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VOL. XXII.NO. 120.
_ ---"~ ~ ~ ?,A Tidewater and Piedmont Country.
-fc?-?-T t forets of * redericksburg and the Tidewater _-__
Devoted to the A. commercial and Manui^^
_._?-?.TminAV NOVEMBER 2. 1907. _.
_ "' f^ I- . ...'..]. all Will!
A CART '^^^^M
To the Votara of Bpoteylvants aad Fred*
Aa a candidate (or ths Hones of Dats
.? tfom thla Wtrlilstive diatrtet 1 ask
Kidney Disease, First Stage
Promptly Relieved By Pe=ru=na.
Catarrh of the Bladder
Mr. Junes M. P welt, ?131 KenaiDgton
?? ?I Kansas I ly, M.i., wi
"Almut four y.'iir- ago I raff
u catarrh of the blxdJvr
? ? ,1 Irritation and p.iin.
I . la, an.i eos
s ;?-c f-'T an* i as witli
<?? ? treme w cariness and pain.
I c rauas
I un, and In ?leven weeki i wai
completely cured, ?nd fait like a new
v...\u." ?
M'.'rtns and Liver Affected
Mr-. Cal ? K I -.
BpiInga, OoL, a
??lvruna h?w< besa my favorite and
only household remedy tot aearlyflve
I have saflersd foryeera with
and kidney and liver
trouble. If 1 .-.uiL-iit a lUtlecold, th?
l>:i!ii* ware Increaeed, and backs
i ut ooearrsnee.
??However, Peruna cured me?twelve
boiih-s nj.vle ii.c a n>-w and hialthy
woman. Fur three years I ha\ i
the liest of health. I keep Pen
?tantlv in my home, if my bni
s?lch cold "r fi el In . fi a il'>??.-s
of Parana never fail to restore u-i. "
Mr. M. T. li-Cuty, Oorpttl
Tt'.xa.?, snisssi
"lean certify to the tmthfn
Peruna as a catarrh cure, and au: rec
onusending 1(1 I am prac?
tically well of the catarrh m tjt*
throat a:i>; hi iu.''
Till-: tirai itage of Bright'? l>is.
of the kidneys la k:ui\*n
as th" catai rhal al ?
? . t'.;>' muooui merabrans
lining : he k
a drama thai oft? d anda a? a
trag? \.
To Btop ih" ??.-ilarrh Is to bl T
1 f 1 ?
daringtbeeatarrhal itage all ?-?i
Parana baa schli red h r. pa
fur mitigating catarrh "i tbe iu
;? . u 01 ^iiiis.
This explains why Pernna in.
been need with so much ?neceas
?k? in kidm
Mr. William V. LiotbsYBser, formey
president of the r, -s Barbers' ?i a
aoted politician and at oai I
man of 1 f
Committee, writes from km; Boalh -iih
a-. .Minneapolis.Mina.i
??! - jmra 1 raftered "rtta
d i tea se of the kidne\s. 1 Wi B
pains all over my body, an 1 at timea
dizziness in iny bead that I
' cuilid ll"t SSS Di ir v.
"Slgl ? flag be awal
get no rr-t. I BfsMt
hundrSks of dollars un doctora and
:U.I had ce-ot J to have faith in
I either.
uMy drnggiat Sold me one day .-f the
... i... /Vi/n?,
and advieedme-to trj It,offei i .: :?? re
| turn my money if it did n- ? t h
I pure- .
land in four mouth* i wa.? a well van."
Cabinet Talking Machine
Grand Opera Records Is
Our Latest Addition
f%^~t , If* ."-.'.Ty,
The Clearest Talking Machine in
the World
One Dollar Cash. One
Dollar Per Week
Our Record Stock Is
R. A. Kishpaugi?s
A. B. Botts ? Co.
Fire, Life and Accident
Insurance Agents
Office 818 Commerce Street
Eepreeeote ?lateen first-claae eou.
uaile,. Ratea low as the loweet, and
I'?**?*? iirnmnt> ?rt1n?t*<1 ?n<t r-iH
Dr. J. Gleoroy Harris
opened a modern and up-to-date
Spof^flfikBia C. li.
