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Devoted to the Agricultural, Commercial tt-ud Manufacturing Interests of Fredericksburg and the Tidewater im Piedmont Country.
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aVbowiog?all iiiixiVlfS hihI explfaioiDg th?' circula?
tion and v'-utilation principle, or better null, null
und exaniiue the modeln thi'iiiHt-lvct).
Car Load of
Second Annual Colonial Jubi?
lee at Colonial Beach, Va.
July 28th, 29th and 30th, 1909
First Day j Second Day
liaM.-t.itH Loul.etta v?.
1 lu a m Btat rev-.-; ?lori.v au.l ,. , , ., .
Maamn F*e, |i Prize* 920. f lo un.i |( '.' on "J Bw^h.. . . _ , ..
?.-.. Maryland b..at? must v. ear sti-ea.,,. , -'',. J I" S^JS?. Tour .ai...-,... O,
? I tO All. laaillt-'-H Hot lt-t*ej 1 fl II III ! D
...... .t H,.l ? - - - el.... ?1 l? stm.
?Had not I--?? tlisn .'I ft from point.
2 IfhM a. ?. Swimming mm Hnlm I ?*? *?*"?] ?1(?*)' *~*? *nd g*
only. 10.? yard.. Prix?, ?T Fe.-. 2.V. , ,J? ?2*^^ ?~-"> ?""< ??''
S 11 a m.-*-mmk ram B?.?? umler ? ???*?> .'? P m-tjoid arnrmJ to
1.". year*. Prir.-, $."i Fe?- ISe
I 11.10 a. m - Foot ruse Malm;
KM) vani? Prize, ?r., f.'i ami fa. Fe.-,
.". 2 p in?Toiirniiiii.-iit. Northern
Neck, Bpotsylvitoia, Caroline an?! Fseex
.-ouiiti.f Ijiti.-.-e not 1??? 11.un 7 ft. 0 in
Balance?) not lee? tbttu .'I ft from point
Prize, ?.'to, 91 r? and 9-> Paw, fl
i>. 7:30 n m-Haliy ?how on pavil?
ion (?old metlal to prettiest bahy on
pavlion. 3 yeam old nod uiid.-r. F.-?- 95e.
in.??t (-rac.-ful la.lv dancer.
Third Day
1. 10 a. m.?Baseball. Warsaw vs
Colonial Beach
'_' 2 p. m ?Hont.- race?, l, mile heata,
.1 in ii. Ojien to all; pace or trot. Prize,
$."??. US, *."?. Fee. #5.
Il Hors.- race, S mil? heal?. .1 miaute
emM, I InS iimv m trot. Prize, %2't,
$15 and 95. Fee 93.
4 6crub ra??, ', mil.- heal?, 'J in .'1.
trot or pit.-?-. Prize, 920, |10 anil 9-"1;
F.?, 9-1
?i Confetti- Night To ttie person
w, ariiift the most riiliiulou? ro?tume ou
7 H:'-\0 p. in ?Corouatnm ami coun Board Walk between H p iu. ami 10 p.
try ball on pavilion ' m . a prize of 910.
Prominent apeakera of \ lrglnia and Maryland will be proaent to make
coronation addreeee?. Tieket* at reduced rate?, ??rood from July 27 to
AiiKust I Itii'lualrr. will be eold on Potomac river ateamera, stoppln?*- at
tue Beach. For further Information aildren? I)r. \V. I.. Psfi, Cniletta'
Do You Want In Your Home
A Piano or An
Organ ?
Why pay a fancy price".' We better? in quality and we
give it. We believe in fair prices: we make them.
Come and talk with uh or write un.
Adam's Book Store
Fredericksburg, Va.
Don't Risk Your Life and Property
Your attention baa been vtrtdly called to tbe awful crime recently com?
mitted In a county of this Htate, where two Itvea wem lost and dwelling de?
stroyed solely for the ay-know Mured purpoee of securing money. Dom this
not forcibly bring to your mind that your home may be the next to be en?
tered and relieved of Ita valuable content?? Protect your family and prop?
erty by depoatttng your eurplua mousy In tbe SAVINUrl DF.PARTMF.NT of
tbe Planter*' National Bank, Richmond, Va, where It will beabeolutely safe
and earn I per eent. Internet compounded mm! annually from date of depos?
it Don't ?Way, writs today tor booklst, "HOW TO BANK BY MAIL."
