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TTF.3;>AY.DECEMBER lu. 1899.
Baterad at the PoRtoffioa at Fredericks
burg, Va., as secoud.olass man? r )
Richmond, Fredericksburg &
Potomac Railroad.
Sehe, ale In effect NoTiMab :
Leavo Northward.
h. sLdallv.'
VliiA. M. Daily except Su!'0n>
OlitllllCO OUI).
l".i? a. M. Sundays only.
BA.M daily except bjnday.
Un K at. dally except Sunday. D
stop U'twecu FrederickaC-urg and Qua
V.IJU P. M. dai.y.
.' t \ ,? ., id, a?,-, * da]
UK-al ?top? Sunday?.
tt-iti P. M. ?tally except Sundi .?
local suip?.
UN i'. ?i. Da .> tcepi Sunday St< ;
at Mtlford, D w? . \-n u I ?
4.1. I'. M. - ?
?>.** P. M
?rodcru *5< ?.H?- ti i K
Uon 11 Sundaj.
Make? all aun. s
La.? a vet Predericasburg at S.UI A.M. Al
rtvee Richmond 8.25 A. M. Leevi -
a: t V, H. Arri ? Fredi
V.l. T?) Awer.
K. T. D. Min*. President.
?. 0, OOJl -Vg
ddddqaarioti ?Su Building HiltfUU.
I keep all kinds o! North C'?'
finia Lumi" r, dretsed >c
. -at ti-.. Sa>n. Dw r - i, Lime,
Cement, Calcine P?>t - Hair,
Bu,..i.i.ar an.i Paving Brick l.n ami Iror
KiHJttnK. Cut and ?A ire Nai ?*, a^l kind
Mixed Paints an.i l?ry Paint. Linseed i?. .
Turpentine, Hr) er Varillan an il
L- td, Patnt
..i.--. and I'uttj.t urui ?^
$2?.5oo. To Loan. $2o seo.
money to b>?u on tlvir 1.
terms, in sums to sait, from
JlCi? up. on cry and rxrantry
property. Ap[
BIB Maid .-treef.
Frederiek?burK, Vi jel
To estiur lt>
kind of Building or repair ? r^ y u
want dona eltber In I mntry.
All work entrusts t<> DM ?s IU :
in a thorough!v anner,
and in quickest time p an
and sprci?.
building work.
Y011 Cae Im M
\.s taking a l-yi ai ? I ?? in
A Fire losnrance Company
that is deservedly popular in
Fredericksbarg and vicin
Lowest Rates !
Honest Settlements !
Rowlell & Goolrick,
Agents, Frederii-k-bu-:g, Vi
Successor* I Oapt. Bi\r
Christmas is Coming.
Trepare yoursell In I
it different I
er with lirai: ?lest
Whiskey, the purest t)?
! hl? brand I can ;?
mend fur it; puritj
*? p?o *'?
Anchor Hye whiskey, tv ix-r 1
live Whltkej -
Whiskey. II l" ptr ? \ X X X
Wbi-key. $? pet gal.; .1. W Harper"
M per ?al ; Indian Hlil wbiajsey, VU pi
Star A Rye Whiskey *-' i"-r gal.: Ai
. Rye v\ hlttcy, ?-? :
plete Une of ? ?
staple Orvoerlei Allorders thall ?
prompt and careful attention, i ?rdei
linn't forget.
tt3 Cummer rg. Va.
? leclt-lm
Currency Bill Passed.
(Special to The Free Lan
Wt-ihingt in, D 0 , Deo 18, ?") p m.
?The House tod*y p^seri Ib? oorroncy
bill V >t-i ISO to 160. All of the Repub?
lic ?ns and the following Democrat?
Olayton. of New Y .irk; Donny, iliry
land ; Driggs, New Y rk ; Fitzgerald,
Massachu-iettes ; Levy. New York;
MoAleer, of Pennsylvania; Ruppert
and Scudder, of New Y >rk ; Thayer, of
Massachusetts; Underbill and Wilson,
of New York, voted for measure.
Mr. 8mith, recently el'cted Governor
of Maryland, absent, unpaired.
After the vote had been annoan ? 1,
the Speaker gave out the lint of the
committee? Jones, i f Virginia, is
the leadiDg D->m< rrstic member f I
important new 0 wmlttM 00 !
Affairs ; Otey. on Diatrlct f Oolnm
bia; Rix?y on N.?val AIF<air??, an i liny
on Militnry Affairs
Th^re was a panic in stocks mul
tremendous br>ak in vaines on N- *?
