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Devoted to the Agricultural, Commercial and Manufacturing Interesta of Fredericksburg and the Tidewater and Piedmont Country.
?t vtttt ? i,n : FREDERICKSBURG, VA., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1807. IttUQB, 9 QMW19
VOL. AJkll. NO. lot)._____- ??-. . _
Girlhood and Scott's Emulsion are
linked together.
The girl who takes Scott's Emul?
sion has plenty of rich, red blood; she is
plump, active and energetic.
The reason is that at a period when a girl's
digestion is weak, Scott's Emulsion
provides her with powerful nourishment in
easily digested form.
It is a food that builds and keeps up a
girl's strength.
ALL DRUCCrSTS: 50c. AND $1.00,
Will You
be Thankful
on Thanksgiving Day?
I iira tj their financial -:t-ation will be the answer
r-iajority. To ?hoae who have nothing to be thankful
(? in that respect let us say this: "Reitanll.
occupation or location our thorough system of "BANKING
BY MAIL" w;ll undoubtedly help you." The opening of a
Account now. and by gradually increasing the amount
I then have something to be thankful for. Partif i
Urs obtainable from our Savings Department.
ijj CAPITAL ?3:3.000.00
.003,000 OC
? A Wilson Heater -
Will Save 40 Per Cent.
Of Your Fuel Bill ? ?
The celebrated Hot-B?aat Down-Draft creates perfect
combustion, the gates and fumes (40 per cent, of tin
heating power of wood),-ordiiu?rilv escapingunburned
up ??he chimney iu other stoves, arc ill consumed and
turned into heat in the WILSON. The Wilson is
the only heater in the world, which actually hums all
ot the fuel put into it. The WILSON is air-tiffht,
heat can be regulated to any degree, and will hold a
fir- for 36 hours. What you save on fuel will pay for
a WILSON HEATER in one season. Burns Wood
FVederieksburg, Va.
css?ooooooooo 0000*00000000
For Men.
Queen Quality
For Women.
Try Us For Shoes and Yon'll Be Satisfied
The Largest Wholesale Grocer io Fredericks!??
Nearly everything bought In ear load lots and
Special Inducements Offered Town and Country Merchants
Dealer In Lime, Cement, Plaster, and In fact everything needed by tht
farmer^ marchant or mechanic. Also, Buyer of Wool and ?rain. Remembei
the n*me and plae??H. J. MARSHA ?.L. Kine '& c^.'? old ^and ju*t ?nntl
T?te off uour Hat loTSe /^jew!"
?LSI PWP ?*??"??
Force and Lift
Myers Stayon
Door Hangers.
John C- Willis <& Son.
Offer Ira ThouKnnd Gallon? PPBB RYB v>t
BOntm?N whisk IK? from %b? followfn???
known 4f Ultarle?. Ornf? * Co., of Oblo. Bor M
?omi*7 ?taMJbDK Co.. of K?n*ocky. Monti? Uo
DlirtlUr/. of Maryland, and W, ?. Or?/, of
u Affaata for Bsrgnor * Ka?Vt Um ?????
MB itw oCw B??afe Md raaeqr OronntiwL
M?ki Uiptam??*. Swdt, t****o ?*?
There Is scarcely any condition o?
ill health that Is no? benefited by the
occasional use of a RIPANN Tabole.
For sale by druggist*. The Fire
oent packet is enough for an ordi?
nary occasion. The family bottle, 60
?entt, eon tain* a ?apply for a year.
NrtKif. Kan Delivers a Ltcturt In ?Jaxandrli.
Trareln.uot politv?,supplied the theme
of a Isctorc delivered by W. .) Bryan
Friday night at the Alexandria Optra
lli'ii-r, where h Larga audience heard
him discours* on 'Tue ? ? l i World and
Its Ways." The prm.de of the ktctsra
w 111 he Deed to curry un the work of th.
Qeorge K Hill Memorial, ? building I
w) > ii Im* been completed l>y the congr?
??' the M K < lnircli South
\i 8:18 the Ntbrmekaa wa? driven to
i ho tea, when several bnadred
l> opw had asasanblad to grast him.
ln-ldethe opera bouts a large audi
I'll..' was w .iiflHrf, ?nil M the ?taire ? MS
sealed man* Alexandria mlaietera and
100 v itix n>? of neighboring coun
tte* '
Mr. Bryan's arpearamoa ?>n the staue
tras ? signal lor an outburst of cheering.
