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Devoted to the Agricultural, Commercial and Manufacturing Interests of Fredericksburg and the Tidewater and Piedmont Country.
A New Orleans woman was thin. ?-O?
Because she did not extract sufficient '
nourishment from her food.
She took Scoti'^ Emulsion. ?y
Result: ?>
She gained a pound a day in weight.
I;? jifoii?ii ?? ?ti of antique?.
Sample sent us can be
bought ?cheap.
2 of Those French Rockers Left
Reduced from $10 to $6
New Lines of Brass and Iron Beds. Styles for
1908. Baby Carriages, Mattings, etc
Purity and Age
i on ??? ill ti'i'l the iiint-t [ropular hraudn of pure liquora ?it
i.i.pior im,i i ?.-le. ? i".'!?.'. .m:.-?_? i : ?- . . sw??.-?
Public Sale
or ..?
Small Tract of Land
Near Pen?la,
in Caroline County, Va.
I'ursiiti'if to a dee?.f the Circuit
IViurt of King (?eorgi . .,?u,t \ . Ya ,? tit.r.d
April 11th, l'.in?. In the rbancrrj
of I'urke. gmirdiini, vs Stephen?, the nn
?lersigneil an?anti i ,iiiiiii?si,,ii,rs ol Un?
said court will iff.-r for ?ale. bet re the
tront door of the Court house, in l'red, r
1. ksburg. Va , ,,ti
Thursday, April 30, '08
AT 1*1 O'CLOCK If.,
A ?-ertaln tru?t of land near IVnola.
Caroline county. Va, containing J.-1",
here?, lieing a part ol the tract of land ?,f
?Una 1' Stephens ?lie,I, ?,7-1 and
po?ee??eiI, and which portion I? on the
north aide of l'oie Cat Creek nuil adj ?in*
the land? of A la-wl?, J II Hla.kl?> and
Terms Cash.
The laud 1? sold in gross, and n,t !..
the aere.
Special UommUeioiier?.
In the Clerk's Oili-e of tl?e Circuit Court
of the county of King (ieorge: I?urk?,
guardian, plaintiff, against Stephens de?
fendant. 1, I'.I.. Hunt, i-, clerk ?if the said
court, do certify that the bonil r? ?pi i red
of the special roinnil??loner? by the ?I"
ere? rendered In ?abl ?'auee on the lo:li
?lav of Octolier, l'.- -7, ha? I? n .lui..
given. Given under my hand a? t-1? rk <?'.
?lie ?aid court this Ulli ?lav of April.
I'.MIN. K. I.. lll.NTKR.
fi-apu i? l? ai-2?-2r. ?* a?)
..Garden Seeds..
We have them. Large
Assortment at Low Prises
Fresh Crop
Special Prices to Mar?
ket Gardners and
M. M. Lewis,
DRUOOiai? .... M AIM 8*?.
Time Tells
Y,-, ?ir, ikft?M- UtealrOe ?? boufflit
and worn It will soon toll v?m the
story at ii* weekMM ru??l ??1ii-< .?f
oiiiii.iesiiiii?. mu] ? uiiiiiiisaloiis.
but it is tlieti ton late. Why u?)t
l?uv v?ui eliiHs, sir,??here vt-ti gel
tin? lient anil where the goo? Is lire
??iliiriiuU?<>tl tiiul where you ?oill.l
not make ft iinor bargain If you
tried. That plw-t? Is here.
Try Us On a Pair of
Every Good and
New Style is Here
Wallace & Co.
Th.- I'ojml.kr Bhee Men.
Johnston & Pearson
Prescription Pharmacy
Swept Over Tlirjc States. Leav?
ing a Trail of Ueaili.
The Loss of Life Wat Chiefly In Quar?
ters of Colored Persor.s, Whose
Homes Were Destroyed ? Many
Towns Wrecked or Damaged.
Atlanta, (?a, April 23.- A ?in! of
cyclonic nroportlotu ?-.veut over por
? f LonlstBBB, Misait Ippl and
Blahama, tsavlag a trail .: <: u.i aui
Injured. The numl.. r ol killed is esti?
mated at il?, te to a hundred an 1 the
number uf injured at over a 1.a
??Uli mauy portions ol the afflicted
la tu Boai (rota
M.iat of tli? dead ar? n< fitasa. Per
a .luz.<u trbite peraajtM arara
cauKht in falling bull.Iiiiks an I e.ih. r
fatally Injun
as to r. .inir>- m?.Ural attention.
losa of ht, s u Uta
i dorad sat ai ma. v? Bara Uta
wiu.i daatroyed th.-ir ? :.