York exchange today, the call loa
reaching 7?i p?r cent
Ask the Legislature lor Power to Issuo
A special meeting of t!.e C.ty 0 on
eil was held Friday ciput It was re?
solved to potitioa the LegisUtore to
grant to the city power to issue $12.000
of bonds for the purpose of building
and equipping the uew sjeotTiC light
plant It was also resolved to ask the
same body to enact a law for street im?
provements The p?per sets forth thtt
the property holders oa each side of
the streets where improvements are
made shall not pay more than OS per
cent, of the ost, aud the city the
other half
New Advertisements.
Valuable Stafford, Prince William
and Fauquler land for ?ale See ad. of
T W B rrey, specia! omumsloiier
The attention of those interested in
gocd liquors is directed to the ad of
Mrs Jencie Monrre.
Wanted by Mr. H P Ryerson a
wheelwright and blacksmith See ad.
O-'mmenttinff November l?th.we will
sell roond trip tickets Frederiokeburg
to Washington, good for three days, in?
cluding d?te of issue, at rate of $2.75
Roond trip ticket! are already ^u nl"
to Baltimore, Philadelphia and New
I C 0 C<?, ARfiit.
Loca' aod Current Corjoi-nts
m m was eclipsed Saturday
Mr .1 K Blauton, of Caroline, was
m the city yesterday.
Mi?* Vire??- Oarml hael la visiting
in Washington.
i b cut dowers f r x -n ??? Leave
ord? rs ,?t Bell & iko's.
Mr J. T. Thornton, of i'.'rt K lyal,
was 10 t \? a yesterday.
Don'I fall to see K T Baker'i stool
Mi - is .Til?n and It ?we England are
.' their homes, In 81
w iti rheumati m
lu th? oounty o mt i?f King ?
1 ?>t week Mrs. Ovveus, charged with
Mr. A Hsnsfotd, wli> lives near
ty, hss knie?! a two )? ?r old hog
that weighed 600 ?numis.
Mr. K. M L'wry, wife aud tw ? lit?
tie children, if Potomao City, were Ic
" 'ppiog
Mr-i W 11 H?llin. of Stud t.i. ami
Miss Lena tieflin, of Oulpeper, were in
I s .? urd i>. ??ri ppiug.
i- entertainment a'
rabernacle Ohumn, in the county, will
26th, at 11 o'ekek
v?f.>rs send
? .1 hn M Griffin ?; id Main
A number of impi ? have
u*e ami Charles
I ?
1'.- f Mix- v Gregg Lett i mer, who i?.
c im ?" ? ?i with a Nr^e Beb? ?1 at 0 im
n 'k-, Masa . ; r tbe h ?11?
Bitfa preaohed at Trinity
pal Church here Sunday Bight,
? M !' R ?we k'.lU-1 f ur !
I if I t:i ' B hi/ ? v ?ru t]
Id, the aggregat? weight ol *
Tbe ? ranla
.'. R v .1 W, Hiokman, will
: ut Tabernacle Church next Suu
? i i y m rnii k* .?' M o'clock.
. i L -e, wh > has been the
t Mies Elisabeth Brander, In
Richmond baa returned to "Highland
Home, " in Stult' ?rd.
Miss Turner, of Wilmington, Del.,
and M eh, i f Frederieksburg,
will -rend Ohristm is with Miss Annie
Tatuiu -Richmond Dispatch.
Mr Hezekiah I1, itta, of Kirg?.
. f ine
county by Judge R 11 L Ohichester
He a.'.i appoint hi? own a-sNtants
Mr J ? Patl p.. of Staff ?r.l, who
has I ? 'i be Free
I was in the
il i a ciller at ?,nr
? v BAoncnra ?.ni wif>.
? is Mexico an
' Mr. and Mr? M Vi
cere, al
. ?i-patch
in fnrnlsh yoo '
M?-. Margaret II- / 1, who died in
Washington Saturday, wa?? one
? ? r that i
'?'. ii ?'? ishing?
t n M - here.
- - at In tbe new R.,
? ?V P Railroad bn?li_'p a~r sa
? ok here Sunday Thereare
?' me v ? ? lu' A ne which
veral weeks to c ?mplete
Y a will find a lange a?s ?rtmeni ol
-? itiooery, el-grant
,it Hall i H ?*k?''?
i nice Xii i? present.
f droegis*? last is?-ne
wp oiuiu d th.? name of Hall? S >n?
1 hii i-* ?in? ' f the oldest and most re?
liable drug firms in Virginia, t?n<l y D
will sre? drug? ?t reas ?nabl* p'i? ? -
f tli- best ?ptlity when y??u vi-if
i'if r?i Dun away will
al Met] . nninga
ol?. r ?0, ?it
--id?'." Laurel. M?i R? v TbomiU
f R?*v. W.
F Dunaway, urd nephe? of Rot. Dr.
lh mas S l'anawny. well ku? wn
ministers of the Baptist Chur ?fa .
