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Mr. Arthur ?onck.lu sss iu KaUl.i. ft)
Thursday iilaht.
B?tr? )nur ?)??J tssU.i fr.? ft? tit? It K
Nttrrls tillaba? slurs.
Mr J K 81m. ..! N.w Ti r. sfts?, ?Isl
lor h.-rs Thursday
Bfttr. >..u saaro the issavFrsslsili-kstiurg
IiiIWh?' t lass plus M ksia?mstii s. tbs
a* weir I '
Mr H. W. Irvine, ofMU'tird, ?salo
th? fit/ Wedlvsaull.'/
Tootstes. Kluft/ Sluts.? "ti.?..late K'--?.
? Uli Nutlets, ths new ?ud popular
tat ?tOv tbs pound, ?tt lira..nan's.
U- O M Aruistr .un sua In lit.Il '
Ul.tr? W ???li.silay ?ill Itusluasas.
Kftstsr Jew.try. it.uwlll Hint ft rom
plet- t???nr?iu?iit of tit. in ?>.sc In spring
jssr.lt> at Kaufman's, tit. j-w.l.r
l>- hllajlit llsrrlsttit. of Hit liuiiiud
c mitt.?. Is h.r. ia KU.-i I Ills imitli.r
(l.t /our Eftstsr dms.iii iiuick fr .in '".
**'. Jooss. Either tbs .roods tit n.ftks
tbsiu ttr read> made suits or dresses
Mrs B. U R.is.dm anil daughter, t.f
Ht.-liiiitiinl ar. guests nf l??v J R Hos?.
l-rti stud fftmll/.
How ?r? yonr syss'.' If you are troubled
wltb them why not has? tli.ui eiamlued
?t Ksiufmftii's, the j-w.l.r ?od optician.
E/.S test.d 1rs? ftUtl tsast glasses tltttsi
I?' ('. Mftson Builth, ol Norfolk, is In
ill. city si gii-st .tl Ills iinr.nl., Mr. and
Mis K J SiiiIiIi
l.t ?S 1' V l.ra*s aruiy regulation spur
with black leath.-r strap If found rv
1 uro ttttb. Star tittle, ftti.t r?civ. re?
ward. .1
Mr?. ('. W. Edrlogtoo lifts returned
friim Atlftott? ?It/ much Itnprov.d by
bsr sojoaro tbsrs
laockels. beautifully bfttid sOgrftTsd,
wbtrh add greatly to sv.ry c ?turns, ftt
ths B. K. N.trrls U-allu* jew.lcry stors.
Pft/ /our p?ill tales lasf.tr. Mft/ *?tb. tt
yon wlsb to rots In th. primary ami tbs
general ?lection tbls y.sr
New llo*?. new pfttteras. sterling silv.r
?nd sT"'?l Ist-lt pins; prtcss rann-- frtmi ?.V
op. lias 11 E \ orris li-adlug j.w.lry
MlssCateeby W.todford Willis hasgone
to I'.tersborg. V?., to spend Easter wltb
b.r aiiut. Mrs Krrd Pitcher.
Sprint? opening of patt.rn bats Wed?
nesday. Maaren .'list.and Thursday. April
1st. Public c.trdfallT Invited. Mrs I? |
Smith A Co.
There Is bnt llttl. rhaugs lu tb? cod.1i
tlou of Master J.ffrl.* 1'b.wnlnK. who
has pneumonia Be Is ?xtrsm.ly 111
Nt'W styles In band .Dgraved. pluln
?ud slun.t bracrlets. which art- ui.tr.
popular tbsaO ?vsr, ftt tbs B. E. Norrls
leading )?w.lery stors.
Mr. A. It. l.ewle. ol N.w York, .am.
here Thursday morning; and went to
L.wl?anoa Isrm to fttt.ud ?h. stott stale
there Krl.la..
Tbs high lifts, spring mllllii. r>. dress
goods, silks ftiid suits shown by The
T N Hrent Store ftt prices within MM
reach ol all should aupe?) to ft lar?,
i-lasts ot women of good taste who du
?ml want to pa/ .xhorltltftnt prices.
John H. Cobhftin died In Spotsylvanla
Tueedav of consumption. ?g.?l thirty
stx years. Be was ft natlv. ami rssldeot
of Uettrgl?. and died while on a visit
Tbs very best servie, that can be giren
tbs people is uot loo good. C W.Jones
Is doing ?til tie c?n to glv. service both lu
at.I outside tbe store. I.et Jouee' new
tl.itTsry wagon I? at /our doors every
Ths remallas ?if llatel Lucas. otlor.il.
son ol itirn.ltus Lucas, who died In
Alexandria, were brought here Wednes
dfty and Interred In tbe colored cemetery.
