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Entered at the Poetofnoe at Frederick?
bnigi Va., os st)?oud.ola?.6 mottet |
Richmond, Fredericksburg &
Potomac Railroad.
Schedule In effect October t>th
Leave Northward
5 1:.' A.M. dm v.
? 16 A. v Da ij eiccpl Sunday,
yuautu-o only.
lu.u a. m. suudar? only.
H A. M tlaii) t iv? pt auuuay
1.17 1-. M. dauy except ?under. Doe? n t
tween KrtvU-ru'kstiurg and ij....
sjas r. m. daily.
Leave Southwar ?.
rt. ?? A. M. Jar y. .stops or:
. Astound, week darB ' akes *?
..lay ...
r.' i? P. M. Oail) . \. ? pi Sun la* M
-' ipa,
I..'4 f M. D ?-liiday. Si .
at Mi \
6..?i 1'. M. Uau.l
6.4? I' M. i>?...> oaoki ?
l.i-aM'f Kri it at ( I
rlvaa? H
at i i'. M. Arrive? r r. d<
w r r~.\ nr, rrarl
a. ri- n h.
O 0. COX. \.
Headquarters for Building Materials.
i k<i pall h
?-.???, I atli?.
Ct.UK.-i ?
Il .-. .
M.JcJ Pal Uta arid l>r> :
rurpautlue. Drier Varnisa ana Lew .?' White
Lead, .
and Putty.Karin W?g?u8. Koad u;'.
?nil Hi,?. - l-:. I?.
V??5,000. $25,000.
In sums of $l?4.i und upw.ir .
lien? on Keol Estate
K.ir further particulars op]
ISAAC rURSH, Pinanoial S
M-a .ant.? a- If ?chenlos P B ft L a..
jelT-'-m Eredericksburg Va
$26 5oo. To Loan. $26,500.
money to 1 an on their liberal
terms, in sums to suit, fr> ;n
?lCo up, on city and ? mntry
I : ?perty. App ?
bl'J Main stn et.
Fredericksburg. Va jel
have vor
Insured Your Crops?
How is the Tims
HAKliiN ill ll.lilN'
?unite and do auy
kind of building or repair work y u
want done either in town or country.
All Work entrusted to fie will be done
In a thoroughly satisfactory manner,
and in quickest time possible. Plan?
and ?|*-cincatnms furnished fot any
building work.
Coutrart.it and Builder
1, its' Farms: Milling Property I
Two lot? on Prince Edward ?in- t.
Amelia ?nil Lewis; one corner Hanover ?ml
Las Avenue; two -,n c.
one on eorner Caroline und Hawke; one on
rot Hawke and Sophia : two on Caro
lina, between Hawke an4 Pitt ; two01
*t?feea Hawke and Pitt : one on ?
bf Washington Avenu? I onasst'iileol
Washington Avenue. 1
m Spot syl vanta ooui ty. Farm
adjoining- counties ' term?
??ii |
S. Sydney Bradlord,
The only licensed Ri i
grader Icksburg, Va. SW? C street.
To The Voters of Stafford and
King George:
At the earnest solicitation
Voters Of Stafford and King George. 1
hereby announc? myself an indi pend
eot Republican Candidate for the Leg?
islature at the election on Tuesday,
November 7, Is!":?. If elected I prom
lse In use my very best endeavors to
promote the welfare and iutere?ts of
the people of my state.
Thomas W. Franklin,
Oat faO, 18M
Ex-Senator Little s Illness.
Mrs. W. A. Little arrived here yes
terday morning and went to her home,
" Bosoobel, " in Stafford. Mrs Little
Btid to The Free Lane? : ''Mr Little's
condition is mach improved For a
week there were only a few minute- he
recognized anyone. Now he knows bis
friends and physicians We d<> not
oonsider it prudent to bring him t ?
'.Yashington yet, but will d ? BO as soon
as be can be removed. "
Mrs Little will return to New York
Frederlckaburg Registration.
The registration books of Fredericks
burg were dosed Saturday night so far
as the coming electiou is oooeeraed
Tbe number of citizens qualified t?> v te
is smaller than known since the war.
It is as follows :
l/l'l'EK WAIili
Colored. 79
Total. 384
( ' 1 ?re I. 64
Totil. Hfl
Urand total. 751
Oen. B. It. Barton Very 111.
Uen. Selb M. Barton 1b critically ill
a* his home here, on Princess Anne
street His sons. Messrs W. Maxwell
bartou and D. Jennifer Rut?n, were
summoned home and are now here.
Lovai and Current Commet!
Mr D. 0. Gol? ?- o,?!.fined to
h mu v?. lth a deep cold
Don't fail to se?1 K. T Baker's t
?if luderwear.
At Newland, Riobmood county
N Keamy haa been upp ?inted \
Mr R 11 B Btwrtght, of Lyi
burv, is visiting his ni? a, kfra Dl
K Tompklna
Mr Alvin T, R ?we baa retui
f m a \isit ? f several di?ys to frit
m Washington.
