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H>e voted t? AorieuIiLiraI,C^orTirrier?ciQl ano! Manufacturinglntercstsof FrederlcksburgandthieTldewa?ecand -PIe<drnont Country
Vol 17, No 83 Fredericksburg. Va. Saturday August 9, 1902. Eight Pages. Price, 3 Cents.
1.1 . t V H t\ i:?t,i!,h-h..| 1 .!. I". \VM || \\.
Q. A, ??AX and CQ..f
Grain, Hay, Mill-Feed and Seed.
Reeeiv? rs aa I Sli -,-i ? r- I ' "? North St . Ball lm<
,"' hichl"
and "? '. ?*! ??.'.:." M
i '
P. S >? i m? i.-iiii,?s M. R. Hri i H??i(N.
I ? i \t-.i mu,:i? in It
C S <:h merho n &
l;. fereiK .-?- I?\ I I'??i iim r*?" ami M
I'. . 'I illl..|-e. Mil.*, Or, I'.ll.l?! If Is' v?t lllllt? ( tlllltllt -
t o|;i:r.si'(?M?l.\( l. S? H.li ! II.I?..
Commission Merchants,
....... tttd
Yellow Pine Wanted !
Vellos l' Khlagles. el Bal?sBore, lid
l.oLT. A ( ?? . ?'? 1 PA W I.. \ v\
I m 1er Metropolit
U ; - i . ? \ I ?'. I' M - P. M.
Remodeling Sale
(?nrt-r al ?^leaui ?weep8ale besran vesta^rrlav u . tiaot to.
morros with increased vigor. We ar?'forcing the ..-Hing with unparalleled bar*
v-iiius. in order to make room for the -?arnenters who will shortly begin ext
n-nuMleling within oar store. Here are some ot to-morrow's erowd In..
si.-, . T^ ' "'''
\l. tt ? ?ml?. ?...Hit i??? I" *'.'"ii|.) si".
liollll Blu "to .
? .,,,,, . Color ?I.?-.I, tell ?., , ' |, ,
le, I r" ?"?'
XI. ti- i i,.i,?, r-. ? ..rtli *?? t i-o ?| ?)"",
Urn*. 1 . - v ", Qtj
m., . urtt ?? ?
- ?orl?. in. I,, <| J; 1 .?
(*l.-.ir,,i,c, ;. r 1 -'?
Al.ot.t - , -."
f -' \ u I ? >*
Men'. ! . orl Ii ii,, i.
? l?t t l< . , ' '
?hit.- I'll, k r.ftt?. nil -ia,-. hlv vtl
sirtkvi II.to. a,.rtli ni. >?? *.-.. tor
1 .. ?,t Hau, ? ? .r ? ti m. lo|
\i.i, ? .n,.! ?? iinth'a ??tras i ? ?? ? - ?.V
,i,i..?. lor :'-''
.- ... and ." ?,- i mi- i ? i-.o In?
.o, Ii- o?, hlwk, t.m. si ? ?.? Ms
f i o ll.it Imite suit? (or s..,
t : .... Bat h Ins su?? t..r 91. SI
ti.I I min.-II t? to. 1 ?'"
-.-I colon? ....
laen Caillai-., ? (or
?ii I?,.rl.?.i? t.it.l Alpin?.
- ..tut. .ill Hull t
Boston Baking Company
Washiogt n I) C
?MAKE Till:?
And tlicv ship to roatoniers who kno* t?f ?is roeril handrv*d* of m?es from
U'ii.sliintVit.ii. Tin: iMisi'oN VARIETY BTORE, ? m.rae St., is the
ft-.-. lei-icksiiiirg- ?igeiit lor t hi? . .-leiuiiteil bread; thej get it l?v express
fresh daily, and lots ?>f Frtdeiticksbuixpeople boj no other bread, ?aid we
want von for ;i castomer.
^Poultry, Eggs, Butter &
'.?! 7-'-?I'? Liiiiisi.ina Avenue..Washington. D.C
If von ship Multer. Kggrt. l'oultr.v. Lam h. or dites it will pay you lo ?end ih.-tn
i.? the establishment thai has the largest trade ami the' l.ej-t eqaipped
ht,use for the linn.Hing of huc!i (rood?. All c<iiiH?<riiiiiciii.?oli|
mi 11.-1 v oi receipt, aiitl at highest marke! price..
