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T?/ittzz& ivmi?BL
Covers more than thirty counties
In the ist, 3r.l, 7th aud Sth Con?
gressional Districts, ami goes to
xubscribers at nearly 500 postoffices.
Subscription $1.50 Per Tear in Advance.
., , 1 -=*
For any sisea ad. 1 Insertion 50e. per Inch
'nd ?c per Inch for each subsequent inser?
1,000 inches of display advertisement for
SlCa, used at advertiser's option, in any sized
sp*oe, matter or space changed as often a?
<? os i rod.
Heading; Notloes lOo. per lino first Insertion
ee. per line for ce h suitaoijuont one.
Obituario* or Koligtous Notices of enter?
tainments, Ac, charg-od for at one-half ratos.
Letters recommending candidates for office
must be paid for.
The treaty dealings with Great
Britain have become so complicated
that the busy man and reader of
average intelligence has not had the
time or inclination to grapple with
the question. Yet it is one of so
grave importance to this country
that the U.S. Senate is giving it
days of serious consideration, and
the whole of English political circle?
it watching the termination with al?
most breathless interest. As the
?object is one over which there is like
ly yet to be great diplomatic trouble
every ready should have more than
a superficial understanding of the
?nbjeet, so we will endeavor to place
it in a simple and intelligent light to
oar readers, at the same time being
Previous to the past year the only
treaty between Great Britain
and this government, touching upon
the subject of an isthmian canal was
the old one known as the Clayton
Balwer treaty. During the year our
Secretary, Hay, and the English
minister, Pauncef )te, drafted a new
treaty to supplant the old one, and it
is this new treaty which is now be
ing so mercilessly boffetted by a Rt
publican Senate.
The following will show the dif?
ference between the Olayton-Bulwer
and the Hay-Pauncefote treaties upon
the oanal snbjeot ;
Clayton-Bol wer 1 Hay Treaty.
Treaty- Arttole L-It Is
Artiole 1. ? The'agreed that the oa
GovernmeDUof the aai mty be oon
(Jolted States and uructed under the
Great Britain here- auspices of the
by declare that Government of the
neither the one nor United States, el
the other will ever,ther directly at its
obtain or malntain|owa cost.or by Rift
for itself any exclu-or loan of money
?ive control over t0 individuals or
the satd ship canal ; oorporat i on s or
? ? * neither will through subscrip
ever erect or main- tion to or purchase
tain any fortifica- Uf etook or shares,
tions commanding And that, subject to
the same, etc. I the provisions of
Article III ? The the present conven
persons employed^ion, the said Gov
in making the saio ernment shall have
oanal, and thelt ?nd enjoy all the
property * ? * shell jrtghu incident to
be protected * ? ? such construction,
by the Govern-?M wen as the ex
ments of the Unit- elusive right of prc
ed States and Great aiding (or the reg
Brltatn from un- nlation and mao
jojt detention, oon agement of the
fiscatlon, seizure or oanal.
any violence what- Art. II., Sec 7 ?
soever. No fortifications
Art V? Thecon-lahall be erected
traoting parties commanding the oa
further engage that n?l or the waters
when the said canal adjacent. TheUnit
ahall have been Jed States, however.
completed they will
protect it, etc
shall be at liberty
to maintain inch
military poll oe
along the oanal as
may be necessary
to protect it against
lawlessness and dis?
There is a great contention, and
with sincere honesty a difference of
opinion as to the binding qualities of
the old treaty, some contending that
Great Britain has upon numerous
occasions broken the terms of it,and;
therefore, it is no longer binding up.
on us. The Hay treaty does not
seem to meet with any more favor at
the hands of those who take this
view, and they have already mutila*
ted it considerably in the Senate. The
chances are that Great Britain will
not accept it in the shape in which
it will come from the Senate's hands
Nearly all agree, thongh, that Secre?
tary Hay was out-generaled in bis
negotiations with the British minister.
As much as The Free Lance de?
sires to see the isthmian canal con?
structed we do not think that the
United States should do the work and
then give to Great Britain and other
nations equal rights therein, loth
of the treaties seek to do this, and
it ii because of this that the Hay
treaty will not be ratified by the
. Senate in its original form. Nor are
we prepared to say that this govern?
ment should go ahead, construct and
fortify the oanal, nolens volens. To
do this latter would mean a throwing
of the gauntlet at the feet of not only
England but of the other Powers,too.
