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A X*w County Wanted.
The question of the formation of a new
county with Big Stone Gap as its county
Beat, has been occupying the minds of
our thoughtful citizens for some time,
and at the meeting of the Commercial
Club Monday evening a committee was
appointed to examine into and agitate
the subject.
The facts of tlie matter arc these.
In Big Stone Gap and the section nat?
urally tributary to it, say for a radius of
ten or fifteen miles, there have been
more real estate transfers than
' there have been in the remainder ol
Wise, or Lee or Scott county, ami very
likely more than in all combined. And
wc cannot have here even a Hustings
court, or a branch record office until we
have attained a population of 5,000 peo?
ple. A very large proportion of the
legal business originates here and our
lawyers and business men have more fre?
quent occasion to go to the court house
and County Clerk's office than have
those of any other section of the three
counties. As wc grow, this business
will more than keep pace, and the in?
convenience become a matter of serious
concern. It now requires a hard ride of
eighteen hours to reach Gladcville, and
even when the railroad is completed and
trains nre running, there will still re?
main a horsoback <?r wagon ride of five
miles from the nearest station. If the
court house should, hereafter, be remov?
ed to Tacoina, there still would be ob?
jections for various reasons. Citizens ol
Lee county, who live within three miles
of Big Stone Gap, have to ride some
twenty-five miles to reach their county
seat, Jonesville, and some Scott county
people have tu go about as far to reach
Estillville, which is no inconsiderable
inconvenience. Lee comity, for instance,
is by the necessity <>(' the situation, be?
ing a valb-v between the Cumberland
mountains and Waldcn's Ridge, a narrow
??ounty. but it need not be such extreme
length, extending as it docs, from Big
Stone Gap !?> Cumberland Gap, nearly
70 miles. li' the citizens of Kansas;
or any other prairie State, had only the
ton counties instead of the one hundred
odd we have in Virginia, they would
still be enabled to reach their county
seats more easily than we do. Then
roads are cheaply ami quickly built and
communication is rapid ; here mountains
and rivers form natural barriers, difficult
to surmount.
The citizens of the upper end of Lee
county are in favor of this new county,
and as our people as a body took no
part in the recent Wise county court
house removal, it is be lived the citizens
or Wise will aid us. Our own population
is unanimous, and the Scott county people
being friendly, will assuredly be with us
in our efforts.
To Ihr Editor of the Post:
Wc wish tu call the attention of the
citizens of Wise, Lec and Scot I counties,
as well as of thus,- <.t' Big Stone Cap, to
the question of forming a new county
from parts of the counties above men?
tioned, making Big Stone Gap its center
and county seat.
*\ ise county is over forty-five miles long
from eastern to western lines, Lee is
sixty-five and Scott fifty. Big Stone Gap
is situated in the extreme western portion
of Wise county, within one mile of the
eastern line of Lccand six miles from the
northwestern line of Scott; thus it is seen
that a new county could be formed front the
three counties, and greatly accommodate
all the people living within the territory
to compose the new county.
To the people of Turkey Cove and the
Crab Orchard district, tin' advantages af?
forded them by having their county seat
at Big Stone Gap rather than at .Jones?
ville, would be almost incalculable. For
years they have been riding twenty to
twenty-live miles to attend county and
circuit courts, consuming almost a day in
going and the same in returning, fre?
quently over almost impussuble roads and
swollen streams. To come to Hie/ Stone
Gap would only be a pleasant ride ol one
to two hours at longest; while a large ma?
jority of them could reach here on the I..
& N. trains, and thus avoid much of the
trouble ami expense of caring for a horse
whileattending court. The same condi?
tion of affairs applies to the western part
of Wise and especially t<> all living in
Powell's valley and on the South and North
Forks of Powell's river, Roaring Fork and
Callahan crock, the mos! of whom could
get here on the L. & X. trains and thus
avoid a day's ride to Gladcville, over one
of the roughest road- in the mountains,
while the people from Pattousvillo ami
Duffield, Hunter'.- valley. I'oor valley and
the Wild Cat could come here on I lie S.A.
k 0. and obviate a twenty to twenty-live
mile ride ti> Estillville.
