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Ton Rar? Aharaja B?x?jjrht* und srhlrh bas basest
Id ?as? for orer SO year?, hast borne tbe slR-natxu-e of
aud has b?een mad? nndcr bis \*e>r
aonal araperrttttoa ?-toa?? Its Infancy.
All4ywno(tis?aetod??x?olvis>???i in this.
All Cotiiif.-rf.lt?, Tmltatlon? tand *??aTnit-?v?-g?MHl ?? ?r.i but
Ksparlrut'iit-i that trill? ?Itk ajnd(Bnaianfrrr th? heallh of
and ChIl?dj-ftn---aexp?Ta^?-n?(??e ?xgaiust Kxp4-riiii<>nu
Gast-orta Is a barmlea? ?ubaUlatu far Castor OH. Pare?
gssrle* Drops and Soothlnsr Bynrpflk, It is IMeaaant It
it sal?alas neither Ojiiuni? ssTnrjkbine nor other Karcotlo
aabstarkOB. Its nsre la Its g-uarant-oe? It destroys Worms
and allays Ferri-xsbjBaTjaaa It ?um?rat D?krrlio.?a and Wind
Colla. It nellcToa T-sctblnxy Tronbl-ss, ciircs Constipation
and Flatulency. It astrlrnHatea the Fo?xl. refil?tes tbe
?rloaasib and Bowels, -fixing? healthy and natural sleaajk,
Tbe Children's Pana?oeav The Mother'^ Friend.
Bears the Signatura of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
We Extend Thanks
To our many patrons who favored us with order-?? for
our o?K*ning in our new location.
Strasburger Bros.
119 Market Place, Baltimore, Md
Don't Forget "Old Victor."
4 Full Quart? $3.20. delivered; noun-thin?? that will tickle
till** paint?' Pur?', Mild and Mellow. A line
Medicinal Whisker.
G. Frank Timberlake's,
The Popular Dry Goods House.
Special Lot New Spring Dresa Ginghams at 6 ,c
Special Lot New Lace at. 5c
Special Lot Fine Embroideries .10 and 12',c
Special 60c Colored Silks at.23c
Special Lot New Ribbon at.10 and 19c
These are worthy of your inspection.
G. Frank Timberlake,
Market Corner, Fr(*dericksburg, Va.
Leonard Cleanable
Stand the test of time. You want long last?
ing qualities in the liefrigerator you buy.
You want one that's going to do its duty
faithfully year after year.
Carload Leonard Cleanable Refrigerators.
Sole Agents For Fredericksburg, Va.
2???... GOOD SHOES
utas tas would never, w hit.
rom to plunder ins ?a* of ?,t EVER SHOWN HERE
?T for *hsJkM??flt^j||^url
Kote* tftamiATEs ?Ik-Overs
tam^mmmmVitA^^!^^ ***>i?*t~
Hnnft Xen-d *n unusually ?jo?,,
Puattjoa ?& Amsrican TvWt??,
'''??l-M.T.IIi.T. decided todiars?as ,,
"/jopara House rasteuraot t.osfiHws ii
* n-dm, kshurg. togeu,?,, with tht? ar<K.
n.?wi,?">e, ?P,*"- R P'ofl-al'te?.ual
??awWla Vu" l,m; of "??oaisra Ii
f?-asas?W.i. bJSJ?T*? * ??ha~
Says Its Approval Would Not
Benefit Education.
Th. Word -City" In SHI Was Stricken
Out and th* Wort? ?'Olatrief Writts-n
Above It?Did Not Pasa Le?nielatur*
In That Form ? Alas Di(Mkppr?o??sa
Stata Road and Capitol ?ark tUtsn
sion Bills
Harriaburg. Pa. May IS?The school
??o?t?. th?' l'hlladelphta to Plttaburg
highway and the cap?tol park .'itt'n
alon bill? wers vetoed by Ouvemor
Stuart. The Mr road was bia own
project, bul he disapproved it rather
than to ?ut $J ".to.O'V? from th. state
approprialiona to charltlea.
In vetoing tbe school code the got
fiuor said.