.'>--".? anil '.?'-'s Louisiana Ave., Washington, l?. C.
Horn's Rebuilding Sale.
Fit Absolutely
nom s i
Ti.iHisiider.,..,,,,,. pria, lora soli to .,.??., nrt, bol h in'l be l.?.|i...?l.
i r. t rni in' """",'? 'IT,l,i'" *" I|;,V" ih? "<**** her? in the, ?Ml
iinddir. orel.uildiiig. which bewins -,, ?, f,.w _-?_
We ?ill take four tinier toilm- f. .r .. -.,;. . ' t .. ?
lllne Cheviots, (?s.si,,,er,.s. ?,,w, :,'.!:', '. TT- ", ""r *"?***
inix.tin's- S15vi,l,,es--f,,r*<.s.1,; r,,,l?,',ll,'l,,,,'f I'1'"'1 ?**-*? "r f"*""'.
Ost a s,??ple,^tl...s,.f,-,l,ri,-M. ,?l(| -,,. ?f ,.?? __m ni.if(.,] (km ^^
HORN, &. 637 F SI, WaslMOD, D 0
Says Pe-ru-na is a Splendid Ca
tarrhal Tonic.
!'(inirri.??tiitin T. T. Fltzpatrlck.
. v. ntspstriek, '
from Kentucky, a rites from th.. Na?
tion..', Hotel, Washington. I?. <'., a- fol*
??At the solicitation of a friend I used
y our I'eruna and can cheerfully recom
mend vour rented* to anyone suffering
with catarrh or w ho needs a good
tunic.' ?T. V. IIT/.PATklCK.
\ t.i i..??i?.
r i ss ?a ;, natural and at*fleien1
tools, it atrnngltmna and
tie- BSttrtty "f ?very in rvc in the
Th*rMBS*h the use of Pe-ru-na the
- ov.-rxvork?tl nerves r? .-unie
tl.< ir natural strength and the l.l.aai
i. - ;. ? ? - to regulate the
ti,.? ?? ?rdlag to nature'- lavs,
I'utarrl? ? BSSB
All ??lut-os r.f eatarrh, acittcor ehr
ronaptly and permanently eared.
It is tlir..ii_ii it- op?ration npoa the
as, um, ayahna that Pa lU-ns has at
.:.h a xx orld-xvlde reputation as a
? lire and rsllablS rrvueily for all phase?
of eatarrh WhsTCeeg loeat? i.
If you do Bol tlerlvo prompt nnd satla
r'Mi!lH from tho uso of P.-runa,
xvrlte at on?-?- to Dr. Hartman, pix ?nu- a
full statcnu ill of your SBSB anil lie Mill
b-? pica jroo hia vnlualile aU
Vii-e fl ?
Address T>r. Ilartman, Prssideat of
Til? llartniiiti s.iniiariuiii, ('..liiinluis, O.
Will Hie War Claim For $1.111.Ml. 12
W'iili it- State treason orsrfluwinci
N ?i .l.l-e, tt ill tile ll lili the I oui l . I
( luiuiH or it asbtajrton a rrqneal that the
I'eiiern I i ?on rum.ni make in. nlion .
i.l s I I 1 1 S.'ili 1_?. ivhieli _, the/iinoilllt
.?I Interest paid by tbe Btate os the
boBda issue I for equippies* and aiding
the t (?'.uni-ers dsrins the arar between
tin- States, The prlsclpsl ol tbe Nes
I.I?. > war debt wn* only $.'1,600.000 In
terest on aome broads rao until January,
1901, or aboat I" years altogether ao
that by the tints thserar debt uns rriped
...ii the Intereai had aetsaUy Bxeeeded
the orgtnal prifidpal bj spwards of
|500,000. The |iriuci|.i.l lins hum siii.-e
been returned bj the Sstioaal Uo
It Needs a Tonic.
