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Choice Vegetables
always bring high prices.
To raise them success?
fully, a fertilizer con?
taining at least 8 %
Potash should be used.
Our bonks furnish useful information on
Hummer Schedule.
Weems Steamboat to,
^.-k-Militiii- S'iii! ,v. I i -??? lOth, ??i.'.iiii. ri
will I.-.iv.- Baltimiire fr.iai l'l.-t J.l.lithtatm-t.
iti r:io |> in Tue*?la? ?n?l Friday lor ? r,-.|
ertckatwnf .111.1 .ill l.iii-hiii.-i I ?''??? |>. m ?? ???'
. '..r r.ii'i' iii in i k an?! ?ill i n
except IrTlnsfton, VVetMiia, Morana, Merry
1'i.liit. \lill.iil??vk and l'.;i,v|...rt. i '. ? p. m
Tharaday ami -' '??> i? in. ftuaday f..r T ippa
haasork and nil lnn?llli?*ca except !'..iv |>..rt.
Milieiii'.s k. Merry P??lal ami Moma?.
l^-iiv,. Taupahannitrk f..r Baltimore Mon?
?.?-lav util l'ri.la.v at S a. tu. au.I
Thuradaj ? i. m stoppt?? at ill
?rtuurrsa ??\r.'i?t ?ill .all at Bayport >?u
l'i.-.l iv ami I'nl iv ??nly. I'.ir Baltimore
direct at 4 ?> ni Wedlie? wg ii.i
-t,i|??i l'..r Iwderickaburg M?in?lay at -
m . leave Port Royal at 12:30 p. in : arriv?.
in KtV'i ? 4 p m, tide permit tlins.
F??f l'iv.l.-ri.-k-iliiiri; Wednesday at 1- in:
l"..rt Royal at 4 p in : arrive lu' Kr?
luir?:, tide permitting, at 7:30 p. m For
t're.lerl.-k-ilnirir Saiiir.la\ at?.?in In in. For
Norfolk Kri.lay t p. ra.. calling at all wl
Unare Norfolk from Baltimore Steam I'ackei
Compaay'a wharf f??r l rederkkaburg ??ml nil
landing* at .'! p. in -
Leave Kredertrkitburg for Baltimore and
nil Ian.Mn?-?? Monday and Thursday at l i?
m. tide permitting. r*??r Baltimore uni all
landing* k at ?'? a. m.
Krt-I>clit r??v?'lve<l In Baltimore dally amlf'.r
?iir.?. - nt.
II? M'.Y \\ ILLlAM?, \v'-nt.
-I'ler 1. bight St.
Beginning Taeaday, Marek l>'>. >?
i*orthnmberland and Potomac ? til lea? ?? elef
V. I.luiit atreet, Baltimore, every i
Tharaday and Saturday, it ?"> p. m f?ir Mex
?mirla an.I Washington, railing- at ail nt tlie
aaoal landing* Beginning Thurmlay, March
i/H, ?III leave 7th Street ?'hart. Wash
at 4 |>. in riuir-?il.-i.v. Sun lav ami 1
fvlng nt. tar a* Leonanltown oa
ni?--.. Will leave 1.nardt??ws at B a. m .
KliiH.ileat 1*1 in. Mlller'aatS p. m.,Ora*on'a
m i? i> m., an.I Bacon'a at 7 n m . Monday,
i nl Friday, arriving In
more early the foDowlag moral -
s* ?rived daBy tu Baltla
HENRI WILLIAMS. Ag.-nt. Half.. .
SI Kl'HK\S?i\ ? BRO., Kg- nt.?.
HV Washington, I? ?".
at Alexaii'irta, Va.
.lu-t nivived ? U***f*"F lot "f
Doors, Sash, Blinds,
Cypress Shingles,
N. C. Flooring.
and Ceiling,
which I sell cheaper than any one else
in the city.
Call an?! get my prices before buying.
0. D, Foster,
Men aii.1 I!..?-*' mitt* all ?t.vlea ami prices,
i Iiii.itvn ? Ft?-i,i,..i auluaud Extra ku?- Paata,
Hau, ??lilrti?, tiv.-ralU an.I Trunk?? at Lowest
Frtesa, AUu agent l??r ?west, t?rr ,v ? ,. -,
l'uni?? aii>l floats uu?l Overall*.
.??. access, ir <?! Williams * Wheeler, conilint?.
tin- I Mil.KI'AKIN?; lllMM-XS at the old
?tumi, ?uriier Main m?i charlotte strssts, All
tinier* fruin liuint- an.I abroad promptl?, ami
?t..tl*l<u.'lorily utVeiuied Vu either at night ur
/I?>arae and Carrlng?-?* ntwaya readv to at
a?n?l funeral?. Thnnklng tlie pabllce lor pat?
ronage an generously b<*stowed, he aaka a
roDttnaanre ?it the ?nine.
is offere?l any.nif wishin?
to engage In the
Hardware Business
Hy reason of failing lieultli I B*?**?*>
terininiil to ilineontintii' the Hardwan
HiiHineHu in Fmlerii-ksburg. Vn., an?! will
i?H|K?se of my entire ntock on very raaaoav
ublt-UTiim Persons wishing to engage
in such a business are invited to ni-e bm
or I'orrespiind with tue Ppoa the rabjsei.
