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Devoted to the Agricultural, Commercial and Manufacturing Interests o? Predericksburjr and the Tidewater and Piedmont Country.
vol. 45.?No. 83 Fredericksburg Va Thursday July 20. 1899. Price3 cents"
Ejvery Woman Should Have t
On pap>s > and fill of the July Designer there i* a pr iflt ible l< ss in "ii y tints m Dreasmakiug, and Placing -f
Paiterne' ' that eretj ?roman should reail and study rhe lesson i- illustrated and made pbtin, so that with a little prac
? beeome an accomplished "cotter." This less a c mes at an important time, just when you are thinking ??!
baying iN"\? 1>. -teil, or Silk, or \s ash Material, and sometimes you can m ike your uwn Ores- if yon hs
pattern uni can anderstand hoa to pis ait \\ e have s beautiful line t was mahle fabi tes oow, and \s b cor?
it ally Invite yon t" see them.
We mit the pnoe on those One Imp rr.. 1 Organdies t i
eliiee them out. When we boj Orgai lon'l mean
Lawna Its tlie highest class Cloth ?ml color printing we
speak of, thove S7 . g 11- n ? .1 n w t" .
f i ids rodnoed no? t
No lady foe'.s that her summer
out a Parasol, and if yoa'll vuily t > mce at these
pretty ones here and ? they ar.>
not tie long without this Capstone to your
Prions $1, #1.50, #1.2.1, ll.T-i. #2 I -
You forgot often that it takes a- much time, labor and
m ?ley to make op a poor style us n does B rich, handsome
one, and the total cost ul the latter is only a few cents i
than the f rmer When you select from the Beautiful Style?
! Wash Silks here at 50o you have got a Silk thai looks
like Silk at a glanoe, N> comparison necessary between
these and the oomm it grades seid a silk.
There has just been opened here a pretty assortment of
New Fans Children's Fan- al 3o and 5o Lovely ones
ut lOo, ami 15a ; Richly Ornamented
Palm Leaf ones at lOo, per dosen; Satin Palm Fans m
square or ronnd shape at 15o and 20c per d
Its well to ask at this store for anything yon are thinking of ordering, for in many cases we have it at same
prie* Glad always I sh m
Liquor Dealers.
P. McCracken. Bro. & Co.,
?Wholssalb Aim Ebtail?
Offer Ten Thousand Gallons P?BB KYK
ami BOCRBoN WHISK1KS. from the fol
lowing well known distilleries : Graft 'V Co.
of Ohio, Boone C'ouuty Distilling Co., of
Kentucky Montirello Distillery, of Mary?
land, ana W. F. Uray, of Pennsylvania.
Agents for Bergner A F.ngle's Lager Beer?
They also offer 8taple and Fancy Groceries
Agricultural Implements, Seeds. Guano, and
Liquors and Groceries.
1 am the ? '
AI'HI.IiWotiD \. HISK IV. la
ttrndes o? ? bishey. from I
gallon. King I < i
the world. APPLB ?IKABDII -
\ ?
Consult your Interest i j
fore buying 01 making ?row purchases
Bay stock of Liquors is large, consist? at, of
Foreign and Domestic B KAN DIEB.
Pure Applewood and Farmers' Friend Port
Rye Whiskey. %'i a gallon.
That Honest Dealings,
Pull Measure and
Pure Liquors
have built ns the largest trade
in this city.
Inspect our stock before y >i maki
your purchase? fur the huh
We guaraute satisfaotioa.
Whiskey from $1.20 per gal. np.
Six Brands Ryes at $2 per gal.
Also higher gt
Whiskies, Bran-Mes, Gins,
Rums Wines,
and in fact everything fonnd In a
first-class Liquor and Tobacco House.
Strasburger & Son,
111 and lita fv.mmerce BU
Furs Wanted.
This celebratpd brand <f KKNT1 "CRY
1MIRERYE WHI8KEY. guara:.teed 100
proof anil 2 yea-s old at *-' i>er gsl'on is lor
?ale by Mrs. J. F. Monroe, Commerce
street, Fredericksburg, Va For tlaror it
has no superior at late pries. Ittasvooth.
pleasant to drink, ?ml there is not a he-ael
a'-he in s gallon Come ?nd fv it, ami von
will buy no other.
seeM? una
Pure Rye Whiskey, Pure, Old Rum, Pure
Holland Oin, Pure Bherry Wine, Puie
French Brandy, Pure Apple Brandy,
Pure Peach Brandy, Pure Blackberry
Brandy. A complete stock of Liottors
for medical use at the old Reliable
Grocery Store of
Cor. Main Gomroeros Bu.
