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Devoted to the Agricultural, Commercial and manufacturing Interests of Fredericksburg and the Tidewater and Piedmont Country.
vol. 15.?No.
Fredericksburg Va. Tuesday May 16. 189?).
Prie?4 3 cents
, ;
\ . . i, . ?
? ii'f tvi-ar in
The styles of close-fitting Skirts
almost compel some figures to wear
a small bustle, and we have just
oponed a lino of these that are
adapted perfectly to the require r <r -^L
aient s <>i the skirt and form, which
we would like you to see.
?ViII furnish Plans and Bpttitlcattons ; wil
?-outran for erecting all classes of
i'.nt-s. furnish hand? by the
day and supsrinttind the ?in
in town or coum-y.
Hf~ Charge? reasonabla
Contractor and Builder,
''rlaeesc ?hm at., opposite Tyler'? Fosndr)
|JW_(iii?rmn-.i..t,a al; work la h:? lire to ?.e ?Ji.nr
promptly and In a flret-c'.eee oianner at rock
hnttoaa cn.-.-a
urof Williams A Wbwleri. conduct? ?
Hi*- i'NDKUTAKi.s?? BU81N Bt-SS at tbe old !
?land, comer Mam ami Charlotte street?. All >
orders from home ami at>ro?d promptly and
?atisfactouly attended to either ?t night or
New Spring Millinery.
i we are sddii --
an?! n. -an tit m aiiM-k of Mi i , r>. Th?
?I 'i. ?.ii - ami II
s ? I ..
Koiiiiets and Hal? f?>? ' liildr? n. lin
- ? ?. nml I can
SIT, B Street.
tub weems SfeamDoat Co.
iftll.N?. AKKANdKMhNI". I-"
<?n hihI after Friday. Van h MSh, steamer?
Hiebmond, Westmoreland and Ksm-i woi
leave Piei .'. I. ?/lit Mr.. t, Baltlmnri
ij and Friday ai I ??i p. in , 1er I red
ericksburs; and all wharvo? on the river.
Heturnintr. will leave Krederickaburg ar.'.ni
i?. m. tide permitting.) Monday aud Tlmrs
eedatowuat 4.:tu a m., Tuesday nml
i i [?lay r.ii Baltimore.
l.?-u\e Italtiinore Wednesday, tit t-.Wp.1B.,
for Nay tor4? and all wbarvel below, except
i'.iv Port, Returning will leave Naylor'sst
i"" a m.,?M Thursday for Baltimore.
Leave Haitim m-at I >'t> m.,Thursday,for
Tappabanitoch and all wharves below, ex? epl
Itay Port, Mlllenbeck and Merry I', ?nt He
turning will leave Tnppuhaiinock at "a.m.
Mniida). tor BaltljBore.
Will leave Tappiihannock (?ir Norfolk at IS
m. linon) Knda> stopping at all lauding?.
Will 1,-ave Norrolk at s p. in. Saturday lor
Tappahannock, tailing at all landings.
.No freight recetve?l for outgoing ?teamen
after 4 p. in., on sailing davs.
Freight received for all stations on Po?
tomac, Prederickaburg, A Piedmont R. R.
Beginning Tuesday, Dcci-nibcr :.*7t h,
gt.Miiur Potomac will leave Pier C, Light
. In it. Ha, Mimre tat 5 p. ID. Tuesday and
Hatur-iay for the Potomac Klver, eallingat
Miller's llro iue's. Ilaeon'a,?< raso n's. LeWlMtta,
Hui.dicks, 'owart's. Walnut Point, toan. Kin
sale, Mundy'e Point, Lodge. Adams, Pine)
Point, AIm-II'?. Leoiiardiown, Cnhurn'$, How
nrd's and Stone's Dit Tuesday only foi Lan
casti-r, l?iishwood,Hiver?.idc,Liv?-ipoOI Point,
??i> iiniiit, Alexandria and Waahiiigt??n.