'i here see times when yonr l?x?-r seeds
B tonic. Doa'i niie pantatiree thai _; i i i ? ?
sad wsakes. De Witt's little I'm-lx Riser*
expel ill! |?ois.m from the s.vstein ,-inil .-tal
?is lon'n to the liter. \\ Scott ".-".1 lliirh
liiiul are, Milton. Ps . asys 1 bars eai
I ried DeWitt a l.ittle Early Rlssrs with sae
(or -eter.-il tears mitl would not la- xvith
out them." Small ami i-asx to take. Para
l.f iegetahle. They ne, r-rgripB or dii-trasa
I? t H.ivvinan.
Snotuxlvaala Hrtlin??s.
A li?it ol tvritiniis a.lmittel to record in
tin- ?Utah's olli? e oi S|?. ?t sy Iva uia county
court siner the July term
A. A 1'aulcorier to V. L. Smith, ?leed
for land.
M K. Bttsydes to Norn,an I.. Mill deed
for laitii.
?I s. Dejaras*ts t.? Jaeob Fox, deed
for land.
I'. II. DaJarastts nn?l wife to Jacob
Fox. desd for land.
a. T. Lniiirey t?. .lonmli Powell, deed
lor inn I.
L. (i Mull?!..?, and als to um. T. Beaa
l?.y. dec? fur In ml.
It. J. Herrinjr ? luira tt ith K. .1. H?rrin|i
lieir?. partition of land.
W. T. lien-ley and u ile to Ahsal.
Waller. (1h(1 for Inmi.
I L I'lntlou .-nul wife to Eggte \\ i_
glrswortb, deed for land
T. A. Harri-,;i rial w i ft? to U . S. I'lutirry.
dsed for land.
LbwIs Smith aad xvifc to \ T Kinlirey,
and als, ileed for land.
R M She.ton ami wife toll. P. Car
ta-r. desd lor land
It. V. ?.rimes an.I wife to .1. M. Walker
deed for land,
.1. II Lacy and ais to Willig Itro.-ildus
deed for land.
I'. C. Alaop to W I'. S-lf. deed for land
E. L. < . Fieklenet tirn? W. I?, tarter,
trustee, ilee?! trust ?>n land
Jos. I'titvell and wile to W I? Carter,
trastee, dsed trust os load.
M. .1. Lacy and wilo to It I Waller.
trustee ileed triiHt ?in land.
Charta Kosppra and m to l*>. P.Willia
trustee il't'l trust on siindr.t lota.
Stopi tho Cosjh and -trorka off the Cold
LaxattrS Itrotn?? t.uinine 'l'ahlets eur?
a cold in ne ?lay No l Hre, no Pay
' MM --'?"' cent?
Give thcs: thorough trial, and you will find them to be as
nearly perfect as experience, ingenuity, brains and equipment can
make them. They are made with the Winchester patent corrugated
head, which has made Winchester "Leader" and "Repeater"
Smokeless Powder Shells so popular and satisfactory. Winchester
Factory-loaded "New Rival" Shells are thoroughly waterproof,
and arc loaded by exact machinery with the standard brands of
powder, shot and wadding which makes them uniform and reliable.
Shoot Them and You'll Shoot Well
Camp Meeting Note? Marriage Personal ant
News ot licnrral Interest.
-.'ond, tus- o? fu?. I'm i !
Il.-ntl,--. lie \ a \ul* Y I0O..
Iiiilny hist marked th- hulnahig ?t
another ten tints aaasstlag ,ii Munit
Uro ve, lin- miles friiin this pi.
ciiiiip is siiii.itc.l on the boundary; lint
between Sortbumb rlaad aud Riehmom!
coanUes aad Is rendit? are??Ible toYan
torsfrom Baltimore, v. .i-hiujiton and
> x t-arlv iittenl this Ion
l.v n ligiona resort for .1 ?ree . i i pleasun
and profit. Th* grounds nevei ;
a mo re attractive scene thaa tint tl?.
thiayear and the wide ?preaaling ..uk?
.en tlic gn ii.-.t is B ith ?i Itnst
t ?! n pleasant > rova Im? ;
i.ill; it- . : i .?t ?i, i
. n I'htce !
i- u orshi| . i|,mrti i
elder ot the Rappak i let Ins
th* meeting lu
. . ? i ?. i the local ministers are a?-'
in the pr. aching. Id'. I'r. Baa-I
BOB, of Richmond, i? ?
a groat revival is look* i lor toward the |
:.i-i of ;!,. ?
