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?r-Hii? i lira .-M jr ........ ZLL'Ji.^L^'^EoEe^M
Devoted to the Agricultural, Commercial and Hanufacturino; Interests of Fredericksburg and the Tidewater and Piedmont Country.
vol. 15.?No. 7S
Fredericksburg Va. Saturday July 8. i8M?).
Price 3 cents
Ejverg Woman Should Have It
On pages 68 an.I 69 <.f tin* -Uilv Design? there i? s i r ?Atable leas 'ii on "p ?lois on ?Dreasinaklng, " and ?' Placing of
I'atterns ' thtf ??v??tv woman shoald rc.nl and stu ly rhe leooou is lllaotrated and node plain, so thai with a little pruc
u.*e you become an accomplish??! "colter ' Thia leeonn romee ot on important time, jast when yoa are thinking of
buying a New Dr??? of w ?rated, .?r Silk, ?t w tsh Material, -?ml sometime?, you oou moke your own I?..?- If yon bave the
pattern ami can Btsdeiaaaad bow t ? place it and out it W? in?..? .? beaatifol line ol leaooaable fabrios now, ami w..r
diolly invite you t>> see Uo-u?.
...u forgot often thai it takes es mach time, labor bh.I
money to make up s poor style a? it does u ri?-l?, handsome
i.ne. anil the total eool of the latter Is only s few cento more
than th.? farmer When you select f. m tin* ?Beautiful style?.
t \Vh?Ii Silk? h.?n? :?t ."....?. y..n hOTS got B Silk that i....k?i
lik.? Silk nt i? glnnoe, Ho ??.'lupiiri-.'ii neoeeoory between
tiict"i and the oommon grades m i.i ;?? Silk
We cut the price on tboaci Bus Import, i U gaudies ?to
cloee them out. When we say i irgoodi. s, we .i ?n'l mean
Lawn s it? the hi?he>?t oUtss t'l.th and oolur printing ws
speak ?>f. those ;,?'., gooils re.lu.vl u> w to : ? ,and >lbe20o.
g.wd? reduced now to 1.' . *
No lady feels tlmt her rammoT nntfll i? complete with
out o Parasol, ami if you'll "uly lobe s glance al
pretty ones here an.) lenrn ?bow 1low priced they ore s >n il
not tie long without fins G ipotone to v.mr outti*
Pri?es $i. fi 50, $1 95, $1 75, * I 0 -
Its well to ask at this store f.?r anything y a n*?* thinking i f ordering, f r in many re I, i?re it at mom or less
price. Ola.?! always t>i ?show y ?u
There has jnsl t ?. ? ? * 11 ..penc.t lier?? it protfy n.Mnrttiieiif if
New ?Fans Obildren's Fans si ??? mui Be L rely ones
at io*. and i '"* ? Rlohly?Ornamentad ones al 96e ana
I'alin Leaf ocsee al lOo. pe? i we s ?tin l'aim Fans in
sqaare or ronnd shape al l5o and !Oo per doaea
Liquor Dealers.
P. McCracken, Bro. & Co.?
Offer Ten Thousand Galons I'l'KK KYK
and BOURBON WH18K1KB, from the fol?
lowing well known distilleries : Uraft ?x Co.
of Ohio; Boone County Distilling Co., of
Kentucky Monticello Distillery, of Mary?
land, ami W. K. Uray, of Pennsylvania.
Agents for Bergner dt Engle'sLager Beer?
They also offer Staple and Fancy Groeeries.
Agricultural Implements, tkaeds. Guano, aud
( etuent
Liquors and Groceries.
1 aro tbe s?>le streut hen ? ' the oelebrata-d
AI*HI.KWiK)D WHISK BV. I?- keep all
?irMil?-B ol Whiskey, trotn $1 i?i up t<? ?i I
a-alloi. Kin*- Lear Whiskey at VU. tai Heat in
the world. A1T1.K liKANI'IK- Iron?- U? to
A iu:. stock oi t'oriieil I'ut-inae H.rr'iat-aa
a ooauit y?>ur interest by ealllacon ne be
fore buylDtx or una?. IHK your pur?-Hies.
MKS. 'Uli !K M"N HOB
LiyUOKB .v.
