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The free lance. (Fredericksburg, Va.) 1885-1926, September 17, 1907, Image 2

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Ocrsn eaartf ?Hirt/ ??antas Is ?h. Firs?
fkjKlAmn es' KUbib ????nawssii.sai. Ms
vtrta. sas eu*? M ?ot?srm?.r? si ?.???? ???
r?.?. ??i i . Ti.
>nl sar Sssl.,1 iMsrtli.n. Mr. prr lark,
gase?is* BoUr?.. tor. i-i- n ,t,|.?r?11 I In?. Aral
Is m a si a**. i?-r lin? for .iv-ii ssessqeaas osa.
rMibltasru?. it r m at ??iM-raalB
a*M. ?Ir . ??Ii?n,^.l t.r al ii-i? i.alf rat?.
l.s*t?rs r~-i.Biui.ii.lin? se aiUsrsMsa eaaai
? iMIo-sSn aiaal b? paid tee.
*ltaoaaiaalra?lk>n. ,.f ??? / rhsrarlrr ?h.-ol-l
I ?kUMsil *? Tas ?aas L.?-..'?. ?rail.rlrt?
b ira. Vs.
S?lMcr.pt?i JI.54 Per Year, ii Adr.-iice
l'l\ 'II'KM'S.
Tin? st m kin ililfrx of tin* Soiitln-rn
It. It . w lio an* tin >rc or 1i*hk sun- orar
t ln> tu-tion of North Carolina ami
Virginia in nil in in?; rat?*? on that
road, |irnli.ililv an- not amate that
asaaaaata ol ilivith>ii<l.? i- sum ********
iln- to thi* tart that lar-'i- BUM , >f
Batana* annually go to tin- *r**aaa*a]
ottii*ern of tin* ro.nl in tin- sliai?. ill
HgaaJasTaM, The*? aaJatriea tn coaa
parisont?! tliom* earned b? eqaaJi^
i-.-ipahh* mon in otlit*r walk? of life
an* far in ?Mal of tin* latti-r. (he
lin*sii|?*tit of i ln> Soiith?>rn It. K. fur
i istatiii* ilrawiti); mily li-u th- ?
?1 .liars Ii-hh tlii-ii t-ii' pmnhatanl of the
I niUil Slat?--, aiiil mon? than that
paid any aaVPae >:uvi.rtior?iii A I
ThisRalarv list aft?*r nnnli effort ha?
bana taWaaght out bj tin? attorneys
?"anfaaaottag North Carofinaat the
rat?* hearing now in ptogrena and it
total aggregmka p?rjaarie tl
p?a_-fcMM anas nf finir liuiuln-al :111a]
f.iur tliousaml two llllllaln-ai tllial MIX
ty ?lulliir*.. Tlieif an- in __ditak>n ta
the p_?____n1 fin- ?
Will use taatlll Salarial? f a M >t Ilia ninety
_bne ihaiiiHaiiil ?dallare air M,'irh
twenty till in?l>ll dol?an apfat-*.
The nLuve salar- |?r??l?.i
My ilu??* noI r.'i?r?--.'iit ti
MOMt paid, for it is th?- claim iif
tin? State'!? attorney? tint :
Hilaria-?- ?al the Smith-Tii's
linve nt?t U-i'ii-ivi'ii. Tin' imatrtion
i? uiitvle lay them t.'i.it a lar-g? num
baraflato k-M- prominent
??[ tin- ?y.-t.-in r?*>'eiv?* aaltliti? mal
Malaria*? from t lia? HUt?M?<liary lines til
tin'a-oiripaiiy. whiali a],, 1,<at appfnr
U|m?ii 1 lie lat.ok.? atf tin- purent a-urpo
rnli'in. Is it any wniiajer in view ?a!
tin? aliaiva? fat ts tlnil tin? r.-iiir? ? i?l.?
fail year afl.r year tu turn i.i.t.-ii.i
tlivitla-inis t" thi'tr atorkha ?hier?'.
TI.tti,.?l*H fry taut all the fat wlaila
the HtiM-klitihlers In ulaim parlan?-?
Ht uni "un the niilsile looking in.
I>?t saliiri?? 1?' redorad t?> fair anal
I*eii??a anal ale ti-ur?'- and ?it lier ?*\
pa'llHM?? a tit ill paTOpOrt?O- tllul ttl?
r. ?. I ?I- will liai'?- l?-SS , 111??* ttl ?ipplls?
lato two-ei-tit rata? law ?
