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The free lance. (Fredericksburg, Va.) 1885-1926, October 21, 1909, Image 4

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Final Dtih For the Pole.
The "Big Nail" Reached at
Last and "Old Glory" Un?
furled?Endless Fields of
Purple Snows ? No North,
No East. No West -o- -o
I fB^HC observations o? April 14 gave
g latitude SS degrees 21 mlauios,
! JJ longitude 90 degrees r?2 minutes
Wv wert' hui 100 mil.*.-, from
j tbe pole, but there was nothing to re
, mtve tbe mental strain of the ley d?
j ?pair. Tbe wind mule wltu tbe same
MtMk cut from Um west. FINN had
meet little ?Irift. t.ut tin- ice before us
: displayed signs ml rt-*-out activity. It
was more Irregular, with an open crack
her?*, and ther*-. hut the sleds glide?!
with less frktiou. and the dreary dogs
maintained a better speed under rising
. tails.
With teeth set and newly eharpened
: resolutions, wc s?t out lor that last 10*1
miles. |SM dUKS te4 gone Into the
I stomachs of their hungry companions.
j but there still remained a sufficient
pull of well trie?! brute toree for em li
! -?led, an?l. though their noisy vigor Inisl
j t*??en lost in the loug drag, they still
' roke the frigid silence with mi occa?
sional outburst. A little fresh entbusl
I asm from the drivers was quickly fol
t by canine activity.
We wer?* in jjihxI trim to cover dis
tance ?*-couoiiii.allv. The sle-dgos war*
i light; our bodies wore thin. All the
muscles had shriveled, but the <l*<g*
i retained much of their strength. Tha*
strip***-*! for the last lap. one horion
after another was lifted.
In the fon-eil effort which CoOowed
iwe were frequently overheated ?a
temperature was steady at 44 degree**
i below zero F.. but perspiration caass
j "with ease an?! a certain amount at
i pleasure. l,nter. however, there fol
I lowe?l a train of suffering for many
days. The delight of the birdskin
! shirt was changad f*?r the chill of the
! wet blanket.
Fortuuately. at this time the sun
j was warm enough to dry the furs in
j about three days if lashed to the sun
ny side of the sled. In these last day**
j we felt more keenly the panga of per
| splrntion than In all our earlier ml
| reutures.
Tbe amber colored goggles were *>er
slstently Mad, and they afforded a
protection to the eyes which was quite
a revelation, but In spite of every pre
caution our distorted, frozen, bunnsl
and withered facet? lln-xl a map of Un*
hardships en route.
We were curious looking s:n umm
The perpetual glitter Induced a squint
which distorted the face in a remark
able manner. The strong light reri?**'t
<?d from the crystal surface threw the
muscles about the eye lut** a state of
| chronic contraction. The pupil was
reduced to s mero piuhole.
There w.t no end of trouble at hand
in endeavoring to keep the windows
of the soul open, and all of the effect
was run together in a set apVBMkH*
of hardship and wrinkles which slisiui.l
be called the boreal squint.
"This boreal squint is a part <>f t*??
russet bronze physiognomy which fall
to the lot of every arctic explorer. 1 be
early wlmls. with a piercing tempera?
ture, start a flush of scarlet, while
L?T LA.-* s. - NAWri*.
frequent frostbites leave figures in
black. Later Iho burning sun browns
the skin; subsequently strong winds
sop the moisture, harden the skin and
leave open fissur??*.
The hard work and reduced nourish?
ment contract the nm-.eles. dispel iln
fat and leave I fa? skin to shrivel up In
folds. The Imprint ?if Ihc mottglro, fat
aet expression of hard Ihm ami u.e
mental blank of the enviriiniuetii butt
removed all spirit no I aniinaiioii \\ '*?
have the color ami tin* lim-s *.f ..!<!
russet appi?* and aronM <*asiij puss
for prehistoric progenhutm of nan
In tbe enforced effort to **|*n*.iii mm
tbe Stiffened legs over Hie last i*.k lies
there was no l*>ng*'r siitiicient energy
at ?ramping times to erect a snow shel?
ter. Tbe silk tent was presse?! into
use. Though the temperature was
very low when the sun was high, its
congenial rays olerced the silk fabric
and rested softly on our brows closed
la heavy slumber. In strong winds it
was ?till necessary to erect a shelter?
ing wall to shield tbe tent.