1 would suggest that the following ter?
ritory be included in the new county, t>>
wit: Beginning at a point on High Knob,
thence a straight line northwesterly, pass?
ing over Little Stone Gap and up Black
creek to East Mutt, on Black mountain,
thence turning westwardly and running
with the State line bet ween Virginia and
Kentucky, to a point on Black mountain,
opposite and north of the Pocket, in Lee
county, thence turning; southwardly, a
Straight line to or near Stiekleyville. tak?
ing in T urkey Cove, a part ot'Yokum sta?
tion und the bead of Waldcn's creek,
thence turning eastward!*- in a straight
line to the begiuning on Hi.uh Knob, tak?
ing in Pattonville? Poor valley. Duffield,
Wild Cat and a part ofRye Cove and Hun?
ter's valley. Let the people of the dis?
trict agitate this question ami . express
their sentiments. Oui Point.
The Stmerasc Question.
Editor Big Stow Pott:
In compliance with your request to re?
port on the sewerage question, 1 will state
that I have not examined sufficient data
to give any details of the plan.
At present I think that the storm wa?
ters of the crowded districts should he led
through pipe direct to the river. If it be
desired to get rid of the house-sewerage,
by means of a sewerage system, 1 would
advise smaller pipes leading to a sewer
running through north and south boulve
vards from the high-central part of the
town. These main sewers would meet
near Three Forks Island and cross 'Pow?
ell's river und run through the lower por?
tion of the Sulphur Spring property,and
beyond into a cesspool or directly into the
river, which I think could be done with
our present small population and a cess?
pool built later.
You will see that we have the advantage
of most town.-, on the sewerage question,
as they generally are compelled to build
large main sewers to take off the house
sewerage and storni-wutcrs both. To do
this here, it would be necessary to build a
tremendous sewer along one of the river
banks. This would also necessitate all
the branch sewers to be much larger than
they would be in the above plau.
A great portion of the storm-sewerage
and house-sewerage of Plat .*i should be
directed toward the DcBus^uc branch.
The house-sewerage in Plat 5 should be
directed to a cesspool near the mouth of
DcBustjuc branch, in order to remove from
the sewerage offensive matter. In tin.
way no offensive matter would puss Plat I
on South Fork.
The sewerage system of Plat '.I and L. I
& N. plats wiil he about the same us the
other plats. A house-sewerage system J
ehould go through the boulvcard on North
Branch of North Fork of Powell's river
and run beyond Hnrdin's Addition. In
some cases a brick main sewer will bo bet?
ter than a pipe, especially near the outlet
of such sewer. Yours respectfully,
V.'ku-umk Smith, City Engineer.
The Inter-state Tunnel Party.
The members of the Inter-state Tunnel
survey, the satisfactory result of whose
work was mentioned last week, have nil
come in except W. N. Davidson, the com?
missariat, who is in charge of the wagon
train with the camp equipage. The party
was made up as follows.
CapL A. H. Bishop, chief, Petersburg.
II. M Smith, assistant, Richmond.
J. P. Moorman, translunan, Lyncbburg.
J. P. Houston, leveler, Natural Unite.
J. H. Morgan, level rodman, Lyncbburg.
J. B. ('<>cki., check level rodstnan, Rockcastle.
It. ('. Panks, draughtsman, Bland county.
Ii. T. Turner, front flagman, Kockingham county.
IihnM Calleuder, back flagman Petersburg.
w. It. Prlcbard, cbainman, Petersburg.
A cook ami four axemen.
Messrs. Smith, Moorman, Houston and
Hanks arc from the Virginia Military In?
stitute, and, Cnpt. Bishop says, maintain
the excellence of the mathematical train?
ing of that West Point of the South. The
soldiery qualities formed there were also
shown by the fact that every man stuck to
the survey until it was (.iplcted, even
passing the week bet?re Christmas on the
top of Pine Mountain, in cold weather and
in snow waist-deep, when three more days
work would have finished their under
dcrtakingand allowed them tobe at home.
Every member was as brave as an Indian,
and had gained ten <>r fifteen pounds in
weight. They report pnity fair living,1
and kind treatment from the moun?
All have now gone home for a vacation
except Capt. Bishop and an assistant, who
are working up their notes, making maps,
profiles and estimates, for the further
prosecution of the enterprise.
The Select School.
After three weeks holidays the select
school on Wyandotle avenue has resumed
its regular routine of work. Thirty-six
scholars are enrolled. The school is in
charge or Mi^s Louisa Morrill, of New
Hampshire, who has made normal meth?
ods a specialty, and Miss Lettie GootUoe,
from Lynch burg, \'a. The primary de?
partment is taught wholly by ihe object?
ive method, and the aim of the school
throughout is to be thorough and at the
same time interesting. Effort is made? to
impress upon ill" minds of the youth
principles of right, virtue, temperance and
Great ere.lit i- due these ladies for their
educal ional work.
