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HAIR ?NOW. mai ta? em?> Umr? te
rv ?*>?( alpins?
In ? is q?clly soj
.?fc?V efc??tjail ty the seslp
?Aaets vi n? wuoJcvl.?
ld*rel?A*J ?tal Mr j?roJ.
. il ?s pU?aai ?
??y ?*> lias?aiaaasV "P**
??.- wrBipaaad bmr
hair Wfiias ta g?.
Aas Im er th
a.**? nrA.
J ave caa
A taoSy trot
in -jifclEnrf a* Mlow
TW Gr??t Hair.Grow
irif Rem*dy can now be
; 'irt?^**ut(? in tt\tyt* ?i??**??
25c. SOc and ?1.00
per bottle.
( freo ?"*?' ?** *??*?????'<?
gl will ?ruda ?arg? aaaapta fr
?I It r?Cttrii?Malll. as?-??i. *
TVt .fitdt thla 'r..
! Kssvllas ?2aa*ailaa Ca.. ?Csfcssjs.
rftb ?H?.|r?aF-.- and a?3dr...
as* 10c U all?
u> e*T anata?
It . I;
Val Dannehl
Bf\\\M9^m\\mo\a mo?
m. y 11 aU-?BEr
Mi y MfH
Repair Work a'spccialty. Mil! Supp!i??s. Castinfrs. ??te
Phone 191, Fr?*dericV.sburfr, Va.
of White C Illuminating Oil.
White C Oil
is by every test the best, safest, whitest and must ?jconomical burninjr oil
rennet! in America.
"Will not char the wick.'' *GHt a bright whiu* lijrht."
"Burns evenly and smoothly." "Hurn.s k.njrer than ordinary "nil.
"Will not smoke the chimni*y." "Does not flicker and l?>p."
"Is high test an?! therefor?? safe."
Buy White C Oil next time and you wil! Inn* it again.
Price the gal.. 16c.; 5 gals. f?>r T?"*:. AT OUR STORE ONLY, and
not sold elsewhere in this section.
W. L. Brannan,
! Oxfords I Oxfords 1?
We are showing one of the
nicest Unas of
_? err. ?**???*-_-.
??? ?.?..-. i* a. and l'??t?*aitrnC
Aoa^.emr?, -*V1U9 m
ever seen. All the swell
styles now In. Tan, W
Black and Patent Ox- am.
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heating power of wood), ordinarily escapingunburned
up *?ie chimney in other stoves, are all consumed and
turned into heat in the WILSON. The Wilson is
the only heater in the world, which actually burns all
of the fuel put into it. The WILSON is air-tight,
heat can be regulated to any degree, and will hold a
Are for 86 hours. What you Bave on fuel will pay for
a WILSON HEATER in one season. Burns Wood
FrelerltkHbnrg, V?.
* Rawlings <& Son \
IL??? -'--J- -S??-- - -
Jest received another car of th? e??!?? bra ted
Piedmont One? Two Horse Wagons
Grain Drills, Disc and Smoothing
Harrows.the Majestic Washing Machines
Also Winter Seed Oats, Feed Rye, Timothy ?Seed, Clover
Seed, Orchard Orass Heed. A nice Una of UI'Ol KRIES,
ta tact anything needed by the farmer and housekeeper.
Rawlings <& Son
Say He Had Copies of Of
ficial Letters.