Manufacturer and Dealer In
Platform Spring Wagons.
Business sud Pleasnre Wagon? of every
description. Special attention given tu rt
palrlnt and reoelntlnr
Confectioner and Baker,
H.?, ?pi It street, rrtilerirksliurg. Va.
Otve nu- n all M ),. ? y,.,, W)lll)
orders alway ?wu- psasapl SISSOStnB
Money Savers, Here They Are.
Al Coffee M
. t -.ST I at:- ? ?' '
imps romp?? ?? ?
ind Toilet
?p - hi. Wood Ki.ur.
a tb< i
i rs< ? Wi an
::. ? - S pi '
\ Mr. ?.
With Pleasure I Tender My Thanks
to and assure my friends, patrons and the buying public of my high
appr?ci?ti'-n of tie cordial support they have given me I have the largest and
m -? c ?nplete ?me of GROCERIES carried by any house in Frederi iksburg,
They ate b raght at Rook Bottom 1'riros and will be seid at very small pi I
[all .. the best brands of Lime, Dement, Calcined Plaster, Ha
it Powder Stoneware, Nails, Hay, Peed, 1 igara, Oigarettea, & i
I am als,) ageut f -r the Elbra Brand Mixed Paint If is a higher grade und ) at
ter finality of
Ready-Mixed Paints
than I een pat on the market of its bubs, and mure ECONOMICAL Tu
To select from.
one, eonie all to the Mammoth Stive House and 1 n k and get prices.
I have STOVES of all kinds, at prices from |fl to#20 My stock ol stoves con
' with line r?putation, and are lower ft;.m ever, Hy calling at
my place you will save many a dollar. Plumbing a spemUty.
203 Commerce St.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
of exquisite music you
will think it is when you
hear the sympathetic
tones and melodious ca?
dences of the new
we have just received.
Particularly soothing and enchanting would its
harmonies be as they floated through your rooms
or mixed in harmony with the breath of fragrant
blossoms on your piazza or lawn. Call and see the
sample we have, and let us quote you prices.
Adams' Book Store.
Shoes For Warm Weather
Ladies Dongola Strap Sandals, 2 1 to 8, at 90 cts.
Patent Leather Strap Sandals at 90 cts.
Dongola Kid Strap Sandals, turned soles, $1.25.
Genuine Vice Kid Strap Sandals, hand-turned
soles, $1.50.
921 Main Street,
Opp. Market Entrance
Gents' Furnishing Good?
My Stock Is now complete In every depart?
ment, consisting of the latest styles and best
fabrics from French, English, Scotch and
American manufactures, selected with the
greatest care with the view to supply the
wants and taste of every customer, ?very
thing at
Bottom Prices and Satisfaction
Also foil line of Oents' Knrnfshfnt? Qoocfc
BUcii as Diese Shirts, Night Hhirt?. Ihawors,
iiolKrs. Cuffs, Uiove* Buapenden
Tie?. ??ilk and Unen Hana*.err.bie(i hail
Hose, Be.arf Pins. <'uft and (Vila' Button?
Watch Chains and (.'barm* Hilk a - |
(iii-ghaui Umbrella?, &e.
a#" (lall and axamins our s?o?>
ha\lng bought out the entire Hardware
Stock of John A. Stone, will continue the
l{q*d,Vv?qtfe Bqsiijess
at the OLD STAND, on COMMRKCK 8T?snd
is now laying in a full NKW STOCK OF
OOOlis In tbe Hardware Line which be will
sell at the
Lowest Cash Prices,
SS*" Oo and see him before vou buv.
General Grocer.
'WKS'i' lift?
PtttftertABmhorf v?.
600 tiufeholH < f o<?ru wanted, illfboot
i oaeh price paid
i: iv w .1 Morton i>>- ??? 11 to Kl
Os ? Confei em ?? ol < be M
Church South li ??
t lorrespondence of l'in- Vu t Lau ?