"The bill drafted by the Pennsylva?
nia state educational cosamlssioa and
submitted to the legislature was so
changed by amendments during Its
passags through tbe legislature, many
of th.? bt-st features of th? original
draft being eliminate?! and numerous
amendments made which destroyed
the harmony of the bill by Introducing
many i-onira.li.-tory provisions that It
la more than doubtful whether an ap?
proval of the bill would be of any
benefit to the .au,.' of education In
the at?:*
"Irrsspectlve of thlB. however, the
bill, as certifle.1 to me. under the pro
vision? of th* i onsiltuti.in. shows that.
in connection with tbe proviso to Bas?
tion MS, th?- printed word 'ctty' on line
26 was stricken out with the pen and
the word ?Ii.??triet' in re?l ink written
above It Shortly after the receipt of
th? certified bill I was Informed by
certain m?-mber? of the Pennsylvania
educational commission that the bill,
ua It Anally passed tbe senate, con
talne.l th?? printed word 'city' and did
not contaiu tbe word 'district.' and
that It finally pasaed tbe legislature In
this form.
"In view of this Information. I ex?
amined Into the matter sad satisfied
myself thai the bill aa finally passed
.lid not contain the word 'dlatrict,' but
did contain the word 'city In the sen
tence under consideration. To approve
this bill, therefore, would be to ap
prove a till that did not pass the
leglalature in the form In which It was
presente?! to m.? for executive action.
For thus?- reastms the bill is not ap?
proved "
No Funds For Road Bill.
Tbe governor explains his disap?
proval of th. state road bill In the fol
lowing language:
"This bill authorize? the construc?
tion or a state highway from Phtladel
phla to Pittsburg and makes an ap?
propriation of wOJOOOJOOw or so much
thereof as may be nec.-jaary for tas
purpose of carrying Into effect Its pro
Tti.? hill was ?pasaed by the
leglalature upon my recommendation
supporting as I believed a construc?
tive pass?>? ami for the Interests of
tbe pe<iple of the coniruonweakh.
"Aa I have been compelled to make
large reductions In the appropriations
msde by the legislature for the reason
that they are in excess of the revenues
of the state. I have concluded, after
serious consideration, that In order not
to Interfere with the appropriations
for the maintenance of the public
??choola. the Indigent Insane, the chari?
ties of tbe commonwealth and the con?
sumptive nitor, and as It has been
necessary for me to withhold my ap?
proval from other meritorious appro
prlatlon billa, thla bill Is not ap
Of the cap?tol park extension bill the
governor saya:
"The object of thla bill la a proper
one. but It is a question which will
have to be considered very much from
tbs point of view of the resources of
the state."
Boat Capaiz.d White They War? At?
tempting to Cross River.
Hackenaa? k. N. J.. May 15.?Five
persons?four girls and a young man?
member? of a party of eight, were
drowned when a boat In which they
were attempting to cross tbe Hacken?
sack river ?luring a atorm. captlzed.
The remaining three swam to shore
Con.y's Policemen Must B* Married.
New York May 15?Hereafter the
policeman who swings his club along
the walks and byways of gay Con. y
Island ni!i.s. be married and therefore
supposedly proof positive against the
wiles khi h aa have proved ensnaring
to tin- umbiiiiiiiM \oung officer of other
days Set.'iit-. ?mil. em. n. all of whom
have BBSS ii.-i ii i?-ii at leant ten years
were tobl to repart for duty.
Fall Down Cellar Fatal.
Norrlst.mii Pa. May 15. - Falling
down a flight of steps at his residence
on ?taiibridge street. Abel J. Lewis,
twenty sev.-n years of ace. a son of
?x Councilman Lewi a. was instantly
ail led.
Life For 52-Csnt Theft.
Chicago. May Ii --Alexander Joaea,
a highwayman, was sentenced to life
imprisonment by a jury In Judge Ker
sten's court The amount stolen by him
was 52 cents.
Por Infanta aad Children.
Tfci Kind Yw Han Always Bosfhf
?\?rlAalw?r ^"^^oroAArWtwO.
C. O'CoBor Uoolrlek
llJaiks-tiC AMora,,..,,!*.,.
Dry Goods.Dry Goods
FIaap*X?ltall\ l?i? prices for Kttsts-T
8h??|?|ie?n< IVraiftsej "a Store
Is fllled wild
Beao.iiul Spriig fioods.
Now Is ihe lime to bujr j??ur
Faster Supi-llo?. f>r ?lil? will l.->
a grtrskt umlersellltiar month at
"The ?-?l.irv ?if Values"
'212 C> ?niuie'-i'e Street. Ihr u-cli to
Market, Fr??derl.k?l>i]r>r. \ a
To Growers of Potatoes
We kt-utarrkiile* our Potatoesi
to Im* i?lieoln?elv |i(irv
from the l?t>rtasSBS ??oint n.Tkli
BLERS, and others.