I!, ?rat Introduced by Bet Dr.CD.Bolla
Mr Bryan wa- prsssstad with a basket
of ameraran Beaut] roete, the ?ift of
Virginia admirers.
Preliminary to his lectors, Mr Bryan
I 'I esteral humorous stories, hearing.
?itloa in th" political field Mis
:? ? art related to the experience? ol Mr?
Bryan and blmstlf os tiieintrip around
: llf described Stockholm as
"lbs Ideal summer him.'." Coustanti
- the iapltal of the eastern heui
He saw no rlrsra, he ?aid, to
- tbs Columbia aud no lake*
in ir> beautiful than Ttthoe, in Citli
1 i.i.' s m BOL1 LABS
Ol the Holt Land be told his hearer?
the 100 000 tourists who an
rteited Egypt lest than 4 nun
rlttted Jerusalem, !.??.? than 1,000 ?aw
th->9L a ol Baill?s, and not 1<?(> saw the
Moiiiit of Beatitude?, where the Sermon
Oil the Mount was delivered He licit
spofcs of the Himalayas and of CUaa
and Japan, the Buddkst templa in Java,
end tbs Temp's of Jupiter and the Sun
Il- told of his an llenes tritt the Mikado
? i .1 ?pan. Ki'itf Edward, tlie I'z-tr of
R iseia, and tbs Sultan ol Sulu. In eos>
dusion, he paid a glowing tribute to the
k tuertean woman, flsrlarlng that she
stood higher ta bis .stimation than the
women of any other natloo.
\t th?-1 lose cF*the l.cture those who
o.-.upit d tbs stage and several persons in
the audleaet wert presented to Mr
Bryan who was then ssoottsd to the
!? Memorial, whets a reception wa?
hy local application?, a? titty cannot
r. ,y!i the diseased portion of the ear
- mlv o:ie way to cure dealnnwi.
.ml that is by constitutional remedies
I '. h?iiesa i- can? d hy afl Inflamed con
dltioB ol t!ie mucous luiin/ ol the Kusta
?hian Tul>e. When this tulie is itiHamed
ron hats a rsfflbltag sound "r imperfect
i ?ariug, and when it is entirely eJoSSd,
Deafness i> the result, and unless tht in
'I immatii.il can Is- taken out and thia
tuhe restored to it? normal condition,
f Will bs OSSttOysd forever; nine
ases out of tea are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing but an Inflamed con?
dition of the mucous surfaces.
We will aits One Hundred Hollars for
any < as- of (Values? (caused by catarrh)
that <aun.it he .und hy Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars free. F. J.
Cheney A Co , Toledo. <>.
Sold by Druggist?, 75.
Tabs Hall? Family Pills (or constipa?
There is no sentiment about a dollar.
!t rests as peacefully in the filthy pockets
o! a beggar '
A? it does in the si'ken pnrse ol the mil
Its a blanket that covers a mnltitnde of
It l.rh.g? joy tod ij? it'? tbecanse of sor?
row tomorrow.
It aster speaks?yet it talks.
It circulates freely?yet It keeps in hiding
It's the ruination of millions;
It lilts millions out of the depths of de?
It romes with the promise of gladness.
It haves many disappointments.
We tremble at its strength,
Vet we can crush It with one hand.
It's always the satm?yetlt'severchang
The lack of It promotes industry.
Tbs excess of It causes Idleness.
It creates trouble?it brings peace.
It makes one restful?it makes one rest?
It lubricate? the axle the world rev lvea
Withal it's a silent friend.
Without it we perish,
For the world lets him
Severely alone
Who has not a dollar
He can call his own.
?Business Man's Magazine.
Gooblck's Pharmacy Aik Catarrh Suffer*? to
Try Hyomtl on Thaar Guarantee.
Qoolrfck'l Pharmacy invite all who
nuffer from any form of catarrhal trou?
blas, to ?ft a Hyomei outfit from thorn
wiih their absolute guarantee that if It
does not give perfect satisfaction, the
money will 1* refunded npon request.
There Is do other treatment for catarrh
that In aoy way resemble? Hyomei, none
that gives such quick curative results
?tul ln?ting satisfaction, do medicine that
can take Its place, none that can be sold
on a guarantee like this, to refund the
money unless it cures.
