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The free lance. (Fredericksburg, Va.) 1885-1926, July 15, 1909, Image 3

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>l I 1? Col? ?ti la Ktrbmood T.sr?
.?s bu.itwss.
Bed l.l.iu tttl.U-ts ate, 1?? I a? 'I ?Tt*??
lav?* tarii'-r ? ,,
Mrs Augualtue la?, ?.I 1'arker'e. Spot
?ylvautat < ouuty l? here ?l?l?tng ti?r
?JasgbUir. Mr?. K ti Tbuuipeon
tta-vlved today, ?is??' list? ?ut flower?.
Om? 1st.*.! ?lyle?, si tir? |i h Smith A
f.?. '?
TU-tbrs? year old tufan? ral Mr (leo.
Kb< in.ou tit? K1t?g?r?l.1 a,.1.1?''.???., all h
oui Hi. <il> limits. Is ?er1<.u?l, III .?III?
dlub tu.ru?
Tills bot wsatbsr ><>u want lois i.f
tblu .."I .1r.-???e?, underwear, it.
O*..le,1.11,1 ??.?> ' liii?-iit? ??! ?all ?li..?* thing?
at ? Vi Joue?'.
Mr. and Mr? Klll.it Q darner leti Tue.
da, lora two week? trip t.. Niagara
Patita Toronto I "atio-t.Irt. hii.1 .,ll...r
..,.? ?hern ...ill,i?
Tootsies. Kinn" y Mliits.rh.?-.>lat* Klssss
an I Niittsts, tli?. M?.?* and popular candy
? i Jo.- ti?? p.xni.1. hi Hrtiiiiiatu'.
Mr Jttuim K.illl.i?. ..fKlng tleorge.
ws? here H. liit? t?eeu a ?tibscrltier t?.
I I,,- t-'rrf I.mi. ? ?Im-.. Il? first laatie
4 ?rtaavltalj, V? ?|.. wiitch. atteal and
Jew.lry repairing, aatlslac I .ill/, prompt
ly sud mir charge? sr? always r?-'a?oiia
ble ri. S krtiitiiian. tie- ]-.wel.r.
? ???r? W. I-, and J H. UrKso i?,
loraaerly ,,f ?stall .r.l, now ..f New Y.irk,
are .pending a lew day? at "Korrwt
**st? lbs MM <>f th?Ir parents at
llartwood. Mr? K.I. Mckeiin?????] ? v. ??
son? are vUltlng relative? In ?Tptuu,
** i??n y?>u want a beautifully ttntihsd
i ? 'o?r?.i,|, nud .-??rrv. t likeness of ??If
r .'?mil/, the ttu.r?.un lily egu1pi>e.1 K-ed
:' I ?l??r?| It? ta? IteiWj I? prepared t?.
..,?*.. It .11? w *rk ?rtisraii??.! ttr?: .-lax?
lu ??.ry rea im?-r
Miss I??' tin?.?? Wright lins a>..'i,U*.I a
lias ?t.-notriti'.I>.T I." Mt?.?li.'.v
UJ tint?.-?.
H,.? itl.otil ,..or ??????- Wellt -rln,???-?
t.??ult at ui.xi re??,.mtl.I.* pitre? Mail?
faction guaran?.- I S ft. Kaufman.
???Wi-lsr ?nit <>ptt.i?i>
Mr and Mr? J.hn K ?*,-,.tI. ?re gu.-sts
rsl Mr and Mrs J I? Hamllt..t?. n.-ar
There ?r? ?..in? other g,??t mat?*? of
ljk.1l.? Muslin I uderwe?r, but i,.i.,. I??t
tat tlattn tb? Koysl Kvery garment
hearing i lil? lals.1 I? design.-.! and made
bfaopewbt, Try th?ui aud you will 1st
I'liQvliMv.l tbat they art? right Tl?>- T
N llrenl Store
The wll. of It. v It J ?fcnnng.nl Hart
wo,?1. 1? t?t tb? M Vi Ho.pllal for
Vt niches, jewelry, dlanioiid?. ?Ilv.r
wan?, rut glass, whatever your needs
may he, w? ,?iifuriil?h youat tin- lowsst
prl?. ? at H S Kaufman?, the jeweler.
A little optical advW-e. which will cost
Jim m,tini,n bore, ?.ill *.rol.?lit.? ?itv.you
anaiiy a lM-in1a.li,-. ?1,1 to your ???? ot
reading and ???? .ug To I.? sur?, ws will
?barge you ???inethlug lot wliat now
glasses you u.-e.'.liul 111 tic lu roiupsrl.ini
wltb too bsatawl you'll ..Main W? will
look for you t?i ?-all lu a day or so The
H ? NorrU Belial,le S lor?.
ftalt* W????t M OM AqatJ Cttwcli
A pretty marriage waa ?. ,l?uni1r-d at
Aijutai-bur. b lu Staff ?ir.! at -A ..'to u m.
Wr.liies.lKy is In n Mis? \ Irttlnl? Hu, b
?nan A.I,by. dsutlbb-r of Mr hi, I Mr.
Jauie? A?iiti>. Iwtui.' tb. brld? of Mr.
Kru??t I.I>lnst?toii luurt??, ,.l Kraltsa
vtll?. Md TU? i-.r-.mouy was psrformsd
by Bsv. E. M. Barrsll. rr.-t.ir of tb.
ibur.li. Tb.butl.11og wa? tastily dm-,>
ratsd wltb rut ti.. w.r? and ixittsd (.lauta
1 be u,?1doI buu? r wa? Ml?? Mary Vt aller
A?bby, ?later of tb? bride, and tb?- l?-?t
lulu Mr lleortr. Vourtaw. I.mttier of tb..
trroom Tb? lirldesmald? were M1??e?