Accuser of Balhnger Charge With
Secreting Valuable Land Office
Documents - Declares It
is a "Frame-Dp. '
Wasain?.?.<?n F?rt?. 15?Special agent*
of the land offli-e broke Into a box run
talnlng certain privat? belongings ol
Louis R Glsvls. ana which he had left
Id a room in the postofflc? building st
?Seattle. They found, so It Is alleged
copies of a number of Important let
lera and telegram? (bat were missing
from the official flies of the offli-e
which Glavis had then turned o*.?*i t>
his successor
This fa? t ?ame out In the course ot
the Ballinger Plnchot Inquiry and
created a ?.-nsation ?ilavls denied ab
tolutrty '.list he ?.ver had the letters
after he had tmttrmtet his office and
Its belongings to his successor. A C
Christensen He ?prompt!*! i!ein?unr???l
the <t>!??<???? m Seattle as a "frame-up '
Several of the letters were In a U*t
published by Colliers Weekly last fail
in one of the attacks made by that
new?i.ap?'r .?n Secretary Balliii?.r
When the investigation by ?UM
committee of congress begun. Ixiui*
D. Bralm'.ei?. attorney for Ol? I
quested the ?ommlttee to call for a
number of letters and documents, an-i
this list included most uf those which
w-jre In tls***sM John J. Vertree?. of
Nash\i!le. Tenu attorney foi -
tary Balltnger. who conduct?! the
cross examination of Clavls. eiplalned
to the joint commttt<?e that Secretary
Ballinger called on the chief of the
Held agin:?- at Seattle to furn:
tain lcttcf? The first reply t.? I
quest ws? that the documents rouM
not be found But they ?
Monday !.. the secretary of the in
tartar team Seattle ac-rompan
an explai.Mtitin from Glavis s?.
In which it was said that the? wer?
recovered Iiom the tatl of ?,
Glavis Says It's a "Frame-Up."
"It Is a frail" i|> I x. ?aimed Gla\is
"It make? me Indignant for a.?
to assiim?- that 1 would ha?
foolish ?-nough to have put thus?? let?
ter? in a box and left th?*m where
they would (?a?.- !n>en ao<-essible to tro?
ver? men who are trying to make a
- .-:?ir.M me It makes ni" indis
nant to tliinl. that subordinate? of th>
???cretar? ;.f the interior would stoop
to such n.? ttiods in order in s.-r?. Mr
?lalllnger ?*
s denied ever having pla<*ed
the leitet-s la the (?ox H? told tl
n.ltte? tha' be bettmeatt that the agent
and offi? ?? had taken them f?rom
the office flies au.I place?! them there
for the purrxsc at making It appear
that he had abstract??.! thetn from th??
flies and had tmtmmet to give them up
Mtorn?? \'? rli ? s pr.'i*
mit the biters mtmi the ai-t-ompanying
explanation from A t* ("iirlstensen.
the spe? lal ag?nt In charge at s
But a vigorous objection was mad?
Beiore this question had been dis
posed of llepresentatlve James, of
KentiKk? voiced his lndlgnati??n at
the mann, r in which the letters ha 1
appear??d in the cornmlttee room. A'
torney Brand?is th.-n made a spirited
protest against the way In wbl
retary Balllnger had turned our ta
his attorn? ? for submission to the
commi?' :?<-,? Liters that the
committee had called for under In
?trii? tiot'.s as to their custody.
Clsvis book t!ie stand at the open
In? of the hearing .Mr Vmttteee drew
from th?- witness that the Culmine
ham claimants were the first to pa?
HLi'r ?''X**' Ie'*lmsla|rsi ?jf*1 ln numer
?HsKeratinn In any legislation
No Direct Accusation?
R? ferring to Glavls' report to th?
president, a magaxine article by hin
and his testimony tw-tore thl? ?omiul'
tee. Mr Vertree? asked ir he had mad?
any dirt? t accusations
Glavls said he had Intentionall? r?
frained from making anw charges, n
presented the facts to let the p??opl
draw their o?*r? inferen? ?*s.
Asked ?hat hr ItaiaiM the tad
showed, witness repli??! that "the Ian
department wax not ln safe hands an
that the am pie's interests were not b?
ir.K protected In the Alaska cases"
Ballinger's Official Misconduct
Glavls said flatly that he thong]
the facts . ?tnt.lislied offlcial
durt on the part of Bailing?-! mart I><
Called em ta e\plain why then he
made no < barge ?>f I ormptlon h?
