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Devoted to the Apicultura!, Commercial and Manufacturing Interest, of Fredericksburg and the Tidewater and Fiedmont Country.
Providing for
the Future
Ceaseless toil and judicious
saving are the elements of fu?
ture prosperity. Uulcss these
two elements are combined
results under no circumstances are
Our system of "Banking by Mail" makes
it possible for the man of small means to gradually
accumulate a ?
?um far l??ryo>r>d has expectations. [CT^I?"I,*"?^I
Accounts received m ?um* of
$1 and upwards, i'/i interest
allowed on savings ?ccounta
from dale of deposit ?nd com?
pounded aenu-annually.
Saving? Department
Planters National Bank
C?a*aL Sajrp_t ,_ U._n?_ Pr*_
*%. rr1,T?,
Largest Wholesale Grocer in Frederic ksborj
lf?arlj ?vrrythinp tion??lit In ear loai? loti ?ni
Special lndraK?*?rnen?ls Offered Town and Country Mercha_*_
Daalerin Lime. Oamsnt. Plaster, and lu faet everything need?. I,y _?
fan?*?r, marohant ormrcharlc Ala?, Fnyer of Wool an?' (Irs In R? lu.tnb.j
t_? navaa? ?and pl*->?H ?. MARSH A II. K?nir * r??v'? "If* stauvt 'rw* a-?rw*
?w ?Sa <?*_?
First Class
Farm Implements
at reasonable prices.
You a*?/* Labor, Tim?
and Mon*y whan you
buy Implements that
wear well and work well.
The kind that we aell
We iaaue one of the beat an>i moat
rotniileU- of Farm Iniplomeiit t. at
aloguaa. II giv? t>n?-e*. ?l?-**ei ? i>
tion? and inucli niteri-atmi: uifor
mation Mailetl free ii|?on mjiitf I
Writ.- fur it
The Implement Co.,
1302 East Main St..
We are he?iquarters for
V. Crimp and other Roofln*:, War?
F ?ocio*;. Barb Wire. Poultry
Nettirn. etc.
Write for pri?es on any supplie? or
Farm Implement? you require.
Plant Wood's
Garden Seeds
Our business, both i:i (i?r??i :.
?rid I'arm ik-e?':?, is one jf the
largest in th s couu'xr, a result
due to the fact that
U Quality is always our ^
p first consideration, p
We are h?_IquArtcrs for
Ora?? ar.'l Clover Seed?. Seed
Oat?, Seed Potaloe?, Cow
Pea?. Soja Deans and
o?ur Farm Seed?.
Wood*? Deecriptlv? Catalogue
I* Ihe ??-at a^Ml a? t a***ert? ui '.i.?'?f?l
earal?:- aaa A:i i: [. t. ?> ?
eu?u! ij ?uttioiuyoi *:l (..Mm
C*jt..lei;??? roajleti
Gasoline Engines
|>EL P., $150; 5-H. P., f 2?5; 7-B.
P., $2150. Ono-halfcash, baJane* In
3, 4 and 6 months, or 10 par cent,
diaconat for tail caah.
Cylinder Oil tor Gaeollae Engine?.
?Oil (or ("ream Separators
High Grade Axle Qreaaa,
Cup Gree.ee.
Mill StrppHee.
1004 Main 8*., FrederkksbnrK, Va.
0_ ?M asa afra. 1.?. U?roo motor* b./ia?.
I will a?Sot ? few of a*/ bra_a
I- ?ThaUCMB.
Ott a?i a?aj T**y*or. By? Whlstay_?a a?
Boya! V?r*?**,*ty. W__?_I"_7.__-_. ' ~
?>s_??l?as Wlailn_
0M ?a*_aaaaaa Oa*?ay KaaSaaSj law_
?pMaaaiJty? WaSekey_
_S_i H? Wk_wy ..._____
Sale Valuable Spots} Ivan a
County Tracts of Land.