?Jjii-re is nothing a true friend will
m ?r* a than a beautifullv
finished Uarbon Photograph of yourself
tbisXmas The Davis Gallery here
oan 'iiak? th? m f??r y;?n Bee their
L.?t Thnrsday night a pretty mar?
riage occurred at ?J? shen Baptist
. hurch, la 8pOtsylvania The contract
i:ig pitties were Mr Charles Talley
and Miss Annie Payn?*, the popnlar
daughter of Commissioner of th?1 I<>v
.' mis P Payne, ail f Bp->tsyl?
vaiii? The ceremony wn? impreusively
Derforn ed by Ktv Joseph F liilling'ly
( i . - ' shoes? ijual $1 50. be
- do n t pay the manufacturer
a price basad oa the expanse of adver?
tising nes all over the Uni?
ted State? : the manufacturer fixing the
retail price we fix our own price.
J. w. Thomas.
Tbe Grand Lodge of Masons.
1 . Grand Lodge of Masons of Vir?
ginia, i?? session in Alexandria la*t
el?-sed Friday night. The
following 1,-rand ? fli ers were ohosea
.??uni* year :
Grand Mester--Qeorge W. Wrii/ht
Deputy Grand Muster?H. O Kerns.
Grand Senior Warden?E N. Eubank.
(irund Jur.iou Warden?T. N. Davis
Gran! Secretary -Dr. G w. Carring
t ?n
('-?aud Treasurer?Fred Pleasants.
(??-and Seni>r Deacon?K. Kemper
Grand Junior Deacon?S J Qninn
At the con.lusion of the election, the
new Grainl Mast.-r, Wright,m ?de the fol?
? app?intmr-nts : Grand Chaplain,
G. II. Hay ; Grand Til r, W 0 Wilkin?
son ; Grand Steward. William Krause.
The installation of the newly elected
Grand Mist-r w?.s performed by the
retirirg Grand Master, R T. W Duke;
the o*her ? llp-er?? were installed at the
request of Grand Mister Wright,by Past
Grand Master William H Lambert, of
Roll of Honor.
The following is the roll of honor for
Massap max publio school, Courtland
District, Spjtsylvania county. No. 'A,
Alys O. Burke, teacher, secoud month
ending December 12:
Mamie Palmer, Lillie Palmer, Annie
Burke, Cora Jones, Mary Smith, Dora
Itobinson, Marguerite Colbert, Estelle
Acoro, Samuel Burke, Eddie Smith,
Kendler Jones and Joseph Acors.
Mr. Romulus M. Sanders to Wed.
Mr and Mrs. M. McLanrine, of
Bdllsville, Powhatan county, Va . have
issued cards announcing the approach?
ing nuptials of their daughter, Miss
M mu? Kebc-coa, to Mr Romulus Min?
ier Sanders, the ceremony to take plaoe
in M nut Moi iah Baptist Church,
Hallsville, on December 20th ?Irving
ton Citizen.
Mr. Sanders was tbe defendant in
the breach of promise suit brought
against him by Miss Gertrude Colemau,
of Caroline, and recently decided fa?
vorably to him in the Court of Appeals. '
Interesting Notes and Personal? Fro
County Beat.
rresp mdenoe of The Free Lai:
Staff ?rd O. h , Va, Dec 16, i?
The third quarterly oonference ?
I Ohnroh S>uth at Antlocb toda
Workmen are reputing an?l pan
the C?mrt ll??use to-day.
Mr .1 R McGregor still con?
very ill at his resideuoe near here
Lieut. Hugh Adie paid the (
Honse a visit to-day on business
Messrs Roy English and W. N
s ?n were here on business Thursda
Henry Wissner, of tho 'Murg, w
driving through upper Btsffotd
Wednesday, had tbe misfortune I
overturned with his dog cart. In w
he was riding It was first tho
some of his rib? were broken, but
correspondent Is gratified to state
although still very sore from his
no bines were broken, and Mr. v\
-till mi deck as the energetic hustl
tin? Enterprise Building Associ?t??
Lut "!.?? ?-? for tri'il o?. county i
for next Wednesday, thai
Commonwealth ?ra Jones, a small
?barged with burglary Th- 0 ?mi
waltti will be represented by g
B, Oi mmonwealth'i Attorney
defense by Messrs Berrey and ?
Judge R H L Obiohester, Bh?
VFamsley. Treasurer Chesley andMei
\riii?tiong, R A. Keid, ? >
.-non ?Iranlnger %
?m bnsines Than
rs .1 ?hn s Martin an l H
Gilbert expect to spend Ohrii
- in Montgomery oosnty, Ml
Th" ladles of Begetter Ohspel
getting up an Bntertsinmsnl t ? be
Christmas nlghl
Mr Jo ? S L . .