"If I had tho'ight the facts warrant
ed a < : iruptness I would
hare gone to the grand Jury Inst? a?l of
to the pr.-id-nt '
Glavls ??Hid he il.d not believe there
were any ?orrupf *uotlr-ta on the part
of Balling?-? ..r li.-i.n.-n hut itieir no?.
protecting the people ?vas Intentional
Pressed forth? i ?vtiness mAt per
haps he ami Mr Yertrees Mat h:?v
the same view of the meaning ?>f cor
nipt." "I think he added, when a
man acts < ?irrupt l> he acts criminally.
There are no ?barges of criminality
Fairbanks In Berlin.
Berlin y, I. i.v - Charles Warren
Fairbanks rormer vice president .
the I'mte.l Stati-s arrived here an.
was received b> many friends
$100 REWARD, $100
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stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting direct?
ly upon the blood and mucous surface
of the system, thereby destroying the
fountiation of the disease, ana giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in
doing its work. The proprietors bave
so much faith in its curative powers that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for any
case it falls to cure. Send for list of
Address F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo. O.
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Crowns and Bridge Work a Specialty
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S S 5
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Carnations, and other
Cut Flowers and
at Reasonable Prices.
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is th.? tgat? eeonomical insurance
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delightful ami effective remedy.
ospvcialU r.hhI for children. We
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as low and quality as good as any
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Bal ti more Oharober of
<'HICA<-.<i (-(lRRE.ip.iMlK.NTS
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croup, colds, pneumonia, Oomgb?
and ?ore throat. Gowau'i pre
vects and cures by destroying
intl.tmmation and congestion.
Kx'.crnal and penetrating. $100,
5uc, 25c. All druggists.
Bricks! BricKs !
Best grades of all kinds, made
and burned in Fredericksburg.
Send your orders to E. D. ?Cole,
Sole Agent, or to
Fredericksborg Brick Co.
Phone 15 or 275.
Local delivery or F. O. B. can? of
Potomac, Fredericks
burg and Piedmont
Tins Tabu No. Is.
In wttact at 1 A. M. Aunt 1. IMS
Daily MUas Daily
?sxcrf.pt from ?-leapt
SuiKiay Fnd- Station?. Sui-la?.
No. L burg. No. 2.
A M Lt. Ar. P. IL
aw FVedericImburs SSO
aiO t Whiw. 1.04
SSO ? Mio? Road it?
am 7 Root? S*. M
SI? t ScroaaMrTffl? 2.48
SJ? 10 Alrteh 2.46
tSS 11 Fuma? 2.JB
8.40 U Brocknad 2.2S
Btaofcm XM
New Hoc? 1.47
SIS B Tinte
?Si 24 Reynold? ISS
?Si M VanMarsvUI? 12?
S?* ? La r?y?ttt l.U
10.M ?0 U nkm rlll? LOS
1 ?? U ?S Nam? USO
10S4 M Taylor 12.40
10.40 H Lv. Oran?? L?. 12.S0
txjti?aertiom at Frodertrkabur? ?a?th R. K. A P*
. R. aadUai
w-wy Co. At
CTi???m??lr? A Ohio R. R.
Tb? ?cuy lin? ta th? <*han?.?n?a??ll
North ?rani -leere ?Latir ??1. ?:**. S-S2 local.
7:06. S.?. 10c? local, a m ; 1?, tJtO local. 7:01.
lOlSp m
Southward Laaa? (l??l ? m daily. ACL- train
(:00 s m week days, local: ?:18 a m dally, kx-al;
ll-Sa m daily, S A 1. train: 1:0? p m daily.
fast train for Richmond: 6 **5 a m daily, A. C.
L train: 6.&? p m dally. S A I. train: 7.1S p.
m daily, local. 8:5? p m daily, SAL train:
1141 p m. daily. A. C I. train.