-loiIN A. BTONE,
itu.'lltl Fnxlericksburg, Va.
Hteaily employment will !?e given to 20
MACHINE MEN (on uir drills) at 11.85,
i.p.11<? KM? LALORKR.Satfl.lo, under
?r??und, nt the ARM IN US LOITER
UNK I, nearMinerrl, Va.
A Joke on t? Prof?l?sor,
Among some Intensely amusing oui
lege scrapes told by "A Qraduate" in
The Ladles' Home Journal is the rtory
of a certain professor nol much liked
by ills pupils who was t>> be married
The lii.ly lived iu Cleveland. And the
sitii.it nt s that loved (?) him were not
of coarse lavlted. Hut they determin?
ed thai iu sonn- way be sttould hear
from tli.'tii. And he did. On tin- da}
appointed thu professor took the train
m 10 u. m., due to arrive nt Cleveland
at 12 30 p in. Almut 11 o'clock Jim
Towaaead rushed to the telegraph of
See an.i .?.?-nt .til this dispatch
"Chief of Colic?-. Cleveland: Man
coming on train No, -?. lull. Mill dress
ed. frock coat, silk bat, side whiskers.
Escaped lunatic. Hold. Shrewd, thcre*
1'uiv tit'wui'f. StrtUlge ?as?'. Will .?..i.v
name Iliialll. Mistake. Thinks lie !s
prof??asor iu a c-oUege. Delaskm. Be
coii to home ?.f friends at No. - Rue
lid avenue."
This message reached its destination
long tn'1'ore train No. ?'. reached Cleve?
land, s?. that when l*Tofessor Flnalli
alighted It was tu walk straight Into
the oiistixly of tlir.H- dete. *th?'s. Th. \v
would listen to BO words of ri-ason. but
escorted him out tO the house on Km-lid
avenue, the boms of his intended bride.
The Earlh'a Ben?llnn*.
Little headings are in pr-ogress all the
time the world over. The "Immovable"
lillist are bowing and scraping t?> each
other constantly. Every evening, as th.
.lew settles in the valleys between
them, they n.ni to one another. So like
wise du the mountains, even to a great?
er extent Gravity is tagging all the
And in Londou, too, where earth
quake sensations are practically nn
known, the earth bends daily, and the
buildings, like the hills ami the moon
tains, n,?i to their friends opposil
when tin- morning traffic begins. On
S s usually their manners take a
ne in such plai.s as petti?
coat lane, where business ttourtsnes in
us lively a fashion as in Carls.
II ae said that even the trees made
obeisance tu Napoleon l when he enter
???1 Berlin. This was Imaginative, y.-t
truthful, for the wciu'lit of the CTOWd
along Inter den Linden made a tilting
sufficient for Professor Milne's pendu?
lums tu have recorded distinctly. On?
might say the trust uf the earth sets
st? ' 1 spring, it bends so easily.?
Everybody's Msgaslne.
lio?, lo I.t-nrn to I.Ike I*lrt?re?.
Th.- following sugi ? * yon
please, are n?.t from an artist nor even
from a connoisseur, the writer being
nothing more than an ordinary picture
lover. Iu general the principle t" be
followed ?s tu got as mach In an atmus
pbcre of pictures ss possible, always
go tu the museums when y.ui are trav?
eling, and if you live mar i
make occasional plctm - Bos?
ton. Chicago (,r New Tork. Do not
make th.- mistake of stas li
in a gallery. You only tire yourself.
Half an boor is quite long enough. Hut
do not endeavor tu look at every pic
ture in tin- gallery In that time. Look
long at a few g.1 ones and let those
-?k at be th"s>' you like or at least
which you prefer above tn.
ink yourself why yos prefer
them. Always ?at a catalogne. Some?
times th.- pictures are not marked, and
you as a Student want always to km.sv
tbe painter of y.nir picture, l'r?-d- in
M. Smith in W.tiuan's Dome Compan
Whale lion???*.
At one time not very long ago there
was on the Lancashire coast, mar
Lytban, England, a cottage and boat
that were made almost entirely
from the remains of a score Of so of
whales that had been driven ashore
some jean before; The framework of
the edifice consisted wholly "f whale
bone, and the dried skins of the hug''
oeatnres ?were neatly and strongly fas
tened as a covering for walls ami roof
Thin? Is snotber building of exactly
th.- ?-ame kind at Peterhead, in Scot
land, and In this case the skulls of the
whales and some of th.- heavier botaes
an- used with great ?'ff.'.t as outside
Looked Like Economy.
