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The Big Stone post. (Big Stone Gap, Va.) 1890-1892, October 30, 1891, Image 1

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_ r^"r^-^ '^B ^""""'\; __ ^^^s^^^^^r'^-^ ^^^^^^^ WATCHES. CLICK'S.
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bh? stone p. VA.. FE1DAY,"oCT?BEB g 1891._ ?tq.1L
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il ?1.110 as
d ""j ?I ll\" :iU!i,
. ii is mciviy; ?
i as li) wlivre IJig
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n:r II
cur.it \
h ru n o.u
vsti; lie
nst I'll t i" ii;
I'".iiji.ii? i
u'i t v
? paid
? liionev
IliC! tjm-s
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thai jus
? lie will
uciwsd i.r
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la SI dol
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? i Jl! i II, ami, iij
wts. i\ their Q'wh
r.atlOtl lUV
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i, l |iyuU'vil
iitl ruin
t v.i tlld iVt
? ? ? *. ;ui ?l
' it*i u-\' f iv ant b.yr,r
. *\ e will
itM.OOtl oi'
, ?? ,in iii:d
? ?> the
? (viurtii -.'t
... Imck ?>*
10 cent hud
?1 ? ? ikiug iHe
' ' ? I In- ptrch.n$?Jf
ii iVv4? ihai
' >' ? !njii ? ?ili v rs
ifor his relief and for the benclil of
the place is being done,therefore heabari
liift idea of .?uit. und with $0,000 cash
releases Iiis property and sets to .work
ro improve it. and all property-owners
here would do the same; thus bringing
nit new lit'.- and energy, and gua'rantee
! he prprj ei ity of the town.
Now, .1- to A'.- remaining$00,000 worth
of bonds. Is h:s.^iO,000 in l.onds?backed |
by the push, groxf tli, and enterprise of a j
live town, and in cofisequiaice, by the de- j
md i m and the greatly increased valua?
tion oj' property still belonging to thei
onpati { wort !i us much as iu's j
?100.000 with !.(s hing behind them but a.
dead town and i nun rue rah!'.' law suits'.'i
The answer to this question is too plain
and simple to demand discussion.
There i* itu old adage tu this effect, that |
??it' the mrijoritx <>i* life people made as ;
greal an effort to pay tlieir debts as they
do t" keep from paying them, inahv law
?ails would be nipped in the bud,*' sind in
reading/Mr; Boyle's list of seven objec-J
Hons to t'l-' plan suggested, I am reminded
ol tii.'s old adnire; if he had tried as hard i
to suggest some means winch might he
perfected to reach tin1 point in view; as
he has to oppose the matter under discus?
sion. I am "I opinion his eiiergy would
have been better directed.
.Mr. Boyie st:!t<-< in Iiis letter that ":m
effort is now being made to relieve the
Improvement Company by turning over to
it two dividends upon the bonds, and says
it is not probable that dchiois. will make
any effort to pay notes in money while
liiere is a question whether they will not
be alle wed topay with depreciated I to uds."
While t!ii^ effort i- being made for the
rclii 1 of I lie company, it should lie re?
membered that no steps are beititr taken
looking toward relief for I lie. suffering
propci ty ow tier.
He further states that the subject is by
no means new. but has been discussed bv
some "I' (he large bondholders. This 1
am glad l<? learn is the ease, and while
the matter is under consideration bv the
bondholders, 1 am convinced the best
plan Im b" pursued by interested parties
Bi&To -urgently ask of tliem that they take
some immediate action. In suggesting
this 1 desire tu 1'" understood perfectly
bv the members of the I mprnvement I
Company, the bondholders and aii con-J
eerned, that i: i.- nol with i view t" create J
?i^iei-i; i:^ u;' unpleasantness in any term.:
bul i; i- purely with the object in view of
?getting.llu* parlies, concerned t<> thinking
about the question and arranging seme
pbtt; for the relief of all c ?ncerned.
!i i> needless fy?r me !?> fake up time
and space in this letter in referring to
Mi. Boyle's objections to the plan
suggested in regular tirder a.?. in the out- j
-< :. il was not my intention Or expectur t
lion to .-el forth and mark out :?. perfected
plan, but I must suV frankl v. t hat I see v.Q,\
object ion .-el forth by him that could not j
be overcome bv the proper effort on. the
part of the bondholders aud-tliccompany.
