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An Independent Newspaper.
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See rrtary.
Lag-DUlane Tmlphmm, K. 71.
MVo ia ! miiim-i reurof .tore, (-run nd floor.
50 CIHIS m YEAR. 1,1 ADVAli(L
Tar nlTill.n pri.- thr paper la paya
im .lvn.-r, !.( h. n :bc llmr ba.r.p'rra
to waira II u paid. Ih- paprr will I topped.
'art"f taank.. obituary notiirn. at.., if not
-itfr lhtt U-n Hue, will lpiiMlhbert free. A
rkirirr o V imt line will h made for lllw4-
lag Ma. No variation of lata rule to .07.14.
Frr. Maple t-uptr. tll b a.lleu.
MmUaral will be ttierted. A rale card
til be furniabrd on rrur.l.
AJdrraa allromnniricationa and make all ra
amtaaee. payable 10 KM lllll) 111 IWH,
fen.illr. Kt.
C itcml al tbe ttrrru.... Ky .. poatofhr ft
Hona-lts. natter.
Y art aiitlmriat'tt to onnnum'f tlirT
caikIMmov i't J. I.t-ii rVnttvsa for l-rk
of the MiihK'iilH-rjr County "ourt. ub-j.s-t
t the art ion if tho IK-iniHTatic
n rty.
I'm i iifcsr' substitute for
sleep U interesting, but un profitable.
Wlut llie ill l-m.nls is astibsti
tute for fooil.
I1ikm Mmi hopes to perlect
bis silencer to the point of absorb
ing all city noise. Me should try it
at once on the city of Mexico.
lb was a visitor from the Lone
Star state who said that Mexicans
lielieve they could hip the United
States if Texas would only let them.
At.AiN the east is threatened with
au ice famine and the consequences
to people who dislike warm beer
are fearful to contemplate.
Nm Vokk democrats have given
Charles I. llilles a job for "valua
ble aid rendered the party." Pass
ing around the jobs on this basis,
who is better entitled to good ones
than Mr. Tatt and Col. Roosevelt?
The hard rules of commerce are
interfering with the work of Dan
Cupid. One of the Urge New York
banks has' Instructed its employes
that anyone drawing less than f 100
per month who marries will lose bit
Mas. Wiwiiro Wilson has given
orders that all cats be removed from
the Whit House, us she desires no
uch occupants. This is a strong
indication of an appreciation of san
itary laws, and it is hoped the fash
ion will extend to the humblest
homes in the whole country. The
cat hat been convicted of sufficient
dangers to health to be banished.
The Jiavarun government hat
found new use tor the many
automobiles employed by the
Tost Office Department, by meant
of which the danger of great
conflagrations in the rural districts
is minimised. If a big fire breaks
out in any cf the vilUget farther
than ten wiles from a city, the fire
amgiaec of :he nearest city are at
tached la Ihe postal automobiles
Acd hauled a fcigh rate of speed
to the point of dangei. A( only the
larger German cities have Motor
tire departments, the assistance of
the postal motor cart it invaluable
Jo the surrounding vj!)ages. The
first practical lest of tb pUft was
made !t mcnih in llamberg. The
village Walat1of asked the city for
help and a swU Are cpgine was
fattened to the rear ale of t& ito
cnobile; the run was made jo
Minutes, and the assistance render
4 by tbit engine was of great value
in caiiaguisaiiig fire.
The Sick-loom.
When a family builds a new houte,
they give much thought to the plan
ning of all that inaket for beauty, or
for the convenience of daily life,
but they give 00 thought at all to
the certainty that some one of the
family is going to be iil tome day.
Accordingly, when a mild rase of
illoess occurs, or a minor operation
is necessary, the family physician
glances at the totally inappropriate
surroundings, and advises that the
patient be removed to a hospital.
Kven if the fortunate who can build
their own bouses should all include
in their plans a properly equipped
sick-room, what ran be doncby the
vast majority who must make the
tcst fhey can of a renU.il house, 01
even jut uj iih ga apartment?
The occupant of the average flat
jnar well despair when she hears a
description of the ideal sick room in
the ideal house. Where is she to
find the "spacious room with a
southern exposure" when the only
gleam of sun that visits her comes
in by the kitchen and a corner of
the dining rnor.i? Wlut flull she do
about polished llours and hard-finished,
tinted Walls, if her particular
Hit is finished in suit wood and the
walls were papered thre years ago?
As for rounded corners how many
apartment house buiUk-rs ever heard
of them?
She must find reassurance in the
thought that although all these
things aic dt-siiable, they ate not
indispensable. Most landlords will
allow a reasonable amount of paint
ing and papering. It is easy, when
you move into a new place, to have
one room preferably the largest
and siiTinitst with wash
able walls and white paint. The
rest is largely a matter of elimin
ating unnccesary furnishings
a wise rule for all bedrooms, not
only in sicknes but in health. He
ware of dust-traps, tho ro.im you
sleep in is no- place for a multitude
of small articles. The floor cover
ing should never be nailed down.