Local frotn Richinond arrlv?? 4:00 p m rrrak
Local from Washington arrives 6:49 p m daily
Arr-lrala and daparturea not a?rantaad.
W. P. Taylor. Traf? ?Sana??.
C C. Cos. Aa?it.
20 Men to make R. R.
Ties. Also 10 wagons
to haul them.
Apply to
Fredericksburg, Va.
This cooatetor got results.
Se?? Test*? ago ? cwiuKM kmrSat
tog s rai?raid ?ft a nra climats tu
t-Tjt-bled a mat ?leal by ruckne?
among the Ubor-?r?.
He tnraed Us aftentk-n ?t occ? ta
their food and found that they ?were
ing full rations of meat ana were
; water troen a stream near by.
He issued orders to cut do*?r? the
arjKxr . of meat and to increase greatly
the quantity oi (Quaker Oats le?! to the
He also boiled Quaker Oats and
mixed the thin oatmeal water with
their ?drinking water. Almost instantly
ail signs of ??tni.h disorders passed
and tus meo showed a decid-d improve?
ment in t-tren-rth and spirits. This ?con?
tractor had experience that taught him
the great value of good oatmeal. 55
The ?cost was ?mai!; 10c for regular
sue pa*ckag-*s; it is also packird in her
BM?kally ?caled tins (or bot climats?.
Wood's Trade Mark
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Clover Seeds
art) beet qualities obtainable, of
tested germination and free from
objcet'ooable weed -weds.
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en, the kinds to sow and the boat
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stands and crops.
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sown for more than thirty years in
ever increasing quantities, by the
best and most succi-esful farmer?.
Wood's Sewd Book mailed free
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V*\] Richmond. Virginia. |/v/
Reliable Mail
Order House
Oronoco Rye
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key that you can always rely on
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enjoy I'd y ,iuiar favor for many
years. It is a whiskey that is
reeommende?! for its purity ami
high quality.
$3.76 GALLON.
FOUR PULL yl'ARTS $4.00.
Sterling Whiskey
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LAI?. 4 FVLL QTS. $.1.00.
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gal. Onlv sold in jug's. Com
W hiake v tt 50. $.!. 01 i, $a. 75 per gal :
4 full qt-s. *;*.???. $3.50 and S4.UU.
Virginia Apple Brandy $2.50,$*'. 00,
&..7."> per gal; 4 full qta. S3.00,
?*..'>" End {-I.(?i.
Charges prepaid on orders of
$2.50 and over.
-^ttnn! Feb. 13 I will occupy my
new building. (j.'??T'a. >\*v*... S,
W., which will be the most com?
plete and up-to-date mail Beam
house in Washington.
EUw. aim Qulnn,
Warehouse: 7tb, t and lid.
Ave 8. W. Store: 604 Penn Av?.
N. W., Washington, D. C.
To VVm. A. Little. Jr., and to all
persons interested:
At a delinquent tax sale held in the
? ity of Fredericksburg on December
l*-th. 19(12, for taxes returned delinquent
for the year 1901. the undersign?*?! be?
came purchaser of two lots, viz. : Nos.
20 and 22, in block l'.i, of the map and
plot of the Fredericksburg ?Develop?
ment Company made by Von Schon &
Garner, arid of record in the Clerk's of?
fice of the Corporation court of Fred
ericksburg, said lots being situated in
Fredencksburg, Virginia, paying there?
on the amount bid at said sale, and
having subsequently paid thereon all
taxes and levies subsequently accruing
You will please take notice of said
sale and that on Monday, June 27th,
1910, I shall obtain from the Clerk of
the ?Corporation Court of Fredericks
burg a deed, or deeds, conveying unto
me the aforesaid lots Nos. 20 and 22 in
Block 19. of the map snd plot of the
Fredericksburg Development Company
aforesaid, as above set forth.
Wry truly.
Alvin T. Rowe.
Alvin T. Embrey, Atty. j27wtj27
IN the Clerk'* office of the Circuit
court of the county of Stafford on
UM xth day of February, 1910.