King i !?? rgs C II , July i ?th, : ?I
?1rs Rover, with net tero ohiklr
and Miss Bertha Wise, t Washingtu
U ti , are visiting Mr and Mrs Jam
II H'ggs ?it their h' me, ' ' lak ':
tage, " near Oomorn
Mrs L L Ooghill, ' I Pred
bnrg, ?.moan led by bsr danghte
Mias Elisabeth, Is visiting at " Loi
inn, " the home ol Mr Henry '?
, Mr- Elias Pratt, Mr Wm T Pi i
and Mr. Henry Turner left on the i :
instant foi Portsm inth, Va , whe
they will witness thi il i mi
Bisbi p .lames H Pnoston, who hi
been mads Bishop of I lah >
Mr ti'" Ogle Tayloe has return?
from a pleasant riait to friends i
Washington city and Pris George
'Uiity, Ml
Rev William J Morton, ol
ban nook, has deelined the oall tende
eil him by tin- vestries of ths I' I
churches of this county
Mr. John II Boggsis visitingfriem
m Washing) in city.
The Distriol < ' inference ? f the M 1
Ohnrofa Booth will meet .it KingUeorf
Uourt Hoose, m Trinity M T.. ? liur I
On the 19th instant There wi
present two hundred ministers ami la
delegates The inference will 1st
three days Th e m ?
Mi--. Margan i i Bi m
m ire, Ml. i- rislting l)"r sisters, Mr'
Doherty and Miss Josle Brown, ?
? Was
Mr L. L Ooghtll and Mr Georg
Riehereon, two prominenl '
"f Prederloksbnrg, pessed Ihr ragh a
village on the l'.'th un a business tri
thn Dgh ths I wer e .unties.
Mr. and Mr?. R S II iwie, of Wash
Ington, are visttiog their relstii
Hunters, at the Ooori House
It H. Stuart and W D Orymesbav
finished their ooro trop and are n n
getting rai p iplai wo d for J W M i?
tnd railroad ties for thet
Mr. Hector Monoore, of Bl
unity, has finished i ?ding th
ner Mamie Baunders, ;
mood, Va. , with 5,0 il r ill
nad ties fur shipment
ftlOO Beward. 1100
Tie- resderi ot this p ip< r a
that there Isat leastom dr
Hint S, iel.ee Im- l.ecll Sl :1 all ?t!
niel Hint )- < ?turril. Ha '- I
Cure i? the only positive cum- now known t'
them' rnlty. Catan
stltutlonal tttutlona
t reatment, h Cure Is I
terna'ly, acting directlj upon the blood ani
mucous surfaces ol the system, thereby de
Dg the foundation ol the disease, am
giving the patient stretixtli >>y building u|
nstltution and assisting nature In doint
it- work. The proprietors have su m
in it- 'er-, ih.it the) offer <in<
Hundred iiTt.Hr- for any case that It fal - ti
cure, Bend lor ?1st "t Test 1 mo
1res*, r. J ' m vi:v.\ CO., i
Sold by Druggists, ?Sc.
Ar. Arkansas Wedding.
There happened to b? a Urge indi?
Saos present, hut ?squire Vanee | ,1,1
them to i-tind up. and then proceeded
with the i eremony in this wise
"PellOW-Oitisees?This yer man and
this yer woman have appeared before
the court to be hitched in the legal
hands of wedlock ! If any galoot in the
mob knows anything that might I . . !,
the g?me if tuck to a higher court, let
him now toot his buz io or else keep his
j aw to himself now and foreverm r>
All In favor of my proosedins as an
thorized by law, say 'I ' '
Everybody said ' 'I. ''
"Contrary, 'No ' '
Nobody said "No. "
"The motion's carried noaoimoosly,
an' the court rules that there haint
nothing to prevent the trying of the
"Now," said Squire Vance "grip
your fins. "
The candidates joined hands
"Amos Peabody, do you solemnly
swear that ye'll freeze to Mandy for?
ever and provide for her, and treat her
square and white, according to the
rules and regulations set down to gov?
ern sich cases in the laws of the 1 Dite d
States, so help you God?"
' 'Yes, sir; I do, sir. "
"That fixes the end of yonr dir
'?Mandy Thomas, do you solemnly
swear that you'll hang on to Amos for
all comin' time; that you'll nuss him
in sickness and be square to him in
Wellness ; that ye'll always be to him a
good, true, loving, honest, nj> and-np
wife, under the penalties prescribed by
the laws for the punishment of such
offenses? Do you swear this, so help
yon Ood?"