Catarrh is a germ disease and can be
cured only by breathing Hyomel, to that
the n ost remote air cells In the nose,
throat and lungs are reached by its anti?
septic beali?g powers. In this way ali
catarrbal germs are killed, the irritated
mucous menibraoe Is healed and catarrh
is driven from the system.
This wooderful medicated air ireat
nieot does Dot drug aod derange the
stomach, but I? breathed through a little
pocket Inhaler that goes with every dol?
lar outfit.
Tli" unusual way In which 0 ?olrick's
Pharmacy sell H.yotnei attests their can
Pdence Id the remedy. I,t s.tu.th
Torpedo Boat Shubrick Run Down by Staatmr.
The torpodo boat Hhubrlck was run
down and almost cut in two Frldav by
steamer Maryland, of the New York.
Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad. The
accident occured In a fog between Old
Point Comfort and Thimble Light. No
one was injured, and the torpedo boat,
with a great hole through her starboard
side, was towed to the Norfolk Navy
The vessel would have gone down with
all on board but for the prompt opera?
tion of It? automatic watertight door?.
Even with the compartment? closed the
vessel came near going down.
K0D0L 1? offered on a guaranteed
plan for the relief of heart burn, flatul?
ence, ?our stomach, belching of gas, nau?
sea, and all stomach trouble?. It digest?
what you eat. It will make yon healthy.
Sold by*H. M. Lewi?.
Experts to Testify in Behalf
of Mrs. Bradley.
Tells of Effort to Get Divorce On Con?
dition Brown Would M.irry Mi?.
Bradley, As He Refused to Live
With His Wife.
Washington, Nov. 2.'t.- Th* trial of
Mrs. Anula m Bradley, ob Um charge
of iiiiirdcniiK immer United Btalea
Benator Brown, of Utah, ?djoereed un?
til Monday, When the court adjourn?
ed the defeat?? had practically cots
pleted lt-i pr?sentai ion of proof, very
little remaining except the testimony
of experts who win he Introduced f"r
the purpose of ?hOWlng that When Mrs
Bradley shot Senator Brown she was
insane. Several smfneil a
volunteered for this service, anil It Is
now understood they will be called
early Btexl ?ivk The hypothetical
a which will be submitted to
them has besa prepared, It contain?
13,000 words
The pi ? ti rere ie?
voted largely to what may be desig?
nated a? "od In tha shape
asony, Mrs. Bradley*? mother
ailed for tlM P'ii,
liiK lift a ?mint ; several more Of the
Salt Lake,wltaeasea were sxaashsed a>
to Um rondint and bearing <f Mrs.
in thai i i:v Mr- Bradlsy'a
un? le. I.yin,tu
pla. told of Instance? of Insanity and
eccentrb ity In Mrn Bradley'a family.
A number of BlOWl to Mrs.
Bradley wer* read The readlni; of the
letters flnlsbed the most interextlntr In
rldent of the day They were filled
with ?lagled i
reproaches for Interasl In other men.
and stirred Mrs I'.: | p ?mo?
Judge H IV Henderson, formerly
law partner of s> nator Brown, testified
ral httervii r? with bfra Brad?
ley, in one of ?rl "* id warned her
to stay away from his office.
lie also told of an effort hy both Mrs.
Bradley and Mrs. Brown to >;et the
senator to slpn a statement that a di?
vorce ml^ht be procured.
Judg? Henderson deelared that
Brown had said to his wife. |a t|
?me of himself and Mrs Bradley, that
Mrs Brown had been a rarae lo him
?nd that he would not live with her.
He also testified that Mrs Bradley
had said to him she would be blamed
for everything and that Brown would
escape. She declared that she trust?
ed Brown Just as the whole people of
Vtah had done
George Aken? an 1 Miss Venus Sturgill.
who eloped from Scott county, Va .were
married Thursday on the Stute line, in
the center of State street, at Bristol
They were accompanied by a country
clergyman. The couple stood in TtfOBse
see and the minister In Virginia while
the marriage ceremony was p?Hornied.
The le/ality of the marriaire was ques?
tioned, but the couple accepte.) It.