BIG 1 Wll'M'iN CONTRI Bi: I" I ? > n -
In a letter tt> tin* N.-w ?lairl?
pabtisatod lay tli.lt |>M|?T 1 ?tl \\'i*i|lla-s
day last, -liiaL-a- 1'arkiT in a-?tltirtl.-IlT
ill- ii|ai?n tin-"\?"?siir?' ?>f tlic iiaiii'i
III I lliwaa? will? had at till ril all tail tat t in
Iluminan eaiiipaie-n IiiimI
l;.?.-'\?'lt ? a'la?, tia'Il il, 1'. ?I I 1 . sail il
raallgra?? ?11,llll,1 have | ?-f, arlll.-.l tila-?er
tita t?? the fount,.? tia.kt rii.- V?
aatla.-r paapen ara- i,,,w attempting I" t?-i.
tier it
Seiint'ir Tiliuiai.? in: ruiiui-e.l a r,.?,,ln
tiaaii a-alling lor an in? .-?tiguteui all th
?hai-e thai 1 ,la-, m.-.I it mi aim? tatmak
in tha? iimipaigii i,f l-O-i. Thai r?? ,.,,
u.?ra hhaaul.l bare
B?rlimity afforded t,, pr.ira* tli-mn,,ii,it
i ,,nl rihiite,! I.? iln- many ami van?M
prut.? ted inalai?! ri.*? ..f th.* ...ui.tr? ?!,
?usuran, ?? ami .>ili.-r gtganti.- curpon
ti?.n?. Inrlualing tha- g rial railroad curpa
?m?.should Inn.- been doaa, nut fui
ti?? parpoae uf proving whether in*
? -liariff *n? vk.?ll Di ill foaaded, fur ?urviv
an invc-tisTiktiiin waa nut needed In
that [nirikis?. aiti*r th>? iaearaaee latent!
?ration, which iiiwlo-w.1 a i-unt rilmtiui
liv three companies mit uf inimv ajar**
kTatiiiK ti.-arU fl.V).?0O0to h?a-.?II tin? It.
pahMraa eaaapaaga cheat. Brao tna'
Iiai>[*>-iH-il an maa ? bo retad* uni la hm i
lair niiinli-.l ami !nt??ili-??-nt ran ilouh:
the accuracy ol a*j -tat.
Hut for tin* pwp liiiit;-.
to what extent thapartoerahip rahrta
between the Federal tirria anana! ?uni
??orporato inu*ri~t--. Jorige Parker
is rirrht: the laventigation ?boald
havf bna ihihIi? by Coogi
ehould Kti!) Is* Bade, hut tln-n? im in
earthly chaim-that it will b
an**a*riaRs at the cumin*? w-nniuii ai
OoagraaB oa the ere nl the lOOrJ el,??
tion. It, ooght to be niaih*. not paly
tor t lit* n*axon piii!.'?.?-i-nti-l by JadgC
Parker, Imt mur?? especially becaaai
em-h an biTaatigatioo, nyo-wiia**, all
the ?ietuils of corrupt political meth
ois. in tin- only mean- by whirfa eor
rnption in nal h mill political can U
curtailed. It would Is* ri-fre**liiiii.' in
deed to feel that tht chief exi-lltivi
of thf f-ouiitry mmi elected fur one
without then*** of agraat eorruptioi
fund, hut an Ion** a.--inli pcaciin
a? are now shown to have ohtniui?
in tlst* ?-Hinpaivrii of l'.MM go print.
erally unnoticed mid impuni-hed. w
can look for their indefinite runt ?in
anee, and the election of the eaad
date whots* party make* the am
?atiefactory haryain witli protect?1
ii?U> rente.
Tie* trial of Hainii.?! I. Hurtmi ami Sj
rester Com ? u?*st, t he neu;r. m-n aii-iise?) uf I!
warder of Joliu IVrnffTag. rplored, ai
precipitating the < inancock rai-eaio*.,wi
concluiletl I'rnlrty in the ?inult TJnatrf,
The jury hrmurht in a verdiot uf ?iiil
and ajare earh It) year? in ti?- Batial
It I? rnnn.n-il that Barton will Is* Bo
pelled to la,-?* am>tl?-r ??liar?re, as t
?tlovernnvnt authorities want ban I
Urina In tie* hark i?n run?.-from Onniicc
to Taalej, Autruat It), Ibe iiiirlit ni t
v'nauci? k riot
I l?r. A. P. Muntamie. preshtent
finward (-ulle-r?*. H*rn,.?.,/> ?v...
been elertr-,1 a n-e-mlier . t Um )?< ?
' na ate awards In tr*> I vpsn as
cat-kxi ot tac Jaaoeetown ai'iomUou.
25 DEAO ill .VR??K
Express and Freight Train Col?
lide Near Canaan. Vt.
Donfusion of Oa*ders Cauaed Fearful
H*_d-On Crash On Boston & Maine
Raalroad. Killing and Wount?.ng Ex?