"I swear I will "
' 'Then by the power in me vested as
justice of the peace in and for this pre?
cinct, I pronounce you, Amos Peabody,
husband, and you, Mandy Thomas,
wife, and legalize ye to remain sich
now and forevermore; an" ye'll stand
committed till the fees and cost in the
case are paid in full, and may Qoi
have mercy on yonr souls and bless this
union with His loftiest blessins "
Bismarck Iron Nerve
was the result of his splendid health
Indomitable will and tremendous ener?
gy are not found In those wh>'?>e Horn
uch, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels' aie ool
'if firder. If yon want, these qualities
find the sucre?? they bring, uso Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They dwveli p
every power of brain and body. Only
25c. at M. M. Lewis' Drug Store.
A Ros? Ir. Every 3.-.r
g.ird"u an'
there's d i .i An i> o' dew
Rui i- C tiling mi .i il iwer lu 11
Vnd f -r all tbe t..rm-. <.f tr ml le th< re s
. m ives i ' tbe music f
tue n u uing :
Phen kiss yonr hand to sorrow, und
wuve her fur away,
Che winter's ne'er so w< ?r>- bul tv ill
drift m' i the Bfaj ,
The darkest nig iming f 'in
glory of tli" day,
And i he ?
the morning'
Atlanta < ' instil at ion
i ol the M
?Tor S
Although there is do aet i
tonnection between esrly rising and
i brilliant career, it is nu interesting
fact Hint many <d one most eminent
men and women spend less lime in
their bads and leave them mueh sat
lier tliHti m ml ol ns.
Through ths whole ol bis working
the Inte President Panrs wai
rarelj iu bad aftei 5 o'clock
.n tbe m iming. Even win b I
.dent bs in?ariel si 5 o'ch ek
?vi n m ths depth of winter, lind h
c Id bath and was immersed in his
. in his library bi G o'oloek. T?>
i ly rising tue " tanner
di nt " attribut? d Dsu h of bis
M. J all i Verne is soother practical
virtues uf rising em ly.
II ' - pi m ties is to rise at dawn in
summer and M li m winter. Alter a
breakfast he t ikes ap k
.n.l writes indnstrionsly until 11
il - day's wuik is com
plete, and lie ean devote bio
recreation. "1:1 bad not been si
early riser,"he says, " I should nevei
written more books than I have
Aleiai d r roo Hnmboldt,tbe great
, m philosopher sod travi I ir,
rarely ipeni mors than four hours in
bed, and, on the testimony of Sir
James Sawyer, was frequently eon
tent ?ith two hmirs . and I. ttre.wlm
lived ? - ity, tbougut that to
?pond more than five boors a day in
in d was sham? ful self'indul :
DTBl ?able bOOr O? MS
in?j was 3 o'cl i"k, hs icareely ever
???ft bis desk until ? in ihe morning,
or until sunrise warne 1 him that a
new day bad dawned.
There are faw earliar risers than
tbe Kings and \> leensol Europe,who
might pardonably indulge in liter
hours than their subjects. 1j his
younger days the Austrian Emperor
? at half past 1 in summet
and 5 o'cloek in winter,aud was psy
mir bis morning vieil 'aides
when nearly all Vienna was sleep
The iterman Emperor has never
been a hluggard, and is usually hard
at work in bis study at 5 o'clock and
on horseback at 6, while the Empress
shares her husband's love of the
morning h >urs, and may be seen
Bantering on her favorite mare two
hours before tbe world breaks its
King Osear of Sweden and Norway
h uBually to be found ?mom: his be
lovid book- i' itwe u b' and 7 every
morning aud the Kings of Ithly and
Roumanis have siso left their b ds
at this hour
The young Queen of HolUnd, like
her mother, rises at 7, and at ab iut
the same hour the Queen K-gent of
Spsin iiftv be seen in somber black.
" fat and florid," on her way to
Many of England's greatest men
have scorned the delights of bed
while living " 1 iborious days."
Brunt 1. tho great engineer, who lived
to be SO, rarely speut more than four
hours in bed at any time of his
crowded life; and Sir William Arrol,
tho engineer of Tay and Forth
bridges, and the Brunei of our day,
rises earlier than any of his employe-?
and will frequently crowd twenty
hours work into one day during the
progress of his great enterprises.
