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Record Advertising
3 Costs Nothing.
git pays for itself. The investment is
jjjsurc of returns. Get our rates.
S Muhlenberg County
2 is rich in coal, iron, timber, potter's clay,
-etc., and the most inviting field in Ken
jjtucky for investment of capital and pluck.
vor.. v. no.
HumiMlitt Pibw, Naar Harriaburf,
Pa., Considered by Expert to
Be Model Highway.
Tha Ilummelstown pike, near liar
rifcburg. Pa., ia fonslderml by rxporta
to bo a model road. It la made of a
mixture of water, gas. tar, cement,
liquid asphallum. rood oil. carbolic
dlrinfrctina: powdVr. sulphate of cop
per, and oil of wlntorareen. The eul
phste of copper ia used to prevent
tho oils from beromlnn Ignited, and
the wlnternreon counteracta thr odor
of tb others. Tlieru Is nothing !!
MrrcrablH about the smell. A curious
effect of the mixture la Its disinfect
iv.r, power. Durina: the past year
thrre was not a slnulo contagious dls
care la that sectlou. Th cost of ap
plying the mixture Is u cents a
iq.inre ysrd. The cement binds the
dirt together like stone, and the oils
iiaXe It waterproof, so that it readily
sheds water. The road ia never mud
dy and, unlike a tar road, does not be-v-me
slippery In winter time. Frost
baa no effect on It at all- The cost
cf applying it Is very small, as It Is
sprinkled on like water. That the
methe4 and the mixture Is a perfect
success has been shown during the
present summer. Despite the heavy
automobile and wagon traffic, the road
la perfectly smooth and very hard,
and It has met the test In every way.
Estimated Little Songsters Save
1200,000,000 Worth of Crops Year.
1 by Killing Insects.
large numbers of our most beauti
ful and beneficial birds may be seen
during the month of October linger
ing with us for a while on their wsy
to the touib. Hermit and gry-chck-ed
thrush.-, labile thrsld sparrows,
sMc.kclssel. bron turners, kiuglets,
arblers, blue birds snd oiue.a. all oi
which as a ivle inl'tiblt more seclud
ed places, may be found among the
shade trees and shrubbery of the city
aaya a writer in tl'.e Chicago News.
It will be found upon Investigation
'that tbry are vigilantly searching for
'insects most of which are Injurious.
These birds should be protected by
Chsstnut-Backed Bluebird,
alt means from the boy with the sling
shot or air cub and from prowling
: has beet) estimated that the birds
n the Vaited States save $200,000,000
worth t crops each year. The tree
sparrows In Iowa eat 4,666 pounds of
weed seed dally. One fully-fledged
robia will est sixteen feet of cater
pillar daily, or about 4,660 Individuals
a mnntfc.
However, in spite of the persistence
of the birds the apple worm la 1111
nol destroys f,75,000 worth of fruit
each reaf. The potato bug damages
potatoes in Massachusetts to the
value of $75,000. The chinch bug an
anally damages props n the X'nlted
Ptatcs Ut the amount pf 126,000,000.
Insects generally destroy $800,000,000
; worth of crops In this country each
) Let us protect the birds If for no
other reason than for the welfare of
the crops. The Insect ravages once
checked perhaps the high cost of liv
ing may be somewhat reduced.
Good Roads
Batten too cracks.
Poorly drained bottom lands are not
suitable for alfalfa.
Many silos will be filled with frost-
.bittea corn this year.
Prices cf all kinds of grain are low-
er than they have been for some time.
Practical farmers consider It
waste of feed to plow down a crop of
The rule for plowing under clover
for green manure Is when the keads
arc brown.
After seed corn Is gathered from
the fleM It should be dried as quickly
as possible.
Cora grov. n for grain and for fodder
should be cut and shocked as soon
as possible.
Kafir struck by frost when green
will generally color soma after It la
la the shock.
Kafir killed by the frost will make
fair feed even if it la green, but it is
not salable.
The 1912 hay crop is estimated at
72.000,000 tons. last year's was fig
ured at 65.000,000.
Plowing gardens In the fall gets rid
of most of the weed seed and makes
them easier to tend next spring.
