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Daat for.?? i yaw 11
Mr. Arttiur Iti-ovm -ana In Usa city
Don't Neglect \??r BaJ?SS We an*
perfectly aouipped for e\sunning the
foe K-aaaes and pre??-ribing Baal
furnishing just anal jmsj wil
Our ?Turk Is sfaarnatssd Norn?' n*w
.-Irv si...
Mrs. Kdward Wa.shl.urn. of Char
I?-. .- ;i g.i.st of Mr? I I
A suit, a skirt, a garment of any
kind thai ttasa net lit pr??K?riy. st ? ans
that i? no! pisajISllj asal noil milliner?-?!,
i- Bot, ? ;m not Im- worn with ai.y plena
ure. Ihiiefor?-. huy thern from ? W
.iiiiii.i?'?ii.n*.?ii?-n* th?*> sswsl bo riant,
lor Jones has coin|??*teiiI iiiillin?*r>? and
Mr?. E. C. !.. Kuklen ami son, .los.pl.
Uurwell Kicklen. r?-liirnisl from l.ytn li
liurg Monday.
Having made a hi? deal ?ill? a New
York iiianilfrii tunr, who iie<-,l?s?! cash
l?> mee! his obligations. w<- will o'ler
this week some great valu, s in wash
,,,al suits and primi-ss .lr? ?si??. The
* Uns m as?s star siman Call
ami see them. The T. N. Bren I Store
Mr. P. I.. Wliiltemore and wtf.-. of
New \ atlt, are guests of Mrs \ i I'
?ir.vii. on HaiKivei str?*i*l.
Whan yen wan! a bsantifuUy finished
|.hotogra|.h sad .hit r i Ukanoas at s.lf
or family, the thoroughly a?qaippsd
I r.'dericksburg I la?, is I .tiliery is pre
pared lo make i!. All work guaran?. <-.l
lir?! class in every roapOCt.
Judge John T. ?'.oolnck aixl wile left
Tursdnj for Thoroughfare. Prince Wil
ham ciunly. to ba with Mr. .1 I'.lake
Chew, I.rothi-r iti-lav? of Mr? ?... who
is ?niii-aliv ill wiih typhoid tarer.
Most brides pr?fet presents that an
useful a? w?-ll as decorativ?-. There is
nothing more useful than something
for the huir.! ?ir Iahl<*. Wi- are show
mir some <-xi optionally new and at
Iractive ploOSS in 1m.th Sterling silver
anil cutirlas?. Norn? K? liahh Store.
Mr. P. M. Chirhcster has relurned
from Danville, w here be ?rant on legal
Have you panl your license?
M,?s Ah,-,. <;. Cotfl and Mr? A I*
BOWS hOTS returned from Kn hniond.
where they attended two peetortnnttceo
of Ihe Wooneoda* ' 'luh Musical Kestival.
01.f which ?as the presentation of
tin* oratorio. MeiHhlswohn's Elijah,
I m-silay night.
Watches of ?very ntyli- and size, in
gold, silver and nickle. at most enticing
prices a! S. S. Kaufman's, the jewci?-r.
The lailn*? of th?* t"r?slorick?burg
Library were busy W?-.lne?alay repairing
the book* of the library.
When you buy "Gobi Medal" tlour
from W. L Rratmaii you art* buying it
from the mills' agent : you tl
save tnoiii'v Sacks 4J<" . Me.. Sl.l?H,
?.(..tt and barnl? $?>.??.r>. *'?;?.Id Me?lal"
tluur is th<-best Hour nulle?! in A I
Try it and see for voiirs?*lf.
Attorney Krederii-k W. Colei-ian was
at SpoLsviva'iia C H. W<
Call ?m Decker <v Alru-h for i* ?
unie :t Shoel Malta plows, cultivator?,
narrow?, all kindl cultivator peints and
shovel? They hondas the Waiifcegsn
li?rU?.l wire
Mr. Philip N. Stern was in Washing
Ion Wiitriesdav. OB business.
Classy jewelry, the nevvesi .pro g ?I.
signa in brooches ne?-klac?s. I
s. arf pins, cuff buttons. WIN ba glad
t,, -how you our varn. .