An Autumn Greeting
To all our Patrons and
Friends, and with ?t an in?
vitation to com?' and sec the
handsome new Footwear we
have provided for the com*
i tig sea-? ?us We C r Lai nly
want to supply the
Fall and Winter
wantsof all our old Patrons,
and we trust that we shall
also have thf pleasure of
serving many new custo
mers, as this store in hen*
to ?apply everybody with
Shoes For Comfort
and Health?
If y??ur feet are tender or
haul to fit with shoes by all
means give us a trial in fit?
ting them.
Wallace & Co.
The Shoemen
1 will sell ai [nil'lic ?action <m
Tuesday, Nov. 12,1907,
it Ali-ii ];. Virginia, thf (oOoW-Bg atop?
11'.\ :
Two horses, 1 Bare, 1 colt, jrsat ami
half old; 23 head of sattle, s-lfc- sow?,
.ml spring caires! ?"> fat
wagons, 2 buggiea,
"?Mo?, K|iring wagon, cart, Deering
oiiider, Deering mow. r. Duel lag bajrake,
Johnaonin??w..r, i,-,,,, a.?-. o-?orse calti
vator, 2Oliver plowa, loi ..f one-horse
Wows and i-ulttrators, harrows, plow
l-trosm wagon harneae, bag? bar
?SS" ?","~: ? s, A.. " AlK.ut
loo barrU corn, corn fodder from
same, about 30 tona bay, larce riek
..'"??' -,'":? hn .. ..v.... t^.s.i and
puteaep furniture, and numorou? other
artklee aanaily fouud on a loria, snK
commi -ess prompt.- ai 9:30 o'clock
i .?:. Alitii'H.
Ail in. r. t. a. John H. AlrR-li, di
.i 8 1 (Uiliniifr. Auction?--. u-.!'.il4t
Build lag Material
iu Fredericksburg. Six buildings, not in
shading sheds, all full. 1 carry in stock
drf-eeu N. C. and Georgia pine, flooring,
sailing, partition, casings and boards an}
length. Also sash, doors, blinds, monla
Ings, mantles, oolurans, brackets, balas?
tera and everything for Interior and exte?
rior finish. I^viu, Hue, plaater, cement
and hair,paint8,oils.glass, fireclay, ?ewer
pipe, builders' hardware and saw-mill sap
plies. Prospective bnyers and contractor?
will do well to examine my stock and
bslor/baying. Correspondence solicdtsw!.
Receivers Appoli
more Steel Ct
EmLarass-nent Was,.
ability to Make <3o\\
Pay Dollar For Dell,,
pany Fails for $1.90
Baltimore. Oct 31.-E,
laads in thu United sA j
tor tas sppoiat-aent ? J
?he South ilulilniiirS:
\ foundry company. ?<
! was fii?-?i by Bond, HoSl;.
attorneys for the Mar)H>|
The receivers agreelffi1
".,ard and A (? Wellig?
It l* stated that whB
ras?ed company ha? HSV
sppraacalai 11.0"
lias plenty of asset.-? on 9
present unable to roallisE
dollar for ?lollar.
It Is unid that InablllK
of the company to inajh
promptly for cara delBM
roads I? the main rras<iS7ls
pany's prenant emhirroiHB
Ths i ar works ri-centl^B
*ffi<"> men and had beejjgl
niant with about
red'Ution In the worklO]||
made when the company
number of big contracta
on hand.
It is understood that tMM
-i!'.l ha? a n-imlier of con?
oars whack will ke*p the B
for snnie Hm? ahead,
has been tlirurlng on uri. h ?
re.-ent'y tha railroads hav<*
plarlnc any orders for equips)
Ing to monetary conditions. 1
nany has an authoriied capi|
of 11.500.000, of which $500.00t
f.-rred There is now out
; 001 ?if the ?onimo;
and aU.ut |S7S,000 of the ?