Uta oc apasta in Uta debita, m in Uta
tannins wfcara
na.lo fury through tin- country.
In Lottialana a acoi
i niaan ? tan Landing,
; is Ci. ah Pun is ami i
i. ii M ) dam
In Alabama Bars? a was the chl f
suri? rt-r. luir or more ;
killed fifty aeraoai
t?mate ar? re Injun .
fr.un the ralll
open? deal i
The atona strut k Alb. rtalll. Al i .
.m! d<
era portion .-t the toara \ i lion mill
rara ?town, the aturm
ard, doing ? I Ion u.
Ufa and property. An an? wflrtned re?
port from this section c ? ?
list at from thirty to ihirt) Bra. irith
Matches, allas., reporta sixty arc
known to I?- dead la lata Bortheni
are reported
Amite, a small town in aoutneaatert)
troyed b) a
tornada The ? I by a
.a .it from t?. nt] five to
New York Banker Says We Have Been
Living In a Prosperity Trance.
Atlanta- City, N. J.. April H. "Pur
?n?r ths pasl tea yeara ara hat
llTtug in a prosperity trance." ?aid
Alexaader QUbert, preeideal of Uta
New York Clearing Hosnaa ai aoctaUoa,
before Uta Neu Jersey Hani..is' As
B "Ws ha? i- b> on
enveloped in a cloud of .1. lu ion. ara
l.ave in--n under Brest business pres?
sura, we have Been the coutry de?
velop by leaps ami bounds, t.reat cor
|.oratiuiis hav.- come Into exl
largely i-outroll-.ng and dominating the
bus'ii. ss situation, A dozen Aldrich
bills, or oth.-r currency reform meas
urea, could never avert or Ude > ?? r ;i
panic. Scarcity of carr?ate) does mot
. r..it- panics. It is undue e\pans!.-n
of commercial credit. The banker
wants a larder reserve, not carreacy.
Seven-eightha of the business ol the
country Is done on credit."
Jilted, Plans Burial and Kills Himself.
Plltsburg. Apiil St.?Aft*- prepar?
ing everything except his own winding
sheet, and setting the dale of his
funeral for Sunday. James S.-dlack. a
young butcher, took in one hand the
photograph of the eighteen year-old
schoolgirl who had cast him aside.
and, looking at tho photograph, shot
himself. On the chair beside Uta bad
was his Prussian army uniform, which
he asked to have buried with him. He
had bought a pair of white gloves dur?
ing the afternoon; these lay near. Let?
ters to members of ths family .lei lar. d
that since he had lost the love of his
sweetheart life was not worth living.
Suet For Peg Leg.
Indianapolis, Ind., April 25.?A re?
plevin suit for a wooden leg now being
worn by Perry Carpenter has mm B
filed In court by an artificial litnh
manufacturing company. As lh>
attached to ?arpenter s body the eon
stables cannot seize upon It and brin?;
11 Into court, but the owner has h.-.-n
runmioned to appear In person. There
la a doubt aa to whether the leg can
be taken away from Carp?-nter. .-ven
If judgment Is pronounced against
him. as the limb Is said to be legally
a part of his person.
Two Banks Closed.
Oil City, Pa, April 20? The Farm
era' National bank, of Emlenton. Fa..
with a capital of S?u.lK??), and the First
National bank, of Clir.tonvill,-. l'a.,
with a capital of $25.000 both in V.
nango county, were closed by Ihe
comptroller of the currency. It
lieved the suspension is only ta*BB**Ot
ary and that the stockholders an.l de?
positors will lose nothing.
"*rhlld Killed By Mother*. Medicine.
Erie, Pa-, April ?.?Bernard, tha
twoyear-ol.; son of Bailey B. Nagel,
pr?sident of the Pennsylvania Holier
works, and grandson of T. M. Nagel.
la dead, as the result of taking medi?
cine prescilt.e.1 fr.r bis mother.
OWItt'e Little Early Risers. t.i??*a
raoua Hule liver pills, gold by M If.
Lewis and W. L. Bond.