At S. S. Kaufman's.tin- j?vvel?-r
Kor Sale Cheap Two giasl show
?a***!?. I f?-el and -1 f???-l, ill g.xsi cotuli
linn. Can 1m' seen at iny -.(ore. S. S.
Kaufman, the jeweler
Temple Rollins, s color?*,! man 7"
Id, who ha-s iKirtie a Npntntion
all hit? life as being on?' 0? th?' most
triistworll.v an.l rel.al.le men of the
county, ?msarrestad Mmi.lav. charged
srita burning the barn of Mr Robert
Hildruii. in Spotsyhrania. several weeks
ago. He was taken t.. theCoartHoose
and i.slg.sl in jail and a preliminary
trial Will be held
When Hildrup's barn ami stable were
bunusl he fall certain thai i! was the
work of an incendiary. Il<- came to
this city am! consulte?! the authorities
and tolil of his suspunins.
He was advisi-.l to saaSplOJ a iloli-c
tive, which In* ?till, and the arr.-?( is th*
Acquitted of Chars;, of Burning Itarn.
1 en.pie Rollins, col,ire?l. who was ar?
rested m Spotaylvaniu. charged with
burning Mr. Robert Hildrup's barn, w as
given a hearing at Spotsylvania (' i?
Tuesdsy afternoon U-fore Ju?!
H. Camer. J.I?. Waller an.l H. Frank
Judge Alvin T. F.inbri-y was the at?
torney for Rollins. Detective Woadull.
of Rli-hmond. and a uuiiilK-r of witness
es. including Mr. Hildrtip an?! others.
were examined.
No evidence was brought out to con?
nect Rollina with the tire. 11 ap|?ar?-?l
that Mr. Hildru'i and Rollins had a
??ontr?iversy concerning a road and a
fen?-??, and it was on this incident that
Rollins hail been arrested.
The case was dismissed by t.
tic??.. Commonwealth's Altonn-y T.
Btokotsy Coleman asked that Rollins be
place?! under a peace lxindof $.rsi?i. This
was ap|H*aled bv the attorney for Rol?
A prayer service, under the aiispn-.s
of the Woman's Auxiliary of th<- Antt
Saloin ls?agu<*. will lie held Thursday.
April 28, from In to 11 a. m. This ser?
vi?*? will be held in the Methodist
church and will lie in the interest of the
l?jeal option election U> be held in Dan?
ville, vs.. on that ?lay. The members
are urged to be present,
Mrs. Sallie H. Alsop has sold La
Vue, her farm of 40?! acres, in Spot?
sylvania county. n?-ar Summit, I?. Dr.
?ieo. R. Alsop, of Knox county. Ind.
Terms private. Mr. H. Lewis Wallace
was the attorney.
Ntver Reached Wa?hin&tan Went
Rack lu Richmond By Rj?
i lu mute C>r tin- Virginia endurance
run ha? basa i iiHiii/iei. iiwitef- la the
??Te li lie-el . 'iillllitliill ee! till' r?i.-?.|? 111 I IT
tain eeeiirilii? lw-1 ?avee-.-n I'u-litiiniiil ami
Washington l.y way ?if Fradsrirksbu? -
Tli?; pSOpls .?Inn,; thf route, ami ?-*p???
ally m r'r?'ele-rii'k*l.iiri,.. hav?- '??
???rni'?t m the fnrthrr?rs of this ge?>d
??iii\.iiii'iit thai i-vi-rv off?
mail.' to have ths e-ars pant thrwuKti
d not until 'I'lii'
I un.-* Disfastrn K'-?i roads ear had at?
tempted to go ..wr tie.- r.nit.' >as the
ni'w rout
l'lii' Tim...? itisp.it.-i, car, with W. K.