.Saoul? Asbby, Holly Asbby. Vlrtrle Mud
i-ure, Margaret Mon, ure. Mary Nslsoo,
Late UaatttH*, of Krr-drrli'kaburg, Mis?
Tourtss, ?later of tbe tr roo in. Tbe u?b> r?,
Masar? U t I. Mou? ur?. of Wldvwafr.
Botley, J-tiiM-s Asbby, Jr., aud J K.
Yourtee, brotber of tin groiiti
Aftsr tb? t-eremoay a reriotloti was
b.1,1 ?t tbe bom. of lb?, bride, ?ttsu.'.ed
by a Isrsrv uumbsr of relatlu? aud
trlelid? Tbey Vsft ou a tour to 11,..ton
aud tb. lakaa latsr. and will be at botus
lu Maryland aUiut Aug 1.
Uowaril Bun bell, of klngtieorgconu
uilti.d ?ul.-td? Tuesday aft.ruooi? by
juwntug from Omitir? wharf luto tb?
Fotomtv river. He Wats returoiog (rom
WttsbtugUiii aod a? be led tlie ?learner
U .lived Into tbe water. It 1s tstllevsd
bis mind waa afWte.i. Tbls was not
lbs tlr?t attempt to take bl? III?. Tbers
wa? do aiiuareot reasoo lor tits raalias-t
B? waa 4o years old aud 1? survived by
bis wtls and *-) ?Ltl.trt-.ii. Tbe tuner?! took
plan-e Iroiii I'.itotiiiH* Rapttat ?bur.-b
Wedo??1ay atteruooD.
Tbe Ure alarm Tuesday eveolog aboat
7.3(1 whs ?-?used by a bl?/.-In ? house
belonging to Mr. James Hewitt ou up?
per Matin street. It Is uot known bow
tbe tire originated. Mr. aud Mrs
Hewitt were away from borne at tbe
time and knew uotblug aboutit until
It was all over. Tbe neighbor? noticed
?uioke coining (rom an up ?tr?1r? room,
and a? tbe bou?s wa? lock-si bad to lor.-.
their wavy In Fire wa? buriilitg ou tbe
back ill a bed and mnttrea?
Mr. and Mr?. Hewitt have recently
moved bere from Faloioiith.
Tbe damage wa? not serious.
Tbe Knights ?if Pytbta? will hold a
moouilgbt lete at Hanover park during
tue week beglnulug July ?'?', I'lau? are
bel?g perlecud to make tbls au enjoy?
able invasion ot diversion rand recreation
aod It I? bop?d It will add to the build
Ing fund ol the lodge's en-U-.-uer. Music,
d.uclug, uicrry-gi? round, ?hisitlug gal?
lery, upen air vaudeville. ? ,?>n bo?rd,etc.
Mr. Addlsoo Henderson, of King
Osorge, brought Tuesday th? first cante
loupe? of ?he ?>'*?oii and I hey were sweet
aud of gimd size.
Otfice hours 9 1 and 2 to !"?; btatei Mala
?t-eet. over Uoolrick'? drug ?tor?.
Urmat PartMt f last ta VWsOsf B???m- Lswt
vom cssst
Tin? July term of Stafford I Irtult court
convened Mnudey. Judge John I li?
s.u presiding. A large crowd was prea
? ut Hsy bsrveat and SOtm ttSfa Were
? 11a?'U???d Polltt ? ?.?tu to I?, quiet
Boa. R I' I. M. inure wa? prissent
uilugllng with the i rowil A large uuiu
b*r of ,-bancery order? wer. ?t, iere.1
t iiiiiinou law disket wa? mat called, thla
not being a jury term
The following pereou? appeared In
"lurl. pVrtdedguilty of violating the rev
une laws and were lined ssvs |.'.o and
? .??I? to Judge Maaou loi.tr Kart,
iteiij J I lark. W S Towaou. j.r? K
I 'H?1S
Jake Km/ ssmyrsmt m1am violating the
revenue law?, will ls< trW.1 till? term
1 hl' bester A I hli'hxater are hi? imnirs-l
A special grand jury. will, <leu lion
cur? foieiusii, ws? ?worn lu to atntulre
llllo aliened Violation? of retfllUS law?
Rule agalual Win klarahall for falling
to attend court aa a wltii**?. be app*-ar
lllg and ?tatlng to court he wa? pre?
vented on account of ?IckuetM
Mr. Harold 1.. Lowry .i.ia.lii.?d to
practice law.
lu the ca*' of Mrs |?eu* B. I'rauklln
t. W. A Kraukllu fir divorce, the court
ordered Kraukllu to t>a> f7."> alim?n?.
t ' , to enable Mr?. I- rankllti tu prose?
cute her ?uit l''r?i1srlck W folvuieii I?
attorney for Br?. Kraukllu and Ue*er?
Wellac? aud Butiner for Hr. Franklin
lu esse of Margaret Haiiiui?tt v. Kppa
Hnuim-tt for dlvorv?, the curt ordered
Hammstt to pay Mr? Hami-iott flu
per month for auppirt and $'J."> i-ounsel'?
f?s.? Q. R. Wsll?tce represented Mr*.
Hammstt and Chlcheeter A Clid heater
Mr. Hamtnett.
Those present from tbie city were At?
torney? SV W. Butiner, C O'Coiior
tioolrV-k. Frederick W ( ol?mati, Krank
M Chlcheater. C H Koster and Judge K.