List Friday Alfred V 11 msew
and Oora Newman, of ??rang? oooi
wie married in Washington
A change for the wor?i> t. ok p
with Mr? .1 H Colbert yeterday,
her family and friends view it v
anxi '
Postmaster John M. Oriffln, ^
Oriffln and little* son have retur
i visit t ' relatives ami friend;
There has been u decided fall .in
temperature sine Saturday when
ke summer Yesterday it ?
c! ludj '
The funeral ? f Btsil Shell n i
i. ' ?? 1 it B 'thei Kip?i?t Uhui
: ii ttaoday In November, al 11 A
v a T Lynn
w V Murt ?>-. of th.? Theo]
?.m nv .it Richmond, ?
pulpit at the Presbyterian t'huich S
day m ?ruing and night.
Saturday morning Maater Gun;
11 irri-i ?n fell fro n a pile of lumber i
i-' ?i bia ih aider Dr. B. IL
; the nee I? ?? nttenti
in furni-h j
stvle? in ?ir-'.s Roods, s?ks, milline
Ladies', Mi?--? and Children's wra
in i Boy? . tl log, el ? C
HI tes I. : ? H Hen lers-oi,
?in l, Km? (Jeorge, who his in
visiting her si?ter, Mr- \\ i
is returned h ?me. after a pi
-.it.t Stay
Mr i? l? F ster h m reuteJ bisstn
o fj mm? t? ?' Street t i Mr M
t u Smith Mr F will conduct 1
;?.e hands ?n ?? ?
h iu?e ii" is having built in th? B ..
Cray Bossi ix and Misa El
: Riobmood, who have be
visiting their relatives, the Mis?
M iiirier, left yesterday : r Blissbei
Ne? Jersey, t i sp..u,? s ?n ? tit
Mi and Mn Edward F Manier
Roach, daughter
Mr .lau his been elect
r inner ni the publia seh ?ola here
till tl - . by th-> r,
ignatl m of Mist
Who was m ?m--?!
i.' nncilmen w H Hur kam p
i r went t" Ri hm nui y?
oing t ? witness the 1 ?une
ing ?t the Sbubri k Th? - -
att. nde l the meeting |uei
the ' Shrioers' last night
Misa Bessie Lorena Rndsill, "f ih
aud Mr Victor Murray M ? m,
H unp'oii. Va, were married be
?ft? rnoon at i o'clock Ti
marriag a i- ? quiet one, an?! cer
I was p.-rf rin-d I'v Rev Dr .1
Mr. St?; '?- t, of Bl
If ft y Oity, N. J.,
visit 1er, who is the wife
Rev j i:u H Oreen, chaplain f r tl
L f- ? itiooa on the Jem
Mr. J will be absent ???v-r
i val ?.ptvi.-es at the Bapti
Ohotch ar" growing in interest Tl
s rv i were foil of inteie
and there wer?- 2 pi
nii/ht Dr Dill will preacb every nigl
<iep. H r it; ? 0 Kiog was h I
week ? ? o with the 0
irge th? at
:ii"::!s f ,| th? visit Of the Arn
of the P it in oo i,ex? ve.ir Whi
he was the guest of Mjj r T E M ?
n- He attended Lodge N i i. A 1
& A. M Ftnlay nlgbl and a
the conferring of deg
Wright, dauK'h
?t Wright.a well known and hisli
ly r- -. ell Izen of this cltj
died Sunday ni?ht after au lili
three weeks with typhoid fever, age
19 vears Funeral will take place fr?ir
Shilob | ?Id site) Baptut Church thi
log at .i 80 Rev J K
brown, the past??r, will o mdoct tfa
Mr J. Tyler J ?boon, of Rloom tod
w.is here Saturday In conference wit.
the building committee of the Chtie
t:an church, who made a finul inspec
tl n of the work done under Mr A. M
-r's contract. Tne linishini
t' o bes will be pat on in a few day
and as soon as the p<-ws oome, which
accordiog to promise of contract ors, w 11
b?> in a week or ten days, the tun" 0
dedicition will be announced
A tpeoial from Richmond pay?.
? W Inesday eveniog Mr Rvlan?
Bowers and Mis?. Wlnnlfred Hutcheson
iroline county, took the train f?>
Washington and w^re married in tha
city Miss Hotobesoo was on a visi
to relatives on Weal Clay street, an?
e imagined the intentions of th?
c tuple wheu they went ont for a walk
They will probably ?eside in this city.'
Arrested On a Serious Charge.
Bia tramps giving the names o
James Dodges, Charles R. McGovern
Oliver, .lunes Kane, David Sul
livan and Robert Biammen, were ar
h? IS Sunday evening, Joseph
M ok oi I, olaiming to be a Frenchman,
aud with pipers on bia person substan?
tiating his claim, having lodged t
charge, against Borne of the party, ol
murder. Three others etcaped arrest
They were brought before Mayor Row?
yeeterday moruing. As the Frenchmar
o uld not hf.eak English so a? to make
himself eleatly understood,by direction
of C unmonwealth'? Attorney A T.