The taking of evidence was begun In
the Norfolk Circuit Court Friday Id the
111,(MM) damage suit of Amanda Steam
against Antonio Hanson?. Mrs. Steam
was injured while driving a horse ?old
to her by Hanson, who, she alleges, guar?
anteed it to tie gentle. She was thrown
from a vehicle by the horse running
away and received Injuries that are
stated to be permanent. Seventy-five
witness bave been summoned.
Rev. (Jeorge B. Taylor, the distin?
guished Baptist missionary, who went
from Virginia to Borne, where lie died
September 2H, after years of servii-e, left
an estate of 160,000, consisting of prop?
erty In Klchtnond. St. Paul and Texas.
Uisson, Ueorge Braxton Taylor, quail
fled as administrator.
Montpelier, in Orange county, the home
of President James Madison, when* Pres?
ident Koo*eve!t and his family will
spend Thanksgiving, loloentsd!? Orange
county A aaUsa from Orange C. H
Wild game Is plentiful tie re, and the
president expects an enjoyable outing
The Democratic National Committee
decided to meet at Washington, l> C,
December 12 to fix the time and place for
th? next national convention.
?J. Plerpont Morgan held a conference
with the President at the White Hon..
Id Washington Friday in which the fl
nanclal situation was considered.
For Infant? and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
A ?Its at Port Mabone, near Peters?
burg, bas been selected for the proposed
monument to the Third division, U. 8.
Army Corps.
Miss Gertrude Lester (?uarles, daugh?
ter of Rev. John R. (Ruarles, of near Oor
donsville, was married Thursday to Mil
lard F. Peers, In the Mechanicsville Bap?
tist church. The lather of the bride of?
DeWitt'?Carbolixed Witch Baieltlahe
I? healing and soothing. Good for pil< a
Sold by MM. Lewis.
''Blessed are the Happiness Makers.
Blessed are they wtrt? know bow to ?bine
on one'? gloom with thei- cheer ."
DeWltt's Little Early
best pills made. Sold by
A critic Is a man who
done It hlm?slf.
liser are the
M. Lewi?.
ildn't have
Will Resign as Democratic
National Chairman.
Natljn.il Committee to Meet it Wash?
ington December 12 to Select Time
and Place For Democratic Nations!
I"r. m I. I.:, k. Ind.. Nov. 53 AI .1
coni h ii. <? ol the memben of tbs
?m m... rat le national i ommlttee It was
Id s m..-tin? of Mi. com?
al Washington on P
?J to select a time and place for the
national Democratic courent!
y. ar. National Chairman Taon
gart pre ild? d si I nee.
Chli , ' ; LolllS
Ville. st. Louis, Cincinnati, *
N. J..
nil want the m at u rentton,
that I)- nwr
llldtng a hall ?o si at 16
sons, and th oulfl Bead to
th. Washington n
pfraj Ing the ex;*- ;
th<- coat? mi..ii if h.ld In Denver.
c orgs s i.. nhart, of Atlanl
with lit
booming that i Ity for tbs i on
One ?ho 1
what he wants Is an In
his past stewardship. Hs d
want to n.?: ! in? to
show for it Taggart, when the m
tloaal . ommlttee - ?!. will
relire from ti ?nd will
' :>.n or
allow hli nani? to bs used m i
But be will be ? .ai..'.ida'"
for member .>( lbs commttti ? from In
able ti)
iRnd ?
Wh.n Mr. Taggart was ssked sboul
this he only amlled, hut one of hi?
! th? ttatemeat wa?
true snd 1 .irt will not r. main
ers ?ill be a discussion of Mr.
Bryan's .andida, v and of some one for
second place and there will |
talk of the neit chairman of tas ? om?
it la understood that Tom
man. but some
rtaln that a
11 of the
? an. of Chicago, '
with his boots full of daggers for tbs
Bryan ;
Colonel Moses C, Wstmors, of St.
I/>uis. ?? ?!? d as ili" ;
representative of Mr Bryan, l.s here.
"Nobody hi acain.-t Mr. Bryan I
poratlon agents." he said.
Will Retire From Steamship Business.
New York. Nov. 2'.i. In h
tinged with I m K I'.