Signs of land were still seen every
day, bat they were deceptive optical Il?
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It seemed that something roust
pen. some line must cross our hor
to mark the important area Into ?a
we were pressing.
When the sun was low the eye
over moving plains In brilliant w
of color to dancing horizons. Tbi
rages turned things topsy tnrvy.
verte?! lands and ?*ueer objects
rose and fell In shrouds of mys
hut all of this was due to tbe at
pherlc magic of the midnight sun
With a lucky series of dally a
nomlcal observations our position
now accurately fix?! for each stas
progress As we neared the pole
imagination quickened, and a rest
almost hysteric excitement came
M. The keep fancied they saw be;
Bad seals, and I hail a new land in
observation frequently, hut wit
"hance In the direction of light <>i
altered trend In onr temperament
horizon cleared an?! we became e?
only ir, push farther Into the myste
teem the eighty-eighth to theeiu
ninth the Ice was In very large ?I
mid the surface was less irregular.
in other respects It w*as about
Kime as lielow the eighty-seventh
....1 ?.-.?s| her.* :ilso ?m extension **f
ralfC id vision We *ecro?Nl to
loa_*sr distances and the Ice along
hof-taon lia*] a less angular outline.
I In* color ..f the sky and the Ice i
"?hau'ge*) to ilopper purple blues.
bad M way of checking these Imp
Piona by other observations. The
?.???rues? to find something unusual t
hive tired i.ie imagination, but si
ihe earth is flattened at the pole |
ba|*s a widened horizon should Ik*
At v n'ctorfc sin the mornini; of \
10 WC camped ou a pictures.|in
AoM with convenient hunnnocks
Which we could easily rise for tin* I
? pi? nt outlook which we now maint;
<-*l. The tent was pitched. The *l<
trete silenced by blocks of pemtnie
In us new enthusiasm wan aroused
n liberal pot of pea soup and a f
?hips of frozen meat, ami then
bathed In life giving sunbeams, acre
e*l from the piercing air by i
strands. It was a beautiful day. a
had our sense of appreciation not I*
blunted by accumulated fatigue
?would have greatly enjoyed the pi
<*f lirrhf and color In the ever changl
MOtt of sparkle.
The Eskimos were soon lost In a p
found sleep, the ouly comfort In tb<
hard lives, but I remained awake,
had lieen my habit on succeeding da;
t., set nautical observations. Tbe I?
gittith- calculations lined us at 9! ?
gr?es *? minutes. At noon tbe sun's
tituile was carefully set on the sextai
.?nul the latitude quickly reduced ga
M> degrees 11 minutes?tweutynl
miles from the pole.
My heart jumped for Joy. and the u
conscious commotion which I was ct
Milus awakened Etuklsbuk. I told hi
that In two average marches we won
reach the "tigl shu" (the big nail).
Ahwelah was awakened with a klc
and t<*gether tbey went out to a hut
mock and through glasses sought fi
a mark to locate so Important a pla<
as the terrestrial axis. If but or
sleep beyond it must be seen.
1 trie?! to explain that the pole w.
not visible to the eye: that Its poaltio
was locax-.t only by a repeated use <
the various Instruments. This entlrel
?atlsfied their curiosity, and they bun
?ut In hurrahs of Joy For two bou'
(hey chanted and danced tbe passion
of wild life.
It was 'he first real sign of pleasur
or rational emotion wbich tbey ba<
shown for several -neeks. For som
time I had entertained the fesr tha
we no longer possessed tbe strength t
return to land, but the unbridled flov
of vigor dispelled that Idea.