Daisy Knight, plaintiff, against W.
A. Knight, defendant. In chancery.
The object of this suit is to obtain an
absolute divorce from the bonds of
matrimony by the plaintiff from Met
defendant. And an affidavit having
been made and filed that the defendant,
W. A. Knight, is not resident of the
State of Virginia, it is ordered thst
he do appear here within fifteen day*
after due publication hereof, and do
what may be necessary to protect hit
interest in this suit. And it is further
ordered that a copy hereof be published
once a week for four weeks in The
Free Lance, a newspaper published in
Fredericksburg, Vs., and that a copy
be posted st the front door of the court
house of this cou-t on or before the
next succeeding rule day of the court.
A copy?Teste:
C. A. Bryan, Clerk.
G. B. Wallace p. q.
fl0lw4w _
Take Notice!
Is only packed in papei
?sacks. Never sold loose.
Presi-aent t? Present Hubbar?! Medal te
Antarctic Enpiorer
Washington. Fob IS ? From th?
bands of PresMeot Tait. Lleutenaii'
Sir Krnt'sl II Shack'.i-ion C V O
Ute Ac ?.tu-? He ?xploier. will *
??I t to?
it ?v*ir?!o?!
i modal
hi in
Tl< ? ? ??ni
*ti*c ta lb? I
Ba* Hi?? ??srl>
sprliiK an.) SUS"??? r Th?> first of thes*
will I ?
Il ft In tri
?tifl?n t?> ?UM |>!.-!?l ii nf man? '
flilals of the |
.?f Hi? iliplomatl<* corps will t? ?
and th?* ? ? < asi? n ??ill be a not:,
Masked Men Atten-pted to Thrus'
Watchman Into Furnace.
II Thr.*?
? la
John (1 *?-.'?'!??; !. | -In watrl *
th<? uralii elevator and fliMinnn mill?
?if II??.: .?. Hi ?*.! :?ii?l afterward tri???
to throw the
the fitrnar.? Fa?lnr In this, tl
pla? ???! N'.ii ?*tt in I
ami ata m cm?? li*
?leeth. inn ..- in a critical coadlttoa
Th.? ?aratrhasaa ?aa making hi? fina
?a !.. ii tit. tl.r.-?* ii?. n al
him fi
th'-y i?
in his pock? i :ii:?l II,?ti -. i an Ij
T * ist hin*
h??K<lf' Bah the '
?loor i
defest ?
terriiii? ban
half ? I) In t!i<* P
and start.*?! th.? raa? hit?? ry but at th?
? ni. n Bed
Less of Jobs May Fellow In Anthracite
With?* n.ii . i*,. i*. i. ?
?or rent of itie Miners la ?
thraclta mi??* of 1 ???? wll
laaa their |.u
fllmlnatior. i-turt**.! by th?? i
examinln* '? -
(nation to *] os *??
not M familiar with ??tall
that ho is a competen) ?
law pro? iit. - ?."iinln.*?'
must Im* ol '
llsh If Is SStlmat? d thai a?a* ul fh?
for.liin 1 on i
?pei-tors estlBaate t.
of In?
Oer of B?*la| Ot ? :
Is In
nfants Dope ana Or
Oymg Condition
Indiar*|>?.li-. I". i. || Mr* Mai
eil lo. -
was slioun ?
fants dop.* ol '?;. ir
ln a dying condition On?ii??*Vs?!9p{i(
men I .
when tai,? i. fro_ th? farm sal.I that ?
was rsecaeaarj to gi?>? Hum hot ?satin
In or?l??r to rooae th. m fmni th* at?
por they ??.re in as a result of driii;?
urlniin^t? i? 1 bj Mrs Woolfork
Woman Kill? Herself In Trough.