Thi Frki Lanc? has no case of
tremors when the lion.roars, nor yet
ii it at all inclined to Anglophobia,
bnt here an idea presents itself whioh
may have come to others, bnt we
have as yet seen no suggestion of it,
and that is to effect a new treaty with
England in whioh it is agreed that
inoaseof war with that country,
only, the oanal is to be considered
as nentral territory. We do not be?
lieve that we should ever be called
upon to earry out these terms, as the
time has passed when there is danger
of the two great Anglo-Saxon races
elashing. At the same time it will
encourage England to accept an
amended treaty and pave the way to a
construction of the water-way. Other?
wise we will have to deal independ?
ently with every power who may
declare Interest in the matter and
also enter into new negotiations with
Costa Riea and Nicaraugua with no
guarantee of a renewal of conces?
DiW*t evidently doesn't propose j
in mtk he-tiled un this Christmas.
The census returns relativo to ag?
riculture have not yet been tabulated
and published. Tue work i? of such
magnitude that it may be some time
before tho results become available.
These retaros will be of int?r?t to
the farmer?, acd doubtless they will
derive much valuable information
fr m them whon given to the public.
It is not premature, however, to
predict that the retorna will show
that farming has Dot kept pace with
the progress made in other branche"
of business, and the chief reason is
that farming is not as remunerative
as seme other industries.
Tuen, too, there seema to be a lack
of concert of action among this class
of our population. Mou engaged in
manufacturing or commercial enter?
prises of un combine for the purpose
of proniotimg their mutual interests,
but it seetns almost impossible for
farmers to combiue to accomplish
any desired policy. The result i8
that the other industries are often
successful in securing legislation
favorable to them while the poor
farmer is left to fight the battle of
life unaided and alone.
This is discouraging, and it is uot
surprising that young men of merit
forsake the farms and migrate to the
cities to seek their fortunes. With
the glittering inducements of a pros'
Porous city life before him the ener?
getic young man is not content with
a competency on the farm. The cen?
sos show stbat the cities are rapdly
being populated while there is a de?
cline in the rural districts; and the
most discouraging phase of the situ
tion is that this is true even in the
best and most prosperous agricul?
tural States?viz: the New Eagland
State?, New York and Pennsylvania.
The tide of population is sweeping
to the cities. Agriculture is being
neglected. Tnis is a deplorable con
ditloa of affairs. It must be reme?
died. How? is a serious and diflV
cult question. It is quite certain
that the Eastern farmers cannot
competo with the farmers of the
West in producing the staple crops
nor with the stock raisers on the
rich lands of the trane-Mississippi.
They must diversify their ciops and
improve their lands and change their
methods of cultivation. Our farmers
cannot continue cultivating their
worn-out lands with any degree of
success. There is money in farming on
rich 1 mds.and our farmers will never
better their condition uctil tbey de?
vote more time to the improvement
of their farms, and adopt the most
approved system of cultivation.
The population of this country is
steadily increasing and the farmers
would find profit in devoting more
attentiou to fruit raising and stock,
poultry, the dairy and the bee cul?
ture would prove sources of revenue
to the farmers. There is no prescrib?
ed rule, however, to suggest. One
thing is very evidtnt?the farmer
cannot lely any longer solely upon
wheat and corn. He must use
bis head as well as his mcecl", and
by so doing the industrious and in'
telligent farmer may discover many
ways to improve his condition.
The alleged hazing of Cadet Booz
at the West Point Military Academy,
which,it is paid,caused bis death, has
created quite a stir among the au'
thorities and the indications are tuat
the matter will be thoroughly sifted
It is high time that a stop sbonld be
put to such bestial barbarity which
is a blot upon civilization. This in?
humas act should be fully investi?
gated and the severest punishment
inflicted upon the participants if dis?
covered. Besides the disgrace of
such brutality all institutions of
learning where hazing is practiced
soffdt to some extent financially. We
trust the practice may be speedily ex?
The drift of the hobo fraternity is
the Central Ameriea.Numbers of them
are said to be migrating there from
this country, and one good thing is
that once there they never get back
la Nicaragua and Costo Rico life is
said to be especially easy for an ablet
bodied man who possesses an aver?
sion to working and who is not par?
ticular about his environments. This,
of course, is a great inducement to
the hoboes, and numbers of them are
infesting those places. 0 ur riddance
is that country's burden.