?.eireliin driving, ami tevn members nf
tli?' *tal<" a.? passengers, le-ft lti<-tiiii?iiie|
at half pa?t G o'clock an Friday morn
tag. Tin- run t.. Ashlaml WOS I'vi-r .e
gi..i?i mail, ami a.? lar a.? Hanover t'?iur?
linn??' ?sas fairly gesiel. but from tliut
p..nit un only liail reeael We-re' e'liceiunti-r
??I. Areeiimi page's Ink*aa tbawn mete
immense taraahss ;?,,i hslss that Mads
tin' e-.inik- very daagsf?oas, and fe>r Isa
nul. s l?-ti>r<- reaching Howling ?;r?-?'n
the- iiui'l ?ras *ii deep that tli?-ear eoafcj
scarcely #ak?' ;mv headway, even
though tli?' passengers geit out ami
?ralked. At certain patata mit taste
than two mil?-* an lioiir was? ae-.-nin
pliahed, and tin- run of sixty eight mile?
tu I're-'l.'rH-ksl.uri; i-einsumeel eleven?
l:ee :r
OM mon si'KKl? i'V- i
After leaving Hanover Courthouse
the machine only ran on high spe?-?!
..in?-, anil that wa.? WOT the mails in.
iin-iiiat?'i> leaeimg mte. ami ths streets
through Fmdori.-ksburg. After hmvtag
FrederiefcsbtsTg ths mael* wan raty
s?ift. and it ?i.? alniusi hnpoasiWe ta
plow through thf mini.
Tim?' anil limo again the- machine
?unk until tin- axils ?i-ri1 hartad in the
gniuiid anel it was n.'e-e.?*ary to 'u^r ""l
ami than have- mule's an.I horses ?-xtri
cate ths car. Hut the ?ar struggle?! on
faithfully to a potal one half mile-fsom
Dumfries ami thsn when th.- apaadotS
fte-r thornmi that eighty-five and eine>
half mil?'- hail Im-i-i- nii'asure'il tl??- asls
Twci'ty '-'ee' hour* were consumed in
traveling that distance.
The Vin-akilown occurred ut 2*30
o'clock Saturday morning, ami at day
br.-ak 1 'r.-ul.-Mt John l)?-tn?k. of the
Cabin Branch Mm.-s. learned of the
injury to Th?' Times Dispatch i-ar aii-l
sent os.-r lus tassas to pull it
u.t'i tie- town eef l?umfries. tuit ordered
out an engine ami a Hat csr of the
mines ?-.mipm? nt ?ml had ? ?tesan of
hi? men load the ear ami sent i? ta
Barrow's Siding, just aboot ijuantic?.
Mr |i.-?ru-k iti.l all tin* on account of
In* love of sport anel his interest in ths
?????I road* nu.venu nt
The Tunes I ?i-pale h party called up
General Traffic Manager Warren I'
Taylor, of the H F. A P. R. K.. ami
inform?-?! him of ths tru'ible. This was
after 7 o'clock m the trr1?ni4"?g. Mr.
Taylor put ?'apt. ?iraily. trainmaster
i. P. ft P. K.R.. on UM fob, ami
tol.l him tu (?et the injured car l?i Kuh
n.mill a* taut a* ??.??lble.
A special engine lirought a tlat ear
fmni the- 1'i'teeiiiai- van'* bSfOSII
Washington ami Atetuadria, itewu te
Harrow's Croaaiag, ?lure- the machine
was t ran.* ferme! and the- run te Huh
mmiii was maele' em poeosiiger schedule,
aad th? disabled car .l.-liv-i-ee! at .'?::*?
o'clock on Saturilav aftomoOO.
Mr Taylor declares that tin* It the
re', onl time for handling fmjght on the
i: . I .v !' I: It. I'li-hineem! Times
i hi: hoi tk
em mut?- for the run of three
days w it li se-h.-eiiili- is a* follow
Miles May "e Thursday
., e- Hle-hllimi.l 7 I*' i
Hisa. 10*30 a. at.
".'? Orange, 12*00 m
1? ave Orange, 12:30 p. in.
p. m.
Mil?- Ma; ?e Friday,
o I..-av.- Arlington lint? I (Washing
ton, i 9*30 a. m.
White llou*. i l're-i.ie i.t > reception)
10:00 a. Ill-Ill::?! ;,. Mi
U l.e e-shure-, 1 :30 p. III.
*-i Winchester. -l.M p. m.
I.? a??- Winchester, t \>. m.
11> Harriann borg, 1 mo p. m.
Miles May 7 Saturday
u I oars Harrtasabarg, 7'tna. m.