Schwerin, of the Pacific Mall Steam?
ship ii: rnmsnt'a
attitude toward shipping OH the Pa?
cific, and .!>'. land thai '
policy had'- fair to drive th" American
flag from the PacISc as wall I
the Atlantic His line, he said, was
losing money as a result of tl
allons of the i:?- mmeree
r onnnisslon. and he Intinnt. d that
th? company would not ask for a re?
newal of its .".o year charter, which
expires on April next, but would in
st.-ad retire from tha steamship trans
portation business.
Crown Prince of Portugal Banlahcd.
Ixmdon, Nov. 2:'. A special des?
patch to the Standard from Madrid
says that King Carlos of Portugal has
? i Crows Prtncs Lala Philippe
to the raajral residence at Villa Vi. osa,
an Isolated park 100 miles from the
capital, on account of the prineVs re?
monstrance against the dictatorship
regime, which, he declares, Is turning
Portugal Into a hot-bed of republicans
and anarchists and endangering the
monarchy. Tbs in. ld?nt has eaattad a
great sensation. The Crown Prime is
said to be under the Influence of the
conservatives, who advocate the abdi?
cation of King Carlos In favor of his
H? Fough^WiUi John Erown.
Red Bank. N.'.I . Nov. 23. - Captain
James H. Holmes, one of the last of
the John Brown hand of abolitionists
died bars, Sgsd 71 years. He aceom
panted John Brown to Kansas In the
BOs and afterwards saw |
in the Civil War II" waa territorial
secretary of New Mexico un br Pn -i
dent Lincoln.
Arizona Bank Shut? Up.
Globe Ariz.. Nov. 23. ? National
Bank Rxaminer J. H Pag? * oh charge
of the First National bank of this city,
following the action of the Globe
clearing hOOM association In dropping
the bank as a member. Tin embir
rassment of th? Piral National bank
follows the dosing of the Globe Na?
tional three vi eks ago.
Banker Get? Five Years.
Birmingham. Ala.. Nov. 23.?TXNils
M. Dyke president of the defunct
Atella National bank, charged wit'i
misappropriation of funds, pleaded
ffjflty before Um federal court at An
nlston. Dyke was s"ntenced to five
years in the penitentiary.
Jewel Lay In Gutter a Month.
Altoona, Pa , Nov. 23. ? A brooch
worth IMC, lost on the streets of Al?
toona a month ago by Anna Belmont,
an actress of the Kathcryn Osterman
company, was found lying In a gutter
The Jewel will be returned to the
owner, who Is playing In Ohio._
Call and sm Mrs. J. t. Mutm tutors biyla?.
I vt'.l aanMnn a taw of my brands?
P?r Oaimn
Old Kentucky Taylor. Ry? WMsksy_S4 ?I
Royal Veirrt, Ry? Whiskey_ I M
BaokwaJW Whiskey._4 M
Old Jefferson County Kentucky Ry? I M
GI?nmor*?Rr? W hl?k#y-_ 1 ?a
Indian Hill Whisker._? 1 0?
Cherokee Rprlnjjs WMekey_,_tea
Keataeky Ry? Whiskey-IM
Apple Wood Whliksy-I M
Marshall, Ry? Whiskey_ft?
Oksstet, Er? Whiskey? . -___ t Ta
Ixeaistor, By? WhUk?y-1 M
IU OomsMlt? ?a,. FrW?rWk?a?r?. ??
Suspects in Burlington Murder
Mystery Released.
E. 8. Jcfierion Was Struck Down and
Strangled With a Sa?h Cord and
His Body Placed Cn the Rrailroad
*: i Nov 2:: Th? cf.
. Und the iniir
. r. S. Jefferson, Um grocer,
tuUle, ?nd th? tni>
Ime, it appears now, may
, IV
William Pox, arrested In ("anulen,
proved to the authorities that
I Thursday night at the hotssj
? U. ;uid i mild tiot
tnmltted the crime, and Ches
lar Acker, the other prisoner rounded
ip by the detect!res, wa-s discharged
eitfa nothing against til?n after an In
D It Is thought that re
renga may hare been the motive for
he crime, The murdered man appear
, unst a ans?het of
: here for running a
ma Urns ?go, and it u
?Id they had threatened to get even
arltfa h,in. Ile seldom carried more
lar in money with him
ind this was generally known.