1 would be ^.tail to sec an impression of.!
the ideas of-olhersvon thi&HHn]ce< through
the columns of your paper, and 1 think
the ideas I have oppressed arc about cor- J
ieel', un;d il \ am wrong, I am ..-pen to j
convict \oy.
\V. H. rl^ituis.
Kentucky WiUce's Owner Ifiokx lorn Two
IlllnU ; e :Ceenr?i.
\Yasiiis tro.v, Oof. "-!?'.?Secretary Tracy,
who was an extensive breeder- ftf fast i
horses before he became member of the i
Cabinet* still takes! ja^iat interest in the j
horse quest iQ\\, and has paid particular j
atie;i!if?i ;e the recent retna rk able per-"]
formal)ce 64 So'tioi. The Secretary admits I
tfia! she ts a wonderful mare, but agrees I
with o'.hcr exports thai the actual speed !
record Ml' Maud S. was not beaten by -Su- j
uol.s trit at Stockton. 'Kite Secretary
said t i a Sap reporter to-day:
"1; I w ere t he ?? tier et Shu nol I sin.aid !
have preferred \o hayc had her lower the.
record On a circular track. Unt il she does j
that 1 don't think she mm be considered
faster than Maud S. Revert he less, It
think Mr. Byomerhas greal 'reason to bei
proud ?>f the. wonderful mare, for >he
seems lo iia\e iie. tii^'iit ?f ti bird ami the
power to su.sl a [:,x. Having.said this Ulltqh
1 am now prepanMl to say that within two
yyar- hence the two-minute trotter will
have arrived. Thirt preposition may be j
rtartliqg to some, bat . '[ firmly believe i
thai a trotter will he fouhtjl witliin that j
peeio.d tl/at will t id I a full] .mile in the
time named. (>ulv yesterday >e>.alor
StanfoiaL's yearling fiUj i.v.U Bfr.d trotted
a full mile in V:"ihV.^ awit Arion a two
year dtd ol h'i? ^rtie^ a mile ia ?:l t^,
. ? '-^ -??
"I.1 (??iottS" ^ii'O.
TwoWiaoutti (>pe;-;iti?rs anil ti.v-CoO\Metj,
AcrestVd, V%'1
Xkw Voi:k. Qct. r*r>.?Fritnli t>r^>oks.
alias 'rl'rettv Kiank." aud Totrvucc'Tdur- 1
phy, alia.-."To.idle ^im phv.v' were lirfesl?
CU to-dav t?y Inspector i>yfnc> tor being
"(Irccu Uoiivts" inen. forth men are cx
cam\fc|s.,' Muri hv was tmito arrested for
having ro.bbcd es-Secretar.y of the Navy
Kobeson ol a gold watch in Philadelphia;
The men are probably the oleveres? g^on
goods iueu in th<- business. Sipuie idea
ol the esliM-.t of I heir opiaations may be
gttinetl from t he fael lit.it t heir out fij eoa
tained foi [\ la^e I'o'oks tilled with- tlie
nauu*. of past .ii:d prospective vietitus,
lu;?ether w iti?h a bit of cirmilars and
newspaper clipping*:.
The hook-S '-out aiued t lie pavwi'v. ?t^u?re
ii;::ii G^OU well-to-do- persons in nearly
every town and .village in the
Country, About <?,0fc0 letter's- and telc
. grams were found aeknowiedgiug the re
Oei t 'i c'r ulaiS and making ap; ointments
jo me. t in this city, ? 1 nspecliM" t>vruts es?
timated that at least $.'i,0i;;> fc*s been paid
for postage stamps by ihe t woMVieii vvtthiit
a month. Whop the men ^f^^l^M:<;il
j they were in the act of Hddressiit|S e.ire?
-,.?i -...? .
Mrs. Tiuirtiuut Dea l.
Com MBl's, .?.Oei ir-r-MtF. Aib.n
0. Thurtnan'dte.i at the home - f the "Old
Konmp" late this evc iiij1g ::!*{er a V- ngt ring,
it ? ?'.
. tlluei*s% She had lain in a stupor U>r Uire^
da-vs, and her deat h had been hourly es?
j flcHiMl ftinff! JeSftttflflt cttJttltl?:
ltEl*AIlATiON "t.'iST BK MAI>K F?H
'i'Hi-:si; oUTitAX>.E3.
