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The Kind You llave Arrays Bought, and which has been
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J? ttOHCaaamX Allow ?u?oiio to<leeelv<? y< i: in tlii?^
All Counterfeit*, IniltatliniJ?'Hid'? Just-as-jrtn.d" ; ii- tint
Experiments that trille witb ?and endanger th?? heuHh of
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Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, eures Constipation
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The Children*? Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
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?tin>r pow.?r of wood), ordinarily escapingunburned
up ?.he ehiaui-n- in ithf-r stov?.-?, are all consumed and
toned into heat in the WILSON. The Wilson is
th?only he.si>rin tin- world, which actually burns all
of the fuel put into it. The WILSON is air-tight,
hentnan ?V reguhvU-d to anj degree, and will hold a
tire for 30 hour? What yot. ??? ou fuel will pay for
a W1L80N HEATER ia qm season Rum? Wood
Frederltkiburi?. V?.
Messrs. W. J. Jacobs and (?eorge Armstrong have formed a copartnership
under the style of Jacobs & Armstrnng and have bought out the ?tablea of E.
K. Wheeler, on Princes? Ann? Street, We are prepared to furnish fiiret-class
?teams at all timea and all hours. Horses bought or sold on commission. We board
hones by day or month and they will have best atttenion. Call on us.
Wheeler's Old Stan?. FREDERICKSBURG, VA
Put Simpson to Sleep But
Couldn't Awaken Him.
Persists That Man Is Still In a Cata
leptic State, But Efforts of Physi
cians and Hypnotist to Rouse Him
S,morville. N. J., Nov. 10.?In a lit
ti?? tough finish.'?.I room in the base
?eat of the floes er sel county hospital
mi attempt wus mude by the method*
Of th?> hypnotist to resuscitate the
hypnotic subject. Simpson, who had
apparently died while under hypnoti?
influence. On some rough planks, mis
ad to a table's li.-ia-tit. lay the body
living or di ad of tb" man Simpson
whose ?Sons of livelihood bad DOM as
I subject tor the showman hypnotist.
Arthur Kverton
BvertOSI Is bj jail, charged with
liomicide. and persiste?] in his declara
pon that Simpson was not ?lead, but
was y?'t In a Cataleptic condition. !u
which the hypao-tlser had placeil him
for exhibition purpose* Bvertoa ha !
bogged the authorities that IiIh friend
and some time instnu tor, W. E. Dav
??nport, of Newark, be sent f?>r and be
allowed to attempt to revive Bhap
son. This earnest leqiiest of the hyp
n?>tist the authorities utter consulta?
tion decided to glatit
Mr l>a\enport first applii'd his .-.tr
to the body us If listening for lu-.irt
b?ats Then be slightly opened th.
eye? of Ike mun und. bringing hi own
eyes close to them, looked lato them
Intently. Daveapori was ?nanlf< stly
sincere In what he was doing "is
manner affecte?! all those who silent 1?
Watched him. The little r<H)in was In
a bard ii te silence as l>avenport again
applied first his ear. then the tips ot
his lasen over tas ?otloaloos heart
Next he bent his head dowu low ov? r
the head above the black cloth. placed
his lips t los. tu an ear of the body he
sought to revive, and said, sharply and
eagerly: "Bob"'
If was a trained voiie. th?' voie.' ol
a man drilled to shock or command
the s?'iises. and It startled without
moving the Intent group Of watcher.;
Hob' Your heart!"
There was another aUttace a
ly dramatic as th?> mind i an Imagine
Then followed the words: "BobI Your
heart! Your heart Is beating'"
If after the sound of the operator*
voice the subject's evvlids had inovi-1.
it s?leased as If none there would have
been greatly surprised. Hut then- was
no motion
Hut the operator eagerly fell again
over the heart and again listened, and
thi'n again spoke lato tbe unhearing
Hob' Listen! Hear what I say.
our heart' Your heart Is heating"1
There was no response, no move
Mat of the eyelids, no latteriag of
the heart, and Davenport motion?'?! to
the manager under whom Bvertoo bad
exhibited last w?-ek. He stopiM-d to the
side i f the body and repeated the
phrases Davenport ha?l used. After
that Davenport pr? ski-I upon tie?
breast as If artifically to start a Stove
ment of the heart and then spoke lato
the other ear.
"Bob!" Now there was an accent of
pleading. "Hob' You hear ?<
heart Is moving!"
Dr. Long, the < ?unty ph>sician. then
spoke to him "Do you think that nun
Is dead?" he aski'd.
"I think he la dead." Davenport re?
The autopsy was perforated by
County Physician William H. Long
a8sis'ed b) Dr. A. L. Still well and lb?
result showed that death had beet
caused by rupture of the aorta, the
main artery of the heart.
The physicians declared thai the
rupture could have been brought
about by a serious strain, hut tiny
gave no definite opinion on the nature
of the strain.
Puddlera After Nov. 22 Are to Receive
$4.50 Per Ton.
Reading, l'a.. Mo?. 10. TM Reading
Iron and Ooal company lias post. ?I bo
tices in its mills that a new schedule
of wag?-s will go Into effeit on Mun
day, Nov. 's.i.