The insiuiailj's earnings li
?bowed up well, the gross bell
of SJ.000J00, and the prj
1 $000. 000,
Receiver For Paper Co mag'
Dayton. O . Oct. 31 -The Fr?
per company, of West CarrolltsBl
hurb of Dayton, was plaredVv
hands of a receiver on appllcnfc
Its president. J. Howard ?
Henry I. Nswnll was appointed
? elver The petition autea tint
company has il'-bts aggregating
000,000 that the petitioner la Burnt,
62 notes aggregating $300.000 \
rurther averment Is made tlgg
stringency In the money markst
dero the payment of these notas
possible at present. The recelvnjs
I? resorted to as a protection msas
to shield the property from attaSka
small credlf??rs. The company, ft
declared. Is entirely solvent and ts ?
Ing a prosperous buslneas.
San Francisco Bank Closed.
Ssn Francisco, Oct. ?1? Tb* Cal
fornla Safe Deposit & Truat Comsat
Hank closed Its doors. A notice wt
posted on the door stating that, "o
Ing to tho fact that the bank wan n
a member of the Clearing House aasj
elation and wan unable to take advat
tage of clearing bouse certificates, 1
would close for a few days." The ootf
pany waa regarded aa one of th
strong financial Institution? of \h
Garbage 8lnn Caused Run On Bank.
New Brighton, Pa., Oct. tl?A large
bulk of silver coin was taken back to.
the Union National bank by foreign?
ers who. panic-stricken Tueaday, made
a run on the institution. A Hungarian
woman misinterpreted a garbage dump
sign, and running to a manufacturing
plant shouted: "No Interest at tas
bank. It's no good." The foreign work?
men. hatleRS and coatless, rushed to
the bank. All were promptly paid la
sliver. Some had so much that the*
had to take off their shirts to mak?
money bags. Wednesday nearly all
took their money back after spending;
a sleepless night guarding It,
Government "Stll'l Aiding,
Washington. Oct. 3l.-^-Comptroller
Rldgely issued an official statement,
which says:
"The comptroller's office will. In,
every proper way facilitate the lmina-,
diate increase of national bank note
circulation. With this end In view all
auch national banks as have govern:
ment bonds in the hands of the treas-*
urer of the United State* to secure d?.
posits, and also hava any available pa*
paclty for Increasing circulation, will
be allowed to substitute other bonds
satisfactory to the aecretary of the
treasury, as s basis for government
deposits, provided the government
bonds thus relsased ars used-to In?
crease circulation."
Calla For Money Reported aa Being
Nearly Satisfied.
New York, Ort .11 -fbe financial
situation, was so nearly normal that
there were few new features of import?
ance, it was stated by bankera that
the calls for money from the neighbor?
hood of New York and the entire Eaat
appeared to be practically satisfied as
luwn calls to currency of an urgent
character aa were being receir-d cam*
from points west of the Mlaalaslppf
These calls are, being met a? fast as
conditions permit Mr. Williame, the
new stats superintendent of banking,
High Grade Fertilizers
- Giye the heat results
of any Guano sold on
this market, as a
trial will prove.
gathered up mosl of the cash ii
mspsnded banks and deposited it wll
going Institution . thi eby sddlag sev
eral million dollars to r ? funds avail
nbls Is tbn atsrl ii l balance
unuu. i ? sal .i-, hon
us tal un i -i" ""i su
conditions, ?il auch balancea .u;ntr-.?it
ing only a llttla ?ore Hum 5
on clearings of IMS 11 0
One ?if the points at which the ssoi
pressure for moi i
la -ii New Orlean . Is or<i * I
vue Bovsax nt of lbs > ottos 11
re Is always heavy at thl
: season of the year, and .
' cviii snort latenae thta j?
il nrenaratioiis are mad'.
Jacob Freas Accused of Killing anc
Robbing Absalom Magee.
' itlanUc City, N .1. Oci II
natsss -facials tonnally 1
with the nurds* ?-f
Magee, the wealthy WsyuMMtth tonner,
who 1 a* killed last Sunday and his
body thrown Into the Thoroughfare.
Detedi\ blng Ft ens' clotk
I Ing. found .1 lar*e mim of money.