:t?i Staunton, 9*00 a. m.
1.7 l'harlott?'sville. 12*00 in.
I.e-ave- t'l.allotlesVlll?-. 12*30 0,0?.
I'd Kuhn,..ml. Tunes Dispatch I'.uil.!
in??, ?;???*<? p. m.
Mr. I'otts Hopes Highway Ity Frfder
rrirksburg May He I'ut In Order.
Mr. Henry Dunnehl, president llusi
neat Mi- * iVssociStson, has received
the following Isttsr fnim Mr. Alien
PottS in refere-nce to the Knduram ?'
Auto Run:
Richmond. Va., April sat. 191?.
Mr. Henry Uannehl, Chairman of Corn?
il.ittee, Fredericksliurg, Virginia.
Dear Sir 1 have teniay sent a tele?
gram anel wr.tte'n a letter to Mr. Row?'
exnlaining fully the reason why the
Virginia Kndurance Run cannot pass
through Kmdcriiksbur?-. 1 trust that
you w ill U-lieve mi' wlun 1 say that I
refrret this as much as y?w or any citi?
zen of FmderickslnirK regrets it, for 1
had set my heart oh havm? the run ?jo
OtOt tin- sh?irt route. The i*.niditioii.?
are such, however, that the route had
to Ik- ahandoneil. I trust that in the
near future we can all ??et together and
put the highway between Richmond
and Washington by the way of FitHler
u-ks'iurg in tirst class order.
I thank you and through you your
committee for your kindness and co?
operation, anel 1 am,
Yeiurs very truly,
Allen Potts,
?Managing Kditor.
Mis* Jennie Shelton, ?taughtor of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. R. Shelton, of this city,
and Mr. I,oonard Jones, of Richmond,
were marrie?! in Washington Wednes
ilay. They were accompanied by the
brute's brother-in-law and sister. Mr.
ami Mrs. Edward Watson. They will
return to Richmond Thursday, where a
reception will Ik? tendered them at the
home of the groom's parents.
Spoltylvanjd County Will Be Widely
The following l?-tt?-r will Captai? it?
It will he- sein that Hi?- ?????I R??lis
Department of the t'mt?*ii states Qe*j
: ?nune'iit has -.-l.-.-te-el S|Mit?ylvatiia as
' one of ten or tw?-lve couiili?'? in the
United State-? le.r aaactal study in con
ne-e-lion with th?' bond issue for im
proe,ciiii'iit of public roads, anil the in
formation concerning land values and
advantages resulting from the better
ment of the maels will be publish??! in a
Special bulletin, which will have wide
I'nit?-?! Statt* Department
'.f Agriculture.
?Illico eif Public Roads.
?A-asliiiigtein. D. C.
April taha, l?tl".
Mr. A. P. I'e.wc. Manager The PlCS
Lane' Slur. I'mele-rii-kshiirg. Va.:
Dear Sir: Your letter aekire-sseTi t?i
Mr. J. K. l'ennyliacker, Jr.. has le?'?'n
brought to my atteentiein.
The parpoae of e.ur reeeat investiga
tiou of roa?! comlituiris in Spotsylvan :?
county was to secure not only complete
information concerning the construe
turn, inamtenaii?'?' ami aelmini.stration
?if the reeael*. and the' varieius steps
taken with reference to financing tin
work, but t?i study as w? II tin*economic
features, such a- tin- effect of road 1111
prove-me'iit mi land values, cost of haul
ing. character of pt-odsstta, sch??il at
t?'llllani-ee ilM,| gcjqOTaJ welfare-.
?)ur procedure m detail, as you are
already BO doubt aware, was to obtain
exact acreage value' along the line of
the road propooed ta i?- improved, ta
ascertain the six.e- and character of
load?. Icngtli et haul. wages for p -n
anil team*, the- school attemlance. etc.,
as well as a completa selles of photo
graphs before Use road improvement
was undertaken.
end investigation, similar to the
tirst. will lee made after the roads have
been oonipletod, and a se wand senes of
photograph? will be taken at that time.
.- yod will readily sec. will glv?'
us comparative- data on all ?In- points
?tlxive named.