Kcttirning. will leave 7th Street Wharf,
Waainngtoii, at 4 p. in. Thursday, calling
at all of the above mentioned wbarvea,
leaving U-onar.ltown 6 a. m. Monday,
and hriday. Kinaale. 12 m., Mi lier'?
4 p. m., ttrason's at 6 p. in., Ilaeon's at ? p. m..
arriving in Haltimore early Tuesday
urn! Saturday morning?.
Freight received dally at Pier '.?. Light
at Haltimore, Md
HTRPHRN80N A RHO.. Agenta.
at Washington. I?. C
at Norfolk. Va
W. D. SCOTT, Agent,
at Kredttriiksliurtr. Va
Hardier? and Hardware Specialty,
on? door below Cha?. Wallsos * Hro.
? rvLL uss or ?
General Hardware
Bart. Wire, Uuns, Pistols, Raton, Knlvg
Ac., will be sold at reduced prices to suittb
the tlmec. Money nan be caved by puron??
0| st BOOT f a Hardware ?tors.
We have ?u>t iijentil the largest ami
finest line of OXFORD TIES we have
shown. They were made to order for
us by the best factory and we can rec
commend them highly for fit and wear.
They are made on "Bull Dog," and in
Opera" and 'Common Sense'' toe D
and E. lasts.
911 a Street Fm-ricksbnrg, Va.
Strictly Good Value.
Lad ins (it-muine Dongola Bat t. Coin Toe Pat Leather tips, $1.50
Ladies (?huhinn Dongola Lac??, Coin Toe,Pat. Leather tins.f 1 f>0
Same in COMMON 6ENSE TOES, all sizes.
This is wit liuii! any exception the \ ?-i y I" -t shoe [?roduced
??ii ihe money.
921 Main Street, - ?pr? Markel Rntrane?
erreat-advanee in all cotton pood to 1 j early
lock ol goods tre bave ever had. T ,ry
to enable ns to sell them to you at old prices. Tbii bas bren tbe
harpest advanee I have seen iu ?U yeai , excppl in two it tances.
How ranch bigber, or !i<>w Ion?-? tin* advance will hold, no one <'hh
tell ?So t?> lu- on tbe - ife side I wonld i i to bny ? ai ly what
V'iii m ' -I.
We can ?-till sell you a very (rood Brown Cut tun at ?> ? , a better one
at le., h. h 't the li??>t at 5e. My stock his been vsi II bought, and
goods well bought an' half sold.was w? II Raid. W? honestly I" luve
we own today one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest stock ol goods
ii any r?'tail ?torn in Virginia. No matter what yon want in
try Haker before ynn buy, and if we fail to ?i I! yon we will make
the other fellow sell yon cheap.
The Excelsior Roller Mills
- AND ?
he trade I?ow for ?'ash. ?'?II and >xamine Flonr snd
ws : O. K. Family, 60 cent? -per srrsl above H. G. _x
its below 11. O. Extra.
5 tapie and Fancy Groceries,
Fine Liquors, Tobacco end Cirars.
Acency I'ahst Milwaukee barter IJ?*er ?ml best tonic. We abo bave in stock Ales
I'orter. tit?ut. etc. ?asi H Street
rail of which will be offered to the triwle I.ow for ?'ash. l!all and -xamme Fionr andre
Bchsdnle of Flonr i? a? follows : G. K. Family, 60 osnti per srrsl above H. G. Kxtra
?nd FrsdsrIckibnrK Krtra 30 cenU below H. G. Kxtra.
and as a rule there isn't much improve?
ment. Put
Devoe's Lead and Zinc Paint
on your house and the improvement is
not only perceptible, but permanent.
For interior decoration this same paint
in combination with some of our select
makes a charming effect.
Adams' Book Store.