' llv vertasaof ? power at attonsry, dais
record?! m _eCt*jrk? otVeof S|?.t-?i
vnnia ?oiiiitr from Mary Cbemor?, the
! .??I?' mu? surviving h? Ir al In v , if J,i|in
' Criiuu.'ll. da d t> tu?- ?m?]? ixiiiiiol. I
?lilil? oil
Monday, April 6, 1908,
ni l-'M. in limn .if ill,' I'oiiri liDtiaa? at
Bpotavvh ankav i.ffer for aa?e at , abiieanc
tauci to i1-?- Mars*?! bUdet
l?t L'T a. r?* ? ?f laud ?Hunt, in Root
?viva? m ? >t?ty, l'a., pear Smith's?ill
nml Imihit tba? ?.in.' land of ?__ Jof.n
ClU?? died *aia**d an I |??a?. ????I. ?nil
which was . on?, v??l lo Inni tu .Im? M
Sniitli aad ?if?' I?rdeed ? I ?? t. - ? < ?
1888 an.I ilnl.v rseorded in lb? Qscka
.unty. 1.U A It. p. 119
:i.t.ii land ha_ a ?rge quantity
of line and I ?t_b? oak and pina? timber
Saw mill mi'ii all.mid aeo it.
:.*!nl f land \? Ueh Jn<>.
? II. Mit. In II dud apon and which ?n>
ronreved to Jno. Cran?ell by deed dul.?
' r.voni.?l in the tVrk'a ot?.I Spotayl
' v ?n: i ?? ?lam v in l??,k 7.7.. p. 4??*. I_a
? t.-art adjoin? the land? of the hite Jilo.
M. Sintili. a'il Niis.?._v and Siurey. Hin?
COO?! fl ? I lllajar and nil u earao out
b_ldinga, tin?- orehard. The land i? rieh
iin.l m Mod ratala lor cultivation, ?pod
for 1(J Eaaili? of rom par iK-rv. Tliia
I line*? woulil make av.-ry desna.le home,
loth of SJaid plaeaa are ?bout?! mile?
aouiheant of ill,- Court House and alxnit
10 iiiiliw <?f the city of Fr?*l?'ri?-k*hurg. V?.
Terms cash.
FR?DBRICK w. coi.kma.v
Attorn.yinfiiit for Mary t'onnors. the
Holland surviving lieir of John ('run
w.-ll, deed. kMT.w4w
VIRtMNlA?In the Circuit Court of Car?
oline ,-ounty, Oct. 15. ltxiT.
To William Silvia, If living, or his
heir?, if d?iul. ?In? fin' iiuknowii. take
In accordance with h Jnn? ciiter.-?! ill
th* chan<?T.v suit, under the slmrt style
of Bruce A al?, vu. Silvia A a!... |?cnding
in the Circuit Coiirt of I nroline county.
Va., which ihvive was enfred on (_**>
l?>r 1 ?th, 11*07, an extract <?f which i? a*
"Un corsideratiou whereof, the court
doth confirm and report and rls- di?posi
tion of the funds therein ?et forth, ami,
dothdirrct the snMSpcoial Coat?__aW?
Powers to d??burse the funds ill his hands
accordingly to wild report toaas? parties
or their^uttorneys, retaining, however,
the abnr? (one-fourth) which would go
to William Silvia., whose wh?-reabout?
are unknown. And it is ord? red that a
notice 1??' publiahed in The Pre? Lance
newspaper ouce a week for tour week?.
directing the said William Silvia, if liv?
ing, or his heirs, if dea?l, to n|?p?*r and
claim said fund, and the costs of said
order of publication und the futur?'cost*
of this suit are to he paid out of ?aid
ahare of William Silvia '
Ttst?: E. R. Coguill, Clerk.
By T. C Vul-ntnic, IVptity Ci.-rk.
I). H. l'owers, Jr . and W. B, Knnis, at,
tornejs. fel.-.'7-w4w
Cookers Wild
Cherry and
Best Remedy For Coughs
For the Best of Every?
thing, go to
P*r???_r!ptIon ?
Lilley Won't Testify Until He
He Has Counsel.
Asks to Have Them Summoned Befor?
the Committee and Submit? a List
of Witnesses to Be Subpoenaed.
Wont Present Written Charges.
Washington. March 10.?The ?p.? lal
comi.iitt? .? of the house, appointed by
BfJaaske*. Cannon, ?t the r? q
i illative LIU? >. of C> in
"to Investigate tu?' conduct of too
fleetrV lloat company, of New Jer
sey. and fhelr prede? essor, th? iio!
.and Boat company, respecting tti*?.