The indications are that Uncle
Sam will have to send an entire fleet
to Turkey to gobble up that Arme?
nian indemnity.
Durino Xmas people should bear
in mind Sam Jones' famous remark :
"The only way to handle a demijohn
is to keep on the outside of it."
Great Britain is also in search of
a Christmas turkey. We advise her
to percolate her solicitations through
the foghorn of a battleship.
The little fellows are joyfully hop?
ing that "Santa" and "Kris" will
both make Xmas calls.
Some of the boys and girls will, ere
long, regret that they have outgrown
the Kris Kringle class.
"Kid" McCov, the divorced pu?
gilist, will get a new wife for a Xmas
Thr foreign press regards Ameri?
can interests as "jingoism."
The extra session of the Legltlatnre
will be boty. The members tay It will
be Impossible to reitriot its work.
Oapt. Asa Rogers, of Petersburg, has
been appointed Internal revenue col
lector for the Second district of Vir?
The new Cnlpeper National Bank
building is about ready for occupancy.
Tbe nrw Masonio Temple, to oott
about $12,000, is nearlog oompletion at
Culpe per.
Lloensed to marry In Washington :
K >t>ert Elgin, of Loudonu oonnty, and
Liura Oochran, of Fauquier oonnty.Va.
The long distance telephone whioh
will pnt the lower counties on the sooth
side of the Ruppahannock in dlreot
commnnioation with Norfolk will soon
be oompleted.
A handsome building,oosting 125,000,
is to be built In Riohmond, for the
Virginia Merchante'? Institute. The
late Major Lewis Glnter left $10,000 to
this institution at hit death.
Mr. Richard Coats, aged about 05
years, resldtug near Folly Mills, in
Richmond oonnty, hat broken out with
a well developed case of smallpox A
strict quarantine has been established.
Mrs Senator T. S. Martin, of Vlr
gluia, hat ltt>ued cardt for a tea on
Wednetday, Jauuary It, a the Gordon,
Washington, when she will pr?tent her
young titter, Mist Day, of Smlthtleld,
to Washington society.
In one of the apanely settled portions
of Madison county, for grossly insult?
ing a white woman, a negro, before
getting to the magistrate to be tried,
wat given by a party of white men 50
lathes ou hit bare back.
W. H Johnton is loading the tohoon
er Maria Aibby. Oapt. Van Wagner, at
Port Royal, Rappahannock river, with
2:10 walnut logs This is the fifth oar
go he has shipped from this river slnoe
May 1st.?Northern Neck Newt.
Capt. Wm. Somert butchered a few
fine porkers l?verai days ago. Weight
of teveu. as followa: 716, 508. 679.60?.
184, 470 and 84t> lbs. Total, 1,881 lb?.
Three averaged CdO-',. lbs eaoh. Five
averaged 578 2 5 Ids each.? Accomao
The attendance at lome of the colored
schools here with white teaohen ii
very tmall, but our School Board Is
sticking to its rule not to recognize a
boycott, and will keep all schools open
regardlest of the number Of pupil* on
the roll?Oak Grove Cor., Nor. Neok
Mrt Charlet E. Booth, a paperbanger
of Richmond, will In the near future
come Into pottettlonof a fortune cf fl,
000.000 or more. The property comes by
direct bequett from Dr. E 0. Jayne.
the famous proprietary medlolne manu
facturer, to Mrt. Booth, bit nleoe, and
her ohildren.
The Hotel Obamberlln at Old Point
will be by order of Judge Waddill open?
ed January 1, under the management
of W. Butler Dunoan. Jr., receiver
The hotel will be told February lit
Thit was ordered by Judge Waddill in
the oase of the Knickerbocker Trust
Company, of New York, againit the
Hampton Roads Hotel Company.
Last Tuesday n'ght was the regular
time for the election of officers of Ir
vington Lodge No20.">.I O. O. F. The
following were eleoted for the next six
months: Noble Grand, Roy (iouldman,
Vice Grand, T. R. Mason ; Recording
Secretary,E. W. brewlngton; Financial
Secretary, W. R. Rowe; Treasurer, J.T
Rllee; Chaplain, Jno. W. Hundley.