Safety deposit box?* for tbe mi. keeping of deede, tnanraooe polldm, *tc.,
for rent. Price 9*S and upward*.
Planters National Bank. ***?**. v*
CAf-TAl. 1300.000 00 SIMf-lUS A? ?Win. ll.ia0.0eX?
Says Republicans Are Pledged
to Downward Revision.
Hi* Statement la Interpreted In 6oms
Quart?r? A? a Notice That If Re
dutrtlona Ar? Not Mad? He Will
Eaarcim Mia Veto Power.
Washington. Jal] 17 All doubt as
to ?here President Taft stands with
r.gar.t to tin- downward rarlaliMi of
the tariff v?a? ?wept away wh.-n a
atBlemeut waa given out at Hi" White
House, sett I ii* forth In detail what
the president bail to say to twenty
tl.r?-. Republican ssremben of ?on
giess who ?ailed to protest against
putting raw materials on the free Hat.
Th?- presldeut in this statement di?
ctares that the Republican party Is
committee to a dowaward ravtaion;
that he has never had any Other idea
ut lb?- Chicago platform and that be
p? rsonally has promised a downward
revision to the people
This statement Is interpret.-,! In
Boma ijusrters here as a direct noli
Biatlon to th>- nnferaa? on the tariff
bill that If the measure they finally
agre.- upon doe? nor < .institut.- a ma
terlal reduction in specific dut I.-? the
president will exarclee bis power of
Dictated m the third person. Uva
statement coiiclud? s with this final
?ord of the president's attitude as
outlined to hi? callers:
"II?- felt s'miiikI? th.- .all of the
country for a downward revision with?
in tbe limits of the protective prin?
ciple, and he hoped In I"- alii
apond to that ?all as he heard it. as
well In the int.r.-sts of the part] as
Of the country"
Twenty four hours ?Ottld s. .- the
end Of thaj^worl, ot the i onf?in
the tariff lull and a substantial ?itr.e
ment upon th.- questions at i.sui-, but
forthe fu. propoaltlona Iron, ora,
ooal, hides oil and lumber?upon
whi. I. the praaideal stands firm for
radical reduction? or even abolition of
the tariff. Thi? Is the way the con
>l?-si rllie the situation, and up
on C*pn.ol Mill thi-re are facetiously
calling tii.-s. propoaltlona "the na?
tional Issue*."
Baa Leen made by
th.- ;.inf.-rees A preponderance of the
iHfTer.-nces in nearly all of the s. h.-d
ulea have h.-.-n adjusted.
Largest Locomotive Won't Haul Her
Own Weight.
.Montreal. Qu. July 17?The fam?
ous Canadian Pacific railroad Ins omo
tlve. the largest un th. continent of
Ann rlra. which was turned out from
the Angus shops about two weeks ago.
has proved an absolute failure She
will not even haul her own weight
and has been sent back to the shops
to seo what can be done with her Mr
Vaughan. the designer, is deeply dis
appoint?.! and It aawtna that the whole
machine will hav.- to b* taken apart
and eventually become little b.-u.r
than old Junk.
Effort to Have It Changed to
April 4.
Washington. July 17 ?An effort was
made In the house by Ri-pr? sentatlve
Hardy, of Texas, to have considered
a resolution proposing an amendment
o the constitution providing that the
president and vice |ir?-sldent of tin
I'nltcd States should be inaugur:>i?-<l
on April 4 Instead ot March 4. as now
prescribed by the constitution. The
resolution was read, but Its consldera
tlon was pre reatad as a result of an
objection made by Representative
Keifer. of Ohio
Oirls on Country Outing Hang Goat.
Chester. Pa. July IT.?-With twelve
year-old Agnes McKweea a?tlng as
executioner, six girls sent to Dala
ware county by Cue Connu? \\ .
soclatlon. or Philadelphia, hanged a
goat belonging to Baldwin lotie*, the
little sou of William Lewis Zeblev of
Bethel, the hanging taking place lu a
barn The goat serve?) instead of a
human actor In a wild west show, be
log blindfolded One end of a rope wag
fastened to a rafter, and when the sig?
nal was given the animal was shoved
off a box.
Dry Weather Kills BoH Weevils.
Dallas. Tex.. July IT Professor W.
