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?Mea la te? rii-jt ?
0o*si???looal Ota?
se aa-rty M
>a.*e*. paslaek.
totte*?. ioe. par nonpait?!) lla?, flrtt I
p?r 11?> tor ?atksabssjsttat on?.
. or SHttjIoW? ??Mees OT?atsrtaU
?W akai*K*d tor a? oaa-aal? rat??
rae?._?Mi?t]t_s or -4t-?tU?M ?->?-'
?*ta? ?s?tt ba paid tor
'?TJRsDAY, DECEMBER 2 1,1908.
!>.riatmaa with its sentiment and its
?s luta BU*"**ivt*.l the comniercialism of
> ?ige? and It comes down to us from
? g. nerations past clothed in all the
anty, pregnant with all the happine**
d potential with all the goo.! of the
ristuiaa of ?tbor days* Fro*ta the time
Ian 6od in his infinite goodness and
way sent to the world the child of
emtabem, that he might be a guide an.]
.Vi r to his people, to lead them
?ti/J :.>?_?beyond the wilderness o?
t*lop9 us a!!, the world has
. very twelve months tt>
?jhrwttnns to the same
bilijaT whom tlie shejt
?-"wise men of (?ni;
baton in humble
linier stellular
n the plains of Juden
music which told of
his ptxiple, under
free air, the nieasage
>nd sv?'?-ar ullegiame
1: ?nd reverently, glatl
journsved to tie
r lay. I.owlv crw
re.with no thought
hey had faith in tba
tied to celebrate his
o ?a?
'Brshepherds of Juden
rid today'1 Christmas
III over the eiv-lsed
i_l the lk-ath?-n tinti.
f ?-?or) J's pursuits and the
i^l for once in a twelve
_?** once spells Christmas
k_*** lown to u? as a ?sea
0( gift-giungand
and the goo-1
?lions of the Christ
make men letter,
\J? tiVm, for a time at
the Bordidness, the
i busy life ol ours In the
at mas is a happy one. It
time of all times during
veyear. With its coming,
a, merriment, life for a time
?i_*t, reigns ?uprenei in the land.
' Christmas clways be so to tjur p**>
j is the lervent wish of this uewVmr? r
I Tbe iTstory of Fjmerickdburg, direct
I ?i bj tjfci omino^Buniril tobe writt-n.
I ***?>vw mrnxW?aya\r> date, the work i
i^^^?'?,' ,*??A?oa1d ?V read from cover
m9*m2'Jtk^mr''' "*T man, woman ami
^mmKmtCxmmV ' r"a''' 'n -f*re'lpr*--'*-'*?bur}r
m%e 8jf *?***?? result of long, lal>ori??u?
H r^-^Hking rvsearch.
ff ??nJltiis a c mipilation oi fart? and
I j Am d n prvttented in a most
I j (M ?? nr d iuteresting style, tbeceuii
II W "?? "index" showing the page
r M 'K each f?l'i ?nd incident and the
\ m ? prs?nt connecte?! there
I Mi. -?Tite* in clear statement and
?We* .t-nc ?s and cl?Ban-cut English
jflrnb - ?ehistoiy of our city from
Maine ? uiiti ?.i t.? the presen' day.
?Stob ? ?k rontuitrs some fine claesii-nl
and ??d i a'onal literature, suchas the
tVielrvss Mr. ?t. George R. Fitzhugh
Bkomi-m I'reer lent McKinl-y to Fr?*d
?aw -? ibecmtribntion of Juilut-A.
sTiialin ?on the "tConstitution of the
tie chapter on Thomas
Jeff- rsi-n and th? 'Declaration of Inde
; .'-n>'<-" by Judge John E. M; son; ex
jracts from an address by Rev. J. S.
l>illon ('.? nmodoreMatthew Maury, and
L ?-? V iMirirk?.ajdrran at the Opera
k and a
. ?rasa
oto?al notice is not int?t.?J??i
isement of the book, but as
tor of the people and a moulder
' i sien t this paper dtfins it
? 'y to urge all to read thle
?are interesred in Frederk-ks
..lions orihetraditions of
* Krederic-Sburg has the
od ofits rf-odrd as narrate?!
a record memorialized by
a narrative which stamps
masterbuilder in hie art
p.-ople outside of Ohio the candi
i f liarles P. Taft for the United
* enate in opposition to Represen
a?-'on, who also desires to sut
Senator Foraker in the u?i?..tr
Jh raise smacks of ingratitude when it is
lerwl that Mr burton was per?
il. ?a udge Tuft's staunch?? t support? r
?" the presidency and pla?*ed him n
r jmiuatioii at the Chicago convention.
,t vas well kno*n tuen that Bepivsei:
ftative ufton, than whom Ohio has no
??Wler public official, aspired to the s-nate
this fact therefore, must have buen
n to both of the Tafte. Win. II.
Chas P .That the latter should
.re announced himself a candid ?te for
senate and thereby have precipitu
1 a clash with Mr Bort?n and proba
brou. ht about friction between Bur
and the pros dent-elect is more than
?rising It would hare been in bet
t&ate'for Mr. Taft, the president-cl-vi,
?- #hav? insisted that his brother should
^1? make a fight against his friend and
pporter, Mr Burton bot instead of
M**. Taft, after trying to satis
tu with the offer of a cabinet
failing in this attempt, to
ices takes up the cause of
lends his powerful in (lu?
th* presidentelect to his side of
ht. Mr Burton's action in reject
cabinet position and continuing
the senate will appeal to
meo and will redound to
?barbe renebm the goal of
Or not. To hare been
riere "in the cabinet
?9 iH*^ 7S^^Ti^a?.?^??>wi?iT^????tBHMsi
Photograph Said to Show Pitts?
burg Solon Accepting Bribe.