It is not enough that a play.rplan.i will
ftccurfttely reproduc? th. mites ol writ
ten music. It most brrfttb Into the
playing tbs soul of tbe artist. The pia?
nos sold by H. Wftllftce (arner I'o. meet
all rax|ulremenu.
Mr. and Mrs. George Btevereon K.-mp
of Richmond, are guests of Miss Minute
WroUD for a lew days.
When you want ? bsaotltully finished
photograph and corivct llksnsss of self
or family, tbs thoroughly equipped Fred
srlckeburg Davis Gallery Is pr?pare?] to
make tt. All work guarajitaasd tlrst-claa?
In svsry ?vspsct.
Mr. Wm Sullltig.r has areeptsd a posi?
tion with Mr. J. W. Masters.
"Greater Fredsiicksburg." Tbls Is tbs
bops. Tbls Is tb? belief. This Is what C.
W. Jones Is hustling for. I*?t us all bus
tl? for a population of ten thousand peo?
ple by ths jsftr Hill, and see that
Jooss' nsw delivery wagon 1? at your
door every day with big package? from
Mast.r Thomas t-'ltibugh, who Is at
tending school In ?'harluttesvllls. Is here
to speod tb? Easter holidays with bis
grftndmothsr, Mrs. W. B. Pltibogb.
Mr. John L. Stabbs has been appoint?
ed a deputy sheriff by Hhsritt James I*.
Turnle/, of Spots/Ivsnta.
Mrs. E D. Waahburos has returned
from an extended visit to Camden, 8. C.
M.ssrs W. W. Abel and Mttrli.ll B?t
tls, of Prince William, were here Friday.
Tbey have lately recovered from a pro?
tracted illness.
Miss Page Waller was In Washington
Mr. W. J. Phillips, of Tappabannork,
bas purchased of Mr. B. B. Gravatt bis
residen", on Weed on 8t, and will bring
bis family here at ones to Uve. We wel?
come them to Fredericksborg.
A special election bas bean ordered by
Jndge John E. Mason to b? held on May
is tor tbe bonding of Hpota/lvanla
county In tbe sum of $1 ou ?too for tb?
psroiaosnt Improvement of roads io
Chancellor and Coortlaod districts.
On H rat-class real estate In ornear Fred
C. O'Conor Goolrlck,
For tb? genuine Eureka and Booster
corn planters call on Deckers: AI rich
Tbey have a good Hue of steel lever har?
row? and wood frame barrow? also.
Kdltor ?it Tti. New? L-ad ar
I D.jtla-? ?tiejt v?ju ?j lU 1 It? M?w?|
l-eenler ?it todsy shout tit? pr..p?r ?lu.I
>.t us? to Bll tu? otite? of otilk-v . ooitula
aloiwrsluiblailtjrs-.il ?gie? with jroa
?ullrelj ?lat j.'Ur t'ounx?. ute sud eu?;
gttatu.ii? ?tutHi tu lb? New? I. aOer.it to
Jaty ?.ouravr vvrj lu..>l?lri.t ?Kb wbst
you sat/ about lb? i...iuiu?tti..u lor lb?
it?lt wglelaturv lu lb? Frederick ?burg
.Heir, t l-.ui- iiiivd?. that the nominee.
though "? u?w man. ta m geiitleuiau ol
. tiarsctar sud ability, but /ou as/ do
'uew man, bowerer rapahi?, etui b? sa
valuable a ??gi?lat ir as * iiiuu of ?nod
? ???? and brishtu??. who bs? "learrMd
U- ropes " Well,Mr Kdltor.Sj. s reason?
able ? lsiarrsrat i-wt ?>l tit? off! ?bolder
sud BSN tsavEBSaJ p .liti.'.aii, I tbtuk ill.??
are tbe rue . vt? au.iuil retire at lea?l for
a f-w y.'sr? The priori?!!- thai "a m?
broou? ?vt^-.M i issu" la ss appllca
ble t.. pol?n.? a? auy i.tb.r bu?l
ues. avud II ?r will sieve ofla-u u?w
Bees i f ?iiui-s'loii, Intelligence sud i-bsr
?v t r i , a ! j.ui.t? olh.e? BJS will bar?
'!!-< barged ttM right of euflrage mor? to
i. II gently tbitii ws generally do, as w?
