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THE FREE LANCE published trt weekly
asan Independent newspaper. 1? located at 806
Commerce (or William at.). Krederlckaburf.
Virginia, and 1? laaucd on Tuesday. Thuraday
and Saturday mornings by " Tta? Fro?
Lane? Nawapap??4. Book and Jafc
Printing Con?*??? ?* Fradarl.ka
hvrg Virginia."
Its Subscription Terms ar?' tl.40 per year,
11.00 for S month?. 76 oent? for 6 month?, or
?0 oent? 'or t month?.
Its advertising Hates art? for one ??luareof
fen line? or lea?, first in?ertion.60 cents.and S6
oent? for each additional insertion. 110.00 per
square per year. No potrltion \jiven and no
TorHgn advtrtUemeiitt art taken at a le-$$ rale
than our home. xxttrotM pay. The right le rv
?owed to reject or modify any advertisement
ii dee tee?. llbeloua or otherwise objectionable.
Yearly advertisers discontinuing during the
year wdl be charged invariably at transient
All letter? rcoommendlng candidatea for
oflloe muat be paid for to insure their publi?
Keaolutiona ot respect tc deceased members
paa?ed by societies, corporatione.aseoclatione,
or other organization? will bo Invariably
char-red for a? advertising matter.
All communication? of every character
I bou Id oeaddreaaed to "THK KKKK LANC1."
Frader'ckaburg. Va.
Weather forecast for bred
ericksbuTQ and vicinity.
Fair and warmer Saturday.
The international oonveotioo of the
Baptist Young People's I'liiou of Amer
ioa ia to be held in Richmond July i :>th
to loth, 1899.
Mr. Dwight L. Moody said in Wa>.Ii
ington on Monday night that out of the
760,00c men in this country who Ix-long
to the criminal classes, over .".?hi.ishi are
young men.
Two more ooloied men were lynched
in Georgia on Thursday, one by his
own race baogOOB of his activity in
searching out former culprit*, and the
other Ly unknown persons
A syndicate has been formed to take
up copper mines with 1400,000,000 cap?
ital. Nearly one hundred bicycle
maker?, are to unite their plants into a
monster combine. Fifty millions will,
it is said, be the capitalization of this
trust, which will probably control the
market on all grades of wheels. A big
coal tar company has also been organ?
On our first page is an interesting
communication from Rev A Broaddus,
of Caroline, on the war with Spain and
the position of the government on the
unhappy Philippine Islands Onr read?
ers generally will join with Rev. Mr.
Broaddus in his prayer that ' 'in the
merciful providence of God, some plan
may be devised to mitigate the evils of
the pnfeent and to prevent greater evils
in ?he future." Everything from the
pen of Andrew Broaddus attracts at?
The examination for the purpose of
establishing eligible lists for clerkships
in the census at Washington has began,
in that city. It is said, applicants will
be examined in the order of their poli?
tical inf'uence, just as they will l>e ap?
pointed after the examinations. In?
stead of taking the applicants in the
order that their applications were re*
oeired or selecting them by 1 t or hap?
hazard, particular attention will be
given to those whose Senators or Repre?
sentatives r? quest an examination.
The C S cruiser New Orleans is
scheduled to leave the Rrooklyn navy
yard on May 7 for New Orleans to per
mit the city for which she is named to
see her, and the men and crew antici?
pate a pleasant voyage.
There is much discontent, however,
among the white men of the crew be?
cause of the large number of colored re
oruits that have been assigned to the
vessel, of the 112 men already taken
on thirty are c 1 ?red. The white
sailors say that, in view of the race
feeling in the South, they believe the
crew's reception will be less hearty in
view of this unusually largo perceutage
of colored men on the vessel
The New York Herald publishes an
artiole in which it ?ay? that from the
East, the West and the South reports
reach New York of the determined ef?
forts being made to prevent the second
nomination for the Presidency of Mr.
W. J. Bryan; and the Richmond Times
aays a large majority of the Southern
newspapers are opposed to Bryan.
Anifsag these may be mentioned the
New Orleans Picayune, New Orleans
State?, M >bile Register, Montgomery
Advertiser, Birmingham News, Mem?
phis Oommeroial-Appeal. Chattanooga
Times, Vicksburg Herald, Florida Times
Union and Citizen, Atlanta Journal,
Macon Telegraph, Savannah News,
Charleston News and Courier, Green?
ville < 8. O.) News, Charlotte (N. O. )
Observer, Louisville Courier-Journal,
Louisville Evening Post, Nashville
American, Nashville Banner, Raleigh
(N. 0.) Post. Some of these do not
attack Mr. Bryan, though a majority
Of them are very pronounced in their
opposition to him. Of the Southern
newspapers which oome to the Times
office the oaly enthusiastic supporters
Of Mr. Bryaa are the Atlanta ?Constitu?
tion, the Augusta Chronicle, the Ra
laigh News and Observer, the Colom?
bes, (B. O. i State, the Birmingham Age
Harald, the Kuoxville Sentinel and the
JUonlavillo Dispatch.
Doubtless the meeting will pas? a
resolution declaring in favor o? achango
in the Federal Constitution, ?ml urg
ing our party to adopt that as its pol?
icy. ''-?' It will ('into surely declaro
In favor of the nomination of our Sen
atorial candidates by "some popular
metluKl. " It may appoint a com
mittte t ? wait upon our State Demo?
cratic CVmmittee and ask it to call a
State DeauH'ratic convention, or it may
issue an address to the properly consti?
tuted gnthorities of our party in each
county and city urging that legislative
nominations bo made at primary elec?