Electric Light Again.
The electric lights were turned on again last
night after ten nights of darkness. Mr. K. B.
Fox secured the services of Mr. George P.
Packard, of Lynn. Mass., who. though only
twenty-two years of age, has taken a practical
course in electricity and all pertaining thereto,
in the shops of the Thomson-Houston Company,
at Lynn, and has had an extended experience
in active work with sub-companies in Louis?
ville and Cincinnati. With the assistance of
Mr. James Gannon, a competent engineer from
New Vork City, the company will try to make
a record of gh ing lights without Pail during the
entire year.
In this connection it may be said that if
patrons will clean their globes (which become
dirty just us do chimneys) they will lind their
light much improved.
Presence of Mind und Bareness of Body.
A man was walking up the South Atlantic A:
Ohio railroad tracks this week, when in the
limstoue cut near East l!i^' Stone Gap, he saw
a huge boulder upon the track too heavy for
him to roll eft". The passenger train was rap?
idly approaching but a short distance away,
and he had not a handkerchief or other signal
to wave, so he bethought himself of his red un?
dershirt, which he hastily snatched oil' and
flaunted rigorously, thereby saving the train.
The authorities in recognition of his service
sent him an annual pass.
Narrow Escape.
The necessity of great care in handling the
cars at the mines, which are at the head of the
creek and on steep grades, was shown last
[ week when four cars got loose at the Looney
Creek Works and ran to East Big Stone Gap, a
distance of nearly six miles, at a terrific rate.
If the dummy furnace or switching engine had
iappened to be on the track there would have
been an expensive wreck, perhaps accompan?
ied with loss of life.
The Appalachian Club.
Thomas U. Dudley, Jr., was elected n member of
tlie Appalachian Club al its regular monthly meeting
last Monday night, and Messrs. James P. Shields and
.M. I.. S!ii> i<l>, of Kuoxvillc, non-resident memliers.
A committee was appointed to hurry up the new
oak floor and another to secure a piano for club use.
The lirst of the club's receptions for ladies ? ill be
held to-night, and regularly .>n the second Friday
iii'ht of each month hereafter.
John Calvin Lung, the colored expressman,
was returning on horseback from Jonesville
court Wednesday night, when near Wade
Chapel, in Cedar Gap, old Grav slipped ami
fell, both going over the steep Lank together.
The liorso ?iis unhurt, bill John was consider?
ably bruised, .lohn says:
?? Boss, move dat co't-housc hyar nex' week,
if von can."
1 / The dam for the water works, which is .-i.\tyN
feet long, has been completed, and the pipe laid
over a distance of one mile und three quarters,
The water last week rushed down the moun?
tain, covering the dam to a depth of four feet.
It is a pure, clear, freestone stream that gushes
from a huge spring near the top of the moun?
tain, and is very cool even in midsummer. The
waterworks ?III be completed early in May.
Congressman-elect Buchanan has presented
the Commercial Club with a handsome new
map of the United States, which is now hung
up in the club budding.
Correspondence is now being carried on
with some Swiss colonists in another Southern
State, with a view to locating them here in the
dairy ami truck-farming business.
It is almost impossible to have clothes de?
cently washed and ironed at Big Stone Gap,
and there is an opportunity for a
good laundry to make a fortune. Wash?
erwomen are as independent and as un?
reliable as if they hud made millions. It would
be well to import a fresh supply of them or get
a first-class laundry established.
Big Stone Gap badly needs a large banking
establishment. Such an institution here would
pay good dividends now, and still larger later
on. A bank without money is like a bee with?
out honey?a nuisance.
Mr. W. J. Sproles has returned from a visit
to Koanoke and Lyncbburg, and reports busi?
ness dull in both places. There seems to be ft
temporary stagnation everywhere.
Church Supper.
A supper will he given on the lower liner uf the
Shorn building to-morrow evening at which oysters
in various style?will be served, with chicken aalad,
coffee, cake, etc. The object of the supper is to raise
guilds for the benefit oi the church.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Addison have returned from a
pleasant visit to Klcbmoud und the University of Vir?
Urs. Kunkel and Board have formed a copartnership
for the practice of medicine.
Both Lied.
(From the Indianapolis Journal.)
In the car?She (sltlln^ down, though}?I do so b?te |
tu discommode a gentleman.
ht?Oh, you arc doing uutbiug of the kiwi,
luadumc, 1 .i.-?urc you."