Virginia Citizen.
Mist Annie Wyatt, the~saletwoman
and popular Snnday-tchool teacher .sent
to jail In Riohmond, last '.week for
ninety days tor petit larceny ?willprcb
ably be pardoned by Gov. Tyler. Great
pressure is being brought to bear ou
tbe Executive to exerotse olemenoy, on
the ground that the girl It a kleptoma?
niac, and it la almoat certain he will
take favorable action. Mlat Wyatt de?
nies tbe theft.
Miss Alioe Fauntleroy.of King and
Queen, has been visiting at Judge T.
R B Wright's and Mrt. Wm D. Car
ter, of Fredericktburg, it expected on
today's boat to visit st the same place.
? * Mr. J. Bunnell, ton of Mr. A. J
Bunnell, of Spotiylvanla county, it on
a visit to bit litter, Mrs. T. J. Green,
near this plaoe. * * Rev Rlohard Bag.
by and wife, of Louisa connty, are
visiting at Hotel Bagby.?Tidewater
The Boert invaded Cape Oolony.
Cleveland, O., wat vitited with a
11,000,000 fite.
Proposait to bntld the new warship
are in exoett of fundt.
f The Boers have raided Cape Oolony
at two separate points.
Thirty rebelt were oaptured Monday
four miles from Manila.
A meeting was held In Ohloago this
week to take steps to prevent strikes.
The mosquito fleet hat been ordered
from Hampton Roads to tbe Philippine!.
It It laid the Armenians and Kurds
are about to rite in revolt against Tor
Preliminaries for the inauguration
of Pretideot McKinley are well under
Over $11.000,000 a week it the official
ettimate for onr national expenditnres
In 1902.
John D Rookefellow hat made another
gift of $1,500,000 to the University of
It now appears that GeneralJOIements'
entire troce had a narrow escape from
capture by the Boers at Nooitgedaoht.
The Americans attacked the Fili?
pinos, killing twelve and wounding
many. Three Amerloant were wonnded.
The thanksgiving service which it
was proposed to hold In London to
oelebrate Lord Roberts' return and the
end of the Sonth Afrioan war hat been
A number of Weit Point cadets testi?
fied before the Booz inpulry commission
regarding htzing at the academy, which
they oonaidered mild and mainly "oor
reotive" lnoharaoter.
Several hundred blaok soldiers of the
Wett India Regiment engaged in a riot
in Jamatoa Many civilians were seri?
ously Injured and taken to hospitals.
The soldiers are Insubordinate and their
offloert are defied.
U. S. Senator Sullivan,of Miatlttlppl,
and Mrs Atkint, of Washington, were
married notwithstanding a pending
snit Instituted by a Mississippi lady
against the senator for $50,000 for al?
leged breaoh of promise to marry.
The taking of testimony in the case
of Oscar L. Booz, the West Point cadet,
who died from injuries whioh hit pa?
rent! allege were Inflloted at the Wett
Point Military Academy, Is in progrett
by the hoard of inquiry. The cadete
deny any brutality.
Another tevere battle, resulting in a
Brltlah victory, It reported. The fight?
ing lasted several boors The Boert,
who numbered from 1,500 to 3,000
men, were turrounded at the Orange
river, and defeated with heavy lostet
In killed and wonnded. A cumber of
Boers were captured.
Mrs. Faonle L. Rioketts, widow of
Gen. jr. B. Rlokettt, U. 8. A., said to)
be the only woman prisoner ever held
in Libby prison, died at her home in
Washington recently. She shared the
hardships of the field with her husband
in the Civil War. was taken prisoner
with him and voluntarily accompanied
him to Llbby.
Miss KHz* Honey dud Saturday at
the home of h?r brother, Mr. v\
Honey, in BtasTord. i?K<'d '" years
Mrs. Uarrlo Bookman died Bet
night at her humo at Hritptly station,
Oulpeper oounty, after a protracted 111
Oapt Walter Bowie, died Monday at
his homo in Btohmond, aged 69 years
He was burn st <' 1"-' Polol Weal
land enmity Us wont to Rtobm ?od la
H ?nrv O. H wie, a yeosnen In the
r s Navy, died last week at the Nur
folk navy yard H? was 14 nephew if
Judge D. A. Grimsloy, < f Oalpeper
Steel riato Pool
Negotiations t\r? ofl fot t f r the for?