H. I. Chlcheater ami (I. B. Wallace, of
?rast Gttt Eight*** Ysstt
John Braut, i barged with burnii.g the
baru aud ?table of Tima J Waller o.ii
taliuug two uiultw ami one bun? ami a
valsable lot of hogs, wa? given In years
In tbe i eiiltentiary by the jury. The
barn wa* ?leatroved iu August. I'.mis
Mr. Thu* J. Waller and Mr. Wooddall
testided that Brent .-..?leased td. burn?
ing the baru. A' . l?> them, ami Anna
Hill, who I? now 1ii.Hi ted, teatltlsd that
?he poured the oil aud Brent ?track the
nittih The cea? was ?ulmilt teil to tbe
jury without argument The jury wa?
i-oiupoaed of Wui Byron. ?I. C ?Itewert,
S P. Cooper. Wm. Blm-k, I, D. H-tlin,
W B Jone?. I J Chsrtter?, J K. Kng
llsh. Ja?. T Humphrey. Ja? Buutyard,
I T Kolllti?, H. W Kdwsr.l? 8. II
Wallace, seal.ted by R H. I. Chlcbeater
and Krank M. Chiche?ter. conducted the
prosecution, and Kredertck W. Coleman
aid C. I> K?ster represented tbeaccuaed
Commonwealth v. Hammett. carrying
concealed weapon?, continued.
I'iimniiiDweslth v. Kuiz, for ?.Hing
w .us contrary la law, continued. Chlcb
?*t?r A Cbh-hmler for the accused
Commonwealth v. Annie Hill, for ar
?on. continued aud required tu furiil.li
bond In tbe sum of #'-'<mi, which wa?
Speclsl grand jury ?-?turned Inrltctimut
agaluat Bowar? Comb*, for dlatllllug
brandy, which wsa . ontliund W W
Huttnar rvpreveuts tbe accused.
Court adjourned Tuetxlay ?????iilng
ill tBBBBI Hin 1.1 I
Moucure guardian v M.incurv Infanta,
final d*crw
I. A. Martin v Rloitoiiet alt, deer?*
r.f.? rene?
Pollock v Pollock, disbursement d,
? r.e
Pvytou, rit-cut.ir, v. Peyton and
ottiers, dl?bur*?m*nl dei-ree.
lhidd and other? v. Raauiy aud others.
I em,.leinen v Templemau, final dtverec.
Is.ua R Franklin v W. A Franklin,
alimony allowed,
Burton, eierntor, v. Monroe at al?,
mad* a vacation cae*.
Smith, etc , v. I?ewt* et al, dieburae
ru? ut d*cree.
St rot bar at ala v. Moore, adiululstr*
to", titial decre*.
KnglUh v. Englivh, dlvon-e. tlual decer-r.
Mounljoy v. Mouutjoy, divorce decree.
MagraihA finale? v N'auul? Psyue.
tlual dts-ree.
i onwsy, tru?tee of I. I*. Magrath'a
??tale, v. W. B. Cbaaley, r? Ir-reiir? decree
Mr. C. M. Hunk lee, reprsseutliig Weil?
ern Kiev trie Compauy. Atlanta, (la , ha?
ben here !..r a week looking after tele
plume development In thia aectlou He
and Mr. J. S. Karly. manager Bell Co ,
are gettlug a UUUlber of teiephnne lilies
bullt tu thl? aud Stafford county.
Baptist Sunday school will ?rive their
annual excursion to Wldewater Wedum
day, July II. Kvery facility will be
I afforded lor bathing and boat riding. A
big crowd will go aa usual.
Tbs decks and chairs for tbe public
schools have arrived and ar* being put
up lu tbe ?'boni building by Mr. Irving
Buck, of Baltimore. They are \rty
Mr. C C. Ctirhln, manager for (apt. R.
C Vance, while tiling the thresher Tue?
day, had tbe misfortune to rstcb hi*
baud lu tbe machinery, latticing painful
Injurie? Dr. Barney rendered uectwsary
John shelton and Frank Mill? were on
a ladder painting a ?table at Chatham
Tuesday, when tbe ladder tell Istck ward?
and ,-aught both under It. Mill? was not
hurt, but Shelton was knock.il uncon
Th.-rs will lie a picnic held at Brooke,
Vs. July 17th. ltto'J, forillo beuetlt of
Andrew? Chapel Sunday scbuol All
friend? are Invited to come and enjoy the
Call on lie. 1er and Alrlch for tbe beat
grade of German millet, crimson clov?r,
I F?* ? rape and other field teed?
Cssd Bssts MMtlst ???iltletl Jsdgts F?
hknanr ??Ht. Etc
?A... lel m?ri ?w h.ld *? Bow liug
Dreeu Monda? But few pen pit, at*.
Uotwltbatsiullng there were maltet-. ,.1
Kr.tvt tiller??, t la Ike people to I- ills
L'US??ed The county Delll''? rail?' .oil,
mill?.' was to meet, there wss to On s
gio I rond. iiii-elMijf held, s,title politic?
Were to I?- talked sboUt. the ? 11,'?! ti Ml of
the highway for automobile? letsM:
the National and l?tate Capitals to Is.
ona'ib-re.l The llr?t -??.-,. ha* l?-su
taken In the goixl mttd? tin ?eiuent. the
i-ouuly levy Is'lug burease.1 from 2~> t..
BS .eut? oil the $|IMI
i.oi.l. HOAIi^ Ml I 1 IM.
It wss early when lir C. I liravatt,
Ktale Senator and one of the vice pre?!