Ere eadly la need of fratjuirul rotatloQ
I with Isw exception? of course) lu all
public oftio-a. Th? leg'.slatui? sboold be
c inp.issd el a? model ?-llli?.ii? a? tli? BE
ri..'?..f p..Iti-s r-.iinintssliinera.su of wbiifo
ar? Dot st sit Ire? from ward politic? In
K'.'tiinim 1, sud ws ?tinrjld out liavs, sa
ws al ws?? do. ?orb s iiiajorlt/ In tbe
legl-latur* sod other public ofti.-es of
profes?'.mal politician? "who know the
ropes,'' whteli expression 1 think geoeral
1/ mesns tbe ability to bsat tb? "Rood
cltlxen" Slid the real meritorious candl
April 1 ltKJV?
Tb? abtvs Is m v?r/ apt fitting, perti?
nent and sensible anawsr to tb? man/
trk-ks sod clsptrsp of tbe professional
p .IHIi-laii? bar?, wbo am ?odeaeorlng to
?Hioatli olrlck by ?uppreaelngo? cum ore?
fsvursbl? to Mr. I. Richelieu i oI.iiihii
and making tremendous fuss aod feathers
over tb? t?w ttilDK? to which they cao
"point out pride concerning tb?
candidacy of Mr. Uoolrtck The writer
takes oft bl? bst to Mr. Harrison.
Fair Play
Dr. M M I-ewl? has rented th? house
n iw c rupleil by Mr. W. It Spann no
I'rln.e Udwsrd Street, sod will move Id
In with bla fauitly in a Isw day?, when
Mr Spann vacate? ?am?.
Mr. A K H'itte will occupy Id s ?bort
time the Welltord property, lately pur
chased by blm. on BESES* of I'rlDi-sss
Anne and 11 si.over tita.
Mr .1 Bernard Scott sod fsrstly, wbo
have ?pant tb? winter here, will return
to their country borne Id Maryland
all mt April IS Tbe r?sidence on corner
.?? Amelia and Charle? St , now occupied
by them, ha? been reute.1 to Mr M. Mas
teller, ?upertntandent of tbe F . F I I*
R R.
Mesar? 8 P. Powell ami R J M.
I'.inusl.'. trastee?.?old Tburedayat pub?
lic auction, lu froot of ?be Kxchaoge
Hotel, the Randolph ().,M Mine In Spot
?ylvaota. The bidding was spirits?! and
property was tiiially ko.s-ked down to
J W Morehead, of West Virginia, at
pi J",??.
I'liie property has had the reputation
of tsdiigoneof *> Irglnla ? ts-st gold mine?
Tb?r? Is much valuable timber on it
Mr \ II klnaey wa? th? auctioneer
Dstiftrtsr *f ??r W. I. Oecfca? Bscomsx MB? ?t
Mr C L CIstEy
Mr. Cha?. I.. I ttesley. ot Stafford, and
Mr?. Ruth Decker Itrlalow. daughter of
Rev. and Mrs W J. Docker, of Uraog?
county, wsre uaiied In iiiarrtag? Wed
nssdsy st tbe boms ot tb? bride's parent?,
tbe father of tbe bride officiating.
Mr <"he?lsy isa well-known tarm.-r ol
Stattord, sod of Mr H G. Cbssley sod
brother ot Mr. W 8 Cbesley, of thU city.
Msstlat sf FbjebEb aad Bat?as?? Mas wrl |s
Hats April 17th
Tb*> j ilut meeting of farmer? and lm?l
Deas meo will be> held tu tbe coortbocss
ber? Saturday. April 17th. la tbe interest
of tbs establlsbmsD t of a creamery her?.
Th? meeting will be addressed by Dr.
W. D. Saun.iar?. State food and dairy
coiiiialsslooer Farther particulars will
be announced later.
The case otC M. Minois, colored, for?
mer postmaster st <>"upeola K?eex
county, charged with misappropriation
of office fuuds.waa before tbe U. 8 Court
In Richmond Wednesday, and there was
do Indictment, as be bad made sit ?hort
age good and tb? ?video?? ?ho wed there
was do Intent to defraud. Minois was
represented by Attoroeys Cb1rheat>r A
Chiches tar.
Mr. Barros? Spellings, sod of Mr. Posey
Spellings, of Stafford, sod Miss Mamie
Harding, daughter of Mr. F. F. Hard?
ing, secured a marriage license from
Clerk A B. Yates Wednesday. The/
were married Wednesday night at 7:30.
at tbe home of the bride on Doswell
Field, by Rsv. Mr. rpnoeer, of Stafford.
The ?maple will reside Id Stafford.