Puddier? ar<- to ii?? Increased from
$4 to I-ir,?? p< r t??n. There win in in
enana? in all department?, eapecially
among the laborara Alunit 12,000 m? n
are Involved.
New $20X00,000 Bridge Is Weak.
Nan Voii. Moi i" Signa ?>f vreak
n? Hs are said lo be appearlag in Ihe
hunt spaas "i the n?-w 120.000.000 Wil
ItamatHirg bridge, opened in IPOS, and
ii is reportad thai Bridge Conunla
alonar Stt-vcnson will ask for an ap
proprlatloa of $500.000 t?i strengthen
it No fears an- expressed that the
bridge will collapse, but traffic will he
susp<-nd?-?i temporarily.
ThirteenYearOlrf Girl a Robber.
York. Pa.. Nov. 10. Charged with
rohblng a house, thirteen-year-old A?l
aline Kenny wan arrested by DetectiY?
HWea. The child confessed taking a
-'lid watch and other valuables from
ha home of George Yesaler. She was
TimltUd to Jail.
Undertaker and Embalmer
No. 719 Main St.. Freder
icksburg, Va 'Phone 98.
Across from Exchange Hotel
and next to Western Union
office. Telegraph and tele?
phone orders receive prompt
attention. Open day and
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the Finest, Purest, Spiciest
Spices sold.
Mace, Cloves? Cinnamon,
Alhp.ce.Cream Tartar,
and Blact Pepper.
1 he RECALL Drugstore.
"Harb Doctor" Confesse? Manslaugh?
ter In Revolting Crime.
Taunton. Mass . Not 10. Wall? I ?
attorney for "l'r<i tai L
Hill, the Fall Kivei herb doctor, who
pleaded gniltf t?> an Indictment of
uiauslaiighli'i- in connection with the
Tiverton sun
lng a stateim-nt in the p?ture of a
(?>nf?'Sslon, report??? in Fall M?? I
found in a spot Hadlcated in th? con
f.-ssion th? h'-ail of the victlui. which
ooapleted th? d?unenibered body ol
the missing young, woman. Miss Ann?
Ha St. .lean.
HIll'B attorney told th? ?-oiirl thai
Miss St. .1? ?in died in Hill's ol
: result of her own a? t. after Hill had
rafaaed t?> i-iv?? her the Buggical relief
which sin? sought
Terrified, the lawyi ? - Bid, Hill dis
Bjetnl.i th?- bodj sad dlspoaad ??' II
The torso and limi>s he acattered
?long the Bnlgarmarah road II Ti**
i ton. while tin- head wa? wrapped In a
I hiack RKirt ami thrown Into the t"? ii
ea m-iir st. Patrick's cemetery in Pall
The maximum sentence f??r man
slaughter la this stat?- is twenl
Imprl soa meat
Explosion Starts Blaze That
Prevents Escape.
Wllkea Barre P? . Not 10 shut iu
, behind a Are which i burning In th.
Anchlngloaa mlae <?t it??- Delaware
Lackawanna ,v Waatera ? oui
mil.s south of thla ? Ity, are from foui
to ii??- men, while one other i
taken out dead and on? fatallj burned
Then- is little ho|.t rea? hint< th?
ui< u who ai?- behind the Are In Urn?
to save them, uni ire m in
ag? ?i i?- ?>-t soin.- distance awaj fi >m
the blase through other wort
There was a sever? explosion ol
gas in th?- Roas tt In In th? No I
shaft at the mine, whl< h is ob
deepesl In the anthracite rea.
, i?.-h ii sel ti ? to a lection "t
the working? Th? flamea spread r.i
pidly. ami were qnlckl) beyond con
trol of the men working In the \? in ?l
the time Antbanj Protokoa who was
badly Injured by the exploaloa ?a
caught in the harnea and so ?
burned thai he died while th? ?
wt re taking blm out, ami Charlea Keu
kas. a fellow workman, was s,, i,reii\
burned thai there la bul liiti.- bop
for his re??'
? i a who dashed for the se? n
as soon as th? y heard the ex|
wer.' j'ist able to r. ai h these I
before the flame? drove them bad
and they wen unable t?? d
whether tho explosion Involve?! the
four or t. ? nown to b
the tii.? or not. Th.- officials b
. thai tii?-.-?- ?-in.<??
o far from ?
they were not Injured, but ?
I! be unable
to r< ach them before th?
< .'.t? d oi
Chauffeur V.'l.o Kill d Man I
on Probation.
m? nto <!al Nov. l" 'I
yaara Ii
tence Ii Fudge Hui
Claude Wood, n rhanftVur, convicted
of man \ ? r and
kltllng '
sid?- roa ? ? ?ugut bul
that the commitment be withheld and
that the ?i f< ndanl be pla? ed on pro
In tbe terms <-r the probatl
i t i
month toward th?
children h<- made father!? is b) b
reckless drivlni
Collision Between Bark-ntne ana
Schooner Ends Fatally.