Embrey, Piof O Arnaud appeared a?
interpreter for bim. It seem? frim the
Story, as narrated by M-t^oiel, that he
left Washington Friday night in a box
car. On the car were ten tramp?
Somewhere between Alexandria and
C?aantio one of the trains was
killed, three of the party pirtici
piting in the murder, and after
robbiug him of IS cent? that he had In
hi? picket, threw the lifeless body "in
the nvr. " Miguiel identified Oliver ?I
the one who choked the unknown
tramp to death, and Sullivan and Mam
men a? accomplices, they having
stamped up m the body after the chok?
ing and assis'ed in throwing it from
the cu into the water.
The others were identified as being
on the car that night, but not as taking
any part in th<i alleged murder.
All of the tramps were sworn, and
while they acknowledged in their testi?
mony that they were on the car that
eight and saw Magniel, they knew
m tniug of hi? story, and were satisfied
there was no foundation for it.
Oii-'er, Sullivan and Mammen were
sent to jail for fifteen day? a? vagrants,
daring which time the Fairfax author?
ities will be oommunicated with, and
t*iey will probably make search for the
body of the alleged murdered man, as
It is most likely if the Frenchman's
story be true that the deed wob com?
mitted within the jurifdlctlon of that
I) idire.? w?s given fifteen dar? fot re
sitting an cflio rr here, and Kane and
MeUoveru were ordered to leave the
city at once.
President McKinley and members I
his Cabinet will arrive her?i this Pues
day? morning at 9:80 and will remain
?en minutes The committee of reoep
lion, composed of u.e following gentle?
men from the Oonnoil, M Q Willis.
Ool B D. Oole, Cm W. Wroten, w.
II. Hurk?nip ami W E Bradley; from
the Busioess Men's AMOoiation, l'n-si
li'iit T N Brent, Ci.pt. Terence Mo?
Orackeo and Dr H H Johostoo; from
the Oitiaena', Efoo. .' s Potter
T. E M?irriH, PoatmasterJ. M Oriffln,
Il m A X Kmbrey and Oapt S J.
(^tniin ; from the Press, A. P, I; iwe,
Jr. , of The Free Lance, and \V 11
Merchant, of the Star, will leave for
iio un w i on the .'. IS a in. train, where
they will aw.ut the arrival of tbe Pres?
idential train, They will oome t ? tin?
city on the irsin with tic iv
ami party
(i.i the .?rnvil here, Presiden! Mo?
Kiiil-v will I? presented by the chair
in in t the J lilt ? illllillt'ei s, Mr M
c Willis There will be no ml?:
welc ?me, us the time of Stay is s?i lim?
ited, bul President McKinley will make
a shut speech from the \ latform of his
car H ?wering'a Band will greet the
arrival ami deportare "f th.- tram wi'h
natioual aira, and it is expected an im
Wd I ? will turn
iv - idenl
rev a ::. kiita:;
a Bupi ' t hi e bytertan i
Rev A II Kippan, of Ricbm ?ml.
Ppted the p ?sill n a- -i.ifil sup
Preabyterian Ohurch here,
ami will arrive We Ii ? I ?*? r
charg- ?? th?' w 'rk
F r ihi i -' -i\ in ntlis Mr K ippati
pplying the Third Oburoh
in Ricbn nl. in the abseo - f Ihe
P isl r. Rev 0. R Hyde
Praibytirian ?Synod.
Rev W W Ruff, of Tazewell, Va .
opened Friday'a -.???..i in 'f th" Preaby
???nan 8yn ?i f Virginia, at Hunting
I ,i. W V ? . with di v ?ti ?n ?i -?
lu- ayn i
. Rev 0. 1\1
chairman of tbe oommittee I' ahowa
that there are 193 tchoola in tbe bound
try itb in "tir ?llicent 'f i
acholara i?f thta
nuiiii ? ? been r?. oeived Ii
;??? i f r var?
? ?
? : the i ? --
pel ministry eat by Rev A
? ' H 'pkuis, .Ir It ? ,nt 99
y nng men were aided in their
?nip themselves f r tbelt
work in to- p ist ye ir The syn ?! his
K'.v-'ii aim -t ?l o ?o to ibis
l'r if S W S ni-rvilie of the \
sembly II una and beta lerioks?
borg, | ?ynod,
showing the g?*eal impirtsnce f the
w< rk ?l ne
??re.-1 ? it year at tbe Pirsl
Presbyteriui Ohuroh, Newpori News
??? m- N r; ilk Pros
bjtery asking the ayood to establish
an ?rph ?nage t ?r Presbyter! in
rea within the booudsof the synod
w ,* referrs I to a oommittee insist tog
?f Rev R H PI -minz, D D . R-v
G W. M ixwell. R-v W MoWbil
I. Pioorooy an 1 Judga Qeorge L
Ohristiao, rhey will r",i .rr
m x' meeting
In the afterno m t i- syo 11 h? Id
msmorial services in memory of de
??? i-'-.i minist? 's ?The bxi i
?.-i of devotional aervloea and reading
of memorials The memorial of Rev
Dr. M osen D H ige was read by ?
nor Tyler, of Virginia. Rev J. P.