Dogged & Scott
I'b.tne 11?. au.". C.iuim.'1-.-e St I OU
Malo 8t
Garden Seed!
New Crop.
Low Prices.
Johnston & Pearson
Prescript ion Pharmacy
p P t?
When lu need of choice (IT CAR?
ABLE PHlt'ES, leave your orders
and orders will Lie promptly filled
J. Palmer Gordon.
decH'-Om Aahland, Va.
Machinery Bargains.
1 10 H. P. Geleer Traction Engine.
1 10 H. P. Portable Cornish Holler
and Engine.
1 ti H. I*. Geiser Portable Engine.
1 M H. P. Birdeall Engine and
1 12 H. P. EnjrltM? and Sawmill.
1 No. 10 O Frick Sawmill
1 No. 5 Farquhar Sawmill.
?2 No. 1 Geiser Sawmill. 1 T.ilt.itt
ftawuilll, 1 Ireland Iron Frame
Shingle Mill, 1 Ireland Wood Frame
Shingle Mill. 1 4 Saw Lath Machine,
1 Bolting or Short Log Mill.
Lot varions slzts Inserted Tooth
Saws. Saws for hire. Belting, Pack?
ing, Gil and Supplies.
UK) I Main strass, FrtMlerl.ki.burg.
John F. Scott.
Mala St., ob? door hslow Oha?. WaJ
lass * Bra. Pall lias of
General Hardware.
Barb Wlrs, 0aaa, PUtoU, ftasora,
| Knives, ate., will be sold at radnesd
prises to sait th? tlxtte?, Money ?ac
be SBTsd by pnre,,??*n? at ?wiui
d?til..,, .?rem
When mad? from the
Celebrated Bridgewiter MEAL
. ot^-m?iV*^.***" ?dl^taW..
.1 an 111,. Koss, ileC . .. *~
? iiebtsd to his ?ata* ?All Grocer?
?M and a.?ttleat ones.
I ?Jalma ?gramst aa*>ri<*>s?> Paid for
? sent then, to the a rluWB * um lur
' thtiiticatsd. ??te tk)TTl.
Tliuiiins Re
B37w4w By^*?iUia*0<?rp..Iae
From liitrlwias?, Bi.r?y * Berry maa.]
Bull ami Brown LewhJrass Tie?, Cedar
for So. John L Broo Hoops. Keep*
1 Va a. larga sapply of
PswdT OtBasasar
lerlskabarg. Va.
a Wlrs ?aass 0a.
Maryland, Delaware &
Virginia Railway Co.
RappahannctA River Line.
Statte ig EHea Bank II, HP?.
Balrtwor* VapptBha\no<><-k, r'r*d.rt?-k?
baff? Ltav* Ba<llaore, ll.r 2. L'gh:
8tr**l, wtatttbsr parmi utog ,?--i.!aj 1.'
noon. Tmaaday ?d,1 Thursday * <KJ f. m.
H'f i?*'l? ?1 B?.rth Kud, Ulli Crsek.
While St??,.?- Ir?1i.gv>u. Weesn* MllWa
barvk. II rry f..tat. OiUiatan a, M iran'a,
Bursaa's. t rttauua. M.iasak-iu. Haiti
View, Wltealto 's, tBay Po't. "?harp?.
Boeker'? Wa?*'.. Viellford'.. Tepppa
haViDtH-k tt.-iK) %, aa kiajk.r ? Hole,
Klar.iit!-M. Carter'., tjkyton'.. } Usa da
t ?WB, 8 I tluioot. Urteelaws,
Kr- aVtJral, l* i'Conway. Hay M??uiit,
Hup Vs-.l. KateltttVe, Freo- rtek.burg.
tSfsaaior '?avloar ,.u Ko- flaf ?B88 nut
i ta Mondays ?tetkoi.r will lav*
i .??,. ,. ?i, ?? 11 ;t(i a. m.
I sl?ln?ti'p. rsppahai ivk?l^av? Ba'
iTvr .'. Light atreet.wttatber per
mltttntr. *'..i;ir. itay and Friday 13 > p
ai.l.r M .re? Kn?1, Mil Cr?-?k. ?Whfi*
S'i-ne. ?ratigt o W*?-i, Mllenb-rk.