His brother, Alex Longhln, f I
Kenn? dy, l'a , piid him a risll
wc-k Scribble!
Notes Frow Tackett s Mill.
' tr? ip n leno I Lin.''
raokett's Mill December 18 1891
t Fanners are hu?y getting up tl
wood, i'"< parat??ry t?i Ohrlsimas
Mr. Walter Beseb, one of Staffn
>m pit she t v ??? K' man .and M
...v, f r r. ; .i. r ?? only, w
toe 17'h. Sunday, at hi
I, bv Rev W .1 H? Ihn
M -- i;?'i.- Armitrong.of WaMjingt
Is visiting Mr W H Berlin and fann
Mr. tti.,1 Mr? Welford Heflia hi
' ? th? ir new hi m*. In Jewi
?V irret ton
!. . A I Cnn i
sermon at K ? k Hill ihurch the Bee
ng thr ?nah tl
..??' t f lb" yon
Mr. Johnnie 11 Bin, of Oulpener, 1
been \i si ting his relatives ,bnl return
boms last Wednesday morning with t
f xpeci - ' :ri ing to spend 1
Christmas His sister, Miss Lens.?
aocompanled him, will stay until afi
the holidays. II
Answer to Problems.
Mr B L M??zingo, of Parnhai
Richmond <? unty, under date of L
c-mbtr 11, has also furnished soluti"
t? th? problems presented In Th.? Kr
mbet BO h, 1890 .
As I have nut seeu solutions to lbs
K'e metrical problems that Mr A.
Chaodbr, Jr , gave you, I offer '-' ai
ask if they ate right. I am no geuint
ncal Boholar, simply a carpenter a?
undertaker, at Farnh-im I g'tlhe f
1 ?wing solutions by my head ; I cut tl
?- Is and they fit all right :
1st Probl? m- I cut ; Il F tl
end ? f the 9x18 inch board ; then c
small b.iurd in 3 iqual parts, 8x4 iocho
placd them length wise by the sii'e
the 9x12 inch board ; filled espace
inch s square.
2ud Problem?I placed a board, Bsi
inchf-s, north and south ; I measure
from west c >rner 4 inohes south ; tht
I f?iutred 8 inches east ; then I square
4 inches s uth ; then I iqnared 3 inch?
east ; then I squared 4 inches south
then I squared 3 inches east to the edp
ol board; then I cut the board In twe
f illowing t.i? 5 right angle linn? frot
we?t to east ; then I slipped the n rt
end of the b^ard.on the east side of th
board that I cot from,and tho-.1 board
fill-d a spjcft 12x12 inches
Another Handsome Residence.
The new residence at the corner o
Charlotte and Prince Edwards streets
the pr? ; ?rty of Mrs Anna P. Green
is about completed. It is one of th
prettiest and most attractive privat?
residences in the city. It is supplie?
with ?11 the modern conveniences, ant
located at a point which commandi
one of the best views of the snrronnd
ing country The building was erected
under the supervision of that up to
dato contractor. Ge-rge W. Wroten,
Baq , and will be occupied lu a few
weeks by Rev, Dr. J S. Dill and
Appoi ntnicntB by Grand Commander Boi?
Grand Commander Stith Boiling ol
the Virginia Confederate camp, has is.
sued a number rf orders among those
cf most intcre-^ are the following:
Thomas Ellett, of Richmond, is ap
poicted adjutant-general, and William
Campbell, of Essex couuty, and E. H.
Barclay, of Lexington, are appointed
aides-de-camp to the Grand Commander
and will be respected and obeyed as
Appointments are announced to fill
vacancies, and to enlarge the regular
cummittes?viz : Cu School History?
R T. Barton,of Winchester, vice John
J Williams,deceased ; John W. Daniel,
of Lynchburg, vice Rev. 8. Taylor
Martin, resigned ; and George L
Ohristain, of Richmond, and John H.
Fulton, of Wytheville. to enlarge oom
mittee. Cu Legislature?John O.
Ewell, of Lancaster, vice John J. Wil?
liams, deceased.
Holiday Excursion Rates. Season 1899-1900.