Huntingdon pa geh it Mrs
William SI..if- r <?f Mount I'n:..n
nilt!??il s ' ! I. t'lnR two tal
to her n.-< I; und lying <l?iwii lengti?
wife In a watering trough whbli tmw
talp.-il I.ut !-i\ li.? ! . m ?il water Worr)
ovei the continuer! i)in< ss of hei fath
er an.l mo'her un.1 .Ion., sti. i
ow bei own are supposed te ban u.
tweet ii? i to tax-* km? iif?- Bbi was
thirl?. .1!
Zelaya to Write Bock
Wat hlMgtna Kel II I'.tn,.
Irlent Zelav? u,i.i,?l? u ?,. iMist t book
tetamttw* tor ?sdmta strati i h
ragua ?crltletsittg S. < r? Ury Ki.n? anil
charging Hat tmrtttertet ^rt hfoot ii
Central Amerlr?. and \V?s!iln?*?ot b]
the Itutter liartbwaite MtalBg . i.n.
pany wet? ito? ?tus? of bts rt'.wi.'aii
Kills Woman During Quarrel.
Havre De Orare. M,l I', h. ]R _
Dnrlns a drunken quarrel. .1?re ?Col
lings, of Pon Deposit, shot am! kill.-?!
Mary Delia, and then turned tin? u.-.i
pon on her daughter. Mary Hawkln?
wounding her. AH are colore?! Cul
liars ?oaped.
Children Teething
Mas. Winsi.ow'b Soothin?; Svki'p hm* U.-n owed
tor over FIFTY YEARS by MII.I.I<<
MOTHKRS f.r Ihe.r ( lillliRFN WHILE
TF.RTHIN?;. ?ilh l'F.RFK? "f 8UOCESS?. It
SOOTH"? th. run.Ii BOFTF.Ns .... i.iMS.
ALLAYS all FAIS. Cl'RKS WIM? <ul.li-.ard
i? the t>nt remedy tor UIAKKWLA Sold by
Pru?nrintB in every part of th?- world. Be aura and
?Ak for Mr*. Win?low'a Soothing Syrup. ?nd
t?k? i?. other kind. Twenty-??? cenU ? bottl?.
Saw Mill and Factory
New and Second-Hand Inserted
Tooth Saws, 36 inch and 52 inch, on
hand. We are special agents for
Henry Diston & Son?. Ask about
their latest improve?'] Circular Saw.
None are better. Oils, Grease, Pack -
ing. Belting, Brass Goods and Fit?
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Our I-oa.ier. $2 00
King of Kv.. > (N)
Hui) XXX 2 00
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Whin- Corn 200
Per Gal.
Daisy (white).***2 00
Hudson Branch Rye. 3 00
Kmory (?rove .3 00
Buckwalter.4 00
Jas. E. Pepper . 4 00
For a Pure Medicinal Whiskey you want OLD VICTOR.
1 full <iuarts 93.20, express prepaid.
Strasburger Bros
Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers
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Our White Sale Month
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? injr, in (his market. His Sheathi?jr. Papers are
2 the ?recognized standard. Pri?es are light.
1 Adams' Book Store.!
i j
^?icssrc W. J. Jacob? and George Ar-.?? jong have formed a copartnership
"..Ty|.? style of Jacobs A Armstmiig and have bought out the stables of L.
t '?"Vl".*'.**? r\ on Princess Anne Street. We arc prepared to furnish fiirst-claas
aAOtt %nd all hour?. Horses bought or sold on commission. We board
_ . ?arl irej_w'll have best attteniq? OsMemno
I - c*^t*riA>*"^?*- rtPMSl'RONQ,
I Wheeler* Old Stand. FREDERICKSBURG.
Maryland, Delaware &
Virginia Railway Co.
I.appahannock River Line.
Sckedile in Effect larch II. 1*9.
Baltimore, Tappahannork, Fredericksburg?
mir. Baltimore. Fiar 2, Light Str.?, waathet
permitting.Sunday 12 noon, Tun.1*y and Thursday
4 JO p. m. for I Weatland. North End. Mill Creak.
White Stona, Irvington. Weema, Millrnheck.