E. T. Shortt St Co.
"Wo began in the furniture business b?re
three months ago and have done three times as
well as wo expected. Besides our trade here
and in the surrounding country, we have
shipped goods into Tennessee, and shipped the
onttit for the hotel at Tacoma, and our business
is growing all the time. We arc now makinp
mattresses; and in frnm sixty to ninety days
wc will probably have going an establishment
for turninp out excelsior, bed-sprinps, other
grades of mattresses, etc. We are pleased
with the trade we are doing,with the outlook:
and, further, we are satisfied Hip Stone Gap
will be a pood wholesale point, and we propose
togive that some of our attention. Wc need
more room for storing away and displaying our
poods, and will have it later on."
DIorriss-DUlartl Hardware Co.
" Our business has been very good, and we
like it here. You will agree, we think, that our
establishment would do no discredit to Knox
ville, Lynchburg or other larger places. Wc
travel the country naturally tributary to us,
and we do a satisfactory wholesale trade. We
have recently, for instance, sold the water?
works system tu tlf town of Duflield,and pri?
vate works to Colonel Pridemore and other citi?
zens of Lee county; three ears of stoves, any
number of log and farm wagons, and so on.
We have coming other car-loads of wagons,
stoves and miscellaneous hardware, and in an?
ticipation of the water-works, wc are going to
add plumbing to our business. We have a
good following of countrv merchants, and will
push mir wholesaling, wc want to show the
Mountain Park Association, too. how cheaply
wc can furnish that ten miles of wire-fencing.
We need, as you see, much more room. We
would like to have a building with threc-storr,
or, preferably, three ground tloorsjsucli as tins,
with wareroonis back."
W. C. Sliclton & Co.
u It is not a pood plan, perhaps, to joke about
facts, but the people of our place are so dis?
tressingly healthy that we are not making such
a fortune as J, C. Avers out of medicines
proper, but, fortunately, men will smoke and
the ladies must have sweets and presents.
Really we have done well, and it would have
done you pood to see our Christmas trade,
which came near exhausting our stock of toilet
and fancy poods and novelties, anil the holiday
happiness of many household was due to the
visit of Santa Clans to mir establishment.1
G. E. Dutton.
?'Have bad all I can do, sometimes running
night and da v. ,lu?t now 1 can't keep a suffic?
ient supply of logson hand to supply my plan?
ing mill With lumber. The completion of the
Louisville it Nashville will remedy that, how?
ever, but 1 shall,even now, I think, be able ti
meet my customers' demands. My grist-mill
is doing well, some days grinding one hundred
bushels of corn for the fanners below me."
Powell's ttiver Woolen .Mills.
" Wc ha\v turned out and shipped a large
quantity of wools and yarns, besides doing a
preat deal of carding for the citizens of South?
west Virginia and Southeast Kentucky. A
procession of six to ten or fifteen men and
women bring in wool on horseback through
the mountain passes, even over black moun?
Wolf, t lay & Co.
"We have had our hands full of business
since wc began here. We turn out weather
boarding, Mooring, mouldings, cornicing, etc.
Wc need sonic framing stuff, and will proba?
bly buy a belt of oak near us and saw it up.
Our location here is very satisfactory, being on
the dummy line, the double-track of the Louis?
ville k Nashville and on the South Atlantic A
Ohio. We have at our three mills 2,500,000
feet of dry lumber and 20,000 poplar trees.
branded and marked, in the w.Is. Wc sell
-tutriu Huston and other parts of New En?
gland, Wilmington'Del., to Jackson A Sharp
Car Works, and other points."
The Appalachian Steel .v. Iron Co. baring
nearly completed its foundations,is now get?
ting its numerous large boilers in place, and is
riveting some of its base work for the erection
of its stacks. The furnace has recently re?
ceived its switchiug engine and an upright en?
gine for lifting and raising its heavy pieces.
One furnace will probably go into blast by July
1st, and the other by January next.
The Water Company is rigorously prosecut?
ing its work, so that we shall have a supply in
the sprinp. The dam. strainer and pale have
been put in on South Kork, at an elevation of
397 feet above the city, in a very romantic
spot, which will be a great place for horseback
rides and pie-nickinp parties after April. Kor
a quarter of a mile above there are great moss
and fern-covered .-tones, tangles of rhododen?
dron and laurel, foaming cascades, tall cliffs
and other features of enchanting natural
Mr. James W. Fox was rec|HesteiLJ)y the
Electric Light Company to secure a cWp't-!:!
electrician, and he immediately went to work at
it. The result is. we had lights last night and
will probably continue to have them as long a.
thc matter is left in such competent hands.