? Virginie
Fri'n.l, begin' Ing sis m i the I ;
llnem?nt. >
lew I ire before the ba'.y ?>
%? In labor less than two 1. uri
no mornlnr. sk kness, no h? 11, he, n i '1
tre?,sing tightness, no ?
breasts. Her baby wj ?
tuTS of hea'.'h
Mother'? Friona i? 'be n ly r?n
edy known whl h relieves the <
mothers. It Is a Mndnenl to be a
ternally. Noiht^.g but harm e
taking medicine Internally a' i
AH Internst pre; ?rations r.il.l t
Inf* mothers ars not oily huml I I
positively dangerous.
Mother'a Prlend cnata $1 a Mtts a?
drugglata, er ya? can anu? to
The hrsdflclil Per-ulstor Co.. Atianta, G?
p. rsonil and Other Notes.
0 ?rrespondenee nt The Kree I
King i leorge O 'irr H ose, V.? ,
M.iv i:: h, lv.
M.'?r? K ili.rt N Murfhy and Sut
ford Murphy, two prominent bosinef
men of Weetmoreland county, s|
night in nur villa)*?' recently.
Mr Bamnal Olmstead, of Washing
t hi, D. U , Wim has been risitio
friends in King George, returned b
steamer Uamiall a few days ago
Captain Baodolph Oerens, one of on
enterprising eitiaens, i* ? lilting friend
m Washington, where he will remaii
to wltneM the peace jubilee
Mr Weitet Ooltoo, a wealthy resi
dent of Ti'iu", who bes been ipondioi
th?' wint-r m N'.'W i rk olty, i* rislt
ing hin relations In King lie
Mr ('has M Arnold i- vUitin*
friends In Washington city, and wil
stay t i be preeenl at 11??? jubilee
Mr K I' Arnold shipped from Stift"
Wharf on the Bth ii?*t.?nt n nnmber ol
Mr. las Stiff, th" enterprising mei
chant at Miff's Wharf, has sold ont t
Ifeeara Robert Allen and Poreet P,
Tayloe. We wish these gentlemei
?bandant hu
Mrs it-???? T, Hanter, of Ws
is visiting her relations at the Uourl
H ?use,
Mr. I. .1 Hargert, with bis family,
has arrived and ta*.?'ii j ihn.-., in i (
hU risorat purchase, "Bleak Hill ' We
weloome them to the onunty,
A marrirttft' lioense \s ?- km
the olerk'e office on the (Uh instan) to
Bevertoj* Taylor and Bargarei Johnson,
\ -.irrit-r j?t>^<? >ii was captured re?
cently i-t Oedar Grove, the residence of
Mrs. Rusaiie B, Stuart. The bird luis
a ring on one foot with the initials
" N a , ravi," cut mi it This is the
tinni oarrier pigeon eanght ;?t this
The ruiiiH d( th?* pirn few days were
m ii? - ti needed In this section, and the
farmen are abb* to start thnr plows
ami harrows again and feel m re hope?
ful about tin ir wheat crop
I in-re Ii mure Catarrh In tins -??? lion nl tbi
? ..iinliy Hi.o? all other ill-, -.?-.-s put l?*g? Un i
and until tin- last few ye? |.I I
i.e Incurable, i ni a g'Mt man] | ?
tors pronounced it a local di ease, an i pr?
-.lit.?-rl local renn .In-, and b) constantl]
'ailing tu ours wild iinai treatment pm
iiiMiil?-cd it Incurable. Bclonce ha? pmvci
catarrh tu In-a const It utlooal distase, an.
therefore re*i|iiiro? constitutional treatment
HslPsCstsrrh Cure SBsnufsctnred lij K. J
? In ney | ? o., Toledo, ??!. is III. n
?titnt iottal inn- on the mail.?!. Iti- takei
intein.iliy In doaes I rum lu drop? to? tea?
|.mini in. It acts direct I > nil tin blood an?
in i it? m - -un im ? ?*? nl the system. Tbeyoffci
one hundred dollarc for anj caso it fallen
cure. Sei,.i inr clrcu'ar? and leatimonials
Address, P.J CHENEY A CO., Toliil??, ??
Sold by lirugglsts, ?5c.
Hall'- family Pill? are tin- beat
Snubbing Srhley.