D. Hunter, the government boll wee?
vil expert mad. public a report. ?*?"
lag the present statu? of the weevil
Is not so bad as at the same time laut
year Hry weather Is destroying 50
per ?cut of th. v..-evils
Ambassador Thompson Robbed.
Janesvllle. Wis . July 17.- Ambassa?
dor Thompson I'nited State? repre?
sentative In Mexico, was robb.-d of
$:3.iiuii while abs. nt from his post by
a trusted employe, according to a let?
ter received her?- from Mr. Thomp?
C. R. Crane Minuter to China.
Washington. July 17.?President
Taft has decided to appoint Charles
R. Cran.-, of the manufacturing firm
of Crane A Co . of Chicago, aa mini?
tar to China
a/he free lease la prepared to do all
kinds of job printing 1* first clam ety'a
?t a? vlarel? erlin
8.0. P. AT BALL
Minority Congressmen Win by
Score of 26 to 16.
Hi? Special Ruling? Could Not Shut
Off base Hits and the Democrats
Walloped All Sort? of Tariff Sched
ule? Out of the Republican?.
\\ ?shugton July 17 With Cncle
tnnon looking uii?j>.d powerless
to i all the minority t.. order or bring
in a special rulf shutting off liuse bits.
mocrats of the lions, of repr?
aeutatlvee wallopod all sorts of tariff
icdutae ?ml ni Hie Republicans at
Am? iu an I.- ague park and won the
uiosi famous lianiaaalluaal base ball
D i?-. ..ni by tin- thrilling score
Th.- miiinrity want.-J to
to 1 but the Republicans
? t] that propoattloo one? again
different kinds of base anil
In that gam. than erar
led into aerea Innings before
h.u.? s.-ein It wasn't
all bad The Dem?crata put up a rat
.i 111. ti. I.! Millie
itlvc ll-llll.
- Iu one 'i! i he outi
? striking!)
? id a chanca i
." Inning ? "I were
..: nine or tara
ii. ?. em ?\ ingtag .mi ?uio
Bight si liefiiu The portly
? ? III the
ball and another at his hare hands,
and "decked The hit ought to have
been good for :i home run but Rapta?
re UOWland ..! Ohio, tell ex
, k and ??-lied
for somebody to com? ua out und Hu
Longworth Not In Condition.
Representative NtCssOsha l.?jug worth,
of Ohio, signed at a t?tnieud<;us out
lay. it ?as said, bv th?. Republican
munag. r, failed to live up to hi? ad
van. e notices He presentid a natty
appearance in golt truuSer?. brown
sto? Kings and neglige shirt but h>
"Caseyed out" twice with two men on
got a bob once and tln-n In the
last half of ill. seventh show.-?! a
flash . ; when h>- beat out
u tiny little infield hit. His only other
acquaint.tu. ?? with tbe ball ?ma
pie ot foal Upa and several long runa
alt.-r^ o baggers slammed out
nntenifli .i i tomorracy.
The official score I.Hiked too much
like a house tariff hill coming out of
th.- s.iiat. committee oa finance to I.?
printed in lull The R.-publiians stuck
to their original line up throughout
the gum.- luit th.- I leniiK-rat.s wore
themselves our iiink lug t.-n runs In the
second am! alter that siibslit utes w .re
called upon With hit increasing fre
qnency, and the batiiag order was
sl.iit.il every inning.
The IK-ar.-st the newspaper scorers
nlil hands at the husin.-ss could
come to the I.as.- hits and errors was
rata U of the for
mer t o J.--t intended and five of
in* Mils r rhe Republican? are < red
it..! With J" sate hits and 9 errors
The real i. ..sun Usare were not more
errors was lu-cause the players aide
stepped the hard ones and could not
reach th.- long ones
The first victory of the day for the
fr-.- traders ?as wou at the gate. The
game was mppoaad to be for charity,
hut everybody s.-emed to have a pass.
This . ertalnly is funny." said the
old giit.ke.p.r as the passes were
handed in like bills dropping into the
hopper o?. the speaker's desk the first
?lay i>; If 1 got a paid for
ticl.ei I wouldn't know where to
put It "
Left on S|.t of Car, It Pierced His
Thigh and Broke Off.
New York, .ini> IT.?Dr. Qaorga H.