Nobleman Who Wedded Miss
Shon?sSuddenly Succikhjs.
He Was Stricken In Bed ard Died
In a Short Time?Duchess Overcome
Wit'i Grief?Tragic End cf Honey?
TH.s of
!,Te B
D'AIUy. aim
?m in th? Ru r. The
?f tie
* dot t'?r ?
-. wa -
but that it
ehlch the dul b? i D
?.ii;lit y? aij
. 1 the
In? h? ss, who
yi'iiiit? ?I
I ? '? ? ? .. i ?
d In New 1
font ' i? n and th? end ?>i the
.n dining ?? it h Intimate ;
Ins t" th?' tie
iff i? ?I
from a ?a? :il, lean le tlui
had b?
..il her'
nd tin
and Immedl t
. i,,r Or. 1- lie the
hotel management
, r : i \, ' i
siinultaiieoitsiy ai the !?
it their
eVorta wer? In vain.
Tin- ,lu. he? ? w:is t?,,! :
In her arms whi o h,- ? anlred. S
overcome i,y gri?af and conld not b?
t oi her .'?m rlcan
frtenda, who vielt?ed the ?partmenL to
oi her ?i? ;i i hoe
band, and k?'pt vigil there tlmiughouf
the night
Th.o.iore I?. Shot Be i by
rahla of his ?laughter?? her? a? m? at,
and a s r?<. Iv? ?i i >?
saying that he would take the Ural
iteamer Laving New Tora and come
to Perla The dak? 'a family ?.
Bad, and Ills slst.-r. the I
DTJsea, who was nt Btarrlta
?niineiiiati'l. for P .
In a, ? ordanc?' with tradition? ?f the
Preach nobility, the fnnernl ? ill !??? a
??r? tentions fun? lion and will
to Parla the r, preaentath, -
most ancient families ?n Plane?, With
Which the duke's family is alll? .1.
Baby Didn't Like Hla Face.
Paterson. N .1. A?,nl IS .lust l,e
rause her first haahand'fl bah] ,'.li! not
like li.r ?aeoad haabaad'a face an i
irieil all the time he was In eir'it Mi
Etta Fries, of Stonctnwn. has Bled a
suit in t!'.?> ,livone court When tie y
were II? I lilil? Fries fail??! to reckon
with the bah?. From the inom-'tit hi
assumed his role or stepfather to th?'
infant It conceived a violent dtalike to
him. At night the baby w,,is,. up and.
i??calling its stepfathert fa, >?. netjM
cry. "Ham." sal! Ills wife to him one
day. "the fact Is the baby Just cin't en
dur? your fa? ?-. "I'm sorry." sai?! Han?,
"le.it I am not responsible for t!
Heresfter II"a nie or the kid. Take
your choice." Mrs. Fries t Lose the
Girl Repair? Wheel at Windmill-? Top.
Wtlk. s Han? IM . April -?"?. - Mis.?
l.ettie Moody, of Rupert, near hin.
dartngly eUnthad a alender ladder to
ih?? top of ? ?aindmiU, eight*/ fa
th? i.'roun,l. and repaired a ?i
t.r t?o in-'ii lia?! tri?' I. lost th, ?,
in?! ,l,-i laded. A ??heel was out Of
,?rder. and Mi.?? H"?l>'s father sent hla
gardeners to repair !t. K.n-1.
?limbed alunit half way up the atender
ladder, but a ?Ich ? tai i waa :
i ml they anted nut go furtlnT. When
?hey tame down Miss Uettle pa 1. ?1
ihem iisi.l" and (llinh.'i! with ,n.
talion to the top. repaired the wheel
and d? .-? aad?d, ? !.? ? i? 1 by r,
saw h?-r feat.
Churchill Beaten For British Cabinet.
Landos?, April IS WI?
Chur? lull th?- newly apiHiirite?! presi
d? nt of the board of trade, was d -
feat?"! f??r reflection In the n rth
western dl?i*W>n of Manchester. The
scat wa? won by W. Toynaon I
the O SSII ??Ilia candidate, by a ma?
jority of I.'!? ??>"??. Never In the hi?
tory of Manchester, and seldom in the
san?is of lirittsh tx.lltics. wa? t
fiercer or more bitterly i?>n'?-st.
tlon than that which ended In the most
aignal algnlfl'-ant defeat sustain?-?! hv
the government slnco its ??sumption
>?f offlcea under the most favorab'e cir?