?sthods trsaployed by said ro_pealna
In conn? .tlon with past, or p:
legislation bi'fole ?ontressa b? g?U Its
at ion
The ?ommlttee, which Is sa*_sa_e I
of llf[ll?Ikf tlm Bout. II till).
chairman. Stephens (Minn). Oln,
?ted (Pa). Broiisssml lLa) ?n?l How?
ard (O?I, met in ? room at the housf
>ITi? i building
Th?- clerk was directed by Mr B.iu
It? to r?a? the report of th- commit
tee on rub? pursuant to which the in
vestigating ? i.a -niltee was appolnti-d.
\\T,.n the ????riding <?f the report was
finished Chairman llout? 11 railed on
Representative Lilley ?ml ?sk?'d him
If he was prepared to go aluad Mr
Lilley said he was not prepared In !??
examlu? .1 ?t till? time heraus?' he .le
?fred tr. be repr?s?'Iiti'd Ua- an ?ttor
kOWOVOr, submitted a nu:n
!?>< iiimnts lo the ?.unmlil??
II. stated that he had been shail
awed bj detettlses and that he wi.ul.l
?sk m have summoned as wt_*a?eM
thr, ?? operatives nssaarlod with a lo
(?1 detective agency. He also sut?
milled a list of witnesses U_| be de
sired to be summoned, as foilnw?
Is???- i. Rice, piesid.nt o? lb? Bee
tr., It.as?t company, to b*_f all th*
uid a<'<tuints showing pa
mad?- tor work performe?! or to k* a ?T
: at Washington or in any . , ?
nal district; also muh In-r? an I
CfceckS showing ?he? l.s issued for sue!,
? ni|ilo? nient, also von? hers and ui?ino
raiiduiiis showing i?yulents by Kiihu
B I"n.si for e\p. nsis of every kind in
pn. 'noting legislative appropriation?
and th?' procurent? asi of contract?
Also sil ImsiKs or oilier evs?
nny saoa?*S contributed by Isaac I.
? isonnlly to the catnpalsm fund?
of Kiihu It Frost: Maurice Barnett
treasiicr of th?- aPsctrlc lloat com
pan?; August Trcdwoll. Jr. assistant
treat?rer; Norman 0. Johnson, of Neu
York ?ttotni'v and 9 S. MeNeir, ot
this city.
He also asked that subpoenas be
Issued for the following: Marlon But
1er C B Caaascy. )i w*. Creeqr, B. t
Sands, all of this city; Dr. S R. Kerr
of Chicago: Frank L. Edinburgh, ot
Bay City Mich . and W. B Oordon. of
Midland Mich
Mr Lilley stat?>d that he did not
propose to put himself In the attitude
of a grand jury and present an Indict
ment, but he would examine tliesr
witnesses and help the committee In
bringing out all the facts He s?ld
that to formulate written charges and
limit the Investigation to the??;
charges would simply be to stifle real
Mr ?outell stated that It was thr
intention of the committee to havf
Mr. Lilley first state wh?t he knows of
his own knowledge concerning these
charges, and In order to allow him tc
procure an attorney, adjournment wat
taki-n until Thursday. ,
Canned Tomato Bride Now Sue?.
Tuekerton. N. J.. March 10.?Mrs.
David Gallagher, better known a? the
"canned tomato bride." 1? suing hei
rich husband for divorce. Three sum
mers ago Miss June Early was a
packer in a local cannery One day
she penned a love note on a label. Mr
Gallagher, a wealthy bachelor, came
across the note. He replied, and Miss
June Early became his bride. Now
she has repented and wants a separa
Children Rush From Burning School.
Lees Summit, Mo., March 10.?Pour
hundred children In the public school
rushed out In disorder when a fire
alarm was sounded. Attempts wen
made to use the fire drill, but ? call of
"fire'' from outside of the building
caused the children to make for th?
nearest exits No one was injured. The
Are was quickly extinguished.
Reduced- Rates In Marriage Licenses.
North Can?an. Conn.. March 10. ?
Women are offered marriage Ilcensef
free, single men at half price and
great reductions to club? of five by
Town Clerk E. D. Norton, of this city
The bargaiu prices are made to boom
the matrimonial market, but have had
no effect yet.
Will Race Seven Mile? For a Coffin.
Wlnsted. Conn.. March 10.?Charles
Hyde and Charles Mlllard have an
nounced a foot race to take place here
on May 2. with a coffin as prize. The
conree will be seven miles go ?s you
please, but on foot, and the loser must
buy the winner ? fine casket
Resumed Work On New Plant.