Art, too, has its early risers among
its most eminent men. O. F. Watts,
the great academician, has rarely al
lowed his bed to keep him away from
his brushes liter than ?'> o\ 1 uk in the
Tsttsr, Salt -Rbsam and Ecisma,
The intense itching and smarting in?
cident lo these diseases, is instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eye
aud BUn Ointment. Many very bad
canes have been permanently cured by
it. It is equally efficient for itching
piles and a favorat? lemedy for sore
nipple?, chapped hand, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic sore eyes. 25<;ts.
pur bos. For sale bv M. M. Eewis.
Will It Pay ?
Will tho Siberian railway pay T It
?b to be ?.iiS'J miles long, between
VMivoatock and St. Petersburg, or
5,881 miles between Vladivostockand
Riga, (?wing to the great distance,
the London Economist thinks the
charge per hnudredweight of 112
pounds can hardly be less than from
$2 to $2 BO But the water rate from
Chinese ports to F.urope is now much
less than that, ao that, in tUe Econo?
mist's opinion, there is little proba?
bility that the railway, when com
pleted, will compete destructively
with shipping engaged in the Eastern
trade. In time it will pay, however,
by the development of agriculture
and mining. Freights that conc?n?
trate much value in little space and
passengers are likely, according to
o'her authorities, to prefer the faster
r >ut bv land.?Baltimore Sun.
' 1 nave uned Chamberlain's Ooogh
I.' m ?ly in my f.inuly for years and al
with good results," savs Mr. W.
B. Cooper of El Wo, 0*1 "For small
children we find it especially effective "
For sale by M. M. Lewis, Druggist
Whit tho E073 in tho Philippin
Write Bom? -C:mc War Incident:.
N ibi aska Independent 1.
The litkota Karslis! publ
tracts (.mu ,1 Dumber ol a net
letters from soldiers of that Stnl
*vho are the Phil ppine
from which th" following extra m
ate printed,
Diek Birkhoven,of tbe South Diki
ta Regiment, from M-iIolos writes
fi lend in Wal eortb Bounty in a lettc
published in the Bangor N. m , J n
I, in which he says:
"Gi orge, I think it is a shams th
way we arc killing off these poor me
who are fighting f ir a jm
? ause. The? are fighting for libert;
and I dun't blame tb< m a tit fo
lightii u'.
"This trouble with the Filipino
i'oiild very easily haw been avoided
They have been fighting for bert;
the past ten years, and on thi
13th da? of last August, when the;
helped Dewey whip the Spaniards
had no idea tho American!
would grab their little ii-liuds ant
that they would not be allowed t<
:! ?at their own flag. They are jui
rood ol their il ig as we are 0
Their lUg looks very pretty
red, white and blue, witl
three stars and the rising BUD on it
Tuey are fighting for n. just cau8i
tud are not going to gire up rigfa
",\[." R HIABTfl "
P1?1 - ou writt 1 tht- Fibnd
reau lltr-ld, in a k-Uet published ii
"Tii?; South Dakota Regiment was
on Bring hue all the tisis from th<
tint se had uutil w<
reached MaIoIos, about ten battles
ami we had our old Springflclds
while there wss a ht of regula
hind u. with modern rifles* l( look
ed kind ol ridicul us end more >*o
because tin re art 15,000 K ag
ed up in Wall city, but of course we
sithet keep our mouths shut or else
say that our government and arm)
mil lialfl are the wisest and mi
men that ever lived. But I must say
a word about the couuty here befon
I eioee. Most of our boys carried
'ne idea that the country around
Manila was as good as any in the is
1 tnd, and that the people in ant!
ari and the eity wero the most iatel
ligent and civilized of the Filipinos
? ?ur trip, however, convinced us thai
everything was the opposite. Tin
further we got away from MauiU the
nicer the country wss and better eul
t vated, everything looked more civ
I sed. We seldom wont through a
house without tinding moro or lees
reeling matter there, which tends to
prove that a good share of thum can
reed. A great many farm houses are
surrouuded with nice gardens full of
vegetables and bananas and other
fruit there. There was plenty of
rice wherever we went. I do not bQ
lieve that there is a people anywhere
l.ving in a tropical climate who are
more intelligent and industrious iht>n
the Filipinos,,and it almost breaks
our hearts that we have to light
"EXTEBED FOB a bitter purpose."