Rak.-i ot Long Branch, la sjjwlnesf to
his I...I by a mild form 01 Moosf pol
sonnig cuiis.-,! by a hatpin He starti-d
to attend ? patient at West Knd July
l. Banking lha trip b> trolley When
i.ii.l? !.. allgjsl he slid along tbe neat,
and .nine in contact with a hatpin
that had been left there. Tbe pin
peer ? I Ma thigh and broke off An
ivaarntloa traa necemary before the
pill was lo. ute.l
Instead of retiring, the doctor cou
tinned his dally calls A few days later
blood pol.-.oniiig set in.
Old Man Takes Poison.
Mm I IK II ?? N J. July 17. John
B'ackley seventy five years old. was
brought to the Morrtstown hoapltal a
BOf following an attempt he bad
made io end bis life at lake llopal
The ?cil h.n Ules say the man
tiH.k a dose .if laudanum with an 1? ?da'
Intent as they found a bottle with
some of the iKiison In clos?- to the
place wh.-re his uiicoiisctous form was
? real
Black Hander Hanged.
Hahnvllle. LaV July 17?1^-onardo
C.ebbla. an Italian, the first person
ever eent to the gallows In Louisiana
tor a crime committed in the name of
tbe so-called Black Hand society, was
banged here
Tb* tatst pill* mad* a-* DeWltt's Little
atari*/ Rtmra, the famous little liver pill*.
They am small, gante?, pwaaant. eaey to
take and act promptly. They am sold
by Ooolrlek's Modern Pharmacy.
It's joet like n woman to eotxt* haaa*
from a ball and put on mom clothe* to
simp In than abe wore to dear? In.
Labor?, Va .July 1".. 1SHIV.
I. wa? liidetd it pleaaant surprise Sat
n I ?y to ?ee Mm? a. Lottie Krax. r. oii.lug
lulu the i id home tier ?oiig hat ?o often
-Ii. ?n.I and her ?tulle uiellowed. die
- !.- mark, o! ?uc?a?lul ei.deavor
and th.- ?ut1?fa. itou that reward? heroic
l?'nir piay? about her tiro? 11 aeem?
I., f ?lay wilt be short a* ?he baa mauy
cah? for her ?kl.I Along with her came
Mit? Flora I.rave?, of Madl. <m, j i.ly and
lively: her pre?eti?. Ilghtl.eu? the hurdene
of hi?
i nui'g HuilisL. ?on ? t Mr. Pen-y Bul?
lock, asa? painfully hurt at Mr. Mercsr
l>h tlu?ou's tnglne a few ?lay m ago. He
t? ?ail to be Improving.
The Casey ?ale wa* I. be rally at
' f.nd thing* brought lair price?.
Mr. I'aeey I? now ou a vieil lo Mr. Will
bi.w n. : ear Kredertckaburg. and will in
a t? v\ day? returu lo Ibl? neighborhood
en roiit ? lo Washington, where he baa
properi> to look aller.
M beat thnsehlug with It* dlaappolnt
mei.te. 1? ov?-r and farmer? are hurry lug
Iu their gra>?
Mr. Nat Krater, with hi? inter, ?ling
i-l.l.drei , returned lo Richmond a few
day? ago greatly Improved by hi? two
Week? v I.It
Me?.'?. JtiiiH Fr?ter ami VSIII lira
ham, ?I Orange, drlvlug lb? not?t span
ot black? aeeli here iu a generation, wer*
w-'ioiin- ?IsHOW I? ? our ?ectlou tld?
Mr. Tom Krater, the genial owner ot
? ?entry, has been mining litends In
llrauge i i.i? aeatj
Mr? Jaiii.nl. Eraser b..a purctm-.-d a
ni--.- and tertlle farm about ore mile from
n ivaf*. Her thrifty, gallant hOabaud ta
having a d willing,a lib m? d.-rii Improve
in. nt?. pushed to ?-ompirkP.il and they
?ipect lo move In by or before Cfc pteoi
Mr. Alc-k flreeti had a Hue cow kill?-.!
h| dghti.ii.g a ?hort while ago, and Mr
Kin llr... k man I..?I another of Id? (??-tea
with h>dn.phobia
Mr. C I . I'allaferro hita l?u aiming
th.- ?.??. r.vi.? In Hit? ?ecth.ii lately look
In- att.r hi? (?illtlcal fence?
sr. W. f lirave?, wit? and daughter
Irlt fur Seattle a tew day? ago. They
will make i-.v teiid.nl travel* Iu the Weal.