We know of nothing else that the
May unvoting could wish to do It oui
not legislate for our party ; it can only
petition it ?Dispatch.
If only the right of petition is desired
i>r expected, why couldn't that have
been accomplished by the counties
without the neoOMlty of a Stat. meet?
The Norfolk Pilot, on the ?object of
the May convention, says:
This conference in May. however,
has no party authority, uor popular
power beyond that of ?liscussion and
opinion, and eveu in those spheres it is
limited in honor and good faith to the
scope and direction fixed in the call fot
it. It is not aoonvention,either party,
popular, or constitutional ; as it is
called by no organization, and oons-sts
of all Democrats who choose to attend
aud a few delegates of party mass
meetings in some counties. This being
so, it must act, or attempt to act. de*
cisively on nothing, and only by way
of opinion and recommendation ; and
even iu this, it must avoid wholly the
question as to who should be nomi?
Of OOUMO, it must not nominate, nor
attempt to notmna'e, anybody, as the
terms of the call and the nature of the
body, both exclude that business until
the mode of nomination or recommen?
dation by the people be decided in due
form, which, of course, will carry the
whole matter of actual nomination out?
side of and beyond the conference,
which is only advisory
a ? ? ?
The Btannton News says :
The May conference on the subject of
electing senators by direct vote of the
people may produce ?. mkI reniilts We
hope it will. It is impossible to say in
advance just how it will be engineered
One thing is certain, si? far it has
stirred up considerable bad blood In
less oircutuspectly managed, it will stir
up more, aud the result will l>e a tiglit
euiug of the Martin grip, and the stir?
ring up of dissensions that will OaUM
trouble in the future.
L >cal sentiment hero touching the
May conference is largely one of ludif*
fereuce Very few peopl?? attended the
meeting Monday to select delegates, al?
though the meeting was called by the
county committee, and there was very
little snap about the meeting. Not many
seem to feel any particular iutere-t m
the subject, although sentiment bore
undoubtedly favor? a change of mode
of electing senators. We attribute the
indifference to doubt of the wisdom t
the movement under present circum?
And the Alexandria Gazette says :
G iv. Tyler says if the call for the
proposed Richmond conference to
amend the V S. Constitution were or?
dered by the Democratic party, ho
would probably attend it,but that as it
is not he will not do so. This is exact?
ly right, and with it every good and
true Virginia Democrat will agree. No
party should expect to prosper that has
a party with in itself Those who may
attend the proposed meeting have an
indisputable right to do so and at it to
anythiug that pleases them,for this is a
free country, but no intelligent Virgiuia
Democrat entertains the idea that he
will be bound by anything they may
do or say. The assemblage will not be
a Democratic convention, and wise
Democrats, with the good of their party
at heart, will not take part in its pro?
Our Democratic friends in Virginia
seem tobe vastly exercised over the ap?
proaching election of a Senator to suc?
ceed Mr. Martin,the sitting member.The
noisiest, but not necessarily the strong?
est and moet important, faction have
arranged by public notice and emphasiz?
ed by public discussion a meeting at
Richmond, which they cali the "May
Conference," the purpose being to
solidify the opposition to Mr. Martin
and to strengthen this movement, as
they suppose, by making it the vehicle
of a demand for the election of Senato.s
by a popular vote. The other faction
do not appear to be saying much but
perhaps that is because they are strong
enough to refrain from vituperation.
# ? * *
'The May Conference" appears to us
to present nothing really Democratic.
Its conclusions canuot possibly govern
the party. Its declarations will hold
good only with a faotion. The Vir?
giuia Democracy have a perfect right
to express their preferences and wishes
in the matter of the Senatorship. They
will no doubt exercise that privilege.
But all this talk about taking the power
away from "mercenary Legialatmes'
and restoring it to the hand? of the
"immaculate masse?" i? rubbish of
purest ray serene.
The foregoing are the observations
of the Washington Poet in regard to the
May senatorial convention.
The Virgiuia Democratic Association
at W'ashingtou apparently has no use for
the Rixey convention. Col. L. C?
Washington, it seems, ridiculed the
whole affair out of the meeting. Mr.
Harper, the president, it is said, will
attend the Rixey meeting, but not in
an otllcial capacity.
It is stated in letters written by
United States soldiers in the Philip?
pines that it is ? common practico to
shoot prisoners with the more or less ex?
plicit sanction of officers. The Twentieth
Kansas is mentioned by one of its
members as a regiment that takes no
prisoners. This looks as if the Ameri?
cans bad raised the black flag. If so,
can there be much hope of rescuing
Lieut. Oiliuore and his party?
"There is a serions split In the Dem?
ocratic party of Alabama," says a
special from Birmingham. "Lium are
well defined and the comtng struggle
will be war to the knife "
Will the Alexandria Gazette please
inform us wten they will get through
with the recent Democratic municipal
primary in that city?
The John W. Daniel Club of Rich?
mond has endorsed U. S. Senator
Martin for re-election.
Majority and minority reports from
the Mazet investigating committee have
buen submitted to the Assembly in
Now York. The former asks for more
power in the scope of investigation
and the latter urges the futility of
further inv?tigation and pray? the As?
sembly to discharge the committee.