An important ordinance was passed by the
council Monday night, prohibiting the mutila?
tion of shrubbery and trees and the removal
of rocks along the boulevard.
crrv itusiNESs.
Hodge's Art Gallery,
Cili/ens of Big Stone Gap should not
fail to visit Hodge's Photographic Studio
and Art rooms when in Bristol. His work
is equal to that of any artist in the South.
To exchange?a stock of merchandise
for Big Stone Gap business property. Ad?
dress W. A. II. KoUl.i: lno.v,
[l:M3i] Bristol, Tcnn.
ttttnrrtllis; House.
L. P. Horton and J. P. Barron having rented
K. II. Child's boarding-house on East Fourth
street and Giller avenue, will board by the
day, week or month at reasonable rales: also
furnish single meals. Wc will take pleasure
in accommodating all who favor Iis with a call,
drunken men excepted. We propose to k-ep an
?orderly house. Rooms to rent, furnished
unfurnished. HoKTON .v. pAititoN.
T7IKGINIA:?In die Clerk's Office of the Circuit
} Court of tb* County of Wise on the 30th day ol
December, Km, in vacation.
K. II. Ocu), trading ander the Brin i
name ami slvle of B. II. OuM |
& Co.. Plaintiff*,
Ccktis Cci.i as and Cm iblks S.New- '? In Chancery.
mas. merchant* ami |>artncrif I
trailing Mutet tlie lirm name i
mill style of Collen .V Svw-1
man. Defendants, )
The object of this suit i- to have a judgement ob?
tained by the said Cullen ami Newman against the
s.iiJ K. H. OuM A* Co. on the 17th day of Dec.her.
1890, In the Circuit Court of Wise County. Virginia,
f..r the -mil of 1121.00, with Interest |bcreon from tin
ltfth day of January, 1800, ami *7."n e.,-<s. *uldect to
a credit of $13.00 i- of the 10th -lay ol Muren, lnwi.
set aside, vacated and annulled; and whereas, persii
ani loan order entered in saiil court on the 17i!i day
of llecember, 1890, the said Cullen and Newman are
enjoined and restrained from further proceeding on
Mid judgement until farther ordered by the sah! court
s.iiJ K. II. Ould Si Co.having given boud a- required
by law, anil an adhlavti having |_ieen made that the
defendants, Cullen & Newman a're uut i.'.sj'i: el- of the
State of Virginia, it is ordered that Ibej .?jv
do appear here, within 13 days after due publication
hereof, ami do what may be necessary lo protect tin ir
interest in thj. -ujt. .\i?l it i- further ordered that a
copy hereof be published once a week for four weeks
in some newspaper, ami ibaf a copy be forthwith
posted at the fr-'iit door of the courvbnuso of Ibis
county an the 1st day of the January term, 1S0I, of
Wise County Couri.
A ropy. Tote. J. K. Lirrsj Cl-rk,
I'er j. 0. Carter, !>. C.
BCLUTT t McDoWKIX, p. Q. 20-4t
BK It ordained l>y the Council ol the City of Bit?
stone Caps That any one who shall ?Ithoutauthor
ity from thi- counc)l?*0ace,cut,or destroy any tree ?r I
shrub, or di? or remove hhv roaks, earth or other iii.i
terinl from any Imulevani. ii?>-? tn>i.k or public
park belonging to the city, shall be lined not it.-s than
TWO nor more than TWKNTY dollars for each offense,
and inea?c of trees and shrubs, "each tree ami ih'rub
?o cut, effaced ?r destroyed, -hall be considered a sep?
arate offense.
It shall be the duty the ssrgeaiit to.-e.- tti.it this
Ordinance is euforced.
This Ordinance takes effect from it- passage. Pass?
ed January 5,1S91. Approved :
It II. A. W. SKEK.1, Mayor.
Tlie Second Term of l irst Session Commences Jan- j
uary 5th, ItiDl. The following Branches are Taught:
English Branches,
Vocal and Instrumental Muelc.
For full paiticular.-, address,
Miss Locisj: 51. Mourn ix, Priuclpat, or
Miss Lluuc li. Goovlou, AsMsUut.
1 E. T. SHORTT & CO. 1
a 151
51 Fine Parlor and Chamber Suits, Office and
|= Dining Room Suits
Carpets. Wall Paper and Window Shades. Mattresses
of all Kinds Made to Order. A Large
Assortment of Bad Springs.