At Hldout. a barber, says the
i man told Mm that he had
en held 'ion nl?ht by two
0 demand' .! money. H? told
ben he had bul M cents, wImji supon
1 they would get tupiare. The
murder? life and keys were
.ir lb? St BM Of the, murder.
liter an autopsy th? OpIaiOfl Was ex.
thai Jefferson had been stran.
m behind with th? window
I by a blow on the
The murder of Jefferson was one of
he mo?) brutal In the annals of Ber?
ti .. The erocer. who was
trw k down almost
Ha itm strangled
by a seal cord tied around his neck,
I on the rail
?ray tracl - th? murderers evidently
lellerlng thai the body would be so
ara all traeos
if th? i rime
Th? train fn m Camden s'ruok the
Merrill, the fireman of
tie locomoUre, saw the motionless
bod) lying on the tracks in the path
if th? train H? called to William
th? engineer, who put on the
The loiomotlve struck the
body, however, and hurled It a dls
fore the train was
Itcpped. Passenger? and crew alight?
ed from th1' trun The body lay at one
tide Of the track The head Wmfl
ed In and thers were other cuts and
\ aal cord vas tightly
knotted around th? 'lead man's throat.
His pockets had been turned inside
nit. The watch which he always car?
ried \?ns gone.
Bones of Columbus In Corner Stone.
York. Nov 23. -Among the
relics disclosed by the opening of the
metal box which for more than 20
vears rested in th? corner stone iff the
>ld Comoli lated Bschange building, at
Broadway and Exchange place, now
being torn down, were particles of the
? : her Columbus. A
mid m/ninted urn contained the por?
tions of th? bones of Columbus. A let?
ter in the urn stated that the bo???
wore obtained from Jesus Castillo, s
r'iiban engineer, who while repairing
the walls of the cathedral in Santo
Domingo in 1S77. uncovered a load
rung the bones of the
? r of America Tbe I*>minican
authorlUea took charge of the bone?.
nit not before Castillo had abstracted
s rib from the casket.
Pistol Duel With Thieves.
Pittsburg. Nov. 23?In a pistol duel
totween Detective Peters, of the West
1'enn railroad, and five negroes, the
idlcer and two negroes wore shot, one
-iet;rr> seriously; two others escaped
ind one was captured by Detect!*?
The shooting occurred at Kls
Inteai tea Juni tion. near here, and re?
sulted from the robbery of a hardware
in tho vicinity.
Held For Wilful Murder.
Brldgeton, N. .1.. Nov. 23. ? James
r.ovett, who shot Cecil Crawford on
November 11 at the West Jersey rail?
road station in Port Norrls. was held
for wilful murder by a coroner's Jury.
It is alleged that the shooting was
Without nrovocation. Crawford was
shot In the abdomen and died In th
Bridgeton hospital on November 13.
Victim cf Peculiar Accident.
Mlllville. N. J., Nov. 23. ? A fal
down a steep hill In West Millvill.
auscd matches in the pocket of 10
year-old William Connolly to ignite
When the lad reached the hottom o
the hill his clothing was In flames
and l.efore the fire could be extln
gulshed the boy was seriously burned
Fought With Fork and Sciaaort.
PtttsbUTg, Nov. 23.?Andrew Malock
and Henry Tapar, of Homestead, ad
Joining this city, quarreled, using a
fork an i a pair of scissors as weapons
Both men were repeatedly stabbed
and are in a hospital In a Berious con
Tahitian Prince In Police Court.
San Francisco, Nov. 23.?Prince Sal?
mon, of Tahiti, was arraigned In Jolice
court on two charges, one for defraud?
ing an automobile livery company and
thir other for falling to pay a board
B accessor to Dannshl h Deahaxo,
Practical Machinist
Opp. P. F. ft P. Depot,
Phone 1ST Frederlekebnrg, Va
Estimates furnished on construction,
Supplies delivered on short notjlse
Big Day at Penrsylvania State Co?rtje
sylvan la daj an I th
Ivaiila State Col
m iii< i
A W.Iw h
Stuarl mi ;? the a
ited to
. ost of *.;<-. DO i;- ' ral Ja \.
V i t?d tie Factory Law.
Erie, Pa. f
on a < I
- i
lug the ?
To Turn Hotel Into Seminary.