My stock of Liquors is large, consisting of
foreign and Domestic BRANDIES,
fare Applewood and Farmer? Friend Pure
Rye Whiskey. 12 a ?alion.
That Honest Dealings,
Full Measure ant
Pure Liquors
have built us the largest trade
in this city.
Inspect our stock In-fore you make
your purchase? for the holiday??
We gu?rante satisfaction
WblS-ey from $1.20 pergal, op.
Six Brands Ryes at $2 per gal.
Also higher grados
Whiskies, BftD?ks. Gin?,
Rums Wines,
and in fact everything found in a
flr.t-cl.a-s Liquor ami TotaOM 11??use.
Strtisburger & Son,
IIS and fifi* rnnnerc- Ht.
Purs Wanted.
This celebrated brand tf KKNU'CKY
PUKE KYK WIII8KKY. guarantee.) IOU
proof and '_ yea-s old at #_ pefffalfo-n Is tat
tiale by Mr? J F. Mon roa, ('oiniiierce
?treet, Frederii-ksburg, Va. For tl?? or it
baa no saperior at tbe price. HlsS-tooth
pleasant to ?liink, and there is not a lu?a<|.
a/-he in a gallon l'ume and try it. and von
will buy no other.
Pure Rye Whiskey, Pure, Old Hum, Pur
Holland Oin, Pure Sherry Wine, Pure
French Brandy, Pure Apple Brandy,
Pure Peach Brandy, Pure Blackberry
Brandy. A complete stock of Liquors
for medical usa tt the old Reliable
Grocery Store of
Cor. Main Commerce Ht?
Manufacturer and Dealer In
AND CA K re.
Fiatform Spring Wagons.
Business and Pleasure Wagons of evsry
da-x-criptton. Special attention a-ivan to r*
palrlnt and rental n tint
Confectioner and Baker,
Bo. VI? H Street, Frtxlerlck.tiurg, Va.
Give me a call when you want
Orders alwajr :-??a-_Jve prompt attention.
3F\ _3_^*a*JX_I__S,
Money Savers, Here They Are.
A1 l'offee M ?Granite Pr?senlas Kettles,
i-... k.-.H, I'.?'. : liest Table tH I iTotli l?o. >ar?l : ?nothei lotol *???..
list In, our ?ritt; ' i'.i- '.? : Lasa pa (-,.ni|.i?'t", 1',. 1- :? aleat style lea'her,
everywl I it received invoice o s I Tullel Powders, iin-<
irools are tirst . iss. tbey wl ?re L'bea|i - i> u u ... .| Krame Clocks wll ao now lor $1.70 ;
Shirt? are the latvst, wecan hanllj keep in them, I*. .?? nn.1 xv
SHOE lira is k.-.|inn pac? with the other Unes. Dur l'hllil'? standals at
i I ten.
?. th?t ?peak? for Itsell I - i
lac yam that thta Is a i*. . *?*? ? arc Irulj i?...
D I" It.ii. < 'ill molt" ' . .*> pi ? >-, iil.'l t'i ?I tu?
I? .loin? e. that speaks fur * '" fin? heal eroroffen l .ire
i.. ?. . mvloce ynaj that this Is a fa??l We are truly money aa?*/er?. \>. i. i?> j
price put on to give room m rali, "m m? ?ti.? Une price, and that i... .est,
i. ken \ Hr..
With Pleasure I Tender My Thanks
to ami a?t?ure my friends, patron?, an.l the baying pnlili.; of my high
appreciation i f the sordlal support they have given m?- I bore ?the largos! ami
in.ist r ?jsplete line of (.KOUKK1KS carried by any bOBSS in l'n ilt-rtiksliurg.
Th.y ai?' bought at K'-ck Hottoin Trices and will 1?.? sold at very small promts.
1 also sell the best brands of Lime, (Vment, ('?ilcincl PloeW, Hazard A
nt Powder, Stoneware, Nails, Hay, Feed, Toboooo, Oigors, Cigarette?., eke.
I am also BgOOl for the Klhra 1'rand ?Mii.il Paint it is a higher ^raiie sod bot?
ter quality of
Ready-Mixed Paints
than hot ? v. r been put on the naik't of its class, and more ECONOMICAL 1
To select from.