Washington, May II -The N vy Dr?
partment made no offer to Schl?y ol thf
conuiiand of the Asiastic sfatinn ,i- tin
Huccessor of Admiral Dewey, to which
Admiral Watson has heen assigned.
There is no question had Admiral
Schley been asked to accept the detail
he would have been gratili? d, for it in
a proat honor to command what i? now
regarded as the most Important of all
the live naval stations of the (?v.rtt
This second affront is all the more
offensive in view of the promises made
Schley last December to give him a sea
command, and if none was available
"one would be created for hira. " Since
then two flag officers have been ordered
to command foreign station-, Admir. 1
Howison having been assigned to the
South Atlantic and Admirul Watson to
the Asiastic. Iu neither case was Ad
mirai Schley considered, it was the
direot intention of the Navy Depatt
ment all along to continne Admiral
Schley on waiting orders or provide him
with some inconspicuous shore lullet,
and one was finally found when he was
ordered as president of the examining
board two weeks ago The president of
this board has vety little to do. Bri ken
down, decrepit or indifferent olliccrs
are generally given such duty.
WhoopisaT dough.
I had a little boy who was nearly
doad from an attack of whooping
rough. My neighbors reooantended
Chamberlain's Oough D?edy. 1 did
not think that any medicine wonld help
him, but after giving him a few dosen
of that remedy I noticed an improve?
ment, and one bottle cnrcil him entire?
ly. It is the best oongh medicine I
ever had in the house. ?J 1,. Moore,
South Bnrgettstown, Fa. For sale by
M. M. Lewis, Druggist.
Th?* Ii'? limond Ueaf?*TCtC?
Itannton New ? i\
i] m itii bnion
I by mie t lh< p ip i i
t<? lie llutt wltili n i in nun.t i
?mi,?m would i- made, the result w?ul
i" i?? In it ne mie as s candidal
If the e. nfen m i' goes to the point of ?i
il ring precinct primai les, as il mi]
um Ii a racket is will be -r irr? 'l op ne*?
i \ irginis Im i >t?? Such i 11 mini
w?ml I be righl it held under the lavt
b it ?Opp me w bail aen il rial prim ?i i?
all nvei the si ite like the r?**-* ni Voguai
county primai les ni iy be tin* wouldn
We a ill du the jndges 11 th.it primai
the jii-ti? <? t i say th it they ti i? il t
conduct .1 perfectly fair primary, an
fi i if i generally conceded thai th
results were largely brought ab ?ul by re
publican rot? -
Buch .1 primary would be dlsaatrnc
in it- results There Is no reaso
.s li never t i heilere that the p ?pi
would be any better satiafleld than the
ar>' with the present arrangement 1
anything nf the sori is to bathe result
county conventions In regular mat
meetings are f.ir better. "
Th? idi nf of th
Index-Ap| ?
"The Benatorial bell on :i- m nsln
ii a* advertised amid tl
ing if the crowd ami tu the sonorou
? of .? lu-ty lunged b uni especial!
? 'i i * the gal x occasi m Th
proper providing of. the generated gs
and the l lading on of the saml bags f
- up a large part ? t tin* after
noon, but when the chairman ont th
last guy rope tbe big thiug ros? slow!
In mid ?iir and left do tangible signs o
if- brii f i j urn mi earth.
*'No daring political aeroaaut wee
up tAith variegated gas bag and n
would-be Senator tackled the parachut
problem n tbe tail end of a projec
originated to <ln\\ a crowd while th
subtle syren song of the ambitl ns i
et of men as opp I I bei al
ready tried and found fully equal to al
Senatorial demands Tooneaocustomt?
to attend political gatherings in Vir
ginla the erowd was made oonspiocou
by their absence nf the recognised lead
er- la tbe I ?em i.Tiitie party, and brongh
to life aii'l light a -rr.uiL'i- eeeortmeu
_-g?'.l pi i it i
who were anxious to grasp an?
new scheme as a life preserver fron
sinking Into utter oblivion.