11 I? sllegi d, wan a shli
low, and tke tiiniing of ro nn< h money
I In his . lolh.i.L.- I ?wet her with the fact
tha? l'u-as bsd t' Id s-' vrai in ,
StortSS finie ht* arrest, lead
clals to taS nephew of tbt
mi.nl- r.
When the warrant w*_s read to 1'n-i
she shrugged his shoulders and said
' "I ?'M?'. ted SS nuuh." (is r .
nuiWe ? abatement
?Railro.d Workmen Torn to Piece? C)
Caaoasburg, Ps, Oct
lenth of human bodies, ;? | .
articles of rocks and sartb
hower over ?he little town "'
oien. on the Wsbasb rallros
hiles? north of here, wh?r, IjOQ pqundi
;f dynamite acplo?ed witti a
"port. Four Btl wets lors U
knd six OtaSTS r--'eri\ed Injuurte?,
l The six Injured men. stunned anr
IlSSdlng ran aimle.sMy from Hi?
ene and have not l>-*-n located, l.lt
I Is known of the enact cause of Hi
xploelon, but a passer-by, tanf befor*
.e accident occurred, ?aya a small
re had be-n Startnd, preeumably t? j
arm the dynamite. which e\
?.? -*- - ?*- ?,*? ^ia,i.?tii- #,.i. i. rs??,.
-burg and other towns witn
* of over tan I
-algamated Give? Notice Affecting
7000 Worker?.
i'-utte. Moat- Oct. 31? Sev? a thou
:.d or more mine workers and smelt
I men In this district will suffer a
; of around 15 per cent, in wages on
' -ember 1, as a direct result of the
nlnulatlon of runner which has
rlcd the price below to i
amalgamated Copper and other In
esta advised the union of the mln<
rkars and smelter men tha? the ok
' wages in foros before th<
cement on the sliding scale wai
le will he re?tor?>,l the Aral tit th<
.fh in conformity wm? ,
Czar, By Coup, Awe? Turkey.
arts. Oct. 31.?Russia ha* Turkt)
its mercy at last, through a start
? diplomatic nianoeuver. of which
detalla have Just leaked out. Th?
ir'a new treaty with Bulgaria pro
les that In the event of Turko-Bul
Han trouble Russia pledges itself tc
1 Bulgaria with 18 cavalry and ar
ery regiments and, In return. Bui
? promise? to loan Us new tornad)
nfAnglo-"-'?? convention f?\
;ttr; in H"-Bulgarian force1
ia?n Turkey's defense os JW
I.m anrdU U- Constantin*
?il certain if war come?.
.- ?-h.il I? Prl? Fighting
' F?? 11 Oct. 81.- Charging
rk*.r,'l 1. prise fighting, Attor
BX Moore fled a bill in the ctr
'? R^ Tr an Injunction restrain
I" tf? S-.th, high SCbOOl
F-=5 53^3
ity n the field an?! i (,hrti,,iaI1
ter Glette of **? ?u. r ? M
Browr, by drown ? % nled
His not*? ?* ?pp**!?^
force at th
the 140,000. .
and more bi
from Colorad
total output
will exceed
gold piece?.
to the money
Is coined. Th
Is coining |IS.000.00'
155,000,000 In G?l?\
do., act. ?i.-* ?rR<:
[ntl- engaged In colnlm,
gold bars stored there
,? -la pouring in dsJM
nd western mine?. Tn<
tps m?t for Octobe.
10,000, mainly In |2t
gold will be sh'ppee
JLrs as rapidly as It
%Zt at 8an Franci??
far Ovar 8
?ra, Wlnslow'e _
baa been need for over ?
million? of mothers for t
while taethlng, with per
ft soothe* the ahlld, aofte
allay* all pains, eorea w"
is the best up M~
?X will relieve the>
maiediate'y. Sold
SYsry part of the wor\N"
fire c*nts a bottle. Be si
for "Mrs. Wlnslow's
Syrup." and take no o<h
Guaranteed under the F<
Act. June 30tfc, IHO?,
log ?yruy|
children |
fict succeea.
lie, and |
sufferer ?
gghite Itf
&nd ask
Town In tola Osrtroye? ???