DeWitt ? CarlHilized Witch Has? 8alve
It la ?tef?*ctallr ?roo.i for pile?. Sold by y
M la-arfa and #. L Bond.
Hallan Car. Driven by Ameri?
can. Finished First.
About 100,000 People Watched Dare
Dsvil a Road Race
at Briarclir?, N. Y.? Several Minor
Accidents. But No One Was Injured,
lirij:. Ulf, N Y , r,. ,k
and re
? I Strang'a i
? B| an Itall i
. ?
i i non
of Uta
: : l'uni
.1 III
? onds.
tilt? Thr. ? ne? of Uta
?? B. n ' . ' to pre
ard of
noi mishaps
1 upon
Bal for
I. v.-r
!.. the It? ii. Slraug
re f..r
. finish?
ed winner i.\ a romfortabls margin.
:.v the
;i t '. a i. I.an
ad hon?
ors, nn.l H araa sol until near the tln
l>h lln< ? ? darted to the lore
i ne for ih
No More Irons In United States Navy.
Washington. April ZS In live bbIb
Bator Kaute Nelson, of Minne
li .1 In abolishing lr..ns
and double Irona In the United
after ..?hers had tried It for
p miaban? ni hau i.e.-n in
in . i. ??s alnce ths days
It waa during th.- i- adlng of
propriatlon bill that S.-n
?tor Ni i his am.mlui.-rit.
and rai bmll to the reading
. ..I t!:.- I.ill allowed th.- amend
Married In Haste.
\\ Urn :. !.. i kprll fS ? All
qui. I.
an re brok n i.? \\
New 'i n ; t.. H..- o .
Magistrate Bromas ths II. ?
preparad ??lui.- the mini
ryins to them, the ? ertlfl? at? ?
out whiie th.- . er.-ni. B]
forni.-.l. and B
SB bait nn hour they .aught a
train back to New York 'Ile y didn't
explain their hurry.
Hoboes to Meet In New York.
Chicago, April -.'r. A null! BSOdUl ...
tramps, hoboes ani "always aaeaa
plo\..|" from Chicago will take puce
?luring t!.. aexl fast .la? - Th.
Sam Voii.
:i convention ..f
sions on May 1. The convent
. l W? I
:- soi iaiion.
Swallows Toothpick; Gets $3000.
"Ttrpeka, Kan April IS li M M?
irs. of A; sancas I owed B
k recently, resulting In I.'-h.I
.m n.. Ideal
in the Ci.ntin utal Casinl'y Company
for J:'. 'In?. The slate superintend? lit of
I asurante ordered the company t-. pay
the policy or It would he debarred
from doing business In Kansas.
Said She'd Die In Three Days, and Did
Penning?, n. N .1 . April H Wien
Mr* Man ha r'.rster of this place.
eighty nine yearn old, he. ame 111 a
wei-k ago she was unconscious two
days, and sai.f that after sle??plng Ihraa
days and nights she would die. Aft.-r
sleeping th? time s'ue predicted sh?
awoke, ask.-d for a drink of water and
The Free Um-s Is prcparml to do job
work of all kinds to up-to-date style at
reasonable prices on short notice The
work done In our office will compare
favorably wtth the best to be had any?
where. The bead of our job work d?v
partmeut, who has beon working In this
oSaee lor many years. Is one of ths most
ssntstswisrl tas? ta the bnalntss.
llerea, V/i , April ?.'I
A large aaatberoi trient*? and patr, us
acre pl-aeantly entertain-i \\. dm - I?.
afternoon nt the closing celebration ?I
tlie Banks s? 11.,,.;, in Hart?,,,,,! dl.trl.-t.
! The program coaatated ,?f the f? Mowing
lwlth ?? n?r? at Int. rial?, ret?.1er..I b?
i Nannie and Virginia A.bby anil
Mtaa B
?-is-uiug prayer. Mr B B > ??ng.
; Song. Beb . ,|
Ke.-nati,,,, Choice ?/f Tr.ei,.- Curlit
1 t'e bora
It'.'itat'oti. Loving w"oids?Mtaa \lk-T
? gne, ITalafalun Pk-ata?Mary
and J iseph lirikldng.-r
Recitation. Kentucky Relic?Clifford
I.! ?de
? mi". A Dag Fight?Two ?ma!.