:--tu-hsn'.. tPurton'a. lirbsnna. kl man
t?i + ?lhesJu ns, Water Vl.w f -.hart,?'?
i fapps'iaii i ah ??tk.am.r leaving Ral
ttmiir. -i ?A ml need ay will on!/ ?t p at
I t .'Il U- III ?-ked t
Tappalxannock, kiorfulk?Isav* Tap
BaBaas i? srsMass j? mi l. g. s? or
day 3 i? ii. . ?topping a WBafo a'e,
*ar.'a. It wl.r's. nbarp'.. Bay r*,?rt,
tbeiai . u'.. ?rater VI.? fa mv-k -n I'r
??.Dus. 1? ?t i .'? Harbai'.. VI w-uheck,
at rrjr 1' i it. Ott ?maa.?, Moran'.,
'?rem* Irai at u White t?t?>ae, Hill
?'???, N ???'?? Kii.l. We?'1st? K-turulng,
? ? n ii-? ? t.; i. .ir. Norfolk VI. n.1sy. 3 p.
to, wsathrr permitting, tor Tappahan
o.tck, a?, pi'lug at Isml'iig? a. atn.iv. bb>
?vpt BVrry Po?n?, Ot'onian's, Moran'?
and Bsy Port, ?topping at Bowler's.
Ware'* an-1 Wellf?ird's on return trip to
Haiti,ii.r. ou To?.Is B t-'lvlg'-t will
-.it te rtt?lved la Yirtolk slt.r J p. id..
hi iMktl'iiij daya.
r'redertckebars;. Ta pahaati.H-k, Ba ti?
mor?? I/*ev? Krv.1erl.-k.barg, Sunday,
1'u-?.la? ?tut Tliurtt?l*j _':00 p. m . lit.
saal ??i.tli r leniil.tliig, t >r Hat.-Ill a.
H.'p Tard, Hay Moon?, Port Coaway,
f..r? Kovs'.CTrvn'awe, W lainot. M.oo
.|?r ?. I..- d.l >wn 4 a. at.. i it, tun- Car
t?r'?, Klaii.ttleld. ?B.lor's HoU ? g
m , l'?p,.?l.siiiit.k 7 ,tlia tu .W.llt rd'B.
A are'. H.ial-r'.. Miark'. '.I .111 a at
rtt,y K-t wbe-Uon'a Water War.
atniiaaki.il. I rbauua l?:;?) p so . Bur
loan'-?. MUiei.i.vk. Merry H.ilat. 2:30 p
in., Ottuui-aii?, Muran'.. Wseai*. Irvlug
i.iii. Wli't?. St..!.. Mill t r- k .". H? p at..
k.irtli Kn.t 030 p. m . Vti-.tland Arrive
rtsltlin. t> liwstlay. Thursday ?aid ?Sat?
urday morning?.
Tappaham m?k. Baltimore ? l>aavB
Tappahannock, weatl er permit log.7:30
a m.. Tue?.lay and Thursday .topping
at W.ll'ord'., Ware's. Bowler's. Shari's
'.? ao a t> . I-Bar I'ort. Whealton'?, Wa
tar View. Monaakon, ti rbaana. Bor?
t?n?. Burban? Mllleabeck. Waeios. lr
rlLuftin. WI.lieSt.io-. Mill Creek, North
BaM .?.rrtvlug Baltimore Wedoeedsy
?iiJ K'rtduy morning?, ?tjteamer to Batl
i'niire ??n Thurnday wtll not ?top at I'r
liHiins ?n.1 Bay Port.
Till? time Ukl.le allow, the time, at
wlilt-t. .teaiaera may la? rxperted Vi ar
rtea st and depart from BBS ?.?era)
?a hsrvt*. bot their arrival or depsrtor.
st tit? tliue? .tated Is Dot guaranteed,
ii .r it.,*? il?, cttuipaoy hold It??-If re
? [?.i.altiH? for ?any delay or any BxaaSS?
i|oeD?s>. artatog th-rvfrom.
r'rvlajlit ntcatlvrd In llalttiuore otitll 4
p. oi. on stalling daya.
W. D. SCOTT. Agt.. 1're.lHrt. 1.1'g Va.
wtiiard Ttiomaon. (i.ui ateaasjar.
T. Mord.ah. (..-ni rrrlgU ? t'as?. Agt.
BslUmi.rv, Man I, 1st
When It mmea to giving ?|iialtty tbia
boo** t. et-llpaed by non? The mvled
iwpotatlon ut uiy good. !? tue .ft irt of
Iran of ? ??.ful assKtloa ? t >|ualtty.