No Ltfplom itic iX'livy Allowed. Sailors
Were Wouitfledat'd Sfluapl? Apologie?
Wo?'t <i-?.
Santiago xjk Cuili. Oct. ?Tin- Cni
tep Sin,tea gcwer.trme.ijrt jias through Min?
ister Kjau. formally demanded reparation
froih the l'ovi i-it;,rcni 6f Chili lor the
attack rccentl. made in V'aljVnr?iso hpoo
a iiumber. y| seamcu oXthc L'nilcd Staf'es
cruiser Baltimore1.
The demand H no informal suggestion
that tin- gov'erlifuoiit e.1 Wiislfington ex
peels some kind of satisfaction for Ihcj
killing am! wounding trl: the Biiltlmor?Vl
soldiers. (I i> a fricudlv p?t notification,
given according to direct orders I'ccetjCpd
from tin: state-depa rt men I at yVasbJiigwin/:
thai t h ? United StaJes demands an imme?
diate explanation Oj' ; he. whole affair ami
reparation for injuries inflict cd'.
.Vetin::; upon f'ltje insl t tieliou.-> sent to
him i rom Washington1, ?gan presented'
the Chilian juYifa with :i detailed state?
ment oi the tle'trJIs of the ihvesiigation
i;iad': Im Captain Seliley ot the Baltimore j
and l?y Klmh himself. Thescjnvestigatiohs
had si? own I hut O.harjcs liiggatii one ot"
the Baltimore's pcllv officers, wirs iirulaliy i
assaulted by several Chilians white he!
was riding on a stree'i car. Rig^u^Oje
sisted, 11ttI was dragged froth fhc.etfr.and I
murdered by iipistoi hind in "the armory*,
his ciiin pa ii ions. TiirliliulhjV^HunieT 'one
of the Baltimore's w< (index] m^nMvlj'o died
today, from his iiijiiries!,- received no lessH
than eighteen stab \\ p?ndsi in lite bark, i
two of'lhe'in poi.elrating his lungs.
AI ter _ i viifg a full list of the Bftliiniore's
crew who were inj if reel by Iiie mob, Kgun's I
statement Called tttKeUtion to lite fact that j
thirty-five of i hi- cruffier's crew tVere on'
i ho day of i !u- riots arrested unnecessarily, j
violence beirig^ used by the police aifd that j
I hey were detained ii: eustdd'y without due
InetnicT?si?'h. Egtiti said that tin* sur
gvons of lire bU'iffd States wardship ex-"
pressed tin- o~pih'mh that ?nnic of Ihej
Wounds inflicted lip'oii tin- Mrierienu sail-;
uts were bayonet woujMsJ and that litis*
e'earh showed Mint the police tdfi'ceifc "i
Valparaiso; wliti \Ver-e armed with 'hnyp-i
nets, took part in the attack. The Amer?
icans were without arm's and practically t
defenseless. .1
Ivgnn, in p.rafentiiig the Chiliitn junta
with his statcmenl oTtiuihssaalt on Amcr- '
ieatt sailors, expresse'l in distinct terms j
the feeling ofgrc.nl indignation which the I
State depa'rtmeh'1 at Washington feels at
i he whole alia:;-, a lid es ;.eeia! I v a f thel;;n
lal conduci of The1 police at Vafyni fitted in j
joining with a mob in tie.- tailor's ai
lac!, upon the ?.^ttVrno?e - Scan '".i und in j
d ru h itig l !t''ic l;a vuii"! > and tising rheiu
against uiiarttfvu ?ineri?aris; ligan also
ealleil Mlention paruiettlarlA to tin- addi-I
tioual brutalities of ihe policer-if V^alpar !
*. ? 1
atso iti using;horses touragj the Amen- i
cans to prison. j
A:ie.i tnalciiig a l.iiefbitl pointed suni
niary of'tacts to v\rhicii he had l:cen in-j
strttcfed to call ajtentie;:. ?^iuister Egatt.
informed rjeproseuU;lives of itie'.Juntil, j
that i:i the name. ?>! : b.c. ?itiiled States h? i
demanded reniirafiiVn tor the insults and?j
injuries com plained of.