I'm-li- Hiram (Just l>a<-k from the Mg
I don't think that nephew of
our'n Is gut as much money as be
makes out be
Aunt Emily?Why, I thought you salt]
he had such a nice home In the city.
Cuele H i ru m-But I didn't tell y
mithin about him bavin both them little
girls o' hls'n plai In on the ?nine piau
ner at once. I tell ye he's n-gottlti hard
up. San Francisco Chroul.le
' rude Petrolenm.
From crude i*etrolcum are made kero?
Ki-tii-, gasoline, naiihtha, parattrn and
vaseline. A still heavier oil, left as a
residue, Is use.1 fur axle grease, and the
carbon is turned into ?ticks for electric
lights. The sulphuric acid which Is
?Bed for purifying the products of pe?
troh'iim Is recovn-d and turned Into
fertilizer for farms where there Is too
much phosphate rock, which is thus
Writln*? For Money.
Fond Father-Tea, my boy at the var?
sity tins written several articles for the
i ml Hut he's not u professional
writer, surely V
"What <!.. yon mean by 'profession?
"Why, he doesn'1 write for money?"
"Doesn't he'.' Von ottghl to see some
ot his letters to me."- Exchang?'.
Men who though slight, yet reach the
chert standard, are preferred as r??
cralts in the British army to those that
are stout, the former being considered
to -losscss the better frame.
Butterflies are said to be very sleepy
headed. They go to bed early and get
up late.
Cared of Chronic Diarrhoea Aftsr
Thirty Years of Suffering
"I suffered for thirty years with
diarrhoea, and thought I wan past tx-iiig
cured,'' say? .lohn S. Hallo way, ol f/raoe?
Camp. Miss. "I ha?! Spant SO nitirh time
aad money and Huffered so much that I
Inul given up all hope ofntoverv. I svas
so hsblt Irom the effect* of the diarrhoea
that I could do no kind ol labor, coulti
not even trnsel. but by accident ? svn*
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemed v,
and after taking several bottes I am
entirely cured of that 'trouble. I am so
pleaned with the result that I amanxious
that it lie in reach of all who suffer as I
Rawlings Institute
Healthful climate, beautiful scen?'ry,
good board and thorough instruction.
20 officer* and t?-<u-hers For catnlogiie
mid other infonnation address H. \V
TI'll'I'I.K, i'resi.lent. X.vt session o|s?n
Scp tent 1st 11th. ?u'?:\'Jm
Liquor Dealers
Wc ?-uaiantcc to mII you Superioi
Liquor f??i less money iban an)
bouse in the citj
Wc arc the only r?gulai Llqnoi ?nul
Tobacco 1 ''-.ilcts here,therefore,
? .m vive you US "i'\
iV'ciinv tin. htrgest assortaient.
vT ami can p|e*?C cvci \ 'body.
f*e ha\c been bet? t"t m re than
12 \cais and our trade ii con
stantlv on the increase The
nl it is tint we give our customer!
lull value ?ad pnre ?roods I?* theii
Oui prices del) competition, and v.?
will not be andewold.
Our stock constats O? Whiskies,!'.ins.
Brandie?, Ruins, Kimmel,Bitters,
Peach .mil Honey, Rock and Rye, and
Wines ol all kimls
Before purchat-iog call
and examine our stock
^tra?sburger& 5on
The One Price Liqnoi and Tobacco
21.?, 215 ?, 10th St.. Ln>?tcricksluirg, Va
Bell o? Lexington
th. tlne??,i s blakey "ii >-atHi Hand
mude, ?"'iir ina-li". ropper ills!
,li,iii,l,. Miami?, warranted |>nn>. N.
Iietter lor lable and tni-.u. ti mm.- IM
dd, f.i i- r gallon . I o-.ir? ?Id,
gallon. I h.ii.'l!.- ih<- Hauern
?.. Iniil.lt i beer, Ihenioal health.? ?Irtnk
i- I nl-o keep In
-link a ni.?- line of ?arinca, gins and
i| toba? en Thank
Ing ) on I??r j our liberal i?at rouage In
I Ii.-'I'.i-.'. aii'l hoping !'? merit a ?on
tlnnam?? ..( annie. I am,
Moat n--|..-. tfully,
?i.intn.-r.-eSt J T HARRIS.
??ni.! tin k.-t Harria' Rtand."
I'm*,' live Whl-kiv. Lure (?l.l Unni, I'nr.
Holland ?It a, I'ure ?iberry Wim-, Bure French
Brandy, Bure Apple lirnn.lv. I'ure Pearta
lir'in.i'v. I'ure liiarki.?.rr.v Brandy. A eo-av
?.l.l.' -tork of Ll.|iior? f.?r in.-. I tint uae, at tin
Old Reliable Uroeerj ?tow ?t
i or Main ?ml ? .unim-rii' St*
3 ROC ti rTETs
KAMII.l '?I."? 1.K11 S ?il ALL KIM'S
\|\ -tuck of IJqaoraIs larg?-. ronatattof "I
Foreign and HomeaUc BltA.NPM:>
Pnre Applewcxid and Farmers' I'rlei?-1 I'ure
Rye ?'blakey, |-' a gallon.