How ling U reeii. Va July 11 lb
III?? Kdyttie I'handler ?nterlitlned a
namler of lier y oung frleuds at an Iu
(o-iual dai i-e Krlduy night at her home.
Mis. K H. (?ravalte, of Washington,
lr a guest ot (rteod here.
Mr. Charles Bigger, ol KVhinoi.d.apuut
;'..- w. .-I .-lid with hi? family at lb? borne
of Mr T. B Olli
Mrs K. W. (handler aud llitle ?ou
have returned from a visit to trteuds In
Kl. hiiniiid.
Ml?. Alice Broaddus Is a guest of rt-U
Mm In King and l?ueen cnuoty.
Ml?? Ksleile I'lililss* ha? return??! lr..m
a visit to Ma? hingt on
Mrs. Krank Kichersouaud little daugh?
ter front Sparta are gueau of the family
ol Mr. ?:. I. Collins.
Mr. Joel Halu?? he? returned from
Washington, where be spent several days
with bis wife, who has been ?ick tu that
Rev. II. I. Cotnb*. of Richmond, will
fill the pulptt ol the I'hrlatlau church
u>-it Sunday morning and night
Th* Klchmon.i Matarle*, Conference will
convene July 27th with th. Methodist
church of this place and be In setaslon .'I
K-v K. H. Itowe ha? returned to Buena
'lata, after ?pending ?ome time with
relative? here.
Mr*. Clarence Campbell spent a portion
of this week In Richmond.
Mlmea New bill and Mitchell, who are
attending the Normal In Fr.derlck?burg,
?prut tbe week ?ud with Mr. and Mrs.
R. A. (Joghlll.
Mr. 8. P. Trewalla, ot Washington, Is
spending some time wttbbls frlsnds hers.
The ladles of the Christian church will
sell ice cream on next court day. Pro
it e I? for th? church
MUa Utllle Cary. of Rh-hmonQ. Is a
gUf-st of her sister, Mrs. J. L White.
Mrs. ?. K Dorsey hae returned from
a visit to her old home, near Hbumans
Vllle. X Y. Z
Children'* Day at Potomac church,
?lug George county, July 11 wae aa
RcaponOv? errlpture reading by th?
Prayer by the pastor. Rev J II. New
floral drill, uian-h, by juLlor clam
Keettittlou, (lood Af'eruoon, by Theo.
Solo. The Hlrdte'? Song, bj Lisle king,
K-illation. He Come?, by Hilda Clare.
Hinging by choir.
Recitation, Spirit of Missions, by Josle
Illustrated solo, by Margaret?* Jame*
Recitation, Smile* Varan* Troubles,
Celia Bork.
Tr.o. Jesu* Care* For Ms, Kinma and
Kilna Peyton and Kola Mason
Recitation, Edith Farmer.
Recitation, Children'* l?ay. Stella
Singing by choir.
R*citation, flood Night Celta Burl
li-cltatlon. Don't Trouble, Tiny
Recitation, Curly Head, Ella Purks.
Solo, /.ion. Mise I'ear! flrlgaby.
R?citation, Work, Charlie Bork.
Recitation, Tiny Stephen?
Recitation. Far Away, 1'eUv l'armer.
Hinging by choir.
Recitation, by Anna Owens.
Flan drill by six little girls.
Recitation and eoln, Anna and Tru?
man Hudson.
Address by Rev J. H. Mewblll.
Recitation, by Hilda Clare.
Singing, Hear tbe Pennies Fall, by
junior clam.
Collection, taken by Mlaeee Addle
1'urks, Burnley Farmer, Minnie Maeon
and l>ena Peyton.
Singing by congregation.
Benediction by pastor, Rev J. H.
There was ail day mrvtm and dinner
mrved In tbe grove by the Indtae. a v*ry
large crowd being present. Praachiag
in th* forenoon by Rev. J. H Newblll, a
mlmtonary sermon. Th* collection In
tbe forenoon wae tor missions and ia the
afternoon for Sunday school and col
pirtage work of State Mis?t on Board.