New York Nov. 10. Bight lives
were lost in th<- ? olllaion l>? t>?>
ne lohn s. Bennetl ??ad an as
known scbooni i off i:i .. ;. I land
Reports of th? disaster ? >n
brought hei
.Iones, whk :
sailors. Botta the barkentlne
schooner sank after the coll
The Bennetl k fl t? bound
for Halifax, lad? n with coal i IW
ooaU be I? araed from the '?'
who coald no! ;? il tSagl i. Tli-y
aai'l tbe) had ? its;m? l her?
Grow? Setrdleas Apples.
Georgetown. Dei.. Nov. 10, ? Th
first seedleas apph own |o
thin part of ths state w< re brought t<
town by Prank Roi
then from bis young oh bard neai
Shortl? ) The | leid was ver.
on account of the wet spring and ih
tenderness ol tbe I
Murdered Girl Found In Alley.
Cairo, in.. Nov. 10. Anale Pi Hay
a clerk in a dry goods store, was in ?:
dered hen Cblldfi n found her
and mutil?t? 1 body In an all? -
n?d been choked to death ami mad
the victim of an assault.
Admiral Fisher Created a Baron.
London. Nov. 10. Admiral of th?
Fleet Sir John Flaher, first naval lord
has heeti created s baron ills eleva
tlon had been predicted for Bone tlm -
For Infants and Children
The Kind You Have Always Bougiv
Best By Test
Our Pure Crabapple
4 years old.
Also a full line of SPICES for pick
ling. All fresh, new (roods.
and a full variety of other i/oods
usually kept in a first class store.
205 Commerce, 1002 Main Street*
Phone 114.
lohn F. Scott.
Main St, One door below Cha?. Wal?
lace & Bro. Pull line of
General Hardware.
Barb Wire, Guns, Pistola, Razors,
Knives, etc., will be sold at reduced
prices to suit the times, Money can
be saved hy purchasing at Scott's
hardware store.
Sensible Methods Will Cure it Gool
rirk's Pharmacy Guarantee?* Hyomei
to Cure Catarrh.
Catarrh can never Im?cured by taking
medicines Into th?' stomach nor by
sprays, atomizer? or nVmrhes
Intelligent physicians bave long ago
discarded men tosasand notons of then
would he worth consideration were it
not for the fact that unscrupulous per
sons prey BOOH the IgnOCanCS of the
people m regard i<> mw discoveries.
Catarrh is caused by germs and just
as long a? these germs thrive in the
folds, crevices, nooks and corners of
the mucous membrane that line the
HOBS, throat ami chest, just so lonn will
you have catarrh.
There is only one way to cur?? ??atari h.
and that is to kill the germs.
liiiTi' is only one remedy thai will
kill the germs When it gets where the
germs are, and thai is Hyomei.
II vom.' is made chiefly from Austral?
ian Eucalyptus and Eucalyptol com
bined with other Kerm killing sntiaep
tics, .lust breathe it in through the
hard rubber inhaler that eOCBI
eacfa ??'il lit and relief is immediate.
I'*cd regularly for a few week Hyomei
(pronounced Hlgh-o-me) will cure
chronic catarrh. Complet.' outfit $1.(10
al GooMck's Pharmacy and IsaJdHng
, druggists everywhere.
Cures indigestion
If reUevra Ktomjwh misery, ? nr ?stom?
ach, Is 1'diing,ami con's all stomach dis
M M r money hack. LsVM Is.x of tab?
lets 60 cents. Druggihts iu all towns.
situated near Summit. Va
Pursuant to the direction of a deere ?
entered November 1st. 1909, in the
chancen cause ..f Charles Minor va.
.lose?,h Sin.or et ai*, in the < 11 .nit
Court for Spotsytvania county, W
ginia, I, the undersigned sp?cial com?
missioner, will sell at public auction, to
the highest bidder, on
Saturday, Dec. 4, 1909,
at 12:90 o'clock p. in. in front of the
auction boues ?if V ?. Kii.m'v. m Pred
lerieksborg, Virginia, thai certain pleca
or panel Of land, containing forty-four
acres, more or less, situated in S|?? t.~> 1
vania county, Virginia, aboul one and
one-half miles from Summit, Virginia,
it being the same tract of land of which
Joseph Minor diedseixed and ??assessed,
and which was purchased by the said
Joseph Minor from Mrs. Marye.
Ternis .,f ?.ale: All ca-.li.
For further particulai -* see the
Alvin T. Embrey,
Special ('ommisioner.
In the Clerk's office of the Circuit
Court of the county of Spotsylvania.
Minor.jilaitititT. against Joseph
Minor ?t al, defendants,
I, T. A. Harris, clerk of Said court,do
certify that the bond required of the
I Special < '??mtiiissinner by the decree
rendered in said cans?' on the ;?oth day
of October, IMP, has been duly given.
Ci ven under my hand a* .lerk of the
sai.l cmrt, this _'nd day of November,
nbwlwl T. A. Harris, Cl.rk.
STATE of Virginia, county of Boot
sylvania- s. s. In the I lerk's of
of the Circuit court of Spots] I
vania county, Virginia. November Bra,
1909. I'[?on a lull tiled in chano-ry to
construe the will ami *?-ttie the estate
.?f C, Gallinger, deceased, and apon an
injunction order restraining the d?fend?
ants Darned in said hill and injunction
order from proceeding to for?-.