T.i In.or? oolforrulty In ?insllty (-and
to give BxJ trsile the tienetlt i neeetasltate.
i-arry tog a large .?uaut1:.\ ..! ? iilsk.y In
bond. Tbeae Wbl.kle. are ?tnre.1 In
ijov.miiK-ut Bonded Warvbouaea where
the) are under the rar*ful scrutiny of
dovernment < ?tli.iaJ? until they ar. ablp
ped direct to Ok*.
I? a pore high grade whtekey, posseaaloaj
a particular character to ttii.ee who are
?o.lge* of good whiskey: It will appeal
Ltecauee of It* ftne ijoallty.
?l^>mo^t?>' ^^3W^Jl^
1-1.7:. per gallon, 4 full <j.uart. f 4 ?hi
Sterling Whiskey
f ?-? To per gallon; I foil cjoarta f-'l M
Pendleton Whiskey
$2.00 par gallon; only ?old Id jugs
Corn Whiskey
$?_> Mi, *.t 00. $.'! 7" per gallon
4 loll .juirt* ttkV.00, l-'t 80, $4 do
Virginia Apple Brandy
02 :,0. t.". OU. I3.7.I. per gallon
4 full quarts tMH), 03 BO, $4 OO
I have a complet, line of all klnda of caa.
gooda. I?.ime?tli' and Imported Bye and
Malt Wbtokies, Ccolcb and Irtsb Whls
kiss. Brandies, Oln?, Uoms, Wines, Cor?
I will be pleased to quota you
prt<- -a. Band for price list.
Kxpntes charge* paid on all orders for
f .1 0(1 and over, except f 2 M) good.. Ex?
press charges will only be paid on two
or more gallons at this pries.
Not the cheapest place to bay, bat the
ti-.t place to get quality.
Edward J. Quinn.
Warebouae: 7th C and Md. At?.. B. W.
Store: 604 Pean Ave , N.W.
?-in w f? l-.'ttw a21y
Southern Ra?way
a. B.?raUntrlag saBtttlat. ?gara.
luna.s.m. aad ara en? asaraakas
Beaatla?f .ffacMva Jan lTkh. 1*
Bralai fcasva Wasklastoa troaa few Usina
T.sa a. at. Dally?LoaaJ to? Warraaaoa, Ssa
rllk?. aa<3 *aj? ?kaMnaa.
7?. s aa. IXaUy?Loesl tot Barrlaoabarg. ?a.
?. 00 s ai. DtaUz-Daiaa? Baa ka. fas Sail.
rtret-elaas en a. ?a? asta ?ra?rtng-rooD. ateasar to
N.? Oraaaaa. StstBc ?a? ear?rtea.
4.1? a. m. AaHy-tleaatageoa as4 SlotMa
UatlaMf Taroaglt no at baa ess akaaesr Bo 0o
..sat?U. Bavaaaah a.? Jaakao.vlll.. glast?ar
ko ItfaSa au.l Alk.n. lit?las rar aarrks. Toar?
la* So CaaLrorala arV*a.kly.
?VU a. aa. Waak ltaj.-Lo.al lor Harriaoabars
aa4 ?a* atsSua? ea Masseaas Braaek.
s?B? aa. Itskij,? IputiaJ DM Wanasaoa BBS
1.10 a. m. Ii.ll/-BMt Tort aad kl.i
Uaaiaad (via U/nckt..r*i-rir?r? ?tasa sossl
????lag ear ?o Boas..**, SaoxvUia. Ot
aotags, Btrwlastaaaa aatt Mttaa
?e* Orla..? Dtalag-ea? esrvtaa
l*.a p. m. Dall.-1? .^rt ?a* Saw
Boa ?ta?-? ko **w~ orl?a??i ?la???? ko aakvtu..
LSaaaa. H?? Orlaaa? ?kaaptr ko .'asrlukta.
tWala? as? aawsaa.
Tkmagk arela, tro? aba Boaak mtti Wasa
tagWM? ?M a ta . ?.?? a. m., I--40 p. m.,
osU.i a.M p. m.. asS 1*.? p. m. ?ally. Her
rtaoakxrg ?J.X. p.a. ?sua ?a/a aaS ?M a.m.
a all/, fvoaa (JtatartotataavUt.. (.1* s av. s L\ p.
?t aaS ?SB p. m.