White River Jan. lion. V:.. Sept 1*.
he smith!..mini! Quehe-a expi-a-?I and -a
?mrthboiind freight train on '!
tard division arf 11M Dua_Il * Maine
railroad oca urred fa.ur n ' i
:'anaa_ .-?tatinti. ?I .
laavaol??atod ? i
:aken "?? paaaa n
?era. tin?, t ? ? t !;???-.
ill Ihn-.,- who m i- ::i tl
nint. from a fair at Bator
tarot'k". Qll? '
Th. COB_l ? train
i,'n to understand that he had
a siding hy
th?- nicht op
recall '. ?
lent r,f th?
craph order from the train dispatcher
ord. whtrb a^.n!
Th? wreck ou III I ?ad M n I?.m
Hot h asastmaats ati their brab
ttoa lamped white th? "?
? rn?h??i 1- '
In a firm ?
tho .lit.-?.
The hnifirnr:?* mr In the rear *s<
hurled back Into t
:ik>? a preat ram. and t
from end 1
-nil of the ear
-niuk-r. vv'-.l, h ira
per coa
broken In t!
nf the I
Put ti i h en
ilowiled w-;th mur" (bai
Shortlv *?w ,,f
Inp rar in il>
DO set
ars ri
J-imp-vl ont to* the s|,'.r
?ni! htu
?er coach, where ?roa:.
off to
fir? and add further horror to I
ready dr**ailf"
? *
I'd thrii way am":
?ran the wirk of :
if :lir dead w. re It
Til, k!y. while the :
Crent neaaaa "
were thrown
?vnd manirli?.:
and laid on the harks of I
1-ars. V
anr! rota si
ding from ti.?
Th? . ...
Ryan ?a-1
an an? II? was
' ar nearly 1 " :
to iva?, a wat-lat? itgn?I In
alan-er. nnd I
th? r? :ir of th ':ain.
two hoan
way to i
?Former President Takes Carriage Rid
Ever/ Plesx.nl ?Haw
Prit?? ?f. n N t .''i,' !? Kairnie:
? ? 'k hli
uv-iial can . ay, which ht
poa hi?
return Mr. Cleveland was s?-,-n. and
when asked as to Ins h.alth
? an -
bow i r
Mr ?Clereland ?
?and r.-t'irned to Prim ?
ton ahtMH ' __ lat.-i
N' H wh-r
the <l*-i?-!an*1 <
spending the* sommer. .Mrs CI
i am wort h t?? i.? pi ?
A blrt! a'l'in gl\ ? n for ??''?
- ('!???', iar.'l ?au Se
Mrs. ?"leva-land anal the a hlldren wil
return to Princeton p- rman?j.
?t-aaak In ori. r that tha ??hlldren ma
Friends ?if the f?arin' r ?
his ga-neral baBalth at the present tin
1? batter than at any time during th
past summer.
He is still snl'j. i't ft) acula
Hon. taut has not had an attach laid;
He l;. also gouty at times, hut this
not efinsiilar.il sirlou?. as it only a
liina In one foot.
William Bail'y Leaves Canden Foi
New Zealand In Boat He Built.
lit i?;. ? Wllllaa
until recently a dranshtsaaai
for tin* New York Ship Ruihltn
pan*, of this city, started down th?
Delawaia riv. r in a ?i tool aailhoai lot
a ?i 7? - ?'' to Aiil.lainl N.? I
Zealand ll.-iil s 's li lit Is .-ailed Itv
JoBephlae Re bnIN it lor t\?.
and will iro to Baltimore to net a cred
and jHit la a ?i i. of provision I:
adventurous sailor Is an Kntrhshni in
nnd formerly ttred In Auklaml II
?ays h>? i. aolai bath that* m iiv
and Is BM?rJag the trip tiecau.si? he ha
to and not because th? i l\ ? ntiirc a?
pealed to Man- He is coal leal of mal?
Inte a succese of the undcrtukins;. an
leave* a wife and two children here.
Hetween Iff and IM hum hinist*, ein
ahajad In tls* Maaihsatar ahupa <>f tl,
Southern Railway, wen- laid off Krl.la
In n?s|M-n?i? to orden from le-**d'!Urtrtet
in Washington. At nther points on th
SontlsTn men vrrw luid off at olh?
?dio|m, as follow? At r-'j ???!,.
IM; Atlanta. Ga. l".i>; (olumli'a. S <'
MothersV inS^rchFoiDaufj.?.
ter Drowned in Delaware.
ri?gar aid Eloped From
New York With Jo?-n Cr?Tt ,md Lost
Life In River ? Mother Does Not
K-cw c? Her De.-th.
i -t ai. in?.?ll.t
? .Mart- i
v C
" -
r granrtinoth. r a
-a ha?1
'?n,? anyth .
' '
Penna. State Policeman Killed
by an Italian.
Responding to Her Cry For Ht p
Timothy Kelielier Was Stabbed Wath
Stiletto and HI. Body Thrown Over
An Embankment.
? iat. I?. ? 1
,af the
. ? ? at ai
-as ?tab
ti and
h n v i n k
ir.ls or more to th?
nt Hunt hi, I
nl to th?