St. Mary's Catholic church has heeo
very moco Improved. Handsome Dew
window? have been pot Id, tbe Interior
repainted and new carpets pat on the
floors. It present? a beaattful appear
Ad address will be given at the College
Hall next Saturday night at 8:15 bv Mr.
A. P. BbsscII, of the Richmond Union
Theological Seminary. His ?object will
he The t lalm? of the Christian Ministry.
There will be no admission charged, and
every boy and man Is cordially urged to
attend this address.
Tbs Woman's Auxiliary of Trinity
church will bave s dessert ?ale for mis?
sions on Saturday, April _"4tb, from ten
to twslvs.
rsrast Ftrex ?shtstsj MM Mss Maws* Ctcass j
Frss* ristra?? rmtamt*.
M.asaftpocfti, Vft.. April i
Forest dr?s h??. Is?.n rftglng 1n ?v.ry
diras-'tou for s.v.ral days l.-sst rv.niug
Mr I A. Frez-r's sawuii.l was lu liinial
iient danger of bel?g destroyed, and was
saved only hy the timely aid of neighbors
and frl.nds. wh-i w.ut t<- ?he asslstftocv
of the mil! lores. Tbe ?ml was? vsry
high, and just when all ?a? about to be
given up as lost, there carnea lull ?s
th ugh tbe bautl ol prov!deoce was sore?
ly at work and It wtvs then that tbe
work of uiftuy bands begun t?i show and
lo tbe cours? of a t-ttupl. of hours tbey
bad subdued tbe lltiufs and tlu? mill and
mtmt of th. lumber a.r. savt-tl from d?
structtou. At tbe same time auolliertir.
was sweeping through valuahl? wo..il?*<l
property of Mr I. R ? ilts-rt. also ft
pot tlitu t.l ?be Gri-.ii ami ?'lark proper
Farmers are busy plowing and prepar
lug to plow at an .arly date Bou?.
wives are putting out young thickens
and at tbe same time trying to keep an
eye on the ever alert hawk.
Miss Daisy Jones, who baa b--.ii spend?
ing ssveral months at the home of Mr.
J. Tboinws Coieniao, has return.?! to mat
boine in Caroline.
Mis? Grace Mitchell, of Frederick.burg.
Is spending som? tlms with Mrs. I. It
Tbe many friends ot Mrs. L. R. Colbert
are delighted to know she has so tar re?
covered from h?r recent Illness as to be
able to take a short walk around the
Misses Mattle Ease and Mary Sanford
were visitors to Fredericksborg yester?
.Mrs. Mickey, of Cbarlottesville. recent?
ly visited ber slstsr, Mrs. Ease, at Coven?
Mr. C. ??'?'.tnor doolrick was a guest
of Mr. T. A. Frazer Monday evetdog.
Di-s. T. W. and T. K Dew and Messrs
T. A. and F. I. Frazer w.r. dinner guests
ot Dr. and Mrs W A Barris at Court
House on Monday and greatly enjoyed
tbe social Intercourse as w.ll as thegood
things to eat, which Mrs. Harris knows
so well bow to prepare.
Mr. and Mrs W. IV Reverie/, of R t h
m mi. will spend Kaster at Rtversld?,the
horn? of Mr. and Mrs F. !.. Fraz?r.
The sale of Jersey cattle and horses at
?he A. B Lewis farm. l.?'Wlsaii?ia, In
sjpst Carolin attracted qatt? a?iumb?r
of prominent peon I. from a distance
sums coming from Illinois, Indiana Ohio.
Eetitucky. New York, et-, and T 8.
Cooper, of Pennsylvania, ths widely
known Importer of Jersey cattle, and
CI. A M Bowman, of Sal.m. tbe .-xt-i
slvs breeder of this State, aleo attended.
A number of parties cam? up from Rich
Many went from bv h.r. boats and In
v.bl? l?e to tbe sftle Friday morning and
peopls from all tbe surrounding u.lgh
borho ?Is w.r. tb.re. The crowd uum
bered about "iOO
Tbe eft'. ?ill continu. Satur?
day. It Is expected that sum? of the
farcy cattle and high bred horse, will
bring flue prices.
< ?n'y cattls bad been sold, ut.out (ill In
number, up to about M 'Ht p m Friday.
Most of them were purchased by str?ng
ara from s distance.
Nothing had sold for less than $00. not
.-ven calv.s, anil the highest price was
It was said the most valuable animals
ba?l not been often.11 up to that time
Mr. I 'lenient Washington, ol Caroline
county, anil Miss Annls 11. Fleming,
daughter of Mr and Mrs. Sidney 1. Flem?
ing, of House. ? C . were married st tbe
bride's bom. Wednesday. After the cere?
mony Mr. and Mrs. Washington left tor
a trip North.