Mr. lins,.-1 .tit:. .nul \ii-s Viol? Pallia,
m re married on Wednesday \eei
Mrs. Cha?. Hogbes aad daughter Lot
tie. ol Washiaictoii. are i ii
Mr t launiiioii Well? and wile have re
turned to their borne in Baltlnt
Mis?, ? MnU'l nul Uisie Rice, u
t lew week? bars ta
tur town.
lin- Hoard of Supervisors met hen
S ?t unlay mid entered into eoatrai t with
t. Jack Booth for the working uf the
i toi b term ol
i h ne tent?.
to It hi. Walker was before Jtsstieei
i ieheJbergsr aad B aae oa tlaturda] ap
.n theihargii of riolaiing th* **ao ?bas?e''
lui in this district bj aliowiag his cut
tie to trcspa-s upon tin j remit?*? ?t| l.ii
. is n quired lo p.i.i
t" ilaiiissfs and costs diesis tbettrsl
warranttsstasd m this part of ta*die
irnt ?ii.ti- the authorities acted upon tin
no fence" tpi-stioit anil the result of I lie
ii.tl.iiii.f in.-lau will tlouh: ?
the desired t :
lion. ('. Ilardinii Walker ?md Mr Cock
i-.-h arc both eonrale-aciag hrom .-i,-kiie?s.
Mi?s Josephine I??-Shield, is ?pending
sometime in Richmond.
The nannies factories m this comity
are now rssBiag at faU blast, ?spti isllj
the totniito factories.
Throsgh petitioB of CoraeBns Weaver |
and Other*, ? -olillliissioiiel-. hate I? ell ap
pointed to view aad report the advlasv
bility of eetablishlng a as* pnblle road
in Loll.hurt? district, near Lodge
Reeeat rains bare greatly benefited
crops in this seertion, eooiiag just in
time to sine th.- early corn (Tops.
Deafov'g? Cannot be Cured.
by I??-.it appBcatloaa ,?? tl,?-> , suitor roach
, ,-,i portion of t ii?- car 1'I it-re L on 11
one il n y to cur?" ,1c.-ill,.-s?, nii-t that l. BS
t-ollHlit ill iollltl reuit-.lic?. l?.-,.iili-??
lit- nn I n il unie. I condition ot the morona Huios
of lite Kll?l.i.ltl.ill I'm..- W il n till? tlll..-i?il.
tl.'iiiiftl Jim hat.- a rumbling aouad ot iiuis-r
ici t besrtas, and u licit Ii i? t-ntlrcl.v etoard,
li.-iifiic.? I? Hi- result, un.I nul.?? the Inflan).
liiatlon call I te takelt ..ill Mild till, tulle r?
?tore,I to It? normal condlUoa, bearing will
l?- .li-ti-oicd for ever; nina? .???..? .mi of t. n
- ? ity Catarrh, which i? aothlr-aT bui
.in Inflamad condltloa of tl-r.rnuc<?ii?rarM<*e.
vl t- ? ill si?, .?n,. Hundred Dollsra for an?
..,-,-,,( Kcafnc?? traosed l.y iHtairli, that
,!, limit lie Clll-etl It? 11 nil'? Catarrh '
for . in ulur?. free.
I .1 i II I? El .1 00 . To!.-.I... I?.
Sold In- !>rni.-ir!?t?. ?.*.??.
II,? I? t-'.-iiioly I'll!? ?ire Hit- Bast,
A New Way To Pup.
Sbedng her .hoes into ths saad ami
broached the inbje t ol fashions
? An- you." sin- asked hin., "thinkina
of adopting th* shirt tvnist thirirteamin'.'''
?Weil, " he replied, a? be yanked her in.
'I wouldn't limit if the sliht tvnist is
lint, then, .he didn't ttiitik si.?- wieild
I?? lliisillith rstood.
The initsi.*altlins-tor is always a le idiag
Neglected eclds iHrays
lead to something serious.
They run into chronic bron?
chitis, pneumonia, asthma,
Of consumption. Don't wait.
Take Aycr's Cherry Pec?
toral and stop your cough.