One of the great drawbacks ou
many farms is the small also and Ir
regular shape of the cultivated fields,
Expert truckers and gardeners pU
the manure clue to where It la to It
u-ed; this uri bundling in th
For the Small Farmer Whs Has No
Heavy Teams, Bors Subsoil Pic.
I think I have solved the pro'u'.r-.n.
In pun at least, so far ns the
plowing goe. Divide your general
farm Into three part. Of course, h;rve
your truck patched near the h ns
Independent of the farm rotation.
Then put line In rorn; ne in ruttim
peanuts or tobacco as a money crop,
whichever you prefer; and the third
ft apart for peas.
Well, you are ready to say th.' 'i
old as the hills; hut hero Is my hnfchr
the kind of peas. They are Ur.-:.
here as the Wonderful" pea. down
south as "I'nknown" pea. Piatt in 4-
foot rows, two peas in a hill. 4 rV;'t
apart. In this latitude almiit the 20th
of April or a.i soon as ground is warm
enough for corn planting. Run around
them with a cotton plow, twice with
king sweeps aud split middles. Now,
yon are too poor for a mowing ma
chine, and it takes too long to cut
by hand. If any get ripe before frost
save your seed; if not. Just before
frost, turn in horses, cows and hogs,
snd see them get fat and winter on
the pea stubble, and trample some In
the- ground.
These peas have been depositing
nitrogen in the soil 6'4 months ob
tained from the air by vines 20 to 30
feet long, against the ordinary peas
from 65 to 75 days, and a vine two
feet high. You have your land well
suhsoilcd to the depth of 18 inches
or two feet, better than you could
have done U with a subsoil plow and
thre mile. Now plant thin lam!
next year In our rmm-y crop and se
th results. Don't look iu ibe silver
tlMrriienu for mice. I have uo pea
for sale, but will have to buy. I often
lose seed of this late pea, but will
have them it I have to buy at $5 per
Don't put them where you want to
keep a stand of wtre or Bermuda
graas. The dense shade destroys it en
tirely. My exicrlence has been on
red clay galls, without any fertiliz
ers whatever, and some of the land
ould not have brought a nubbin ot
corn. This year it will make four to,
nve oarrwia i wim puis
solars i ;. mncli good,
In storii .... i i.i.:t tel, un
less the rum growth, is similar to the
vines. I would be glad if the experi
ment stations would Investigate qnd
report results. Of course. If ypu apply
10-4 acid phosphate the results will he
better. W. W. Raiaey, in Poijrtssive
Some Poultry Items,
A cock Is a male bird over a year
A pullet Is a female bird less than
a year old.
A hen Is a female bird over a year
A sitting of eggs la thirteen, al
though many poultrymen have In
creased It to fifteen.
A yearling Is generally one counted
has having laid twelve months.
A broiler is a bird weighing two
pounds or less, and from six to twelve
weeks old.
A spring chicken Is a young bird,
weighing over two pounds,
A stewing chicken weighs about
three pounds,
A rooster weighs four pr more
A poult is a turkey In Its first year.
A capon is the male bird deprived
of its generative prgans, for the pur
pose of Improving the weight and deli
cacy of Its carcass.
A poujarde Is a pullet deprived pf
the power of producing eggs, with the
object of great size.
A trio Is a mile and two females.
A breeding pen is generally made
up of from si to fourteen females apd
a male.
Disturbances In the Poultry Vafd.
It Is admitted by all posltry breed
ers thst anything which tends It
frighten the chickens wiJ decrease
egg production- In the large poultry
plants visitors are either refused ad
mittance or admission Is charged to
majie up In part for the disturbance
to the hens. A strange dog running
through the yards, children noisily
hunting for eggs and chasing the birds
for feathers any cause which excites
them will do them harm. It some
times happens that hens will void one
or more egg yolks from extreme
fright. This Is sometimes accompanied
by a discharge of blood, and is known
as abortion. Such an accident may
entirely destroy the value of an other
wise good bird. Ourlng favorable
weather the farm flock is not apt to
be so disturbed, scattered as they are
over good range, but when winter
finds the birds housed, strangers and
dogs should be kept out of the poultry
houses. Ex.