I'laiogue. I'iayii.g Scfa Mil?Vlrgta Hur
i?. -- tonte Blak? and Ira Urania?
R citation, Kitty'? Lea. ?? Leila Cur
Wa -? :. .-i.ii
I ' . - I' !'. dir, Is Inveatllle ??
\ . Burg? ? It? i: :,? ? I, ,rtt,r?, (;??,,
. -, l'en m,,! Fleet ?
r li ?, se - '
I'.. ? itetior ?i.., .!', . \!,k-\ I arttera.
? J. God I?' l? I'll V..U nil we Meet
? b.?,l
m. Ja?
t?h?hy. Chas Charttei? John Bra la and
- !.'i,-?i?. Mis?,- \ lisgiala Aslii.y,
.?. ,.f ?\ aehiag
faring the re
ifr.-sl-u?. i.-? Mr J i? A?b!,.-. the seho.,1
soparlnl 11 !? ni.ikddr. -?. ,i thearhool and
' ? ?? gr.?C:!,?t.,| the I.k-r? is on having
url-hli g - ?;.??..I i i t'a'lr ,-oiti
mai it?
?'1er I. -Ue-hlliellts ?. ?re -erv. ,! t'
di-p rtvd. f.l.i.? ??-li Kiiti-h. ,1 with the
Sana-. A?hi.\, the laathat. was
kl I for I,III . g ,'.,!, ducted the
- , ?,i? , .'?-fully and le r man?
f-i. nds r.-ar. t that ?h?. leaven tits nelgli
borbo ?I I ,r her li.,in ?r part ol
the , ounty. .1 ? iiiti,, apol
Iti, Iniioiid College ?yon In th- Ir.tercol
. . kti .?Itli Kan.lepl, Maeon. at
tablead, I rida? night. The point? ??er,
?', to I, M,,j ,r W. A Anderson. Judge
l?Vw and S ?' St,an,.? men the judges.
.1 B K?ei.e waa presld.nt .f t lie de?
Thesllljst ?-a- "II,-.,!?,?,!. Tliat th.
State Corporation CommUaioo of Vlr
gInlaSh.u ?I lie Elected by the i'
I. D H.hviegand 0 s rownaend, of
Rand? Ipb-Mecou, sustained (lie iithrica
tue. while J. I-'. Cr.'pp and T H. Ihn
ford. ,,f Rli'hiuoiid College, defended IBM
negativa The laiiarw.m
"K c. DeWitt.vi'o . t bloago, [II (i.,,
i leinen- In lSfl7 I ba,t a di-.as.-of the
?I,una, li ami I.???,-ls In the spring of
1009 I bought a bottle of K.,,1,,1 and the
benefit l reeaived all the gold la tieorgia
, oulii not bay. Mm jom li??- loagaad
Htatpar. V??ur} very truly. C N.Cornell,
llodlog, (?a. Aug ?17 IOO0 Sohl by M.
M Lewis an?! W. I. Bold
Senat?,r Kankh? a?l. of Alali.ma. in the
S. l?ate Friday ?poke in a,I v...-a?y of hla
proposition f,,r tin appropnation . I
*.".u?i ISM) lor the Improveuiei.t ol ?lirt
road? und.r the direction of the !'.,?!
inik-t-r (1,-iierul ami Uta Ses-retury ol Ag?
riculture, lie sal 1 that '.-11 (?er cent of
the Internal commerce of the United
S;.i',- ? aa transport.-,! over dirt road?
?lid predicted that within the live? of
mail? ,?f hi? fellow S.-natois traction en?
gin?-? and automobile? would be utilised
in hauling market and fore?t? pr? .|u?t?
to market over Improve*! roadwaj?.
CA8CA8WBET I? for bahi.? and ?hll
dnii, and I? e?|.?Ially good for the ills
so n.iiiiiiiiii iu.old weather. Look for the
Ingredient? on the bottle. Contain? no
harmful drug?. Sold by M M L.ni.iu.d
?V. 1. lU.Bd.
Trinity Kplacopal Church, Manat?a?,
was the ?celle of a pretty wedding Wed?
nesday when U A Wright, chief of the
northbound rate department of the R,
F a 1' K H . Of Kit hm.?ml, and Ml??
llena May, daughter of It. V. Merchant,
o? Mana?????, Wv.re iuarrie-1 R. 11
Wright, father of the brldegrooui, wa?
best man. The groomsmen were Alfred
Wright, of Alexandria; i'aul H. Mitchell
and Ray I'lerce, of Richmond and Henry
Osmmmt, ol Manaaaaa.