I.I.Pg*. J.tAlEICO., Uaatll, *?.
ToTbk Pitas Lax,
1 \ bob oleotorsd Renate Mills
1 I'.y a failinir tree was killed
' ?n I'inwiihli county's hil
!h- llieil two miles Iroin I ' lli-k erst ille.
Viiotli? rjdog on last Sunday.
Waa taken with by-dm pin? -i i a;
s.tt Siep'iens. tbe otAiier. waa heard to
I He promptly pat the .!
\Vi\h on his tvnyjto church (Sit ill linn)
\\ ni. Li- tx if?- and litth
?\ hen tbe rallies cam? upon
llie |?et tlu-ii ihe work we-Jon..
i'iie prtitrsctrd meetings hare begun,
-?I?ri- g 11 ill li-mls off as nu ml it one
hV t .1 .1 W hit.-, n widow's son.
\\ ill _.-t them right lor Kingdom eoitae.
<in n-xt Susday st Mount Paras
Mr Hall will at the pulpit stund
tad tin ?tr?eles! is,rierais mmmssd,
tod mualc aweU Iroin tha organ
'.-the day that's set npurt
il arlj confer.m e |.ut on i he . liart.
say an aiiNions. _hi.l.len??l heart
Will for th? Kingdom make n start.
Last Sutitlnv eteiiiii- at i,? limpie
l'he i nt? -res i waa -?> lull und free
That et. rt parsoa, laetading me,
i\ ;i- stn iiulhelieil for e|. rnitee.
I'll as?. asBosacs it loog ami lood
"I"'in t every member has at ou. I
I'll it I no cessation will lie allow?.1
I ill lucked xx itl?tri .ne winding shrmid.
The farmers' hearts are glad again,
S n.s. the copions, xt. le o me rain
\s-iir? ?I th?'in of plenteous grain.
\.i.i tbe semillan? ?? o? a famine slain.
; : o-pt-ctiic asa,
Still eztaads hia protiarsd haad
To nut iliimsel in th?1 land
, W In? ivislu-s S fortune to coiuin.-iinl
II iinseif and sister lixe ill..in
In a palatial mo.lern limn.
His morals of the hiirhest tone
Vital much of t rra firma ..it i,-.
Has many S lover's contest run.
Rot nereryet basflxsd upon
rii??-fnnii or feature of an.? one
lied like to call Mist rea- >!icrinoii.
lie has suliserihed to Till. Fill t. 1.1 m i
Vin! thereh.v Iio[h-s to have a cliaiice
Tu im?! within this broad expaase
Some beaaty that will with him daiii-i'.
N'oxv I hope yon xtill excuse
My modest way of gitiug news;
It?- tried to guard ray p*S and q'S,
And oeciipv no other's shoe?-.
.1 F II.
(.??limpie. Ya.. August 4. 1903
His Sltht Threatened.
"Whilepicnicking last month my II
tear old boy Was poisoned by some wee?!
or plant.' says W. II. Dibble, of Sioux
tiiy la. "He rubbed the poison off his
hain's into his eyes nuil for awhile we
were afraid he would lose his sight
Finally.! ncii;li I >?>r recoin tuende. 11??-W ills
Witch Hsael Salt?-. The first applica?
tion hel|asl him ami in a few days lie wa?
ns ti .11 usever. For skin diseases, cuts,
hunts scalds, u omuls, larMCt hites. I ?e
wilt's Witch lla_?.| ?Salve is sure cine
llelieics piles at once. 'Vwnrc nl count
erfils I? I I'll? lllf.ll.
Loud-oun Camp. Meeting.
The Loudoiin t'a'iipMeeting A ?so. i.i
li ?ii will liejfin its tenth annual eiuainp
ineiit August l.'i tu August _o inclusive
OS its -rounds, near laeithton. I'r. .1
W. Huffy, the presiding elder, will have
charue of religious sert ice?. Bishop Wil
Bon will ??reach at 1 1 o'clock a. in. und
? l (?Clock p. in. the first Bista, Tbe
place of llishop t'andler. xvlio will be un?
avoidably kept away, xt ill lie lilleil by
l?r W . Y. Tudor, of l?irhnnind \inon_;
other ministers present will hell. V
Regeeter olPsIttaocB;C I? Harris, of
Ma.rtiiu?burg. an?! .1 P. Stump, of Alsx
andria. Itev S I!. Ferguson will pnaeli
to the old ????I'liers on Wed ne* I ay All
gust -J(l,
? 'Through the nioiillis of June and
July our baby was teething and took
S running off ?>f tha bowels and
sick ne? s of the stomach" says O.