Now tla: (|uestiou w.UicJj tirise^s is, whhl
will be t'::?: ae.jion of the Chilian govern- :
inenf: As ii apfiea:? now, (here seems)
to-be-jtodotUd tii.;! the junta will soon,
make rh.o repa v.: l ion deiniindcd. N;aturr,|
ally the nutioji laki-ri tti-da;. by Minister
i?gan is .attracting th^ utjeniion of for-j
eign MiuistcrS?iid .i foreigner? gciver ally ,\
who ate residents * i tilts repu/b^ie.
The s;. !Uf.'t Ii v t?tVtUe Atooriran eidotn
i.> enLi.oiv with Ca 'i -iii o- ni? y ?uu iii< i
Id :u: j.tokii iltWltlieA aii-one and a!, gbitl
i<i receive,the inade public lo-dny, j
thai it not her I' nited Stali s war vessel, tlie
Boston^ had actually^ailed for these wa
OnflTiftns try to smooth tifi pfhe :)<s::n!l
and inipriso,iuaenj yX'tUo Americah sailors
by classing if asa simple street row.
"A SVN.VtiOCLi: OF US^UJL." :t '
Excited \V*:>r<!s of a Pastor littered A^inst
?the 5.::It: 1'anu'l!.
Coick, October ? flic feeling ?^ised
throughout I relaud, ;;t:d es[.ceia!l;. in this
city, by the recent p&Htjfeal a.nd tact f?n a)
sayings ;tnd Obiug^ arc very !>iit?*r anil
threaten to resull in serious e-'i:iiic:s iie
tween tiu? MeOartiiyit?-s and l'atni Ulli.
.TU^iH' were several affrays here yesterr
.^?y'>'eveiling at the cl.b'sc of tlie various
pvViif.,ieal meetiugs, anil sticks ami stones
we'll! freely used liy both parlies. Tin
result is that a iiumbcf <d" the nieuiUers of
Ihe two opposing ' artii-s are being nursed,
in hospitals and elsewhere lor severe
wounds incurred ttUTttvg'flte i'r.ivs. Agii'l
who was on the le-ekotU during one of
these, political scrimmages was Si:\eivi\
wuuuded about the head ami face by
stones. ?
TUe.- ret iiHiii i'fe:;i. ked last. Siimlay at
Kilkenny by Father Kidtdis, of ihe Order
of Si. Francis, was much c^menti d upon
here and cl'sew lien.. iier V'id:-!;.-, tr$< n
that occasion, bitterly tK ii.uu>iee<i- Ike
Charles Sievern t l'arneli, saying i!:::i r
"most depraved monster who ever Ihcd
was now swept off the i'.tce of tlie eatih.'
[The n-\et end gentleniai; also said lh:it tl|e
women wHh were supporting hl in wer*'
.?' litubs of. the devil," and fit at the local
worluugmen's club was a " s'. uasogttc of
> KI*'Veii I !!<:;<?; m?-:i 1 Against its Mitleers
und :>ireciors.
[ Sioux Fal- h, 8. D.. -The grn nd
|jur, ha^ r.turijed -deven indie) ments
agnin?;} (he ofticcrs ftttd liirr-ctors of the
[ Louislann l/illcl^ . 'no hvId'.-ncV ua^all
laid before Hie* jury iit (he fty?t.n ef titRd?t.
its and Itepi vH)i H.ie ulfliosi setireey.
The ' ee.artment ;.s V,*;..>hin: Uui brought
the charges before thi< court .for the re.i
s'iit that their ofi'->;Ts' ii! oilier states be*
f?rb Ihe United States grand [juries hull
! lieou fruitless. Tim United Si ties Mar?
shal am! <;?.?[.*::i;.' -Marshals leave this even?
ing for New Orleans to arrest the Presi?
dent., Vice President:, Secretary, Treasur?
er and directors of the lottery company.
The grand jury reported at '2 o'clock
eleven separate indictments, each giving
eighteen separate counts against the offi?
cers of the J.ouisaua Lottery. Among the
list are General beau regard, Paul Conrad,
I'resident. Joseph 1*. .Hooker, Secrntary.
The indictments are. tor transmitting lot?
tery advertisements through the mails,;
which is: a violation -of the lottery laws!
passed last winter Ly Congress. Tire exr j
Ire nie penalty incase of conviction is live
years' imprisonment and $51000 fine.
The Ttrgfala Coal & Iron Ctii win the Case
tn the V. S. Courts.