We have mail.- similar stodies
eral other counties, ami it is our pur
? u.i -lin!?, in all alunit t.-n eir
twelve eountiee in ? on? of
the United State*.
The results will be published In the
form of a bulletin, which will-no doubt
have wide ili?triliuti'in.
lnciele'iitally. the counties which make
a food linal showing in tins investiga?
tion srill be- considerably benefltted by
the publicity which they will obtain In
tin* way, as n will direct the attention
of | ?copie :n all part* e.f the cuntry to
tin-Hi Wry respectfully.
I.. W. Page, Director.
Th* annual College Field Day will lie
held Friday. April 29th, at Hanover
I'ark. Following is the list of entries:
Um Yard Da*!, I. H. ?Cheney, F. N.
High Jump !.. i(. ci.aii.'.v. P. <;.
Thompson, J. P. Rammon, V Caldwell
I-:. Caldwell.
LJLM Yard Dash J. P. liam.n, K
?.?al.iw.-ll. I. H. Chancy, C. Rowe.
rUmning Broad Jump II'. Ganunoo,
F.. Caldwell, I. It ? bai.. v.J. F. I.igon.
I 111 Yarel Hun J. P. ?ianiiiion. E.
Brooks, N. Calelwell. I.. I!. Chaney. C.
S. Rows.
I'ole Vault .1. P. Gammon, P. <!.
Thompson. N. Ciildwcll.
Class r? lay. Boptssnotea ? Juniors,
1 1 mile-. 1 men to run.
Shot I'ut K. 1'rooks, i'. ?;. Thomp?
son, J. I?. ?ianimon. F Caldwell, ?'. H
"si "l ard Hurdles I. II. <? han.'y. .1. I'.
Gammon, C S. Rowe, N CaldweU.
Hammer limiu 1'. <;. Tbompaon, C.
H Salladora, ? S Boare, F Hnsiks, J.
1'. Cammiin. N. Caldwell.
Mile Run D. ?'. Km khannsn. K.
Brooks, < . H. Saumlers. N. Caldwell.
C. Bow a. I.. I!. Chaney.
Tarnt? Miles of name To He lluilt In
Spots? h.mia.
Tl..- board of public mail e-eimmis
sinner* met at the rooms of tin- Itusmcs?
Men's Association Tuesilay at 11 oYloe-k.
Mr. Colcmiiu. fron' Hie- eilVi.e eif State
Highway Pommlasltsirrs. was present,
it wet Decided to tafvartise tot bids for
the improvement of about 2tl miles of
reiad in Spotsvl. ama county, bids to !??
?.pene?! May Icttb. Me ssrs. M. W. Thor
burn, ?;?*<i. W. Perry, ?apt. M. I!.
Rowe and Dr W, A. Harris constitute
th.- board.
I'r.-ilerii-ksburg High Sclasil lost a
fast game of baseball to the Ashlaml
High School team in Ashlaml Moiidav
afternoon, aeon l teO, The gam?- was
a pitchers' battle between Freeman
and Payne-, with honors even.
Ashland scored in the sixth on D.
Lancaster's two bagger, follow???l by
Williams' error ?>n Jeter's fast hit over
third base.
The game was fast, the' seven in?
nings Is-ing playee! in II minutes.
When Froilerh-kshurg had finished its
half of the seventh ruin was falling and
the game was called.
In only the sixth miiiiig did a runner
on either aide advance beyond wenn?!
and that one runner scored.
In the Corporation court -Tuesday
morning, Judge J. F.. Mason preai-.ting,
the will of Mr. A. B. Jones was ad?
mitted to probate and Mrs. A. It. Jones
??ualified as administratrix, ami gave
bond in sum of $l,r.?J(). Everything was
willed to Mrs. Jones. The business of
the store will ?'ontiiuie under the man
agement of Mr. Harvey W. McCalley, a
?Mashes at hen firm.
There will, b?- preaching in Staffor?!
Sunday, May I, at the following places:
Antioch, 11 a. m. ; Ebeneier, .1::?(l p.
m., and Kegester Chapel, 7:S0 p. m.