Oome one, ooms all to the Mammoth Stove House ami look an.l got prices.
1 bare STOVES of all kinds, at prices ?from $9 to $30 My stock of stoves on
1 th.? boot with tine reputation, and art? lower than over. By call i ni* at
my place you will save many a dollar. Plumbing a specialty.
R. L. STONE. 208 Commerce St.
The Bookstore
is an attractive
place for teachers, and
Adams's Bookstore
is especially so at this time. We aim to carry in
stock the current books and magazines, and we
have the very best values in stationery. Free use
of writing table.
Adam.s' Book Store.
Shoes For Warm Weather
Ladies Dongola Strap Sandals, 21 to 8, at 90 cts.
Patent Leather Strap Sandals at 90 cts.
Dongola Kid Strap Sandals, turned soles, $1.25.
Genuine Vice Kid Strap Sandals, hand-turned
soles, $1.50.
921 Main .Street. Opp. Market Kntranee
Oents' Furnishing Goods
My Stock is now complete in every depart?
ment, consisting of the latest styles and beet
fahric? from French, English, Scotch and
American manufactures, selected with tl s
greatest care with the view to rapplv the
wants and taste of every customer. Every
thing at
Bottom Plicas and Satisfaction
AIM full line of Gents' Furnishing Good?
such as Dress Shirts, Nightshirts, Drawers,
Collars, Cuffs, Gloves, Suspenders. Scarfs,
Ties, Silk and Linen Handkerchiefs, Half
Hose, Scarf 11ns, Cuff and Collar Buttons,
Watch Chains and Charms, Bilk, Alpaca ai it
Gingham Umbrellas, ?te.
%W~ i'all and examina our rtc_a*
titioces?oi to Embrey A Berryman.)
Keeps oonrtantlv on hand a large ampt.i?
o? Baled Hay and Mill Feed. Bj*rOttoe aee
jatailroe,? Depoi ft*iuM>*nrt Vs.
Vill furnish Plans and Sp?cifications ; wi
contract for erecting all classes of
Buildings; furnish bands by th*
day and superintend the work
in town or country.
BJ8T Chances reasonable
Contractor and Builder,
"rincoss Anne st.. Opposite Tyler's Foundrj
*r"B"~C) uaran:<?e8 all work In bit Woe to be doce
promptly and In a r.nt-cla-? manner at rook
hnttnm nrle???
haalng bought out the entire Hardware
Stock of John A. Stone, will continue tbe
lT_**d-\v,_-tfe Bqsiqcss
at the O L I) 8TA N D, on COM M K KC K 81*., and
Is now laying In a full NRW STOCK OF
GOODS In tbe Hardware Line whloh he will
sell at tbe
Lowest Cash Prices,
tV Oo and see kin before you buy.
PtrwBsl Notes.
(Ourrospoodenoe of Tbe Fife l^anoe,
King < loorge OoniI Boas i
July lili. Ill
Mi William l\?y 1 "?, va ha has be
attending sohooJ ??t '?Woodberrj Pon
Ai-aib-iny," has returned to hi? boni
' Tow bulan. "
Mus Sadie N tilt?, of Washington il
is Hit- gueal i.( Mi?.?? I) ra II '
' 'liautierilale "
Mr. William B Malliews. Jr
Washington .* i t y win? ?vus one of i1
oorp of pruti-HMPf ut Bethel aosdeni;
Is visiting friends la Kins; < toargfl
Mr ?.'eorgt? Turner, ??f tin- Nsv
Proving tiro-anda _t Indian Baad a
coiiipanit-tl t?y Ins sun, Bdward, apei
tin? Fouith of July aaith ttM Hut. i
at the Oouit BoQStV
Mr. Willhuni T ?Smith, wliD I I
attending sobool at Blnoksbnrgu?.i;-.
liaH returned to Ins hum?, "Adolbatl
Mr l,??wis J. BUllagslej ha? b??e
thrt-shin-f wln'iu arnuinl mir villag" :
the p_S| MVSjval atejo With his well S|
pointed ?t?am tb-Oaabet
M.'snrs Th?>in an II I',, van, ( ' '
Tayl.H? and II 11 Oogbill, afpinl ill
the county court at if?? .hin? tOtm I
amin? the ?"sootds m tbe olerk's
are l?u8ily engaged with tln-ir d.