TkakaSa, Saaplas a?? rasarvaSo??. aad daB
alormaatoa asa b? karj ak ?Vak^ o m ?a. ?ns
a*., ami W et a? aad M.? tialoa HaaUoa.
a?atS*B? ?aaakaS karoagh Brea k.kala sag ?*?(.
a B. BCKBBT. T. r. eea SSs. Mas.
S. a. BABX1WI0B. raaa TraSU lagr.
W. B. talkO?, Osa. Pass. AsMk.
k ?. BBBWg. SlBBfBl asjSBB.
.A Bal
l IHI.K.
.. a
Taakvasaassxsa u ?
Detect.ve? SOtftet Man Catatar?! In Ast
of Stealing Eggs
Phllad. Iph a Ma? IS -Caught la
the act of ?tealtug egga tram a car la
the Adam. K-^re?? company's warta
bouae at KoF.te.nth slid Market
atrt-t?. Krtsleri.'k Zimmerman. a
Pennsylvania railroad yard brakaaxaa.
waa BBSS and kilted by detective? aa
he wa* trying t - .-?. ape
The detectives say they .hot st the
?round to inak?- him halt. The detec?
tive? ar?- under arrest and will be held
to await th.- m-tlou ??f the corttoer.
?aye Silent Tr.bute to Man Who Twice
O.f.at.d Him For Presidency.
Cauloo. (? . May 15 - Standing in the
mausoleum In front of the aarcophagl
where reat the remalna of the laat
Preatrtent M. Knley and hi? wife. Wil?
liam J ltr>an paid silent tribute to
the memory of the man who twlc? de?
feated htm In the presidential race.
Kla conn BBSS to those vim a-.r.
with him in r.gar.l to the great value
of M? Ktn!e> th.? man were short, but
fraught with ?iron? word? Bryan re
fusel to he quoted.
Summons Minister and Friends
to Services at Deathbed.
Cas < <>n his
deathtted. Ella? B. Hum?, eighty eight
year? old. heard his funeral avruion
preach.?.! After having been ?
by hi. physician that he could live
only s few hour? murr Mr Hum? sura
mon??<l BtS minister. Kev. H.-r.ry
Schwan, ami forty of his friend? and
neighbor? and asked them to give him
tike satlafa. tlon of attending his fu
neral service In hi? b?-.I room.
H>mn? w.-re sung and Mr. Schwan
i after r.-sding the
eighth chapter of Romana. After the
BBSSaoa the sick man seemed much
stronger but later he relapsed Into
Horse Stepped on His To* and Partial
Paralysis Developed.
York. May IB.- Harry Il.'ebe. a
Wyoming cowboy with Buffalo Bill'?
ahow. died from Injurlea sustained
during th.- performance of last Mon
day night lu-t-t?,?'? great tos was Be?
rn!- .1 by In lug ?teptietl on bv
a horae r!di!.-n by a fellow c-iwli..v.
l.litl.- attention was paid to the In?
jury at first MM partial paralysis do
? I and iteath folaSS ?
Surte- ?a* hospital where
?It that thev I..-1I.?.. he
.ll'-.l of p.tralvtic rabie? a rare form
of the dlaeaae
Ssitboat Upset and Hutband Struggled
20 Minute? to Get Her Ashore.
Atlai.' ..Id D
Stuart i usto.llnn of tbe Wntiior Are
Stattest, save?! the life of his young
wife arter the pair had been upset Id
their sailboat .i.ai.1.? LBS Thorough
fare. Stuart, who la a good salmon r.
reached hi? wife Just aa she ?u sink?
ing and struggle?! for twenty mini,tea
to h? r - Cottagers saw the
aci lilt-iit. tuit were too far away to
render assistance.
Denver Man Shot Himself While Two
Little Sons Look.d On.
Den? :.iy 15?Hyman \V.
Protas. a Jeweller, who came to this
city three years ago from Boston. In
the hope of regaining his health, com?
mitted ?u|. I.le by ahooting. while hla
two little sons looked on.
Hla threat of suicide sent his wife
Into tbe street to call for help She
returned to the house to And her hus?
band deait Protas had been despon?
Kill Each Other Tying to Kill Another.
Koanok?-. Va. May IS. ? William
Bailey and R. M. Young, two young
men of prominent families of I-ee
county, ?hot and killed each other
while trying to Kill another man at a
achool entertainment at Dryden. Young
Bailey had an altercation with William
Jesse over the mater of tickets of ad?
mission. Young and Bailey abused
Jasse, k?nd the latter struck one of
them. Jesse and Young clinched, and
Bailey. In an effort to shoot Jesse, sbot
Young. As Young was falling he fired
alrol'-siily. the ball killing his friend
Five Filipino Bandits Killed.