Pittsburg. March 10? Th? Jones A
I?ughltn Steel company has ordered
work resumed on Ita new plant at
Allquippa. which wss ?topped last fall
The company also reports a gratifying
increase In orders ?nd the belief th?'
Steady improve???t will continue.
Vhe Free I_oe? ts pseeaial ta do all
r_de of Job p/_t_c ka trat ?law serls
a? ?u???a ?a***?.
Mathues and Shumaker Shift
Blame Upon Pennypacker.
Attorneys Declare They Followed Ex
Governor's Advice On Capitol Trim?
mings ? Defense Fears Attorney
General Todd's Appearance In Case.
Harrisburg. Pa.. Mardi lu. ? Two
spec? h. s in behalf of defendant? in
the cap?tol conspiracy trial were made
Monday, l'en > Allin Rose, of Johns
town, making the pie? for ex Supcrin
tendent Shumaker. ?ml William 1
Shsffer. of Chester, for ex-State Treas
urtr Hathues. l?oth attorneys declare?!
the offl? ials followed the h_*vaa?UI Ot
ex-Oovernor Pennypacker an! 'ha'
both relied on Architect Huston
Architect Lewis being ?lenoui.
unmeasured (etSSS ter his tisiinn tiy In
behalf of the ? ouinionwealth.
Mr. Shaffer closed his speech by a
pies In which he said that Mr Math
ues had not been connect?'?! with tin
trial, and by an effort to forestall th?
effect of the appearance of Attorney
Qeaerai To*M as the ciosinK
in the case, said :
"As to the attorney gi-nera!; h?' pro
poses to come liefore you. It Is his
right, but it is not right for him t<
throw the robes of his great ofllo
Into the scale? of justi??- on behalf Oi
the commonwealtli. I cannot appeal to
you sgalnsi hii.i I ?t?pcal to him i
*?k him to recollect that th?' i?ia?-kest
pages of English jtirlsprtulcnce hav,
been dsrk?'tie?I by the appearance if
the stlort*?' gen.-ral at th?' bar H>'
comes not as an advocate, but as
)adsT H? ha? DO right to throw lut?
the Jury l?o\ th<- great office, than !???
'.he district nttorm ? ?hose place h?
temporal llv fills in this court. Bfasab
ing In winds which made fur liberty
the ?rorM ovar, a great Judite of thi
country 0tM of the greatest In Ml?
Encllsh-speaking world one who gal
!n this court. John Bannister Gibson
said The proserutlag attorney ?t the
rsillng ?I the jury box stands not a?
the ai.-neer of stood, but as perse
esjtar, bat te stund? for the-right* ot
the accused as much ss for the right?
of 'h.- ro__on ? ralth ' if Mr Todd
shall ?ondurt himself that way I will
have nothing to complain of."
Mr. TcMld was present during the
gs?sareea but took no notice of It.
Former Attorney Coin rai W D.
Mens.'l will ?pea? for SarfrTerson. to be
followed l?V P F Roghes_ei Jr.. also
for Sanderson, and then Charles H.
Bersner will ?lose the case on behalt
of the d?'f?'iise II Is the Intention of
Attorney General Todd to speak after
Mr. Scarlet sums Up for the ?tat.
It was announced In court that one
of the five case? involving Cougr. ss
msn H Buril Cassel. Joseph M llus
ton. James M Shumaker. W. P. Sny
der ?nd W. !.. Mathues. on ? charge
of conspiracy In a metallic furniture
bill, will be called on March 23. This
means that none of the false pretense
cases will be reached this month.
A Romantic Courtship.
Philadelphia. March M ?As the cut
ruination of a brief hut romantic
courtship. Frank M. Tracy, capitalist
and clubman, of Chicago, was married
here to Miss Genevi?ve A W? st of
147 South Forty-third street. Th?
couple met at luncheon, at which It Is
said Mr. Tracy proposed and was ac
cepted. He came here and sent word
to Miss West to meet him at one of
the fashionable hostelrles. While at
lunch the couple dwlded to get mar?
ried. The bride and groom later went
to New York, whence they will sail for
Mme. Gould Coming Home.