-?p. whii-h is
. :!1 riier In '
railroad hri.tg" over th,
i woman cry
ill, r.:.?!
...i; with
ind tii to make them pria m
bar? T.-?I. nod the ; ?1 Kel
:.t an I
i.iin over "
foin ,i vl-.ll /,-.| liv
hut the H
?allants hit?.- n??t been 1!?
K. !l,'h. r ?? . la na?
tiva Of !?.lt dill !!?' - I'l .-I w
with Ui tats array in tha
Phllippt???a He enlist?*.I in .'.
stahulary from Pit!
the rtrst nu inler
tore? ta, mat ,'..':iih at the liar
Police Had Hard Job Saving Him Fror.i
Mob at Cheater, Pa.
Cheater i*a . s. pt II William
Walla a negro ran amuck in Mar?c
atreel thi- iity. shot two meta
'.it ?? m ral otlii rs anil wa- Ian
v hall b) th.? poll? e
row escape frotn being in .- 1
killed, at the hands of an it
Well? had wordl With "A
anotln r aettTO, in a n :
both W III I, ?
Welta ? rock AI
Int? r
i : im-iI a Inilli t in III? lurk
Wells atti i -ip< but va.
eatiKiit i-, Mu-i ii atea, who started to
heal him. wi|.?n the poHce im?
' with him tor city hall
but it was with dtmculty ?
-, the crowd Tn?* po!?.
tlnir i Inbs and literally had to flirht
?hctr w.-iy to tin police station, which
kcbed wit hont any serious? barm
befalling the atraer?
Wells and Ilrowti arc in a hospital
In a serious condition
11,?.?, I? wen- tiled Saturday by which tin
Hard? Homestead Corporation aoaemjt
(?? tin? IV?.ara I.And Corporation. K S
Cramp, if I'hilaieiphla. president, twsn
rv-sli acres of land OB the Baaahatl
Itiver. Norlulk, np?,ti whieb the ?ramp?
if Philadelphia, will establish a lar?.
?hip yard The consideration I? $'.?.'. ?KX?
The pro|ier?T co?veyed has a watel
(mnta-re of ?.oo-rfleet
- UU.lsllKl? .11 NI il, Iihm;.
, api:.i 4*' -'-'?.Ha?ai (si
Surplus anal In-livi'l.?! I'ra.iit s .Y*_?mini
K.-...iir?s? Hier .'ItMi.iaaaa.
Tiie Savings Department of This Bank Has
Become One of The Most Important
Features of its Business.
?- Willie I'ivm.
?c .1 lira**?? I?' Nn.-I're-?.
l\ lui.? ..ml Vie* l'r?*M.
? i t ?.?uMniHti. -Ir l asl.ier
11? i|*ai,.II iM.lll.llll.lti Ast Caelt'r
I' Cote,
ai VaMan
..- J ai-H?
avid Hinb,
a;.-.,. II Phew i?aag.
\t Si'
?? P K**w.-."
M f W-tc.
, \ ,.V.
I al lie? II.
K r Batearan,
Jiaa. I" Hull,'man. Jr
01 KSW l\?;-i r\t_\ I I'likSur,.
I??l>ular anionu all i ?
WefanHM Hie-.- ?.k? foe d ?
i???lls aa? !???? h? a ?I? I! ?r anil up to
any amount laite .?t \-_
alay >a,u make yauir a!,,p, ?,t \\ ?
cr?.lit ?aal .,i,up,,,i?,I 1-n, ..?-i twi,.?
a yea'; Januar? tir,-! mal In:? a, -i
If a ilf|M??itaar . ami.at an,; .m I atoar
alatee. lai? ilit.-rrst w,'1 to ,T.-.l,'e?!
f. his account THKH. PKB t'KMT
ISTKRKKT ?all-wed a?a ai, i.,??,.-,
?Ie|???lie,i In BAVINOK -KHAHT
MK\T. I'.?r furlh.-r particular?
i >?u un- In vit--d t.> call
The Farmers & Merchants State Bank
i Savings Department!
Fredericksburg, Va.
The improved ?j-j^ PhoflOgraph
OCT. 1st.
On account of the very short notice of the
withdrawal of the Introductory Offer, the Edi?
son Co. has agreed to allow it continued until
Oct. 1st. This will give manyan opportunity
to get Phonographs, and include our Fair
Edison Standard Phonograph.Flotver
Horn and holder, and 12 Recordsfor
t H. Hamman, Miss Elidas And toa OtHars la
it How They Offended Famars.
I' II. Harr.man.the railrua<i magnate.
d one of the eoatlieat club?
la tu.? ? uiin'ry at M id. 1 ??bur?, m Lcxadoen
\- .i ru!.? ti,?? in? mber? of the club k>ep
- . : ..I lire in their clubhouse*
,:|.in w ith the peoph
unutj All went maootatf, bow
?M?r, unti a lew d-avyaaao, whan theelnb
l to the farm. ?