?BCafpo.v, V.\.. Oct. 'Jib?After a trial
pasting over ten days the jury in the U.S.
Court in the case of Van Guuden vs. The
\ it. Coal & Iron Co', has brought in a ver?
dict for tin: defendants. The case has
been ably conducted by counsel on both
sid.-s. The verdict confirms the title of
the Ya. Coal k Iron Co. to their large
body of laud in the vicinity of Big Stone
The ltcj>ubl lean am! Far in era' Alliance
Clin dictates ko for One A nothcr.
A joint discussion between Senator
Mills, the Republican candidate, and J. B.
Craft; the Farmers' Alliance candidate for
the State Senate from this district was
held here la.-t Rriday.
.Mills opened the discussion in an hour's
speech in which lieeiiargcd that Craft,
had sometime in ?ugiisl written a letter
to D. S. llalc oT Scott county in which he
stated that he (Craft) was a republcan
to (he bone and that he would support
? he nominee 6f the Repniilican Conten?
tion. Mi'ls taunted Graift with eliaiigih'g
Iiis politics Wo quickly aiid called u on
him' to explain rlitS letter!
Craft rollowod in an hour's speech and
bitterly dented ha-, ing made the s'h'ife
liiiAVis Ciljfrged in nis letter t? Hale, He
said Iba: ''hat he said was to this effect:
I'JfJ Lay'e. to yifte beliyecn the Demo- j
e'ratic and Republican tickets I shall pos-!|
;-iij 1 viiii- the. Republican ticke t.*' C??ii
titi'.iii:^ Crul't s:i;d; 'if Hah- gays i .-aid
a u \: hin g else (he. let! er is bogus and a
black fa IsehoodJ'
The following is'thc letter referred it;
from Craft to Hale as published in the
Scott Banner. It speaks for it.-elf.
_ H vi: Covr:. Y.\.
Aiig;^Isi; '.')i
O.wr: D. S. Hal::.
t 2?fy Dear Sir and Friend :?Your
let ter of recent date to hand. You r ques?
tions as regards the political outlook are
quite inipoitant. I have neverseeii tIn
time in ten years past, that i felt that I
knew as little about pobiies as now.
Everything.Js thoroughly tangled it eeenis
t > nie.
Democrats, Republicans, Alliance,"
men, (ion I seem to know what to do, Yes
] think the *? Alliance " will ;.ut out a
candidate for Legislature. 1 have no idea
wjio he will be, only I think h? will be a
*? converted " Democrat : A< for the Sen?
ate, if the Republicans will put oitl a good
man I feel sure vve can eleel him. 1
would as roon support Slump as any man
i know. You ask ii' 1 wish to make the
race for fcUc Mouse '.' Xo. 1 am no aspi?
rant for cilice. As to getting into an\
entanglements with the Alliance will say
? am a Re publican to the bone, when it
comes, t n. an issue! vvj'tjli Cue Democracy of
\'a . or ui'o South. My political eohvic
1 ions are just what they have been since
I have been a voJer,only more so. A great
many of mv friends are wanting me to go
bet?re the Senatorial Convention. 1
prefer to stay in ranks as a private.
1 stand ready however to do my best on
the "StiuiiC' or aiiy w'liere else 1'or our par?
ty candidate .whoever be may be. The
near future w ill develop some things, SO
we will know just what to do.
Fraternally vo'ufs,
'S\ B 'CltAFT.
A ;,iiiil>vl!i- *,:an Arrostecl In Cincinnati
:;. r!-.-> P-\Yi?.x hi i'.is .Wistre ??
?.::.\-.:sxna Til (>??:. ;-'s?ticorge \Y. Eckert,!
chiei ei. ; :, af t he *\iir iine"at Louisville, is
under arrest in this city charged with adul
lerv. .ibsfe bvimcs, with whom he has
been living at 2.>0 V,'. sixth street, is also a
The arrest was made by Detective Witte
vest'erdfty liftturnihg at the instigation ot
F.,nnie Kc\eYr, wife of the accused, who
(allowed him here with her baby. She
teiis a sorrow {ill tale. She married him
seven years ?go in Indianapolis, and al
Ihouitli she lavished the affections of a
true wife he soon sought the society ofj
other women. :l
'vAViivdo yon deceive met? she asked
"him '?? e ! yo'J .t'l von could ask?'"