Paris. March 10?Mme. Ahna Gould,
accompanied by her children, will ?all
on the North German I.I,?yd liner
Kronprinz Wilhelm on Wednesday
from Cherbourg for New York. She
expects to remain In America for two
months. It Is reported that Prince
Helle De Sagan also has m?d?' ar
rangement? to leave for the United
Widow Won't Admit Husband Is Dead
Grand Rapids. Mich. March 10. ?
Although Judge Alfred Wolcott. of the
circuit court, has been pronounced
dead by three physicians, his wife will
not admit lie Is dead. She Is a Chris
tlon Sei "titlest and maintains that the
princlplt of the cul*. that all me llcal
men are In error Is superior to the
evidence of her own senses.
TomiMi Electrocuted.
Trenton. N. J , March 10. ? Michael
Tomassl was electrocuted ?t the state
prison for the morder of his landlady.
Delia Coogello. Tomassl was accoin
panied by two priests, one of whom
was Esther Fish, the Catholic chap
lain of th? state prison. Tomassl wa?
in a state of collapse. Death was in?
Torpedo Boats Lesvs Lima.
le?a, March 10?After an eight-day
risit. the American torpedo flotilla
sailed for Panama The little boats
got under way with ?n exchange of
salutes, steamed speedily out of the
harbor and turned north for their
ISOO-knot run.
Rev. Swallow Improved.
Hsriisburg. Ps. Msrch 10. ? Rev.
Dr. Swallow, the well-known Method?
ist minister and Prohibition leader,
who Is seriously ill wltb typhoid pneu
sat?ls, I? Improving._
If you would ?talo your friends, doa't
t__ the? eery 70?.
Spanish King to ?.Visit Ho.bid
cf < n^rch/.
Houses Along Streets Alfonso Will
Pass Have Been Searched and Will
Be Guarded?Throwing, of Flowers
Bar. |Q |i
tue stl
ism. the centr?
lor the past I went .
nate i ),. ; : . it"-.. . (bed ?>i
?. King tlfoBso win arrive
.'Inn to
?nd unlit:?r>
, luthoi It
i'lard hi!:. .i'i! .;i_ ??is
Public bnlldlni n dec,
rub .1 : .ire Bj
Ing si thai cm "
k sat, *
our. But thai there ?s fc.tr of sn at
tempt at demoostrstloai
ib" fs? t thai 'he official pr :
the Visit '.:i^ not In . n publish
bectr seat i ... ,1 and will be
from i ta a Idtttoos1 or
thclr doors ? loi I w h. i. - ?i
c, n ral Mi
of t1 . n ?'?paper?
.Iron? .
lions of I
flu- ni: i a. ' public
Curing hi I -'ils city last
I.'ins IT
111 :? '
quit?' Il frech
with i' It, how
the sgitati : . been ? irrl I on that ?1!
during t'.inv of th*
clal sv .'s ?n.I
An Austrian squadron Is hing In
t'.if- harbor Kin Mfonso will rtsU
the sqttndi' n on Wedm -
Allentown Jeweler Arrested.
Allein?,?.?? n l'a.. March I" .Stanley
J. Pel? a? .I a j. ?. ;
? ii into
custodj b] Bberiff I. H Farley and
Deputy M W Crlsty of Merer coun
ty. Weal v.: gluts on ? i ha
grand larceny of $1.I while in b_l
st Branswell, w Va Allegtag
that the proceeding ?as simply In the
Inter, st of collecting a debt following
his faillir.' in basil applied
for a writ of babeas corpa?, which
Jud?e Drexler heard. Th* .??urt re
fused the writ, and Peters had to ac
company the O?i i rs t., West Vir?
Double Murder at a Dane?.
Roaiiok.-. Va . March 10 ? At a
darn.- near Swords Creek, ha Rat?sll
county Fred Dye, ? young white man.
shot and killed John M?ller and
Qeorgs Call, also white Dye escaped
hut was i .".?.tur.-.i and taken back to
Swords Creek. Fearing Boh viol- ne.
the authorities took Dye la Cleveland,
s distance of a?teen miles on
rial f f**?. from which place he was
carried to the county Jail at Lebanon
No cause what?"?? i is assigned for the
double murder.
Smallpox-Entsftilnmentt-Othsr Natas.
Lahore. March Utb.