HANI l.l' PI LI'..
Mr-s ?J F. Monroe
I'ltiimierci-St . InslcrickHburir, \ it.. k??*-j?~
th?' largest ami most \uritil st?s'k of
U ?n?s ami Liquor?in the city. Bbeeaa
furnish um VYnkkfJ at price? from $1.41?
tu ?ii per call?n. It ?mlmli-s Star A.
Kentucky Lye. Lite "uk. Lonl Balti?
more, Kin? l/'iir. .Iiffcrsuiil <i. Lye Wig?
wain. Indian Hill and many others.
Win.-s nf every description. Apple
Brandy I2.50 to S4 per gallon. A full
line of Cigars ami Tobncco. Iir? ?-?Ties, etc.
Mi:s .1. I?'. MONROK,
.'JL'I ('(?mineree St., Lnilerickaburg. VaV
P McCracken, Bro. & Co..
Offer T.-ti TIkiiisiiiiiI <?allons I'I'KK liVKaml
BOFRBON WHISKILS, from the following
well known dlaUllerlea, ??raft ?V Co.. of Oblo;
Boone County instilling ? '?>.. ?.f Kentucky,
Montleello Distillery, ??t Maryland, ami W. F.
i.r.iv. of Peana) I? anta.
Agents for It.'-rgiier ?V Kugle*?? I.ng.-r Beeff
They alao offer staple and Fuis-y Orocertea.
Agricultural Implements, s???-'ls, (faaao, ami
? .-nient.
the best ??(Mills on the market f??r
WHEAT and (?LASS. For sale
Magrath &Chesley
A. B. Botts & Co.
Ollice: 819 Lon.mcrre Street.
l!?-|inseiita sixti-eii lirst-elusa eoinpn
nies. Untes low us the lowest, ami losses
I?r<?m|?tly tvljusti-il und |i?iii).
M. ?!. WILLIS, President; A. P. KOWK, .111 .
VI<.-l'reHl?leiit; H. F. CltlKMONI), S.-C
retary; K. 1? col.E, Tiraaurer.
The Ch?-ap-?at Telephone Servlrelu Virginia.
I'roiniit ami eftlil.-nt Morvlre ?t'A KANTI'I'Ii
?Bur Si liFti ihiii:i:m Wantkh.
H. F. IKISMIIMI. Herri'tary.
MiritMiHg Emil Hills.
Tappahannock's Hotel.
Those contemplating visiting Tappakan
ui-k will flml at the
th" beaf/arrnmmoditttona.
A piMtal will eugage arrommolatlona In
Oto, H. SCOTT,
In me ?eh....I of Work.
Clniil.-s A. Pan? of the Now York
Kim ssas a iiinn of extensive learning
un.I attached greal liuportaace to col
lege training, bul was quick to
nlze the value of the practical educs
tIon that u man ol good parts may p.. I.
up in this workaday world outside of
university walls.
\ young intu? s,.iit to The Sun office
one day and asked to ??> ?? the editor in
, hlef, He would not lie rebuffed bj the
?subordinates aad after some dels*
ii.ltnltteil. lie stated his business with
eut n moment's loss of linn-.
?Mr. Dana." he said, "i betfeve i
r.uild be of some use mi this paper, sad
1 svant you lu give me a trial. If yu
don't lind me <.f snj uso, yon i.dn't
p.iy me snj salary, end If yon do i
iitull vaut i good salary, if I don't
lind my proper gro?se in s month, you
can drop me "lit."
Mr. Dans looked hi in over.
"Young niaii." be ssld, "I like your
looks, liase you ever sttended any in
stltiitloti of learning':?"
??Ves. sir. I mo a graduate <>f two
newspaper offices, one s couotry wees
ly sod the other a dally paper lu a city
nf 100,000 Inhabitants."
"I'll take y.ui. <;u snd report to the
managing editor."
And Mi. Dans turned again to his
work Youth s Companion.
Tersaeseee's Wealth ??' '??h Timber.
< l|.o Of Tennessee's liehest llelils of
natural resources Is In its forests
of her Umbered land Is as set virgin.
snd nt the top ..f the list of tbe varie?
ties to be found Is "iik. That ?
one uf (he most saluai.le that ever
grew, nu.I this state Is more than usii
ally rich In it.
Oak timber is practically In-aestroetJ
ble when not exposed to tbe elements
of the atmosphere I moan that oak
timber can be submerged In tbe ground
or buried In the water, where the at
mosphere does not sff?**ct it. and it will
last for so many years that tbe man
who had put It there Is dead and for?
gotten by the time it has decayed.
it is a growing fsvorlte, snd desert
etlly so. In many ways "f maaufactur?
lug furniture and In finishing Uns
i. The pri.o on it is slways rinn.
and ?vers now sad then it makes a
spurt and climbs up I polnl fnun which
it never will fall If the forests "f this
tr.-o to is- found in Tennessee tod '
here '.si seins from now. this
one of the tl.li.st states In Hi. I
KnoxvIBe Sentinel.