Picture mouldings, unwashable dra
peries, and old fashioned wooden
bedsteads are out of place. Thus,
with a little forethought you can ar
range one roi.m in your house so
that it may be be initio into a very
satisfactory infirmary iu a few min
utes notice.
Learning and Earning.
Hoys in high school at MtC'oiub
City Miss., earn $12 to $ iX a month
regularly while attending school.
A plan if co-operation his been
drawn up between the high school
and the Illinois Central railroad,
whereby the boys attend school one
day and work in the railroad shops
the next. The "student apprentices,"
as they are called, are paid for their
work in the shops, the minimum
wage being 12 cents an hour. After
four years of combined high school
attendance and shopwork the boy
is prepared to enter college or draw
a mau's pay at his trade.
Railroad and school authorities
agree that the plan works well.
The railroad official iu charge of the
boys said: "After actual tests it is
shown that the plan of co-opera"'oi
between the Illinois Central railroad
shops and th; M.:Comp City high
school is not only feasible, but that
it is working out in a manner entire
ly satisfactory. 1 believe it to be
for the best interest of the railroad
company to fill all v.u- nicies in the
apprenticeship ssu-i;i as far as pos
sible witn co operative apprent
Supt. Hughes of the school system
is equally enthusiastic over results
from the school's point of view.
He believes the plan otters one
solution of the problem of keeping
boys in school; that it fosters a
boy's spiiit of indepeqdence and
satisfies his commendable ambition
to get into the game of life.
The McComb City plan, says a
bulletin of the federal bureau of ed
ucation, is another indication of
the strength of the present move
ment for systematic vocational ed
ucation in connection with the
public schools. It is noteworthy in
that it does not lose sight of the
need for continued culture training
for the boy who may want to earn
his Ijyjng in the shops.
The Complexion
A clear and beautiful skin ought
lwi;s to accompany youth and
health, but ijfce other good things it
cannot be had for nothing, and
when you have it you cannot play
fast apd loose with it. Neither
can you kpep jt by observing some
of tbe law d mife breaking
others. Take fresh air, for example.
very one knows that health cannot
fc had without a continious supply
of fresh sir. Vet that alone will
not keep the skin in jjqcjj condition,
as a glance at the faces of (be peo
ple who live in the open, but who in
other respects defy the laws of
health, will tkuw,
Young people who livu jo the
country breathe all tbe time air that
people from the city spend a gieal
deal of money to enjoy for a few
weeks in the summer. Hut perfect
complexions are no moo pommon
in the country than in the city.
The reason is oftenest to be foubd
it) the diet. Cake or pic at nearly
every meal, the equally inevitable
doughuuts, and burkuhest rates,
with pork in some form as the sta
ple of diet, are enough to account
for any defect in the color or tex
tore of the skin. Jt almost seems
to be a point of honor wiib some
young person; to dislike the simple,
wholesome foods, such as eggs,
milk, and fruits, and to prefei
those that are hardest to digest.
In the city, swcils are often at
the bottom of the trouble. There
is no objection to any one's eating
a moderate amount of pure candy:
but a box of candy thai stands open
on the table, and is visited at every
hour of the day, can quickly spoil
the fairest and smoothest skin.
If- the complexion remains bad
in spite of care 111 the matter jf diet,
it may be that wrong breathing
habits, or a lack of fresh air in the
bedroom at night, is responsible.
Swearer-Brizendioe Marriage
Miss Josephine Swearer, of Ow
ensboro, and Mr. John S. Hrien-
dine, of this city, were united in
marriage in the parlors of the Wil
lard Hotel, Louisville, yestcrday
morning at 100 clock. 1 lie Urulc
is popular here, where she has made
occasional visits, and the groom is
one of the leading young business
men ot this city, being a member of
the grocery firm of W. II. l'.ritn-
dme & Co., and actively engaged
as the traveling representative of J.
Zinsmeistcr & Co. Louisville whole
sale grocers. They will make their
home here.
Negro Kills Another.
As the early morning train from
Central City was Hearing the station
kcre Tuesday morning, l.d Kinchc
loe shot Alexander Moss twice thro
the body, death resulting at 1 p. nv
yesterday. Hoth are colored men;
the trouble is said to have come up
over the attentions of Moss to Kin-
cheloe's wife, all of them being on
the train. Kinchcloe surrendered
and is in jail, his examining trial
set for Tuesday.
Mr. Fred Head has been in Louis
ville several days, and was an at
tendant at the Swearer-Hruendine
. -
Mrs. Martha J'.liabclh Kophart,
aged 61, died of tuberculosis at her
home near the depot last Fiiday.
Interment was at Last l uion last
Saturday. She was an estimable
woman and had many friends.
. r v
Best one ever made the Kirsch
curtain rods; Roark bas a large
Edward Cornell Dies.