The sifuati m in the Philippines may
make it necessary local] forvol?itaars,
the ragnlar army having aearly ranchad
th?? limit ptesorfbed by law There ?ire
now in the Philippines and andar or?
ders t" proceed there 84 000 regulars,
and marly 18,000 in Cuba and P >ito
Kir i, mu? law than 38,C00 ara left for
?iuy emergency. In connection With
tin? subject Gen. O, MrT Reave, who
has ju?t reached home al Minneapolis,
Minn , from Manila, when interviewed
?aid ;
"I am glad I an tml ol it 1 liavi*
bad all tbe soldiering 1 want for the
present "
"I deprecate this war thealanghtar
of our boya and the Filipinos, bsoauss
it aaerna to me thai we ara doing aoma
thing that is contrary to oof principles
iu the past I fi'el at if thi* bloodshed,
thin necessity of conquering the?
wretches might have been avoided.
Yet, now that the lighting is on, now
that is ??tenis to be Qoosssary for Qan
Otis to enforce his authority as th??
representative of the United Stuten, 1
am in sympathy with what is being
dona. But certainly ws are doing
something that we inould haveahruni
from not SO very long ago.
"When cur troop? first landed m the
Philippines wiy tew of the nativas
dreamed of or oared for actual inde?
pendence Aguinaldo huiixelf thought
ouly of erecting a government under
American protection Be personally
told me that he did not think the Fil?
ipinos knew enough abonl tiuance and
administration to set up a nation of
their own. bat that an for th?' othet
function.? of government be thought
they could get along very well. 1 re?
gard Aguinaldo ni .i very able man. 1
am not of the same opinion as those
who hold that be is a pappet in the
hands of abler men Put soon after
vse OOOnpiad Manila there l?egaii to
develop among the Insurgents a
war* for *absolata* independence party.
Tha chief leader was Antonia Luna,
editor of the Filipino paper, "Inde?
pendencia. " who wa.? ut lirst very fa?
vorably disposed toward us Put the
fact that they were not considered in
the treaty in Paris, hut were disposed
of for a?'??,ms?.?????? oanasd some of lbs
leadera to entertain grave doubts as to
the straightforwardness of mir inten?
tion* They argued tout iu view of the
fait that they practically controlled the
whole of the islands, with the except i m
of the city of Manila, the sale of the
title for |S0,000,000 indicated that
the Americans intended to exploit
them Having had no experience ex
oept that <?f broken promises in their rs
lation with the Spaniards, they could
not under the dubious circumstances,
believe that we meant to deal fairly with
them Finally, no definite promise
or statement was made to them by the
Americans Added to the causes of
suspicion and the lack of definite policy
on our part was the forbearance of our
soldiers, which impressed lbs more ig?
norant ol the natives with the id?a
that the Americana were afraid of
??1 can tell you one piece of news that
la not generally known in the United
Mate?. t?n .Sunday. February 5, the day
after the fighting began, Ueueral Torres.
of the insurgents, cam?- through our
lines under a flag of truce, and had a
personal interview with Ueueral Otis,
in which, speaking for AgU'naldo, he
declared that th?* fighting had been
begun accidentally and was not au?
thorized by Aguinaldo, that Aguinaldo
wished to have it stopped, and that to
bring about a conclusion of hostili?
ties he proponed the establishment of
a neutral zone between the two armies
of any width that would be agreeable
to (j. lierai <'tis, so that during the
peace negotiations ther?- might be no
further danger of oonflicta between the
two armies. To these representations
of General Torres, Gen. Otis sternly
replied that the lighting having ouce
begun must go on to the end, and it
has gone on ever since. The little
brown fellows whom we all expected to
disperse iu short order ure lighting and
fighting well. "
Important Will Caio Decide?!
Ashland. April 27.? The Circuit Oourt
of Hanover, Judg? Mason presiding,
has decided that all property conveyed
by the will of Isaac Newton Vanghan,
amounting to over a half million dol?
lars, goes to his widow, and that hi?
children have no Interest in it except in
the event of the widow's marriage, in
which case she would Ret only a life
estate in a child's share There was
grave doubt under the will as to wheth?
er the widow was given only a child's
share, which would have reduced her
interest to about $H>0,00<), or whether
she was entitled to all. The suit was a
friendly one, brought by the widow to
get the decision of the court in this
matter. An appeal will be taken in
bphalf of the children, all of whom are
under age, bo as to get the fa i*lon of
the matter in final shape.
I?eake ft Oarter represented the widow
and Preston ? Leake the children. The
will was written by Mr Vaughan him?
A charter has been granted at Nor?
folk to the Atlantic Coast I,umber Com?
pany. The minimum capital is #1,000,
000 , and may be increased to $?,'<).(MM),
000. The principal office of the cor?
poration is to be iu Norfolk, and ten?
der its charter it may ac?juire in this
and other States real estate, timber,
timber rights, mineral rights, and
lands, build and use wharves, barges
and ships, operate mills, manufacture
lumber and do a merchandise busi?
ness. The chief business to be conduct?
ed, as set forth in the charter, is the
lumber business. The officers of the
company are : I^ewis A. Hall, Bay
Mills, Mich., president; Edward B.