Mitts Mary Tnyloo, "f Powhataii, hi
it turned fruiii a nii>??t p?_?___nt ??
friend* iu Wu??hirigt u. I) O
51 r Prod O B Hunt'-r, of Vf M
t m, la visiting in? ratetivss, the n ?
r r??. ut the O >urt HOSMS,
Mm? Bessie Washington, tbe attrav
ive itengbl r of (.'?I. Washlngi ?
"(Jainttfllt'in, " it visiting fHends i
Wathiiigt m, I) O.
Miss (J.irrie II ('ruhiun, of W.t-hu |
' m, is visiting frit'inl? anl rt 1 tit DS I
King Ueorgo
Mr and Mrs B L Minor, of Was.
lugt m, are viaitmg his parants, Mi
ami Mr? John 1 Minor, at Oran ?rti
Mr. and Mr?. H_r<>l?] Boowdon,
Alexandria, are visiting Mr. B I
(tryuies, at Mathias IVnnr
Miss Hubert i Ansley, daughter ?
Mr II (J Anwiey, t?f Alexaiidiii?. i
visiting Mi?h Margaret Stuart, at t ??- la
(IM Beward. 1100
Tbe readers ?>t this paper will be pit asi i t
: i.? i ii that tin-re i? at least one dreed? ddlst ?
that ifiiiKi'Im? Ix'fti able to turc
. - and that la Catarrh. Hall'eOatarri
Cure is tbe only positive eure so* known t
the mi-iiiuai rriiti-rnity. Catarrh bel-ST a <-on
??:1t ut louai disease, rr<ni ire?? eonstltutlons
tr?-Httnt-iit. Hall's Oatarrb Curs li taken in
terna1 ly,setlnf datantlf Bpontbsbkand un.
?ueons sorfaoss ol tbe system, thereby ale
??triiyinif tin-inunii.it,mi ol the disease.a?
art.iiiK th?- patient strensth by bulldlnsui
the constitution atnl n--iHtiriK nature in i li 11 in
ni ?ni k. The proprietors haare so mu ih I iltl
,n its curative powers, that they offer Ont
iiiiudrt-ii Dollarn iiir any ease that II falls ti
?.'urc. Scn<i fur llitol TeaUlmonlals.
Addreaa, P.JCHBNBYACU., roledn.O
Hold by liruiiiriHtH. 7.1?-.
llalli tamil) Pills an- tin be -I
~ ORflHGE. ~"
The Crop"?Personal Notes, Ao.
< ?Correspondence of The Free Laaoa. )
Orange (Jiiunty. Va , July 4tb, 1888.
Threshers arc* hulling out the (-rain
rapidly now. Yield and quality art
some times good, but iu most instance?
both are below par.
Urass harvest is mostly ovar. The
crop is wee?ly and light.
Ooru is all the way from fmir Inches
lii?li to ?-ilk ami tassel.
Irish potatoes do not promit-e half n
crop, while cabbage, snaps an?l toma?
toes are by no means in profusion
Hogs and chickens are in demand at
??tar vat h m prices, ami eggs art? no?
worth much more than the time it
takes to make the shell
Miss Htrauhan and brother, of
Martha's Vineyard, are guests at J?ihn
Miss Alt? p? Cowardin. of Richmond,
is visiting at O T. Terr i IIV
Miss Nannie Morton, of Richmond,
is visiting (Jeo. W. Morton.
M. 0. Urasty, of Washington, has
been on a visit to In.? mother, iienr La
hote, recently. '"Mate" ?h a pri)sp??ri>ti?-.
energetic business man, and is very
popular with bis old playmates and
I L Baker, of Washington, in *p*-iifl
ing his vacation with his family at
Jno. Frazer's. K-nesl is < heerful and
bright in his business and sitial -ur
Hev. Eddie Powell, one of the moat
gifted and p polar divines in the Chris?
tian pnlpit, is visiting Superintendent
W. 0. Williams, of Orange.
We hear that protract?>d msotlDgi
will be held with Macedonia ami l'a
munkey churches, the latter com?
mencing fifth Sunday in this month,
and the former the third Sunday in
Augn-t. S.