Detective Posed as a "Promoter." and
With Officer? Within Hearing Dis
cussed Bribe With Councilman, Who
Wept When He Founef He Was
Trapped?It Is Said a National Bank
Paid $17.WO to Become a City De?
nttetovrg, v* Dae. ~s.?A flashlight
photograph ol a member of councils
in the act ol accepting ??u.iiey f.vin I
de?roy "promoter.'' It is sai?!, will be
cuie ?>t (he strongest features of tl<
evtUeme tu be preseiit<?il when s?*v. u
members of councils ant two form?
bank officials are to be given a pti
liminiiiy hearing on charges? e?f brib?
ery, bamipl solicitation and other 111?
rial acts br?.?-.ighi by the Voters' ? ?
This picture, it la ?aid, was taken la h
privat? roon in a downtown hotel mi
mediately before. the c??uii'. i:ui..ti ua
No a?l?li!i?Jiial nn??is were atad
and It la said thai none are likely to
be made until ?uu-r the i?? tain*.
Meshles the couui-ilnian. the Bash
light photograph Is ?aid to show an
agent of the Hulling detective ru
jf Bcranton, l'a. whtcb workad u
This man is reported to have
moma i as a an mhi i- of a Bra at.
to -?.il ?an* .. ? pa* o? ? o th?
. lty aid io have become very tat!
with the ?(?un?-liman. With other ?le
tectives <-on??eab'.l within he'urli.-,
tame the ? ??iiiiiiliiian is
have been indiued t?i wll of thl
ilatiou?- to --??. on ?' ? of the
legislation, so name the other me'in
to share in th?
and to say that the n ember? w< r
tire! of premises and wanted \
some real money. The d? hpctlve ; ?
off fjlM an?! $500 bills from a larne
roll, ami Ju<t a~
ed for hi? allotment th? Bj
nited. The councilman, it Is sa?'>l
broke down and W?pt, ?ad wh?
accused hi* compani? n of trapping
him there wan no dentai Tl.-n un ?in
cer ?ppearsd and made th?* SI
Bank Baamlaer I la? n N?
?fy tei finding a I
clous entiy In the books of th<
man National bank account (rig foi
U ;.".?". an?! that I're-i \,-m \\
Ramsey an 1 fasliier A A Vllaack. <?r
the bank, tfpon being Mimmoii???! b
the elireetors. admin?.i that the
had b??en expended to secure th?
lection of the bank as a city ?!? .
tory. Th? ? ? th?
action of the officers and Imi
'. and rccei?- gaatloBS et
the officers. It is rej>orte?*l thai -
)f the brlhf? n?Ot Id in che?k
?nd that th- ? :?? ? . - and Mubt ?ill b
yffe-M d It: ? . ?!> n. p It Is prae tl
idmittcel that a namber of :
tractors an?! proaaoter? were intr<>
r*?9aae?lmen an?i that
many temptations have been of
members iluring the past six months
Friends of some or* the accused m? n
charge that the whole probe is a pin
of a scheme? to ele 11 an 1?
candidate for mayor. jr?l to b? nn
Aerial Navigators Have New Scheme
For the Trip.
Indiana; tri (\ Fish
er. of this city, an'! George !.. B
baugh. who recently made a short trip
In a balloon with an automobile for a
basket, are planning a balloon trip!
across the Atlantic ocean, and the plan i
has been approved by a number of
w?ll Known professional?
's?' is proposed to make the trip in
a gigantic balloon, attached to ?
will be twenty BBUsller supply bal?
loons that may be fed to the larger bat
as the leakage makes net ? *~ary
fa atoad ..i a basket t.? tarry tie
senders a specially built boat will b?
Six Earthquake Shocks Fe't at Vir?
ginia C?ty.
Virginia City, Mont , Dec 23 ? J'?si
dents of Ibis BSCtfOB were tin-own into
a panic by.a series of earthquak?
shocks. There were six altogether
but so far as reported no serious dam?
age was ?Ion.
Dropped Dead at Husband's Funeral.
Philadelphia. U.c. '.'3. ? Just after
she had looked upon the body of her
husband, whit was being buried from
their hum?-. Mrs Catharine Moore
aged sixty two years, dropped dead
from hem; The Moores had
been married forty years.
Drove Actors Into the Street?, But Nc
One Was Injured.
New v.nk. Dec, 23.?Fire broke om
in the Herald Square theater ten min
utes- before the close of the perform
anee of "The Three Twins." and beton
It was brought under control had d?>n?
considerable damage to the buildiim
bad driven the actors and chorus int
the streets in their scant costumes an I
had causvd great commotion amon
the theater crowds on Broadway
There was no panic and no one w:??
injured, the audience remaining in in
norance of the fire until most of then
had passed Into the streets.
The fire caught from a large ele?ir
sign on the front of the theatre bull?;
lng and spread to the executive ?
which are opposite the second g.-lVi
of the auditorium. "The loss is estl
mated at $5o.00o.
Alien Addition to Our Population Fot
a Year Only 6298.
Washington. Dec 23. BfcretSf
Straus created profound surprise a
the cabinet met ting by bringing offi
clal figures to ?how that the total n !
addition to the population of the I
ed States by alien immigration
between Sept. SO, 1907. and Oct. 1
19t'.N. oalj ??298. and even this niimbe
should be re lll'Til bv deducting t ?
number of naturalized Americans win
took njs their i'i-si?lence abroad. Th
actual number of aliens arriving WB
724 112, and the number of aliens ?It
parting during the same period wa;
One Killed, Many Hurt, When Joker
Yelled "Fire!"