The bride was attired In a gray trav?
eling sutt and carriel Bride rttee?. She
was given away by her father. Miss
Louise Fleming was maid of honor and
Mrs. V C. Fleming matron of honor.
Tbe bridesmaids were Hisses Fleming
and Dav? nport, and Wm 1-" McKay, of
Baltimore, best man. Rev. Dr. Cook.
officiate?-1. Mr. and Mrs. Washington
will reside at Bouse, 5i ('.
Mr. J. A. Rouzle, of Tappabaooock,
who was operated on for cancer of tbe
stomach in Richmond ?boot a week ago,
dl.d there Tuesday. lits b dy was
brought here Thursday and met by a
delegation ol Masons ot Lodge No. 4
and escorted t t the steamer Middlesex at
tbe wharf and shipped to Tappaban
nock. Tbe delegation was composed of
I apt. 8. J. Quino. Messrs G. R. S wilt, E.
M. Yoong, A B. Young. B. F. Bullock.
T N. Brent, Jr., and J. E Tlmberlake.
I? l?l a* Car-sTSaKifiisnt Pt-rtor.
Hon. W. A. Jones, congressman from
this district, has accepted an Invitation
to deliver tbs commencement address at
the Virginia Military Institut? at Lex?
ington In June.
Be will also deliver the commencement
address at Raodolph-Macoo College at
Ashlaod tbls year.
The fanerai of Mrs. Katherine Stewart,
who died of heart disease at ber borne to
Hartwood, Stafford Co., Saturday even?
ing, April 3,as heretofore noted,was held
from Hartwood Presbyterian church
Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock, conduct
ed by Bev. I). J. Shupotf.
Mr James Ballard, son of Mr. Arthur
Ballartl. and Miss Ida Shack,-l'uni were
nianied at the Methodist parsonage
Thursday night at M o'clock by Rev. VV.
L Dolly. The couple will resille in this
Ocy P. Wright and Miss Lottie E.
Pelderton, both of Spotay hanla C. H.,
were married In Washington Wednesday
hf Rev. J. B McLaughlin.
li? bushels New Era agricultural [teas
Tbe moat prolific y (elders of seed and
make bay of tbe finest tiualtty. Mrs. Lucy
A. Le?, Faasapataoxy, Va. .'lalO
The Conway, Gordon & Garnett
Deposits Solicited. Nbw>tiabl>. Paper I^scounticd
All ?torrespondence promptlj answered in sealed envelopes
Handsome lithographed check books presented to each customer.
Merchante' business cards placed on their checks.
m Bank Open From o a, M. to 4 P M .m
CtteWa Rats** Marrtsts Hrtaam*.
Labore, t ? , Aprils. IMS
l'lil? i? i-hlckeu era. hi ral mat roo? ar?
I. i.iiig of the hundred? they bav? opoD
the jareen It la BSBa thtt no? of our
alect ladles a few day? BBBaa >u her hurry
? I the id ?a . .t tr. lug a brother
lounging ?d a bed for i?u 1i. ubstor and
place 1 a ouiut>er of egg? tu hatching dis
trtii. e of hi? mellow anatomy.
Mrs. Ruth Hrtatovv. eldest daughter of
Rev. W. J. I>ecker, was ?jutetly married
Tu.??day at tbe home o| her father, near
ber?, tu Mr. Cbesley, of Stafford, ami left
lor tb? home ot BBS groom yesterday.
Misa Mabel f rtttenden was a welcome
guest at Mr?. Kugeit? Wo.If .It s tbl?
Mr Jame? I. Kraz?r BSE hi? charming
wtf- were on a flying visit here this week
ad ttreatly cheered Mr? Nan Fraser,
who i? ijolt? ?Irk.
Mr? l.ttzle Orees and her excellent
mother, of Thuro Hill, were ?elcouie vli?
lt -re to Mrs >ati Kra/>r teste-day.
Ml?? Maliel Raker wa? ?No a Ollglit.ol
caller. Allot tbe.? popular people tot
only lit up tbe sick room with plsetseut
smiles and cheerful word?, hut everyone
of th^m brought sooietbi'g dainty and
elegant to the sick palate.
Mr. W. L. Steven?, who Is making
bit?te to leave her lifelong home for the
hum of Washington city, was visiting
ber staters at old Thorn Hill this week.