? The political ambulance and no
the party band wagon stood at th<
" The convention work summed nj
pat .i"\>h ,i- ,t cipher .i- i .' si
the preaeut situatii n i- concerned am
its only achievement is the beginning
fan agitation thai will be settled in
rue 'i ii- gathering was nol
wbal could I.ailed ;i repr?sent?t i vi
mie No commit te?' on credentials wai
tnd ii" li*t of deleg it? ? w si
made, bul "f the b*? delegates presen!
a large portion was from the First and
Kighth ?ii-tilets
' 'The work of the convention consist?
ed "f the providing of a oontmittee to
be named by the chairman to rennest
the State committee to call a primary
or a State convention to order a primary
to choose a United Btates Senator.
?'It n wholly ooteidethe jnriedintion
nf the State committee to ?'?ill a pri
msry, and as the faranoke convention
that created tbe present stat?- commit?
de refused to order a primary, ir is
certain that they will take no action in
the matter and thus the much heralded
convention fails of practical m-ults.
M A reeolntion reaffirming the Chi?
cago platform was quickly ruled mit of
order by the chairman.
" The name of Senator Martin was
never used in the convention, although
?evernl references to Senator Daniel
brought ??at applause. The speeches
made by Goode, Aadarann, .lone? dis?
claimed any thought of defeating any
O widiilate DOW W? the Bald
" It is certain that about one-fourth
of the delegates were friends o| Senator
Martin Mr 97. A Jones had a pri?
mary plan already drawn, but the wm ?
eral feeling of the convention was noch
that he was not encouraged to present
it. There is no doubt that the conven?
tion Miiii.-red a collapse and the friends
of Senjtor Martin view it in the light
of a lluscc that failed in the purpose for
which it was ordained aud adj' urned
for want of something better todo "
Hnw the Beef Court Has Been Provldrd
The WstdaiogtOO, I). 0 , Times says:
"The m? tubers of the Hc??f Court <>f
Km|u iry have been well taken care of
<r it Davis, about the time the (Jouit
was finishing its labors, was detailed
to succeed Gen. Henry as Governor
General of Porto Rico. Gen .Wade was
placed in command of the Department
ol the Lake?, with headquarter? at Bta
Paul. Col. Gillespie, of the Engineer?
ing Corps, had his desires complied
with by being placed in charge of the
Government works in New Ytirk The
Judge Advocate, Lieut. Ool. Davis, a
law professor ut West Point, is said to
be slated for the head of his bureau, the
judge advocate generalship, when Gen.
Lieber retires, eighteen mouths hence.
The place carries with it the rank and
pay of a brigadier general.
I havii been a Rufferer from chronic
diarrhoea ever since the war and have
used all kinds of medicines for it. At
last I found one remedy that has been
a success as acure, and that is Cham?
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrln <>a
Rented v. - -P. K. Grisham, Uaara Mills,
La. For sale by M. M. Lewis, Drug
Tho l'cnf?reme Callai/sea Tro "'??ra
{??rial Cunt ??reue?4
11 ci. Ule Iteglst? r iayi Th?
. . I'.'-i. t| .?in! l?r lughl fiittl
a m.u ? The greatly ailvrti/eil Rich
it?..n.! ? nf the ailvn .?
I" pillar i-|i..-ti h nl ? n .1 .i and nl u
itoi iul pi nu n ?es ii i- li ii li.-|i| and ail
I un.ed without s-t-coiiiplishing anything
I In- ??< ?nl .-ri*ii. ?? cannot fail to lio a ?I i sap
; lintmnnl to it* promoters, f??r in nom
H m as t o lui m expect ilion?, and
..its BtteiIy liisigni?canl
.?.??te priMonl only futir hundred dele,
gates, ami nf. these tin- majority were
?r m two of ili" ten congressional <li
?ricts III the State. These two Were the
final district, the In.m? if Mr Ji m -,
?Ii"' originator ami engineer of th?
movement, and the eighth ?1 i-tri> t In
?a Ii nl? the ' gold d?mocrate" ar" most
numerous The gathering was oonsptc
nona tur the absence nt tho real leader?
of the party Many furnier leaden?
who had been retired hv the people,
v. oh whose viewi they were at vat
were present.