Bale certain trust deeds in ?aid bill set
forth. I.m y A. Hais lop, m her own
right, aa devisee and heir <?f Cyrenius
Gallinger, and as administratrix, e. t. a.
Galtineer; John J. Haislop.
plaintiffs, vs. Mary I. Thompson anil
Corbin Thompson, her husband; James
P. Turnley, sheriff, administrator of
Retta 0. Jaekaon. deceased; James
Jackman, Elmer Oliver. Eugene Oliver,
Oliver, an infant over four tear.
yean Of age; Dora Oliver, an infant
over fourteen years of age; Mary Oli?
ver, an infant over fourteen years of
age: Murton E. Church, trustee; Kate
T. mown, William M. Ellison, trustee;
Raymond S. Ilondaldson. LeeJ, Craves,
trustee; J. I>. Pafliam. T. Stokeley
Coscman. trustee; Mary E. Smith, ex?
ecutrix E. W. Smith, deceased; F. W.
Coleman, trustee; Bolea T. Coleman,
Alvin T. Embrey, trustee; The Farm
?rs ami Merchant? State Hank of r re?l
oricksburg, Virginia, a corporation duly
ch.irt? r??l an?! organized utnler the laws
of the Stat?- of Virginia; A. T. Etowe,
.lames K. Kawlings, ex<??utor of S. ('.
Peyton, ?lei'eased, subject to the order
of the Circuit court of Stafford i-ounty,
Virginia, in the chancery cause of Pay?
ton's executor vs. Peyton and others;
Daniel Lewis, defendants.
Ami an affidavit having been lil???l
that Daniel l.ewis, Raymond S. Donald?
son; Kate T. Brown; Majy Oliver,
ll<ira (Hiver, Charles Oliver. Eugene
Oliver, Klmer Oliver, James Jackman,
are non-resident? of the State of Vir?
ginia, they are hereby ortlered to ap?
pear here within fifK'en days after due
publication hereof, and do what may be
necessary to protect their interest in
this suit; and it is further ordered that
a copy hereof be published once a week
for tour successive weeks in The Free
Lance newspajier, a newspaper publish?
ed in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and that
a copy hereof lx? jiosted at the front
door of the courthouse of this court on
or before the next succeeding rule day
of this court.
T. A. Harris, Clerk.
Frederick W. Coleman, Alvin T. Km
brey, p. q.
A copy-Teste:
T. A. Harris, Clerk,
Public Sale
OK \
Saw Mill and Hill Outfit
Pursuant to the t?-rnis of two <l?????ls
of trust from W. J. Jacobs to the un?
dersigned trustee, one of date January
27th, l?Hi?.and one of date January 16th,
?Kt?i, both of the said trusts having
bean duly recorded, the undersigned
trustee therein named, being thereto
requested by the bo?tier of the debt
therein secured, will, before the auc?
tion house of N. B. Kinsey, at the cor?
ner of Commerce and Princess Anne
street?, Fralericksburg, Virginia, on
Saturday, Nov. 28th, 1909,
at the hour of 12:30 o'clock M., offer
for ?ale at public auction, to the high?
est bidder, for cash, a portion of the
property conveyed in ?aid deed of trust
from the said W. J. Jacobs and described
as one 20-horse power saw mill, com?
plete with all mill fixtures, saws, belt?
ing, etc., including the Tanner engine
and Page boiler, the same being now
situated on the "Little Falls" property
of Mr. Ralph Izard, in Staffonicounty,
Virginia, about three miles below Fred
This property is in good condition and
can be inspected by any intending pur?
chaser on the farm of Mr. Izard.
td Trust**.
There is scarcely any condition of ill
health that is not benefited by the
occasional use of a RIPANS Tabule.
For aale by droguista. The Five c?n>
packet is enough for an ordinary occa?
sion. The family bottle, 60 cents, oon
tains a supply for a year.
Washington's Re?
liable Mail
Order House
Oronoco Rye
?. whisky th.it Im 'a favor with
?ill \ til UC1 h kl? ) fol It? Il < ?l?? i
n il ; ro| 8 ti ?
Til--1 ? i.? 11 ?ii n of Oronoc > Ry?
i* bull? " . m ?rit It i-? tic ?hui
qttalltj a h ?k.? . aba 'ut lv pu ??
un ' of (tie latasl ilevelopm ??.' ;
?lis illed nid -_? ?I under ?? li?litiollH
that |rjv? an \ ?-|iti tial'.v Un?
$3 75 Oal.
If.l.,1 I?
Pavo ?? ' f i- t parity mi l qnali
ty. P ?_s i im . i rneBI -.