For the Christmas Holidays the Rich?
mond, Frederieksburg and Potomac
Railroad will sell round trip tickets to
points on its line and to Alexandria
and Washington at reduced rates. Tick,
ets on sale December 22nd, 23rd, 24th
and 25th. and December 80th, 81st, and
January 1st. good going only on date
of sale and for contlnncus passage in
each direction; final limit January 4tb,
1900. O. O Ocx, Agent.
dei-12 janl
Philadelphia has started a movement i
to have the Reputlioan National Com?
mittee make that city its headquarters. '
The House Committal fof Oofl
Justice will soon have before It si
measures Intended to prevent nml
I -pii iully in oases where it is pro
by criminal assault upon w< men
ator Asa Watkins' bill for Mm pa
moni of those guilty of thi? ol
orimsjg is approved by duj men
8 one give it their hearty Indoreei
naying they belic\e the intluti'Oi i
penally provided by it will do m >i
ward tho suppression of infam ?i
sanlt? upon women Iban any i-t. p
v. r taken m tli" s nth < Me obj ?
pointed out to the Watkins bill in
may possibly be found to violate I
Vision of the Constitution
Governor Tyler is taking the d<
interest in the question of ado]
Importan! amendments to the (Join
tin in his judgment ibti is not 1
ti h- accomplished, If rellanos lip
Dpon railing a OOOTODtion The r]
ing interests, ttie GrOvWBOT thinks
defeat inch a propositi n, ib old
snbmltted ? l'lu- p topla The only
way, m ins opinion, is to epp
C in.iii:--im. upon whom shall tu
volved the duty >f submitting t<
V'ters such aiu"iidiiieiitH at ma
deemed Important Thin ??uggestu
not favorably received among son
the pwty l"ad"rs iiiltnenti.il in 000
ling legislation.
I'll?? c immlttee f"r the In
of the charges against the managen
of tha Oonfederate s lidiara' M one
OOmpleted Friday by the naming
tboee from the H MM The B mm I
: pleted ir? i mp sad of Boni
(?pie, of Augusta ; Tuf ami
Delegates Park*, Newborn?, P II
Gregory ami Dupuy. Tbie commi
will arrange for an early meeting, w
the investigation will begin A pi
oaltion for tbe State to tuke charg
the institution will be made, but i
hardly likely t i meet with any fai
The bill whirh is 10 be Introda
proposing to remove the
s'atu? of Gen. It E Lo- from
DTI -"if lita t i it:- 0 ipitol ^-i uare
insed considerable Interest It?,
a ith the h. mi ' pp
The r-ffeol of the bill Inti
-rriK to tax franchi
f oorporatloos as real property is
ready beginning to be felt Frid ty
Richmond Power and Passenger c
pasy, which Is seeking ihe franca
for Ricbm md str? t railways, p dnti
. - .r?? bei o
Ing a law
After brief ? >? ?i at Friday b.
branches of the legi-litute adj >urr
' ut i f reap? cl to tbe memory of ibe l
itor y
.' r B irki il il d 9a tord
? dril i: t SX peel lus anti-tri
lull to be ri'p ?Tted from ?lie Oommiti
on General Laws, v. ? r' D a le, i
?il afler tbe h.did tyi
It is state.1 p -itiv.'Iv now that t
Senate O ?mmiltee on O urts f I ?-t
will rep .rt favorably the nil ab Ushl
the Blgbteeatfa Judicial circuit
li'W-gate Hobard, who has taken
profound Intoreel In tbe " land-gra
bert' " act, offered the following ree
lutinn, which was referred ?
?' Resolved ,by Ihe H?u.e of I) ilegat?
the Senate oincurring, That theSpea
?r of the House of Delegates shall a
point three mmibers of ?he House F
nance O mmittee, embracing the chai
man therer f, nnd that the president
the Senate shall appoint three membe
of the Finance Cominitt-e i f the Bei
ate, embracing the chairman there f,
a j dnt conference OommltteO I
sider the land-grabbers' bill,all imam
mentt thereof, aud sulititutes therefe
and report to both branches of the <?? i
eral Assembly. "
Mr. Murrell introduced a delicquei
1 ?nd law The bill re ijaires direct se
vice of notice that taxes are In arrear
upon resident tax payers, and full put
lished notice to non-residents. It givi
opportunity tor taxpayers to have si
months' extension of time upon shov.
ing valid reason for such extension ; sc
cure positive payment by levy, and re
turn all moneys so collected to owner
except actual taxes and coats.
In other respects, the bill confotm
to the State law on this subject, as de
fined by the Code.
Mr Jennings Introduced a bill, whlcl
proposes to amend section 8 of the reve
nue laws, so as to prevent double taxa
lion on corporations engaged in nier
chandising or manufacturing, and else
to prevent the taxation of capital in
vested in business outside of Virgiuia,
whether tuch investment be repre
sented by a share of stock or other?
Mr Buntin introduced a bill which
will prove of interest to the country
people. It provides for permanent im?
provement of roads by the ooonties un?
der State system and control so that the
leading highways of the State may be
put in proper ?shape for continuous lines
of travel. It prov'des for the Issue of
county bonds to the extent of an Inter?
est-bearing rate, which shall not exceed
one half the cost of the present road
system, except upon vote or petition of
the people of the several counties. It
al'O provides for a State road board, to
be composed of the St .te official?, and
for a State road commissioner. The
id 'a of having a State system is, that
counties mav build roads for continuous
travel instead, as may now be done, on
transverse lines,thus oouferring greater
benefits than can now be obtained.