mation of a pool by 11 large Itl el plate
manufacturing establishment! Am mg
the concerns are the damped? Bteel
Dompinr, the lllino'i Bteel fj nspeny
the Federal Steel Outiipanv, the Lenken*
Steel Company, the National Bteel
Company and the A aerloan Bteel and
Wire Company
Johnson ?V Oo 's peper bei factory in
Richmond, was burned Friday night
Loss 17.000.
ror Over Fifty Tears
Mn. Wlnslow's Soothing ^yrrci: has
been used for over fifty yeurs by i>ii!
llous of mothers fat their children
while teething, with perfe.
soothes the oh Hit, softens the gnini
allays all pains, raras wind oolio, and
Is the bost remedy for Diarrhoea, it
wtll relieve the pour little stiff?--r Im
mediately. Bold by Druggists in every
part of the world Twenty-fivi
a bottle. Besare and ask fot 'Mv*
Winslow'? ano
take no other kind
Seuator Hoar introduced a bill mak
ing train rubbery In the Uuited States
Ud Its i .?int.?rien punishable with death
The bill plaolng Representative
Charles A Houtelle (Mili.e) on the re?
tired list of the navy ss a oaptato was
The H DM Committee on Census re
potted favorably thn Hopkins Reap
portloomeat bill, which leaves the
roemb?<r?hip of thn Hou?p ;?.'>7 but rear?
ranging Stute delegations.
Today the House defeated the hill
giving preference to soldiers of the
Civil, Spanish and Philippine wars in
the mat tar of appoint assit and reten
lion of positions in the eieontlve de
BftHatOt Daniel introduced a bill au?
thoring lbs President to sehot from
tin? brig id 1er ?generals of volunteer two
i moors without rcK*rd to age and sp
point them brigadier-general? in the
it army for the purpose of planing
lb? m on the retired h?t This it in
i tended to provide for Generals James
II Wilson and Fitzhngh Lee.
Amerin t and Russia lead in feeding
hungry Chinese.
France will return all looted goods to
China except material of war.
A muddle siletS in China over the
qoettton of the pence terms beiug Ir
re?i cible.
Boftland Ii disputing a point with
Japan and it i? probable that peace
negotatioa will be delayed.
It is suspected that Great Britain
and Germany are deliberately seeking
lay the Chinese settlement
Mr. Cleveland Says Democracy Must
Return to First Principles
The Atlanta Journal published an In?
terview with ex-Prendent Cleveland
in which he It quoted st sayiug :
"In my opinion the great netd of the
Democratic party it a return to ti ft
principles. The Democratic party li-?
not been fatally disorganize!, but it
sadly needs rehabilitation on purely
Democratic lines.
"Wnat It the matter with the putt -
It has, in my bnmble judgment,simply
wandered off after strange gods A
large mass of Democratic voters saw thi?
before the last eleotion. They remained
qtlet, bat when the time came to fots
they said: 'This It not Democracy,'anl
refuted to topport it.
?'As I see it, it is the duty of Dem >
orats everywhere to aid lu the rehabn -
tation, < f tbe party. There are son -
signs ( f an Insistence upon the MOt
of a return to Democratic doctrines in
the South, bnt they are not so geaei 1
at I would like to ?oa
"What of the future?,'wat asked
"With a sincere return to Its old-time
doctrines,"Mr. Cleveland replied, "toe
old-lime victories of the Demur ii
party will certainly be won."
Constitution Convention.
The Democratic party of Virginia, in
convention assembled al Norfolk,pledged
itaelf to exeroiie the greatest pniNiMe
economy lu the matter of tbe convention.
Besides, the people teem determined to
send at delegate! to that body men of
ability and high oharacter, and if thai
coarse be generally followed tbe pabilo
may be tare that the pledge of tbe party
as to the framing of a new Constitu?
tion, will be sacredly observed.? Bit h
It it now said the administration hn*
almost given np hope of securing the
piyment of the Armenian indemnity
from Tnrkey.
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Wraps You
Must Have
Is fixed to supply the want at almost ridiculous
prices. For insance -
HlaoW Cloth D ?ubi" Cipps, fur
an<l braid trimmed. legular Oftf
$1 60grade, only.. . f*J*"?