K.'.'iuedy'? Laxative L'ougb Syrup act?
promptly yet g-ntiy on the bowel?,
through which the cold i? forced out of
Iks ?j stein, ami at the ?ame time it allay?
?i.Humiliation. Sold by M. hi. Lewi? and
W. !.. Bond.
The Conference for education at Mem
phi?. Tenu , re-electeal Robert c. Qgdsa,
,,f New v ,r?. t', tlie pre?i,)ei e?
President A g Alderuiaii. .f the I'ni
yer-ilv ??f ? irg'tiia, pr??ent?-<l the report
,,f the nominating . ??ii.iuittct-.
I ..Win's Kidney and Bladder Pill? are
prompt and thorough and wlil In a ?bort
tune strengt ben weakened kidney? and
allay troubles arislngfrom il tUmmallon
of the bladder. Sold by If. M. Lewie and
ay. L. Bomb _
Tin- I I government has awarded a
???uitrael for .?tXI.OIrU tona of ?oft coal to
I astner. Curran A Bullltt. of Roai.oke.to
1* ?hipped from the Pocabonta? fli-id? to
the Panama Canal.
Capt. William Ajlett Aahliy, of Cul
|ieper,died Monday at Virginia Hospital,
Mr?. Martha L. Branch, aged seventy
seven, widow or Jatnee R. ltranch. died
tu Richniond. She leavm five children.
A forest Are near Breotevllie deetroyed
eawed timber ready for market. John
A. Maraball. of Alexandria, Io?t "."..000
feet, valued at f mm?. There waa no ta
?uranee The fire waa on ?bat ta known
a? the Uregory tract.
He Ratiins Charge Of T F Ryai.'s Praptrtiss
To Move Far Away.
\\ O. I.?.? i . fuaii
, uir.-r i '
. rtie?. h-?s r. - .- i,, tl?,
, r- tignatlon t.. tak. M .
ta ..f removing, i?ith le? family, t..
This action on the pan .-? Jad -
lug grows out
; to bis trial aed acquitta
i. ysnf nun of T' ?
! Judge I,... lag kille I I. - i-.?
? insult? offer, i l.i? dantihl ? .
i Jodga Loving haa lived In r.1
with hi? family on Mr. i;? i
Farm tli.bisacqutttal. < In Wedn
? mooUBaenl was ?m veil? .1 In Nelson
B ? ior> . f .- by ll.e
?..men ol thscoonty. It i? probal
.ludir? Lortng will remain i i th? .
nf Mr it-, i.. .? ' . la known tu ??e
p .rsoaally hand ol bis \ (rg
i ...v S wai - .-.dig
?? dtlagataa -
National rkinferencs ul ? .artt!?? and
i .m. tioiis.w hieb ta
May ta tUehaaood: Mrs Kate Waller
Barrett, a; - It Kellam,
.- Uresn;
Norman Ashby, W K. Co
H BewbuT, C.-i.tr- Cross; John *t
Bougban, Dunbro >k#, I? tnc Hirt
Willis. Mrs. C. IV rickleu, S. J. Qulnn,
Fraderleksbarg; ? -? alker,
llelUh-vlll?; Judge J. Il T. Th
Uutmssas, I >r. Osorgi II. Kay, v
anata; Raleigh T 1)rr~n. Culpepar; C. C
QarllO, MeXrtll.irln; r .; N.wbl.'l, W
McDonald Las, Irvio-rton; Bon. T. A
Jett. H.-edville; Hr J \? 1 BBkard.Ultlao;
J K. I. ii,.w?. . lera i -. Bnanllton,
Warn i.loi,; I' Ml \ I;
Bnrly, Jr . Datara ibt?I - ; Mrs :
Bogst?, King Oeorga, frank 1
Lstiulaa: Dr E A AI lermao, I : '
ol Virginia?; John kl Tern U,
Richmond's ?mai - -
mini on roller tkatasta ths h-.re?
building, w l.i.h In- ! - I Into
a skating rink. Tbt bozas ware sold at
go.?I i rices
litt dnnea sraa lad bj Miss LsoakasBoB
dar und \? . 1?. Cool All ths part :
were on skate?, and ths intricate
were en? ?atad with irr.-t,.-.. and spirit
Mum of th
?kating m ib.- Btrsata at i.igl.i 1
mtion tor the enrnlvnl bi ;
on the II ...r w.-;. Ilperta.