1?-00 Persons tntoiiibed.
'LvslsneM Swept f>o^ Msaatolr^
. ..n.y Entombing
; mto a Nsrrow Vsllsy, t
tanta of the Town-Cold
ti * I
IL.- W?
i innabt*
tanu. bi 1 In a tri nu n
scarcely ? ?
? pitiable.
m a narrow
towerttu i Innd
lowtna ?? m itnla re
malm d II ' ??
BMsanrt i ru iked
? down .)|Hin tb m lb > a
stirs town, it is said, l* buried
from ?? '
In their bora
nf the
The ? is hurried to the
ther rock
' unit to
T k Clsa?tsr I? Exaggerated.
Bt Petei Oct. St.?A
ake of Ovtpber .1 As,
Of the Karatsgb
? ?ver the clt
It I ?' the niannl
;i i nntnber of
? sa U.OO0
na, as a? fli ! Kara*
_ .... In .?,? **- 41.
tri' t ; for II
of salir ?? | f.- itlks, and
mmer resort by the p-o
pls of H w-iftr. a somswhat larger
Karatsgb I? located In a
.'.nous country, at an elevation
ihn ve the level of the sea
Man-to-Man Fight Instead of Hiring.
? rh, N ?'.
ease Of hastng at the State Agricul?
tural an i Msckaalcal coUsga ksrs
i'r-?>!':'lit Winstnii tu raptors
i the sts .in<l in his rsssarka
hp Sdvlsod ?\ mantornan flftht in the
open. As tits rasait of this the frnsh
| man class sent a ?Rallenge to th
1 sophomores to m ? a test
of nrnu. K> i .n Oil. nthlptlf? fl-lrt The
?? Op, il
other and tisht at will, but rough aud
tumi)!?? tactics are barred. Pr?sident
this will do away
with haziiiR. Many friends of the col?
lege h?re condemn it.
Will Build a Mining Town.
Pitt-burg. Oil II. An in.?
involved In plena i
! announced for the dssttossnsnt of
I new cual laids mai '/.ollaravllle.
I Washington county, by tas Plttsburg
I Buffalo Coal ?ornpany. This company
1 ' '""i ?eres of
has secured a tra< t 01 iv-w
coal lanls and has started work or
what It Is said will he the two largest
shaft mines In the world. The com
pany will also build a new minina
town, to be known as Mariana, to ac?
commodate a working force of ROOO
men. which it Is expected will, with?
in tin1 next year, have a population of
from lO.uOO to II
Discovered Fraud by Dream,
St Petersburg, Oct 31.?By a drang
a Russian "learned" of the ?ubetltu
tlon of glass for 110,000,000 |
diamonds Ig a|ls ai><
wrots u in ? M?ws(iaper, At first th'
official? made denials, but now admi'
the man's dream had foundation ir
fm t The keepers of the ?
declare th?- St
w?re taken frasn the Hermitage Mu
???um aud stored for safety. Man*
persons believe.. UpWOVar, \\;a,\
thieves eot them
Hazleton School Director? Arrested.
Hasleion, Pa.. Oct. 31. ? Cha: ge.
with conspiracy to defraud tas 'Us
trict. John lharki y, William C.arlln
Thomas Henshaw. Peter Dougherty
Charles Gallagher and .Jacob O t
tinge-, school dlrnetors of itaalstos
township, were arrested on warrantt
sworn oat 1 pft?( lit"
owners. The dir> :,td ball
for ? onrt
Textile Operatives Strike.
Lawrence Maas., Qci It, T?,e dit
charge of Frsd Hard) preciplffti I
strike of nsasty taon onstatiTCti ;'t Un
Arlington Cotton mills, snd ethers o
the 7000 bands employed there thr?at
en to Join the strikers if the demand;
are not grant; d. They demand the re?
instatement of Hardy and I
iharae of Overseer \V Joan lloulton.
Manager of ?n Elka Club Killed.