..it tu hounds and. it is n?
pan rupture oeeamad
. cd ?tiler* dine?! m n
;-.: Inn ? o'ini and aoane of the
- ? \-liisiv.? un? cu: -
Mr Harri::,an. hi- two duuxht.r- M>
la .-? I fVinator
r, i..?it.-, and lour waalthj
; k.r-. It BUetS $1<I.IHNI to j lill
. year lurdaaa Uaa pupa
? ? .! the i ml. wae tu pay taraaaf-l
- kits ?! bj loxea or other
fhe ra"ruad magnat- ?.i-it* l,:.- baal
He aaa>
? at.? car. and
.-ht. r anil the other rnemliern
spend ? wi.?k booting the aril* fox orar
? il* ? if l.llUililUU.
: : borou-ihhrvd te ?unil*
. i rich inciuil
; be , lab ha? a atabla
it Mlddlebnrg and one at f*aa I'lain?.,
tala ?.ome of the earj ti?i?e*t
. An....ik A *<?ir.? or more i,l
. aboya ar,- employed
. round.
u-itry around Mfcidlebanj la tin
anting ground In Virginia Tin
i".sti.-.l tO have th?
club, ae the f-ji.oiiii la daaa paid by ti?
eight members ieepeal there, but it ail
I*? a lona 'une before thev ?-.?r over what
? nit frou? the clul
Taji..** Thousand Spectators wTtaassad the
Ceremony it [i position.
itore witaeaaad
the ilcii-i atimi m,,| liluiiitiiatiun Satur
daj ntgbl i I thegoveraaaeai pier at the
:. ererted bj 'h.- I aited Stan-?
at ?k.,,*t :f ...oiioo The structure, ex?
tending * i J.oiHi f*et iat? Hampjon
shlaiaasrhag In ?he ray? of Ihnue
.?ii.i? oi ia*caad*sMaal ataatair liart.t*. ? i.l
turn of pare wbita rone rale, was a ate-1
tur.- that called lor a great .ieiiioiist ration
wd Tha Mi rhie i Bnikmal
band standing beneath the great arch ol
. Phlnney'a baad at the end
it the U? . :,-li , oiirt, rendered national i
. -. 1. I l i. k vl inl.n (ireselititlK the Sen
,-.k-_. , niiiai tor*, in a hi ,,-i
? imed the -triictiire liter to the ?
aer.l II II :. I let r.-prcsetiiuik( ',
i Kng near \\ bieia* f >l
i ..?--il in a :? r, : epeweh, pmwaatlaf the
ted ? ?.- '?? 1* eel !???.? II St. Ceo
*" I In- KvpiMi'.loll rom
*lC IM k.-l lll.tde a bllel tkdillVH*
. niiiai sn'tue ac'iounceii the osea
log of the Hrewurk* display, iiicludliu? a
reproduction of the buttle ls*tween the
M?rrima.? and the Morltor in Smith's
lliwin. _
Mrs. C Q. Mitchell, daughter ol Mr. |
Bad Mr? Win ShotweH, of CD'jiejier.died
Saturday at the hospital in Kichmond.
She hud lieen married or'y a few months.
Win. Trevv died near Dak lirove, West
i:nl I"'mut.v, httat week. He 1? ?ur
\ ved by a brother. .I T. Trew, and a
?ii-ter, Mr? Jul"i PuiniTuy.
Mary Stubl.leliehl died at the
hume of bar ah ?, Mrs. S?* "'eTcrrl'l.Tea*
Kapntaii, la*t Weak. She leaves two ?is
lera and other rein
\\ WTKl*
\ teas In I In tnki? i barge mid tea. h ?i
pinat. *? iioui ? ?t iiiuiui 1*1 arbnlara; oaa
-, . -ii 1111 nil I.. I music.I.'itin.
. and nil tin? roinmoii Knjjish
biaiiil,,? \n\ one wishing ?.m h a
Sri.I |.|- I- .l|M.I\ t.. m.? Ill one- W III
C li.-n.il.l* I'aik.i V? ?l-i-41
W ti, Kile will design the Shamrock 1\ .
w Inch will ha i ii te re?! for tls- American
? up bv l.iptun .Negotiations will siMin
I?- opened with the Hellaat firm to build
the yacht*
Booth Tark'ngton Scores Title Hunt?
ers In Euroa*.
Nesr Vor!; pept \S Booth Tark
Injlun. tho author airan.?
course of an intente*-.- apoka
inai-es set for Am
ropeans. Which Is th?- main t ?
"Tha- .Man from Horn?. ?which Mr
Tarklngton has writ!ma II roa
with Harry I.??it \\
"I am nrhnn-H of my fellow Aman
cans ' sahl Mr TarklnRton "I am alls
?tist??1 with tti? l.'.int y thai I- -
a certain mini!,, r ??i tn, ni when ?thej
and themsa?lv, s abroad I
class with maire m?in
sense- that make? hysteria al al
to mlsallv Us ?Ian,-:
strahlsml?- an*l flnanclaili darre pli
titular of the old ?<?r. !