Miss Mary I'heslev. ot Freder'? '??burg
Is visiting at It. W J Decker's
lv>v W. J. lie. ker bad a large and at?
tentive so Mein-e at Famunkey Sundity
and earnestly plead for H?.me Missions.
The Sunday srli.n.l wasrenrgan1t.il aft?r
the serin m Mr Krti.st Hater WES
elected superli.k-oiieut, with Mr. Will
Morton as assistant and Mr <*???. Frsr.?r
as clerk
Mr. Dick Decker Is visiting hi? daugh?
ter. Mrs Will lirockman, near here
Master I'.tliit? toon?, a rising and
premising youngst ?rot Ryland, Culpeper
county, is vlalrlng hi? I'randtna Tertill
sn.l young trien.1? in the neighborhood.
Mise Nan Morton has returned to b?r
Itii-limoiiil bom?, leaving a ?p?n of hand
BBEta riiadst-rs itid a gallant young
gent in solitude. 8.
King lie irge lo , April S:b, l'JO'.i.
The La?l ???' Aid Society of Trinity
church will have au egg hunt at the
Court Hou?? Faster Monday afternoon,
anil will sell Ire ?-ream, rake, randy, et? .
for th- letiettt of fund for repainting the
cbarcli Tbs public Is heartily luv it id to
ait nd and be p s good cautc
The 2nd ?juarterly conference of King
lieorg? ?Ircutt will be held at Fletcher'?
Chap-I on Saturday aod Sunday, tb?
17th and INtb totts.. when Presiding Ki?
der U F (tavle I? exp-eted to tie present.
He will 11 ?each st Trinity the ?3rd Sun?
day afiernoon End administer Holy Com?
Mr?. Lewi? Illlilngs'.-t-, wbo bas been
much indisposed for the past ?tx month-,
went to Richmond on Monday to be
treated by a specialist She was armm
pant-d tit Mr. Rliltngaley and her ?later.
Ml-? Linie Taylor.
Mr. J A Ittllingalsy, who i? a student
at Kork I'iiIod Academy, arrived here od
Sundav In response t ? a telegram an?
nouncing hi? mother? serioii? tilnea?.
Mr .1 Kobt. Baker 1? In llalttui.ire tbl?
week on business
Mr aod Mr?. John T. Mtoor exii-ct to
go t.. Baltimore this week
A llen-e fore?t fire rag?! In the Maple
Urove neighbor!).x ?I yesterday evening
Before It could be gotten under control
a great deal of valuable timber wa? de?
stroyed. The little Kplscopal church.
Psyne ? chapel, narrowly escaped burn
lug _
? _
Vincent Cacare, owner of tie barge, K.
S (iraham, of Norfolk, ta, haa Insti?
tuted ?alt to the I). H. court again?? th?
Bowers Hydraulic Dredging Co., wbtrh
Is statloced here In tbe Rappahannock
river doing dredging work for the gov?
The suit 1? Im i 1.000. which grew out
of the rental of tbe R. 8 Uraham barge
for a abort period,sud the owner claimed
rent for one year.
t'. S Deputy Marthal J P. Glover was
here Thursday and served paper? on tb?
defendant company.
Corporation rourt convened st 11 a
in. Tbursdsy. The raaeol Common wealth
v McCrsy was called. On motion of Mr.
W. W. Hut/ner, counsel for M.('ray, tbe
earn? wa? postponed to Tuesday. April
atOth, on account of abn-mv of Impor?
tant wit nee? for defense.
Mrs. Lucinda Cooper, wife ol Mr. Bar?
ney Cooper, died at her borne near
Mountain View, Stafford county, Thurs?
day, after a long illness, of
consumption, aged 50 years. Besides
her husband several children survive her.
Tbe funeral took place at 2 p. m. Friday
from her late home. Interment In tbe
family burying ground at Ratuoth
The advertisement of the Fredericks
burg Buggy Co. will be seen elsewhere In
ourcilumn?. Tbs Arm Is composed ot
active, energetic young men, equipped
with beet facilities for dolog business.
Dr. 0. Blight Harrt??in. son of Mrs. W.
J. Harrison, of this city, wbo baa been
practicing medicine at Sharp?, In Rich?
mond county, for the psst three year?,
will locate Id Roncevert?, W. Va , where
he will continue practice.
Mr W H.Owens.of the Boston Variety
Store, has purchased of Mr A. B Botta
his residence on Mato St., next to J. W.
Masters' lumber yard. Terms private.
Mr. Owens will move Id with bis fam?
ily about May 1.
Forest fires raged around Ramotb
church. In Stafford, Wedoesday and It
was reported tbe church had been burn
ed. We are pleased to state the church
wsa not Injured.