Of any Pattern Madef[=
to Order to Fit any^
sized room. 1H
- l?
E. T. SHORTT k CO. 1
I Ayers Building BIG STONE GAP, VA. 5
Which writes more Insurance than any other Company In existance
on account of the ABSOLUTE SAFETY and LARGE DIVIDENDS to
policy Holders.
Appalachian Bank Building, BIG STONE CAP, VA.
Fine China, Glassware, Queensware, Crockery,
Japanese and Bohamian Ware, Lamps and Lamp
in Tin-; city.
J. A. SMITH, next door to Pitzer & Co., BRISTOL, TENN.
my other binding. It will lie
perfectly Hat. It never br ales and the leavi s
ranm.l bceon.e I? . Tri ti - ! ..
will use i.Iber.
tGLXLV:?In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit
Court of Wire County -.ti the Jm'.i day of i*..|
rmber, 1*!>",
M. Ii L. Dotsox, Plaintiff,
In Cham
I". A. Stbatto.v, Defendant, j
Theobject of this suit is to have a deed from fieo.
W*. Meade and Mary K. Meade. Ids wlfc,.and U.S.
tJr.?ii V.. lid.-and Kmiiine D. Jdeadr, bis wife, to F.
\. Stratum, bearing ?<?*??? on the29th day of March,
ISS7. and recorded iu'.theclerk's ofli the county
e.itirt id Wise county. Va., i.i dot >! bi >k >.'? . 1'.', pages
4*i. etc. conveying tu - it ! F. A. Stratum .il! the coal,
oil, etc., in. under and n; on a certain trai: ?f land,
-it'l l!..; in Wise county. \ n . sit-- bowl waters
?if Kail Camp creek, and containing XM acres, more
or less, declared void as to the Interest in said coal,
?ii!. etc.. conveyed by ill- r-.ii>l I'. S. Grant Meade tuid
Kmily 1?. Meade, his wife, and to have it..- said coal,
?i'.. ic. equally |mrtitj wed I? tweeti the plainiitT, M.
D.-.1? JJotson and defendant, 1?. A. Stratum, and an
afHda> it b.n Injc been made aud Hied ihm the defi nd
.ant. F. v. Strnlton, is not a resident of
tii" State of Virginia, it i~ ordered that
lt> appear here, within Ufieen daj's after <lm w:!.
lieatlon hi reof, mid ?'?? what may lie necessary ;?? pr.'
tect Ids Inti real In tids suit. And I' I? further ordered,
thai .i copy hereof l. ? published mice a week f..r four !
weeks in some ni aspaper, and tlial a ropy he posted i
lit th'j front .'.....r of the court-lion.f this county 1
on the Isl day of tbe January rm. 1891, ..f Wh*
County Court. Acopy. ZVwfc, K. Lire?. Clerk.
Per J. ('. C.tuTKK, U. C.
Al l'kbso? A Vf Ai s. ;.. <;. ?.;?_,[ j
Of the condition of the Bank op Bit; Stone
Gap, at Y>\x Si"ii<- Gap, in iii?- Stale of I
Virginia, at (lie olosc of business,
December Ml, I-:?".
Loans ?nd dh-connts.?110."l". 14 1
Overdrafts. 8.440 99 I
l)u> from untimial haul.- .
Due from Sttite hniiksuiel iNiukcrs
It. a! .-: furniture and fixtures.
Current expenses taxes paid.
k- nnd other i-.i-ii items.
".tin (Ml I
717 ?
Legal tender ?"
1 i im lit! ks.
Ca|dtal sin k paid in.
Undivided pr..lit? .
Individual deposits subject I" chi
Iteinand certificates -t deposit
Due to National It.ink..
\..?<v it'-.' bjl)s nsHiisconuted ...
93? 7tl I , , r i > i . , ... . .
!3W 45.1 u* ,,a"K ''! Uisr Stone Gap, \ irjrinia,
:i7?: 7:;, close of husiucsd Deceuiliei 31, ISIM).
:l *
1,41? Ob I
_I Soles and I ill disi
.*..i? |i STi j """ from banks
i Expense account.
I Furniture and !'x'??
i"-1?1 ? oti hand.
Ill KMl'H'
innti .i.
rx'itr> hi
Silo 09
$115,484) n7
6,008 '.ni
3,014 i^'.
93? 711
2.9W! .!7
i mrii rrtKs.
nun on j Capital stock paid in.