$2.76 Gal. 4 foil qts. ?S3
I'. ml!.-t.ni Wliirfly 13.30 per
Kai < In!) sold i'i j BJS.
lor ? v? biakl f_ ".t". f:i, l-'l 7.'. per
Virginia Appl- Hi.m.iv |.' "". * i,
|? 7". per ?ai.; ? full o,t?< |?,
ISJM), fl
' oliijil. le In,- of !.?? t .,??,? u' K?dV.
iKtmeatk Rye an I vt.iit ? tit?*' r- ,
-?ut. h nil I ll l-ll -? !;l. i -, I l il
ill.-? I? mi. ItUIIM lA ii
? li.-.l?.
? barg - i' ?-|? i1 l ai '?r '.r f $j ."?'?
an I ? ?? ? r w '?? i cha if'-? ild not ? I?
?????-.I ",o, par gal
Kdvv. Ja Qui".n,
a-,,-, h.>???*>: 7tli - a? \'.|
\ v.? r\ w" Store; Q i ?' \ ??
N ? , w ?Mblusri '?'?. ? ' '
Maryland, Delaware &
Virginia Railway Co.
Kai ? >j,!i._*.n. ck River Line.
Scbdilt. in Effect toil II, IW.
Baltimore. Tappaaannork. Krad? r?,k?bur_ -
__nI Il.ilii.a |-i. r .'. Uarhl Sit,. I
BciBiHtlncSoitatajr 12no* . lliurmiay
?:to p. m. f.ir t W.-xtlan.!. North Kn !. Mill (Wk.
White SI
Mill Petal. OUoaaan'a atavan'a, Bnrfcaa'a, Vf
bann*. _<*_?_?*?, ?Vater Vtew. v.
? Bay Port. Sharp?. Bowktr'a, Wir?'? Welford'a,
Tappahannork. 'J:??i a. m , Nay lor ? II
IWU, C-rter'a, LajrtM'a, I L*???i
Wilmont '
Hay Mount, Boa yard. Rit_W?'a*i?aii
?Steamer U'Hvin,; ??' atop, rOa
Monday? ?Lanier will louve l.#-e,!at,>wn at 11:30
lUItimore. Tappahann.ick !>c?ve Baltimore,
Piar -. I.ii/hi Str.? t. ?..?.,i lier permitting, Wed na*
?lay an.l PrUay ??up m . tor INoctk El?, Mill
Craak. tWklteStorta, Irvtnston lYiini*. MIBali
l?^k. tlliirhan a, ?Hur?',?'?, Urban na, I
IWhaaltoa'a, Water Vlan
'? amrr li-avinn I
will ',nly atop at Ijtndint;? nuukad t,
Tnppaha.in?? V. Narfolk I,eave Tappahannork.
w,-*th??r permitting-, Sattinlay ? p. in., ?l..p|ii<_: ?t
WeX.rd ?. Ware? BowI.t"?. Sharp?. Bay Port,
Whealton ?. Water View. M?iiiai?ki>n. tlrlnnna.
Hurton ?. Burhan?, Millenherk. M?'rry Point,
(Itt/onan ?. M<?ran'?, W??em a Irvinict?.?!. White
S?..n??. MlilCr**k, North i
Ins, steam? r will Law Norfolk Maaaanr, 3 p. in..
weather trrmitlintr. for Tappahann??-k, ?topping
at landing? a? above, en.-ept M.-rry Point, OU?
?an? ?ml Bay Part, ?pippin?/ at rfr.wl
er ?, War** and Wellford ? on return trip to Bal
tim?.re<.n Tuaailaya Kreit/ht ?ill nut bere<?eivi?l in
N*ff8_ after J p. m , un aailing ?laya.
Kre?leri.k?b?inr, Tappahannork, Baltimore
I,eave Frederick ?bun/, Sunday, Tue* lay and
' Thuraday and waathw permitting,
f..r Rat.-lifTe ?. II.? Yar.1. Hay Mount. Port Coa
way, l'?,rt Royal, lireenlawa, Wilnvmt, Sauiuler'a,
La__Mo*ni ?a. m.. l_yton ?. Carter ?, 1
Naylor a Hole S:.4i a. ru . Tappahanork '? '" a. m..
Wdlfianl ?. Ware *. Bowler a. Sharp ? I
Bay Part, nrkaattea ?. Wate* Vk?r, Mina?kon.
Urhanna, VtM v. m . Barban'*, MUkmback, Merry
p. in., ?ittiHiiana, Moran?, waaaa'aj
Mill ?'reok *_9 p. m..
North Knd'ini p. m.. W>?tl*n?l. Arrive Baltimor*
Tuewlay, Thuralay and Saturday mominira,
Tappahannork, lUltimon1. I^?are Tappahan
nock, weather permitting. 7 :>' a. m.. Tuesday and
Thurwlay. ?Pippin?/ at Weltford'?. Ware'?, liowi
era. Sharp'* *:?> ?. m., *Bay 1'iirt, WhealPm'a,
Water View. Mnnaakon. HJrbanna, BiirMn ?. llnr
han?, M?llenherk, W?. in?. Irvinnt.m. White Stone,
Mill Creek, North Kn.l. Arnvinit Baltirmire We?),
nesday *n<) Kriday IBOralaara, ISteamer P> Balti?
mor* mi Thur?>lay will not atop at Urbanna and
Bay Tort.