An Brawl lu.linn \rrtllcl.
in ? case In one of mir Indian courts
n Jury bad before them evidence th:it
could n?t be In sny nay shaken. When
th.- .-un.-lulling stage had been reached,
the following interchange of COOVerss
Hon tunk place between tbe Judge snd
his colleagues In the administration Of
"Gentlemen, are yon ready t.> gis
your verdict?"
' "Yes "
"What l- vuiir soldi, t'.'"
"nur snswi i is, sir, thai you can do
as yon likf with the men that have COO
! but we acquit all Ho' I'o-t "
-But is it possible thai yon have
weighed the evidence*?"
"Evidence like this can slwsys b?
fabricated "
"Do yu tim! that i tht ?
prlsum-rs it has been fnbricat??d?"
"Ks itlelico can DC fabl it .it.il "
"So the evidence Is untrustworthy T
"Unless a man coofesscs ss bo can t?'ll
if be ?s guilts ?" Bombay Gsxette.
? lose to n Kiml.
A farmer ssas working In hi
is hen a KWlng machine man cam?
-.?1 morning," said tbe sewing ma
chine barker.
"Yutir corn s, , m ; ft be pr. tty yol
"Yaas; I planted \< How -.isvu."
"Vuii don't Seem to hase mure than
hnlf n t
??Waal. I planted it on the halves."
"Yon soi m pretty close to s fool."
"Yaas; linn's only a f.-n.-e between
When the solving ma. hine man came
to, it required the services uf two due
tors to got him Into such sh:i|M' that he
was able to make the next town. New
Orleans Times Democrat
A Pound of SsralStMvs,
Ho*W many live swallows go to a
pound? This .piestiuii lately formed
the subject of a bet In the little town
of N-. In Baden. A swallow was
caught and It? legs and svitigs lied up
with a piece of silk thread ami phi. til
on the scales. To everybody's surpi i?>
It was found to weigh only ten
grains, so that It takes BO of them to
make up a pound.?Karlsruher Nscb*
The Sn?|ien?l?m Brldn?-.
There Is no doubt that the first Idea
of a suspension bridge was suggested
to primitive mini by the int.u hiring of
tree branches and parasitical plants
across river?. Probably monkeys used
them before in.-n did. In very tnoun
talnous countries, such as Tibet and
I'eni, they have apparently been OSSd
Bince the dnwn of history, possibly ear?
A Toar of (he Knrnrial.
It requires about four days tu make
an Investigation of the Bscurtsl. the
{?rent Spanish palace, there being such
a multitude of rooms and apartments.
To travel all the halls, chamliers, corri?
dors, length? and depths of the great
palace would require a tour amounting
to over 100 miles.
lit allh?' Tree?.
The time In the summer at which the
leaves Is-gln to turn is a tolerably sure
Indication of the soundness of the
tree. Some trees will keep their foliage
green until September, ss hile the leaves
of unhealthy tns?s will begin to show
nlgns of turning brown or yellow in
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a
Great Favorite.
The soothing and healing pro par ties of
this remedy, it* pleasnnt tust?' and
prompt ami ?sTm/incut cures have mnile
it a great favorite with people every
where. H hj aspfl laHjpiisstl by mothers
of small children for colds, croup ami
whooping cough, a* it always affords
quick relief, and as it contains no opium
or other harmful drug, it may lie given
as confidently to a baby as to an ii.lult.
For sale by M. M. Ix'wis.
Hardware and
Hardware Sp dallies,
One door below Chas. Wallace and Rro.
General Hardware.
Bsrb Wire. ?Inn?, l'l?tol?, lint.ir?, Knives,
SSV, will !>?- ??.til nt r.-.|iit...| iiri.cM tu ?tilt thi?
ll met?. Money ran lie sa v.-. I lt>- |>uri-liru?Inir
at s. ? iTT'H IIar?! ware Store.
The Oldest and Best.
S S S. r? a cotnbination of
and b< rl?s of prut rarathre powers,
. id when taken lato the circulation
i-s ?nit and ifiunvis all in um. i
ni |x>i?-ons fnun the blood, witii nit
the W-.ist ?shock or harm totheeystern.
(?n tin- contrary, th? ?general health
I?, ?jina t<? improve from the
S S. i . niitui.lv n blood purifier,
but an excellent tonic and strength
?II. .-iiitl Imilils np the constitution
while purging ?-he blood of impuii
ti? , S. S. S. ?uns all discaaca of a.