The value of breeds Is greater than
Is known to some. Formerly it was
considered necessary to keep a rfcer
until four or five years of age befot
ending to market, but with the use
of Improved breeds steers con now tx
marketed at two or three years of a;;e
and will be heavier than those twice
that age that are not well bred. Gnvxl
breeds save time aud feed, lucrease
the weight and lead to higher price
It llaa Urrm la Surremntni Oiirrallen
for Sevrrnl Inn In a l.ariii
Apiile Orchard.
IliKcrta ami fillip. is diseases hal;
liiH'ome no numerous their le-.Uv.V-lion
r prec:itiim is absolutely nec
essary if u liifrh trraili fruit of i;ny
kind is to lie pi-ixliiccil. This can lie
lme largely by Kiu-nyiii;;. nml this
pmetire is now frene rally rcjMnleil us
CKseniI.it l-y the i.iorc sinve.isful
fruit growers. There ure ninny kinds
of ra inif machinery on I lie mar
ker, from large power iniichiiies down
to miiuII hand or force pumps. 1'nr
the small power, the knapsack tjr:iy
iiijf machine is most satisfactory: the
commercial jtroer needs a larjrc
wagon nml other materia! for doiu:
the work on an cMcii.sixc m-iiIc. Tlio
numerous illustrated spraying ma
chine catalogues can suit the wants
of anyone as to iiiixiiincry and equip
ments. flic spray vtasron portrayed here
with Is in use in o"e of the larirest
cpple orchards of the country. The
tank in of l',4-i;u li pine, grooved nivl
put together villi vhiie Irail to Je
UHier-tivht. It i ; 12 feet, by by XJ
inches ami holds :!0U gallons, Ueiiiff
held together by six Jinrd-wood
bands, inches on top anil under
bottom, which are bolted together by
lonjj bolts running up the outside of
any tnnk. The manhole in top is
targe enough to admit a hoy to clean
the tank thoroughly. The so-called
driver's seat is used as a suport for
the pump, the driver stuuding just in
rear nnd doing all the pumping aa
well ns driving the team.
The platform js 6x7 feet, supported
by four standards feet bv 10 inches,
of lVi-iuchl ! ! . e. t shows
hoyy tii pla .".! , orahd-
tircdwagou auytu ua uku, as plowed
orchard fields can be traversed more
easily. Two leads of one-half-ineh
robber hose., each 23 feet long and
supported on, bamboo fishing pules,
are used, liy using q V on each lend,
two nozzles on. euch iH wi'l liusten
tho work. Au ajjllator limy I hi kept
nt work In the t.n.k l.y means of
spriM-ket wheels nnd a chain attached
to tho stokes of the rear wheel. The
forward end of t lie tank should set
a little, lower than the rear, that the
pump may pump It more nearly Jry.
Farm and Homo.
Raak firumth er 1'aelexa IMaaln II
lcniaatratril the nlue lit
Tliuroaarh llllaae.
I II w
There Is no royal rul t weeilles
farming. Following; are some of tlie
moans .f keeping weeds in che.-k:
I. Practice rotation) keep uhead of
the weeiis, t'ertain weeds follow cer
tain tropsj whet) tlieso weeds bH-ome
serious, changti the t.'fo,
a. t'hunge tho met hod of tillage. If
s weed persists, try deeper or shal
lower plow ing, or a different kind of
harrow or cultivator, or till at differ
ent times and seasons.
3. Harrow the lanil frequently wlicn
it is in fallow, or is waiting for n
rrop. Harrow t, jf possible, after
seeding, aud lx.'fore the plants are
high enough to he broken by the im
plement. Potatoes, corn and other
things can be harrowed rflcr they
art; several iuches ' high; and some
times the bind may be harrowed be
fore the plants are up.
4. Practice frequent tillage with
light surface working tool through
out the sc;ison. This f: hard on
needs, and does the crop good.
Pull or hoe out stray weeds that
tscue the wheel tools.
tt. ( lean the land ns soon as the
crop is harvested, nnd if the land
lies open In the fall, till It occasion
ally. Many iersons keep their prem
ises, scrupulously clenn in the early
season, but let them run wild late in
the fall, and thus is the hind see-let'
for the following year.