! i ;
for a J '
whh I. i
fiiifll. lent ' II
nary pui.
strut tura, r ; bull 1
ling burned
Hands Mat-acled, Jump6 F an
from a Itli his
Kerr. a '
take n l
Best remedy for mothers to us., i? K-i
nedj 's Laxa .'. Bj up
nearly as good as maple - .. .
tains no opiates. S.d.! by M. M. I
Habit Grows on You
If you cultivate prudence yon w II in
time besoms a brodent man. and In i .1:1
l.y the virtue, hut It \.hi let neglect like
weeds overrun your good int.'
will suffer both morally and financially.
Cultivate the habit ..f Insuring your
property in case of tire and someday
V"U Will Is. the wlnuer.
John W. Allison, Jr., ? Co.
Fir.- Insurance Agi nts,
Fredericksburg,* a.
John F. Scott.
Main St., one door bolow Ob?s. Wal
lase ft Bro. Full line of
General Hardware.
Barb Wire, Huns, Pistole, Razors,
Knives, etc., will bo sold at reduced
prices to suit the times, Money cn.v
b? saved by purchasing at Psott'i
S?ntw?r? ?tne?
Commerce St., Frtdericksl ??
Dealers lu all kind? of
for which highest caeli {ricesi.
Choice stock of High Giwi
Qr-if**?1a* itwBv? ufl?- *
SET "PoDc Mfflei's
Liver Pills" ^7?"
? . ' VflHSKEY
rulFamilf Use
4 Quarts, S3il
Shipped in Plain Scaled
Package, Express
Our Motto:
'"''ot How Cheap, l>u? How Good."
M MM? Order.
nttra Nat?oaal Bank.
Engine and Saw Mill
2 0-?I. !'. Portable Bnginea.
1 in. ??
?ivi- ??
1 '1- ? Pialo
1 lo-.
l 20- " Vertical Botter.
1 No ?I Sul. m Saw Mill. ?
1 So 1 I? I. . h ?? ??
1 No. 1 (J< i-.-r
1 \ . ? Prick
1 I'i.tiv Bnwering "
1 I Rth Mill mid Bolter.
1 Heavy ( utofl Saw,
f'."! Bolter und si-a Mill.
Saw Muii'lrils, Sawn mid
?i" i M lin 81 . Fredarickabarn;, Va.
I1 iraonwealth of
1 ? orties of the
I w A .'.. of Spotsvl
; ii'i day of N'overber, 190T,
1 plaintiff, against
ator ol John
: law of
I " h.i-.w I... arena*
1 known ' i the State of
1 - attorney
in Mitel,, li: the heirs
be has, who
-i.|. m.-. ..i the
lu Equity.
,i\e the
i and testa
nu nt oi Jo m It.Mit. le il. di cea* ?I. und a
certain ? ? i
ad John Cran
lH?t7, and duly
record. I ifficeol th" t'ir
rania in deed book
id Cran
well .-i ? .-i tain tract ol land situated in
Ivauiii count.!. >: ;? < in i rtalu con
I'ontaiuinK ".sv acres and fully
i lo tob
i laiied lo be sakl I iiii.-iiaiina
. or? and maint, nanee,
ut i".'ii i h" [??aland personal property
I .oid conveyed und"!' the afore
?sm?.Iw?II and contract, the said John
II having departed this life with?
out coniplyiiur with the conditions con?
tained in --..id will and contract, and
..co'i,|."i Krank C. Nossey
".it fttl'1 awsyuaaaSBMS
for *Tuiisti.inti.-i Mitcneil and disburse the
<f."<oii now in bis Land- ui- such attorney
in fn.-t. And an affidavit having been
made and Bled thai the defend;:
ol John Cranwell, d.
ii mu? be bos, who ui" unknown, and the
i lau "i John 11. Mitchell, if any
who are unknown, and an
? |i ni.- of the State of Virginia it is
ordered tl at they do appear here within
l?duva after du? publication bsreof, ami
do what, maj lie necessary t.. protect
their intei-esf in this suii. Am. it is
fnrtherordered that a eopy thereof be
il oncea week for four weeks in
l.an.e, and thataeopy Is- poat
ad at tl." iront door of the courthouse ?I
int* on .a before th.- next Has
.diagruW day alter theeiitry of this
T. A. Harria,Cstrk.
A copy?Ti ate!
T.'A. Harris. Clerk.
I'r. derick \v. (Joleman, p. q.
Iiltlw I v.