Persona troubled with diarrhoea will
be interested in the experience of Mr.
W. M. Bnsb, olerk of Hotel Dorrance,
Providenoe, R. I. Ha says: "Fur
several years I have been almost a con?
stant sufferer from diarrhoea, the fre?
quent attaoks completely prostrating
me and rendering me unfit for my
duties at this hotel. About two years
ago a traveling salesmau kindly gave
mea email bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Mnoh to my surprise and delight its
effects were immediate. Whenever I
felt symptoms of the disease I would
fortify myself against the attack with
a few doses of this valuable remedy
The result has been very satisfactory
and almost complete relief from tbe
affliction," For aale by M. M. Lewis,
The ?Danville T:tac:: Combino.
The formation of a trust with ?
iinlii. n dulln i capital? three fourth?
?.! wbicfa com m from unknown N i|
lino h au.I li igli ii . apil li -:" to eon
trol the tool tobaei.? ?.? s*eboa
Danvill-j and the ssl ? ol 'ill leal lo
? I h tint ?great brigbl to
bacco i'lt ol Virginia m"i?l \u<' ?'??:.>
linn-, eonlinues to be the t?r.n. ipal
topie i ?r iliseussion and comment in
tin? . ntir.i s. stioa oi the eoanti ?>
Tins is luit natarsi, Inasmaeh h
bright tobacco is the one orei ihad >w
ing money erop in tin ; regi *n. T ?
lo*.-,"? is tiio principal indastry ol
Danyille atol its neighboring I
All the bright lobaeeo giowo, on?
hundred to two baodrod million
(un mis annually, i ? sold at soetion in
tin? warehouses m Danville and about
25 sin?.Hit towns .o Virginia hik!
North Carolina, l> nville being the
central .-tr?.il largeel market, Ibe seles
there annually reaching about ?"iO,0(H),
IHXJ pounds. For nearly IihIi n eon
tury this warehou s ?> item hs -
boon operated with sue. ?
hii?I ibe relations between the
farmer and warebou emen hate i"
.???in'- v. rj intim ite, the I itter being
id fact, th" farmer's sgeal lo sell bis
product totiio manufacturer, the tot
buyer, the speealator, <-t.' The
warehouseman bos ever posed as the
farmer's friend, standing ?between
him Hii'l ill outside tocs, anil ?
aily proti oting bim ngoin i '
i. ???)'.|. i'. an.l combines.
Now.- tiiHt the warebon
gone int ? h trun*, become a poi t ol a
combine, and leeks to monopolize the
whole tobaee ? business, Ibe farmer is
?tartled.fi . u ??: e.l and indignan! Be
thinks be sees Ibe ?.'7t plank towbi. b
ba elung shivered ?before bis eyes.
Bmce 'In* ?.lev." wont out tu?t the
trust bad been formed ami thai Ibe
eombine bad bongbt up all tin- Don
ville warehouses farmers i.hv,' been
pomn iwn lo i. m m? into the
Tii.? warehousemen bave been kepi
busy since their return from New
. .o ki where the combine was formed,
rsplainn g t.? the many farmers who
have rushed to town thai lbs trusl
? ii roed in their Inters I and that
they are not going to bo hurt, i?ut
the fatmers are taking tbeee expla?
nations with many grains oi ?t11 ??w -
an.'?'. Borne of tbeee farmers am m. i
of means, ami quite ft Diimli-r ol tbi
sloes have bees anl are now w? Dan?
nlie consulting with eity ?sap ;
with a view to organising a
sompony to bui .1 sod '"?i.?iust
?pendent wareho
Th? smaller markets, too, ar? up
in hruir? against the new million-dol
lar trust, for the very first anno
m on t ol the trust's policy 'indeed,
th.-only announcement so far node
as t?. its policy?is au nggt
movement t?> be mail.? against Keys
vill.?, Chatam, Martinsvill.?, ("larks
rille, B lydton and t'tiase City, in
Virginia, and Reidsville, Qreensboro,
Winston, Oxford, Durham, Bender
son, Roiboro, Milton, etc., in North
Corolins. The (flfort will l><- made lo
force the loaf tob?ceo to tin.? market
direct from farmers' hands, tbus dry?
ing up all the near-by smaller mar?
kets and making those farther away,
in Hastern North Carolina and Booth
Carolina, simply tributary to tins the
one great central market.