More sleep was quite Impossible. W*
brewed an extra p"t of lea. prepared i
favorite broth of i*emmicau. dug up i
surprise of fancy hlscnfts and fille?! uj
on good things to the limit of the al
lowance for <>ur final feast days. Th*
dogs, which bod ?"iinil the chorus o|
gladness, were given an extra lump nl
?icnimican. A few hours more iron
agreeably Bpral i? 'he tent, and (hen
we Started with a new spirit for the
uttermost north.
We were excited to a fever heat
The feet were light on this run Kven
tbe dogs caught the infectious cnthnsi
asm and rushed along ni a omet nrhlek
made it difficult for mt to keep a suffi
dent advance t*> -et a g*xsl co,'r*-;e.
The horizon was still searched for
something t.* mark the appro-tchlng
l-oreal center, but n*.thing niiustinl was
s??en. It was (he same expanse of
moving seas of ice on which ?ft boa
lived for .*-?*) miles
But looking through gladdened eyes,
the scene assit m* ?I a new glory. There
were plains *>f c*>l?l fenced in purple
walls, with gildtil ? t.-sts It was one
of the few days on the stormy pack
when all nature smiled with cheering
As the day advanced and the splen?
dor of summer night was run Into the
continuel day the beams of gold on
the surfait- snows thlekcBcd. while th?
shadows of hummocks and ridges
spread a line of violet barriers through
which a way must be sought
From my position a few hundred
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ya i ils a bead of lite sleds I eoald not
res??i ihe temptation t*i i urn frequently
to se.* ihp movement **t I he dog train
with its new fire. Id ibis direction
the color scheme waa reversed. The
Icy wall* were Id gold and burning < >*i
ors. while the plains represented every
shade of purple and blue.
Through this sea of color tbe dogs
came with a spirited tread, nose?down,
tails up and shoulders braced to the
straps like chariot burses. Tbe young
l>klmos. chanting songs of love, cam?
with easy step. Tbe long wbip was
swung with a brisk crack, nod all over
there rose a cloud of frosted breath.
Camp was pitched early lo tbe morn
ing of April 20. Tbe sun was north?
east; tbe pack glowed In tonca of lilac:
tbe normal westerly air of shivers
brushed our frosty faces. Tbe surpris?
ing burst of enthusiasm bad been
nursed to Its limit, and under It a long
march was made over average Ice
wltb the usual result of overbearing
fatigue. Too tired and sleepy to wait
for a enp of tea, melted snows were
ism red down, and the pemmlcun was
pounded with the ax to eaae tbe task
of the jaws. The eyes closed before
the meal was finished, nnd the world
was lost to us for eight boors. Tbe
observation gnve latitude 89 degrees
ftfsl minutes, longitude 94 degre-es f>?
With the lioys singing and tbe ?logs
howling we started off after midnight
on April *_1. Tbe dogs looked large
and noble as they came along that
day. while Ktnklshuk and Ahwelah.
tai. oooa'a ESKIMOS rnoTOGRAriiin nr
him si iiir i-ot.r
though r 1 >it? and nggm?, had a dignii*
M herses .'f the greatest human bat
tie which had ?ver lieen fougbf wltl
remarkable success.
We were all lifted to the paradise 01
winner? as w*-> stepped orer tbe snow*
of i destiny Isr which we had rlske?!
life and willingly suffered the torture?
of an icy hell
The lee under us seemed almost is
rfOd. When the p-edometer reglsterwt
fourteen and a half ralles we camped
mid calmly went to sleep, feeling thar
we "?ere turning on I lie earth's axis.
The observations, however, gave 8?
degrs-es co min?tes -t." seconds. Ws*
therefore had Ihe polo, or tbe exact
sf>ot ?here it ?hould be. within sight
Wo advanced tbe fifteen seconds,
made supplementary observations.
pfl In,1 the tent, built a snow Igloo
and prepare?! to make ourselves com
fortsble for a stay long enough fortw.*
rounds of observations.
Our pooh Ion was thus doubly assur?
ed, and a necessary day of rest was
gained. Etnklshuk and Ahwelah en?
joyed the day In quiet repone, but I
slept very little. Sly goal was reach?
ed: the ambition of my life had been
fulfilled. How could I sleep away
such overwhelming moments of ela?