By Mr. Mathews : To allow John W.
Taylor to erect a wharf or pier on
Watt's bay, Acomae oonnty.
Tbe following house bill? were passed :
To authorize the Board of Supervisors
of Rappahannock county to appropriate
$l2b out of the county funds of said
county to assist in repairing Waterloo
bridge, in Fauquier county.
To quiet the title to that certain lot
in the city of Winchester, known as
the Old Oathclio Oemetery, and to pro?
vide for the removal of the remains in?
terred therein and the sale of said lot.
For Over rifty Year?
Mrs. Wlnslow'B Soothing Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by mil?
lions of mothers for their ohildren
while teething, with perfect suooeas. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all puins, cures wind colic, and
Is the best remedy for Diarrhoea I
will relieve the (?vor little sn'f^ret lm
mediately Sold by Druggists in every I
part of the world Twenty-fivo cent? j
a bottle. Bj sore and ask for ' Mrt i
WinViow'j Soothing Synp, "
MIO Main Street.
itsstWAa's Old ?Staud
Ju?l received FULL LIME
F.?r Christmas trade, ami itivit?. your
attention to I.??MOST PRIUJfeJ to bS
foond in town for
I irs-Class Goods.
Nu", Fresh Prenota Candy, Be pound.
?Hick Candy, Drops, Etc., Bo pound.
Obooolste Crops, 19 .?? pouud.
Peppermint '. singes, 12a pound
Mixed Nuls, Its pound
? ringer Bosps, 5c pound.
Onset Orsckers isalted), Be pound
Maooaroni 8o.
DolIs&Toys all Prices.
The fruots have nude heavv advances
we -till have them at old prices.
Paper 8 and 4o quire
Knvil??pea 3o package
Ink Ho. bottle
Cl 'thes l'ins lo. di'7.-n
t > buy your Shoes, Tinware and Gro?
cries ?f every kind.
Sp>oial InducemsntS to Churches and
Sunday Schools.
iSi-hree's Old Stand.)
Is It True?
- I hut In .?? I. late
i-al must c?mplete and in??.? elikmiitly ills
-'?., k ol I \N? V \Nli STA II.K. t.HH
ci.ltlK.?- evi i shown In Kr
didn't believe it untl I san the? I t
'Seeing is Believing.'"
?i.? nf you? s|
M .i. p i- .? i, -ir.
\nias Candies for Sunday
Candies For All !
U>- tie) s Lorainand Ora Boys
i \ intends, Bui :? r A,
SU?* III! '? I I'l 1
I ?1 all hi? ? i -
i i, Mixtures tr.ou iu- ?.?
. Mall hi : II i o Mixtures, P a'.K-d.U
hii?I Twisted, I'lHin sod Kancy, Coeoanut.
I'eanut and Ch.late liars. Bon linn?, all
irrades. Marnhiiialli'WB. ??urn l?ri?|is, ?'ara
. don't
Canned Goods in Stacks.
romstoea. Malos
in i >> !: ?fe. Whit?
? Bei rie? Col. Peach? s. Crawl.?i?i
Bu? cotash, I.m?a
rrlei S?rawb*jrries. Bar? y June
?M?ti ?i ?i??? ? i'? ??. i ran? n Pi t?. Heins link- .i
? ? an?. ni -t?-r Bai Aspara? ??? Apricots, Ha?-t
.? tt cal. Pears, Pin? ?pp ? ?. Pumpkin, Om
(.air?- P
Everything in Preserved (?oods
Mince Meat thai makes Good
Fruit Cake.
i. trouble to cook it yourself, uni? ?s
you want to. W? have it RBAOTMADB.
Hut il you will raak. . *?? inn -? .
you ?lu-Mil. fine Citron, white ami Leghorn.
??raiii/e Hn?l I emoo 1'i-elliiifS, Kslsln?, *?? ?I? I
u i ?n i??ii Layers Muscatel and Valen
rranta, cleaned and Waihed, I'ate?,
Kur? and Kx tract i of every name
i mrs snd Butter, Bottom ??f tbs
Pi? not buy until you s?'?
?mi line and g?-t our prices.
The Modern Grocery,
W, L. Burriiss,
Phone 1.
S?*nd for our Catalogo?*.
A Coming Wedding
Mr. Audrey Bowie, son of the late
Oapt. Henry day Bowie and a nephew
of Judge Daniel A. Giimsley.wlll wed
Miss Strlngfellow, second daughter of
Mrs. Laurence Stringfellow, of Elk
wood, Oalpeper oounty. on Thursday
at Brandy Station. Mr. Bowie former?
ly resided at Gulpeper.but is at present
located at Alexandria, Va , in the em?
ploy of the Southern Railway Com?