Smith read the memorial ?if R-v D.
(i D. Armstrong '>rh?r mem ?rials
-??i ?rete th?" of Rev, w 9
Lacy, late of Norfolk, R"v v?, r
Morkland, D D, lite of Baltimore,
and R-v W H Matthews, l ?t- ?f
Chatham. Va
R?-v. Dr R P. K-rr, of Richmond,
was elected a mcmtx'r of the board "f
trustees of the I talon Theologie ?'
iuary, vice Rev. W. S Lify, de
Rev. Dr. W. W. M ?re, m derstor,
preached tin- oloaiog sermon of the
Syni'd Friilay evening
Old Dominion Tournament and Fair Asso?
ciation and Launching of Torpedo Boat
' Shubrlck at Richmond.
For this occasion we will sell round
trip tickets on Ootobor 80th and -.?-t
ana November 1st. and ?ud Final
limit to return November 4th, 1899 at
rate of *2 r>.
Tickets will be good going only on
date of sale, for continuous passage m
each direction and will include coop ?n
of admission to Tournament November
1st, and Races November ?od, the
same c?>npon being good for both days
On October .list roand t.ip tickets
will be sold for the morning trains
only, good to retnrn until November
1st. at the one fare rate of *1 H
Thege ticket? will not include ooupm
of admission to Tournament and Baos?,
To aceomodate additional travel the
ti.;!?} a. m. train on the 81st will be in
two section Second siction mikiug all
Returning a special train will leave
Richmond at 10 p. m on ?list, .eoablii g
visitor? to witness the grand display of
Are works
O. 0 Cox.
Death of Mrs Coiner.
Mr? Fdnnle I) Oolner, wife cf the
lat? David Coiner, of Fishersville, Va.,
and an aunt of the Oliue Brother?, of
Culp'p^r, died at the home of her
brother, Mr. W. H Oline, near there,
last week, in the T:ird year of her age.
Heart failure cause of death.
Fred Douglas. President McKinley'?
colored ooachnun, has been provided
with a place in the Census Burean and
then it devolved upon Secretary Porter to
find his successor. Spencer Ooleman,
ool ired, after being on trial for somn
time, has been designated to handle
the reins for the President and Mr?
McKinley. Ooleman was formerly
coachman for Dr. Rixey, Mr?. McKin?
ley'? physlclaD.
Dr. Rixey 1? of Cnlpep?r, and I?
Congressman Rixey's brother.
"The Eye"?Hawke's spectacle? are
used by almost every one yon ?ee Try
j them and you will fiud that they are
? ?up rior in every re?p?ct to what you
j have nsed Ool I medal and dip'onia
awarded All eyes fitted without cliorge
I at Hall's Drug Store.
Uehmoni-Lancostsr E*:r.::rjtic Mud?
The n which ossi rubli d i?
Dowalog's on Monday of huh week
was composed of ,1 I gates choeen in
the two o mutlos el meetings regularly
culled ami regularly constituted There
uever w.is, und there novel oould bars
been, any question os to the regularity
und representative obarootei t the di i
agatlou obosen In this county, and the
s.iiue is equally ?true 11 tin 1rs
gates from Lltwaltoo precinoi m Lan
? tatet oounty. la one preotnni lu Lan
oosti r, that of Ourrotomon, there ?a i
u c mtesl or? the deleg it! -n 11 m is
11 timed thai tho rot? In ths m >? -
meeting vrai o Ils tint ?, person?
I for one -. -t i deleg ite? and ? .
i i i fur anothei si t and tin? oonU u
turn resulted in o oootesl Leaving
out kbit preolnot, the ? ?ting
of whu-h was 108 v tes, end whl
entitled to four delegates, the ?inven?
tion wbloh in-t o tin- 16 ii of Beptem
bor would bore ita id M di I g ites i i
vTellford and2i for Plnokard could ?
vote luve been taken It wn? not
boweveri to rote op m ony
question, otbei than one all oting e
temporary orgauiz ?ti to, with ml baring
litst asttled the (Jaii it im n c mtesl by
d itermining whlofa of tin- i g
m?; di legatl 'ii? was eutltl 1 t i ?eat? in
t He oonn atl a The W ellfor i
?' H'-, Il tTIOg II , f i r V "f "He,
undertook to exeruis? their right I i -i- n
i? temporary obatrman The fn.i? -f
Mr rim kard.olthough In a minority, re?
fuel d to rn guise tin? rigbl oa ?
listed in mi i il m to oasl Ihe t m rotes
to which Ourrotoman \\.o< entitled
1 hey . I up m their right t i
.? i?t tin- entire rote ul Laucester o mu?
tv. including th.it of the ?.r l
m I.it a ait -ii It was tin?
