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An Independent Vwtpap-r.
rraui-mu TareaDAin r.i
Ow KtcB, Omin L. Boick,
VIJent. Ormtai;.
Ltag-Olttance Telepheas. Nj. T2.
OOIer ic Annri mr Ri rl; ku.io, rioun.! Jlwr.
Tb anbarrtpttoa prir of Ihr papr l iivt
IM ! lnrv, nd wtoro thr time ki n pirrd
wklrk it paid, the paprr will hr utopprd.
Cards f thank, oblaiary nntim, rl-., if not
9airrr tnaa Ira llnra. will hr piihliahrd frrr. A
aarmaf 6r. prr llnr will br ai4lr (or mic rrd-
( iiaca. Ha variwiok a( Ikia rnlr to n;oPi
aaajplc cepira will br mailrd.
AdTrtlanaaia will br Inarrtrd. A ratr card
wll :h furalabrd oa miurni.
Addraaa allrsaiaiaalratlnn and mkr all re-
IKmcm payable i KKCOKI) I'Ktws,
UrrraTlllr, kj
r',lrr' al tit Orcraillt. Kr-. poiloftlc a
a waad-elaaa aiattrr.
If pecer-u Sii-erland and Hol
land have trcarqr deficits, the war
ritj nationi must have treasury hiatuses.
Ik Russia cannot wiii when its
great strategist, winter, is'.'fl roni
mand, the outlook is nai o (OT
next summer. x
ami . i. : .
I l.c - : er :
com '.; a ; l .
holt'.:: tl) . r:;
Thr arr .1 !!
A Lesson From Lsudcr. i"' iz t!f
Uigid economy, ii-u not ahso- 5 ViS as
li!( !y nrcosfary, tic c i r.:t( s iuro
orhd siinnuis, accort'ibj; : the
viewpoint of a certain class of per
sons. Nothing but abject poverty,
to their iniii.Is, should prevent men
in general from cultivating a happy
go lucliv suit of sp'.ti; ami liciti
''j;otd fellows'" on ail occifit'iis, re
;a!i!!ess f how piccjiiciis n:,iv be
their linancijl tenure upon the fu
tiue. Ami ; it a:i people arcpioh.il)
ly more prone than any other race
to be prodigal with their money.
I Lis applies not only to the new ru n
class whiih rejoices in vulgar osten
tation, but to the millions of young
men who arc working toi salaiies
ainl who have nothing luck
them in case of a ciisis. 'I hey
have let t learn the value of a ilol
lar how to get 100 cents worth in
return for it or they have a pecu
liarly distorted idea of what money
rhould buy.
It is g'lod evil v now ar.il il:t:i fur
some ini'.' to come along ami u!l us
how foolishly we are kjttiuing our
money, how we have created for
ourselves a false conception of
things worth exchanging our money
for. Those of us who have heard
of the traditioral "stinginess'' of
Harry Lauder, the Scotch comedian,
, amounting to
I ag .. i nst the owner
i on his propeity.
ami the Supreme
jd t!ij assessment,
Eon: 1 and valid,
rt'of wiis should be
sal..; iy u:nl inniuc itc and fire
pr -w -t.tioii outers will probably l.e
:g i. rd in) longer. 1 he property
oni.nVi obeys tl .e law and is
di.ier'. in protecting hi property
will n,; lie compelled to sustain loss
due to another's negligence and
'I he negligent must hot tnly re
imburse the city for the cxpeLs; to
which it put in tightiug avoidable
fires but must be prepared to pay
ot! lor dauia;;c or mjuiy caused to oth
ers, liven liremcn can recover
damages for usuries sustaiued in
lighting such fires. '1 his law, old
as it is in Murope, is new in this
country. And if it is valid in New
York, it is not unreasonable to sup
pose that u himilar law applied else
where would be upheld by judicial
finding. Indianapolis News.
It, as they say, the American
navy is five years behind time ihe
present disturbance across the wa't.
gives if a chance to catch up.
For the sake of its lovely and his
toric values and sausages, and for
other things, one hopes that Vienna
will be spared destructive rioting.
Amkrican railroads are cited by
certain interests as horrible exam
ples of the evils resultiog from an
excessive aod dissolute use of wat
Ukifokms of Europe's fighting
men are required to "blend with the
landscape," but, alas! thousands of
the wearers of uniforms are now
"blending with the landscape" and
becoming one with it!
It congress should vote a decora
tion for our heroic little Gen. Fun
ton, it should be a miniature, for a
life siigd one might drag him to the
bottom gome day w&fcti he 7Ti."'d
to swim another river.
- ...
AccEiviNG continually new
pledges of good things if she will
not mix in the fight Italy is coming
ia for those victories of peace that
re not less renowned and are much
more profitable than those of war.
All the principal colors having
been used by the larger powers in
the publication of their diplomatic
papers, the smaller states may be
reduced to fashionable gradations
such at burnt wafhV umber or tie
phant's breath mauve.
According to the domesticated
statistician of the Portland Oregon
ian, Germany had only 567 homi
cides in 1906 whereas the United
States bad 6 597. But if statistics
must be dragged in, why not give
the record of killings for 1914?
Au. things considered, there is no
particular need for any new war
poetry, our world literature being
already rich in such verse. Even
the living poets cannot be expected
to do better than they have done.