At last we had reached the boreal
center The dream of nations bad been
realised. The race of centuries was
ours. Tbe flag was pinned to the cov?
eted pole The year was 1908. the day
Anrll '-'I.
Tbe sun indicated local noon, b
time was a negative problem, for he
all meridians meet With a step It w:
possible to ?--o from one part of tl
globe to the opposite side?from tl
hour of midnight to that of mldda
Here there are but one day and or
nlgbt Id each year. Tbe latitude wi
90 degrees, the temperature ?33.7. il
atmospheric pressure 29.83 Nort
east and west had vanished. If wi
south 1n every direction, but the con
pass, pointing to the magnetic poli
was as nsc'nl as ever.
Though o-erjoyed with the succ?s
of the compiest onr spirits liegan t
chango on the next day afler all I h
observations had been taken and th
local conditions were studied. A sens
of Intense loneliness came with a carr
ful scrutiny of the horixon. What :
cheerless spot lo bave aroused the mm
tilt Ion of mai* for s?, many a ?es! Knd
Ims fields of purple snolf' No life, n*
land, no snot. In relieve* he tnoiiotonj
of frost' We wen- the only patent lib]
creatures in n ?lead worid of irr.
On April B Mi Dr ?'oOs? began th?
lona retort? moren, With fair weather
roo.1 Irp m (l Hi*? inspiration of tn*- honrn
run lonn ?list.*I.-*.? WtHO Ml first ?inlrklv
With a m<io,\ sleet of anxiety Coon
?Hatched tlit? ilally reduction of the foo*l
.?ipti's li now ?era m? -.vident that in.
crucial st?it-- of the campaign wea lo he
transferred from IhS taking of the pole
to a nii.il nan!*, for life against famine
and frost Bar!) In Julj farther south?
ward pragmas hc-ame impossible, and In
nueat of food ha croonai the Firth of
Devon Inlo Jones soun*l. (in Feb. IS, 1?S,
the start was mail? for Annootok With
a newly pie-pared pijulpment the Green?
land ahoyes apre reached on April 13.
Here Or. cook was greeted by Harry
Whitney and anxious Eskimo friends. To
facilitate an early return be moved south?
ward to the Oanlah eettlement end reach?
ed Upernarlk on May 24. ISO?. Tbe Oan?
lah ship Hans Egede took him from
I'pemsvlk to Denmark.
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Leedstown 4 a. m.. Layton's. ?Carter'a, BiandSeU,
Naylor'a Hole *_* a. m.. Tappahanock 7:90 a. m
Weliford a. Ware's, Bowler s. Sharp's ?JO a. m.
Bar Port, Whealton s. Water View. Monaakon,
l.'rbanna. UM p. m.. Borhan'a, MUlenbeck, Merry
Point 2:30 p. m., Ottoman's. Morana. Waasa'a,
tn-ington. Whit- Stone. MiU Oeek 6-0 p. m..
North End 6:00 p. m.. Weetland. Arrive Baltimor?
Tueaday. Thursday and Saturday mornings.
Tappahannock. Baltimore,?J?-*ave Tappahan?
nock. weather permitting, 7:30 a. m., "ueeday and
Thursday, stopping at Wellfard'a, Wure'a, Bowl?
er's, Sharp's S-J0 a. m., tBay Port, Whealton's,
Water View, Monaakon, U'rbenna. Burton s. Bur
ban?.. Hlllenb*.:k, Ween*, Irrineton.White Stone.
Mill Creek. North End. Arriving Baltimore Wed
nethlay and Fiisiay mornings. ?Steamer to Balti?
more on Thursday wiU not stop at Urbanna and
Bay Port.
This time tattle shows the tiroee at which steam?
ers may be expected to arrive at and depart fron
the ssn eral wharves, but their arrival or departure
at the times stated is not guaranteed, nor doss the
company hold itself responsible for any delay or
any conaequences arising therefrom.