ind- feasible am d ou tl e ;? in of the
PiDckord foil lAin^' which resulted lu
the failure "f any n< lu I nation
\\ hieb caused in" mat)
rettlemeol to tie- State Central
?omtntttee There can he do oontro
ver?y a? to the fart-, it? hen- *> u-- i It
it t?- conceded tbot tin- friends ? Mr
I'm. tord were entirely c msoii
in booId tain log their claim tint the
I'mckard delegation from Oarrotoman
i r olatmi
bed been ?luiy paaaed npon l>y the un
c atested delegates, and thai the ma
j irity of tl -. from 1.1
ald.oosl the entire v te
maty as a nntt, the c nun.
which re referred hav
ti mi must now be obond mtd 1 he
Piuckord leleg? atend? d tl it
-r 11 m I ' ;rr ' ::i M g
,'. 1 r. f :?? I ' n-l II i
it ill?* Ellyson o mmittee beld lb it \<
i t- ? b ma Bde oonti ?t and thai thi
dei fr m thai pri ein I b il o
right t i psrtiolpate lo the ;
ni the o 'uv-nti n until the conti il bo :
I bean regularly determined The Pino
k tri delegates held that ihoy had
? ri^'ht t" i i?! Ihe
tater i- ? anil rtaeii t- p ?
md me 1 fnii ? ttraordin ira
and onl i i "lit
lee It must be is clear s n ii ?t
then to every f.iu inn
1 m in tli ?t i- the light Of the
n of the Bl ite <' mmittie th(.
I ig. Intentionally "?
otherwise,i l?tru< ted the pr<
the llrs i convent i in a) I) wning
thrat up m them real I Hum of hav?
ing broken up I >' invent! n
attend when tbii ? uventi d
: on M m ?? ?y i
? nnitj to do in su giren
and wi ' rme 1 tn it ihej
tion it? regularity. In other a rdi
by the luternosni m of m I
i whtob hoi
bighesl party authority to han
anjustifioble, (and which and i
decision of the State 0 mmittee thy
c tan it n p at they pr ivented o
v-nt i in , regu..trly assembled, from < J * ?
nig tvi" wrk for wlii'-h it was ?| p lint
ed sad when H n as? mbles to d I ?1
win h they prevented it f om dung,
? -k to t ike advanl tge i f then
own wrong i>v orying ' krregolsi
remaining tway. Phil i? .a (.; ?in and
imv irniahed bisi ry of t ?
np ? the o tni
N N t
Ignorance :r Design *.T-"r.i;'r. '
Th-* people of tin? sect i n ir- fini
lor with ti. ' m eh
? d main .ti m f .a I) >m eral i
m n t tte f r the c notice of L u
and Richmond, l'r p siti?os audo an
ter-prop iltions hare beea m.td? and
ri j. cted "n ti ah il les Rb bmond
o uufv w mid have nothing bul ?t real
log f the Downing ? inri ntii n.
o? on aber Hght orer the i Ittom in
gation The Injustice of either of
ir ipositions bore been made plato
t i the public The their
leaders w.?s to depend opon contesting
delegations with which they c mid of
feel orgonixitlon ond ?eut enough of
the oouteoteee to gain their point. This
h.is lately been demonstrated by a few
of the delegates of thai c mnty met ling
Mo.iday in a farcictl <? invention and
seating oonh iting delegates from Otl -
m tn to in ik" a show Of a maj rity in
the ipuriOUS body
Vaho r.illed another I) iwnlng o m ven
tl -n I i In wh it btsi? was it c tiled, and
u h ' sel the dote??Irrington OH
Now For the Fight.
The Democratic duelist? ?r Lancaster
and Richmond countt???Messrs. R
Oortet Wellford and T. A Plnokard,
stand confronting each other in the
political flpld and their raspeotit
ond? are making all nccoasory arrange.
ment? for a fight to a Dntsh Roth
gentlemen ar-- DetU OfOtS and tl;
tor must be recognised In tin-state
L'-gislature. not a-i an Independent but
as the "Regular " r? presentativii front
Lancaster and Richmond.?Chesapeake
To Shippers
Local freight trains on the R , F. \
P. R R will be suspended Tuesday,
Octobei Hist, 1899
O O. Oot, Agent.
The Presidential Party.
Preparations for the entertainment
in Richmond of President McKinley
and party on the occasion of the launch?
ing of the Shubrick, In Richmond to?
day are complete. The President's
train is s.-medul'-d to arrive at Ashland
at 11 15 a m A? Richmond the train
will be met by a delegation from Rich?
mond. As th* Strain enters the city,
the Riohmond Howitz-rs will Are a sa?
lute The Presidential pirty will be
driven to the Jefferson Hotel, where
they will review the carnival p?rade.
Lunch will be served at the hotel, cov?
ers being laid for 880 persons.
At 3 o'olook the party will be driven
tithe Trigg Shipyards and wltne s
the launching As the President a
cends the special stand, a Pie<rient's
ft ?g will be unfurl? ?1 Miss Carrie
Shubrick, of Rocky M?iont, N ? , will
christen the boat. After the launch?
ing a drive through the city will be
taken and the President will hold a rc
oeption at the Jefferson until the hour
for the departure of his train.