The exereleee wem enjoyed by all pree
?nt. At the r?tioeet of th* eopertnten
dtnt Mts* Emma flrlgaby, of Waehlng
ton, took charge of the organ for th* oe
Mrs. Annie flrlgeby and daaghtars ar?
rived at their enmmer hops* oa Bator
day, th* 10th, and entered heartily Into
th* eptrlt of the o??ca*ton
Te Amreprlate the Sum ef Five Thaeimd Del
las 15000 00 ? fa the laying Down ef Cm
tmta Cam la Fredericks!)??.
lie It ?ird.il.. .1 In the Coat .?!' .f the
city of Fredeil. keharg
i?t That ti.- aim. of n? - tl,..u-anl
dollars (t-r.lii.liiHi, baaat* H I? hmkj
appropriated o-jt ..f the i??le? of tb? city
for the year beginning July 1. l-.io'.i for
tb? pirpoae of leyh.g down ?taidard
granolithic ?-urbe on Main street, Prlii
re?s Ann? street, i liarle? street and
Prluce Edward street. In th- city. ! Fred
erlcaaburg, the ?aid ?urn ot mouey t.. b*
expended, twenty-tic.- hundred d.illa??
#201 HI iMli thereof for the Uiwer Ward,
and twenty tiv. hundred ?loila'? ($BSOO.
Olli thereof fur the i'pper War?l ot ?aid
ami. That said appropriation ?hall be
a ?pwlal appropriation and shall be ex?
pende?! by and under tlie direction of a
joint commltte to be coenpoeed of the
i ?imuiltteeson Street? and Klnan. ? . aid
that eald joint committee ?hall from
time to time have tbe e?td curb? laid
down ot standard construction and on
permanent g'ade liii??. th? work of ?aid
construction t?i tie let to ?oine rea?.ma
ble bidder or bidder? therefor. In coni
patltlv* blddlDg, and the eald joint i-<ini?
miti?? to have th? right to accept or r.
j-ct any and ail bids and to cali for new
?'hi. That in getting the bid? for th?
construction ? .( the ?niil granolithic
curbing?, tin said joim i-i.iiiu.it U-- i?
hereby in?tru.t.->l amo to re?-.ive eeti
male? (or tin laying- down of permanent
granolithic sidewalk* of standar.) ..in?
struction, und that wheaaajr curbing ie
laid .l.iwn it? in thi? ordiilitlu-e provided
f..i, and any citizen in front Ot ?ho?,
property ?aid curbing slinjl be laid .1?
?ire* to have a standard |*t?>-tneiit pul
down in fronl of hi* ?aid property and i?
willing t>. pay the cost Ihataof in tt<v.>r.i
nae* with the ?wtimaU- there?..i re.viv.vi
by the SHI.I commit*.-?-, then the coll
tractor ahull, at th.- eoai of H
pr..|s rty ov. uer lay ?all pav?-meiil. the
?auie ?.. I?-..! ?tnn.inn! c.uiatructioii and
In b* laid oat permanent g'a.ie. and the
work ?hall ha don.- uu.l.-r the direction
ot the suti-l jouil ?..inn.it?? -
lib. This orilinain-e ?ball I?- iu lam*
I rom it? paesutge.
And th-Council of tbe city of I'reder
tckaburg hereby declar??? It? purpose, so
tar aa the tlnaur?-? of the city from y.ar
to year will admit, to etuen.1 the ?urn of
five thousand dollar? (f.'.,00<i) each year
for tbe curbing of tb? street? of Kreder
ictalitirg. one year'* appropriation to 1?
davoti-d to the rurl.tiig >.f the ?treets ot
the city running north and ?outb. and
tbe next year'* appropriation to la ex?
pended for the curt.ing of tbe street* of
th? city running east and w*.t.
Tbe above or.llnani-e wa? presented by
Mr. Embray.of the Ordinance Committee,
at a meeting of the City Council Tbure
day night and passed after a suspension
of tbe rulee by the following vote. Kur,
Mesare, lane. Melville, Rowe, Uoidemtlh
Kmbrey, Brown and Bradley Norn,
flarner. Masters. Warden and (?reeu. Mr.