'1 Ii" conference di,I nothing more than
adopt a resolution calling apon the
s?ate oommittee "f the party tn order
primarles i which it has bo authorty to
i . or to call a stat?? convention to
order a primary The first luggeetlon
is nut of the qnestlon. The leoond can*
not fail In Ii" utterly fatlla. Tin- BMtC
democratic committee, representing i?y
authority delegated to it the party in
the entire State, will hardly feel called
apon to reopen sl the behest of this
???if.constitute! oonference ? qaesti? n
tak? n uj> ami settled by a ?egularly
a.ith trie 'l, representative demooratle
s ??? convention cumbering fonrtlntac
f ur hundred accredited delegatoc Nor
n if rCSCOQSblC to anticip?t" that the
oommittee will feel inclined'.uslder
favorably any reqneet of tins oonfaranoa,
.?.-n, eivt'd to further persona] anbltionc
ami In the calling andoonductof which
the oommittee and the party organ is v
ti in bac i""'?! rtodl mcly Ignored,
? * * * .
It i- a fad which should not be Ignor?
ed thai tbe oonference refu-ed ?-yen to
eiii)si.|.T a res lntinu re atlirniiug the
Chicagoplatfocm, whlobembodies tie
party creed. The resolution was a
matter get mane to.? oonferenoe ? f damo
crats, and even if tberc w?re any doubt
on thH point, the failure to adopt the
racjoluti 'n wbea i nos offend puts the
OOnferenOS la a very tl< ubtfnl attitude
The failure to consider it may be re
?_r ?r< 1"<i as a sop to th? gold democrats,
ur ,?t least a- Indicative of a feat of
antagonising them.
It i*. a matter of OOOgratulsttOQ fer
the dem icraey of the Fifth district that
it had praotically no pari in this irregu?
lar gsttx ring which has turned out to
ii.- i fare?.. Only two residents of the
district w?r?' In sttendance
Brave Mea Fall
Victims tu st' mach, livpr and kidnej
froubles as well u w'uinen, iiml all fee
the results in loss if appetite, poisoni
in the blood, backache nervoorness,
headache and tired, listless, run-down
feeling. BUt there S HO need to fer]
ilk?-that, bieten to .1. W. Gardner,
Idarille, lud He say- : "Electric
Bitters are just tbe thing for a man
wlnn he in all run down and don't
? are whether he lives or dies It did
more to give me new strength ami
good appetite than anything I ci'iilil
fake. 1 ean now cat thing and have ?i
tow lease an life." Only 50 runts, nt
M M. Lewis Drug St'in?, Every bottle
The Oratory at the May Ciinfersni o
The Imb'X-Appeal says;
"The Kiehiiioiiii maas ? mooting of last
W? dnesday was not strong on the score
of oratory. Beaden who have been in
tin* habit of attending political nutt?
ing- in Virginia during the past decade
or two cm form a very just e-ti
mate of the meeting's quality in this
(QspCOt when it is stated that the Hon.
John Goode was faoilfl princeps among
the speakers on that occasion. Mr
Montague fj a Huent and forcible talker,
but his VOioe is harsh, his gestures ec?
centric and his articulation is not only
peculiar but pu/./.ling. He is doubtless
a man of force and brains, bat the heat
he exhibited in his attack on the Wash?
ington I'ost'H correspondence betrayed
a lack if poise and ??elf-restraint that
may prove fatal to his success as a de?
bater if not corrected in time. Mr.
Jones is neither an orat >r nor a good
talker. His voice has sutlicieut volume,
but is not pleasing or persuasive in
tone, and he is apparently deficient in
spontaniety of thought and expression.