I'se clean sed, arlicn!urV,' of
crops that ure sown liromlcast, nnd
vti'it-h, therefore, do not admit of til
8. Do not let the weeds go t- seed
on the manure piles, in the fence cor
ners, and along the highway.
9. Avoid coarse and raw stable ma
nure, particularly if it is suspected
of harboring bad company. Commer
cial fertilizers may be used for a
timt n foul land.
10. Sheep and pigs sometimes can
he employed to clean the weeds from
foul nnd fallow land. Land infested
uiiti (iiirusnfcin urtichokes is readily
cleaned if hoys inn turned in.
II. Induce your neighbor fo kre;.
his land as clean ns you keep yours
Rank pigweeds and their Ilk are
compliment to a man's soil. Land
that will not grow weeds will nor
grow crops, for crops nre only those
particular kinds of weeds n innu
wants to raise. Weeds have taught
us the lesson of good tillage. There
is no indication lli.it they intend to
remit their clVoits in ihii- behalf.
L it'. Dciiicr. ii rviacii-lj of Vcita-
tic liardv:nifi.
Method Followed by One Man Who
Has Sixty-Four Cows.
E. R. Hemhroitgh, Morgan county.
111., has nn Idea of feeding cattlo which I
we believe not many aro practicing at '
the present time. I
Mr. lii-mhrougn, says t'nn Farmers" I
Review, bus used a silo for several !
years and ha drawn his stlase out to
the feeding lot in wa'.'im loads and
there thrown it into the rack direct
from thn wagon. lie also foods a large
amount of it in th barns. '
Lust season he decided to put up a
large silo in this feeding lot, deriding
on this location for several reasons:
First, that It was out of dnnger of
flro; second. It was easier filling it, ss
there was nofhlnr; in the way; third
that he could load hta waeo.i in peace
and save the rnttlo from(b?ing dis
turbed, and fourth, having the feed
close to where he was t-olng io use it.
At the present tlmo ilr. Hetti
broitRh is hauling a '.0 bushel load of
nilage twice a day, feeding It to 61
head of cattle, taken from the silo by
means of a chute over the doorway, so
that the silage drops directly Into the
wagon box.
The rilo erected br Mr. HeTihroush
last season wna 18 fo-t In diameter
and 20 feet high, made of Oregon fir,
with full length stave, and believes
thnt ho has one of tile best and most
convenient made.
The rilo that he rises at the barn I?
of a smaller size and is a home-niade
one built several years at;o. The gen
eral id a of placing a silo Is supposed
to he nt the end of an alley and be
Fide a feeding ham. while many
might practice Sir. Iletniirottgh's way
of feeding to a hciier advantage, as
oftentimes it is difficult to set th? silo
where It would be convenient to feed
r.H stock.
Insurance would not ho t,ecc?rT
when jiacii at a dlKnc. fioin rite
N.tn. Mr, IK''nh,-iiiui-, sincir r-
different pUces about th f;m. some
time J on grass, again In ih,c feed lot
aud also In tho bam. and he wanted
it convenient to load It. i
His mentioning that he liked to load
tfce silage- in peace makes It apparent
.that the stock relish this feed, and
when the silage Is ttirred up In load
ing, thn odor from it tel!a the cattlr
that it is feeding time. aud. if running
loose, rhry will get 88 near the wa?or
as possible.
It is now a fact full. blishcd
that all kinds of cattle L - ; ige and
do well on it. '. .