Howard wa* abnent. but would have
voted for it
P. MPI It Giras Dm? fa 1750.000
Th? P , F.4 P. R. R . Narrow fluage,
baa recorded a mortgage In tbe Clark's
odie* bare for f T.'.O.OOO, In favor of the
"Pennsylvania Co. lorinaurauoson Lives
and Granting Annuities," trustee. The
tax to tbe State Is $750. It te said that
tbe fund* ar* to b* need for tbe general
Improvement ot tbe road.
Mr. B. P Willis was wsll enough to
sit out ?m the porch Friday
Mr. A P. Dempeey la about tbe same.
Tbe fever t? taking Iu courm.
Mr. H. K. Sweet ter la getting on nice?
ly at the Mary Washington Hospital.
Mr. fl. W. Shepherd spends a portion
of the day in hie yard. He expect* to go
away soon for a short trip
Mrs Columbia. M.-nsereau was tine?! $2
and ci?*? by Police Justice Dannehl tor
'using abusive language to Mise Elsie
Officer W. R Ball had Mr Alport be?
fore Justice Dannehl for working some
of hi* mnlm with very sore shoulder?.
The matter will 1?- looked into and tbe
trouble remedied. Officer Hall had tour
of the tcame unhooked on Thursday.
They bad large raw place* on their
Sunday School Straw Ride
and Lawn Party
Th* Hebte*- Sunday school. In charge
of Mesar* iaaac Hlreh and H Kaufman,
gave a atraw ride Thursday night, after
which Ice cream, cake aud other good
things were mrved on tbe lawn of Mr
Kaufman's residence. It was a moat en
joyabl* occasion
E. A. Holden, who waa arreeted by
Officer Stone a few days ago, was Fri
day releaeed from jail by Justice A. fl.
Billingsley and placed iu the rust, nty of
Rolit. Brown.
if you havs pains tn tb* back, wsak
back, or any outer Indication of a weak?
ened or disordered condition of the kid
neys or bladder, yon should get De
Wltt'e Kidney and Bladder i'llls right
away when yon experience the ktastriga
of kidney or bladder complaint?, bat be
aore that you g?t De Witt'? Kidney and
Bladder Pill?. We know what they will
do for voo, and If yon wtll send yoor
name to K C. DeWitt ,1 11.., Chicago,
yon ?rill receive a free trial box ol thee*
kidney and bladder pille They are sold
by Uoolrirt'e Pharmacy.
Tbe reason a woman ?tart* to ran
back from the middle ot th* atmet croee
lng when she ama a carriage coming ie
abe eao get worm ?cared that way
Crown and H ridge Work a SpeelaItT
All Work ttnaiantewd.
Dr. J. Garnen King?
Of*?, ?uei Mala 8? rradmlsmabaraj
COMMONWEAI.TB of Virginia. In
th.-Clerk'. office of the Circuit court
of the county of Caroline on tbe 98*fc
day of June. l'.Mi'.i R.-).?v-a Anderaon,
plaintiff, ng.-i.ii-t K.ldie Anderson, da
In Chancery
Th.- object of tin? ?uit is to obtain a
divon-e a vinculo iiiatriiuonii tor the
plaintiff from the defendant And an af
li.lav it having t?*en made and tile?! that
th.-defendant, Eddie Andereon, le not
reeideut of the State of Virginia, it Is or
d.-red that be do ap|?-ar here within fif?
teen day? after due publication hereof,
Hiid do what may be nei*e*eary to pro
t.ct In? interest le this suit. And it ?a
further ?.nlered that it copy her??if be pub
oam i w.?-k for four weak* in The Free
1 jtii.-e, a new -?paper published In the city
of Krcierirksbiirg, Va , and that a copy
be po?t<*l at th- front door of the court
hou?e of thi. county .,n or l.-fore the 5th
?lay of J11 : > . 1900, that l?-ing the next
?iiec.-?nir rule day after thi? order wa*
A copy?Test.-:
E R Coghill, Clerk.
By T. C. Valentine, Deputy Clerk.
It I.. Heale. p. ..
I.C. \al.-ntine. iN-putr Clerk.
Foufldry and Machine
Sawmill & Repairs.
Cttatlngs, Mill Supplie*,
Helling?, I'.illeys, Shafting,
Hang?>ra, Fitting*, Vairea,
1'ticking, <> nagea, Injectore,
I'onatructlon Steel, Beams,
Platea, Columue, Etc.
Repair Work a Specialty.
Phone l'.U
Prederlckebnrg, Virginia.