St. Joseph, Dec. 23. ? Christum
ahoppers In a downtown department
atore were thrown into a panic by a
cry of fire, and in the wild ?crambli
for the exits that followed one child
was crushed to death and a half doset
women fainted and were trampled on
The Are cry was_a_tioax._
Pots that feeling of vim and go Into
roar tired brain and body that makes
His a pleasure nf health and happiness;
ros feel a? young In years and loo*-* as ?
a ehild-.t's Holllater's Boeky Mountain
JmtSJrsaJi^samroer t?alo. 46 centt?, i
Many Well Known Man at Funeral o?
LateHeadAtnerlcanPree? Associ?t Ion.
Tarrytown. N. Y.. l>??< 2;!.?Wim
simple ci-remonlesi the body of aisjoi
Orlando day Smith, late p > lid Bl ?>i
tbs Anleilcan I'lv.ss Association, who o
death occurred Sunday ?venin?.,
laid to rest in Blaspy Hollow .
FtiU"ial service:? were hebl at tin
home of Major Smith in Dobbfl t
They wsrs atteaded by bbbbj ? I
known men, friends of the *\ar*sassd
by a delegation of officials and ?
ployes of the American r'r? sa As
tlon and by members of the I^>> a 1 1.?
gion and oth?-r organizations of ?
: Smith ?as a member _b
j around the casket In which the bod]
lay were BUM* beautiful floral pieces
Prisoner Serving a Life 9entence Par
doned By Governor of Kansas.
Topaba, Kan . D? -overs-i
I! h psrdoaed John Collins, now s. i ?.
! lug ?i life s? steace in the Kawtse
1 penltSBtlsry for the murder of hi
father, I S Collins, a well todo re I
estate an?l lasurSBCS man of this ?ll
in Muy i??:><> CoUlas will be frei
Christmas day.
Collins was coaricted on the ? ?
: deuce of three BSgroeS ('lie of tho lie
gro?s has since written a !?
j Jng that the testimony of the ihr ?
I aegroes si tbs trlsl wsa a part of ?
plsB by enemlei ol young CoIIIbi
i ruin him by fixing the respoaalblliti
1 foi his fatbtr'a death upon bim T <?
slder CelUna waa fouad ?i? sd m be?)
Attacks Kim First With a
Washington. N. J . I>. c. I '? 1*
Charlea li Smith, mayor of this cltj
Who has held ofB?I for nine voars. an?l
coaaldered the most popular man In
this pises, was marly blinded by a
woman patient, who threw carbol I ?
add In ihe doctore ev.-? after > r > 11. ?
to kill htm with a revol
Tbs woman was Mrs Alice |
S wealthy widow liviug In the count:.
a mils from Washington, who D
Smith says is suffering t.nni para
Dr Smith lias long been the p|
clan foi the family of .lohn II ?w -
wesltby farmer living near Wa
ton. who Is Mrs ?
Caatner'a hu.-?band died tel
and ?he has four chli
Challenge Time Limit Past, Lipicn
Lays Plans Aside.
. ; ?As there la n
; ? t for an Ann i I
? the tiin?\ limit for cur. riim ?
challenge 1,axing been pea ?d William
(If?, ?*:r Tilomas Upton's >acht de
signer, has laid aside? the ptaas
cup challenger which had be en
near a sir Thomas I.;
and Mr Fife ar-' b??th desirous ?
otror ra? c for the America'? cup be
Ictioa? of the New York Ttichi
club make the f a challen?
well night Imp?ts
Carload of Chnatmas Presents Burnsd
Chicago. !>?? II A mail pou. :
loade?! with Christmas pre
burn?'.!, five maii clerks barely es<
With their live?, while one VH i;
jure?! in jumping to safety, an?! an
engine- was derailed and overturn? '
when a BOtrtbboond Baltimore & I
railroad freight train cr?whed into i
Uton i?as^.
train in the \xst si?le of Chicago. A
soon a? the train* struck a ens tan
in the mall ? ?>a< h exploded ?nd
Are to it and th Chris!
Fatal Auto Wreck In Snowstorm.
Newark. N J. f> c. M.?In a blin i
lnrr? snowstorm at Nutby an automo?
bil? containing four jronng men ?maafa
ed into the rear of a truck ami tun i
Partie Dayton sfe?eker, of Irvtngton
waa killed The other? in th?- machin?
were not seriously injured.
The Official Announcement is
Greeted With Joy, '
The- Haguev I>? ?. 2,1?It was official.)
anneninctd in th? chamber ??f dcpnti? -
that Que-en Wllhelmhu was in an in
foresting condition, an! th- statement
W? eted xvith joyful "biavos" fron
nearly the en!
II"i n*aj?st*r'? plivHfclans conclude
their annouiicem'nt with these worilsr
??i ? U) 1?.- abl" to state tirai
all signs art In consonance with an
absolutely perfect state of health."
The event is ?xpe? ed early In the !
The hopea of the Dutch people(for an'
heir to th?' throtie <?f Hoi'and hav<
twice- lief'ire been disappointed. The? |
queen Is twenty eight years old.
i Fractured Father's Skull With Clock.
Washington. Dee. 23. ? ("sing the
j family alarm clock In defense of his
?mother. Beeret! Clark, aged lHr.ii
of this city, threw the timepiece at
his father. Kit-hard Clark, inflicting
two fractures of the skull. The elder
Clark 4s in a serious condition.
; Morgan Paid $120.000 For Caxtons.