Method of Treatment Whl. . . ould
Ps Followed,
Ticn it la norired that the vddcr
Is attacked with congestion, which
roon runs Into the Inflammatory stage,
charr.cterl7cd by Increased heat, swell
!ng, tenderness,' etc., prompt action
should be taken. In full, fat, heavy
milkers it Is wise to administer a full
dose of cittlinnie mrdicln (epsom
salts, ope Mitind; fluid extract of Rold
enseal and fluid extract of ginger, of
each one-half ounce; hot water, one
pint. Apply w-arm fomentations to the
udder for at least one riur, twice a
day, and after each b.-thlng with warm
water rub the udder gently with a lini
ment made of camphorated oil, eight
ounces; extract of belladonna, one
ounce; n''x. Draw oft the milk four
tlni"s a day, carefully using a teat
syphon If necessary. When theso pre
cnut.'ons are taken in tine, as a rule,
It saves further trouble. When neglect
ed pathological (diseased! changes
the products of inflammation are liable
to follow, nnd there appears to be no
end to the trouble, inconvenience., and
loss that usually Is experienced iu such
cases. In tho advanced stages. is so.
difficult to comprehend tha real condi
tion of the parts from a written slatft
ment. which ia so often devoid of nec
essary details, that it is not always an
easy matter to describe tha necessary
1 one or more of the quarters of the
udder are indurated (brdl, causing
some pain on pressure, apply warm fo
metit.".!oi3. and if suppuration fol
lows opin freely with a sharp knifu.
There is rarely any hope of restor
ing the milk secretion to a normal
quantity, and the better way Is to let
the cow go dry as soon as practicable
What tha cow will amount to la tha
future as a milk producer it is icipos-.
slblo to predict. Mitch depends cia thq
present condition of tha udder and
the chances of Its belns restored to a
normal state. Dr. Tuthil!.
Features Which Distinguish Her from
the Poor Animal.
Some yea- since Hoard's Dairyman
ptT aved a drawing cf what It consid
ered the trtte form of a dairy cow with
a naming of tb.i variorrd points. Tills
cut we print lit couuectiou with this
S'W mm. -.
-t-, :
Xj.-'. v -a
A Mjdcl Cow's Points,
Atom- . J. Vfl
rrt'r-l. I' may be well to nay that In
actual rxi Tiencf It v. Ill he fuund that
pot a!l eo.vs with this To'iii are firsi
iln.ii iloiry nuima!.-!. uciiher are ell
rows who do not haw t!i:i shape aud
uop.-i U.i:i auiiliaU. Hut as
ihU. .i'v i ;i..(ii:. i 'i; i su. h a form
rt i,-urii vrrs ;tv wJ Lu ilHlLlyi
I 1 Tki f T J . ,
wsiimir a
is an unrivaled rcmec'y for c?i trcubleo oi s
I mT D CW T 2 n W a- an
DR. Js tr. BA3U0ti,
l lilNTIM T.
Cruiwna Urid; Wuik ttunc ai rkijDbl
f rie.
tj ftee up siir. in th Joiit'r FtulUlin.
is rr a villa, tj.
DP.. T. J. SLAT0N.
MhyKlelan ntiJ hurgaon.
Ofncc Mlii-cruH iru-t n--r Minlr. lb
cam ih-tjtra.
HADf K. 6KA T.
Ofiice It QrtriSaiHni. USts 8ll.
Office at Hook...;.. - " Street,
T.taphono No. 7fS
Louisville - and Chicago
C.ilifrnniii a "J tlw
Vast Ntrthv.cst
m I
Two t rain", dailv
French Lick and IVest Baden Spriags.
- -
Dining and Parlor Cars.
I'alace Drawinj; Room Sleepers.
E. H, BACON, U. P. A..
X. W. Cor. till and Market Sw.
Uri-SVIl.LE. KY.
.U-ove fl YEARS'
?w ygaga
qt.r-'.ijr u;rr;;tiJ u,r 01nin.11 (r;c w'M'ihr at i
t ivri'ttoii W irl"tM ( t iiitit.ii. .
tt Mi.iriu!tt.itu.trtMtnt. liNUb'jGiC on 1'it .iui
irrn. M-tt is-ri-Mf for fturuv pui'
1'iittMio laMcn tof'Hi.'h Menu A Co. ixc,:7e
VW' -tinot W.tHlt CDA-StI, iu Uie
Scientific flsucrtcstj.
A h-.Tfm-;T nTrf-1 rrrrlilr. l.Tft fir.
fi,.t'D'i ot siiT r: nliu J um il. 'lniu $ i 4
trancb u:dcu. Y PU, Vuhuiuiuo, It. C.