Freight received in Baltimore until! p. m. on
sailing days.
W. O. SCOTT. AgL. Fnriericksborf. Va.
Wiilard Thomson. GenL Manager.
T. Murdoch. Geni. Freight a Pata. Ast.. Balti?
more. March 1st. 110*
Southern Railway
N. B. Following schedule figur?e published as
in formation, and are not guaran toed.
Schsdnle effeethra An?. 8th. 190?.
Trains leave Washington from New Union
7 JO a. m. Dally-Local for Warventon, Danvill-,
and way stations.
8 JO a. m. Daily -Local for Harriaonburg, Va.
M? a. m. Daily-United States Fast Mail.
First-class roaches and drawing-room, sleeping
car to Birmingham A New Orleans. Dining car
1-00 p. m. Week Days-Local for Wan en ton and
4:10 p. m. Daily-Birmingham Sp?cial and
Florida Limited. Through coaches and sleeping
car to Columbia, Savannah and Jacksonville.
Sleeping car to Augusta and Aiken. Sleeping
ear to Btnahuthsun. Dining car service. Tourists
to California Monday, Wadneoday. Thursday and
4:15 p. m. Week Days-Local for Harrisonb-arg
an i way stations on Manama Branch.
4:56 p. m. Daily- Local tor Warreaton and
at-JS-s. m. Dally-New York and Chattanooga
Ltaritad (via Lynchburg)-First claaa -seca and
sianplng car to Roanoke, Knoxville, Chattanooga,
-deeping rar to New Orleans. Dining-car service
10-.46 p. m. Daily-New York. Atlanta and New
Orleans Limited-All Pullman trains, club and ob?
servation cars to New Orleans; steeping car to
Asheville, Atlanta. New Orleans. Sleeping car to
*_torto-rto. Dining-car service.
4:10 a. m. Dally- Memphis Special. Through
sleeping cars and coacheeto Roanoke, Knoxv?T?,
Cfcattanooga. NaahriU* and Memphis. Washing?
ton sleeping car apea 10*? p. m. Dining ear
Tswo-agh trains from the South arrive Waehiag
too S-SOa. m.. SJOa. an, 10:40 a. m-, <_u|r; 7:46p.
m_ and IOM p. m. 12:16 a. as. daily. Harrison
bat? 11:46a. m. weekdays and ?JO p. ra. daily.
From Chat lottos. Ule, ?45 a. nv, S J6 p. -a. and 7:46
p. as. Local fram Warrenton arriv?e 8:10 a. m.
Tra?ne hare Richmond: 10.46 a. m. aad 11:45 ?.
as. Dasty Eaprsssa for au petals Boat*.
<*20 a. m. Dally Local for Danville and Charlotte.
a_0 p. as. except Sunday, Local for Key avilie.
430 a. m. except Sunday and 2:18 p. m. Monday,
Wadi-saaday aad Friday for W?t Point ?
4J0 p. m' except Sunday, for Weat Not, eso.
neetlng with York Rirsr Une fe* BeJUnare. Mon.
day, Wednesday and Friday.
?Keketsy ilssesno Mr roai-rrat-ma. and detaOsd
Infonaatkiaean bahatiat ticket o-fflcs-, 70S Uth
??V. ?S F St. N. W, aad New UnJo-a Station,
flagr?os cheekssi tteeach from hotola sad rosi
?lancea. Cab servie?.
a H. ACKERT, V. F. and Oan. Mai?
ls. H. HABPWfcg. Pasa. Traflf Mgr,
ft F. CABY, Gee. Pasa. Aswrt.
Lady Francis Cook Willing to Civs
Fortuns For Woman Suffrage.
New York, n<t II lady Francis
Gook, bitter known in this country os
"TteaaasMSM" Clsflin, who arrived here
from Kngland. soys that she Is ready.
If need he. to ?iietnl $l.m>0,000, all her
fortune, to win votes for women. She
will place the money, she says, with
New York bankivs.