Dr. Crlttwidpn hhIi'miI the smallpox
victims from King George on their ar?
rival lu this county, and 1a 24 hours be
had the disease quarantlii?d about I ?ni?
ton, with l?r W. I. Stevens, who had
charge of the loathsome disease here sev?
eral years ago, In charge of the seven
negro patienta. Th? gregarious habit?
of tbs negro fit him for the ?prend of this
disease and vacciuatlou is generally In?
vited by our people.
Broom-straw fields are plcnaing to th?
sight, only as the sedge goes up In flames
at night.
Farmers Are busy putting up ?tr?
fencing. Kh?Ih are only u?"d t . eke i.u!
the vanishing existeuee of the aid has?
?Schools ron six months in tlil? ?Wtrlct
The new trustee I* mighty popular and
fullofprogr.es He abhor? a vacuum aud
a laggard.
There are many Indications that warm
the expectation with the approach of
The Coieman-Fraxsr Ashing club hold
nightly meets oo th? sluggiah stream be
low the mill, and as far a? I can learn
they generally meet with a fl?herman>
luck?if yoo know what that Is.
Hrs. Hand Woolfolk gars a surprise
party to her popular teacher, Mies Irene
Cave, Wednesday night.
Among the many sick people, I am
sorry to not? the seri?os tlloess of Mr
?ftilvanus Ureahtvm, nearly nln.ty, at Rev.
W. J. Decker's, sir. I), is aleo qolte alck
with pneumonia.
Dr.Lrttteodeo is on a rtsit to New York
this week. airs. C R. Maaon accompanied
htm a? far a. Philadelphia for treatment
by a distinguished special ist.
Thursday night Mrs. Ernest Cooper
gave a pleasant bop and card party. A
Hubataotlal sop,er was serrad. Cards,
daocing. and music w?r? enj iy*d from
dark till dawn. Mr. Jam.* Duncan, af
fecttonately called "Lucie" by the leap
year lassie*, '.?d tbe german.
Mr. George Thompson baa moved hi*
?aw mill mill from tbe Kendall tract to
Biaroea As smallpox rages thereabout?.
e*_*_D?_ 1? kit hers, a? moat of tbe
hand? employed at the ? ill are frota near
1?t us have f reab fl?b.
Intersttlng Information About His Work -Th*
City ot Chariott* Mrs. SUntwsll Jackson?
A Visit to Haw York, Etc, Etc.
t'L.irl.rt... N c . March 7
tk ur Pies Lane?
It is svlsratye a p*eeh_ pleasure for a
wunderer to i[n batch to hi? nati?
and meet fiit-nl? of hi, boyhood or
earlier manhood. Though ?ometim?'?
our bO hood reputation lingers too
long. One good lady told me that
when ?he wae troubled about her bays
It srsts a ?'oinf.irt to bar to remiiib-r
??? ti'at I had bSS?
I am Lot Tar-heel saough to claim w?
''First at Beth-I;
Fart h? at at (iettaburg:
Last at Appomrtltox '
In all the nolle achievements and
high bsrulssa <>f the l_ec*?paral_
army " of those day? 11 j - r. ? ?as gloiy
eiiouath for all, and none will deny that
tie Mi.iii. r? of the ti.d North ?State wer*
m mi whit behind oiler? In valor ami
endurance from Heth.l to Appomattox
Is r.n,iml.il in thi? htatorlc centr.
. t the I ,s iarati. 11 ..I 1 mlepetnteri. t
m ad- by th- Be ?tch-Irisb, of Meckl.ii
buig. Iief.ire J? fferaoti penned hi? lin
mutsasl documeut; that thee* men wan
I ta "horast's sesa'\ta ( ornwaiii.
and 1'atlefoi.; that at King'? Mouutau
ill j tu'i.? ?I i be lide of the wurund help
ad largely to bring tile glorious I ataae?
metioa at Yoi kto? n
V? I?, n SSJ w if,- and 1 reached Chariott
??? weresrsjsstettl tee In spitablu hon.
?Mrs Moi.. ?? all Jackson. I he multi
Iti.de of h^r friends will I?- pleased t
know ho.v g. t.tly the year? ?re dealln
With harr. Not only in I herlotte 1? ?I,
? nsil.v the "W rat lady 'of the city, olla,
i oui,t if t he fame of her illustrious hui
ban 1 an.i h r owu gracious charade
hut alw? holds tbe same B__ ill th" a
lection at_ honor ??( lh> whole Sout
Many visitors from the North,as well s
Irotn th- South. k<> to her home to pa
their ree| set ami goaWtV] charmed wn
her kiiiduca?, her cordiality and gra?