Ho was the unquestioned idol and leader
of the meeting, and he is probably a
man of solid qualities and fine execu?
tive ability. Mr. K Walton Moore has
the air of an earnest business man, and
speaks fluently and well, though on ac?
count of a throat trouble ho did net at
tempt a long speoch. "
High Velocity.
Recently at Indian Head, says the
Baltimore Sun, in testing a six-inch,
forty-five calibre naval gun a velocity
of 3,000 feet a second is said to have
been made. The Krupp gun of approx?
imately the same calibre has a record
of 2.?35 feet per second ; the Schneider
(Janet gun of 1,911 feet per second; the
Elswick gun of 2,1)40 feet The longer
the gun the higher the velocity within
certain limits. The English say the
highest velocities wear the gun out too
fast and are on that aocouut undesira?
The sixteen inch breechloader to be
m miited at Sandy Hook next September
la fifty feet long and weighs 123 tons.
It fires a shot weighing 2,400 pounds
with a mnzzle velocity of about 2,200
fent per second.with a ramming energy
of SI 000 foot tons This ramming
force is about that nf a big battleship
when going fourteen miles an hour.
?\ -Absolutely Pure
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
_S".?i n?"*u_
The Mit?bell Mine Death af Mr
Lluvd fee
? n> pondence of Th( l-'r-? I..
< londwin, Va , May 12th ,
S 'in-* "f the farmers bave not yet fin
Ished plowing for corn
Tbe Mit' hell M me is now [q
tion and will put on a larger foros in I
ihoti time
Mr Kobert LI it Ins h< m?
? er a long lllnei
- yean A wid a and ten children
survive him. The remains were int"tr
"il at his Id bon *? Sunday evening.
('arils are out for the marriage ol
Miss Nellie Halt field and Mr .1
Atkins, ' f tins county.
Mr o. I? Btraagban left today fot
Washington on business
la Me??>ria_
Whereas it inn- pleased Almighl
to remove from our nidal oar I
brother Samuel Burgre--, it wa-unani?
mously agreed that a oummittee be up
p iint-il to draft resolutions setting futtn
-i"i in and respect in which "ur
beloved brother was held
Resolved i That while we bow in
bumble submission to the will of cur
Heavenly Father, who doetfa all thing?
well, we mourn not u those who moaro
without hope, realising tint ? ur lues Is
ins gain.
it. That while we mOUrn the !
nur beloved deacon ami tiustet* from our
midst, wo duly appteoiate tbe example
? us during our relationship both
in the church and Sunday sch nil, and
shall ever hold It up as worthy'the emu
latioii of all.
?. That the church and Sunday
. tender to the bereaved family
their heart-felt sympathy, knowing
that th?3 wife has lust a beloved
pani' a a wise counselor anda d
husband and the children a fond and
devoted father, whose Christian ex?
ample they should ever keep bright in
th?*ir memory and endeavor t I imitate
4. That these resolutions be placed
up m the minutes of the ohnroh
also upon the Sunday school register.
And tn.it these resolutions "f respect
Ii ? published lu one or inure i f the
Predericksburg papers tad .? oopy be
mbI to the breaved family of our
? i brother.
B G, England,
I K. Ubartters,
Hobt A ,1 hllsui),
I' t i he past three mouths every steam?
er arriving at 1'nrt Tampa from Cub*
h is lir. oght over a number of Spaniards.
ThU i-i tbe result tt work done by Span?
ish oitisens "f Tampa, who have been
making great effort? to Induce th?
low oonntrymen to cattle in thai I
A report mide by the Atlantic I
Line H.niway show? that It brok
reoordc In itrawberry shipment-. I
Wilmington arid CJoldsboro on the Oth
instant. '1 lure \s ere ninety car load?
of berries, making three train*-, c ntain
ing 112,500 crates.
Old She
Poor clothes cannot make
you look old. Even pale
cheeks won't do it.