"I was over and had a chat with
some Nebraska lads last night. Eits
of them say they will not go another
step if they are i-rJe-ed to advance
They enlisted for a better purpose
than to be used as murdering tools.
They also agreed on the point that
if every commissioned officer's pay
had been only a littls above the pri
vitos there would never have been a
8hotflred on these islands. They also
thought the war would not last very
long if every American voter could
only be here and see what we see
There must have been about l?d.???
innocent mon, women and children
tleeing like a lot of soared rabbits
m front of us. When I came up I saw
sevorel gray haired men and women
wounded. I suppose they were un?
able to keep up with the rest, there
fore,got in range of our bullets. The
F'lipino homes were looted and lot9
of them burned. There was an or?
der issued against it once, but I
never saw it enforced."
Private Charles E Bite writes the
Marshall :Minn ) Ledger as follows:
"There is perhaps in this world no
sadder sight than a desecated church
and here the sight is before our
eyes. The altars are overturned,the
images of the saints shattered and
scattered, and every particle of val
ne stripp? ?I from the sacred edifice.
As we name in a sailor was behead?
ing J hn the Baptist with a band
siw, while another tried to separate
tho bead of a cLerub from a group of
tbe holy family. Besides those shat?
tered figures of the saints there was
nothing in tbe cburcb. Even tbe
confessionals bad been stripped of
their carvings. Tbe very paving
bad been torn from the floor beneath
and searched for bidden treasure. "
Dick Mill? writes from Manila in a
letter published last week in the
Howard Democrat:
"I hope tbey will let us go home
when tbey (tbe regular*) get here, as
tbey said tbey intended to do but I
hardly think we'll leave here for
some time, as tbe United States
seems bent on holding the islands in
spite of all tbe kicking the natives
"I supposa you know by this time
that I am an anti-expansionist."
Major Howard writes, in a letter
published last week in tbe Aberdeen
News that only four hundred men
fit for duty are left for tbe regiment.
Capt. Eoglesby writes the Water
town Kampeskian of last week that
only ten men are left in Company H
fit for duty. Tbe correspondent of
Flacdreau Herald, writiner from the
tren ha< a' C-lump ',iu b letter pub?
lished last week.siys that only et?ht
een men aro left for duty in Com?
pany I
imposed uros.
Pr?vale Jobb t?. May writes bis
lin Hierin law in ? i. ttrr pnl
Ihhi week m tin c-?. mberlaio Di mo
"I' i ire tbe ??.
ment bad eight hundred and fifty
men. Now oe have two bondred
and seventy on tbe Bring line and
ompany, "A,"in .Manila doing
d duty. Thej bare aboa 1
men there, so you see that wo h?ve
only three bundn d men i ft on duty
I BOW. no doubt the voluo
teers ?re imposed apon, for there are
regulars s ? n little or no
lighting at ail. [ do not think Qen.
so kct p tbe ? Lore
much i inger."
Private Charla R, Wylaud, Com?
pany!,'. Fust Washington, writes
bii sister ?n a letter p ibli ibed in the
?'or'I end On gonian:
"This war is something terrible.
.?e sights you cau hard1-.
. and a life is hardly worth a
thought. I hare seen a t>ht-ll from
our artillery strike a bunco of Fili
piOOS, and then they would go scat?
tering though the air, legs, arm?,
and heads, all disconnected- And
such sights actually make our boys
laugh ami well: 'That ?hot was
a peach" A white man seem- to
torget that be is human."
Nor*r:c: Back Fr:m Africa.
Partly as a resuit of fear on ac?
count of the hih ged persecutions by
the white peo| lo i f the- .South, and
partly from a spirit i f advoniure,
Cate Shack and Barley Kirtley, both
? d, reei ntlj got ibeir fsmili. s
together anil - t sail for Liberia.
Tbej gstl ered together all the mouoy
they could, went to England, and
thence took a boat t<> Liberia.
But the luppoaed I'-.radiso of the
colored man in Africa, according to
their story of their experiences, was
worse than the Desert ot Sahara.
The reception they got surprised
ttit-m. Iustead of bt ing we-Ieoni? d with
open artiis and offered plenty of work,
they were ?joked d >wo upon, and.
although willing to earn their bread,
were refused a chance.
They have returned to Boston.
They say the negro has absolutely no
chance to earn a living in Liberia.