"*,()overn..r aid Mr? Swansoii lad Uta
promenade These arera ra
ekntlng contests, aad all amafon
No matter where situated, our
sy leni .4 "Banking by
M n i 1 " make? it easier and
more co-nriucnt lo carry a
bank account.
An account opened now in
sums of $ 1.00 upwards, with
additional deposits will soon put
you in a position (o. financial
Write io-day enclosing your
Planters National Bank
Savings Department.
kprUl .... $ 300.000
Surplus & !;nd>. Profits, $1,075,000
Richmond. Va.
A Line of Pipes
may look all right and he all wr. ng.
There i? mithin* j OB can judge by looks
s., little as
If we do th.- ararfe yon can be sure It Is
rlgl.t in fact as well a? It looks Even ihe
most hidden parts will not Is? slighted In
the smallest detail that makes for ?rood
sanitary pluinl.ii.kr. t'ah us In on your
m-it i .f> ?in.I ii.u'il get the best plumb?
ing work you i-rsr had.
Practical Plumber.
Boils & Co.
Fire, Life and Accident
Insurance Agenta
Offlee SIS Uoininsree Street.
Represent? sixteen flrat-alnan at
pan lea. Ratet low as the lowest, asad
ptssBPtly s^Jautted auad pntd.
Of ts ?ontly ypt prompt?
ly ontlxc ba* els. cleanses
trie system effectualk*.
ass?tes one in oveixxW.rrg
nalntual constipation
normonontly. To get its
ocneficial effects buy
the ?oiuiine.
HunuKicturcdi by tne
fio sSy bup Co.
Public Sale
of a Larire, Valuable,
urn! Well K.juipped
Manufacturing Plant
In Krederi. ksi.-irg. Va. A rare
..pport unity for invee-tment.
In pnrsTiaiare of tits Baa-ass , ,f n ?Iscree
..t II..? Corporation ?'..urt of Kre.ieri.-k?*
l.urii. Vn . enbtred ae March SlBe, 1908,
:n the. li.-iio . ry canas of I.??, Tyler et al.
et ni., the undersigned ???siel
-i.ners will off? r for sale on the
iblic an? tion, to the high
? .?I l.i.h!
Wednesday. April 29. 1908.
... k M.. all th.-following prop
B -?h.).-, mad tlieuaeiNuiat*
f. blowing par.. -. ?nl.JM, t
in ??sch case, to the . -??iittnn.-ition of the
111 tasa* eerSBSB lot of
- - m Ftvdericksl.urg.
Virginia, known a? The S.>utl..-ni Ki.uri
.lr\ mi.I Machine Works, together with
all th.- nui? -ninety, st.sk and content?
? 1 at th.- S. |; roru-r.ll
- Inns nn.i (harloit,- Stn.-ts,
frontina* IB? fast oa Pi?aaeaaa Ann.-, au.l
I?! t f.,-t on ? hurl..it.- Atiesta, un.lcom
in :in-ii minie up of five several
lot.?.full-, described by in.-t<?j< and bounds
m a .!.??i Iron. John T. Dale to the
"oiniif.i. turinir Company, dnntd
Maj 2?th, 190?, .lii.l raeOf*dsd in Dee?!
Hook I.I,, page 580, in the t'i.-rk's Otnas
ol the Corporation court of Kreiioricks
burg, VtV.?lo which s.ii.l ile??l and to
the .l.?-?Is Uterata rvferr.-d t?), reference Is
? i in lot of lrui.l with
tbe huildinga un.I h - there?
on, lying .-nsi ..f th.- .il...v daactsabad
- ..t.?l ?roui sanie by a
-H?llt.?il at th.- S. W. cor?
le r of Main and Charlotte Str.?-ts. in
?a-I lily, fronting on Main stro-t I?2S
f?t. more or I.-s?. an.l ruuning back
wrstwardly with Charlotte street, be
.iiall.l Unas 1)2 bat, 2 inches, to
sai.I six foot all. y. same ts-ing known as
- .ii.'.-rnk.r proDerty", and also
- : ?i ad in ?ai.l asad from John T.