?JsBtS of the Stute organization ol Hood
Itoad?. arrived, luaahort time I u|.t
I'. St Julian Wilson. State Highway
i oiuiiits?). mer. and State Senator I I
l.ttxslter came from Klein,mud. They
h.ld ttn Impromptu re.-eptlon on tlte
hotel law ii ami w?-re Ititrodin-ed Uievery
body The number of people who ?hook
hsiid? with them atteated the intere?!
felt lu the movement. 'Ills i|Ui?'1oti of
the highway Is-tween the capital?
brought out a strong ?? ntluieiit favoring
the old stage road route, which passe?
through Rowling Ureen. It was con
?1 lered the eaateat and short?-?t route
ami along It ar? p<dtit? of litatoric In
?.rest t?i the (s?o?, le of the whole country.
When tbe bell tap,red everylstdy weut
li.to the lourthours' to the meeting
Vice-1'resident liravatt presided, and the
?I ??eche?, e?i?ts-1slly that of Senator
l.asslter, were highly Interesting The
local organlratlon. a? which J I' HI. h
ard? 1? treasurer, wa? largely batet used
lu membership,more tint rjo Itelug added
who promptly paid thrlr due?. The day
was on?? of encouragement to the good
roads people
i-oi.nn S.
It look? now a? If H.m O B Powar*.
Jr.. will bsve a walk over for r?'-?'lection
to the House of IHdgate? sud Ulli.?? ?ell
uineiit umb-rgoe? s radical chantre
I inker will carry tlte county by a good
majority, There Is however an unusual
amount ?I apathy In the campaign and
It t? a 11ue?t?on whether the vole will
i-oiiie out at the primary.
I'he lieino.ratlc ri unit} rom ml l te.. met,
I halrmaii I B Ion way presiding, and
appointed ju?1g>? for the primary.
Port R.iyel-Vermin Bullo? k. ?? It
I arrlsh, A P. Turner
M. ?? Neck 11. T Bull.sk T. It.
Toonit??. C H Jordan.
?lulneys?W. R. Tompkln?. t W, dl
ts?rt. J. C Chandler
Howling IIreeii ' . W ?iarr? tt. A \ al
eiit'ne. I. M. Koblnson
? dar Fork?Tom Cbswiiing, 0. W,
Soitthworth. Sam Cghlll
Madison- I?. J. Walle-, J D. loghlll.
Mi, \ I rillenden
aparta- Bbbbbs Pitt?, l.uti.er Bastasl,
J W. Oouldln.
Reedy Chur.-I, I. B Jeter, C. M Her
grave. J. K. Swann
Malty?M. A. Smith, Oscar Caratal,
< h ?ro Burro??.
Howers?Lmmett C.illlns. tiny Worth
am Arch Hill.
'?A Id te?--8 K. Farmer, Henry J ?mm
? i i Andrew?
?louldiiian L. M I arter. C K .Ionian.
A J S Collier
Shuinansvtlle lr?lu llr .ad.In?.HI. hard
Child?. J W. Allport.
A resolution was adopted to hold a
uncling on Mondar following the pr?
Hi-try at Bowling lireeii. i i can? asa the
- ,1 I. ol I liol'l H I V.
T. I', loghlll. att.irney lu fact lor Mr?
F II (Irsvstt. ?old a house and lot of
- on Mill,rd St to M.-ers. I. T.
eut B H Kay for Ili'i.T?
\o I I -
Mr J lav lor Thornton, of near I'ort
R >ysl, raised on .'? acrs? 900 l.uahcls of
oats aud on .'In acre? t) 11 bushels
The wheat crop lu the eouiity Is the
o, oresl 'or years, both In yield and
Tb? drought I? becoming serioui- Corn
la twisting in the held?, the ground 1? so
hard It .-aiiuol I?- wi.rk.d. Tobacco 1?
al-o ?uflerlng
Mr. H. Cary WalsOB, tea ,? .mm. rdal
travelrr.of Richmond,?va? present lorthe
llr?t time In several mouth? and he was
glveii the glad hand
The mail.? Muni? .,( Mr. A II Chandler
mats please,! to ?ee him lu his ? thee much
lmprove.1 lu h? alt b
llr. Smith.of Croitoii.wtis present with
in? automobile It I? a line machine and
attracted much attention
The Hoard of Supervisor? will meet the
llr.I Monday lu August.
There were many einjutrle? for llr. A
K t'llne. the veterinary surgeon, who
Ml here about ?U-;, team ago sad abose
w hereabouts are not known.
Tbe bridges between Mllfordand Bow I
lug ? i reeii are In bad condition, danger
ou? to homes' legs An accident would
cost the county more money than It
would take to repair them
Ts ths l-Kflst tod F ?cutty tf tlM Summa
A communication to W. 0. Scott.
agent of tbe Md., IM. A Va. Ky. Co
for till? city, from Capt W IIlard Tholii
win, of Baltimore, vice-president and
general manager of that line, graciously
acivdee to the written rupiest ? f ths
Mayor, members of the City Council and
of the school board, and a number of
busliie?? men, by exteudlng to the fair
guest? of this city who are attending the
Summer Institute, a free steamboat cv
curslon down the beautiful Rappahan
nock river on the evening of Saturday
next. July 17th.
The steamer will leave the wharf here
at -J p. in sharp, returning about f> .'III
Refreshment? will is? furnished during
t In trip and music will also Is? provided.