Merry Point. Ottoman's Koran a. Burhan'?. Ur
tanna. Mi?n?akon, Water View. Whealton a.
?Bay Fort. Sharp?. Bowler?. Wan,'? Welford?.
TappHhannock. t-iii a. ?i.. Naylor'a Hol?, Blautd- 1
held, ?.barter ?. Layum'a. S I??-e?J?town. Saundera'.
Wilmont, ?.reenlawe. Fort Royal. Port tow?.
Hay Mount. Hop Yard. Ratclil*e'a,Fr*derirkaburg.
?Steamer leaving on Sunday doea not atop. fOn
Monday? ?tewmer will leave Leed? tusr? ?t 11:30
Baltimore,. Tappahannock - Leav? Baltimore,
Pier 2. Light Street, wentnir permitting, Wedn
day ?nd Friday 4:30 p. m-, fur tNorth Knd. Mill
Craak. ?WhileSum?. Irvington, Wnou, Hillen
beck. tRurhan's. ?Burton??, Urbanr Monaakon.
tWhealton a. Water View. tSharp . ?vppahan
nock. ?Steamer leaving Baltimor?- .. ?Vedoewlay
will only stop ?t Landing? marked
T appahannock. Norfolk- Leave Tappahannock i
weather permitting, Saturday 2p.m. atoppin? at
Welford ?, Ware a Bow 1er'a. Sharp a. Bay Fort,
Wheadton'a. Water View, Monaakon. Urhanna.
Burtons, Burilan'?. Millenbork. Merry F.ant.
Ottoman a. limn'?, WnMni Irvington, White
Stone. Mill Creek. North End. Westland. Return?
st landing? ?a above, except Merry Point. Otto?
man a. Moran? and Bay Fort, ?topping at BowU
} er ?J, Ware'? and Well/ord ? on return trip to Bal
Fredertrksburg. Tappahannoek. Baltimore
Leave Frederk-ksburg, Sanday, Tueaday and
Thursday 2:0?) p. m.. tide and weath? permitting,
for KaUlilTs's. Hop Yard. Hay Mount. Fort Con
tray, Port Royal, (ireenlawe. Wilmont, Saunder'a,
Leedatown Urn., Layton'a. (*arter'a, Blendfteld.
Naylor'a Hole 6:30 a. m.. Tappaharxick 7:3? a. m..
WeUfords, Ware a. Bowler?. Sharp's ?SO a. BL.
Bay Fort. Whealton'a. Water View. Monaakon.
I Urbanna. 12 SO p. m.. Burhan m Millenberk. Merry
Point. 2:30 p. m., tlttociMWi'a, Monui'a, Weem ?.
Irvingbin. White St?VM>. Mill Creek 6S0 p. m..
I North End 6:00 p. in-, Westland. Arrive Baltimore
Tuesday. Thursday aiul Saturday morning?.
Taprahannock. Baltimore.-Leave Tappahan
aock. weather permitting. 7S0 a. m. Tueaday and
Thuiwday. ?topping ?t WeUfoKT?. War?'?. Bowl?
er ?. Sharp? ?SO a. av. tBay Fort, Whewlton a.
? ?ter View. Monaakon. tUrbanna, Burton's, Bur?
l's, MilWnbeek. Wswom. Irvington. White Stone.
Mill Creak. North End. Arriving Baltimore Wed?
nesday and Friday morning?. IStatuner to Balti?
more on Thursday will not ?top at Urbanna and
Bar Fort.
Thi? time tab*? show? th? Unies at which ?team
rrm may he expected to arrive at and depart from
Jie aeveral whan??, but their arrival or departure
?t th? time? stated M not guaranteed, nor doea Um
company hold lUelf responsible for any delay or
any ?juimmnai?'? arising therefrom.
- Freight received In Baltimor? until 4 p. ?L on
?ailing day?.