Knoxvllle. Tenr... Oct. 31. ? Car
i Bundschu. aged If, manager of th<
I Elka club, waa shot and killed by i
! porter at tho club. After the killim
j the murderer locked the body In s
room, closed the club and dlsappearc j,
TU, KM IN Ha? ato? Bought
Bears the
?gigaature o?
? Wsprinteveryth^^^to
-^Btogtcardon the p? * er I Qf^
| ?A. Free Lanes. ^^w-* upss.
Cl sVa??a-s
pv j?
[" To "roRTirt Tnceor
- m.
. - ?"
An old soldier writes abou1
ARIOSA Coffee: MYotjreo?e<
is the best and richest coffee I evci
drank since I left the service, from
'61 until I received your coffee
yesterday." A soldier know? coffee
by the taste, and the way ;t makes bin
fee!, and would sooner go withoul
liis bread lhan without his. r.Uter,
Arbuckle? ARIOSA was the firsl
roasted, packaged coffee, packaged fot
irotoflon o? ri--- n . i u w
iiid tti?' pofi '. ol ' ? ??
a coating oi fresh < 11
to hold tba loosjncss in ai.d make ih?
coffee settle clear r. : Bettel
than " (reih roast."
hule develops the ?'
grinding easy. O . ?
I business, exceeding the next fot I
| firms in the world together, reduces our
:..?) I
I pel pound, and enables us
I better coffee fot your
motte-/ t' m y sj cm buy in any other
: : art more packages of
' ARIOSA sold in the United States
I the other Coffee packages
? combined.
l? jroai grocer will not supply, write to
OF \
Nice Little Home
In St.-iff.ii.l county, t.-n mues
from l'iv.ieni .?bun*.
I'urHuanl t,, the terina "I n dwd <<\
truat from It. I. Bley (eingiV) to the un
Hin i?l theCirruil
lord m drs-l lmi>k T I ;..,?.- ?-il. am
, i.., ,,-r i if uttorn? :?
? o i,-, It. 1,. Ill?-v to the und
? t?lier iftb, 1907, the under
s ill, before i'"" ""'?'? "i Jamet
i'l- .I'-r!t fcsl -i op
Saturday Nov. 8, 1907,
i ..Mi., k \i....ff-i- kirsnh*, ni pub
In- auction, to t'ne litan?
i i n?li, iilei lam tract ni land ? staining
i Hin-1> - a, thie<- (3) rood?
ami tliirty-.iytlit (3M) polea,aituntcd twi
- - ni liai tu.1 church,Htafloril
county, Virginia, and bounded it-? fol?
low?: Rpspnnini* at a pile ol at
HIT I" M"-'r
0 ii ?tone pile corn?? to Irvine;
' i hen..- with Irvine Y 75_ . I'.. 00 note?
{I ? ilirhi-o y.
cornet tu Wim. Initie; thence with Irvine
11. '.i'.' putai to aime anplinga
iniirk. ?. pointera; t'.-n-e g. i\\\ . \V. 1 r.i;
mon and diMjcwnod
i marked pointers; thence N. -JT\ . w, 116
poles to the befrinninsj. This property
I baa un it n nice little bou*
Innaanl r. i,?..I I,nl nn??s?liisi will lu.
given January i?t, i ?.?"->.
\i.\i\ t. r.Miutr.Y.
i.l Pi.1 Traotse,
Engine and Saw Mill
9 8-H. P. Portoplfl ttagine*.
i vi " ??
11"- "
_ \2 ??
1 (,. ?? PUla
\ -mi- " V.rtinil Bolk-T,
1 No '?'< Bate? s,lNV MW.
! S-, i PeUoaeta "
1 Nu. 1 liii-T
! v,,, o Prick
I i Pony Bowarinfl "
; i i nit! Mill and Bolter.
1 lle.v.v C.it.iffS.iw
i tvif-ftid Bolter and 81a* Mill.
1004 M In Bt., Fr.xl.Tickr?l.inv. >:>? |
Chick Food, Pigeon
I Food, Triplex Stock
Food, Rust Haven
Climax Condition
Powder, Roup Pills and
Lice Killer
Doggett& Scott
The Old MUhle Grocers,
jor. rommerce and 1002 Main St?.