London, Dec. 23 J. P. Morgan, It
was announ? <-?l, paid $12?\ono for the
Caxtons which he bought recently t
the sale of the library of Lord At
herst ?
Mail Pouch Stolen.
Kansas City. Mo.. I >??<?. 23?A mail
pouch containing sixty pounds of regis?
tered Christmas packages, tonsigned
to eastern points, was stolen from the
baggage room of the Twenty-second
street and Grand avenue depot of the
Belt Line railroad. Although the post
Otnce authorities refuse to make any
stat.'ment as to the contents of the
pouch, it Is believed to have contain?
ed much valuable merchaadlSS. There
was no nionej in it.
Baltimore Church Burned.
Baltimore. Dee, ?U.?llarle-m Park
?Methodist Episcopal church, a hand
tome stone structure on Oilmore
street oppoatt* ?iarlem squar?-. was
burned, making a spectacular blaze.
The damage will pr?'!?ab!y exceed |50,
Alleged Murderer Arrested.
Alletitown. Pa.. Dec 23.?Raymond
S. Cone-r. wanted at Ixiraln. O.. for the
murder of a Ciiinese laumlryman. was
arrested here. He confessed to nis
narre after an ordeal, but denies any
kn?;.vl?-\(lge of rrlm?. _,
Keep the little ones beahuy ami happy \
Their tender sensitive bodies require
(t-e?eial heallog remedies. Hullleter't*
Rocky M'iii-'taln T?a makes baby
strong, hoaltbr and fat. 86 oeoU, Tea
or Tablet?. W. L. Bond.
OeclaresMessage onLaborWorsI
Ever Penned By a President.
President of the American Federation
of Labor Accuses Mr. Roosevelt ol
l??.?jlt.ng th? Court?*, and That, In
Spots, Hs Exceeds Mny Other Critic
Waabtnftpa Dee. ?ti ?"im? dowbt
lui that na) pii'shb'iit of the United
States lu an OfAcial nieasace to ?a
grvm ever befor? desc-niimi to such
misrepr? .-.entail?,u and villtflcatlou ?it
ludlxlilual ? iii/.i-ns as Mr Rooaevell
bris In bis ?a--t unniis! message."
/ TM. bj DIM of tUv p'lllRent ?-?11
in the |?t*?*UHa| editorial by Pre?
i?t? m Siiuiip i (tampers, of th? Ameri
can F?d?ration if Labor in the Ian
nary aumbei ul the iffl? ill magasin
ol thai ornHiizatioii
it is perhaps Impoaalal?,'' ?i??? lar?-?
the editorial, 'to hud in all our conn
try ?another publii man s<i Intolerant
bllteir iiinl toward any lu m
who happi lis to be unable t i I
with h im.
Chargea Misrepresentation.
"Pi lent RooMvell absolutely mis
represents the ?ttttade of '?feprtain
leaib'is ol organised labor in hi?
sw.'i'in? ibuiunciatiein," continu?'-. Mr
Qompera He !????? this knowingly and
wilfully. becauM he has from time U
time, during th? last i coa
tarred with the 'certala' and n?'arly all
the well known officers an?l other rep
r?'S?'lituHxes of labor unions, uni bai
had tmple opportanlty t?> know ho?
fair an?! Just is their conten? ion
?against the abuM ?>r th?- injm,
be ?iPtitts and tiuw different
attitude from what ho charge? II
to he
"Mr. Roosevelt cannot quote f??r h?
cannot tad any -vlol.nt and BWMplni
atta? K apon th? entire Indli lary ol tb*
country.' wiii? h he ?bar?;"*- the I
?h making.
Attack on Court.
Th? ta? t is that no reprefatatlv?
Of labor made any atta? k upon any in
dividual Judge "i the jmliiiary a* ?ucb
xa ? leave such folmlaattona to Mr
R 'os. x?'!t \V' need K ? no further than
b!s pre-sept meaaaaa to discover ?a?1
ta? ks apon th? Jo?lt? lary im more
?weepini and abusive than anything
we ha\e ?ver thought, imiih less ul
i-r.-ii \\'e- h ' i ha i oc?Easlon be f?
potnt oui ti??? i[i ?previous mi ?'
?il?; not hetltate to attack Judge* ?rbosi
t him he .1 ?
ual. constituting himself the fadge "(
? Q\ POi his atta? k was jn-ti
"We regret that the president Of the
T'liiteil BtSt? ? abonld SO far forget <h?
i dlgni's of I.is position s? to Id bit
? rsonal feeltaga overcome hi?
teuer judgment to eolor a publie SOI
iiiietit We ataj point out thai
? workers an sol the only ?mes attack
ed Courts ami ? ongress suffer Bbogl
[ equal In^'ii'
'The whole sum of labor's
Ing Is thai It liad the courage to ??s
aeri its political laaspeadeace ii> a
esmpslga Mi BooasveJt's saassemeai
and anger knew no hounds at this de
termination al labor to stan<l upright
and l 1 an-1 indepen?!
Fatally Injured. He Drag? Himself Two
Mitee Over Frozen Ground.
Duhrlng. w Va !>? a IJ after ???
tng left for dead by a mob which had
Utfc? n him from h*la home, h.-a;, n i ?i ?
shot him Gtoorge Crlgger, altbooxb
dying ?Iragged hims?-lf two mil?-? OVSt
th? frozen groun?! to the bous.? of a
Crlgger Wttfl taken from his I.
by a mob which was Incense?! by his
attack on Ed Ball his partner in a
turkey ihootloi coateal Bell mad
low score and Crlgger strut k him
his gun, fiat tilling his akuli. Both
and Crlgger arc said to be fatally in
Officers Find One Dead and Heap of
Manuccripta In Houee,
Loa Angeles, Cal.. Dec. 23.? Ix-onard
Brokaw. a boy eight years old. is dead,
and his two sisters, aged ten am!