Thia time Ul.le ?how? the time? at whli-h steam?
er? may be axaaetad la aittv* at and depart from
the ?everal wharve*. but their arrival or ?i??partnre
at the time? ?taled i? not iruarnnt?-??!. nor di??? lh?
company hold itjwlf raaaj *__**? for any delay or
Sny <-on?eo.uence? arising; therefr?>m.
Freii/ht receive,) in Haltioiore until 4 p. m. on
?ailing ?lay?.
W. I>. .-.?'OTT. Agi., Frederick?bur?. V?.
WillardThon-.-on. Onl. Manager.
T. Muni.? h, ?h ni. Fnight ?. Faas. Act-, Bal?
mar?. March 1st, 1909
Southern Railway
N. I!. Following schtsliile figun-s publi*he<l as
Information, and ?re nnt guaranteed.
Schedule effective Ma*. Tth. 1909.
Train? leave Washington from New Union
7:30 a. m. Daily lyical for Warrenton. D?nville
and way station?.
S:30a. m. Daily- Local for llaiTisonburg. Va.
Oui s. m. Daily - United SUtea Faat Mail.
First-clam cosches and drawinic-room. sleeping
cars to Birmingham ttc New Orleans. Dining car
1:00 p. m. Week Day?- Local for Warrenton and
4:1'. p. m. Dally-Birmingham Special and
Florida LimiUsl. Through coaches and sleeping
csra to Columbia, Savannah and Jsckwinville.
Sleeping car to Augusta and Aiken. Sleeping
rar to Birmingham. Dining car service. Tourist
car to California Monday. WtMnesday. Thursday
and Friday.
4:20 p. m. Week Dsys - Local for Harrisonburg
and way stations on Manassas Branch.
4:.1S p. m. Daily I.ocsl for Warrenton and
Chariot tesville.
1" lu p. m. Dally- New York snd Chattamjog?
Limited (via Lynrhburg) --First cla?? coach and
sleeping car? to K<ain<>ke.lKn?>xville, Chattanooga,
sleeping c?r ti- New Urleans. Dining-car serviie
10:46 p. m. Daily- New York. Atlanta snd New
Orleans Limited All Pullman train?, club sad i.b
servalkm car? to New Orlvans; ?leeping cars to
Asheville, Atlanta, New Orleans. Sleepim: . ur to
Charlotte. Dining-car *?
4:10 a. m. Daily- Memphis Special. Through
sleeping cars and coaches to K??anoke, Knoxville,
Chattanooga. Nashville snd sssssekss, Washing
ton sleeping car open MM p. in. Dining car
Through train?? from the South arrive Washing?
ton 8:50 *. m., 6:3? a. m.. lii:4.ia. m. daily: 7:13 p.
m.. and 10:56 p. m. ts.Uk. 10. daily, Harrison
burs; 11:45 a. m. weekdays and 9:30 p. m. daily.
From Charlottesville, 9.4.1 a. m., LSI p. m. sml 7:45
p. m. Iyicai from Warrenton arrives kSS s. m.
week day?.
Train? leave Richmond: 10:16 a. m. and 11:46 p.
m. Daily Fjpress for all point? South.
6 Ji ?. in. Dally Local for Danville and Ch*rl"ti<\
6:00 p. m. except Sunday. I?cal for KajwMal,
4:30 a. m. except Sunday and 2:15 p. m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday for West Point.
* 4:30 p. m' except Sunday, for West Point, con.
netting with York Kiver Line for Ilaltimure, Mon?
day, Wednesday and Friday.
Tickets, sleeping-car reservations, and detail?*?!
information can be had at ticket office, 7u6 15th
8t-, 906 F St. N. W.. an.l New Union Station.
Baggage checked through from hotels and resi?
liences. Cab ?enrice.
C. H. ACKERT. V. P. and Gen. Man.
S. H. HARDWICK, Pass. Traffic Mar.
H. F. CARY.Oen. Pass. Agent.
L. S. BKOWN, Ueneral Agent.
Washington, D. C.
S. E. Bunreaa, D. P. A .
Richmond. Va.
Take Notice!
Is only packed in papvr
Hacks. Never sold loose.
A. B. Botts ? Co.
Fire, Life and Accident
Insurance Agent?
Office 312 Commerce Street
Represents sixteen first-class com* I
ptu.ies. Rate? low m the lowest, and
losaas promptly adjusted and paid.
Esstern Railroads Hay Grant Em?
ploye?' Demands For I-. tease.
Now York, Nov. In < ersDCCS
aro belni; bald ii?r<- by rallwaj ?ini?
c?ala to SlSCtstS the PI
pleyt's nf tin? saatera n Iros i ? >?
higher wanes Tbas? demaads are
'?i i i fu th?- high coal ..i lirias, and
tli<? coBMDsas of i'i iui 11 snoag rail
way oflksTS is in grant mi lacraaas
In pay, lint as Hinall an In? ;
possible. Thai course i- considered
Um "iiiy aifi'inativ?' ni upsetting * i? * -
Improvement being shown ?u un????
it ?ras also i< :n ri?'?i thai employe?
of western roads wer? pre)
hiKluT wage seals in submit % theii
employers The demand for higher
wages. Iittili in the eaal
coming from all departs
There iia*< been prai tlcally ao
flaaatt in the war,, s ? ? f railway em
ployea since the autumn of ISW?. ?Thai
th?? Pennsylvania granted sn Increase
of 10 par ??tit Thai In? reaae a
sequently granted by all 'it t!
i Secretary Nominates Gavis For
Ananias Club.