Manila May 15.?Captain Rhodes,
commanding two troops of the Sixth
cavalry, struck a portion of the band
of outlaws headed by Jlkirl, near
Haniiix. laut Wednesday, and lu a fight
that followed five of the natives were
killed. One of these was Jammar-.g.
noted as i trusted lieutenant of Jlkirl.
Wouldn't Let Emma Goldman Speak.
New Haven. Conn.. May 15.?Emma
tloldman. who was to have delivered a
?evjture here on "Anarchism; What It
Stands Par." was prevented from car?
rying out her plans by the police.
Texas Bank Robbed of $-4000.
Palestine Tex . May 15 The Stats
bank of Krankstown. this county, waa
aynamltcd wid robbed of |awM.
We offer ( )ae Hundred Dollar? Reward
lor any caes of Catarrh that cannot Is
cored by Hall's Catarrh Curs.
F. i. CHENEY A CO , Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
i, Cltenay for tbe last 15 year?, and l*>
llev* him perfectly honorable in all l.nal
uee? transactions and financially able to
carry out any obligation mad* by bl*
Brm. W .ilium., Kinnan 4 Mahvii,
Wholeaato Druggists. Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curs it taken Internally.
acting directly opon tbe blood and ata?
c?os sr/?fare? of the ayatem. Teetleao.
piala ?vint Ire?. Drjra 7 ? o??;?-- jg/bott?*.
Sold by all Draggl.u
Take Hail's Family lili? for constipa
rt ???essor to Danneb I ?* Deshaao,
Practical Machmist
?l?p P. F. ?? P. Ds-pat,
H boss 1*7 Pred??rl?fc?bai<. v*a
i abtlatatsa taraUbad oa ?oBStras-U-raa,
Raoul)?? t?it?sr??1 ?si ?bort a ?Sisa
Better Not Get
If you can help it Kodol prevent? Dyspepsia, by
effectuaJly helping Natur? to Relieve Indigestion.
But don't trifle with Indig-estion.
A groat many people wbo bavo
trifled with Indigestion, bsvo boen
sorry lor It?when nervous or
chronic dyapepsta resulted, and
they bavo not beea able to ears It.
l'a? Kodol and prevent having
Everyone Is subject to Indlges
tlon. Stomach dersngemeot follow,
atotuaeh abuse. Juat as naturally
and Juat as surely as s sound and
healthy stomach reaulta upon the
taking of Kodol.
When you experience) sou m en?
of atomach. belching of gas and
aauaeatlng fluid, bloated sensation.
gnawing pain la ths pit of the
stomach, heart burn (so-called),
diarrhoea, headaches, dullness or
chronic tired feeling?you need Ko?
dol And then the quicker you take
Kodol?ths better. Eat what you
want, let Kodol digest It.
Ordinary pepsin "dyspepsia tab?
lets,** physics, etc.. ara not likely
to be of much benefit to you. In
digestir? ailment?. Pepsin 1b only
a partial dlgsstsr?sad physics ara
not digesters at all.
Kodol la a perfect dig-ester If
yoa could see Kodol digesting every
particle of food, of all kinds. In ths
glass test-tubes In our laboratories.
yoa would know this Jaat as well
ss we do.
Nature and Kodol will always
cure s sick atomach?but In order
to be cured, the atomach must reaL
That ta what Kodol do as reata ths
atomach. while the stomach gets
well. Just sa simple as A, B, C.
Our Gu?rante?
. a?[*o roar 4n,gst*? ??lay aaxt awl a ?tal?
lar txstl?. Tta.a afvrr ,oa aa?. uard tk.
| ?-.itlr. ei.nt.ala ot Uta Wu. If >u? caa
1 >"?;Mly aa/. taat II kaa not ?to?. ??.?? ear
f???>. ??urn ?*" waatie to Ua. Sragglat ??4
h. ??Ill rrinod .our aaa.aj vitbuut awaa
tkota or ?talajr. w. will aha? par ta. Snae
?la? fee taa btHUa, Dont kealtat?. ?3|
arwggiat. kM.Ikato?rriaraam I. good.
TkUcttfar srplkas to u? lar*. Util, mit
sad to bat I'D. In s fasallr Ta. la?-** U.t
II. eoatalsa IH Um? as stock as ta. ata?
?cm bull?a.