Mr. Carl Cox. who is at the Memorial
Hospital in Richmond, is getting on
The Conway, Gordon & Garnett
Deposit? ?Solicited. Negotiable Paper Dibcohnted
All aorreepondence promptljr answered in sealed envelopes.
Handsome lithographed ?heck books presented to each customer.
Merchants' business sards placed on their checks.
?W Bank Open From 0 A M. to 4 P M. 0
?,.H?tl Sport ?Mher Itenta.
Lahore. Va.. April Mth. 1910.
Th<* in.?*! of the Tomahawk Hunt
Club at (??.?orge Marshall'* yesterday was
a big alfa 11- and l.roiight together a large
crowd from tin* ami a-ljucent counties.
The racing an I jumping was ?pintisl
and the contests warm ami cheerful J.
.1 Daniel, of this pla?-e. enter?*! three of
ins tin?- steeplechasers and easily won
tha honors. In point to point, ?'ualilted
hunters, Davis' (?old Ghsn sraa tirst: in
tla! r...??? Rampage w./n out. Daniel's
Raleigh T. was barre?) fr??m the races
by some club teclimcalites. but after the
run ne easily beat tin- winner, owned
by Mr. Kail. In the two and a half mil?'
steepl?'chase, over seven fences ami a?
many ditch?*?. Daniel's Raleigh T. Iieat
Win.? ?rvin.'s asno. In this heat, "they
say." l?verai hundred dollars changed
hanils. The i-rowning glory of this in
teresting occasion was the hospitality
of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall. Theirculture
and winsome greetings were the tine*]
lliivur to the splendni dinner. All of the
seasonable meats, vegetables, fruits,
, r.-.-ims and wines maile the spacious
hall an Eden of happy tim?*s and
pleasant memorms.
t ?rip and measles are prevalent and
our doctors are kept busy.
I am giail to note the improvement of
Mr. P. M. Jackson, formany years the
chief justic. of our magisterial court.
All ?if tha sick are improving.
Mrs. .1. R. Coons, who has been
s pis stliltsr a happy tun?' with her
interesting children at the old home,
"Krank iVrriH's" th?.*y call it now,
leares today. Tties?lay. for her Culpejier
Miss Jennie Morion is visiting Mrs.
Will Coons near Culpeper.
We bave been enjoying some of the
best fruits of the Frederickshurg fish
Bramant II. Warner, Jr.. of Reusing
ton, is a candidate for the Republican
??'iiignssional nomination in Maryland
to mtccead Representative I'earri*. His
frii'iids are actively at work in an ef?
fort t?. control ihe Montgomery county
delegation to the nominating conven?
tion, and it is said (tie candidacy of the
K?*nsington man is meeting with favor
among the rank and file of Ihe party.
..imed that if Mr. Warner secures
the indorsement of his own county he
stands a good chance of lieing named as
his party s standard liearer.
Mr. Warner is a son of Mr. H. H.
Warner. Sr.. who made a tight for the
nomination two years ago, but who was
defeated in the nominating convention,
after carrying his county IB the prima
ri?s by a substantial majority over Rep
p-sentativo I'earre. He . is a lawyer.
with offices in Washington, and is saitl
to be a young man of ability. He is
known as a hustler, and is expected to
pot up a lively light for the honor he
Mr. Wainer. Sr., married Miss Mamie
Phillips, of this citv. a sister of Mrs. D.
D. Wl.1er.
W. S. Kmbrrv Estate Kuys White Ha11
Mitchell (?old Mine Tract in Spotsyl
The esta!, of W S. Ernbrey has pur
chasi-il through V nsl.-rick W. Coleman.
attorn, v for (?ilbcrt R. Fox, of Phila?
delphia; the While Hall-Milchell gold
nun.- Irait of land, near I'arkers. in
S'N,t-y|v ama county, containing STil)
ai ran.
This is one of the largist and mosl
valuable pine and oak timln*r tracts in
Spotsylvania. The petes pakj is said to
be rlina; to WO.000.
Purchased By Mr. Rowley, of Texas.
Tha ?hancellorsv die tract of land, in
Spotsylvania county, containing about
Mm acres, has bean sold by the Wyeth
h? 1rs, of Philadelphia, tu Mr. A. J.