Washington, Nor. i". s
Richard A Balllni di par)
ment of the in"' i th? fut
lowing statement:
"M.. attention bai been dir 11? I t"
I he t. \t ..i an article purporting i"
.i: written bj I. u Qla\ i
which is to appear in Collier'? We?*kly,
and adran? ?? i optes of vviu. b ba?
been larnlsh? d bj that weehlj t.. thi
"i be Qlarl. stoi | Is ? U
odi and Insinuations utterly un
arai ranted In i i? a "i the fa?!
? obtain? 'l by anybody who waal
"II i- ao! aurpiialBg thai s publl
I cation a bleb could In pni mit ol thl
same propaganda, rechleasly, undei
asta ol o? t SO, n prodw e s rien ap
i< arlng on s familiar railroad folder
et the O rand River Canyon In C la
redo, as a picture ?it an arailabli
power lite ?in? ii was In danger of un
lawful acquisition on the Bouth Platt?
river, 100 mile? away and a?
Continental Divide, shoaM be willing
without the ?lightest t-n? ?rr u
tain the real facts, to ?iv.? wings to s
st.ii". which ha.I ?djfeolore Uvii miIi
niln?'.l to BO great and Just ? man :. -
the president of the United States,
who, after s moat careful considers
tinn thereof, In whlcb be bad b< fore
him the entire Bles of the
land office and ol the secretar) of the
Interior n latins, to each and every
mi.' ?a the mat) ? d, pro
disingenuous and
ii justlQi St|on.
tent of QIavi? has gained
nothing either as to Its veraclt) "i
? rion in the Interval since its
-?'I'M, und. In
rien "f the complete vindication by
the president of myself anil the other
irtmenl concerned,
I will make n?( further statement at
Admits Shortage of $28,000 and Is Ar
Columbu o Nov. 10. Orayson il
Osborn, for ttfteen years receiring
teller o? the Huntington N
bank. a United
State?, Commissioner Johnson on the
charge oi being |7000 shun in his ao
t oonl ? a Ith th? >aah He waived n
amlnatlon an.I was released on |15.000
A statement has been Issue.I from
lala stating 'hat the da
fait ation amounts ba |H (WO
Ostiorn. who Is ahuiit Ifty-two vvars
old, .'?nil had the ?'Mire contdence of
the hank ometala, refused to state
where th" mom , went. He made a
"ii ju*t before his am
milling the ahortaga
Fires Extinguished In Six Counties;
Checked In Others.
Harrislini r. Pa. Hen 10 ''
Commissioner it?i!??Tt s. Conklln stat?
ed that telephone report i reo? i ed
fron- si\ ? oontlea ?rere to tk
that Monday Blfbt'a tain ha i i 'i
Kllislli-cl tit- loi ?Si tires.
Th.' In ? in ?ork, Adams, Pertrj
Jnniata. bflBIa, Onion, Bayder nul
Franklin counties have been .-.tin
?alshad, will!.- the rala checked the
flr?-!? in Lycnralng Clinton and Sulll
van eoantl
Stewart Brie? Is Helpless.
NVw York. Nov. i" Supreme Court
Jostle? Mi? hael Isjned an order p r
mittlni .lohn I'. Brice ami I/mis M
Behwann, committee of the property
of <-\-Coiin?-Un?an Stewart M Itri? ?
son of Hie late Senator Calvin M
Brice, to borrow j:!?"?'! for Um Imma
dlatu aceda of Brice, his wife. Catas
rlnc Mount Hi i? ??, ami Mrs. BrlC?i
elghteen-y?1?!- ?ihl son. IfarveUe, win
was adopted hy Mr Bfic? last year !
The petition states that Mr Brio? b
now helpless ami nnlikHy to rocovar.
Mather and Children Fatally Burned
Warroad. Minn., Nov. 10?The wife
aad flvs ohlhlren of Neta Jensen wer?
burned to death In their homo neat
bane. Jensen wss probably fatally
There is more catarrh in thi*
of tin' country than all other diseases
put together, ami until the last few
years was siipptjscd to lie incurahle.
For a great many years doctors pro?
nounce?! it a local, disease anil prescrib?
ed local remedies, and by constantly
failing to cure with local treatment,
pronounced it incurable. Science has
proven catarrh to Im? a constitutional
disease and therefore n-ipiires constitu?
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.,
ToIimIo, Ohio, is the only constitutional
cure on the market. It is taken inter?
nally in doses from 10 drops to a tea
spoonful, it acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case they fail to cure. Send for circu?
lars and testimonials.
A.l.ir.ss: F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tole?lo.
Sold by Druggists, Tie,
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa?