"I am going right to Taft,'' lady
Cook continu*'*!, "to see If I cannot
get him to do what Lincoln did. but by
peaceful measures. I shall coll the
Mrt's attention to the fourteenth
amendment of th?' constitution. The
constitution says that only idiots, the
insane ami convicts may not vote, and
I want to know if that bars \Vnv I
Gives Blood to Ssve Wife In Opera,
tion. But She Dlss.
Wilmington, Del. Oct. 19.?Although
her husband gave up tnoia than two
pints of hiH blood to save her life, Mrs.
John f>. Blatz. wife of the superintend?
ent of the local plant o? lh<- F. Blu
mentlial company, died at her real
donee In Claymont.
A few days a?o Mrs. Blatz Injured
herself by lifting, and a doctor de?
cided that the only means of saving
her lli<- would he through sn opera?
tion. Dis. Hughe? and Mener two
specialists of Phlla "lphla, were called
and Hi*, husband I iunteein! to give
his Mood, and for more then an hour
he lay beside his wife with his blood
flowing into her veins. The effort.
however, failed
Legatees Must Gire For Two
Gats aod a Parrot.
WilkegHarre. Pa.. Oct. 19.?A clause
In the will of tli<- late O. R. Butler, of
this city, provides for the caro of his
two cuts and parort until they are
dead His house is left to his nieces,
Josephine and Fila B. Murray, for
merly of Trenton N. J, hut now of
thlh city, and they sre enjoined to
give the two csts the same care and
comforts that they had when he was
alive "that my faithful pota may not
suffer." he explains, and adds that the
parrot Polly must be treated In the
same way.
Doctor Was Summoned, But Woman
Died Before Arrival.
Ilazleton. Pa.. Oct. 13.-Miss Anua
Breslin. of Went Ilazleton, left the din |
nor table to take a dose of medicine In ?
snother room for a severe cold, and by j
mistake pick? d up a bottle containing i
carbolic add, part of which she swat ?
luv* ?M.
Realising her mistake, she returned
to tli*' dining room and (old the other ,
ni<"mheri of the family to summon a
doctor, but she died before a physician ?
Water Bursts Crater in Jsva; MO Dead
Vlrtoris, B C. Oct. 19. ? Advices
were brought by the steamer Empress
of India that KM persons were drown?
ed early in September In East Java by
the bursting of a crater which had !>??
come fllled with water. When the
mountain lake was released by a
breach In the cr?tera side the waters
swept down enormous Quantities of
sand and mud, overwhelming the cam
pongs at the foot
Real Daughter of Revolution.
Providence. R. I., Oct. 19. ? Mrs.
Phoebe Raymond Irish, of 43 McKinley
street was 100 years old Monday. She
la the last of the eight "real daugh
tere." members of the Pawturket chap
ter, Daughters of the American Revo?
Hung Self After Dream.
Medina. N. Y., Oct. 19?After dream
lng that he had seen himself hanged
George L Cobb was found hanging
to a tree In an orchard near here, a
The Latest Closing Prices For Produce
and Live Stock.
winter low grades, f4.40? 4.60; winter
clear, M.76("i|; city mills, fancy. JCft
RYE FLOUR ateady, at $4.16?4 J3
per barrel.
WHEAT quiet; No. 2 red, |U7*fJ
CORN steady; No. 2 yellow, local.
0AT8 Arm: No. 2 white, 46?4?>ic;
lower Krad?*.. 45c
POULTR. : Live steady; hens, 134
?14c: old roorters. lie. Dressed firm;
choice fowls. 16c; old roosters, 12c.
PUTTKH 1m; extra creamery. 34c.
BOGS steady; selected, SO t& lie.;
nearby, 27c: western. 27c
POTATOES nrm; per bush.. MQGto
Livs Stock Markets.
PlTTSBl'RG (Union 8tock Yards)
CATTLE steady: choice. $6.5006.75
SHEEP ?low, lamba steady; prime
wethers. $4.Cow 4.75; culls and com
mon, $1.5010.1: lambs. $4fi7 veal
calves, $8.5'.09.