?>Y{.O? have," he. r?-piicd'. "but I like a
woman that will- swear, drink beer .will?
nie and .-moke claretts.'
\%\ took no wjti Xe?ie Crouch in In?
dianapolis five y< ars ;w>. Ib'wasarres
ed and served syverai tlay? in the Work?
house. His wile foruave him and took him
back. TheKckerts tiieu went: to Louis
viilc.aiid soon his fn tjueut trips to Cincin?
nati c'aitseil comment.
lie left for this city last Wednesday, a,ul
hfMveffc I' -.nied from a friend at the offi'-1'
?\;.,,!!: was visiting. She followed hi"1
here and caused the gtttlij Connie'sarros1
Ife fie-os not deny the criminality. Mrs.
Kchvrt is peuuUesF, bst ?nH prosecute
rh" .,'ti?e it;'fall.
,tl.-> v.c .;:>Ol j v'Cctl lo adopt a strictly
cash-t-\slviu in ?Mir !>u:-iness all unsettletl
acC-oii;i ' --.bi on' Xov. \<t. be placed ill
Hie hand'-' of an ;:t!u;Uey ter collection.
Ui SnJIliTO? ft Co*
W. EI. Karris 61 veil Iris Reasons for Sup?
porting Senator 3iills.
?r Having understood that Mr. W. E. Har?
ris had declared ?'penly Iiis intention of
working for and supporting the Hon. Jno.
\'-. ]?'. Mills, t he rcjitildican nominee fur re?
election to the Senate from this disttiet,
and khbv. ihg Mr. rt.VrVis"fo l*e a reliable
andsiibslaiiti.il dcmpctat, a P.OST repre?
sentative hunted him up and found h'ini
ready to state his reasons for so doing.
'"Yes." said Mr. Harris, "1 propose to
do all 1 can to assist in the re-election of
Senator .lohn Mills to the Senate, and in
tin's matter 1 wish to be perfectly and
thoroughly understood, both by democrats
and republican.-, thai in taking this
course 1 am it of in the slightest degree
weakening fit my democratic faith or pan?
dering in any shape Or form to republi?
can ism. It is well known by almost eve
bne throughout the surrounding country,
that 1 always hare been. 1 am now and
ever expect to remain a Simon-pur? Jcf
t'crsonian democrat; but, in casting 11iis
my maiden vole for a republican. I can
truthfully say that, under Hrc circumsfan
ces, 1 feel hot the slightest remorse'ofcon?
science in so doing."
The Post man here asked Mr. Harris
to state his reasons for taking thiscourse.
"Well," said lie, "1 am doing so, as I
regard it. strictly on pure and honest
"In the tlrstplace, this is not a light to
be strictly considered from a political
standpoint, liiere being no issue of grave
importance, to come before the legislative
bodies of Virginia at present that cun nr.
will be lua.t'erfiiiiv effected by the result of j
this race.
"In the second place, we. as a people,
have th" general good and welfare of bur !
immediate section of country In look
after ;is v.idi as the in itlcr of out' pnli.l i eal j
pre fen nee. Flowever, I wish to say right
here, Iii si 1 if ire had a representative'dem- '
ocraf?democrat in deed and, \\\ truth?j
one who had always marched .under the
the graihd old democratic banner?one
who h id slied tears with us when we wept
and who laughed with us when we rejoiced
as .!. \\. V. Mills' opponent?my coat
would lie off.and I would be found in the
thick of Ihe light, battling for the cause;
but 1 s,.(. no just cause why I should sup?
port Judge Wells simply because his nom?
ination and his candidacy was brohglil
about through a feeling of prejudice and
cumiti on the pail of a few against one
who has done as much for this immediate
section ot'couiitr) as a! mos I any oi her ten
men to be found.
"Senator Mills, although a tepublicao, I
[ Indieve to be a man of honor, v.eracity
and ability; ami. in trujh, in my opinion,
ihe only man we have before us capable
and competent to discharge the duties of
tht ollicc to which he again aspires.