P M llollidav. of I leming Ind
His bowels xxoulil move from five t??
eight times a day I hail a hot lie of I liain
Is-rlain's t ??lie, < bolera and I uarrlua-.i
Kcinedy in the bruise and gate him four
drops'? a ? .?.-.?ooiiful at water and In?
got Is-ltaT at .?nee Sol.l by M. M.
I---.is. Hruggist
Hoax?"Btoaea is nliun ?kicking about
something." Joax- "That s right Fit.
years ago he wnariirsiqg his luck ha au?
lle couldn't save enough to get married,
and now he is ttewoiling his fate lava use
it takes all he can -..nils- together to pay
Wliat Can a Woman
Do Forj Man?
Tn 1 ?mes <?f SufiV?riii-_: amlCritical
lllin s? She can Honestly
K commend
Paine's Celery
Ami Braver of Life ati-1 iiBariisher
<>! DiaeMO.
Worn-m s power for good in the home can
Barer be truly esttsaascd. In tima-s otauff.
and daagSS, her .liidguieiit nn.l
experlaaea un? invaluable; her ?mile-.,
it orda "I rheer ami comfort help todispd
?zlooni and sadm-ss. The laithfiil. discern
iug w ife has u, full knowltslg.- of the value
ol I'nine's I'el.ry l (impound a-a liani-lur
at dise?as:isa has notod its wonderful
- -In? has faith in its virt
tiiil reeotniuPiitls it with full confi.l
tic- Mr Rudolph II. 11 mit? r of the well
B a I Innti-rt orpor.ition. Pbiladelphis
Fa.. says:?
I l. <-l it is but right that I should ackno
s l??(l_e my spprertatios of I'aJne's I'elerx
Pomposas. Hal yon saay understand
ui.v appris-i.ition. I might say that for
ne.-iilt twentyysars 1 have continually
red from neuralgia, poor circul?tio'x
at night and general nervous weakness
fronaorarwors due to daily labors <>f
from t welve to eighteen hours upon tin
most intricate and exhausting ?>f brain
ttork. To retirent night meant the WOTS,
?t headaches nad ia?-k ofslssp. I maims'
.o rvlicf from physicians, and my eiiorin
iMtS work iipoB my el.a trieal inventioii
iiul litigattoaa baa pre ?sated sas taking
-t -o liltl.il needed Some time
: lagan total.?- l'aine, st'eleiy t'oinpouinl
and I soon hit like a i.etv num. All my
physical lr.?uliles prai lically NHM
I'.line's l .-lei x t'oiiipoiind hits ?lone for
?m- what the in ei I na I pn .?easion cou'il not
do, I now work from twelve to HtSBS
hours dally in paass ami ? uinfort ainlw
? nrerestful sit ,-p.'
Norfolk Has Sp.at WO. 000 la Allem; tint te
Suppress Smallpox.
\ asasattos wu sprung in Norfolk at
i un StJsg of the coinmol) ?-?iiincil when
it was shown that $80,3*85.79 hail lieen
led in suppressing the smallpox
It xviis also show ii that there have lieeu
JTi? cii-a-s of smallpox since last January
and there hate l?vn forty nine deaths.
I'he statement was made to the councils
.ht the i-iirnatures of the memliers of
;he health I.mini. ThS council appro
?iriatasl $5,000 l?ir a general vni ?nation.
l?ut U-fore the money xvas finally appro- I
printed it was changed to read for
improring thssanitary condition of the
I In- mayor waa severely criticised on
i he floor of the councils for his indisa-reet
inter? iews with the n? its papers. Mr.
Sontho.-ite declaring that !??? was doing
i BS city much hariii.
For Over Sixty Y? ara.