Such a policy, if successful, would
redound to Danville's interest in ?.' 'fi?
erai, and so, wuil-' Danville is polit'
i.-nlly and theoretically opposed tO
trust?i, it is very much inclined to
giV'i this particular trust a very fair
showing. However, there are men
i f large means wh?> think if the trust
can make money by selliug leaf to?
bacco on commission, they can aiso
do it and they aro at present much
disposed to tako advantage of the
strong anti-tm.t sentiment atnoti??
the farmers and representatives ol
the small?r markets, and j .in with
them and Imild two or more indepen
deul warehouses.
Leogthj consultations are being lui.I
daily behind closed door?, and a see
ond tobacco warehouse combine mi*,
be announced at any moment. In the
meantime the trust people are not
idle and ore making the most of then
declaration that the trust will do
great thing?, for Danvlle and in
crease her leaf tobacco sal->s to a
hundred millions or more annually.
List of Writings.
The following is a list of writings re?
c ir,i.'ii m Bp ?tsylvonla oottnty ?lines
June cou't. 1899 :
I, R Uolbett to Arthur Brown, dei-d
for land
J. P. H Orismond, tru-t-e, and al?.
t ? W. D L Jones, deed for land.
K J. Smith and al. f ? A. Ilillyr,
deed for land
A B Rjwlings,special commissioner,
t)W. L Williams, deed for luid.
J. J. Brooks n?. J Williams, deed
for land.
Jas. Tatnall's executors t > 0. A. Or
ro.-k and al , deed for land.
O. A. Orr,?k and al-.. to A. IfaGee,
tru?tie, deed trust on land.
R. L Martin and al. to U. G. M.m
cure, tni-tee, deed trust on land.
K. II Price and nx. t , H. f. Oris?
mond, trastee, deed trust on 1 ind.
II. Woodward and ax. t ) Jno. Hul?
m?n, tru?t?-e, deed traft on land.
J. M. Jeff 11 J. A. Middomer, trrss
t *e, deed trut-t on laud.
W. L Williams to A. B Rawling?,
trastee, deed trust on land.
O. F. Jeffrey to H. S. Robinson, re?
lease for land.
Willis Olaike to B. F. Graves, bill
silo of horse.
T?ttsr, Salt? RU.snra and Ecsema,
Thn intense itching and smarting in
oldsMit to these diseases, is instantly
allay?*i by applying Ohamberlain's Eye
und Skin Ointment Many very bad
en?*)? have been permanently cured by
it, It is equally efficient for itching
pP*"? ond a favorate remedy for sore
nipples, chapped hand, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic sore eyes, Snots.
per box. For sale by M. fat Lewis.
Gen. W ? Effort t: Oust Judge 1
P. Rhca.
T ?? testimonv in the conte 'i
election ease ol .V. F. Khi a i
J F .Volk, i, rival; tor :
C togri s from the tfinth Dioti
. irginia makes 3,500 pages. I?
:*? pi intsd, The coi ?? bids fair i
be a can -?? c< lebre in the history <
Vu ginia politics.
Ii the s negations made on b ??
s.Iishm. it no, ,-? rery r? markst I
? ondition ol affi.ii m l in in
N nth Distri. t. The charges ii
in ibory and all other m itbod o
iptioa, vot. d nol count
el and vice rer -, bal ol b
ing, i in.-ai . i ? ? Buttons, and d< lib
??rato intimidation. lien. Walkot'
ammiog up lb. frauds wbieh be al
??? O ol ?? pi a. to-. .I compi i . D
than i ventj even print. ?
moll tj i"- Tlit-r.? i- not
county in the district, and scsrelj i
precinct, in whieb be h is not fount
ground f< r complsint. The di ill ii
teem to bav. been ?gone over, ii
fact, with i% H ne* tooth oomb.
?l m Tiir. CHAKOEH.
den. W Iker's ipi a Bsatioi
twenty-seven in number, ?e Qrs
reciti ?al rote i?v e
iiv wbieh Rues
ol 74?I v des. "I cbarg"" be ?*?,i
m bis I'.i it louut, "that the . lectioi
i foi s >n by 7?. concerte,
sud i I system ol outrage?