??His ability and willingness to serve
the people of the district has been tried
and tested, and for his very promptness
ami willingness in this respect, he has
been ineligned, abused and beset on all
?*J>v req?esl ?l a petition signed by at
b ast 1.10 of his constituents?with ho're?
quest whatever from tlie opposition to
take no action ill the mailer?Senator
Mill introduced a bill in the Sciiatc'niid
aided its passage, aut hori/.iug the Judgfc,
of Wise conn!;., on a petition presented to
him signed by 100 legal voters of the j
county, asking that an election be called,!
?to order an election for the purpose of
ascertaining the wishes of the people as
to the removal of the county site from its
present location, on Sand mountain, -l}.,
miles from the railroad, to Tacoma, a
point on t he N*. ?k: W. railroad.
"Senator Mills, having been elected by
tiie people, and looking upon himself as
their servant, did exactly what we all ex?
pect and demand of our representatives?
acted in accordance wilh what lie believed
to be the ?Tili of a majority of the people
of Wise county.
??'i;, connection with t Iiis subject, I wish
to st ate'that f, with several of the best
and most prominent citi/.cnsof W'isecoun?
ty, was instrument.:! in I.ringing about
this bill for the purpose of [?Utting the
question bet?re the people, it was gotten
Up and agitated tor the injury of no one,
but. recognizing the fact that it was only
a question of time as to when the court
house would be removed to some point on
the liiis'of railway, tire question was to
be put before the; people in purely a busi?
ness-like manner, with no coersice or
forcing measures attached thereto, the
question of removal or no removal being
left entirely with the people.
"For acting on this request, as I naive
said, Senator Mills has beeil besieged and
even grossly insulted by some of the peo?
ple who opposed the measure: and now.
with ho good reason why i .-houhi support
the so-called' democratic nominee, 1 do
not propose to as^jst in defeating a map'1
who has shown hiqjscli able, competent
and willing to serve his people, - speci?Ju?
so long as tiiis race has narrowed down
to a question like this, and politics are
not considered.
"Anw, you see, there was no good reas?
on for unpleasant feelings e/vetl pit the
par,| of those who opposed the measure
vuiiethe attempt was being made to pjttjt
the question before the voters, r.stio-.c
was nothing thai smacked of the \ureo'
nature connected with it. After the pas?
sage of.tlic bjli the judge of the countj
could t;i!;f mi action until presented with
a petition, sfgticd by lOff legal voters of
the sottnit4 requesting Jibn to onlrv fhe
r !ccifi:;ti: tileii, in ease such election m.d
been ordered, it was left with ihe uders
and citizens of the county to express
j tjieir wishes as to the removal.
" So. sir, I am by no means alone in
j this coarse, i know democrat after dem
ocrat in Wise comity who will take the
.-arue action. Among them will be found
Judge W. T. Miller, whose democratic
principles are niso unquestionable, he
having made the race in this county for
the lower house of representatives, on th*
democratic ticket, against his own brother.
"I am not at all of a disposition to
brood over disappoinlmnts. or worry my?
self simply because some' certain thing
didu't go lo suit me; I entertain no hard
feelings in any form against any one who
opposed the court house removal, and am
sorry, indeed, that this question has been
intreduced and made the main issue in
this campaign; but, as such is the case,
I could not honorably and in justice to my
conscience, trample under foot the respect
and appreciation .due Senator Mills.from
the people of Wise county, at least."
In ii Half Nude State Within I he Town
Sunday evening about 0:30 o'clock a
man named Shepherd was found dead in
a grove of trees near the residence of S.
0. Bcrrvman: The bodv of the dead man
lyjieu found was almost nude. The body
was taken charge of by .lustice Ferguson
and as I he man had evidently died of an
epileptic tit, there was no suspicion of
foul play.
The deceased was I be same man who
was taken with a tit on the corner of Wood
Avenue and Fifth Street Sunday morning.
When lie had the tit Sunday morning he
lay for sometime alongside the side-walk
with blood running profusely from his
mouth, in an unconscious state. He had
evidently been drunk, and no one seemed
to take enough interest in him to assist
him in any way. Policemen passing by
seemed lo be entirely oblivious to the
fact that a man was lung on the street in
glich a condition. After he had laid there
sometime Dr. Kunkel came up aud called
on Officer baker t<> earrv the man to his
boarding-house, baker started off with
him in the direction of the Mineral City
Hotel. When the officer got the sick man
to the hotel I lie proprietor refused to let
him have a room any longer. Baker left
him at the hole!, 'ihe man wandered oft"
alone, and was next found laying dead
mar tin. river l ank in Ihe rear of Mr.
berry ma n '.- rcsidci.ee. *
Sheidierd had been working around
town as a paiutei*. .Nu one seemed to
know anything about him further than
thai he had claimed to be a Canadian.
a Sinnmerlleld's Saloon With its Content*
'I he saloon of A. Summcrfield on main
street near Wood avenue was" burned
Wednesday morning about 4o'clock. Fire
was ib->! discovered bv Louis L. White
^fotiC, who eb rks for .Mr. Summerfield.