For Over rirty Tears
Mi a. Winslow's Soothing Syrup baa
been used for over fifty years by mil?
lions of mothers for their ohildren
while teething, with perfect suocess. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pains, cures wind eolio, and
is ths best remedy for Diarrh?oea. I
will relieve the txxir little sufferer mi
mediately. Sold by Druggist* m every
part of the world Twenty-fiv? . oils
a bottle. Be sure and ask fan 'Mrr.
Winslow's Soothing Byrtp "
Til k le.
dlO Mum Street
[HebTM'i Old ataml
A few prioos to boom business lur?
ing ni- doll season
Pronos ??-. pound.
M ?.- iron!
Plain and Mixed Candy 7o lb.
Largo t? ?x Lye bo
Lomp Btaroh to. lb.
Alabaster Starch, with Blnetng and
V?/...x to. package.
i? ixes M .i: D
id )
Woo? .-?i W* He
?on- I? ?.
?Jobl Itir'i
Ink ???? . buttle
l.i vel ;
Paper .i aud 4?: quire
Our Pavorite s? ap, i J ban fot
.,? an?
only limited qoanl k an?'
Ttnw ire, l)r\ c ds, Rot) ?os, Kl .
' . I l
? md i
11' AW"
:? the m ?rld'i atteo' o
DOW. ? ?.it New S:o k of
i '? rieksbarg'a atten
New, Fresh, Fancy !
The Best, TheChe?ipest !
lt.il Ob Brands iri Prices.
Cre un of V? h".>t
Wheat Psrina
n'a Health I
"'- ? ?it PI ikes
- i . ike 1 Kl e
Pe tri B
ii lb pi kage
i,i iik-t R '?
California Pi bum
Kt'r i ? If ?nil ? Prune? l1? ?
I istra I ? . ?Jill r Proi . . l?e
i ?11 Shredded 0 idflab, 54 i1'
i L ib, 1" Sardine?. lue
c-iiuii.e Prenoh Sardines
??? ! Kippen l Herrina toc
? lyster B ty A-p tragaa . .
1 be 0 ly < tenu ???? Ooosi bubs, Ox
Tul.M ?ok ?Tattle, Reef and Ohick
lh ?rouifhly reliable 10o
K ir's Beat Presh Sir.a ga (mips.
I lb aud If lb boxes ?Wo lb
KlOgan's81ioed Breakfast Bac ?n, ttiolb
Arin??tor - Sliced Star Ham . '.'"?J lb
Flaccus Bro s Rest Preserves, Jel?
lies, .Inns. Oetaops . 101
I'm?' -trained H ney, .. pt cans. 180
I'm Hooey Pickles. '?o, M and BO ?
Cenuine Queen ??lives. . M and .">??o
Oreen Moootain Maple Byrap, 10 to 86c
( lid Manes kl tpli Bogar, ql bottl
.; 0 to ?Wo
N to Mo
Oiatige?, j>'-r ?I? /
I, -m ma, p n dos
Oraoberriee, per ?if
i loooaonts.
Dal -
Finest Smyrna Fitfs
0 ?tioord (?rap-?s .
Niagara drapes.. .
i tai twba ' Irspes
I) 1 l?* lire ? ',, .
The Purest, The Best, The Cheapest.
Opera House Fancy Grocery.
Phone 1.
Curlett's Candidacy in Richmond anc
The Chesapeake Watchman say?:
"Mr T Spicer Curlett, of 'Herrni
(' tilge,' Irvingt m, Va , held recentlj
a convention by himself, drew up hii
own platform, nominated and endorser
himself as a candidate to represenl
Richmond and Lancaster conntle? it
the Legislature.
"The life of the Hon. T. S. Curletl
for the 1 tat few year? ha? been si full
j repose, quiet restfulne??, and in
trospeotion that it would be an un
pard moble act of injustice on the pari
of the people, to take the reclu?e fn pj
hi? b inks, hi? garden and hi? liowen
and ?et him adrift once more in the
whirling, maddening, teething mael
?trom of politio? We regret exceeding?
ly that he lent a willing ear to the
?ngated whispering? of the d??
ni n of nmbiaion, and we beg
that hi? many friend? will dis
?nado him from hi? suicidal policy Hi!
election is a matter of impossibility.
for he renounced hi? allegiance to the
Republican ptrty publicly ?ome time
ago, and he 1? too recent a convert to
the creed of Dean orner to impress it?
adherent? with any belief in hi? ?in
eerily. The Hon. T. S. Curlett wai
wre.-ked on the political ?eos ?omeyear?
ago ond when a kindly wave dashed
him high and dry on the Irvingt n
Beach, prayer? of thankfnines? weut up
that the political waif was at laut
stranded, saved and ?ecladed in 'Her?
mit's Cottage ' '
The Cape Charle? Light ?ay?:
? Hon T Splcer Oorbtt, wbo had
hi? Republican banner flying across the
front of Oape Charles Hotel when he
was 'perspiring' for Congressional hon?
or?, and who afterwards turned over to
the Democratic fold, bos now annonnoed
himself a* an independent candidate
fir the legislature In Richmond and
Lancaster conuties. We wish him the
most cruel defeat it is possible for e
candidate to get. "
The Sonth?ide Sentinel say? :
"I' ?eem? that onr brethren in that
district are hopelessly divided, and we
gravely apprehend the election of Ihe
indrpendent, T S Curlett, best kuown
to fame as a Republican. ' '
Another Shot. Another Shot.