Very Szmus
It is a very serious matter lo asTt
for enc incdicue end have tie
v.totij enc civca yea. Fcr thia
rej-ion v.-o urro yor ia buying to i
be cardul to get tte gcauine
-afill if -!'. US J H
liver MeC!dr.s
The trTutatlr" cf iV.'i oM, nl! v
fc'c tnidicin-?. It C"n-::;-iitijn. i;
J:g;cctioa ct:J liver trout la, u iirsn
ly ccpblrbcl. It Oocj not iniitsto
oihcr nudicincs. It J3 better than
othcra, cr it would nDtbctbefj
vorit? liver po'vJ-r, v::h a Lu-gcr
U!s thuu ad ctL;ti .uurbnuJ.
SOLD Zi tgivn ra
vr im r ,ifTT, i-ii in itssy-gsy
ta n m mm r m m -
S3LD AND f!l!.13AM7F?n
tey Jarvis Williams.
-X 3 -S; -T; -S 53
mm, mm k (o.
We cnnoiTrcc lo our frudc and the p:
tic lhat our slocks of snodi in tlcpnrl
1r.2r.ti arc t-vrgcr and bcilzx s electee! than
ever in cur history. Wc carry a varied
lir.e of :-: , :-:
and H
" "
peor ... , ;.-y ids, aotlins, Shoes,
Hats, Ltc, wc oacr nrge selections
In Groceries, Hardware, Tinware, Farm
Implements and such goods our stocks
?.re especially strong. :-:
In all departments prices will be fot.-ntl
the lowest, and your visits will be lii;.;Wy
apprccbtcd.' :-: x
Uiiderfalclog Oepartaenf 1
Ws have just added an Undertaking Department ia o;rr
it bu.sincr.s. np.kl vi!l carrv a romt rrSr:vf Irr r r"'" i- r"-
k t.ts, Robes, Suits, Wrappers and Dresses. Als( rv a Heercc
k in sen-ice, on Cill anyv.herc. Orders in this line "uven srorcDt
VI and carcf-.:! attention any hour
t.i. .. r.- it
Are Yon Hervone?.
What rahes jra r.eaor.s? It is H:e wcdcr.es- el y-:i:r
wtttzr.ly ccnstltutlcn, which czr.v.A tL::d Iho strzia oi ti:c
hard work ycu da .As rzrdl, yea breelc dr.vn, and ruin
your entire ncrveus cye!e:n. D:r.'t I:e:p (his up! Tcc
Cardui, the wcr.icn's t3:.:e. CerJin is r.-de frcn pure!y
vcc'aMe ir-i-rcc'ic:;:?. Ucztz rc::.'y cn the v.crra:.iy c- er.H,
and helps il:em io d their p::: wcrlc Ii relieves pe.ln
and restores heaKh, in a nature! r.en.:er, t roir.g to the
source of the trouble end builch: up the hoelily ctrer'i.
- I J
Terser, of
This is what she eey about i:: ' I v.es v eeJ: c::d
ccrvou. I cciil-1 uct keer to heve r.r.;-er:e r.ee:- i.:e. ! hed
fr.;nt;n;T c-eK-, ?rJ ! Ixt I!::Ij every da: T.'c llret c'ose
o$ QztOu) hc?;:ed re. Kov, I c-'-l c:::i.ery c.:re:l cf Lhe
fcintiaj spells, c:::I I cenr.ct sey c.:ou: !i f ;r Ccriul, for I
know it s!ved r-"y lie.11 It hi the beet tonic for women.
Ivj D1 ycu S'jlrcr fiu:n r.r:y of the p.:i::s pceulier to women?
M Talc? Cariul It will help you. Ask your druggist.
ftj r.V,?.'rv t-js Advirorr Otrt. C-a("o .VOijrns Cx. C2taox Tat,
i p trtSpccuti-::'ryixr., mJ64-rJ.--'jojVtiom; r.c-lm; (or X:ista." vmtrti. JiO
rv r-w-l
-jr; v: ---:-..
" '
1 i '
of the wants of the
day or night.
" 1 1. . -i .
1, V. Ve., tee!; CarJuL
A corkervl ii a mala Lird i::
iaar old.

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