Attorney General Montague has been
notified that Judge Prentiss in the
Circuit Court of Accoraac, has rendered
a decision in favor of the Common?
wealth in the case against William El
linger establishing the State's conten?
tion that the celebrated grant of the
fish commissioner of tidal water ground
to tbe Fox I-land estate was illegal,
and therefore null and void The
grant was made several years ago by
Dr. J. W 1'owil? in. the State Fish
Commissioner. The grant included
about 2,700 acres of oyster ground. It
was claimed tbat Mr. Ellinger took lo
much more territory than was contem?
plated by tho original grant. The
Legislature of 1897-'98 dlreoted Attar?
ney-Uenery Montague to institute pro?
ceedings to cancel the grant.
Twenty-five Years' Constant Use Without
a Failure.
Tbe first indication of cronp is
hoarseness, and in a child subject to
that disease it may be taken as a sure
sign of the approach of an attack. Fol?
lowing this hoarseness Is a peculiar
rough cough. If Chamberlain's Oough
Remedy Is g*iven as soon as the child
becomes hoarse, or even after the
cronpy cough appears, it will prevent
the attack. It Is used In many thousands
of homes in this broad land and never
disappoints the anxious mothers We
have yet to learn of a single ?nstanos
in which it has not proved effeotual
No other pr?paration can show soch a
reoord?twenty-five years' constant use
withont a fallare. For sale by M. M.
Lewis, Druggist
Prince William county, in whioh was
held Virginia's first normal school In
1877, wants one of the sommer normals
next year. The sohool officials of the
?0-satJ have written Dr. Southall,State
superintendent of public instruction,
setting forth the advantages offered by ?
Prince William for the locatioa cf such
a school.
Thanksgiving Pleasures
'in driving may be marred by a horse that shies.but
Ifjj the timid driver can feel secure when he is seated
' :> .. ?; in one of our reliable Buggies. Their perfect con
?struction, light and easy-running gear, luxurious
upholstery and finish, as well as their new and up
fcj; y to-date designs, make them comfortable, stylish
v.'.^^JfT SB? and 8afe?and render them general favorites wit
^??c-r. everyone.
Besides onr regalar line of Dry Goods, Notions, Fancy Goods, House Furnishing Goods,
Millinery Goods, Men's Suits,Boys' Suits, Men's and Boys' Overcoits, Hoys' Reefers, Ladies'
and Children's Wraps, Trunks, &o? its have Bundre-ds of useful articles that would be highly
appreciated by your friends as Christmas Presents.
T. N. Brent
C This is a very popular little SHELLER, especially for those c
0 who do not rais9 large crops. Price is very reasonable. *
R Can sell you a fine Double Sheller for more money. Call or ,
N write to us. c
Remember Our "Success" Air
Tight Wood Heaters, best made.
Bed Room Suits,
At Old Prices.
Remember us when you are on the.
lookout for Bargains in Housefurnishinji
Goods. Wholesale and Retail.
W. A. BELL & BRO.,
Christmas at BRANNAN'S.
Finest display of Finest Goods ever displayed in Fredericksburg._
Flavoring Extracts and everything that heart could wish, all of which were bought for you.
See our stock, get our juices and be convinced as we are that?" It Pays to Buy the Best.''
\ A / A IV I -T" r~ |?\ Everyman and woman that visits Fredericksburg for
VV /"A I N I I?- I?/ . ? "pleasure or business to visit our store and see the BAR
(?A IN S and Newest Goods for Fall and Winter in
Cloaks, Capes and Furs. Blankets and Flannels. Silks for Waists. Near
Silks for Linings from 12*c. up.
for the Fall is one of the largest that has ever been shown in town. Come
and look for yourselr at
A Virginia Legislator Has the Small
Richmond, Va., Deo 17 ? Delegati
Newberne, of Norfolk oounty, has i
case of small-pox and has been sent t<
the smallpox hospital The presiden
of the Board of Heolth says Mr. New
berne has been oomplaining for severs
days, but the disease did not nunifes
itself nntll yesterday. Mr. Newbern?
was quartered at one of the down
town hotels. His case Is pronounce?!
mild, and his physician says he Is do
lug well It Is believed that Mr. New
berne contracted the disease in Porti
month, where he had been on a vlsil
home, and only returned Friday. Mr.
Newberne was the first member of th<
Legislature nominated In the recenl
rampai un There are no other cases ol
smallpox here.
Accomac Hogs.