"Mr Wilson an?l I have soaipht ta
present to ? < ountrym.T
some of th? thins* that trsn?;?lr? a?:;
the of. the A'lan?
ihlr.s-i that are almost laerttabl? a hen
the father or mother ' ICI
virus of social faastige. deliberately
pl.ia-e the'r chllalr.n upon t!
0? th.. pol!, n calf. The fate of th' ?n
notent j.ur--miii !???) Ameritan girl en
trust? ?1 tat the h?3<epla_ of some of the
male luirpl,"? ?,n< tin,Is In the a-apltnl?
of Kun-jae 1? euouRh to nboch the har
aleneal -i.ri-a--? of . InjMllll nil
king of finance "
Talk of Anthracite Famine Disproved
By Output.
Wilkes Harr.-. Pf... S-pt. 10.--The re
rent discussion In ?New York M ? p ?a
alble coal famina' on account of shaarl
production at the mines, tluc t?, ;?
shortaKt? of w?,rkmen. wan all rot
There has been a vastly larger quan
tity of anthracite coal mined stored
shlppaed and sold so far this year thiln
f<?r the corn s?Himllng mainthn of last
year. That disposes ?tf the famina' talk
put out purfly as an ox? use for boost
lng priagan
As to the assertion that the normal
number of m?*n to mine the ?-oal a-onla!
naif he secured, that logically falls |?
fore th?- proven rnct that man coal
was mined than heretofore.
Shipment? for the first ?lght month??
of this year t?atal 4 H?7 7n4 Urns .
than for the parallel months or 1905
which year now hoi Is the record foi
maximum production
.11 ? I v shipments f,r th:s ?car were
S3 v.'T tan-, higher than far Ja!*, It-M,
ntaal Aa<(-?I shlpm? nt? till? y ;ir wer?
21*1,741 tan- gra itter than far \ ig'ist
1" ?
meat* for the ln?t f.mr yann
have ht n M f? 1! "a s l.? :. :.??
?-".. (1 410.-01; IM
(up to Septemha r 11. r,t,._'.-,??,;,r,7
M'orrwcted by Simon Hlrsli A Pro )
V, heat. Nil to Oal, ?orti, (ill la ? ',.,, n enl,
$1 ?>?! to ?17?; oa-<U. ?M I?. ,".
hen-, live, tl to 10; spring i-hia-ka-n
14 to 1"; el/jr?, 1!? t?> -_n, Ural, llll,,
1'-; tllll ks, live 111 ta. 11, Lutter, IS
to 2.">; ham?, 14 to 1H. Iriaah ?total?.,-?.
l'art to ('."a; veri, 4\ t?> "?; lamia?,
?at-.?) ?to %\ IN); hides irrven, H to ll);
dry. li t<? 1.'?. sa'ta-'l, No. 1, ti fa, in,
calf akintt N i 1, $1 In ?er ?akin; hal.-.l
hay. fl."? to *I7 ??'r ton; leaf siiinai-. 7".
ta? NO ?anr -?_?., hoft-ia, liie weight, ?I
k9 Bjfa! t?*ef. live weight. 2?/? ta> ,'ISc.;
pork, to "%; turkeys, live. IS; ???a.l.
market firm. __ to _H per lb
Asa raiault of the prosperity ?if the
a-oiiiitri K. II llarrimati.it Is re|>orteal
now, bt-a appiov,*d plan? for ????luluag
?ne hullalretl 1 111 lilil? I! ,i aloliar? taa a-.,Ill
plete what Im? l?-lieve? will lae the !???!
?laaiilale-trark tranra-continaiital railwaiy
??anta?? in the ca>untry.
One hundred am) lift.v Japan,??. un?!
I'liinetae cltgtigeil In a ale-??r?ta liglit
with kniiaw on the liiirh ?.-ii? ?luring th.
voyaa-? on the taark Kk-etra to thi? Inn 1
Tit- Uika.to'a siibjeete wera- ?le'.-ata-d
Juat fair variety, try ta? make mair.e one
I happy btmia?-a yaaur?elf
BBBaT-BaBBnaaBaaaaBBaaaBBBuaauMBnBaaBBiBiiBirs-sii mmmaamtmamtaaarmamr*mef*a*am?mm usw.?, ,
-a, a.? .. i.iasa,. ?????????** ??.J.,,.,.^.JT.*t*********C***********^
The T. N. BRENT Store
rivshiii'Ks. N.-wiiiv-s ami Spnn<rt im?* 1.. >v**l im?*mh nui-t the eye in ever-j pint
of this st??n*,mul mat? IiI.sk prieea tri*_*-ii Mipretue. This i*tore'sH|?riit*i litw-sof
Wash Goods, White Goods, Silks. Dress Goods, Millinery
Ready-to-Wear Garments, Etc.
an* v.*r\ ? ?iinpl.-t.*. With tea ?*\?-.*j?t i.ms we are off?ritt**; them at lat-1 \.*ai,e*
pri?vs. We a?l\i?*.' an .ailv inapt-ction t?f tin-*?* Inns, tus they ?.inti.it I*,
ivplatv?! at a v.*rv material a?lvaiu?*.