It 1? expected that tbe ladle? and those
who accompany them will have a most
enjoyable outing
The Md.. Del & Va Ry. Co. ha* ten?
dered these complimentary ex,ur?loi.s to
the teacher? and faculty of the Summer
Institute for several years past and the
generosity of the company Is appreciated
uot only by those who participate In tat
excursions, but by the city authorities
and the business community generally.
ho no
The .'ird ??uarterly meeting for Sj> its] I
vanta circuit, will be held uext :tr?l Sun?
day Servit?* Saturday at 11 a m. After
a lunch the biislnes? meeting will lie held
by Or R. F. Llpacomb, who will preach
at all servie*? and there will be preaching
at 1 I a m and .'I p. m Lunches served
on lht> grounds
For each county In Kastern Virginia to
?ad the J R. Watkins line of goods.
| Must have team and give bond. Address
? R. Cole, 11.,will.g Ureen, Va. IS 4
The Conway, Gordon & Garnett
Deposits 8oi.ipiticd. Nkootubi.k I'apkb Dih?>o?ntrd
All ?on-espondence prompt!/ answered In sealed envelope?.
Handsome lithographed tbeck books presented to each customer.
Mersbante' business sards placed on their checks.
m Bank Open From 0 A. M. to 4 P M? m
?Juanllco. V? , July 1.'
Thejr ?t I.A. M. Council So. M ?f
ijui-.uttr.>. that w a? ..rgaulied a little
over a year ago. sa.e Ha Hrst annual
lib ot Jul. -..1. ????? ?... tbe bant? of tbe
?ietorl? Pot?me.. Monday. July 5t>h.
Au Ideal lriaast.tr ? ?,(, ni.*. ju?t east of
village of ''uanl in, m a grote of ?late?
ly tre.?. ?oiii*.rising Hfteeu ?ir tweuty
acre?, overlooking th.- river. I pou this
? htvly lawn was a .lancing pavilion.
?iiiimIc fiiruWhed by the faun..i? Mussel
man ?trtiged hand. A little further
away wa? ruatlc looking refreshment
?tanda, having for aale soft diiuk?. Ice
?ream? ami fruit?, a great pile of water?
melon? V little further ou win the
lute li counter ?ml dinner table? with
everything tempting to the palate It?
.?le. The cry of tin- tintype man and
fortune teller i-ouM lie beard t?ut In lb?
?satte . ?.?il?! I?. seen men and boy? trying
to climb a greasy pole, having for a mag?
ne! at It? top one of "I incl.. Sam'?" ai
mighty greenback?.
The tournament wa? watched by hun?
dred? of pe ?pie. ?oine eoey tine h?ir?e? Ire
lug ridden by their owner?, rotnlng both
from .Stafford au?l I'rluce Wl Ham The
? ucee??ful knight? Dan Tulaou ?I.one
Star) Hr?t prit?, a tine Cngllah ?addle: I'
Powers. (Tallin Branch) se?-ond prit?,
bridle, ?ieo. Weedoii (Clareuientl sliver
mount?-?! ?pur, third prize.
i >ur ?1?ter town. Dumfries,several bun
dred year? older than our little village
l'Jtiantlroi, sent down '.? knight? of tbe
bat. Cherry Hill ruihed In the other y
right Hank, and upon the diamond for
more than an hour was waged oneoftbe
hi.tteHt games of the season, resulting to
a victory uf 11 to 2 In favor of ("berry
The bathing beach wa? another putee
?if great attraction, the water swarmlog
all day with a happy crowd of hoys and
girl?, ?tall boats and gasoline launches
w?re well patronized, running excursion
partis? to the Mary land ?bore and other
pla?v? ?it Interest.
' t I TO p. in Rev. C. K. Sydenstrl?ker,
of i ico,jtiaii,gave an Interestingaddre?*,
ll.i.'iied to by over Hve hundred pe?iple
Before aud altar this addr. ??three hymns
were ?ting, three hundred or more copie?
having ??eeti distribute,! The muai.
that ?welled the br?ete was something
that wa? never heard Isdore, even at one
of the old time open air camp meeting*
A' night the ground? were Illuminated
by hundreds of Japanese lanterns of all
color? During the day ?cores of Hag?
w.re unfurls.) their length to the river
bftwai and with the many yard? of bunt?
ing u?ed In decorating mad? a picture
that will long tie reuiemtiered by those
present, and gave a patriotic demotuor
t., the occasion.
The crowd was ???tlmnted ?t two
thousand. A good sum was real I fd the
..r.?'. ..Is to go towards building a hall.
A Visitor.
A r. guiar meeting of tbe Hu?lue?? Meu'k
Amu teltoa wa? held Tu.-?.lay night.
president \V. I. Hratitiau prealdlng. and
Dr J. (iarnett King, secretary.
Mr. Klshpaugh, of Advertising I ..in
uilltee, report-d that hi? i-omniittee liad
advertised tb- free ?1te? donated br Mr
Henry Warden In the Manufacturer?'
S?cord and exhibited a copy of ?ame
Mr 1". ft. Woo.l??in. of the TI me? Ills
?.at.h. W'?s present and ?pi Le l.i the In
??rest of advertising the a.I vantage? of
Krederlcksburg through ihe c??luinns of
lit. paper. The matter wa? referred to
the advertising committee
Mr. Isaac lllreh brought up the subject
of t!i- proposed automobile route be?
tween Washington and It!. binon.!
He. retsry King was instruct.?! to write
to Ihe Washington Post and TIiii.ni Dis?
patch and offer the servi.v? of ihe a?s?>
clttlon t . th.se In charge of the rout.-?
and to the secretary <?f the Uood Road?
??.lion In Virginia
The Kreilcrlckshurg ?V Little FallsTek
phoaa Company ha? basa orgaulted with
lbs following ill,mls-r? (leo. H Newton,
Kalph liar.i. Dr. II. Harrt?, (i. Westfall.