Mood poison origin, Cancer, Scrofula,
K lieu mat i sin , Chronic Sore? .nul
?Ulcera, Ifcsema, Psoriasis, ?Salt
Lhciiiu, Herpe? and similar troubles,
and is an iiif.illil.li-?tin-ami the only
antidote for that most horrible disease,
Contagious Blood P< p
A record ?>f nearly fifty years of
?a a record to be proud
<f. S. S. S. is more popular today
than ever. It numbers it ; im n
tin- tle.u--nulS. Oat iiK'li'.il ('.ircH
rxmclenca i; larger than ever in the
hi tory of the* medicine. Mam* write
to thanh us for th?.' great j.'""'! S. S. >S.
has done them, while others ate seek?
?ng uilvice nl-out tit*, ir cases. All
Utters rcii-ivo prompt and careful
attention. ?Onrphj ilcians have made
?life long stndyof Blood and Skia Dis
eases, ana better understand su? h
than the ordinary practitioner who
makes a specialty ox ao ona di
^asw ^a?fg. ^raa>_ We aie doing K1"'-''1^
?^^ ?^^ ?^^ K<??\ to su fierin tf
^?W ^>W ^>W humanity through
fffg-jB ?If-^B k>r^H our
^SW -?a^F -?War partment, and invite
veil to writ?' us if yon have any l'hxsl
?>r skin trouble. We make no charge
whatever for this service.
I-, ? : \ i.- in
Prices Lower 11 ?L Evt-r
? le, not ahon
1.1 -i.|.I
All wool bin? kcla? srorate?] Frenek Ce WC
VO ou
Dark blue Itannel ?ith
nia.l?- ? it Ii ir Hull 2 SO
liant* ?Uli I..I1 ?Il *-** ?yt
llrowii .iii-l hlue -t- ..r?i.-.|.
S (Hl
i, boufrhl hy
|l let l)?ir
thein g?i ??. hile Ibej laal al '*7***
it tuf.inl?
nur merchant? ?1, whllethey laut Ihr? WCr
- leather
slip rap
. Une al l?*c., ;."??..'.>??.? .
f 91.Tr.ftii?!tip Theaboveg.I*
arr ? I 1 ? ill ron? Inceyou
a., ml v. .111 v
Opera House Cafe.
- I have opened an
Up-to-Date Cafe
In th? Old POU I'llico. ne-tt to the OrM'ra
House, on Main str??t, for l.adlc* and u?n
Uemeo The cooking wIIMhoi the highest
irder. and the bill of far?' will embrace the
toeat thnt can be taken from the wtiwra of the
ffappahanti'ii'k and the surroundingcountry.
Oysters .-?Hiked In all style? and at the box ?in
half ?hell. Thi-v will tic cspei-lally tine, a
they will come from the >>?>?( heds on the
low?! l-'Hppahaiiiitick. Moala icrvod at all
hours from T a. m. to 13 p. m.
Lato -?toward of the Wwuii Line of SU arnera
o u'-l :im
W. II. BRI I.I.L. Lr.'i.ri.-ti.r.
Main st. Leader ia
(Trhnlrsalr and retail). CANDIES beak
??vi ry ilny. Iluyli-r'??, fiOe.j Whitman'?,
i in?- ; l.iiw ncy'H, ?if N - . nml Hriilli'H, .?<???.
|ht 1'otnnl Mail orders reeei**? hih-H-?I
V 5 EM&REj,
?<r to Lmtin-y ?V llerryntan]
ll.-al.-r1n It \ I LIU ?A :? CIH'SS TILS, <l I'M!
Ki? I'?? i-nii-'tiiiitlv mi Imml a liirtf?' Htipply
of Haled May mi.I Mill I ? >? near
liiillrond Depot, I'ri'ili-rlikHl'UrK, Va.
When you want a-i ?-a?) shave.
As good as barb"r ever .
Just call on nu- at my saloon,
At morn and ??? ..r l.usv noon.
1 comb un?1 dress the hair wit?' gTSMS .
To suit the eount-tance ol yo r face.
My room 1? reat. my towel* <-le??n.
HciRo.rs sharp and razo s keen;
Ai.d all that art and ?kill can do.
If you will rail I'll do for mu
Ksio's put In order M short notice.
Fredericksbur?, Va
Corn and Oat Chopantl Several
Cars of Hay and other FEEDS
?'S?1 l?W?Tfia
atntmocm. ? ?nan a ?pwialt?. Book??
BoaMfJwteattt *?M nu? ?Harm.
rn.ie.fwooLLa.tk c^??**<?.-.?*?,oc<
The Water Beetlo.
The great carnivorous water lieetle,
ih" dytlscas, after catching and eat?
ing other crestarss ull ?lny, with two
minute inters ids to come up, poke tin?
tips of Its wings out of the water and
Jinn some nlr against Its spiracles be?
fore (lescemllng one.' mure to its sub
squeoui hunting grounds, will rise by
nlgbl from the surfuoc of the Thames,
lilt again those horny wing cases, un?
fold a broad and beautiful pair of
g.iii/.y wings and whirl off on a visit
of love und adventure to some distant
pond, un to which It descends like a
bullet from the air above.