HOOS lower: prime heavies. $7.80
? 17.90: mediums I7.7O07.7S; heavy
orkers. $7 [email protected] 70; light Yorkers.
$7.3007.50: pip?. $6730?..; roughs.
$?5007 40.
?*-****??**********?*-*???. tl .
I? the (host Uut hannb entry hoar of *
lifts instant refssf sod comfort, Jutt nib
it os?don't vestes the ttoaurb with
dr?ut. Kttp II In the home. ?1.00, ?C?,
i"*. Alldnatistt.
Crowns and Bridge Work a Specialty
All Work Guaranteed.
Dr. J. Garnett Sine,
Office-906;i-2 Main; St, Fredericks
fM9smt W-raea-tera OU-?.*sTB?aa*l/A\
_s*-IU-m3A rills Is Baa* ss.1 U.U s-mlilAV/
*^ ?wl *""-?? m*IrI "M* "' * ait*?., ^y
(7 ~ Tf OiaajM A.?r'-*r??.CI<sjSTE_:S
I V -if DIAKON? ROANO elLLa, the SS
\W M -f*-anknavBssBe---.SsicstAlwsrsaaUsb'-s
Fire, Life, Acceident and Health
Best Companies and Best Rates. Row
lett & Goolrick Building. Princess
Anne SL, Fredericksburg, Va
[Successor to Embrey & Berryman. ] I
Dealer in Railroad Cross Ties, Cedar
Poets, Spokes and Hoops. Keeps eon-1
itantly on hand a largo supply or Baled
Hay and Mill Feed. Office near Rail?
road Depot, Fredericksburg, Va.
Ajeo Agent for Pago Wirs Fono? Ca. I
('vor 1,20(1 pair highjrrade Ladies' Gloves to be put on sale at about
1-4 of their real value. They consist of Long Silk Gloves, Tsffeta Glov??s,
Lace Gloves, Lisle Thread Gloves, Suede Gloves, Gloves with
clasp?, Gloves with pearl buttons, in black, white, pink, blue, cardinal,
leather shade, tobacco brown, champagne,grey? and tans. The goods re?
tailed at 50c, 75c, $l.oo, $1.25, $1.50 and $1.76 per pair. These all go 00?
on sale at once at per pair. ??w
Don't let anything in reason keep you from getting to our store as
quickly as po.-sible to get your choice of this ereat Glove Value the
greatest m the history of our business
We will also include in this sale about 400 pair Ladies* 2-Clasp Short
Gloves^ in black, white and grey; the good 26c kind at 1 Cm
Also big lot of Factory Sample Gloves, value up to 75c, choice 26c.
Good fall and winter gloves; good many silk lined.
The whole story is this: Mr. Timberlake was in New York and ran
across a factory agent who wanted to close out this big lot of Gloves. Mr.
Iimberlake made him an offer and the agent finally accepted and we have
the Gloves. Ihis is where you win.
We are also showing some new things in COAT SWEATERS.
G. Frank Timberlake,
The Popular?Dry Goods Store
Does Quality Interest You ?
We ask this question with sincerity. Why? Because it is to your
interest as well as our3. We know you are spending your good
hard earm-d dollars for liquors that are manufactured and not
??^distilled. What we mean by manufactured is?a concoctii^n of
^^spirta, flavors and drugs mixed to imitate whisky. It is this you
pay your good money for to our competitors when the samo- price
will purciiaao
Pure Distilled Whiskies
from us. We are a little farther from you than some other
dealers, but can reach you promptly. Goods shipped by uk in the
afternoon by freight reach Fredericksburg early next morning.
Don't'you think it advisable to wait a few hours longer and gtit
distilled whiskies instead of compounds?
Stra?burger Bros.
119 Market Place, Baltimore. Md
Val Dannehl I
r1-~~ " ^
Sure gt^^- feed *s
fay WT* MHf
Repair Work a specialty. Mill Supplies, Castings, etc. |
Phone 191, Frederick-burg, Va. 1
Loaded Shotgun Shells
The hunt! t so-tsson U t.aar at baid and te c_o furnish the Bee*.