? o ' ? .!? .1 in tin
eont. -?.-.i .-l.'f'tioii 11
I ? i general tati ment be pro
.il dense, I ?t-rtit g tbo
n prove the i. fusnl >f I? -;.i"
;ii ie**s to r. gistei ? ei
srsl ha ?dn I i?' i ablicsn voter?, and
that msny more hundreds who had
regis'ered "were bindred, ?ntimnlat
. ., .ii ."?'.' !. Obstl ICtl .i, OSS . I
ar.csted, imprisioned. end pre,
m ...i....... ways and by various de
vies ami stratagems from castioi
their ballots tor me by partisan, tin
scrupulous Dt-moorntic election offi
rbo wet i sppointed because ol
?heir intense partisanship, an.n??
of their well-known friendship
for you."
Qen. Walker farther charges tiiai
nearly all tbeel etion . Hi.'.---., wer?
; erats, and that where I ? ? ? p u ?* ? 11
were sppointed they were per
sou.? who wore unfriendly to him, oi
s ? old a: il decrepil that their servi. (
was a farce. Da says that the D?*m
..?rats "procured, hired,and eorrnpt
ly induced two negroes to htinoutic
??i in lei vi i as candidates for < in
gross" in tho district, the purpos*
being? "f course, t?> divide the U.
?ml lioan vote. it is charge.1 that
on.? of these can.lt.latos was Thad
d?ni ?S. Barris, who Is alleged to
have ?been given a bribe ol $300 and
expenses. The other candidate, a
negro name Watkms, "was never
beard of until his name appeared on
th" ticket, and only after the most
diligenl inquiry wie he located as
the head wmI.t at a boarding
<i??n. Walker's charges against
the Democratic managers in the dis?
trict are very severe. He says that
they deliberately and knowingly vio?
l?t, d tho law; that many were in? l.g
ibli ; that others wore not sworn, and
that in one instance the ballot box
was kept secretly hidden. He says
that many boys under twenty-one
years of ago were allowed to vote,
and that the poll- were opened and
eloeed at the sweet will of election
officers. He adds, too, that Demo?
cratic officials intimidated voters by
threats of prosecutiou or bribod them
with promises of employment
threats and promises which, be says,
were faithfully kept.
(a t ho city of Bristol, according to
Hen. W ?Iker, tho registrar, Jam. s
\ Btone, "a bitter ami unscrupulous
partisan" ol Rhea's refused to allow
the registration books t.? be sten and
examined. "The very font that this
man Stoue, registrar and clerk."
com moots ?i'n. Walker, "conoeoN
and bides tbeee public records in dell
anee of the exprses language of the
statute and of the do?isions of the
Bapreme Court of Appeals of Virgin?
ia, is prima fan.', if not conclusive,
? valence that he is conscious of guilt,
and seeks t" protect l.is evil deeds
from the scrutiny of the public."
Oes. W. letr i ites a largo number ( f
serious sbarges ?.gainst S ?no, not
the least being that he hired twenty
live m?'u to impersonate registered
voters who were dead. -Mr. ?Stone,
wh*u he went upon the stMnd.deniid
these charges.
l-i conclusion, (ion. 97sIker claims
thht the plurality of 740 for Rbea
ought to be I .?oo plurality for
\V ?Iker. He cites in detail tho votos
which, being eis' for l.ii<ia, should
not be counted, or which, haying
been cant for Walker,wi re not oouut
e.l at all Atone preinet in Buch
anan ouuty, he charges, tho Dem'
ocrats threatened to kill any man
who voted the Republican ticket,
sybil?) in Craifi county a Democratic
regn-trar spent the day buying votes,
la Dickenson county no returns win?
give from Willis precinct, although
an election was held there, while in
O.les county " one Republican negro
voter was shot and arrested and im?
prisoned without warrant," and after
being kept under arrest for several
hours wat? set free without any charge
against him. la Scott county one of
the Democratic Judges was a con?
victed moonshiner, while at a pre?
cinct in this county there was a riot
in which the Republican judges were
shot and badly injured. According
to Clan. Walker, the Democrotic
judges then took possession of the
polls, flourished their pistols, and
drove 100 Republicans away.