W. K Corsoii and Mrs. Mary J. Roach
A contract waa made with Western
l-j. et rie Company, Atlanta, lia, anda
Hue la being bullt to l'redcrtcksburg t..
colilic-l with Sotltllern Hell Telephone
Th.we line? ar>- an Indication of (he
progr?s? being made by the farmer? We
are gla?l to ?*? these line? l?.1ug erected
They add ta the prosperity of the city by
pultlng farmer?, merchaiit?. banker? and
doctor? 1n couitnuuli-atlou with each
?ither If such lines ran In ever dire.-tt.in
from Kre.l.-rlcksbiirg It would be an ad
?antagc l
Tbe Democratic county committee? ot
Stall,.rd and King tie,,rge c?,unties have
tiled upon Aug attk Its tbe day f >r tbe
primary elei'tloii forcaudl.late?for Uouae
of Delegate?, and all cauiltdat*? mini til?
notice wltb the chairmen of the commit
trea of Ntalforil and King (leorge on or
before the 1st day of August, lisch
candidate will be assessed $.11) for el
pasja??? of primary.
K II I. ( hlcheater.
Chairman County Deinocr?'!?-Committee
of rttaff.ird.
II. T. (iarnetl.
t'tialruiau County Democrat!. Committee
?.I Klug li.iirge
Tin* Republican? ?if Caroline held a
mass meeting at Howling lireen and
named the following delegates to the
State convention at Newport New?:
Charle? K Heaseley, J. I). ('. I'ouldln, (*.
M. Harris, W. S. Blatt. K I. R. Dunn. J.
R. Allen, and K. F. Hick? I?ater another
meeting will b? held to consider tin* a 1
vlslblltty ol nominating a candidate
for House of Delegates
Mr?. Klixa Chalmers, ng.?l NT years,
?li.il at ihe home of her son, Mr Andrew
Chalmers, in Spotsylvauia. of general
debility, mi Tu.-sdi-y. "She wits a Chris?
tian woman, a memls-r ol Wt (Jeorge's
? hapel at R< ?bey's on tb? old I'lllllk roa,I.
of Which ?ha WiiH oil.* of the founder?
Sh?' will l>e interred in tlie City cemetery
here. _
Mr. ami Mr? Da vid Hirsh will leave
Thursday for Atlantic City to ?p.-n?i two
weeks Un th.* ?ame ?lay Mis. Carliui
Hirsh and Miss Julia liohlsmitli will go
to Stoats Cottage, < ?ceau View, lora ?lay
of ?.-vi-nil weeks.
Mr. Joseph Robinson, aged 78 yean,
died at hi? home near Maesa-stuax Mon?
day night. He ia survived by six chil?
dren, lu lierai from the holm- Tuesday
Mr. Jos. M. Goldsmith hot lost a very
handsome mereeehaum and silver pipe in
a red morocco case. Ths finder will be
reward?-?! by returning same to him.
Drslrabl* itMdsaw on Charles street
for sale. Piiee and term* r*s*onabto.
?....ni resldenee, with modern loiprov*
msots.on Prince Kdwsrd ?trs*t, tor r*at.
Vary desirable Apply to
Juo W. Aiitoon. Jr.
I KrederkUberg, Va.
CMMrss ? Dsy Mail is* Pi*?**cUet Fa ?as?
Eatsts PassssH
Klug Georg? f.. ,V? , July 13ib. 1MB
I blhlreu's I'sy waa leiebreted at I'o
toma,-< burch Sunday ?ml an Interesting
program w a? carried out. Tbe pupil? of
the ?liiiiil all ?Vi, ultUel them?. I?e? beau
tlfully.aud the addr??.?. ? on tbe ocastou
were en-ellent. Tbe cburcb wa* very
tastefully decorated. Tbe crowd was su
large the church could not ercouini,slate
Ml?? Louise Nln.le Watson, of Col.iulal
Beach, wa? uult??l In marriage to Mr. T.
Locks ?iriltith. of 1 wlford. Weatmore
laud county, last Wednesday, the 7th, In
tbs.rget.owll, lu Ht. Paul? church, by
Rev. Mr. Howdeu. The marriage wa?
lu no sense a runaway, but m pleasant
romaine The yourg bride to the oldest
daughter of Mrs Mary C. WaUou and
tile late Mayor Samuel Watson, of Cub,
ulal Beach, and a granddaughter of the
late lleorge Astitoii. of klug George
Tl.? bride groom Is a son of Mr D M
iirlttitli.il Wesiiiiorplaiiil. and a grand
sou of the I ?te llev Tilomas LOSS?*, for
many years rector of St Peter* church.
Uak tirove. Tits yunug couple are
s)s*iid1ng their hone) moon at Colonial
A happy party of Waahtngtonlan?
came down last Thursday to Wllkerson'?
on it tour of Inspection of real estate,
with tbe expectation of buying In King
(ieorge. They Were Mrs Maurice Bleu
and daughter. Miss C.irabel, Mr*.Covert,
of Washington, and ex Governor Hart
and Mr? Hart, ol Ohio, parent* of Mr*.
Bien, who contemplate lnve ting In
Virginia land*.
Ml** Mary Wllkins, of Washington, Is
a gueat of Miss Minnie Smith.
Ml?* Lucy Lewi? I? visiting frteude In
Mr. Dandrldge Sale, of Kanex. waa a
guest Saturday and Suuday of Mr. Wui
A Smith.
Mi.se? Hilda and Jean Holc.liii, ol
Washington, are guest? of tbe Ml****
Lewis at "Marinloii."