?ears, are In a critical condi?
tion as a result of starvation Tbetr
father. Warren IMwin Brokaw, the
"single taxer," admits that his chll
dren went hungry while he and his
wife wrote books on balanced land
When th? authorities called they
found no food in the house hut a few
cruets. while the tables In the almost
bare rooms were heaped with books
and typewriftefl manuscripts. The
mother of the children also was in a
w ak state from lack of food.
W. H. Newman, Head of New York
Central. Givee Up Hie Poet
New York, Dec. 28. ? After forty
yeara of railroad service, eight of
which was spent as head of the great
New York Central system. William
H. Newman, resigned as president of
the New York Central ft Hudson River
railroad company.
The directors accepted the renlgna
tlon. to take effect FVh. 1 next Mr
Newman wished to make his retire
steal complets bal he may be Induced
to remain a member of the dire? ting
board. His successor has not been
chosen. _sS____
-,-__ __?___?
Football Player Oies or injuries.
Harrisbur??. Pa.. Dec. 23.- Qsorgl
Madden Ylnger, a twenty y?ar-ol?i
Stcelton youth, died as th.- di
suit of a football acchlent early last
season. YiiiLcr's ribs wer. fr?ctsred
and piet?s of the b"n? we??? drivsi in
to the lung?. Inflicting injuri? .?? which
culminated in his death.
Mathues' Condition Unchanged.
Media, l'a.. Dee. 23.?There was lit
tie change today in the coadittOB of
former State Treasurer William L
Matisuc?. Dr. Charles H. Schoff. thr
attending physician, says that then
Is a deep r*OBgesUofl of the patient's
lungs and that he experts the erlsir
In the case to be reached on Thursday
Shaved Man Then Cut His Own Throat
Middletown. N. Y.. Dec. 23.?Taking
the razor with which he had ju.-.t fin ;
Ished shaving a man in th-- Port Jervlsl
barbershop where he was employed.]
Paul Oraff cut his own throat, dying I
Instantly, (?raff Is BStleved to have
been Insane.
Molly Hillman, Former Ring Star, Diet
In Poorhouse.
Wllkes-Rarre. Pa., Dec. 23.?Molly
Hillman, who for years appeared In
this country and Europe as one of the
?foremost circus performers, died in
the poorhouBe at ?Trcenfleld, nesr h?re
She was ninety two years old. la
she was a star in both ?h?i
and Porepaugh cireuse?. She
r*<l four times, and each bus
t ? violent ?egth.
Castro Charged With Complicity
in Murder Scheme.
Unlimited Letter of Credit Given the
Dictator When He Went to Europe
Haa Been Canceled?Acting Prc?i
dent Saved Hie Life By Cool Nerve
and Unsupported Arrested the R?nj
Caracas, Venesuela The
emi of the rule in Venesuels of ?
ano Castro baa ? ome The diet
who has governed lb*.republic with a
rod of iron evei Bin? ?? be to ?k loi
possession ol the v? How House in I i
raca? in 1899, im now opeal) charged
tri! ii ? on ipli i v tu compasa the ai
sliirtUnii ol ? man he Iwft tit the head
of the republic win il h?- Bailed BWB]
on Mot ~;'> from i.a Qnairtv nom I
to aeenre skill?-i medical aid in Berilo
tor a mslsdj of long atan ling. ?
lodaj thoroughly dlecredtted
Hank ot V'eneiaels bh? > Bblsd i ?
rest* ?n?l? n's bI Bh rlln and i';.i la can
celling th?- unllmlti ?l letter ol eredll
gires i?, im idenl Castro s hen he
leit Vonesuela for Europe, sad no one
in ?v., . ??ii --\..i
return to the capital. The C_?tro
iii.-t hiis been fon sd l <
appoint??! b
acting ;
The at tempi n|
?a-- iiustlaieii by the ?i??.I oemre and
?????i .::;? DU dann?; ol the a? tlBB I
?lent blmSell .tone .in I h1
he a i : f thi
..v with hts own
armed rtdhi i nt?. an I
alter ' i''l a pro? 1
ti.in aaytna 'hat noi only ba :
liis own Ufe bol he
th.- blgheel Idaalfl "t the ? in? I ? ?
tra? v <if the rep' I
Conspirators Castro's Prienda.
The ii
?ey were 1 - ? low il
friend ami beat knowg i
b.-tvx". ? i ? - tro la i!- '?'ii
and ins ngenl popular
ant! Castro di monsi ration? ?? r i > |
an?! 14 . |
an a?-? usatien In it?" hi*!?
Ident Caett
rompll? Itj In
Bill |
A!r-ady the n
?etet Intent I? n
to s.-ttb- the dlsp
- i'n foreign p ?u
have kept the republic In a lis, I i
Mvlsble noU?rlet? for several years
At a ? -as be
?wo, n A? ting Pre "i an?l
liaron \
minister In
Holland sin.- irture ?if th
D'lteh n
mer. It ?i?.? ?gi*eed to sonpead the ?>p
de m Castre prohibiting tl
ment at V ' .
for V ?
tuen Hiillninl an ! I duly ?-mi
the Dutch
warahipa thai patrolling t i?
Venezuelan roas) for nearly thr?se
? m !)?? w ithdrae n.
Dr. Israel Decides He Has No Very
Seiious Complaint.