When people are sitting In a green
house at night with uo lamp lighted,
talking or smoking, they souH'tlmes
Inar a smash as If a pebbls hail ben
dropped on the glass from above. It
Is a dystlcns I.tie whose compound
have mistaken the shine of the
glass In th.- moonlight for the gleam
Of a pood.
At night sumo of ihe whirligig bee?
tle? the sliluy Itennllke creatures soon
whirling In Incessant circles In cor?
ners by tbe bank, make n quite audible
niul almost mush-ill sound upon the
w.iter. Spectator.
She Showed lllsss Her Work.
The woman bad her arms In the tub
a ml was ficr.vly scrubbing one dirty
garment after another. Book agents
don't often penetrate to that part of
'hi. ago, but this one did. He knocked
on the front door until he was tlre?l,
and th. n bS Wast around to the liack
door. The womiin was bobbing up and
down over the wnshhoanl.
"??mid morning, madam," said the
bunk agent pleasantly.
"iluuti inoniln," said the woman
HPleasaa1 day," observed the book
agent, sparring for an opening.
?'??io.l enough,** answer???! the wo?
"Fxeiise me, madam," said the book
Bgeot "l"it I have here a work that I
would like to show you."
"Have you'.'" answer.??! the woman.
"Well, I've got a lot of work that I'd
like to sliiiiv sun." She took one soapy
hand out of the tub and waved It at a
great pile of dirty clothes.
"That's my work," went on the wo?
man "If your work ?'an Ix-at that, all
right; If It can't, why, skip out."
Tbe I'ook agent skipped. ? Chicago
BertTera' Teeth.
?if the cutting [lower of the beaver's
teeth Prank II. Ulst?*on says In U?m1
and Onn:
"Tin- beaver is really a sort of porta?
ble pulp mill, grinding up most any
kind uf sstttitl that comes his way. I
ones mssjjnred a white birch tree, 2?
inches tbroogh, cut down by a beaver.
A -ingle boas or generally, If not al
w:i\s. amput?tes the tree, and when It
comes down the whole family fall to
an.I hase a regular frolic with the bark
and branches. A big beaver will bring
down a fair sizi-d sapling, say three
Inches through, In about two minutes
and a large tree In about an hour.
"??m- of the queerest facts about the
beaver Is the rapidity with which his
long; chisel shape?! t?*?-th vlll **ecOTsr
fruin an Injury. I have known beavers
to break tlielr teeth In biting a trap,
and when I caught them again ten
?lass afterward you couldn't see a sign
Of the break. The fasta had grown out
tu their form?r perfection In that short
i arloaltlea of the (arao Tree.
The cultivation of cacao, say ? a writer
In The Scientific American. Is an Invit?
ing agricultural pursuit In Trinidad
and '?arts of Venezuela. The cacao tn-e
cannot withstand strong sunshine, and
the young plants have to be shaded by
baii.iiia or plantain tr??'s and later.
When they attain their growth, by tall
trees known as "lmmort?-lles," or the
"mother of the cacao." Th??so make a
kind of outnrpy over the entire plnnta
tiuii. The fruit of the cacao tree Is a i>od
resembling a cucumber and growing on
tin trunk or large branches, where It
"luttks as though It were artificially at
t.i.'heil." Th.- seeds are like large, thick
lima beans Imbedded In pulp. These
furiu the cacao beans of commerce. The
processes "f curing and drying require
much attention.
Hand?- Thlna? to Carry.
lew peuple carry ?locket scissors of
the folding sort. Those that do never
par! with thoiu. Convenient for roanl
eiiro use, to cut a ?lipping frotn a paper
at a moment's notice, a string, etc..
th.y snswer almost every purpose of
lbs pocketknlfs and are imi?-h more
convenient to handle. Glee a person
at tustouied to tlielr use a knife and
the [Nicket scissors, and he will part
with the former first?Hardware.
So They Do, Sotase of Tkrta.
The teacher had been giving s class
of youngsters some Ideas of adages and
how to make them, and to test her
training she put a few questions:
"Birds of a feather?do what?" ,
"Lny eggs," piped a small boy before
anybody slos hud a chance to speak.
I n?pprr?-l?livr,
"You find spring water a very great
Idvantage In dairying, I presume?"
"i)h, I don't know," said the milk?
man "The average [icrson buying milk
?loesn't know the difference between
spring water and any other kind."?
Detroit Journal.
A Good Hara-aln.
Minister (rea?llng wedding service)?
And you, Hans, take this woman for
b?'tter, for worse?
Hans Frankfurter (conscientiously)?
For better, sir! She haf $40; I got net?
tings!?Brooklyn Eagle.
Reciprocal Help.
Doctor?Well, my good woman, what
do you wnnt?