Freeman, Norfolk, vice-president and
general manager ; Ohas. S. Fearing,
New York, treasurer; Kobert L. Mon?
tague, Norfolk, iccretary. These with
Wallace B Flint, New York, Water
man A. Taft, Boston, Mass ; Frank J.
Saxe, New York ; Lewis R. Freeman,
Warren, Pa, and Wrightson W. Tunis,
Norfolk, constitute the board of direct?
ors. The company has already acquir?
ed six hundred million feet of standing
lumber on the coast between Norfolk
and Charleston, S. O.
Gei. Grant In Bronze.
The statue of Gen. Grant in Phila?
delphia was unveiled Thursday in tbe
presence of President McKinley. Cap?
tain Coghlan was present and warmly
greeted by the Chief Executive. Miss
Sartoris, granddaughter of the Federal
chieftain, pulled the string that un?
veiled the statue, while the cruiser Ra?
leigh and a battery fired salutes.
It is said, that the Rixey May Con?
vention will adopt resolutions asking
the State Committee to call a conven?
tion for the purpose of nominating a
Senatorial candidate, or adopting a
plaa for his popular election.
A committee will be appointed
to present the request to the committee,
with instructious, in case of tbe re?
quest for a convention be refused, to do
all possible to have the primary plan op?
erated in the different counties.
The Rixey Convestion Turned Down
The Washington correspondent of the
Alexandria On/ette says: "There wa?
a meeting last Saturday night of the
Virginia Democratic Association, of
tin? city, held at the Confederate Vet?
erans' Hall. Souio time ago a proposal
was made to semi delegates to the Rich?
mond conference on Senator?, but be?
cause the meeting wa? a slim one, ob?
jection was made and the matter was
dropped. It wa? again brought for?
ward last Saturday night. Col L <V
Washington made a speech against It,
opposing it as meant for Mr. Martin
and tending to divisions and discord in
the Democratic party. He was very
emphatic, and was replied to by Mr,
Crump, the mover of the proposition,
and by Mr. fHsggQQO? Mr l'.ullock
seconded Col. Washington'? position,
and Mr Harper s?i?l they ought not to
Interfere In contests for oflioe in Vir
ginia. but criticised Martin's friends.
Col. Washington replied to Crump and
Qlgasoonk pretty vigorously. Finally
the advocates of the proposition agreed
tO I'd it drop "
Th? oorragpondanl of the Richmond
Tim? says: "The May convention to
be hold in Richmond was op for dis
eussion at the meeting of the Virginia
Democratic Association Saturday even?
ing. A motion made to send the preai
dent, Robert Harper, to the convention
as a delegate, opened the question.
"Mr, L. Q Washington, the well
known Washington newapaper corre?
spondent, was v-rv bitter in his dciinn
otattoai Of the pip .sed meeting, and
characterized if as childish and useless,
tending to ?Trent? ditoord and drawing
attention from m re important matters.
He also jumped into Q?n Kita L-ee fo?
ins alleged sound mosey leaning?.
' 'A defancg of G??n. Lee ami the con
veiition was made by Mr Roger Glaus
"Mr. llartver announced that he was
in favor of the May convent ?on and pro
posad to attend
ror Quod Roaill
The Good Road? Convention, in Al
beiiiarle county, unanimously ?Adopted
the following
Whereas, The randa Of Allx-mirloare
for a large part of the year In so bad a
Condition as to add greatly to the coat
if transportation as well as to destroy
the comfort and safety of travails many
cases, and
Wheroa?, This condition of things
which entails heavy logg? on all classes
cannot be changed without a larger
mad fund, tbau is now at the disposal
of the supervisors, therefor.'
Rogolvad, That tins convention favors
an increase of the road levy from *> to
I4* cents ou the $100, enlarging the road
fund from $19,0TJ0 to $97,000 to l*e dis?
tributed to the ?llstricts from which
deriveil about $10,000 to be used in
yearly maintenance, and $S7,000 to l>e
u?ed in permanently improving the
worst short section? which experience
has demonstrated are mostly needed.
We urge that the Board of Supervisor?
employ and consult with an experi?
enced engineer,w henever deemed MOSt
A pap?-r was circulated in the au?
dience for membership and now a
G?x?d Road? Association exists in Al
bemarle with a large membership
This covention seems to have enthused
the people on the subject of good, mads
and we may look for fruit? from test
movement in the near futur?'.
The Hon. M <?. Kldridge. acting di?
rector of the ofh>e of road imjuiry,
Washington,'D. 0., gave jan illustrated
lecture in the Courthouse in the even"
iug at s o'clock on good roads. His
lecture and illustrations were very en?
tertaining and of a highly instructive
character to his audience, which was
composed of farmers and business men.
Cubar? Opinion of the Amari? an?
Havana, April 17.?La Lucha de?
nounces the administration of General
Ludlow, military governor of Havana,
as ' 'superfluous. " It adds :
"It is not too much to say th ?t the
government now existing in Havana
interferes with itself. Senor Mora, the
civil governor, does nothing and he
does not suit General Ludlow, who is
not the right man for the place."
La I seusslon says: "All appear
imbued with a species of insanity.