P.e. lin r>
?jervsttoa. i>r Israel decided that no
operation on Pi
sarx He Amis ihn/ I
ecuUva la no! luffei Ing :
pus complain) othei ? ffn-ts
of to? hluh living.
Castro apparently la unawai
downfall ??r the of the "? ? ur
?i Venetxuela Ifemhet
-llite illlO! Ill ?II III?;
arid ret i-'ivi- no dispatch- ? of any kin?!
Th? opinion i- steadily gaining u oood
here that Castro's power Is complete >
otokt ii th? nferenci I log ?Irawn
from the alleged non-comnv
of event? by Mi?' ?government or bis
oxvn at'' D ii dm
no? any further InfJ
Jenkins Hair.s Prepared to Siioot An>
One Who Interfered.
Flashing N, v. i >? :.; I ?
of a ?! to corroboi at?
the Bf?rieB Ol tie- killing oi William K
Aniiii*' which ha.? been told in th?
trial ol Thornton .1 Hains was devel
oped from a?rerai of th ? p. use? .
Walte ? ta? Yacht clut
BBsmber ?
examinai il vine that whi'?
tiaiiii'g ??? rtei He- Im
prompt?! bob! 'M?? h?? beard Bbootlnj
and saw Mr* Aa&la ran down the r in
"I saw her move sen *s the loal '
continued Knapp; "tl
pe?! and ?hi* went bach up the roi
I again Bom< n? took her by the arm
! at tbs runway. I coald not see wh?
stopped he;, te?-;:mm she was hi?! DJ
the Jib of Anula' boat."
Mrs. Hslsae B. Ann!? testified tha'
Thornnn Halns turned her back with
B revolver when she ran across tht
float towanl her wounded husband.
John C. Btepheas, another i lion
club member m Annis CBBSSd ?? sen
aatlon when he testllled that be .
the defendant say after the ahootlni
that "1 cam?? to protect my brother
and would have shot anybody who In
I.awye't Mtlntyre emlea-. ?
! shatter the testimony of Mr. Stephens
i but his evidence re-nained# tin? hanged
i when he left the- Itaad.
Forty-two School Children Had Nar
row Escape Prom Cremation.
finde-ville. O. I?., :?; Portyt'.vo
school chfldrea hail a narrow eacap.'
from cremation when fire broke out In
distrle-t ?chool Ma?5. With the door In
Hanns and all the windows securely
barred, the situation was -critical, a
tire- panic followed. Luther ('
the teacher. Induced the children ? n
by one to rua through the biasing
doorway, the only means of e<>c?p'\
and all wt n my? I Tat I mat r ara
the last to 1? axe th?' building. Tie'
doorway beearoe Ignited from an over?
heated register.
Inventa Bu???t?o liesti?y Ljitoons.
H.-rlin. De-?'. 23.-? A ?ottlngen gtU
smith named Schrader has Invent
and patenteil an expanding bullet thai
Is adapted for Um ?b-siru? tlon of dlrl
glble balloons. The bullet can b* Ore:
from the regular Infantry rifle.
Election Judge Sent to Prison.
St. I>ouls, Dec. 23.?Four yeara It
the penitentiary was the sentence pr?>
nounced upon Thomas McGrath. con
vlcted of fraud a;i a Judge of electioi
at the last general primary.
Are you tired, lattiifi ont, nervous,
?leepkis, feel mean? Holllster'a Rocky
Mountain Tea strena'h??iis the nerve?,
makes digestion natural, brings n*fr?ah?
Inst sleep, bolide up th? whole syst?m.
85 cents, Tea or Tabk-t?. W. L. Bond.
( urlim? 1 of ?STOVES, fibctory prices. 8t*ove Piiye and Flbotfa M mfe for pricf*. Furniture,
( 'hi?a. C'ti ?wie. I ?I;* nk? is mu? IY>mfort?. I '<? iS. IN'IfN'OE.
: ?BLIHHKli -Il NE 21, Il
?Tapit al Paid la..'.t ?"><?.'
Borpltw and ?Undivided fr?-?v?- .VJixi.oo
Keaonree? ?Over. . ... IOU.imKhmi
The Savings Department o? This B?. ut Mas
Become One of The Most Imports
Feaiures of its Business.
M. O. v7IUJ?.
Lee -i ? Ira i'r -
K. I>. ?Cole ...
?i?i?'. I". Oouldman, Jr. ...t ??ht? t
I?.?.? ril.'ii (?.'.??i.
I ?I h
W. H .
B.D. ?
B. (I. v\
B V win?,
\ P,
? I'
Jin ? ' n, it.
01 KnAV I.MJrt I'x 'iii?K*.fi
(?ipilliir aium.
>VhI?-;i. ihm?
,i. -m?? .
l-l? ?-. . H ?
II II ? -.
-i ? X I S
?1!AI I
The Farmers A Merchants Mate I
Savings Department
rredtricKsburp, v
No At?empl Was Made to Re?
suscitate Him.
T !
R . i l
Il B I
rbo had
Hea IK
i lornej
????n- ral hm had
i?r ? i'- u 1 ..
I .
? ailed u|
the ele? tro? ut. ?i ?..
Ki' ? i ? a? ciinvt? t- ?1 or
th?? In'i:
?i?! \ I .
Governor Stuart to Remember Poor
Youngster? of Harrisburg,
Harri.?:?lit: Pa . ?rnutirice
ment w;..- m . si th? Cbriat*
mas plai. Q raor Stuart an?l Misa
Stuart has. ?J, ?in?', that
they will ?ptmd ;h. festival nt the ?X
t-eiithe manaton la this city, Thetr
former i lie dS]
It their Pbllsdelphls hi
The go? raor will pursue the cus
torn s?t bv '
tribotlni ?un.!, amo-i poor children
of this I
.lam? s v aster, Ihe retenta B*_*eo
ger at th- exe-cotlve msBBloB will a?
nsosl, pla> H ii (hat rx-ca
Secretary of Panama Commiselon Ssyt
Jan. 1, 1915, le Date.