Kodol la prepared at the labora
tortea of E C. IVWitt * Co.. Chicago.
Hold by tiiH?lrk?k'a M.hI? rn I'h ?rmn.y.
The Walter A Wood imnf
r?r-j? -uece?, s ful grain Imh 1er. I I
ahead of all ?.tli-.r* o.r bbscs. Tas
CaatBlj is their latent, (.?rain prnw.rs in ;.ll
parts of the world --y it is "the I
Nrw Century u-.-r?; tsj it d. tit? Brock
ra-icr with two bor-rs than atd
with three, in fact it rim? one :
? rOBS of hundreds of acre? have 1? en
l??ti!i<i without mi?Mii$r, our laaidli.
ficl.l ami -trout;!, con-truo'cil. C
tury n mom all caute for wmiy I
away with the usual harv? ?t tii'ir ti
The parcha* ihnald i* p
tul ???fBtiaaxi uri in
ion <ji the New Century '.
DaaS .otar Bt.Sir tai, ?aa
m. Cut oo. ktuaaraS ...
! ituiati Btuastwa km ot
B-otntaar. ? T .
An?, ab. im?*S
I <t?*?l on. H ?ou, Kr?
C.atu.T It?*.dt?r? tin, vt.r
l cut .?ti. hundir, und tvnrat,
Krtt aid nattr ?kipped ?
bu-^lkt, an? I can a.1.1, ?a?
i. I'M ?eat kanaaa tuill
TT Say.
J. R. RAWLINGS & SON, Fredericksburg, Va.
Do You Want In Your Home
A Piano or An
Organ ?
Why pay a ftuioy prit???'.' \S ?? believe in (juality ami wt?
give it. We lH?li??vt> in ?air price?; ore make tliein.
( oui?* and calk with us or write us.
Adam's Book Store
Fredericks burg*. Va.
-i - ' .
A Wilson Heater -
Will Save 40 Per
Of Your Fuel Bill
The celebrated Hot-Blast Down-Draft create? perfect
combustion, the gases and fumes (40 per cent, of the
heating power of wood), ordinarily escapingunburned
up *?he chimney in other stoves, are all consumed and
turned into heat in the WILSON. The Wilson is
the only heater in the world, which actually burn? all
of the fuel put into it. The WILSON is air-tight,
heat can be regulated to any degree, and will hold a
fire for 36 hours. What you save on fuel will pay for
a WILSON HEATER in one season Burns Wood
Fredericksborg, Va
Loaded Shotgun Shells
The hunting; Mason Is near at band and ws can furnish the Bast
iiofk.le.1 Shell? for any shooting. We make a specialty of Hmoks
leas Huella aud carry In stock an assortment not surpass? d In any
of the larger cities Also a complete line of (fnns from the cheapest
Mingle Bttrrul to the High tirade Uaruinerlees. <'all on as when In
need of an/thing in Sporting Uoods. Phone 1(11.
?~r -y zri
For Superior Crops.
Cow Pe?w
The Beat and Surest Cropping
of Summer Soil improving
and Forage Crops?
Makes poor laud rich; makes rich
land more productive, and im?
proves the condition and prtxlue- *
tiveness of soils wherever they are
I, The erop can be eut for forage, ,
{ I making a large-vie Iding and moat II
1 Butrilioua feed, and the land ean "
be disked afterward*?cot plowed
?making an ideal fertilisation and
preparation for wheat and all fail
aown grains. All of oar
Cow Peu and Soja Beans
ars ?**l?an*d, tree from ball? anS la?
ara?tar? peaa, ?op?r1<>r bota in eksaatln?*?
atttl qoslttf, sas of tested gerralnattos
8 aadamon, . Rtchmorto, Va.
? - - ?*
Cherry Juice Cough Syrup
Kaalaev-es imniedlateijr stubborn
coogba, sura throat, hoarssneas and'
dinicnlt breathing. tuutalus taft
' harmful drugs; doss not impair ??
! gestion. Its delightful flavor renders
lit of all cough syrups the most pala?
table and pli^astuit to take. Children
take It without coaxing Hold under
guarantee to give satisfaction.
DrtWKlst, Mala 8t?
Oown and Bridge Work a Bpasiaity
?11 Work ?uaraxitssd
Dr. J. Garnett King,
?si Wall Mala St.. rrad?a?1?ltabaxB

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