They do not realize the destiny planned
by the military administration. For
President McKinley the Cubans do not
exist, but only Gomez, and Cnbau inde?
pendence now depends solely on Presi?
dent McKinley, who is guided entire?
ly by the American military commanders
in the island, just as Spain was guided
by her captains-general. There is no
difference between President McKinley
and Secretary Alger and Senor Sagaata
and Senor Canovas ; no differeuoe be?
tween General Brooke and General
Rates and Marshal Blanco and General
Ar?les ; nodifference between McKinley
and Hrooke and Sagasta and Weyler. "
Confederate VaUrana.
Grand Commander John J. Williams
ha? appointed the following delegate?
to th ? reunion of the l ni ted Confederate
Veterans at Charleston, beginning May
10 : Colonel E. M. Henry, Pickett
Buchanan Camp, Norfolk ; Dr. Hanter
McGaire, R. K LeeCamp, Richmond;
General Stith Boiling, A. P. Hill Camp,
Petersburg; Col. John J. Williams,
Grand Camp, Winchester; Col. Thomas
O. Morton, Stonewall Jackson Camp,
Staunton ?Colonel James MacGill, James
Rrethed Camp, Pulaaki
Alternates?Boyd M. Smith, Grand
Camp, Mineral City, Louisa county;
Col. J. 0. Ewell, Lawson Ball Camp,
Lancaster ; Colonel Leigh R. Watts,
Stonewall Camp, Portsmouth ; Colonel
Thomas Smith, Joe Kendall Camp,
Wairenton ; Major D. A. Grimsley, A.
P. Hill Camp, Oulpeper; Major N. V.
Randolph, R. E Lee Camp, Richmond.
Storm Ellis Scores.
Terrific destruction was caused by a
cyclone at Kirkville, Missouri, Thurs?
day. Hundreds of houses were blown
down ; a path of ruin swept a ?juarter
of a mile wide, and at least fifty or
sixty are dead there, and at the town
of Newton, forty miles to the North?
west, thirty ?even are reported to have
been killed.
The storm in other States was also
quite severe. There were oloudbuists
in Wisconsin and Iowa accompanied
by thunder and lighting. As the result
of a tornado in Iowa three persons are
reported to have been killed, and there j
was great loss of property.
It Cropi Oat At Atlanta, Hrnrda, And
At Provllaare. Rtiudr Island
Atlanta, Ga , April %'? - The rae*
question was a disturbing feature ol
the morning session of the Internationa
Sunday-School Convention. It mad?
its appearance in two way a?the en
deavor of Georgia and South Carolina
negro??* to place colored men on th?
committee on nominations with tin
whites and by reason of the fact thai
the convention, in permitting ncgr?
delegates to be seat?*d with the whitis
is violating not only a city nrdinam*e,
but a State law, which n quires thai
the whites and blacks be separated in
all public gatherings The police called
the attention of Col. Asa G. Gaudier,
chuirman of the entertainment commit?
tee, to the matter, but after a discus
aloo it was dec'.deit to lot th" delegate?
sit as they wished
Providence, R. 1 , April. ? In the
House of Representatives today a reso
lutlon forwarded by tin* Summer Asso?
ciation of Newport condemning ont*
rages in the South was defeated after
long debate.
National Affair*
It is reported that General Miles
desires active service in the Bald and
may be sent to the Philippines to take
command of the army there and oui
duct the operations against the Filip
Senat i Chandler, of N? w Hampshire,
thinks it probable Senator ??uny will
be allowed to take hisseat in the Senate
under Governor Stone's appointment
Many Senator will vote for him, Mr.
("handler states, on account of his per?
sonal popularity and because of their
sympathy for him.
The Preiident has removed from the
clasiififd service a position in the gov?
ernment printing ofllos in order that
a printer needed by the census bureau
who refused te take the civil service
ex kiuitiation might be appointed
A special board appotuted by the
War Department holds the govern?
ment r?'spon*ible for the loss of
Li?M),?MMi pounds of tefngerated beef in
Porto Uic.t). Soorotary Alger has given
orders for the reimbursement of lbs con?
The United State* Supreme Oonrt is
bearing argument in the case of the
government against the Oast Iron Pipe
Trust, the most important o?se ever
brought under the Sherman anti-trust
K?*ar Admiral Schley haslncu appoint
ed preiident of the naval retiring board,
lacoeeding Rear-Admiral Uowall, de?
The friend* of Mr. ??nay claim
that he polled th? Senate before ad?
journment of Congre?* ami secured
pledges from sixty-seven Senator* who
would vote for hi* admission to the
Senate if he wa* appointed by the Gov?
Adv ?cates of free trade with Porto
Rion claim that the collection of cus?
tom* duties on good* impotted from the
lintel States is illegal. They will
appeal to the courts and test the tariff
law enforced by the military authori?
ties iu the island.
A Washington dispatch states that
it i* the belief in some quarters that
this government went too far in making
a disclaimer to Germany in connection
with Oapt Coghlan's utterarm?
Will Not Sell Fallitise
The Turkish Ministerat Washington is
quoted as saying that Tarkey will not
??II Palestine, and that, therefore, the
Zionist movement is useless Hi is rep?
resented a? deeply concerned over the
prominence given in thia c uutry to
the plan for 'he purchase and occupa
tioii of the Holy Land by a free Jewi-b
nation, and 1? reported to have said in
an interview with a Philatlelphia Press
representative :
"There seems to be a prevailing idra
in this country that only a monetary
consideration's involved in this plan
now being ngitated in high Hebrew
circles over the proposed purchase of
"I can assure the American people
that such is not the state of affairs.