The T. N. BRENT Store
Things You Need And
The Piace to Buy Them
For liftman Pi? -kl?*. Sv\?*?-.-t Pickle or Sour Pickle our Pure Old Apple Vim*gar,
four year? old, is the kind ami only kind you ahould U*n\ Vou ?an ami iniiv Ihiv a
more inferior article, but you can n?>t ptt-aaihly buy la-tter. Try oura an?l your
PickliOfa* Will be 'l Stl(*??SS.
Pur.*, unadfiterated nnd Ireali Kpi<*ea, arbole or frround; Mnaon'a Fruit Jars, and
Atlas Wide Mouth Fruit Jara, Stone Jara, Kxtrn !'nl.i..?r- nnd T<-p
lu S; \
judge "f th? ?
? Jan - - K
Saturday, October 12,1907,
! a? u . - an?! ?.lit I'll
Ih.iIi , Imr, ta.-, ami -
Rural free ?l?li? ?i y ?.i mail |? -
? ? ,?'11 aim .
m two ??pin - nl ?i\ una)
I ? lie evk|.-na-a-?j I.? pair. !,.a?. , . I?,i,,|
* i of I iu?l. ..?
lia- |.ain ha- I
W v in T ' ?
Spa*a*in. I *
In t!, ? ' .it
? I. T. A. II
l-at?, I eolir, ,! ?.tel I?
?ainsi ? - ?'in 1?)
:? n-,1 in -an' *?
1 lit It ?la.? ??1 S?-pi.n.:
' tha -a:.I .ou?t 11 !? 1,'llh ,1a.? id
Sept.llll? l . I'?n7
1 \ Hail -
?17u la
John F. Scott.
Sl?ti?i ?t.. ine door l.eiow filia? VV.U
!a?a*a- it Kro Pull line of
General Hardware.
Barb Wire, l-Juiir, Pint?la*, Raiors,
aTaliaa. etc., will lie fa??a?I at re?ltii-e?l
Crict - to ?nil Uto timen. Moriev --.n
e sa veal lij- purchasing at Baatt*i
*-l?e^?r?? re ernee.
Wiiceessor to Dannehl _\ l>e?la?io
Practical Machinist
(?pp. P. K. _ P. l)ei?ot.
?P-haae 1B1 Watttmr_t__a?ms_, v?
Ba__re_aa?a fil rn l.'ieal on eonst me. Ion.
Q?tlw?HaM i\mt*m_teA -, ?|--.-? t_*tie.
-Richmond Traia-ng School For Kin?_f?_tia*aHS
\l.l( i: Y PARKKR, l'iiii?i|?al.
Twaalea,? ?a a!,, ?. ? ill Ti'? ?-I ?1 s t lift try
ami pin, tt-i, ?-. Al??, a linn! j. ,-ir ntnrar
I?, l-grail nut ?f. Sp.-t la! I.? I ill--?: I'tau 11 lg.
|?hvsk'nl culture anal singing. Hr-hax?! n?
..|.-1.? Oft. 1st. IM)7, at 1 I W ???! Main
Si , Hi, liinoi,.!. Va. .? i,? 1
Dr. H. M. Eckenrode
OrHt-aa-^iver (loolrick't ?>r__ ft on?
Ualn Ht?v.t
0 Dlllf_J-WHU^:'m^Z
awwanaan b. m. wnou.i ? i>
AUaata, tea. otnc* 104 n. ityor street.
I \Kl'l TORIAL NoTlf.K.
Having tjUahlied a? evea-atrix iiinlei
the last will und ti-?tament of _ W
Smith, atet-eam-al. I hereby giv,- not I, a
that 1 am i|.-.*iroii? .,( settling up ?ml?!
? ?tal.-, and, lliereforc, r.-.|ii.--l ail ?aer
?wjaa t.. wli.the,-?mi,. ? ?Saa-fMad ami
all those lllalal.leil to ?Illa! a*?tate tllll?t
??ear l?-f are me at onee n-atly for M?ttle
nietil All I?ilia. 11111*1 ;, p:.a|?rly autheii
tiaat.-.l for payment.
Mary I Smith,
Kjea-utriv a.f K V. . Smith, .(.??-tu??).
It.? I StoleaVy I ?alem?n, P-a?unn-l,
Spattwj limita, Virginia.