W. D. SCOTT. Act.? Frederick ?bar?. Va.
! Willani Thomson. Geni. Manager.
T. Murdoch. OenL Fi-sicht * Fa?.. Agt_ Bati?
?te. March Ut. 1?0?
W. 8. ?EMB?EY
[Successor to Emhrey A Berryman.]
Dealer in Railroad Cross Ties, Cedar
Posta, Spok?~* and Hoop?. Keeps cort
' stantly on hand a l#r>-e supply of Baled
I Hay and Mill Feed. offlee near Rail
? road Depot, Fmwirkshurg, Vs.
I Also Agent for Hagu Wire Fsnse Co.
Southern Railwa
Schedule effective Jan. I. 1S10.
Trains leave Washington from Naiw L'a?a
lJOe.nL Daily -Local for Warreawn. Dar.-ille
and way atstWma
KJO a. m. Daily -Local for Harrlaonburg. VS.
?-.00 a. m. Daily-United Huta? Past alalL
First-cUaa coaches and drawlng-raoan. alaeaiag
ears to Birmingham ? New Orleans. Dini? a ear
IK? p. m. Waak Dara - Local for Warranton en*
4:16 p. sa. Daily - Birmingham Epaelal and
Florida Limitad. Through rnarhes and sleeping
cars to Columbia. Savannah and JaekaoaiTilia.
Sleeping car to Auguata and Alken. Sleeping
car to Hlrminjrham. Dining car eenrice. Tourist
car to California Monday. Wadneailay. Thursday
and Krklay.
?30 p. sa. Waak Daya-Local for
and way atatioria on Mana?*aa Branch.
4.46 p. m. Dally Local for Wamntno and
Char lot te? ville.
10:10 p. m. Dally -New York and Chattanooga
Limitad (via Lynchbars) - First claas coach and
10:46 p. m. Daily-Naw York. Atlanta and New
1 ?Orlasas Limited-All Pullman tr '
eervation cars to New Orleene:
Aehevill?. Atlanta. New Orlaana
Chariot?. Dining-car sa-vtca.
4:10 a. m. Daily-llemphte Spacial. Throogk
sleeping cara and coaches to Koanoka, KncanrlUe.
' Chattanooga. Naah rills and Mempbla. Waahlna?
ton sleeping car open KhOO p. ra. Dining ear
Through trains from th? South arrive Washing?
ton 6.60 a. m . 6JO a m.. 10:40 a. m.. dally: 7:46 p.
m.. and 10:4O p. m. 12:16 a ?a. dairy. Harrieon
bur? ?1:46 a. m. we?k daya and ?-S0 p. m. daily.
Prom Charlott?rille. >:46 a. m.. Z JO p. m. and 7:46
p. m. Local from Warrer.ton arrirea 8:10 a. oa.
Trains leave Richmond: 10:46 a. m. and 11:41 p.
as. Daily Kiprose for all points South.
?dO a. ra. Dally Local for Danville and Charlotte.
t-jaa p. aa. except Sunday. Local for KeyrrilVr.
>t Sunday and 2:16 p. as. Man *
<>Vlay for West Point
xeept Sunday, for Wast Point, eon.
neetmg with York River Lina for Baitimor?. Mao.
day. Wednesday and Friday.
TVeketa. aleepine-car reeervationa, and detallad
Infonnation can be had at ticket ornee. 706 16th
St, S06 P St. N. W.. and New Union Station,
a checked through from hotala and resi
K. H. . ? ?ai-VAN Gen. Man.
S. H. HAKim ICK. Pasa. Trafile Mar.
H. P. GARY. On. Pass. Agent.
L. S. BROWN. General agast
Weaning??. D. C
D. P. A,
Comer Charlotte and Princes* Anna
SU., 'Phone 92, Fredericksbursj, Va.
Open Night and Day
Telegraph and Telephone Orflers re
caivs immediate attention.

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