The Peninsula Enterprise of Satur?
day says :
''Many fine porkers hare been killed
this season, but Mr. Geo. D. Wise, of
Metompkln, is in the lead so far. He
slaughtered one this week, weighing
8:10 pounds. A pen of five of Mr. Wil?
liam B. Oroxton. near Aocomao O H,
weighing 710. 517, 428, 399 and 848
pounds, 2,401 pounds in the aggre?
gate, makes him a olote second in the
raoe for big hogs, ' '
During the past week about 800,000
pounds of loose tobacco was sold in Pe?
tersburg, Va. The highest prioe ob?
tained was |29 a hundred pounds. The
reoeipts of loose tobaoco for the past
two or three weeks hare been the larg?
est known In Petersburg for a number
of years.
A Pittsburg inventor says that he
has constructed a receiver for use in
wireless telegraphy whiob may make
possible sending message across the
Sunday last Lieut. Thomas M Brum?
by, Admiral Deway's fl ig 1 ?uteuant at
Manila, died at UarfleM Hospital or
typhoid fever, af<t-r a long illness. Ha
WM a Georgian by M-th and about 44
years old.
Jefferson Davis' Old Home.
A party of Confederate veterans re?
cently paid a visit to Beauvoir, the
Jefferson Davis homestead in Mississ?
ippi It is said that the object of tbe
visit was to look over the property
with a view to purchasing it to estab?
lish an industrial farm for Confed?rate
soldiers and their families. The tract
oonsists of 1,000 acres, bat only 100
acres are cleared.
Fattor Receives a Call.
Roanoke, Deo. 17 ?Rev. James Ar?
thur, pastor of the Seoood Presbyterian
Ohuroh, of this city, has been
tendered a formal call to the
pastorate of the Seoond Presbyterian
Church of Chattanooga, Term. Mr.
Arthur is a native of Ireland, and has
been here for three years.
Large Mineral Output.
The report of the ?State Geologist of
Alabama indicates that the minorai
output of that State for tbe present
year will be the largest in its history.
It is believed tbat tbe total production
of coal for the year will exceed 7,500,
000 tons; pig iron, 262,801 ton?; iron
ore. 673.845 tons.
The Philippines.
Maj. Marsh, of the Thirty-third In
Infanty, has given up the pursuit of
Aguinaldo in the mountains of North
General Otis in a dispatch from Ma?
nila reports another uprising iu Negros
At its session in Detroit on Saturday
the Federation of Labor condemned the
Shipping Subsidy bill.
Blacksm-th &
Wheelright Wanted
I want to emplo? a It'A? K.SMITH and
WHBBLBIOHr For further information
apply to
1? Ooriiln's, Y a.
Wheat, 63 to 70 ; oorn,83 to 35, meal 90
to 100 per 100 pounds ; oats, 85 to 30 ;
fowls (live), 6 to ?H ; turkeys dressai!,
9 to 10; live. 6 to 8; ohlckens,
6>.j to 7 ots. per lb. ; lard, 7
to 8 ; eggs, 16 to K ota. ; butter
12 to 20; hams, 10 to 11 %, Irish
I potatoes, ?5 to 65 ; beef, 8 to 8W? ; real
4 to 1%; Pork, 4 to 1%; hides
I (green),6 to 7 ?hides (dry),8 to 10 ?hides
1 (green) salted, 7 to 9.
Wool?Unwashed, 19 to 20; washed,
22 to 20.
The drain Harkst.
The grain markets dosed yeat?r<lay
as follows :
Ohloago?Wheat, Dec. 6?7,'; Maj
69^ ; Corn. Deo 10^ ; Deo. oats, MU.
New York?Southern wheat, 70 to
72 ; Southern oorn, 39 t > 40.
Baltimore?Southern wheat, 68 to 78;
Southern oorn, 35 to 38.
Richmond-Wheat, 65 to 76j oorn,
; 38 to 40.
Alexandria-Wheat, 60 to M ; oorn,
Gents' Furnishing Qoods
My Stock is now complete In every ?tapaiV
ment, consisting of the latast styles and best
fabrics from French, English, Scotch and
American manufactures, selected with ths
greatest oars with the view to supply ths
wants and taut* of trtry roano??r. arvary
thine, at
Mod Piicos and SaUsIacUoi
Also (un Uns of Osnu Furnishing Qoods
such as Dretjt Shirts, Night Shirts, Drawers,
?Dollars. ?Duffs. Oloves, Suspenders, Scarfs,
Ties, Silk and Linen BAnds^re-iats, Half
Hose, Scarf Pins, Cuff and Collar Bottons.
Watch Ohaini ?and Charms, Bilk, Alpaca ans?
Qinebam Umbrellas, 4o.
<_?" Call and ?Ttpn?r?t ?-an- ????*?

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