I $ ? *
ITolmv or build n hotue, farm Of!
mW?Liawaf'wrt?a??aas tor.
,:VI1(.vernff.ro<l. JTJ B|,,llh.atl..ii $
$?'?n v" I>nn UONVN Sil ver Spring,
M':!""'.H.?g th. *.uth-n,
i Stat.aTritHt i ... -
John F. Scott.
hUio Bt.. ->jc door below Ohae Wa.1
>.aaa ? Bro. Toll line of
General Hardware.
Wire, Wuna, Piatola, Raton
'^, u,.. ?fe, wlli hf ?o'o! at re-'nc.e
... lov to *nlt th? r'tiM. Money ea
b- "ved L-S at Psott
... ..-;
For which the Highest Cael
I Price will be paid.
Uohn G. Hurkasap Oo
Tobacco Growers!
After the harvest and the marketing o{
oil? this timely suggestion
In <vir SavlnKS
.v hi. h i-, ?in
i further
itlon "T thta
National Bank
^> Capital arul Surplus, $1,300,000
Richmond, Vi.
and charge no more than other brands
flr? ?tPllitiP" fnr T^nll 1 ina^f-?sfCSt-Bn-ssj
Sheathing Papers!
Adams' Book Store
The Largest Wholesale Grocer is Fredericksburg
Nearly ? v*?rytlilt.: boosjAt Id rar load lot? and
Special Inducements Offered Town and Country Merchants
Dealer In Lime, Cement, Player, and In fact everything needed by th?
Sriu^f, mernbaut or rue-hanlc. Also, Bay*)! of Wool and ?rain. Renxm^e*
? 'V,* un-f and plaa- --H. I ? XT ?" A \J.. K'u? '& <~!o.'* oV stand in?t. aoatl
V*i.. <?? ? .
I Garden and Flower
?..? :?
All lover? of beauuiul an?!
mitritiousbread will secure
same by using our
licklen's Superlative Patent,
Selmont best XXXX Flours.
(OtJf Extra this eeaaon 1? thefineet we
have ever made)
it lULequaUed in purity,
whiti uess and sweetness
-?~?? r.hot
i-w v.'urgrowr for our
-at market price
,oode. Cbolc*
at the high
the Bridgewater Milling Corporation of Fredericksbor;
staaWa. W. J. Jacobs ai vnnsttvug have formed a copaxtnei
ship under the ?mIh.iI .1 ?cobs ?ft Arntstroog mid have bought out th
stables of E. K. Wbaaler, on Pr?sans anas stsnet. We are prepared to fui
nish flrst-class teams at ul) times ?fid all heure. Horse*? bought or soldo
commission. We board lum** b) ?us or muuth and they will have bas
attention. Call on us.
? Wheeler's Old Stand. FUiiDEHlC?SBCEG, Y?
? your ?ni>l,ort1at^ i-ill l*av no stoas
i Should 1 be ?^JB*U,?ft5::t-itata Of
unturned to ^^".?^'i* mmtUM
\ both county and cit;'daring ?JgS.
I of the Legislature. YoaraW wui
T., th? voters of Port Royal Dl*??,
('orolin?-County, ennibsr O?
At the solicitation ol a ***?%-,
voters, I hereby ^nonnos ?yarfU ??
,,idate for the offlos rf ^^SE? ask
? ?... .1 ut i.
11 n> Oso. Lyon.
To the Voters of Stafford County:
I most napectfully announos that lam
h nwiiliilate for the office of county trtas
un-r, ?-lection Sot, 6tb. I leal that my
.?iisriince as commisalonsr of relean?
ha? quulirlod mi fully for the poaitlon
Mi.l If it is your pleasure to sleet ras, I
iiromise a faithlul and impartial dis
rharge of th?iduties att-ndlng said ofaoe.
To the voters of Sr^tsylYanu? eounty.
At the rwjueat of good BM-ry O? Mtf
trif ml?, I hvreby announci m. ~
luliit?' f,.r r*'-eh?jiion for the oftee o*
Tr.asun-r. Thanking you forth? kind
support ami confidence of the past, and
promising if fleeted to dis?-sVgs Vh*>
<luii.it of the othce Impartially to tas best
of my ability. KespectreJly,
t,l W. 4. Pfflard
To the votera of HpoUylvanla Cosnty.