The vote In tbe election upon the iju.-a
tlo'iof Issuing fSS.000 additional honda,
for completing the macadam road* In
Madison district, of Orange, wa* a* fol
45 7
'.?'.i _>4
Hi -'
l.l i;
? 17
7 o
la i5
Total. 197 71
:VI ?;
Grand Total. 9SQ 77
Majority. 17.1
The following 1* tbe vote In Madlaon
district ahme
Gordontvtlle. -I". 7
Orange. M '-'4
T?,1al. Ill .'Il
Majority. Ill
Au election upon tbe t-UeMlloB of l??U
lug 190,000 In b. nid? to he ueed for put
ting lu a ?yatem of water work? lu
Orange resulted
Majority. 5a
Gordolisvtlle .
Rh.iade* ville..
hni-uit lirove
Wo? ?folk'?.
01 I .km;-y EMcttaa hi Staff??.
V? htteOak tiwyn l,ee. F.. Taylor Kol
line, judg-se; Harry Clark, clerk.
Kaiinoutli James Bowler and Nor?
man llrown. Alex Wyne, clerk.
Simpson? Itasll Kiiglan.1, Thomas i".
Sue!Hug?; Ham Young.
Hart wood F. Stewart, Jam? ?Monroe,
W. KmI.rey
Rose ville Win. duelling?, R. M Jouis
Van trSnellliige.
Htafford Ht.?r. Daniel Toison, K. It
Garrison. H.rl-ert Tolsou
lllfa a B. Moiicure, Krank Power.;
Jam-, lull.
Htafloru i. ii -Jame? Asbby, Alex
Id..I t.n: Aruilstead Nelson.
Hr.iok.- John 1'ayne, !.. C. Fleming;
W. A Cltft.
Gaaa" Read* Scout Car? WIN Star! ?gala
The Washington Cost and Rlchuioud
riiiiee-Dlspati-b good road? scout car?
will ?tart on their aaaoad pathtii.diug
journey from Washington to K!i liumud
This time the trip will Ire made via the
.Sbenandoah valley passing through imee
burg, llerryvllle, Winchester. "Strasburg,
W oodatiM-k, Kdluburg, llarrtsouhurg,
Htauuton, Haste City, Aft.iu and char
lottesvlll.., at all ol which platee? good
roads meetings will be held.
The scouts will coniuiue three day?
In making Richmond.
This route to Klchmo.t 1? ui..re than a
hundred ml ft longer than either ol the
other two available one?.
Tbe Time? Dispatch scout auto which
left Richmond at au early hour Wednes?
day morning passed through the city at
7 a. m. having made the trip In a little
over two hour?.
Tbe journey waa continued on to
Washington, which city tits party ex
peeled to reach by .':.*IU. It I? hoped that
the routs via Krederlik.burg will finally
be aslet-ted.
Mr. Algernon B. Chandler, ?I Rowling
Green, bas written Tbe 'limes Dispatch
a? follows in reference to the auto route:
"As per your request In today's issue,
I write to ?ay that In my opinion by tar
tb? best roots from Richmond to Frrder
Ickahurg Istiy Hanover ('. II , and thanes
loi,owing the Kell Telephon? line through
tbl? town. Tbls will be found, at least
through Caroline as direct *a routs a?
any, aud vary much tbe beat road."
A good rain fell In Stafford Tuesday
evening, extemilng from "l.lttle Fall?,"
owned by Mr. Ralph liard, to below
?Traveler? Rest," tb? home of Mr. J.
Howie Gray. From Little Fall* up tb?
county It waa very light. Tbe drought
1? becoming aertoos in tbl? ?action.
?jjrltto, "nry?" Cimm atefte Mpl Vt-tart.
On the ground that 12? illegal vote?
wars cast In the local option ?lection Id
KHstol last wssk, which resulted In a
victor/ of the "weta" by H2 majority,
tb? temperan?? leader? hav? dacldsd to
contest tb? election.
A commit**? til ?slscted wltb power
to proceed to retain counsel and Ab ?alt
attacking tbe legality of tb? ?lection.
Headquarters For All
Kinds of Leather
Bots leather. bMm, ?trip? and Block?,
aitkar Hemlock or Oak.
Harneas l?tatbsr, Helling aod 1?*? Ing,
alt axesa.
Calf Hkln? and Black?m1th Aproo?.
ff? don't bandle anything but th?'??t.
All guaranteed to give perfect ?aUafac
tlon aa to priVw?, etc. tf.
John G. hurkamp Co.
Chancellor Makes The Price I
Spring Farming 1909
I wearteem Wire Fencing, from M t.. M loches hlarh; Harb-sl Wire and Staples. Hupertor Mai Drills, Drag
ai,.I ??iirliig Toiitli Harrow?. The liest Manure Hprv-aders, The Bos* Gasoline Engins?, 9 to 90 Horas
I'.iwer; Saw Mills Farmern' Frleml i urn Drills, with and without fertiliser rtlsrhstfttti lilt Most lav
i,r<ive,l Cream Separatore, all sisee; Hand aud Horse and Hiding- Cultivators, Fana Waftoaa. I BJllBgss.
Iingglee, and other Vehicle?,, lar l'....,l.ng Pa?< r and t aim, Oliver Chilled Hows, Kanasrs' Frisad Flows,
Churus, Chain?. Well Rockets, Statten, H,tee, atol other fanning Impleaiants boUfrht lor rsaft ta taras
q nal. titles ami?.ffensl at th- ??? r lowest rash pries. BKMKMRKK THk Umatm AND PLACE?
M. S. Chancellor
_FARMERS' BPPPLY STORE, Commerc? Btr?t._
Ladies' Tailor-made Suits
Ladies' Separate Tailored Skirts.