Otsa manner.
t atrloUa is a pi < ?lu lu ti mi city, uud I
the t? aluno: y ot li.-r rOSal Betest* M
btNdtwea men cloaiiiu* the saloon? hi
not bin.:, t,.,i. but gi.atiy advanced t
tinam nil latetest? ami prigic-?. i h..
i? no ib ubt a large ? juar trade," I.
.?.ral yoassr asta have spokt? ??I ti
he p and blrsaii g to lln-ui lu thervuiov
. I ttttapttttaon b? cloaiag the aaloous.
have t ??? n all w inter in the inuiat of pi
h.l.itioii mov? ini nt. and tii ugh I ha
- besa un M_OI ?..l?o, aie of pr
tilt.iti .n. cap. ciaily by State eiiactuiei
1 have bst? deeply hnpie??ed by t
lacas presented ist?; luuuy are eav
from temptation ami hi?trad of Sail
day night and Su?,lay orgie? aid t
. Monday h?t before tbe .Mayo
i >>nrt, tits laboring man aj
uniiiey for hi? family uud Inn night?
home; the poll. ?? court doe? hot have
"u.ual doe*?t,' au.) ? men are drunk
they call only blame their own a|ii?!i
lb" Sabbath sentiment ta too ?tro
to allow tir.? to I?. au "oiieii city"
I our South? rn ella? are.
Muuy of the streets are torn up tiu
in order t., gi?e ta ; ter water, bet
- be, still wi'already bare mi
spring bsaatj in the bud.ling trees a
^ oaaltag ri,.,!? and hyacyst
Osa* iini?t ?e Charlotte in the spring
me it at its 1
ll is an inspiring sight to laee
throngs of people pouring from the i
f. rent i hurclies ou r)u_?t?y. Ur. Met)
lei le lio? h tiding special services In
hirst Bapi?I church, aiid because he I
so r> cent i.v In in in K reden -ksburg 1 ?i
to hear him and unit hit? Y> hile thl
largely a Presbyterian city, all the
nominations have strong churches <
strong preachers.
Owing to my enforced absence 'r
borne, 1 am now supplying the See?
Presbyterian church, which has 1,
members on tbe roll and a due body
officer?. The number of young mea s
attend Is very uuusual, and adds
uieiidously to tbe importance, as s/e'l
th? attraittvenesa, of the field. TI
are about ISO in tbe primary grade
tin' sabbath school and a targe mi
class, the two most Important parts
the Sat.bal h SShool work.
1 liave promised to preach at St
Creek church, tbe largest country clu
iu the South, aud 1 look forward v
pleasure to standing before that audli
of one thousand member? before I set
face toward "Ule Virginny," about
first of May.
W Iule ou a visit recently to New V
I diued with Mrs. \ irginra Terb
"Marian Harland." She asked m
question? about Fredericksburg pec
and wa? grieved to learn of the deat
a?r. Dr. iiowlsou, whom she knew
and admired greatly for bis varied |
oi niiud and genial spirit. Sh- said
considered the rnjuest to write the
taph for the monument to ihe moth?
Washington the "greatest honor
paid her The two hours s|?<nt t
her and her daughter, Mr?. Herrick, ?
most delightful. I'.rr culture and a
di?' irguita hospitality made a chi
n iinbliiatlon.
., bright particular ?pot lo New 1
i? the aw??-t boas* of Mrs Annie Flei
.-?null, where 1 also dined, and had
beart warmed by her big hearted
come and by remembrai,
mother, whom everybody in Freder
tiurat honor? and ?fe*
Sunday was a bright, balmy sr.
day and goat cougregatlons u
preaching to them a privilege aud g
Then, erfeaa quiet bad fallen on
city, 1 read the laat two chapters of
elatiou, telling us of the glory ot
great city above.undetihii by sln.thi
filled with sinner? saved by grace, d
lug lo lore and felicity eternal. Ma
all reach there at last.
J W k,,.-i,
Of iittle LlowQod, the son of Mr aud
Mrs. Walter and Mollis Jones, who died
Feb. M, l'.H)8. aged ? year* and 11
Our preci?os little darling,
HI? role*? I* now no more;
Hia little darling footstep?