Black Cloth. D .uble Capet,
regular $2.18 grade, at.
Black Cloth, Double Capes, regu?
lar $:i.50 grade, onr ptic".
Black A-tnchan Capes, grod
long on?-H, Fnr trimmed ari nod
collar, cheap at $8 80. Our
pi Ice.
Black A-.tr, chan Capes, Fur
trimmed an urd c liar and
d iwn both sides of front.
ayofjld t?e cheap at $2.95. Cur
price for these Is.
I 45
Plain Plash Capes at $1.5!). Braided
Plush Capes st $1 75.
Braided Silk Plush Capet,double
lmed,cheapat$4 50 Our price 3*^5
Real Silk Plush Capet, plain
goods, but g< i d quality, worth , _,.
|t 50 Our price. ?5 5U
A lot of Hindsomely Braided
Plui-h Oapes, good double lin- . _~
log, worth $?.00. Our price 4.5U
A lot < f Extra Long Silk
Plus i Capes at $6 75,
7 25 and 8.50 Each.
One lot of blsck jackets at $2 45 each.
One lot of black jackets at 18.56 esob.
Om lot of black jackets, lined all
through with good nieio-rfzed salteen.
(Jar tpeotelty, at $1 I 0
One lot extra g?>* d quality black
jacked at $7 $8
Tan and Castor Jackets.
lot. lined all thrnogh, at $5 50.
These :ne extra go. d for tbe price.
One lot extra gr:od Castor Jackets,
cheap at 18.86 Our price $7 88.
Li.is <>f Loiter goods if yon wsnl
them, either black or colored jackets.
Thene very stylish, niefol wraps are
here in good styles,made with the yok
or hood at
4 39,5 50 7 00,
See Them.
This is to be a great Wrap Sale from now until
Christmas. G -1 your share.
Department Store,
Christmas Neckwear.
Newest Pattern and Latest Style.
To Seo ThiH Une \H to 113wy,
The T. N. BRENT Store
For Choice Styles in Dress Goods, Millinery, Ladies'and
Children's Wraps, Men's and Boys' Clothing, and Bargains in
Men's, Ladies' and Children's Winter Underwear, Flannel h,
Blankets, Etc. The most complete stock in this section of
The cheapest place la the city to buy your Cook Stoves. Price very low. No oomhlna
on or trust on them.
Again?Roofing ! Roofling 1 Roofing 1
Way down, special prices on Tin and Steel, Felt and Oranire Hooriii?. All Tools furnish?
ed to put on toofs with to he ruturnsd when through. Tbe above Is cheaper thao ?blng-lel
or Slate, liojd quality can't be boat. Consult me before you buy.
/?. /L. STONE. 203Ctmmtrot St, Frsdsricksbura. V
was never so complete as now. We are doing more businens than ever be
fore. This proves that our experience of t?n years in the shoe business and
onr efforts to sell goods that wear are being appreciated. We have tbe
latest styles and Rock Bottom prices
Commerce street.
IW of Met.'?- Box Calf Eoaroeled
and Vici Kid at
$2.50,$3.00,$3.50,$4 00
Lot of L idies' regular $1 TO shoes
at f 1 25 to-day.
Lot t f Indies' $1 25 ?hoes at 98a.
A Life Size or Min?
iature Portrait
In Orayon, French Ohalk, Indian Ink,
S-pU, Paite:, Water Color or Uli.
Lessons g i ven to Drawing and Fainting,
frirn life or nature?portrait,landscape,
flowers, ohina, eto Studio open on
Tuesdays and Saturdays to the poblio.
?Jail on
ARTIST, 209 H ?mover Street,
iir HasA{ n v.
(rverUoolriok's Druf itore,
??ft?. Alwan ?Hablo. ILaJIm, ask I)racrM ??
?U?ld metallic Doom, SMtod with blua rtbboo.
Tak* a? ?Mirer. ???!?<? Imwui ??>*??
??Ha? mm* l?'ll?ll>l, Ouyut ymtHrt/ufl^.
or nod 4?. In atamos lot rsrtlralM*. Ttsau?
???lab itnrt " Hrllrf for Laal?*." ?" UtUr
by r*4?ira Mall. ??,??? Twitlroon.a)?. Moid by ail
a?xtte4Ms ?M|a?r?, raiUL, s?A*

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