The Sublime Porte does not desire to
?ell any part of its \rabian country,
ami no matter how many millions of
gold are i ffere?! this determination will
not be altered This statement is the
official reply from Constantinople to
miny Turkish envoys who have l?een
asked to sound the government on this
point "
The movement toward the purchase
of Paln-tine began about a year ago, we
believe, aud it ha? gained considerable
headway in thia country. Not leas
than six Zionist oougresses have been
held, it ia stated, since the project was
Are Tbey For Martin f
The Richmond correspondent of the
Index-Appeal says: "?Senator Martin
is expected back from Lynchburg to?
morrow. The oonferenoe he had with
his friends iu that city yesterday prob?
ably has some political significance.
State Senators Wm. P. Barksdale, of
Halifax, and Blaod Massie. of Nelson,
both of them 'holdover?,' who met the
Senator, have been generally regarded
as anti-Martin men. Mr. Rarkadalede
feated Hon. Wm. I Jordon, who voted
for Martin six years ago, and Mr. Mas?
sie, was nominated over Jodge J.
Thompson Rrown, a pronounoed Mar?
tin man. The fact that they were in
conference with the Senator probably
means that they are now favorable to
his re-election. Mr. Barksdale is a
delegate from Halifax to the May con*
vention "
Pr?diction? About May Conveation.
Some people are predicting that the
relations between th? factions in the
Democrrtic party will become so strain?
ed we will have a campaign that will
rival in interest aud excitement that
of 1881 when Cameron and Daniel ran
for Governor. It need surprise no one
if this should oome true, for political
blood is boiling in maoy viens. If we
had a strong minority party in Virgin?
ia, or farier election laws, this division
in the Democratic ranks would not be.
The corner-stone of the new coort
hrrase at East ville, Northampton coon*
try, was laid with impressive c?r?monie?
Wednesday afie-raoon by Northampton
Lodge. A. F. ?and A. M.
The desire to look nice and be admired does not
pass away with our youth, but unfortunately we
often drift hopelessly from the realization of our
fondest dreams. How can I make the best of my?
self? is the question we perpetually ask ourselves.
Let us see what " Best " consists of. A pleas?
ant face, a sweet voice, tact, and last but by no
means least, a
Becoming Qown.
A woman cannot make herself beautifW.but she
can always makes herself charming, if she ?studies
all her good points and dresses accordingly. To do
this you have only to visit
Fredericksburg's Leading
Dry Goods House,
where you will find the latest in every article of
wearing apparel, together with such goods as are
necessary in ornamenting the home and decorating
the table, at such prices as will suit all purses and
You are cordially invited to
Celery Compound.
Regular $1 size.our price 7fiets
Plasters B ?JfcC Che best)
regular price '.'(?cts., our
price ./Octs
Tonic Hypophosphites,reg?
ular $1 size, our price 75''t*?
Small size .regular price 50
cts., our price .40 ?ta
I'hey are the Standard |
Large size lxn ... 20<yt*
Small size box. Seta
Corn Cure Liquid /Oots.
Corn Salvo /Oots.
Anodyne Headache Tablet? fOct?
T?K)th Ache Cure.fO''*H
Mtl. s Modern hms?,
901 Maiu St.
The Birth Place of Low Prices.
FurelgB Affairs.
Dispatches from Apia, Samoa, by way
of Auckland, N. Z , state that righting
is constantly taking place between the
rebels and the friendly natives. There
are fewer signs of friction with the
It is announced in Berlin that 1'resi?
dent McKinley has expressed his disap?
proval of the remarks about (?ermauy
attributed to Captain Uoghlan.
Ferdinand W. Feck, United States
commissioner to the Faris exposition,
has secured the allotment of ?.ti?O addi?
tional square feet of space for thiacoun?
The Brazilian minister of foreign af?
fairs has protested agaiuit the gunboat
Wilmington taking soundings In the
Amiu m river without asking permis
The American troops, under Ueueral
MacArthur, crossed the Uto (Jrande
river at Calumpit, Luzon, on Thursday
and defeated a Filipino army intrench?
ed there. The victors bad two men
killed ami the uatlvea lost between
thirty and fifty.
Law ton's troops are exhausted by out
ting their way through Fhilippiue jun?
gles, and will rest at Norzagaray three
The I nited States Fhilippiue com?
mission, it is stated, will promise
leniency to the Filipinos if they sub?
Xarylasd Defeats Virginia.
Orange, Va., April 27.?The Univers?
ity of Maryland won from Woodberry
today in the ninth inniug of a close and
exciting game. Both teams fielded
well, Woodberry playing without an
error. Baker pitched a splendid game,
and allowed but four hita. Score by
innings :
it. H. E.
Wia.illicrry Ki>rc?t (1 3 ?I 0 0 0 i? 0 ti I | (J
I niveraity of IM... 0 ? Oll o 1 I n 1 4 4 :l
Batteries?Baker and Walker; Good
ridge and Unglanb.
The contract has been let for the
erection of a building at Lambert's
Point which will be occupied as a fac?
tory by the Norfolk Silk Company, com
poaed of New York and local capitalists.
The building will be of brick and will
coat 110,000. The company has a capi?
tal of $400,000. Broad ailka will be
made and dyed in the first mill.
The oost to the oity of Alesandria of
the recent visitation of smallpox i*esti?
mated at 10.000.