Load???! 8h* s for any ?to '?lug. We make a spr-clalty of r>mok*
le-n Shells <?>t d carry in ?lock an assortment not surpass?*) In nnj
of the lurg* elites. Also a complete line of Guns from the rbeHpe?*
Slngle B?rr to the High Grade Hammerle-se. Call on as wh<-n lr
niftl <>f anything In Sporting Goods. Phone 161.
NO. 316 COMMERCE ST. Phone 289.
Tin and Iron Roofing,Guttering and Spouting.Cooking and
Heacing Stoves. Promptness and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Messrs. W. J. Jacobs and George Armstrong have formed a copartnership
under the style of Jacobs A Armstrnng and have bought out the stables of L.
K. Wheeler, on Princess Anne Street. We are prepared to furnish fiirjt-class
teams at all times and all hours. Horses bought or sold on commission. We board
horses by day or month and they will have best atttenion. Call on us.
LXCOI'M .*< AMVliilPO^"
Wheeler's Old Stand. FREDERICKSBURG, VA.
?aafl V?kx
JEW ^?k
I visited the Northern Market forth?
sole purpose of having made a good,
strong and substantial line of mens
work shoes, shoes that would give good
honest wear, shoes that would be solid
sole leather from strop to tip. I suc?
ceeded in securing from two of the
largest manufacturers of shoes m the
North just such a shoe. These shoes
s re now coming in; we have so far re?
ceived about 21 different styles. Every
shoe has. and I will guarantee wiem u>
have, or give you a new pair in ex?
change for those proving otherwise,
solid sole leather counters, one piece of
solid sole leather innersoles, the out
soles of the very best of oak tann?sd
?ole leather, and the shoes are treated
throughout with viscol making them as
near waterproof as a leather shoe can
be made. I believe honestly tais is the
best line of work shoes that hss ever
entered the "Old 'Bur?/." We would
be pleased to show this line to any one
who may be in search of or who antici?
p?tes purchashing such a shoe. Stop in
at any time and take a look at this
great line of shoes; you will be under
no obligations to buy, for remember it
is our business to show good
WALLACE k CO., Honest Shoes,
1,000 Tons Sumac
For which the Highest Cash
Price will be p*id.
Rappahannock Va.l-.y Farm
Pursuant to the provisions of a de?
cree of the Circuit court of King George
county, Virginia, entered on the 6th
day of September, 1909, in '.he chancery
cause of Robb vs. Robb, the under?
signed special commissioners will sell
for cash, subject to the confirmstion of
the court, at oublie auction at King
George Court House, on
Thursday, October 21st, 1909.
at 12 o'clock, that part of the "Nan
zatico Farm" owned by Robert L.
Robb and situated in King George coun?
ty, Virginia, containing 241 aereo. This
isa handsome and valuable farm.located
1 in the fertile valley of the Rappahan?
nock, 181 acres of splendid open farm
land, 48 aerea of wood land and 11 acres
of marsh. There is a valuable fishing
shore on the farm. This is an excellent
chance to purchase a moot desirable
farm in a good neighborhood.
Granville R. Swift,
Thomas L. Hunter,
Special Commissioners.
Seut 17th, 1909.
In the Clerk's office of the Circuit
court of the county of King George.
Robert L. Robb, plaintiff, against W.
C. Robb, defendant I, E. L. Hunter,
clerk of the said court, do certify that
the bond required of the special com?
missioners by decree reeaered in the
said cause on the 6th day of Sept, 1909,
has been duly given. Given under my
hand as cleric of the said court tus
18th day of Sept 1909.
s21-13t E. L. Hunter, Clerk.
John F. Scott
Main St, One door below Chas. Wal?
lace & Bro. Full line of
General Hardware.
Barb Wire, Guns, Pistols, rtozorm,
Knlve?, etc., will be sold at reduced y
anees to suit the time?. ?lot>neonJ
ye saved by purchasing *t Seotttf
-IU-0W?? ?tat?? /

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