Will be silent on tbe tl ?or.
A little rarant cbair at home
For sorrowing parent? to see;
We eau oui? prepare to meet our Sarlosr
Where forever with Him we will be.
Lio wood, dear, w? mis? thee *o.
While lo this world we roata,
W? know that Jean?, who knows beet,
Hats only tak*?i thee heme.
How a wee t then lathe thought that
When love,! one* croa? death', see,
That when oar labor? her? ana ended.
With him we'll ?T?r he.
Written by kds toad Aaat Leba.
Ask Your
Own Doctor
If he tells you to take Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral for your
severe cough or bronchial
trouble, then take it. IF he has
anything better, then take that.
We have great confidence in
this medicine. So will you,
when you once know it.
Th" b?-at Utnd ol a testimonial ?
f?r wo sixty year?.''
>.? aW,
Keep the bowels open tvith one of
Ayer's Pills at bedtime, lust one.
IN the name of the Commonwealth
i f \ irninla. In the Clerk'? ():'
the Circuit Court of the county of
Bpotsylvs?h> on the *_d day of
March. Is? s it,.???mi,, y Whltnerand
Nymatt S. Surrey, trawling as partn?'?
under the Arm name and Bey? of Whit
n.r * Batewr, and John Myers, plaintiff?,
against Jam?'? I'.Turnley. ahi-riff, admin,
istrator of Cliari"? Alan, debased, and
Harriett Allan d.rea?ed, Thomas My*r?
and the tinkuown heir* at law of ?aid
Charle? Allan, ihr. a??'d, d? fendants.
The obj et of thi? suit Is to settle the
est?t?-? of the ?hM Charle? Allan, de.
ceased, aod Harriett Allan, deceased, to
determine what Interest each had tn a
certain tra?-t of land conveyed to them
by i: I'. Mullock and ?ituate lo Spoteyl
vania county, Viritinia. adj.iininu- has
land? of J.diu M ? er? and other?. also to
deterinini- ? hat lu'ere.t in ?aid tract of
land psataed to Tlioma? Miera under the
will of Charts* Alan. deeea?ed And
m,ii having been naadeaad til?*!
shat the dssaads?t, Tbossa?Myers, i
not a p suii'iit oi tin- Stnt?- of \ ir
Kssba, it i? onli'n d that heiIoappe?r
ser* ?itliin IS diiys ?ift?r due pab
licntioii hiIIOf, nnd do what may be
.rv t.. prot.s t bai hatsrsstSB this
suit And it is further ordered that a
?opy hereof lw pal lit?li?-?l oae* a t
four ?cs-ks in The Free I_iic-.
ntid that aoopy be posted at the
trout doo( of _.urtlioitse of thiscous
ty oe or before tb* next ?u<v?vding rule
day aatter the ?ntrv of this suit.
' Tests:
T. A II AliKIS, Clerk.
I \ ll.UUUS. Clerk.
Ls??T. Oravee, p. % ni?w-tw
Ondertakera and Kmhalmers
No. 719 Main St.. Fredor
?cksburg, Va 'Phone 98.
A.cro9# from Exchange Hotel
and next to Western Union
office. Telegraph and telephone
ordere receive prompt atten?
tion- Oven dav and nicht.
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A ssortment at Low Prices
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I > -?. __ ?ria* Jba. >?_*. \TX
1 la a. ?a. Sa; mt <?, *r
.anltaawaa? ***??. AlaaajaSiBilli
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ill health that t? not benefited by the
o -c_lou?.: use of a RIPANS Tabula.
For sale by droggisu. The afive
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Calling Tour Attention
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John W. Allison, Jr., ft Cs.
Fire Insurance Ageste,
F rsdavicksburg.Vav
An Autumn Greeting
To all our Patrons and
Friends, and with it an in?
vitation to come and see __
handsome new Footwear w?
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ing ?seasons. We certainly
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Fall and Winter
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and we trust, that we shall
also have the pleasure of
serving many new custo?
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If your feet are tender or
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Wallace & Co.
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lace S Bro. Fall Use of
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_nlvec, etc.. will be sold at raaiaatad
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Best Co-rasa!? aaal mmtt Wrtsa aUsa.
?KtAtao<__t lrab?tn_ Pitsiaa _sa_
8v. riiliulibib?a_ Ta. sat

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