An Unheard of Qdaotity for this market ' We have just received an entire car load of
which are tegarded as "Superior." They do splendid w.uk and all improvements of merit will be found in the
pateoted devices used on the e Dull?. They are with and without Ft-rtil /.?>r attachment. Single and doubledlae.
als? the Hoe and Bboe. Tan improved Drill ifl far in advauce of all others, and no farmer needing a drill should
Ii i-si late a in omen I m* to what dull to buy.
Remember the name is "Superior" and every drill guaranteed to do perfeel work under al> conditions. The
agents and owners will be glad to havu all farmers in want of a drill to ?"ill an examine these Superior Drilla.
'runa, a,
, Table
. Wraps,
? Men's and Boy's Stylish Suits, at 25 ?percent. I?**.?} than you can buy tLeni at other places.
oy's Suits, from (19c. tip. iMen's Suits, from ti '?*> u? : Good li?*avy yard wide Cotton at 4c,
??i ih ?i. <'ali??-?'M at 3Jc. L'ercalea at 5c, ororth 8. Trunks, from $1.00 to $10.00
We Lave late styles and low prices, that you cannol find at other *it??i'?*9. It will pay you
!?? -? ?- !iiis si???'k before making your fall j urchases.
T. N. BRENT, Fredericksburg, Va.
l he -ee?t uf tins ivpp?'r wat Brsl obtained from Ceiifrnl Amerioa ami by ?-?pfui ??altivation and selection in Louis
lana t ?? thirty yeirs, his been so Improved m strength, tUvor and _n>mu us, to have become a new variety of Red Pep?
per, -ni erlor to nil other?
Prepared originally for private oai foood Its way, withoot effort, loto popalar favor and use and is now to
he foood ?m w? ll-.ipp tinted tables m every oivilized couutry on the ?h?be.
Characteristics :
Thi? preparation is simply the pulp of the ripe Ivpper ho handled aa to retain all the Savor,
?treORth, ir ma, ami 1 r >,f th?- ripe fru?? ami in k. ep unimpaired in any ruinate It is simply LIQUID PEPPER.)
It- i! iv ? i? essentially nniqus ????I Its natural delicacy aaaaot be attained by tbe chemical or artificial means em?
: m ?lieap Imitations. Its sirei ^th i- so great thai II m In uld always tie mixed with gravies, sauces and other coo?
um- ?.t- t?. t ire oaing, and one or two ?Ir? pi will be t nnd sufficient for a plite of soup, meat, oysters, etc The form in
whwli it is pm up i m two-oum ? bottles) mak? ? II Exceedingly eoovenieat to une, and Its concentrated form makes it
the m st ? mom teal ? f all f?itins of pepper. Price per bottle, 50a " It pays to buy the bent. "
1899. ru
Kme is the Test of Merit.
Not How Cheap,
But How Good.
Thin ia the way the Farm ara Favorite Grain Drills are built. Call to see
our sample Drills. They are all right in every particular and we will try to
make the price right too.
Reasons Why You Should Buy
the "Success" Air-Tight Heater.
1 Aullen are removed from the front, and not through the oovw,
ami fire can be ?tarted at the b< ttom
I Our draft is the tightest of the kind, and guarantees the sue?
> _ad duralili'y of the ?love.
:', ?)ur Stove ih abHflutelv safe ; no danger of sparks popping oat
and t^ttirj? tire to the house.
4 All stoves are lined with heavy steel linlnir, with atr sjaoe
between lining and outside, to prevent stove from warpingand burn?
ing out
5 Our draft is atta<:hed to the stove, ami not to tbe lining.
6 Consumes lees than half Ihe fuel that other so-called air-tight
stiiVi'S do.
7. D ha? no ash pan or draw (l?rapcr for childred to pull out and
s.-t tire t?) the h?use, thus reducing cost of insurance on balldlng.|
W. A. BELL & BRO.,
?.?/ a IS. I ~T"CT r^ Everyman and woman that isits F^dericksburjj* for
W A\ IN C- LJ-pleasure or business to visit our store and see ihn BAR
GAINS and Rewesl Goods for Kail and Winter in
Cloaks Capes and Furs. Blankets and Flannels. Silks for Waists. Near
Silks for Linings from 124c. up.
for the Fall is one of the largest that has ever been shown in town. Come
and look for yourseli at
Gov. Tyler says iu regard to the re?
port that he did not propise to submit
hi? claim for the senatorial nomination
to the Democratio caucus and abide by
it? decision, calls attention to hi? letter
announcing his candidacy, in which
he said hi? name would go before the
When asked if he would accept a
nomination and election outside of the ?
party c*nvas?, he reflected a moment j
and said, with some show of spirit:
"I will reply by asking. Whence
comes these queries impugning my
Democracy, which ha? been known and
read by all the people of Virginia :
"I do not propose to notice any
further attempt? impugning my D?m
rjcraer. "
The governor .regarding these queries,
?aid he knew perfectly well from whom
they came and the object ?ought to be
attained and added :
" If thi? ?ort of warfare i? kept up, I
may be persuaded to ask ?orne questions
myself. "
The Westmoreland Masonic Lodge.
