unload 20 wagons at a time
under cover.
Free stalls and wagon storage in our warehouse.
We have plenty of room.
Our salesman, Nr. Hancock, is an experienced tobac
co man, and will hi h rxtive charge of each sale.
Plenty of buyers. Open competition. Positively no
tobacco handled except on commission basis. Hogs
heads furnished on application.
HANCOCK & JACKSON, Proprietors,
As. administrator
ceased, I will, on
Saturday, January 25, 1913
at the home place, about Viz miles South
of Depoy offer 1or sale to the highest bid
der, one l5-horsepower traction engine, and
one thresher box. These machines are in
good condition and first class running order.
Terms One half
on 12 months, note with approved security,
and 6 per cent, interest.
... .
a (
Land Sales for Cily Taxes.
By virtue of taxes due the city ot Greenville,
for the ear 1912 I will on MONDAY, th: 27th
day of JANl'ARY, 1913. bctcen the hour of
i) VIH;k A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. in front of
Ibe court bouse door in the city of Greenville,
Kentucky, sell to the highest bidder, for cah in
hand, the following real estate, town lots id the
city of Greenville, or as much thereof as will
satisfy each amount of taxes due to-wit.
Tax TVaaltjr Total
Brown, J M 4.41 326 667
Day, Win. .23 2 02 2 25
Dockins, Estel .30 2 C2 2 3a
Heltsley, Mrs. C. F, .3S 3 02 2 40
Pence, Ed 7.50 244 9 94
Plain, Mrs. Sue L. 3 00 2,18 5 18
Sharp, Allan .3H 2.02 2.40
Shntt, C. T. ,i 2.01 ; 20
Stirsman, Id 1 May 4 13 2 25 6 3S
Whits3, W. E. .30 2 02 2 31
Williams, G. B. M. 7 50 2.43 ) 95
Withers, I- H. 2 63 2.15 4.7S
Yost, W. II. 18 75 3 18 21 93
Bard, Myrtle .19 2.02 2. 21
Jenkins, Nannie 1.13 2 07 320
Jenkins, Dora 2.25 2.13 4 35
Lewis, Zelia 1.13 2 07 3 20
Loving, Bettie .56 2.07 2 50
Zelia, Moore 1.50 2.09 3 56
Nichols, Elia .75 2.05 2 80
C. E. Elackwcll. Marshal C. G.
Tobacco On
of Wm. AI. Eades, de
cash in hand; balance
Th quality ft Lamp CHI yon mmm etmnts
tmmeQKlv fur or aKnst jour comfort ant
h'-Mitlt. f hrc'a a petfrrt oil uuii lor pCpa
who glva tfcottsbt. It u
rrinj frvm Tvm h aula Cm W Oil lLo tt TT
made-. Kul. tul fliH- q-vr flK-ker a i rrt ai r
ulor. 'Nt n iwfe iMtvrk- lank-warroa wiN-
uiei ni.tm-y y,.- m, -..itifTi. Yur Ucaler
La ii iu vrmtoul bJuiW uui liuM iu.
Chas. C Stol! Oil Co . ita&fte. iy
' . itrrvn. .

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