B?'ggar?A quarter, doctor; give me a
quarter, nnd I'll tell everybody that you
helped me. New York Times.
Whits Man Tamed Yellow.
Great consternation was felt by the
friends of M. A. Hogarty, of Ijexingaon,
Ky., when they saw he was turning yel
losv. His skin slowly changed color,
also his eyes, and he suffer?*?! terriblv.
Mis malady was Yellow Jaundice. lie
ssas treated by the liest doctors, but
without lienefit. Then he was advisetl
to try Kle?'tric Bitters, the wonderful
Stomach and Liver remedy, and he writ?**:
"After taking two bottles I was wholly
cured." A trial proves its matchless
merit for all Stomach, Liver and Kidney
troubles. Only Me. Sold by M. M. I?ewis,
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Platfonn Spring Wagons
Business and i'iVaaurc Wagons of every
description. Special attentinngiven to re?
pairing and repainting.
They Came in Yesterday
I* O W E H y ' g
Ready Hade Skirts
Walking Skirts and Dress Skirts, tailor
made, with the correct set and style.
Come in and look at them. Take one
hom-i and try it on. Alc o a new line of
fiercer ized Underski rts
All kinds at reduced pricen. Capacity 50,000
daily. Write to
Frederickslmrg Brick Works.
Frede*ickstmrg, Va.
With Pleasure 1 Tender My Thai
to and assure my friends, ?-wtroui tad the buying j.ni.iu* <?f mi
appreciation of the cordial support the, : ive given me. I havi tin- larvt-stand
most eoaaplcia line of GROChRlEM carried l.\ sn?- bouse in Frerierick?l-ur|
They are DOUght at rock bottom prices an-1 ?rill be sold at \. t> im?ll lnolits
I also sell tlie best brand? of Lime, Cement Calcined Plaster, rlazsrd &
Dupont Powder, Htone?rare, Nails, Hay, Feed, Toi l
?nut for the Elbra Brand Mixed Paint. It i- a higher gra?
ality of
Ready-Mixed Paints
ever la-en 'nit on th?? market of its class, and more LCI )M i.MlCAl.
Our turnip weed hai arri.? ?I Tlii?
-?I ?_fii;tr:uitii'(l.
We Can Save You Money.
( ?ail and frei our i>r?c(-.s.
Ladies' Kid Lam SHOE, i
last, ni?-<liiiin-li?'?ivyl?".\ti'iiili'il aolM,aolid ^^ VI F
in every part, price. *V * ? *^ ^* ?
Virginia Clothing House.
Past showing is eclipsed. Values MCh as our carl) slock of boys' school
suits comprises are not to be found anywhere else. They ?re superb In
workmanship, finish ami fit they are many points nearer absolut? perl
than ever before reached. Boys' double, breaste?! school /"V Q ?
suits, in worsted and cassimen-s, in medium shades, 8 to \J?KyC* svl D?
i6 years' sizes. ?
814 MAIN ST. H- I'ALK, ?Prop.
Beauty, Style | Cheapness!
Net'er before in all our Millinery experience have we bad better values
more variety of patterns and beauty of styles to oiler our patrons and the pub?
lic generally then we have this season.
All prospective purchasers are respectfully invited to call and see our
beautiful line of r'pring and Summer Milliney we have this season, and we
confidently believe you will find it to your interest to consult us, pea our line
and get our prices liefore purchasing els??lure.
The cheapest place in the city to buy your Cook Stoves. Price ver> low. No
combination or trust on them.
Again?Roofing ! Roofing I Rooflnp !
Way down, special prices on Tin and Steel, Felt ami Granite Roofing AH
Tools furnished to put on roofs with, to be returned when through. The al?ove
is cheaper than Shingles or Slate. Good quality, can't be beat Consult nie
before you buy.
*??? . /-?.-T"^?\ A f e? attl ?Commerce St re? I,
PU*. ?,, STONE KIt K I? KK !rK.-.III lit!. VA
"From Loom to Wearer."
All the Latest Fabtics for Women's Suits and Skills at Mill Price?.
We Are Not Going Out of Business,
as has ?teen rimilated. We intend to r.ninin in it. We an ?'Ming to wB aa many
SHOKS und HOOTS a? any other denier. Pot bargala? in all I?ih-h of Sh^from
men'a to the ?UM*B??t ?'hil.l'H, come ?ad ?M ?"' ~WTSS3!TEEl.
The Shoe Man, Mi? Main St.
Phone 47.
?tapie and Fan?cy Qrocerie?,
Fine Liquors, Tobacco ?u? Chara
Agency Pabst Milwaukee Lager Beer sml Best Touic. We also have in
stock Ales, Porter. Stout, etc. ?Soo B Street.
Have just received a new Hue of Sterling Silver and Quadrupled Plated
Silverware, suitable for wediling presents. Also s complete line
latest rtyles in Jewelry, which 1 am offering at exceedingly Low
Prices. Call In and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere.

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