1 No. 2 American Saw Mill. 2nd hand
1 No. 1 Geiser Saw Mill, rebuilt.
.'! No. ?I Farquhar Head ?locks.
1 No. 5 Farquhar Saw Milk .
1 i. H. P. Huber Portable Engine.
1 6-H. P. Cooper " " _ .
1 12-H P. McVicker Gasoline tngine.
I artre lot second hand Inserted Tooth
Saws, some as ?rood as new Also new
Inserted Tooth Saws. Hoe & Simonds.
Bowering Saw Mill Fewls.
Saw Tables, Lath Sawing Machines.
1 20-H. P. VVatertown Steam Engine,
30-H P. Fire Box Boiler, Pulleys, Hang-1
era and Shafting. Belting, Packing.Ofl,
Grease, Ac.
1001 Main St., Fr.tlericksburg.
Timberlake's Dry Goods Store
160 Pair ?.fa popular, well known $2.00, very large .size, DOUBLE
Th?s?ss.,i,i,.th?n??.-xtra..r?Jinury. as this is th.- very largest
m/.c l.lankct.ftill ?_'-(. The low price was made possible by us ,
liuymii Ih.s.' a |.,ng time Imck and storing them up for this
G. Frank Timberlake,
The Popular Dry Goodl Stor<>
Market Corner.Fre?lericks<iurK, Va.
Does Quality Interest You?
We sah this (|ti.?stion with sincerity. Why? Because it is to your
interest as well as ours. We know jrotj at?' sending your food
hard earned dollars for liquors that are manufacture?I and not
distilled. What we in. an by manufactured i.-s?a conox-tien of
.spirts, flavora and drugs mixed to imitate eduekjr. It is this jrou
pay your good momy f,.v t., our competitor! when the ?ame price
will pincha*?'
Pure Distilled Whiskies
from us. We an-a littl?? farther from you than lome other
dealers, hut ?an reach you promptly. Goods shipped by u.s in the
afternoon by freight reach I-'redericksburg ?arty next morning.
Don't you think it advisable to wait a few hours longer art Ret
distillcil whiskies instead of compounds'.'
Strasburger Bros.
119 Market Place, Baltimore, Md
Rugs and Carpets
Velvet, Axminster and Wilton. The largest line ev.r
shown in this city. Over 100 patterns to select from. We
have the lowest pri?e ever made on Rugs. "Price dir?-ct
from the mills."
Ball's Mason'* Fiiiit Jars at CUT PRICE.
"Merchants, Write For Price."
W. A. BELL & BR0.
Tba Furniture and Carpet House.
Fall and Winter Dry Goods and millinery
The fall is passing fast, here we are at the door of ?rioter, with all
the thoughts of the coming cold season -ind all the pretty things in dram
that it brings us. Right now you wil/ find us amply ready with every
fashionable fabric in Dress GoooV, the Newest in Millinery, the most Sty?
lish and Classic Tailored Suits, Separate Skirts and Coats, the largest and
cheapest stock of Blankets, the largest anil most ?.-conomically priced stock
I fndenrear for men, women an?! children. In fact everything you would
expect to find in an establishment like this. Below are a few gpedanl Pe
want you to rememlier and ask to see:
Our I'laid Blanket Special at $2.25.worth $8.00. Our Ladi.s
and Pantl Special at ?59c, value 6?C Our Men's Heavy Fleece
Shirts and Drawers Special at 39c, worth 50c. Our All W??ol Dress
< ;.iods Special at 50c, others ask 59 and 62 l-2e. Our .% inch Blk.
Taffeta Silk Special at $1, $1.19 value. Our ?36-in. Serge Siik, all
colors, won't split, at $1.00.
Don't buy ?Suit or Hat until y..usee ours. It will pay you to give usa look.
J. T. Lowery & Co.,
Val Dannehl
<"? ti i*iun
?_iy _ v
Repair Work a specialty. Mill Supplies, tastings, etc.
Phone 191, Freilericksburg, Va.
Loaded Shotgun Shells
r_e huritl-va^ou Is ne.r ai h?u?l i.ud ?e can ftirnlah ?he Rtat
I ,?.|.,! Sh |!sf.?rnnvsh<i.'?liw We mitle a ?piclaHv of i-ii ? l??
le h Sii.il- ??i.?I eanjH at?x k an a-MorlniHi.? nut surt?a*???? In ?.i.?
.f ?he I ?ru-er ?M? i? tilso h ?iui| let?? lire of thins fr?im the cbenj?.????.
?Single Hiirrel la the High Grade If,.m merlons. Call on ne a-l? ? In
aeaaj "f M Jinan, I" HiorUng n?<ide. Pbotie KM.
* Rawlings <& Son S
Just tectv.-d another ear of the cel-b*? ted
Piedmont One $ Two Horse Wagons
Grain Drills, Disc and Smoothing
Harrows.the Majestic Washing Machines
AI?o Winter S?*-d Oats, b'ead Rye, Timothy Peed, Clover
!??-ed, Orchard Oras* ? ed. A nice Hue ?,f GKOCEHIEH,
In fact an y .hing needed by the farmer and housekeeper.
3 Rawlings & Son

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