To Whom it May Concern :
Wi?. ? i lu* uniiei-iKin-d legato? ot Mr?.
Chii..' in?- A. Mabou, deoeased, berebj oonatl
tute nuil appoint K. D. Vinrent our true mid
lawful nirciit and at tome] in tuet, to take
charge or tbeastatool the said Mrs. (X A.
Malem. and to dlapoM ol b? ?al? all p? rwnal
property. j?c, a. ., t<? . oiu.t all rent? ?ml
?lt'tiu due said estate Hii.i ?my ail oiiiia-ationa
due by ?nul Mrs Mauon. WS tesreb] cuiitlrm
an.I uitify all his ?C'Uand dologi under tbis
autborlt) conferred b> tin-, powerol Hitor
Hey. t*l*fned
C. II. MAHiiN.
? . II. VIN? KM'.
Hei? 11 iiiK in the ?bo? e I reap? i: u
? ,ii?-~t all persons Indebted to tl.
Hrs. < nthnm- a Mabon to come forward aad
?etl ?the Mme at once and all person? bai
in?;claims ?gain?! tin- said estate to present
the ?am? proper!) certiri??d to m? forpaj
ment. It. I? VINCENT,
a|C.' w4w Attorney.
i- ?IF \ 110, IMA
In the ?Clerk*? Offlee of the Circuit Court,
of Stafford ? ount) . ..n the l:?th du? ol ?
I-une stiver .Plaintiff
Enni'oi I. nu-, adrolniatrator of Jno, I*
Kandi>l|di. deceased, Helen? Hundoi(ih. Sarah
Kaiiiiui|.ii. Florence Itandolph, St i.eo it.
K'*/IiukIi und .linnet h. Se?ar, Truite?*,
cd It.'iiJ. .1. Field.luiieiiclary undera Cer
tain deed ot trust dati'd Aug. I. K*>.
Th? object ol this ?uit lato rsooi si .non net
the i.-?cintanii two ludgmenta tor the sum of
??SlS8 and SSS JO with Interest ..n samo I roa
Ird January. UM aadooel |MQ, also at opra
, account fur ta??, ami toMbJtwt hi? real estate
la the count j or Stafford tu torn payaient of
theaame. und for the general settlement ol
this estate Mnd payment o? ins ' redil
Affidavit lia? injr licen made that the de?
fendants, Helena Kandolpb, Sarah Itandolph,
Floreno? Itandolph and fit-11J. .1. Field aud
James II. Seiier. tiuH'c, not being resident?
or the state ot vif-finie, tbey are hereby re
quired to appear in the ?aid Clerk's ? ?fti<-e.
within 3fteen .lav uiter du. publication
hereof, and do ?hat may tie ne?e<iaar) t..
protect their ?nteres
A ? opy Te?!?- :
C. A. I?HVAN. Clerk
Baaar, p q. apSS wtw
| Pain-Killer.
A Madlcln? Ch.at la Itsalf.
I Simple, Safa and Quick Cur* for
28 and 50 cent Bottloa.
Buckeye. Buckeye.
I am agent for the celebrated
Buckeye Binders & Mowers.
A full stock on hand. (J..me and
see me.
*R. H.. BISCO-:.
LsttorS, Science. I.aw.Meiliiiiie.KiiKineerlng.
For ??ata'iitrue Bill IT as
P. II. llAKKINCRK. Chairman,
api.''lui tliarlotteuvllle, Va.
30th Summer Term, July 1 to Sept. 1, IS?.
In m<imitainoiit ami nun-malarial section of
Virginia Tlit-se courue? have proved peculiar?
ly profitable ti? beginner?: toramlitlat<-?fora<l
mi?lniit<itliet?aran(lt<>|>ra<'fitii>iirr? whuli.'i?.,,
lacke?! Hyitematic iuttniPtioii or lie???! revlt-vr.
Ir'or catalogue, u?ltIr?-*?*> It. C. .Minok.1S?je'v.
( harlotteevllle, V*.
Refined Sugar
House Syrup.
One oar Syrup in barrel?, half b?rrela
and tins, just received.
Ruropeau and Aaaerlcan plan. Htoam, Oa*
llectrlolty. Comfortabl* I?on?. Bountiful
Tabi Uood HeaUurant. Keaaxinable rate?
A well iuppilfd BAU ?lid RETAIL Liyi'OK
UTABLltfUMINT in connection, "t'osa
all r* ???at at?? "Hungry. Wtary or Dm."
Candidates' Card.
/?? h,, ' \tmtm
Kellow-Citi/.enH : With feeling? of
gratitude to you for the very gem-n , *,
expression of your coutiuuedcoutldeij ?
and kindness in the past, 1 heieby an?
nounce myself a candidate for the
position of Clerk of the (Jourts of thlt
county, and most respectfully ask your
support. Should it be your pleasure to
recommit this trust to my hands, I
-.hull be very thankful to you, and
promise |o us.' my bent Sff? rt? to faith
fully anil competently discharge the
dlltle? of the otJice
Verv -?'speitfully,
J P. H Ciisiiiond
April 18th, 1890
Klection Mav ; dh, IHM,
For Commissioner of P?v?nu*
!?? "?? Voten.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
for the idtice of (/'oliiiiilSHIonnr of R.-VB
nun for St (ieiirges distrlot, in your
county, at the election to be held May
?Jo, 1899, ami ask your support. If
-lected 1 promis?- a faithful discharge
of th?1 ?luties ?>f tin- ottice.
ap6-td T. P. Payne.
t m l?l.