Total. . ..f135,009 35 j Due to lwuks!. ' . . . . . . . . . .
Statk of Viur.i.vi.v?Coot-.-oe tVwK, w. Cudivideil protlts.
I, H. II. Ritllitt, Cashier of the above nanieti Nute> nptl bills re^iiscouuted.
bank, do solemnly swear thai tbe above statement Is
inn- to the best of my knowledge and I? li, f. Total.
II. II. ill i litt,Cashier. 1 Statk oi Vibii.via?Coi xti >.i V\ i-,-.
S|lbscribeil and sworn to before me ilii? Cthdavof 1.11. II. Bullitt, Ca?bivr nf the Hank of BigStoni
January, ljUO, W . M. McKi.wkk, | Oap, Virginia, do swear that the sIniv? statemeiit b
''.o I 77.
N..;.irv 1'ubiip, IVjse County, Virginia.
lion v. K R. Fox,
W. T. (oiot.i.i i:,
W .i. I!. Ni, k. i -
Hir. ctors.
trie to the best of my kiwwledge and U-li.-f.
II. II lit i.i iit. Cashier.
Sworn to .in-l subscribed lejorp me tlii- :;l-t day of
Decouiber 18JSJ, H>'. it. AIcEi.wkk,' !
Notary Public, Wise Co|ipty, Virainia,
\"ll!(iINIA :?AI ml. - leid in tin- Clerk-- onice of
ill. Circuit Court i.f the County of Wine on the
2nd day of I >??? ember, 135?.
Samuel J. James, I'laititifJ', ?)
CaT|I.'.bink B. Jon Es, Julis M. .Ihm..-. Mary |
J.J itlEiiaijd VV.AV .1 'Ml .-. S i.v< v Kuz\- [
i:i:tii Aiian ittul seAw' the husband I In
of said Nam v Kmz.Cbktn, tt. J ? fit-[Chancery*
mack, ltl.n.1 \mi.v U. Jones. II. Jo.xe*,
Jona jones, Kin Jones, and .1. C.
Cn.utce; the exeoulor of the last will of
Wm, I?. Joses, deceased, Defendants,
Thi' object of ibis suit is in haw the following .1. eds
set.ftshle and declared void, viz.: l.-t. A deed dated
April. SSUi, U'J", fcm Samuel .1. .I nn...- tu IV. D.
Join's, conveying to ilu. sap) VV. 1). Jones the follow?
ing tracts id laud in Wist county, Virginia. (1)
An undivided one-fourth interest in a tract of land
containing about 31 acres, known a- theJ. K. Dickey
tratt; [2) one undivided one-fourth Interest in a tract
uf land containing 7H.IM acres, which said tract Is de?
scribed in said deed a? being a tract formerly owned
.iml conveyed tu ihn said Samuel James l>y MT. W.
Jam. -, an.I as being situated In ihj lowp ..f Big Stone
Hap, Va.; (3) an undivided one-half Interestdn sev?
eral tracts o( land containing in the aggregate about
1,050 acres and being land.- which were formerly
owned by j. a. Jones, j. ?v. GHly, James Study,
James Shepherd, Elkanab (illly, II. C. Sletnp, Johuson
Wells, Dock Wells, Guss Wells, .1. M. Itobinett,
Willi-.-Wilson, and-Skeen and were couveyed
t>y tlu-iii t" tin- -ail Win. U.Jones and were afterwards
conveyed by him n> the said .Samuel J. James; (4; all
tin- Und kmjsni us the Utuudcl tract, containing about
lo acres, which a*as conveyed by J. B. K. Mills to said
S. J. James, situaie.1 mar the month of Callaban's
Creek; (r>i all'dielandsbwueu bj thesaid 6. J. jatuas
situated, west ol and below the town ??( Big Summ Gap,
Va., known pa the Lo?jsa Kilbourn ir.u-t. it being the
tract which was ciHK-yd n, -aid .lane-.- ley -aid Wil?
liam 1?. Jnie s. 2nd. A deed dated April 2.1th. ISSti,
from the said S. J. James in the said W. I). Jone-,
conveying to the nsbl J?wr all the right, title ami in?
terest uf the -aid S. J. James in and t<> any and all
lands, coal and mineral rights and limber at mat
time owned By the -aid James or which tie may have
owned before the date uf -aid deed, situated in the
plated of Kentucky, Virginia, Texas ami Sew Jersey.