Al**n. Winslow's Soothing syrup has
Is-a-ii used for oter sixty years by millions
,?f mothers for their childreii while t?-cth
ing, witli perfect sins-ess. 11 snot ties the
child, softens the gums, allays all pains,
cures wind colic, ami is the Iteat remedy
for Diarrhoea. It w ill relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately. Sold by
Druggists in every part of the world.
1'weiity live (vnts a bottle, lie sure and
ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
Syrup." aaid take no other.
An investigation of a child's ability in
tha matter of identification, conducted
in S flerinnii school showed that the
girls described a mans clothes wi'.h
more or less m curacy but said nothing
of his face, while 'he boys just as gener
ally des.-ril?ed his face, but could tel
nothing of his clothes
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestaots and digests ail kinds of
'(.?.il. It gires Instant re Le fand never
fails to cure. It, allows you to eat all
the food you want. Tbe ntost sst-sitlsr*
?totnachscao takelt. Ity its use many
thousands of dyspeptic? have been
cured after everything else failed. It
pr.-vcnts fi-rmationuf gason the stom?
ach, relieving all distress after eating.
Dieting unnecessary. Pfcasanttotake.
It can't help
but do you good
iTriiijaiiiilniililij r f* fri'iir * f" ."Iilragn
I**-??.. bou.1* oootxaiaM m Ua?*??>>? 60c aha
Pratt's Poultry Yards
R. 1. A RHID, Manager,
Breeder Barrel Plymouth Rock, Thom
aon'a strain. My yards are headed by |
aa fine birds a?s can t? found in tbe
Sooth. Tbe B. P. R. la the ideal
chicken for profit or fancy.
EGGS, $1 Por 13.
Prices of Cock*.a-"?? ??r Pnlleta on Ap
plication. Cholera Remedy lor aale.
Orders filled promptly. 1
Clo?ii Remnants
For Men's and Boys' Pants.
Silk Pongee
in all similes. The coolest
fabric f??r summer waists.
At the Mill Pri?e.
Under Conwsy. Gordon & C.arnett
From one ?teason to another,
t herefore we will give all right
thinking buyers an opportunity
to buy good, seasonable, up-to
tliite And very smart Clothing
1-2 Price
This means an enormous loos
to us and a big gain for you.
You should make it a point to
come to Richmond and take ad?
vantage of these offerings, which
will save you money besides ex?
penses of trip.
Men s Suits that were #10, now f.".
Men? Suit? that were ?12, now f(i.
M?n s Suit? that were fi?, now $7.."?().
Men'. Suit? that were f-If?, now #9.
M?-n's Suits that were *20, now *10.
Hca'a Suits that were f*2.". now *l*2.-"?0.
Jacobs & Levy,
Out .litters to Mankind,
705 E. Broad St., Richmond,Va.
i. n. gall?is sa re*?., r. t. ijiCoarT?,
l Ice-I'??.. 11. Ki i.i.KK, Sa*t-'r. * Tr.s?.
Tobacco Company.
101. 105 Centre Market Space, 701. 705
K. Lombard St., Italtimore, Md.,
(..to I'enn. Are., IN'. W., Wash?
ington, D. C.
Manufacturers and Jobbers of ling aad
Smoking Tobacco. Cigar?, Cheroots,
l "i?farette?. Snuff, l'ipe? and Smoker's
Articles at Roiek-Bottom lViees.
I?i?tributors of the famous
Geo. WA Chllds
so. oio??a?.aE?i.
A full line ot Clear Havana Cigars.
Bay Grain
& flour Co.
HAY, Etc.
104 8. Gar Street.
\*\/' J-2 CUKE
en. im. ni i
Kellam's Hospital,
Richmond, Va. A? es??i?Ja*tloaa
free. Come ?uhI see what w* h***
done and aredolac- If than ran aes
not ?at-sned that wedoall w*. "
we will pay ail of your a
Stop! Ml lia!
Whea yoa want a sarhsifj tap Bs daft*
Hair Cat, Shave or aasBBsaj-n, ?a h*
Ib. 1 ee)\*fi T*-*-*rtri BsthfcV
Comm?re* St.. ?tetof?eh*eW*M.y*y _
Oar patroer are k??pS_?ol Irjr ? ?

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