He was s'.ec; ing in a small annex to
the main building and was awakened by
Ihe st rong smell n| smoke. He had hard?
ly lime to awake.JMiySijmmerfield and es?
cape frdrngtl.e building bcfo.ie.it fell in.
There w as a large stock of whiskies and
wines in the building and the loss is reck?
oned :it$7,000. Insurance, $4,000} J. M.
Hard in had about one thousand dollars
worth .of whiskey stored in an outhouse
w hich w as but tied .and which was a total
loss as he had no insurance.
The Sumnieclield building on Wood av?
enue was saved with great dHiculty. Mr.
Suihtnerfield brought a notice to the Post
Office On Wediie'sdav thanking the persons
whoa -istrd insaving this building.
A i ?I.h-o- I'ietliii of-.i'i <"nlu:id>a-.l i*0ft>rk,
W . C. l.i i'ior. kvh'o lived here for kotoe
twelve months, was slo t at Good)* 1)1, W.
Ya.. on |he 1-th i.usl.-i.iul died two davs
later. ? '
Mr. Taylor is a young man who
came here from Alleghany Springs*and, is
a brother of F. L. Taylor, formerly of this
city. He had just secured a position in
tlie X. & W. railroad depot at Goodwill.
On the second day after going to work
while tin; agent at the depot was handling
a pistol it was aecidently discharged, ihe
baU'entcring Taylor's body inflicting an
injury from which Fi'c died on the 17th
inst.' \ >,
Report of the Iii?; Stone <?ap Public School
for tin* i-'ir.-st .Month hegtmiin? Auf;. 31,
1831, an I Endio * S-pt. S3, 1801.
Btiya; Girlsl Total.
N.\ p(. ixu.il.s , u roll. ftl ?S IIB
Avt-M^ .la:';. am ?f.ni.ee 4C ? 43 S3
Percent!lit AffrndWnre -TO ' 75 75J.-J
A'.'ijra:-e a^.-nf hovr.'.'yi ars.
Average age of cirl.-, 10.
Second Month beginning
Sept. ami KndhVg
Oct. 23, 13?1.
No. ol pupils on r.tll.' Sit 69 118
Average dally attendance 44 42 88
Per iV'Tit. of n'..'.M!'!;wi.->e 74 71 73
Xo. droppi^i floriog the in- iiih 10 It 19.
*.*<.. ???t.'cr.-! rtriflrig tin- tfintftli f? 1? 19
Total nitmlx.'r i?r? tjie roll 13T
S| e.dte-.
Jllemeuiarv Algebra, one class : Elementary
Arithmetic, qhe class: Practical Arithmetic,
three classes: Physical Oeo??., one class:
Manual, one class ; Keadirig, all ^rodesfrtfm
the Chart class to .Sixth Header; Elementary
and Practical Crammer, one class in each;
C. S. History*, two eins*?*: Primary and
Advanced Physiology A; llvgiene, one class in
each -: Health for Ml tie Folks, one large class;
SpeHmgelassf-s in Spelling Book & Dictionary.
Wh. T. K?*XEDtv
.Miss Mouae Dickknson-.
PJKltS?X.U? .
C. P. Attnnre, Cenccal Passenger Agent of
the h\ k X. "R. It., was in town last Friday.
* * '? ' ? $ .
Dr. & Ufa C. D. Kdnkolwent oref toAtfiflg
don Monday and returned Wednesday*
* * v / I
.Inc. M. fhrdin rjiid W. C. ISb'n.smj iiave
returned from a trip b> TJlaeksloiic, Va.
& a . ? $ .V
C?l. C. K. fieih'S Ujjmi several days* this
week io town.
;.'. o i ._? ?: . ',<Joh '
Jas. W. Ko.x, Jr., was in Louisville tue llrat
Bf fho treefci

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