Kipling has written some good (toft
since the war began, but nothing
equal to the "Recessional."
Reluctantly the army and navy
experts are admitting that the con
dition of our military establisbraent
tis not 10 bad at it has been painted
by the alarmists. As we have fre
quently remarked, the professional
fighting man is the most nervous
and panicky of all creatures. The
only time when the soldiers and
tailors are calm and fearless is when
the guns begin to shoot.
Could the poets, like a well
known phonograph, "eliminate the
mechanical noises," their poetry
would be more readable and con
vincing But there is always evidcut
in these latter day outbursts the
chug-chug of Ihe steam pump at
Pieruc and the reader fancies that
there it an order on the hook for so
many "running feet" of verse. Few
bards sing with the "unpremedtated
rt" of the birds they sing like the
team calliope. The late Madison
Cawein was an exception, gentle,
genuine poet who scorned the
clownish and hippodroming that the
later commercial school of poetry
may form a more just and gracious
estimate of him on reading what he
ha to say on the sul jeet of spend
ing n.-oney recklessly. In a recent
intervie-y he says:
"I find l.hat 1 am more than or
dinanly econou'cal. 1 find that I
could send a jrcat deal mote
money if ixerc inlsjjned to. liut 1
cannot find why I sh3ji(j. can.
not find where I aVJ denying myself
any of the comforts ot V.fe; the lux
uries I never had much ilesire 0r.
"The iLcidents which have betn
most generally cited as proving my
stinginess have Lad to do most'y
with my failure to tip servants lavish
ly, my disinclination to purchase
liquor for heterogeneous and transi
tory collections of actors at promi
nent bars, my plain and modest at
tire and my jimmy pipe."
On the subject of lipping waiters
in hotels and cafes Lauder says:
"If I give the waiter what I nei
ther think be has earned nor fetl he
should have, I do it because I am
a coward who does what be doesn't
want topr need to in fear ol Hie uu
favorable verdict of a judge who is
appointed without my consent,
whose judgement means nothing in
my life and whose verdict, even if
it did effect me, I regard as badly
founded. "
Coming to the subject of his ap
parel the-Scot states his case in re
gard to his aged ulster as follows:
"I have an overcoat that has
withstood for me many a chill blast
It 190 t as pew as once it was. The
nap is a bit rubbed. But it is clean,
it hangs together perfectly, it keeps
the warm'.h in and the cold out
Now, why should I discard this
tried and loyal winter- servant? I
think a garment should be worn as
long as it hangs together decently
and keeps out the wind."
Treating in barrooms "tearooms
as Lauder calls them is scored in
the following hammer-and tongs
"If I enter a tearoom for a nigh-
cap ana you ana all your cronies
are there I must ask you each to
drink at my expense or fear to leave
there in the prospect of burning ears.
If I met you in a clothing store I
wouldn't buy you a suit of clothes;
if I met you in a druz. store I
wouldn't buy you an ounce of car
bolic acid just because I'm buying
myself a nickel's worth of ipecac.
But in a barroom it's all different,
eh? I don't see why. If I did I'd
abide by the difference."
Lauder's economic philosophy is
sanely set forth in the extracts given
bove. lie submits unanswerable
rguuients in support of the theory
that a man should make his dollar
do a dollar's duty. And he also
delivers himself of a very vital truth
w hen be charges that moral cow ard
ice is back of unwarranted
and extravagant tipping. Louisville
ChargiBj to tbc Owners."
The Chief of the New York fire
department recently ruled that the
cost of fighting fires resulting frcm
negligence or evasion of the . law
should hereafter be charged against
those responsible for such a condi
tion. A few days later fire destroy
ed a building, threatened adjacent
properly and endangered the lives
of a score or more of firemen.
Investigation showed that orders
issued by the department had been
cnorod by the ow ner of the I uiM
J":, 1 UfcltULIVU tht COat of tillU
Skin Troubles and Diet.
There is reason to believe that
there is a close connection between
many forms of skin trouble and the
diet. One significant thing is the
singular stubbornness of many skin
disorders ami their mysterious ten
dency to iccur even when the physi
cian continues the form of treatment
that at first seemed to act as a cure.
Among these rebellious skin troubles
are acne, crcma, psoriasis, and
urticaria. All four diseases are
likely to respond to treatment at
first, but too often they return ob
stinately, as a stream of water re
turns when it has been swept back
by a broom.
That common characteiistic has
set the phys'cians searching for some
common underlying cause. As a
resui of their investigations, it is
generally believed that there is a
direct retion between the metabol
ism thalvs.to say, the chemical
changes by c h food is transform
ed iuto body tise and the condi
tion of the skin,
liut although we aVrit it as a
fact that many kinds of kKn trouble
are dependent on the diet, it is still
necessary to experiment with each
case until we have found the panic-
ular diet tliai is ly-r- for if.
that has been accomplished,
is constant need for inc ,.iia
exercise all the self-control he pos
sesses, for these obstinate skin dis
orders cannot be cure i in a few days
or even a few weeks.
A regulated diet dees not mean
simply going without this or adding
that article of food. One leading
dermatologist has defined it as "such
a regulation of the quantity and
quality of food and drink, its mode
of preparation, and the time and
method of its consumption as shall
conduce to the restoration and
maintenance of the heahh of the
body, including the skin." The
patient, therefore, must cooperate
faithfully with his physician or the
cure will fail.
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