.jrii.iE RHR.v'S I.KN'IAI.S
The denifls entered by Judge Rhea
to these charges are wholesale in
number. He says that the Demo?
crats were not in control at many of
the precincts, ?ad that the Republi -
onus appointed " were honest and
capable men." He particularly dc
that be lii"
I?? a eandidate for Co % ? . <
iliut Harris bolted the I? ?pnblieai
of vi.*- " i ?nd
i, and insulting treatmet t'
?? : ? in '>? a. Walk' r. !!?
Il h s pi Ils irai
t sa ? i.i d al i i
it there w?- anv man .
tli? b o, Walket'
.\!'?< r ?it"'?, i ig totally '?'??I spat
??i ?. i? ' ? , hi made t>v ? Ian
Walker, Judge Rhea indnl -
si in?- ? luntt r i barg i, II?- ? I
Walker wa elected in 189. m 1891
by the use ol " enoi in m aorroptioi
? pi m and briber)
<?! ? lection offi er ?. h:i?1 " iiiHtiy
'?? imios i and -_1 |
Judge lOiea tli< n is>
I rhai i- - at ?1 ?.?? ?II prove t h-a.*
eom so si:,<??? >o ? iiave been il
. hi.iI ? ?o?r ? Ificii I e indnet g<>n'
orally, baa boon bo vindictive and
tyrannical toward nan ol your own
party, as w? il of the Demoeracy ol
the district, tliit it .*i!;"natetl from
roa hundreds of old-line H p'iblican-?,
many of whom had been t?..- bjosI
trusted leaders a in! npp rters of tbi
Kepii' !n "an [?arty for * long numbei
? f v? ar-:. aod i?r.? ?ay. I against you h
tno ?? ?;? ' 0| p ? ion upon the pan
nt lbs I>?iii ?( raey <>f tbe district.
The eorraption fund, aeeording to
Judge Khea, .mounted I
The postmaster* appointed upon
Walker's reeomi a "ooodnct
< d themst lv, s in i in. not i ontrs
and partisan manner. " wore i
r tbe " eorraption fand," ami
threatened with removal if they did
D it ? mtribate, aod ebanged tbe mi
dre - ? i o| on mail so that the ! i
eral to whom it was sent t>?
rece rait, Federal office-holder* ara
. aui to nave "used mono*" ami ardent
-l>int-t to brib ? votara " to vote rh?
Kepiilil can ticket; to b_vo " cor
i-nptly nsed their t tlieial p? lition and
influence," and to have promi-oil to
dismiss proseen ions and otharwise tu
shield and protect parties who had
vi dated tbe law, ?a return for wbicb
these part ?-s were to vote tho Bepab
! can tick? t.
Judge liles charges that Walker's
"violant and inc udiary speeches eu
Boaragad hi** partisan supporters tc
Violate the law ?nd commit intimida?
tion, thus causing " riot atnl blood'
shed." Walker's allegations a
Stone aro emphatically d?-:iitd, and
t.?l that tbe registration ?
not ?? toceal ?i. ' i
-ay.- that he i ?eaivsd more than out
half of the aabstential W ipablicaa
voto of Bristol, Hod mir?- than out
half of tho colored "ote in lb il
because the VOtef! tvere bil personal
friends, and becau-e Walker's " pub?
lic record and ? IBeial aondnat had
become exceedingly obuoxious to
tin m, and because of the vindictive
ami unscrupulous BOndoct ' ol MUM
of Whlker's supporters
In couclusiou, Judge libra devotes
a ycry 1 irge number of printed pages
to details of every precinct, denying,
on the other hand, all of ?Vtilker't
charges, and hlleging that it it had
not been for $1,000 sent to Lea coun?
ty act! |3 000 to Taaewell, tbe liberal
use of money and whiskey, the activ
ity of postmasters, ?nd the frauda
and illegalities lltgrautly practiced,
the Democratic nmj-rity would have
been several thousand. Ha particu?
larly emphasizes tho Republican op?
position to Walker, which, be
.'iruounted to almost a revelation, be*
cause of Walker's bad appointments
and his "shifting ?nd obnoiious pol?
itical contluct."
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