1 ht-n-by announce mjmJt n cBad'itasS
for thf otrice of Oiinnonwaslth's Attat*
n. y, and respectfully aolteit t-MSOppnrt
of my leUow-citizcns. U I ahouia be
fl?:ted 1 promi-e V) dlacbarge tNMluu-j?
of said otike to th? b -et <rf my sA
t> ... .- --_-_r*-T?_
To tua Vissas? 0t*?s,v pair???*
George Countiee. uimm?aS?aA*
At tneeollcJtation o? "f???t |!n* *i
living that ?ay paa'??"J*?S
legislature will ?"J^^seA ?-*?
efficientuin ^""^?S?w
1 have heretofore *2??f5,;Dl ^
candidacy for tne Mtv***^Mz. ?w_ .,_
, ?i-lative district compcaadjBJt-ant nn
??afford ?^J'-?SSSS
u, the action of the ^^??{?Z
district in a primary ?^W^^.,
be neoaaaary. I pledge?>??? ^^
to devote my beat ?Horte to ?Jig?6
I desire to announce my oaadM
thepoaitton of treasurer of BtaSordsO
ty in the election in November. I sut
your support ?ad promise If S-Mtsd
faithfully perform the dattes of ta* cd
sl-ltd W. D. BsaSAJ
~~A CABD. '
To the Voters of ChanoaUo? Distr!
S|Kjt?ylvanla Couutv;
At the requntof a number of TOSS
I ht-D-by df?lare myself a candidats
t lu- <?ftlcc of supervisor forCba-KeUor (
t riet and will be g. ateful for j our a
port. If I ?hall lie ?-l.s-i.-i I pro?
faithful and impartial discharge of 1
iluti.? of said office to the best of 1
ability. Election Nov. Bth, 1?GT _
I hereby ann_.?j?"?* n*u-rlf a eg
****** I l%xti%?m*l
^^anwma^mmtMa.\mf^Pmmai ^mmmuum
T? the Votrrs ol l'lvin??t0f*J* -'T'l-n
Vt thf retiUfst of many ""*??? ? "%
?|?tion lor the ot?ee ol fJupSTTaSOW J
Urre.Up??nn?u. ttalj^
for your support in the *, avahara? i
I ..nimia? if restarted. to ^*T*T
lutU-e of the '>m'V?Koftnv
1,,-t of my ability, wttaoutlsar of ?
td _r W. U Watte
To the Voters of flartwood Dsstr
Stafford County.
1 hereby announce mys-lf a candid
for the office of supervisor, and
your ?uprort. Hesr^tfully
11 novl J. W.
To the Voters of Courtland Dist
ripotaylvania County:
Fellow i'iti?.ns? At the e<dScita?io
a number of voters I hereby sjmo
myself a candidate for the office of at
visor for Courtland district and rea
fully ask your support. 8
your phviaure to ^TTJW^fK^,'
n-ward your conftMenea by ? U Jiis,
?hargeof the dutiea of ?aid otaa _7
iiig Ui the beet otj my abUiSy '
Very r-*po-tfnJiy|
Bob*, a. biaal
To the voter? of n?aace I*
Hpotaylvania county,
I announce myself a SJtUidldat
Kupervieor for Chancettor Llatrict,
H elected will serve the people to i
of my ability.
Yours truly,
till?. ?.L.Fty
if .tu i art m
C-U aa4 sa? Un. ?. t.M
I trill Motto? a h? at mf |
ois K-ntactr T?riur, I
K../?l V?It-?, >;?
o.rt Jsffsnoa i
OloiiBors^SfS Wk
Indi?? HI?? Whist
Otas-otM SprtsfS i
K.sa-*ck/ tor? Vk
?ppi? Wood Wk
_?r???ll, S-? "
Chuts-, _-?W
Sxwlslor, S-? '
Undertaking '
furnished tor
?are money
darato him.
r/, ?.

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