Manufacturing I oui
pan?. i,v..r.|.?l as aloresaiil. to which
reference is also h.-n-l.y uia.le.
I |?.n th.- f,illowln?t tenus: One-thirt]
.n. eine.(mil instalui?'iitM|iayabls
? I? in ..ne nn.1 t??o years from
date of sal.-, .l.ferr.?l paymein
y pur. aaner n I?.mis, bearing ui
rroaa Ante of aalm, ami secured by
I ..n of title or il.??d of trust upou
the pr..|. my pun-liaseil, or all ?ash, at
i ul the pureluis.-r.
B. P. Willis,
J. Edwrard Tyler, Jr.,
K. (i.Hilrk-k,
Bpacinl Commissioners.
March Beth, 190&
In the.-l.-rk'? ..the- of ?he ? ..r|?.ration
curt of the City ol Fr-ilericksliui
ginia. !>?-. Tyler and als. ?.isintiffV?,
against Dalsand uls. defendants. I, A.B
: t of laid court, do certify that
the bond reqnirtd of t?o? special ..-omrois
ahinaiB by tan ?atcsna ren.ier.ii in ?a?I
. the Slat .lay of March. 1SHW.
I ?htta fr.i?.-n. Qitaa under my
hand as < '.- rk oi the sal,I court, this ?4th
day of March. I
A. B. Yates. Clerk.
Southern Railway
B. B.? rollowlnir ?-??rials fla-nr.
nfortt.tlon. nad ?r? not saaraaa
arbarlnl. ?flarav* \..r la**, 1BBS.
Train? ?s?r? Wnstl s?-*., n tro? M.? ral...
?lia. m. Psil/?Local tor Warrant?e Das
,?n? mi?1 .air anattoaa.
: so ?. m Ha!!/?Lovai for Harrtooabarg. Ta.
s lia. m. Dali??fnltsd StoMs rut Mail.
FtrsWiaaa roaea?? and draina;-roo m, ?Incir to
N?. orl.an?. Uni ni c.r aarvM*.
4.10 p. m. dau/?Waaataaxa a.? fleftda
Uaittwi. Thn.ua-? cuacnae aa.1 iliini? to Oe
lumMa. s.r.unaa and JacktoavlBe. muait
le Auxusta. IXnlaf car atrvle Toaras? to Ct
4 u g m. ma Da/a Leal tor HatitessBaea
?n.l ?sj ?totlon? on Man???.? BreaeB.
?tt f m. Dali/?Local Co. w ?mat?. aaS
10 ?y a. Dall/-\'.e Tort aaS Maastale
IJmlMd (?n. LrnsntNUBr?riMt al?sa ?nsfB Mt
e.^-L-las? s^ to ~
uootra. Bin ?
.?? . -- ??*..'
listo, a?. Daily?]U* Tor? sad *tm Otlitnt
lvlts.1-an I'.ilBaa tralaa deb ..si ?an.
i.r.a ran ?.. N?. Wrsaaaw limit try l^iBBa.
vtlajil?. Hlrinia?-B?ni. >?? Ottaass. "aawpar Be
i'inlaa--oaf aarvtaa.
, r.r ..<h train? from ta. Boats airtv. Waab
i-e-tos sit ?. m.. ata e. ??.. SsB?;?aab- ?...
aad un? o. m. dell/. 1 aunante? IS.? ?
m. ??-? dar? mmt *M p.?. daSf. from CBar
lottj-ntlat, ?.It a. at. and Bat p. ai.
TVtsta. Supine rat ?air i ?Bu??, as?) eStaBM
nlonn.tlo. aaa b. bast at tbakM o???, T9B 1MB
<*.. MS r H s? sad Naw Latest Btaslsa.
?a*Tirae?t rbntiS abln?B ?teat notait ass) ?naV
laaaaa. OaB aarvtsa
C H. acBEBT. T. P. as?) Oes. afea.
S, B. KaBBWtCK. Paa. TraJU tig?.
W. a. TATLOB. One, Pate, aarast,
b B BBOWB. las? at al l?get
High Grade Fertilizers
(?ive tbe beat result?
of an j ti aano sold on
this market, a? m
trial will prove.
I HtllElrUCaaaWs?m. Tatt.

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