San Fran? h ; The Pana
ma canal will I IBIS
accoidlng to an ? ek*
?rnla ?jromi I ??.
committee from Joseph BnrbllB?
Rlsl,. u f of lb? canal com
Mayor's Papera Burned, Is Charge.
All? nro?u,. l'a. Det j ; Charts
that many of the papers in the- late'
Mayor Stiles' private office w-r
ed at the citx hall flic da) after hi?
sadden death six xx? ? ie ma I?
at the secon?l henrln? rondni
city conn? ils. pol City s- llc?tor Lei
wise, who is ?"ondoetlng the s
tlon of the ?a!
fix ipoa anx parti? u!;ir pen B th? r?
sponsibiliiy of havtef ?wdered the ash
collector to destroy the documents.
Veatel and Crew of Seventeen Lost.
North Sydney. If. s.
cablegram from St Pierre. Miq., states
that the French barque Artcri*. which
left France Nov. S with a consignment
Of salt for the firm of Gaston Monier.
has probably been lost, with her crew
of seventeen men.
The queer Chin? Oheeont
Into song birds by fSStsalng whist!?'*
to their breasts. The Mind of their
flight then causes B weird and plaintive
music that U BSMOBTI sHcm-ed in the
phjBoa haaatsd ritlefl of rekln and
< airfoil. The Hclgi.'Uis, great plgeuti
fliers, ?nstiy? whistles beneath the
wings of valuable racing carriers.
claiuilnjt that the shrill noise Is a
sure protection npaliist hsrwbs SBd
other birds of prey. As a similar pro?
tect ion. reeds, emitting an o?ld wail?
ing pound, arc fixed to the tail feath?
ers of tIn? dispatch bearing pigeons ?Sf
the (?ermnn oriny.
What He Was Looking For.
"I OS wish, "Edward," s.iM the lady
I ?mice, "that voll *,?>uhlu't stare
at other women 60 r..iieh. It's very
rude and Is certainly no compliment to
inc." ?
'?On the contrary, my dear," replied
the resourceful benedict, "I was look?
ing to see If I could find a prettier
face than yours, and I confesa 1 really
cannot."-New York Press.
Eating Before Sleep.
"Is It safe to eat before going to
sleep:" asks Sibyl.
'??h. y??s, much safer than eating
afterward, we should say! It i
hard to see what you are eating ?
you are a?jleep, you know."?Path
l>-. It W, N.-!-,.... o( i ti-irl-.r:.--...! ,
died 1 B? sdaj
M--? ?' i. c a i'.' .;?? daug
and Mn.Bfl.Pg
?dayI hi Hbi-liii.i ',
i par I rue ?1 h
Hall, ti??' old Iiiji ,i , setaU m+et I
i i IIIm IS rr.v Dulaay, afsl
brides, w as nni I of !i in? r.
Kiilpt. W.Hand, f i? "U'>'->r. r r un;-v
wa? k'clV'i b? ?vhorts Bon ? hu ! die i
abort!} after?
Mr?. Ala Brown, wlteofO, i: l> owe.
ofBrlaa Liaba ?only, dl?*d Haterdni
Bhf wiv? a daughter of .1 W. Tu! ab, ? f
Sulphur V
H. B Oodfre? Hint M!-* 1,1 Un \l
Bi din. both "f CatlaMa; I r. -
Mi.rkliHtii, and MIm Matfls Berrefl, ?I
i?. Ia| lam . M Costel o, olUppet i
Mis. Ida I. ( laude! "f " ? Itn.borf,
Md, wertaiarritdln ?faiblngton M??n
0 vi r; ri ht I ;t ?? l d-re' c.
with Stat?? Heult h (' h ?m--? ii-r \. ?
'am* I? pal - \? ?i W. r nemaa : nd
Dvepaty rood ConaWtontf l'nrce'l
The gorenot dl?- r?d ib xt the natter
?if ths b?akeri?s be ?*roi ?? tai i thorontblx
[i Ih undent >? ??! ?but be will d>men Ihe
- ??iiinul r?-p?irt xvltb I cut?- ?i?- M I i DO -
ber of tbs place? which ?re bv?? tlunvd u
Lalwr (eiiiiinls-ioiicr |i iht-?t. -
an I flint protecBtlons an tu loll ?
where the condition? bave ? xist? ?1
The Latest Closinrj Piicss For Produce
and Live B<
PHll UJTl.l'in .
winter ?
V " ?
RYE FI.O?R q ll
per barrel.
WHI-: AT drin No. I re I,
CO?N etead) . No *? v II >-... local
OATH dull; N?>. 2 white ? I ppe I,
lf.\ v .?..., ly; timoth), I:...:
?1 ? CO per ton.
POULTRY I Ive wesj
i ?
etead y; choice fowla, i ? .- old ro s
ers. '
I ' . i Kit '1- m ?
n 11
by. 31c. : western
Bweel Pote idy; per
basket 40?fj60c,
Live Stock Markete.
CATT1 H ?low; ? I
priri?. $?'. 20
SHEEP st- .???'". himb-. si rang
il enrn
mon. $!.50<Q2 .".0; lambs, |sAT.25; \e?'
calves, 186 8.75.