I name of the Commonwealth i
Virginia. In the ('1. rk's otaca of tl
i ii.iiii Court of the county of Spotaj
raniaon tie' 1 Itli day of Novsntb
l'.ioT. frank C. Snaney,adminiatn?iori
I 'unwell, deceased.anda? attorn?
in fact of Clirisii.-innu Mitchell, plamtil
it ?anna Mitchell, tie- heirs i
John Cran well, deecaaad, if nay lie ha
who are unknown and BOtvreaideota <
th.' State ol Virginia, the betae "t Jno. I
Mitchell, if any he has who are iinknow
,'imi non rcMidentaaof the State of Vlrgtnii
In equity mi ii cro*s bill and petition.
The object of thia auil ih to have tb
aid and direction of the court m wttlin
thai.unte ol Prank C. Nuaaay, adnria
ist rat or of .lohn t'iaiiw sil, daeaMsd, an
to allow the said l-'nuik c. Nueeey t
settle lus account? ?i- attorney m Inetfo
Christiaana Mitchell, and properly <ii>
- 500, now in hi* hand
attorney in UM t. And an alt
davit having been made ami hied tlia
the d?fendante, toe heirs of John Oar
well, daesneed, if ?my be lui", who are un
known and no) residents of the State .
Virginia, and the heirs of Jno it
Mitchell, who ?re Unknown, andan
not res?.!-!,'s ol the State <,[ Vii
ginia. it bordered that tiny do appeal
ithtn tilt!, n davs at't.-r due publi
cation hereof, and do what irav Ik
?, .? to ?iiob-ct thehj interest iuthu
suit. And it is fnrtlei Ordered that i
copy thereol be pnbtiwd once a weak foi
loor weeks In The Fi?e Lance, ?uni tiia
a copy be poetad at the front door <>f th<
court house of thii? county on or bsloei
tiie iirm sncasedhaa; ruU- duy ufu-r th<
, nit v ol lilis siii:.
\ Harris, Clerk
A copy? Te?te;
TV. Harris, tlerk
BMA, p. <].
Blttw lu
A. B. Boils S Co.
Fire, Life and Accident
Insurance Agents
Ofllce 818 Commerce Street.
Represents sixteen nrst-elaaa eom
pantes. Rates low a? the lowest, and
[gasea promptly adjnjted and paid.
An Autumn Greeting
To all our Patrons and
Friends, and with it an Id*
vitation to come and gee the
handsome new Footwear we
have provided for the com?
ing seasons. We certainly
want to supply the
Fall and Winter
wants of all our old Patrons,
and we trust that we shall
also have the pleasure of
miring many new custo*
men, as this store is here
to supply everybody with
Shoes For Comfort
and Health.
If your feet are tender or
hard to fit with shoes by all
iiitj'.ns give us a trial in fit?
ting them.
Wallace & Co.
The Shoemen
undertakers and Bmb??it?* ftrg
No. 719 Main St, Pi4'8,lul<li
ickebarg, Va. 'Phon*
Aero?? from Exchange f
and next to Wegtern L
office. TeLgraph and telejf
order? receive prompt '?tra?Ci
tion. Open day and
Chick Food, Pi]
Food, Triplex 81
Food, Rust Hai
Climax Condit
Powder, Eoup Pill *\'%%m
Lice Killer \ 1,16*
Doggett &
The Old Reliable Or
?i',',','' <r*.J?nv?U?lP
1 LANDRETH^$2.oa
$ FRESH STOCK, l5| $2.Q0.
2 Special Price? to |
im Gardners and Merci
? m m M m J3.60.
? n. rc.^e? Boot8
Building Mat J_
In Krederioksbarg. Sli balldlnga, not ta
uladlns sheds, all full. 1 carry In sloth
dressed N. C. and Georgia pine, flooring,
wiling, partition, eating* and boards aarr
length. Also sash, doora, blinds, aaouks
lug?, mantles, columna, bracket*, balsa
.era and everything tor Interior and ssls
rior flnlah. lath*, lime, plastar, saw sat
and halr.palnta.c'ia, glaat, flr* olay. aawur
pipe, bulldera' hardware and eawHulU sup?
plies. Prospeotlte bnyera and contrast set
will do well u> eiAmlne my ?took and
get my PRICES
before buying. Correspondents toi letted.
Cooke's Wild
Cherry and
Best {Remedy Far Centn.
For the best of every?
thing: go to

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