Second-hand Sawmills
and Engines, Etc.
One Fari-iiuar Vibrator Separator, aelf*
Baai. SO Inch cylinder
One 211 H. 1*. IJiiDiiDik- Portable Roller
on skid*,
one 15 H. P. Mi** Portable Engine on
One 15 H. P. Oefaser Portable Falla I
and No 1 Frick Sawmill with
saw and belt complete, good
running or?ler.
im.- No 1 li.-is.-r Sawmill, rebuilt, equal
to new. has cable drive, 8 bead
blocks with parallel knem, with
or without ?aw.
New and Second-hand Inserted Tooth
Saw*, Belting. Parking, Hoee, oil,
Grease, Etc.
1004 Main street, Frederlckaburg.
John F. Scott
? 3D aitUWIM ?|-*OI?I,TI??
M.i? Hi ?u? door below Ohar W?t
... a h'o s*a.i ,1?. o?
General Hardware.
?r.rt Wire, linna, Pletol?, Raaora,
I ? l-.n, ?f* , will h* sold a: redaeed
, r'asw to solt l-.e 'liue. Money ean
.. ass??*! >y j cf-.ra.fsja ? ? ->?.-.?t>
Undertakers and Embalmers
No. 719 Main St., Froder
icksburg, Va. 'Phone 98.
Across from Exchange Hotel
and next to Western Union
office. Telegraph and tele?
phone orders receive prompt
attention. Open day and
GOW/W'S -^aii?^
ros Saw TkiTssl Casis. Ces**. Casajm, Mksaa. Hat
Ssniaa. sVAtaasv *????<?, tssscl h.. Bl I I I B I .
11 ?Bins assttjesa ?as??, a* Be Mili. Be at?a*
Washingtons Fore?
most Kail Order
Order the Famous
Oronoco Whiskey
If you want a thoroughly
high-grade whlekey for borne
use, order Oronoco Whlaki
It la the limit of perfection in
parity and quality. Of de?
lightful taate and exqnlalte
bouquet. Phyeciane atrongly
recommend Oronoco Whlakey
for medicinal purpoaea. Order
$3.7*5 gal.
4 fall quart* $4.00.
Sterling Whlekey f2.7r, g.1. 4 fall
at*. $3 00.
I'.ndletou Whiskey. $2 50 p?v
gal. Only wild In jage.
Cora Whlakey. IMS, $3, $3.75
par gal. 4 fall q te. $3, $3 M), $4
Virginia Apple Brandy. 12 50.
f 3, $3 75 per gal. 4 fall
qta ?3, 3.50. H 00.
Compt?t* Itm of th* bmt earn
goods. Domestic Rye and Malt
Whseklsa. Hrotca and ?rieh
Whiskies, Brand!**, I Una. Kama,
Wlnm and Cordiale.
Chargm prepaid on ordern oi
$3 50 and over whan cbargas
do not si reed 60c par gal.
Edw, J. Qulnn,
Wawboum: 7tb, C aad aid. Ara
8. W. 8tom: 604 Pena Ave. ti.
W . Washington. D. C.
Turnip Seed
WE Have Them.
Johnston & Pearson
Prescription Pharmacy
No need to argaa HEG AL uaaJ
lty?material aad workaMsaahtp
ar* th* bmt procuraos?. No
to argaa *ty is?It** plainly ?v
and apeak* tor lteatf mighty
Ho aaad to argaa lit?there'? a
Kagal to At ?very toot, whatever
ttaahap* ?janrmratm* loaf ago
made It poe*lut? to gat RKQAL8
that would It ne perfectly and
comfortably m shorn made to or?
We am ?hu*mg a comparte law
Regal Models
and the asiuilmiat ??lord? ?
broad chote*. Y-Mal Cad the par
lien lar pair yon want. *v?a ff yo*
ham aiwajf* thonght H hap deaf
bis to gm a mina style at the
prim of the SKOALS, aad yon
wan ear them at ?mm withoet
nay "breakJag la." Stop m and
?et ne try on yoar aim aad kmd.
Bssome afsmam That FIA
A. B. Bolts ? Co,
Fire, Lift and Accident
Insurance ?feats
pantm Kama mm aa th* ?nwme, m
Wswaa ew*Jssss]Msty ?mtmmm? nM ff*Mt

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