The A F. ond A Masons, of Kin
sale and vicinity, held a regular meet?
ing at their hall at Ktnsale on Satur?
day. October 21st, and hereafter meet
on the Saturday night in each month
after the first Monday Officers of thii
Lodge are R A Fitzhngb, worshipful
master ; George Vantant, senior war?
den ; S B Atwill. junior warden ; T.
E. Duvall, lenior deacon ; George N.
Anderton, junior deacon ; Charles War?
ner, secretary, pro tern ?Frank Dameron,
treasurer; Charles U. Courtney, tiler
Touching Scene.
At the funeral ?irvlce? of Mrs Wm.
B Taliafarro, the wife of Oen. Wm.
B Tallaferro, of Gloucester, the old
family servant? gathered around the
open grove and sang : "Bleised be the
Tie that Binds."
Revenue Ealds.
Revenue Officer? Eddin?, Hansbrougb
and Bolyn have returned to Oalpeper
last week from a trip through Madison
county. They ?eized the ?till of J. 8.
Yowell, of Criglersvllle, confiscated all
the apple brandy he had in bit ware
room, and in a search of the premises
found, they allege, several packages of
illicit brandy. They also entered the
premises of J. B. Nicholson, near Neth?
er?, and found there, they claim, two
package? of the mysteriously queer,
which was also confiscated The offi?
cers secured team?, and, loading op the
?till and brandy, brought them to Col
p-'per for safe keeping.
Fitz Lee and Tom Reed.
Gen. Fitzhngb Lee, having been re?
leased from New York quarantine,
reached Washington city from New York
Saturday night and proceeded to the
Sborebam. He retired early and de?
clined to s?e any one until Sunday
morning. Gen Lee ia looking well
after his long stay in Cuba, and after
?pending ?ome time in Virginia will
Former ?Speaker T B Rred also ar?
rived in Washington from New York
at a late hour, and went n the Shore?
Mr. R. O Brietow, formerly of
Middlesex, now of Newport News, baa
been aw?rded $?00 damages in that city
against R W. Reynolds, whom he sued
for $10.000 for alleged injuries. Rey?
nolds and Briatow had on altercation
on Washington avenue April 28th last
at the conclusion of which Reynold?
knocked Brlstow down snd oat.
Mr. Briatow wa? unconscious aqntr
ter of an hour, anil el tiens tint the blow
mtde him subject 09 dizziness, thn?
interfering with his basinet? as a
The defense moved to set oside the
The President's Trip to Richmond,
From the time the President and
those accompanying him on his train
leave Washington until their return,
they will be the guests of Richmond.
The President will be accompanied
by Secretaries Hay, Qsge, Root, Long,
Hitchcock, and Wilson. The ladies in
the party will be Mrs. Gage, Mrs.
Hitchcook and two daughters, Miss
Wilion, and Mr? Porter.
The special ttoin will moke short
stops in Frederioksburg ond Aablond.
reaching Richmond at 11:15 a. m.
Gor. Tyler, opon retarniog to Rich?
mond Saturday morning, sent the fol?
lowing telegram to the President :
President William McKinley .Weening?
ton, D. O :
I hove just returned to the city, and
learn with pleasure that yon and your
Cabinet have accepted sn Invitation to
be proient ot the looooblng of the Uni?
ted States torpedo boot Shubrlck here
next Tuesdoy. Permit me, in behalf
of the people of thie city and State, to
extend yon a most cordial welcome.
? Wheat, 60 to 70 ; oorn.sO to 48,meal 90
to 100 per 100 pounds ; oats, 83 to M ;
fowls (lire), 8 to ii % ; chickens,
7 to 8 ota. per lb. ; lard, T
to 8 ; eggs, 16 to 16^ ota. ; butter
10 to 80; hams, 10 to 11 Si. Irish
potatoes, 40 to 50 ; beef, 8 to 84 ; real
4 to 4Si; Pork, 4 to A%\ bides
(green),6 to 7 ?hides (dry),8 to 10?hides
(green) salted, 7 to 8.
Wool?Unwashed, 19 to DO; washed,
22 to 20.
ras Orale st?rkst
The grain markets olosed yesterday
as follows:
Chicago? Wheat. Oct. W}i ; Hoy
78^; Dea 70 Oorn. Ool ??Hi
Oot. oats. %\%.
New York?Southern wheat. 70 to
77 ; Southern oora, 89 to 40.
Baltimore?Southern wheat. 70 to 78 ;
Southern oorn, 40 to 41?.
Rlohmond-Wheat, 60 to 7?; oorn,
| 4aA?exoodrio-Wheoi, 80 to 70; oorn,
40 to 41.

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