I announce myself a camlidate for
Commissioner of Revenue In St. (Jeorge
district, in your county, at the election
to be helil on the ?'Oth day of May,
1899. I am grateful for the generous
Mipport of my friends in the pant, aud
it electeil shall endeavor by a faithful
ami impartial discharge of the dutle?
Of the othce to ment the approval of
all Respectfully,
apll-td M L. Young.
For Treaiurar.
I respectfully annouuce myself a can?
didate for reelection to the ottice of
Treasurer I am very grateful to my
friends for the generous aupport of the
past, and earnestly solicit their support
at the approaching election -May '?'?th,
W G. Dillard.
, i -, i sut?;
Not doubting that I can well dis?
charge tin? duties of county attorney for
the coming four year?, 1 ask you to
vote for me
apl4 t?l J L. Powell.
For Commonwealth's Attorney
To Ik? Voten of Bfyofagfeaiifa ?<.u<ii?/.
Having been appointed by the County
Court as Commonwealth's Attorney to
(ill out the uuexpired term of A. R.
Rawlings, deceased, and being urged
by many citizens from all part? of the
county to become a candidate for eleo
iii ii on the ,''ith of May, for the full
term (.?'ginning July 1st, 1SW9. I desire
to say if it be your pleasure to elect me
to this position of trust, 1 ?hall perform
the duties of the office with proiiiptuea?,
fidelity ami impartiality.
Very respectfully,
apl ltd l<ee J. Crave?
? ? N]M*tey(i aula i
I announce myself a candidate for re?
election for Sheriff of Spotsylvaula
county. Thanking you kindly for your
past suffrage, I respectfully ask your
support in the approaching election,
May 16th, 1899, promising, if elected,
to discharge the ?luti? of the offloe to
the best of my ability in the futur?, as
I have endeavoriMl to do in the put.
apll-td T A. Harris
7'/ tin I orers oj Caroline Co.
I hereby announce myself au inde?
pendent candidate for the office of
C?>mi_i_iouer of the Reveuue for dis?
trict Mo. 1, at the election which will
take place on Thursday, May 26, 189<i,
and I respectfully ask for your sup?
port, ?ml I also respectfully ask my
friends to tak?* no part iu the Dewo
Br?tle primaries on the '.I day of May
If alaatsd, I promise a faithful,
honest, ami impartial discharge of the
duti(*H of the offl
E. & ?ollins.
To flu Voters oj Caroline Co.
Thanking you for your highly ap?
preciated support in the past, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for re?
election to the office of Co_missioner
of the Revenue in district No. 'i.
Should you again favor me with tbe
office, I prom in?? the same faithful and
efficient discharge of the duties as la
the past.
Very respectfully yours,
T. H. Hlauton.
Tn Un Voters <>/' ( 'ami i ne :
I am a candidate for Commissioner
ot Revenue for District No. 1 of Caro?
line county at the election which takes
place on Thursday, May 25th, 1899, and
respectfully ask for your support, pledg?
ing myself if elected a faithful dis
chuigo of the duties of the office.
api-tii T. 0. Ohandler.
To thf Volt rs of Caroline:
I am a candidate for the office of
Commissioner of Revenue,Distriot No.
1, in Caroline county at the election
May 20th,and will be grateful for your
vote and influence h usine** of impor?
tance will call me to another State until
April 1st, after which time I will make
an active canvass of the county.
J. R. Broaddua.
Jau. 17. 18!W.
To the Voters of Caroline :
In announcing myself a candidate
for the office of Common weal* h 'a At?
torney, at the election to take place
on Thursday, May 25th, 1899, I would
express my gratitude for the generous
support given me by your favor year*
ago. If elected, I promise yon a faith?
ful discharge of the duties of tbe of?
J. H. DeJarnette,
mar. H'>-t?l
To the Voters of Caroline :
Rowling Oreen, Va.,
Maroh 28, 1899.
I announce myself a candidate for
ri????lection to the office of Clerk of the
Circuit Court at the election to take
place on Thunday, the 26th day of
May, 1899. I desire to return to my
fellow-citizens sincere gratitude for tbe
generous support received in the past,
and solioit their support in the ap?
proaching election, and, if elected, I
promise a faithful, honeat and impar?
tial discharge of the duties connected
with the office.
Thomas W. Valentine.
ToUtt VntfiAttf Stilffnnt County
Thanking you for your generous sup?
port in the paat, and soliciting a con?
tinuance of the same, I hereby announce
myself a candidate for re-election to the
office of Clerk of Courts. Should it be
your pleasure to re elect me I promis*
a faithful and efficient discharge of all
the duties of the position
aji-'-.'-td C. A Bryan
To the Voters of Stafford :
I hereby announce myself a candi?
date for Clerk of Stafford County and
Circuit Courte. I earneatly ask tha
support of all my friends, promising, if
elected, to discharge the duties of the
office faithfully and impartially.
Jame? Aahby.
?ipil M
I hereby announce myself a candidat?
foi Commonwealth'a Attorney of Staf?
ford county, and respectfully solioit the
support of all my frienda. If aleotad I
will discharge the duties of tha offloe
impartially and to the bee?: of my
ability. O. B. Wallaos.

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