\ S. KANN, SONS ? CO.,
Hth ?st. -s? Penn? Ave.,
Wa?*hlrt*2ton?j l>. <*?J?
_a A trip to Waahitijttoii and a talk with ih alwtal >t\l.- and
"T |irn'.?K ?ill heul inter*"** : i ii i i profil to von m planning; v. mi- winter
aa wanfrobr Here'* u-t a bint or two ni t!..- ?,,-w lealnn -
si its Sew m...i. I? ?I...U .1 radical de
j-artnri' fr. mi 11 - ten
? I,-in v i* toward lontrer?-!i .i -. ? ii -. m n wit*
?'il.-, t .ii bottom; skirt* will Is? lutx-h full.t.
? lili |'l-?iii v ni ?i|i .it*, ,-itnl : trim
rains** of ?till In?) I.,mil* .Mi fold* .iroiiuM
til,' Im! toll !??? I? Hi?.', r I'll.'
.1 apart? ?*<? ? ll,i t i? n pri m i no nl fi-.it.iiri? of tin*
ik'sx h|i??\ i-s. .ilno.
BKPAKATR SKIH I- n? un impoli
anl f.n tor ni 11?* winter's out fit tin**, and we
Found it iur.-sir\ in frivo iiior,' than
ordin?r**? *|..?u ??? i ? 11 lu -m. \V i It* in ? -kin? ir.?
???r. t In? kilted style quite |.i-niii .inn .?.I
Vols- nn.I *ilk ?ill *.ml.,il.iy lie the l< idinjr
i ilirii * fur t!,i- iln ?--;. ?kirt
\\ AI- . '-Mr.tii.lv
popular, and thin atyle ?a not limited towneli
wiiista ujoiii?. fan miinj silk uii
in ti,, i.- plain tailored I'.itt,
lona, and ?^??????r.-il i \ t, : ? i**li. -, i with tlss inn
nu h tailor-id ml . *i!k wo?!? will.
of i iiur?^?. Isa w ? - .uni
wit I? t li.??i? the tlir.*? .|ii iit.r ?|.*?v.- ?ni, |.,,.-,
or other Rniah al the. wrist i- propnr
WOOL ?Kiiilis |? ,,,i |ir.'s.?nt ,
tioii? Um* luntroua iini*lnil I in nun-lot h i-i
|i:irikiin .lint. and in th** nee sh-id?** the riWi
|iiir|ili-s iiniin i?i -mi il-li' Mu s. trri?. ii*. n?il .
.?nul lirow nn. being air? i v .T\ ??li'f.irnlil,'. Sot
? ?It v wi'iii i*. In-rri ii-.-1.iiln-. .?in I oi In i *t ri|M -
bold I lii'ir mm w ?III t In* pi. i : ii clot lia.
SII.KS In nea ii ud lane* ?i':i ..*. phi ii is
.-un? i li'i-k?. :ir,' ,|i'*ir il.li'. lull l.ill.'I.i?. in
(,hiin rotor??, mu? M ?? k lead all < it Iternilk fat*.
ri.s in tin- nn-.- :'or l.iinr We tire prood of
our nsnorl riH'iit of taffel >??
"?3 We shall be pleased to send you g
ti samples of yard goods upon request S
r%0%%V '? ^?aV^%*%*%--%^#^%,'*'f?v<tBv?
Rawlings & Son.
.him ri'i.ivi-il aiiot lnr rar ? >.' the eatebratvd
Piedmont One and Two-Horse Wagons.
Grain Drills, Disc and Smoothing
Harrows, the Majestic Washing Machines
Also Winter Seed Oats. rJeed Uye, Timothy
Heed, i'Iovit S?ft), Orchard Graf's ?Seed.
A Dice line of GROCERIES, in fact anything
rjeededbj/ the fanner and housekeejier.
Corner Charlotte anal Princesa Anne
8t_. Phone W, Frederickshurg. Va
Open Night and Day
Telegraph and Telephone iirders re
?selve immediate attention.
Fire, Life, Accident and Health
|l??at I 'olli|taIil.?a an,I lle?l Kai.m l?"?
lett A <a.Malrk k Haul,ling, PrilKnvaaa Anna
[St.. Knilera-kabuiK, Va. ,_a3
may net? rt grt-ut ?t.amge in your rtra-iim
-taiaa-e? Wh?JI kiloWa W li?t the future
hailals in store, e?|H*ciii!iy a? to lira*?'.' ?Bet?
ter Ik- pr.panval agaiiia-t UM liktt.-r I otas by
having ami tta hail?! in yaaiir ?a.,??..-i.,i,
a ?taalley aaf insurance iigaint tin* loss in a
1 ill! ?trialag. Well surplinaned company.
We will _ive yam ail the information you
want free an?l write you up at low ratea.
John W. Allison, Jr., ft Co.
Kin- litsuranc. Aga-nt?.
Kn-,1* n? k?l?urg,Va.

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