HOi'S ?ctlve an! high r prim
heavies? $6.75.06; mediums
5.8??: heavv \'?i? k.?rs. $".?:
i |
r f I ? .'.25.
.i ippti y Pronoun.
M.m;, art the clri imlo 1a whl ?'?
'-. il lis Cil iii/'-ii .
! tin? biuntiiess of rjirrcl
BSld th. i
it the moment rshen a nation stand
!?> h iw
? ms.
iaiiil. The ?:i plural ls
rabetltuted. In paris of the south
'you .-ill'' I Ii?m; 1. a further
wai-il refined ?
in Fnitii-c and Gennsny "thon" bn
ht-i n retain? d In familiar or *
teiiip;iiniis sjiee? li. In Sj.i'.in and Itaiy.
mi the other hand, the third pe
substituted liaintually in pISCS of lr.- ?
Il-irpei'-; Weekly.
B icks! Bricks! Bricks!
For nil purposes and In large or
small quantities. Fresh kiln still
bot. Bend your orders to E. D.
DOLE, Local 8i?l?a Agent, or direct to
Frede rick s burg Brick Company's Y- rd,
Phone 275.
?ftncal delivery or F. 0. B. cars or
Commerce St., Frederiekfbnrg. Va
Dealers in all kinds of
for which highest cash prices are paid.
Cholee stock of High Grads FimjoUx
8ru?.f??. .Ivsvin" 'er.1
Fire, Life, Accident and Health
Beet (?timpani** and Rest Patee It??? ?
let? A ?oolrlck Building, Princess Anse
8t, Frederleksbnrf, Va. a*
SpS?i?l. r.l(lC6iII|l
Of Great Interest to
Wer H/ive ?i 1 .fir<_;?-* * to?, k
New Styla Coat
or i adits, matea - d Cliil r< n
.?I til 111 -Is"
A Great Cut in Prices
Coats, Furs, Heavy Dress floods
Tli i.- aill gire jou a i'haoc? I bt For or Good? for ?*?uit ?ta
Very Low Price
We earn abm abo? you a large aseorttnei ma iron which to ?!eet
Christmas Gifts
BUnkt*t? r?.(iif ?ru. Whir? Quilfe I.we Curtain?, ^iu*?*I-*. C nbr-llu?,
i! ?v?i. T ?til" -'?Mrf.-?, foliar?, N'cktie??, I unes II .ndhiit****, H'-lt*. Brush?-?**,
r ?tiib-e. Scarf Pin? Cnffliiti ?--. ttnga, **ilk and I/neu H-mil?
k-nlii f?, I. ivd", r.?u"*. I'i I >wTop?. A tboooABd otberthing?jn?jcan
Dj ??tore and levl 1*011?. lent tli u the
Quality and Prices arc Right
920 Main street
A. tl. Wallace.
?f- ?? ?w
'%?%'%'%%?%? ifr'V*?*??
T StH St., ?ft F>enn. ??
* "THI m ks> cok XI
V^ HHhinyton I
At Underselling Prices
W? li ?vi- them Our ti? xv 11 ink Pat ilogoe (fn-> ) give- ?h-tiii'*.
S 'ti'l 111 V'ilir tilltll?' H' nl'.-e ml the r..'-l!"i;ll?? will !?? H fit to Veil
BO tl. it ;- ?m m iv iWl?'?'i f r i i:t- .-i m ?h i .\ s . ?-.?r'- Ki'li'K
a ? ? .. !? ?
We've Over
5,000 Qames?300
Kinds At a
1 Range of Prices From 5c to $6.49 \
V Oamee for children grown folk?, and kind? to totoras-I ? ven body. ?*f/w
Here's A Lit At 49c.
?Sir Hlnkle Funny Deafer,
Komfeal Ko iver-m?! m ?Card?,
t*oo foil
i i
F laea,
Tie-Trilley Came Off,
Plll.iw uax.
Peter Ootd?aa,
Crmtv Traveler,
Pli'ture Putz'?-*,
Animal Ten Pin?,
Net Hall.
Bottle Imp?,
Vanderbuilt Cup Rice.
I.'. I napa,
| TrikBoz,
* Butrin In,
i) Fun ?with ?aaaaafa,
Mat? ?i Fringe??,
f With N-edl- ami Thimble,
. Mother's Help Pot Raiuy Days,
| T-n Pin?,
k Croiiiiet,
W Coot-town Hhootlng Gallery,
raadpa Rubber Stamp*,
Jack Straw*,
Hop fa>tch Tfddley wink*,
I Itrle Polks ?Color Kit,
? -t'?.
I'np-lll (i.?W.
il- x Hall,
Roap HltihleSet.
Vacuum Target rtet.
Baaabls Through Our Country,
King Hing,
War ?if Word?,
y ad Cap.
Mr. Jlgi/Tn,
**<)cl?-t> Puzzle?.
Tedely Bear Hnnttnf Game,
Di-ko Gun,
Panes rf.iidlers,
Fish Po
Alabama Coon,
Battle I)?)' r?ft Shuttle Cock,
K?ih'"i'ier.. Cards,,
Kir.lTi/arteri Gamet,
RI? g T.iss,
i j my Nose,
Brotan Target Game,
1'lukl? Target.
On purch isesamtHinting to over $5.00 we ?prepay Jr
ran spoliation charges to points in Virginia, Maryland J
I and W. Virginia. #
1,000 Tons of Sumac
For which the Hi?arhot*. ( anh
Price will be paid.
John O. Hurkamo Go.
f he Free I pan?*? le prepared to d" si ;
ilnda ol Job printing In first-olaa? sty )? j
st moderate arteei. ?

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