Ladies' Entire Silk and Worsted Dresses
Ptoa ta ta/? m rar! ?o
Ladies9 Mull Dresses. Ladies9 Linen and
Wash Suits,
Ladies' House Wash Dresses. Beautiful
Shirtwaists. Silk. Mull, Linen. Allover ?Lace,
all splendidly tailored.
These and all other things of a First-Class Dry Goods Store are here.
Pfo Farmers and Dairymen. I
\\ i? Hiv pleased to offer you the Finest imported
Parchment Butter Paper
mannfactorsd. put up la boxes of MO 9x19 sheet? at 66c the box
Also DIAMOND CRYSTAL SALT for butter or table use. Diamond Crys?
tal Suit in Bos, whits, smooth running and absolutely pure Try it in your
batter. Sacks 6c, 10c and 26c.
Women'?Tan SuedeAnklnStraii
Sandal?, mMlliiin ?Hiles A JE
Women's llus?iit Calf Bteehtr
Cut Oxford, a hIk?.. a JtZ
that weani, at. le/J
Women's Pat.Coit.V thin Metal
('all _' Kyelet
plain toes, at.
Calf '_' Kyelet l'um|is, ^Te
Women's White Canvas
lihi.Iier Cut, I'lain Toe A ?\f\
Oxfords, $1.50 value... ? a\y\J
Women's Soft kid Oxfords,
plain toes, extra wide, tlexlble
soles, a comfort giver, A *^H5
Misses' Patent I?eatlier Ankle
Strap Saudais,'.) t
fl.r.O. i:i to 2 at.
Strap Sandals,*.? to 12 A J/Z
Mise???' Viel Kid Oxfords, pat?
ent tips, extended soles, tilui li?
er cut, '.?to 12 #1 2."?; A IT ft
i:i to 2 at. ? ?Jv
The Waldorf Shoe For
Mei at $2.50
equals many ,.f tlicf .'l.r.o kiml?
All leathers, all styl?*?, mam
SHOE For ?en
embraces all thatgoes to make
tbe highest Krade Footwear,
Shoes and oxfords. All leath?
ers, all styles.
Price 4.00
The Shoe Man,
'Mil Main St., next to C W.
Jones, Predertcksbuix, Va.
tUsjUtarmd Abntdaam Aturoa bull*. 111
sad A moatb* old. Ms* pedl_n?e?
Very rsssoesbl* pricaa. l'armera, !in
pro?? jour ?luck sad get rid of born*.
David I. Jsyo**. Wsw?txmsx, Vs
Bcerttoa* Kara.
Big Cot in Sommer Goods at Lowery's.
We are taklug time by the forelock and thereby giving you the ad van tag? of
In? Ing summer good? w lien you in. ?it need them, and at price? that in ?an a big
?a?1ng All summer good? are Included In tula reduction Balow art ? b? of tt?
many go..i things
.". an?l ?'.. U.n? cut to. Ac
13*4 IS Ma] lr-?.- lawuaaud Organdis? now. lUc
|l?c l.awu and Mattste now . TV
Bike She-no Silk, all ahaiiee. waahabt?, only.?. 3a*?
r.oc Shantung Anglala. Iieaultful ?badas.?. SAe
I .'.and 1*-. Crinkle I'll???. 10c
Ml ?.'?..? White Fancy MHr.e.-1te?1 Uadra?. ._ 19e
-.'"m Dress I.lnen Stripes ami Check? fur coat ?ults.?. lite
Only S H, sutlful aleesallne 811k Prlnrece Dr?sttvs aold at $16. tak?Utsst lor. $10
Small hit Wash Suit? at Isss thau <-o?t to make white ?ktrU and ?bit? ? ?Ist* at
prl.-s? that will please.
t-j ".?? Silk Parasol?, blai-k aud ? ,.l?ir?, now.$l?8
$1 ??.-. Silk Parasol?, black and colors, only. We
Big lot of N.w Ulllltisry Umght at less than one half pries, to 1st ?old accordingly.
Flower? ami fruit? all brand new . I.Uten'
1 lot Miu-wt ?ira.le Black Chip?, worth from $1.75 to $2.50, now. ?8c
1 lot line Straw Braid Shape?, ?old from $1 to $J, only.? 4fte
These are this seasou? uswe?t creatlou? and are uot ?Us-k worn, iaat op??d.
It I? a rare ? han.-e to buy a ?ummer hat at Is?? than one-naif vain?. Special prie??
,,n Trunk?. Suit Cases, and I jt?-e Curtains Don't gat It-it. r.,m? -uxj fM total ul
these plums.
J. T. Loweiy & Co,
* Rawlings & ?Son |
?? Just riv.1?, .*.! another car ol Ute eeasbratsd
fi Piedmont One? Two Horse Wagons <
Grain Drills, Disc and Smoothing
j Harrow8,the Majestic Washing Machines g
Alm? Winters?*.! Oat*. See.1 lije, Timothy* Bead. Hovar
m Swil. Orchard tirase Seed. A nk-e line of GRtx'EHIKS. m
^ In fact a?.y thing* needed by the farmer and housekeeper.
? iRawlingsS <& Song
I.adlee? Wash Suits from $.'! and op.
Kxtra i|ualltv White anil Colorad Wtttete oA 50e.
Wash Skirts from 75c* to $4.
A omptg? -'?? M?!?' Hoae, tan and blttc-k, lor 15c.
I .adle? Veeta for 5c, wortb 10.
A Rood ?'iialltj* Silk, J7 incbaa ?Ida, In all color?, wort* 50c, tor Ste.
THmioed Hata from $1 and up.
Sailor Hata from Ma to 9:i.
A big line of wide Unan Ljtcaa oA Se.
Many* other Special Bargain? at)
Isaac Hirsh & Son.
924 Main Street.

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