Your household cares may
be heavy snd disappoint?
ments may be deep, but
the?/ cannot make you look
One thing does It and
never fails, ^ajw
It Is Impossible to look
young with the color of
seventy years In your hair.
permanently postpones the
tell-tale signs of age. Used
according to directions it
gradually brings back the
color of youth. At fifty your
hair may look as it did at
fifteen. It thickens the hair
also; stops it from falling
out; and cleanses the scalp
from dandruff. Shall we
send you our bock on the
Hair snd its Diseases?
The Boot Advlam From.
If yo? ?to not obtain all the b*???v
flta ?ou ai;.<*< ltd from Ilia tua ot
th? Vlgnr, writ* th? doctor about It
I'robaulr ther? U aoroa difficult*
with roar r?n?*ral avattm wt-.lca
aaar Maaiillr rrtnoTad. Addmtk
on. i. o. Iran, Luw?u. m*-*.
Liquor Dealers.
P. /VlcCracken, Bro. & Co.,
? Wholbhal? akd Kita il?
Offer renTbonsand Gallon? I'l'KK KYR
and HUUKKON WHI8KIK8. from the fol
(?raft A Oo.
if "i. ? v Distilling <>>., ot
v. of alary*
land, ami W. P. dray, of I'ennaylvania.
Agent? for u-a-er H?**?r?
They also offer Staple and Fancy urooaiiSa.
menta, beads, Guano, snd
'?Kit of Liquor? Is large, comistin?; of
f .ANDJE8.
SOOd snd Farmers Knend Furs
Kvi? vviiisttey %'i a (rall?n.
: ED 1TKK.
That Honest Dealings,
Full Measure and
Pure Liquors
have bull! -rest trade
in this city.
? fore you make
your purchase- I r the holiday?.
' isfaction.
Whiskey from $1.20 per gal. np.
Six Brands Ryes at %l per gal,
higher grades
Whiskies, Brandies, Gins,
Rums Wines,
and m fact everything found in a
fir-t-i las? Liquor and Tobacco House.
Strasburger & Son,
. merest.
Furs Wanted.
UVK Wlll-khV. t-uarantee?! 100
r i;..i:??n ia for
M ..- Con
ib ire Va. Kor davor it
a h ???-!
a? h?' in ? ??- ?". .?nd von
will buj
fnre Kye Whiskey, 1'ure, Old Rum, Purs
ire Sherry Wine, 1'ure
ich Brandy, {?uie Apple Brandy,
lure I'each Hrandy, Pure Blackberry
Brendy. A complete elock of Lniuors
fur metlical iw at the old Reliable
(-?roccr?- Store of
(ur. Vain Commerce 8ta.
A. B. BOTTS & Co.,
usines? of this kind
n Fred? rlckaburjr. representing thlrt?'en Are
0 irrj|'Hi'!i-s of tJt.USi.UUll I'ltiilUI, poeaX'Mlnr
o.i-r |?i,UUl.(01 hsv-m. $173?.?? surplus,
and un . im Mrimirt-at and safest
i m the world. Our ou. nri hn n-atvonablc m
aro anywueru to be hart, and we ?bal! always
take pUasurc* m tcrrtiitr you. Ufflcci directly
opposite the Mayor's oi?i'-o.
Best.Strong.Old Fire
Insurance Co.'s
of this country and Kurope. Asset.!
: fifty million dollars. Low
and ja-Jt settlements.
Buckwalter Whiskey.
?hie?? on ex cot .it of Ibtirssasaa svena
vest-avially ?a?)?*?! foi mrrtfclnal arpie
?kid ?no ??oommeiii'i
i II \-, WALLAl *? v kKO.
: .AiBUH'JMct,
S uro pean and Amontan plan, ?tea?**.. Of
Ilectrlctty. Comfortable rt?o_s. ?ountlfwl
I'abl Oootl huauurant. Kea?net?U|^H
? well supplied BAKand KKT .11. LIQUOk
R8TAiti.fi/HMaNT tn ooaeeettoa. "gosse
til re tkat er? "Hururv. Wtmy Or iiw?,"

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