All the wealth of tbe country is now
in the hands of a few persons. Though
Shack and Kirtley were expert farm
ers, they were not given any kind of
Broken-hcatted and despondent,
the men of the families appealed to
the captain of an Klder-Dempster
Line steamer to give them passage to
England. They told him of tbe trials
and sufferings tEey endured. They
said they bad spent what money they
had, the savings of almost a lifetime,
and they were willing to do anything
on tho ship if they could get passage
to K glnt d
Tbe kind-hearted Captain believed
their story, and they were taken to j
Bogl in 1. At Bristol, England, they
found Capt. K. A. F.vans, of the
steamer Etolia, and he brought the
party to Boston.
What docs It do?
It causes the oil glands
in the skin to become more
active, making the hair soft
and glossy, precisely as
nature Intended.
It cleanses the scalp from
dandruff and thus removes
one of the great causes of
It makes a better circu?
lation in the scalp and stops
the hair from coming out.
II Prevents and II
Cores Baldness
Ayer's Hair Vigor will
surely make hair grow on
bald heads, provided only
there Is any life remain?
ing in the hair bulbs.
It restores color to gray
or white hair. It does not
do this in a moment, as
will a hair dye; but in a
short time the gray color
of age gradually disap?
pears and the darker color
of youth takes Its place.
Would you like a copy
of our book on the Hair
and Scalp? It Is free.
tf too do no? obtain all tb? benefit*
yon ?iixotod from the u(o ?( tli? Vigaf
writ? ths Doctor about It.
" 0. ATE".
Lowall, Mat?.
Addraa?. DU. J. 0. A Yrn.
European and American plan. Steam, Gat
Bleotrlclty. Comfortable Booms. Bountiful
Tab! Good Restaurant. Reasonable raus
A well supplied DAK and RETAIL LIQITOB
?flTAHt.fflRMBNT In onrirjei-t!":-.
?' v th.l ir. 'I'?, ?v.- W .. i r
Attention Harvesters !
Magrath & Ohealey.
? traips, but ?
? eld? quantity ami 0
quality . >.. ?row and
supply ?eeds that arc adapted in kind,
> to the sag and
li, and tliat we are
ling i^ evidenced by the large
V ml id reputation which
Wood's Seeds enjoy.
If yOUf Hirnhaut doe? not sell
Wood's Seeds, send for our special
Seed Price-List, Small pack
m be sent by nuil, and large
, and quickly I.y freight.
T. W. Wood & Sons,
Seedsmen, Richmond, Va.
FALL? via LOCUEuOtallaMi
Crimson Clover,
Hairy or Sandwich, Hap?, Winter
Turf r (Jraiing Oats, MSI Seed
H heats.Oras.?es s -?Clovers,Tur?
nip i
\tifrtahlc Seeds, r?>a
intli ? othar (-'lowering
. .tritt pn< ?a
" .1. Ail
. , -rful.
a-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 1
Buckwalter Whiskey.
which on seronnt of the-T ?yr ?no svsnn
arespwlaily advised for n.eti'C i Bl arpes
fljld and rscoiumsnf *d by
jtibN M.uKiyyti*,t
I <.*rKlB8URUiK
Fredsrioksbnrf, Ta
New Crop
Just received st
The place where yon get the
moa of the best for your money.
Men ?tii'i Hoy's Suits, all stylesand prices
Children's Bcbool .Sultaaud extra Knee Pants
Hat*, Shirt?, Overalls and Trunks at Lowest
Trices. Alsoagont for Hweet, Orr fc'Jo.'?
Work in?; I'aiiU, warranted not to rip, from
one dollar up, at
'i% miles from town, containing 180
acres ; 100 acres in high state of culti?
vation, and 30 acres in wood. A large
young orchard just coming into bear?
ing. DWELLING HOUSE and Out?
buildings, nearly all new,
For terms apply to
Frederioksburg, Va.
state A. * M. College.)
Thirty instructors, thoroughly ciulppad
shop?, laboratories and infirmary. Karm or
? tits In
s i earn heat _
'8. Ill
100 ?in"'.
ilormItories, .r?e* in ?irrI' '
horticulture, i inle?j uiel el,
, ?
Total eost oi ?
Iiik tuition au
. ?, mMioai aii?^?ra||||H
etC . MlloUt $T?.l?t. " !>>??
wwlon b??r< n? f-ej.uaiUr .'1st,
.talonne apply to
J. M McBUYDb, I'b I)., !.. L. D.

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