Clara Rose, colored, of this city, wss
Indicted by the grand jury of tils V. S.
court st Richmond, on two counts ot
?ending obscene letters through mall.
Represented by Attorney W. K. Oool
?Inn W. Allison, Jr.. Real Estate
Agent, has sold more real ?state in this
section than all the other agencies com?
bined. If yon desire to sell or buy real
est?t?-, consult him. His record and ex?
perience for tbe past seven years speaks
for Itself. He is also manager of tbe
Kr.-derii ktlnirg Branch of the Southern
Farm Agency, the largest real estate
agency in Virginia, letablishol for 30
years Add n as
John W. Allison. Jr..
?iiU-ly Frederieksburg. Va
Hal Chaee, finit baseman of New York
Americana, has ths smallpox ta a mild
form and may not play this season. The
whole team has ossn vaccinated and
may not be able to play tas opening
gam? In Washington Monday.
Bowling Green. Va., April 7tb
TIh? pupils of tb? Seminary gar? a pub
lie recital in tbe assembly liaJl ol that m
stitutkm on Friday night. Tb? hall was
dlled im I tbe prognvm was w.-ll ren.1. r.-l
and t-iijoyetl it v?asasf.
Swing Song?Chorus.
Piano- Siberxo? Mis- LsrSs Collins
Vocal?-Drink to M?- Duly With Thine
Eyes"?Misas? Brood.lus, Dunn and
Piauti- 'Vals.. Brilliant." -Misses gal.
and Blak-y.
Readings?(a) "Little Orphant Ann'??"
?Mia? Frances Variier; (b) "Little
Dora's SoliIo?|uy," Miss Ali?-. Itk-hanls
Piano? Sclierrino ?>p H?*?Miss Mary
Amlr.-w s
Vocal?(a) 'Tve Sometliiug Sweet i..
Tell V.iu," (hi The Crown of Love"
Miss Eu. lie Collins
Piano?Man-lie?Miases Eula ami Lit
tie Hrou.il.Ins.
Pantomiiiie?"Rackwanl, Turn Back
wiirtl"? Misse? Ruth Bario? and Julia
Piano? \ tils. Op 17?Miss Katlihvn
I ?ot m? night - Chorus.
Farce?"The Train to Mauro''?Char
acta-rs: Mrs Buttermilk (an elderly lady
Intu? the country). Miss Blftkey; Mr.
Bright (clerk at a railway station). Miss
IBM Butler: Sallie Butts-rmilk (a terrible
cbiltl I, Miss Lucile Collins
Mrs. (' E Burf. of Wav.rly, was a
guest this week of her parente, Dr ami
Mr? W 1. Broaddus
Mr II II Coghill, of Richmond, spvnt
Sun.luv with his parents ut Millord.
Miss Lear, of the faculty of tlie Semi
nary, spent the wwk in Furmville
Mrs. W A. Smith has returned to her
home in Louisa after visiting her unit her,
Mrs. C. R Ennis.
Mise Caroline Broaddus has returned
from a visit to Rii-humml.
Mr R L. Trice, of Butitington. W.
Vu , is a guest of 1er sister, Mrs I" II.
Rev Mr Packer, principal of the B. G.
Seminary, will, with his family, arrive
Friday. WS extend to them a conllal
Mrs (iranville Burruss und two chil?
dren ar. s'ientling some time at her oltl
htiiiie at R?ther ?ileu
The condition of Mr.\ II. Barlow, win >
has been sick, is improved.
Mi Reginald Bruite. of Richmond, is a
guest t if his brother at the "U? n "
Mrs Joel Baiin-N hue returned from a
visit to lii. Iiiiioii.I
Th.- condition of tin- liitle daugl>t?-r ol
Dr J. M. Mt ?tanavvav is improved
Mr. Everett Covington spraiued h's
ttiiklt- und has bsssj usingcnitclur? since
Most of th. faculty and the students ol
the Seminary will ?pen.1 Easter ut their
respective homes
Miss Hattie Southward, ot Spotsyl
vania, is a guest of Mrs. .1 T Richards
Mr. A. B. Chandler. Jr.of Richmond,
?[??ut Sunday with his parents b?-re.
Mrs. F W. Chandler and son, John
Ridgeley. have retnrniM from a visit to
X Y A.
Buggy Co.,Iflc.
Is Now Ready for
Business with a
Big: Line of
Buggies, Wagons,
Harness, Saddles,
Horse Covers,
Whips and
Special Inducements
Offered in
For the Next 10 Days
Don't Buy Before See?
ing Our Magnificent
Watch This Space For Our
?a-, s?