And an artM.-mi tyuyjug been made and Bled thai the
defendants an- all non-r.-m.ieiiia gt t State of Vlr
ginia, it is ordered that ifi?y do ?pjiear berj. within
fifteen days after due publication hereof, and do u'iiat
may l>e nec< -sary to protect th. irinierest in this iuIl
And il is further ordered that a copy berco?be. pub?
lished once ? week f..r four weeks in some newspaper,
and that a copy be posted at the front door of the
euiirt.hmjse r>f thi- county, as required by law.
A copy, /'"?'', J- K. Urrs. Clerk.
Bourn i MiUow Ki i.. p. i/, lT-4w
Subscription* to the Pout an- payable in
advance. In no ease ti-ill this rule be. de?
viated from.
Two beds of Coking Coal, each one over six feet thick, making S|
Coke as is produced in the United States, will he mined an,j co^?<j IjM
three miles of the town. Two beds of Gas and Steam Coal,each
feet thick, and a bed of Canned Coal underlies the same territory.
Two reliable beds of Red Fossil Iron, one carrying 48 per cent Fron t.
a large deposit of Oriskany ore, carrying 5H per cent Iron, v.-.. >.. '/'
part the town site, and thousands of acres on lines of S. A. A (j ? J
and L. <k N. R. R. _
The most valuable area of virgin forests, of Walnut, Hickory, o.-ir ,
Yellow Poplar (white wood), Birch, Hemlock and Chestnut Uak, j? "a
United States, immediately tributary to the town.
Supplied by two rapid rivers flowing around the town. Water *vft
piping from an elevation 350 feet above the town site, now un [< - ,v ??,,.,
Concentration of railroads at this point inevitable. Sotitl '''v.,,
Ohio now completed from Bristol, Tenn. Louisville & Nashville . , .'
nearly completed. Several other roads now under construction.
Cheap Fuel.-Ctieap Raw Material.--Cheap Transports
An $800,000 Iron Plant under construction.
Five hundred Coke Ovens to be built at once.
Electric Light, Street Railway, Good Hotels, etc., etc.
Manufacturers wanted. Substantial inducements held out.
On an.I alter September 15th, lot- will be sold at schedule rate.. ]??
tions to builders.
Prices of lots in Plat N'o. 5, range from $50 to $1,000 per 1.1
Intekmont Hotel Building, Big Ston* Gar v
Incorporated under Virginia State Laws.
Does a General Banking Business.
W. II. SICKELS, President. II. II. BCLLITT, CtiV.l'r. \
CoastsroNWesTs:? United States National Rank of y?n
Kentucky National Rank, Louisville.
V/. A. McDowell, President.
C. H. Berrym.m. Ca?
Authorized Capital, $i00,000.00
Incorporated under the Laws of State of Virginia.
Does a Ceneral Banking B , ?,,.
u. w. BATES.
.1. F. RULLITT, .11:
.1. It. F. MILLS.
11. C. Mc?OM K 1.1.. JR.
c t urs o
i: t IBVim
^ t >: . ?-:
Temporary Quarters, Opposite Post Office, BIG STONE GAf'.VA
Si.oj. on Wood Avenue, Near Albctnarle Sirtr:.
J5iL? Stone <?*s|>. Vi r^i m'fi.
estimates furnished on nil kinds of work, from the smallest job to the largest building $? -y rr
Riven to ?!.thtitiir ami office work.
A. M. BAKER, - - Painter.
Fishing and Sporting Tackle
Main Street, BRISTOL, VA. and TENN.
Fancy and Toilet Articles, Stationery. Mineri
Waters, Fancy Candies, Tobacco
and Cigars,
Adjoining the City of Big Stone Cap on one side, and the South Appalachian Land Company's ??
and extensive Town Site Lands on tho other,
Being on the South Fork of Powell's River It has ^
Only a few hundred yards from the great FURNACE SITES and other centres of Industry. Surr
UNRIVALLED FORESTS OF HARD WOODS. On the line of the S. A. &. O. R. R.. and acce; sib ?
all the railroads centering at Big Stone Gap. Within reach of all the great public Improve?
ments now gowlng forv/ard there?BELT RAILWAY. DUMMY LINE. ELECTRIC
LIGHTS, WATER WORKS, Etc. It is the key to the building In the
beautiful Powell's Valley of
Foundation of a $10,000 Hotel begun. Buildings, Streets, and other internal imP'
ments of various sorts now actively going forward. Desirable and Cheap Home?'
J. B. F. MILLS, President, or.S. C. BERRYMAN, Secretary.

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