Ldw.rd LaFayatte Cornctt, ag d
76 years, died of a complication of
ailments at 11 a.m. Tuesday at his
home near Potd creek, south of the
city. He was one of the countf's
pioneers, moving here from Virginia
when very young. Deceased was a
cultured, genial man, and was held
in high esteem. Kev. Howard con
ducted the funeral service at the
home, and burial was in the grave
yard at t'leasant Hill church yester
day afternoon. His wife and six
children survive.
H Square Steal
Works both ways: it benefits
the buyer as well as the sel
ler. We are firm believers
in the Square Deal as much
for our own benefit as for
yours for we know if you get
the Squre ileal habit you will
buy from a Square Deal
house. We jive a square ileal
always anil we are as
glad to give it as
ypu are to
get it.
funtral Gqod
Telephone -72, 108
Just Because
What Are You Going
To Do Tills Year
by way of making your business suc
cessful and your domestic life full of
pleasure, if you are not supplied with
telephone semPC pf the Cpmberland
Telephone & Telegraph Company?
Lveryone should have a telephone.
You are connected with all outside
important points in local connections
with all residences and, business hous
es. For any information call uuu
CunHrlanJ Telcf lione Tc!cgr?f Ii Co.
Our sales are larger, this
f m a.
reasons whv we can ben-
" J i i-iii iiii iifa iirwi rnxvini
is on (he price to you,
cade possible by our cash
quaniiy buying. The sec
ond is, we have all the new goods the market af
We keep up with the times. Let us have your
EvcryHiJuj; (iootl to Tint
Greenville, Ky.
.oisisvine AttiGfflobiie Show
Exhibit ol All leading American Cars,
Motorcycles, Sundries. Accessories, Etc.
the iw&I.VAV'&X JL 7
and 8
siimcmtrilr At rly
heap tjf cti.-.g Pump Cwr'.v
Solid-Breech, Hammerless. Safe.
Bottom Ejection empty shells are thrown down ward smote
and gases must go the same way, too insuring uninterrupted
sight rapid pointing alwavs.
Solid Breech Hammerless perfectly balanced a straight
Strong sweep of beauty from stock to muzzle.
Three Safety Devices accidental discharge impossible.
Simple Take-Down a quarter turn of the barrel does it
carrying, cleaning, interchange of barrels made easy your
lingers are your only too!, '
For trap or field work the fastest mtaral pointer.
Your dealer has one. Look it over today
Remington Arms-Union
Metallic Cartrldde Co.
299 Broadway 9 New York City
W r i t e
Who Have An Attractive Proposition For
Fertilizers For All Crops
DIRECTORS W. A. Wickliffe, ' W. G. Dcnccn. C. E
Martin, R. T.Mat tin, E.J. Purycer, C. M. Mift'r, Jco
T. Reynolds, Jr. 4
The standing aaJ responsibility of the men
yUo constitute our Board of Directors urc a
guarantee of careful, judicious management.
r - - c & at . j
'...... 'fife
." w w r t -.av-
When in Louisville Stop at the
Hotel Henry Watterson
You could not stop in a more modem or homelike
hostelry. At the Henry Watterson you'll find tha
most exacting Service, excellent Cuisine and ele
gantly furnished Rooms at very moderate prices.
The C'cc and Kathileller are (he "Shwylaca'' oLouit-
ROOMS WITH BATH 1X00 aad $Z50 pf tfay
I or denervations AdJrcM
rtOTrt. rTTrx, Oittnoo. Turn., and Hoth. Asn.IT (oca Mr 1.1913).
Ati.m'a, G.l, u.id"7 pame manasvianit aad owaanhip.
Sell Your Tobacco On
Itoodft ta floor
On L. & N. Railroad, Between 13th & 14th streets,
Best equipped warehouse in the city for quick hind
ling of tobacco. We can unload 1 wagons at a tice
under cover.
Free stalls and wagon storage in oar warehense.
We have plenty of room.
Our salesman, Nr. Hancock, is an experienced tobac
co man, and will be in active charge of esch sale.
Plenty of buyers. Open competition. Positively go
tobacr -m except on coamissica hsis. Hogs
heads turmsneu on application.
HANCOCK & JACKSON, Proprietors,
C. Kirkpatrick
D. M. Roll
Kirkpatrick & Roll
Over Old Bank Building, Court House Square
Telephone ISo. 89
We are agents of a line of the strongest American
companies, writing all forms of insurance. We cany
risks against
Hail on Tobacco
and specially solicit this Business.
Real Estate
We buy and sell real estate and have listed with
us farming, timber and coal lands, town lots, etc
Also property for rent. Shall be glad to have this
business in all branches.
Mrs. Pendleton
Catering to High Caas Trade
Street and Evening GovPns, .
Blouses and Suits
Private Shop ope ru-d in fourth fioor over Embry & Co's.,
store. Mr. Brown, an experienced tailor, will have charge
of all tailored work.
Outside materials made up until our own stock is received.
Your Orders Solicited.
Mrs. Pendleton
Over Lmbry & Co
(Take Elevator.)

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