Buggy Co., Inc.
Fredericksburg. Va.
Chancellor Makes The Price!
Spring Farming 1909
A-i,? ri. ai. Wir? Femlnir, from 2?! to 58 Inches hl?h; Barb*d Wir? and Stap!?s Suwsrior Dise Drills. Draw?
and spring T,,,,th Harrows, Tbe Re.,. Mauure Kpreadw?, Ths Bswt Ossollo? EmW. 8 toSO H .?si
1 v.wer; riaw Mills. tarn-eis' Krleud Corn Prills, with and trlthoo? fertiliser ?%*schmat?t th? HtmtlZ
prove.! Cream ?Separator?, all sl?esi; Hand an.l Hors*? and Rldlnir Cultivator?. Farta Watrona. rlurts-s^
?'u^le* and other Vehl,!?.. Tar Ro.-tlti,. I'apa?r and Cap?, OUr?r ChlUsd Plow?, Karmstri^r^dPloW
Chums, (.halos, Hell Kucket?, Spades, go?, and othsrTarmlng Impfeiner,?. tousHbTtar (?7hVm
quantities aud offered at th* verr lowest ?-ash prir-s. UEMEMBEH TH? NAME AKD PLAC?
M. S. Chancellor
_ FABMEES' SUPPLY STORE, Commerce Street.
Ladies' Tailor-made Suits
Ladies' Separate Tailored Skirts,
Ladies' Entire Silk and Worsted Dresses
Ladies' Mull Dresses. Ladies' Linen and
Wash Suits,
Ladies' House Wash Dresses, Beautiful
Shirtwaists, Silk, Mull, Linen, Allover Lace,
all splendidly tailored,
These and all other things of a First-Class Dry Goods Store are here.
Is init|iit>Htioiiablv tin? titiest, ?we??"si?nt, mont fragrant, strongest ami clieapest
50c TEA
in lr.il.Tlt a.sl.nrif, i.inl mir truurantee Is as strong a? we can possibly make it. viz: II you purchase
u |..iiiii.l ami sllsr umtut half at it and tlml it unsatisfactory return what la left; your toll purchase
price will be refund??.I. "Kin?x Bind" Tea 1? one of our own brand? and you can't obtain It elsewhere
Price 1-4 pound
Price 1-2 pound.
.. 26c
Price 1 pound . 60c
Price 10 pounds, the pound 46c
Trv thi. T?:. in.lav. and try It for hot or iced tea. You will want It more
I-TRO-IVC i-B-3 TO $25.00
Fix your price and then come here
and choose from the Lar-?eat, the Fin?
est, and Most Fp-to-Date Stock in
Fredericksburg of
Men'sand Young Men's Suits
The Finest Creations Of
and other World Famous Makers.
Boy's Spring Suits
in all the new shades?Tan, Brown,
(ireen, Smoke and other colors.
Plain and Knick- *f o; t/> d*X
erbocker Pants ?pI.-vO lu ?PU
Full Lin*? of
New Easter Ties, Manhattan
Shirts, Hats, Suit Cases, Etc.
New Goods For Spring
Call at 926 Main Street
and examine our new goods and get our new prices on
Percales, Madras, Ginghams, Lawns, Dimities,
Nainsooks, Cannon Cloth,Long Cloth, India
Linon, Brown Linen, Colored Linen, 40
inch Lawns, Dotted Swiss, French
Ginghams, Chambrys All New
Stock and Up-to-Date Styles.
We are ?bowing good yard-wide Percales at. 10c
We are showing good Woven Madras at.t'Jic
Good Quality tailed at. 5c
tiennlnsOld Hickory Shirting at. 10c
Extra Heavy Yard-side Brown Cotton at.5, 6\ and 7c
We are agents for the May Mant?n Pat?
terns, all 10c each; by Mail 12c.
( Mir latch string is on the outside for you. COME IN.
A. H. Wallace
Fredericksburg, Va.
Undertakers ?and Embalmers
No. 719 Main ?St., Freder
icksburg, Va. 'Phone 98.
Across from Exchange Hotel
and next to Western Union
office. Telegraph and tele?
phone orders receive prompt
attention? Open day and
OaSaaTaEsiss St., Frederlekabarir. Ta
Dsaler* In all kinds si
tar whleh highest ests? prises sate paid.
Ost Bis? to** of Stffh Gnade Tmat?y
<Hu? irlas ai?.??.*?? St????
Va?? rra? ! asea Sssd sa vos? ovssra
Tbs /ras Us?e.

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