Kawley. of Dalhart, Texas. Mr. Raw
Icy has been living m Staffori! county,
mar tin* city, for several months and
i* already well known to a number of
our peopnt, Mr. Rawley will ?iccupy
th?- USOpOIt* as his home, and with his
tw?i grown sons will cultivate Uie land.
We welcome Mr. Rawley and Ins
family to Spotsylvania county and trust
they may h<- successful in their new
It Was a (?rest .Success.
Wednesday was general cleaning day.
At an early hour Mavor H. Lewis Wal?
lace was out earnestly at work gather?
ing the wagons and men to do the
work. He nx'ant business, for he had
charge uptown and Mr. W. S. Krnbrey
downtown, and soon the hundreds of
piles of dirt that had been put at the
curbs from the yards of the residences
and business houses began to disappear.
They were addded to the dumps at end
of Washington avenue, on lower
Prince Kilward str??et and at oth.-r
Mr. an?l Mrs. Robert Neilson, of Phil?
adelphia, announce the approaching
marriage of their daughter, Miss I.ucy
Brooke N'eilson, to Mr. Harold Lewis
Iowry. to take place in that city Wed?
nesday. May 11th.
Mr. l/owry is a s??n of (Collector of
Internal Revenue M. K. Lowry. of
Stafford, and is practicing ?aw in Nor?
folk. He has many friends in this city.
i'aptain K. (. Vance, through his
attorney, Mr. W. W. Butzner, brought
suit in the Corporation court Wed?
nesday against Mr. J'aul Karsten, Sr..
to recover judgment for $-189.13. This
is for wheat sold the defendant by the
plaintiff in August, 1WJ7.
At the instance of the Elizabeth City
Iron Works and Supply Company,
Deputy U. S. Marshal Glover, of Alex?
andria, has placed a libel upon .he steam?
er Fortuna, which is now lying at Coal
landing in Aquia creek in Stafford,
and it is announced that a special ses?
sion of the V. S. court will be held in
Alexandria May 10 for the purpose of
hearing both sides of the controversy.
Manning Thompson, IX years old,
disappeared from his home Tuesday
about noon. It is thought he has gone
to Richmond, as he has been talking at
going there. He borrowed $1.25 to pay
railroad fare. Mrs. Thompson is very
uneasy about her son and got Mr.
Thompson to request the authorities
here to write to tichmond to have the
boy sent back.
John hdward Fleming, colored, son
of W. H. Fleming, aged 6 years, died
at his home bereTueodny of pneumonia.
Funeral at 3 p. m. Wednesday coed-act
ed by Rev. Cornelius Locas; interment
in colored cemetery. James E. Fleming,
the well known livery driver of the
Lawn Hotel and an uncle of the boy,
came up to the funeral.
Price for milk from May I to No?
vember I will be ?? cents quart. Your
trade wanted. 'Phone 2U1.
Chatham Dairy Farms.
ap2? -?U2t
Six thousand warriors assembled at
Mtahile Tuesday for ?tit annual reunion
of th?- 1'niUsi Ceafbdatete Veteran?
la memory they dwelt in those vexed
?lay?, when the?,' Tought and bl.sl for
the "lost can?.'." but it was ?inly tits?
memory o? that great c??titlict that re
mained. Aelvancing years have ?-?.?bb?ej
their ?te?.s of buoyancy, a? they have
heal?*d ?he wound? ?if l?mg .ig... ami. to
the inspiring strains of "Dixie.'' the
spirit of true patriotism towar?! a re"
uiutesl e-ountry was given full vent
The arrival'of ?..'n ?lein.-nt A. Kvan?
was the signal for an ovation, which
drowned ottt th?' efforts of three brass
bands, but when Mrs. ??riff K.
eif I'ortsmoiith. Va., signal??! her .hoir
to rise and f a? e the au.lience-, I.. .
der ligure almost threaded in a huge
silk Confederate Hag. Ilium was a roar
that outclass??! even the greeting t.,
the ?oinmamling general.
Dixie was the call from all over th
huge tent. A band aaeweced the call,
an?) another ear-splitting din followee!.
K^e-ort?sl by a BOTM Of Ceinfi-elerate
generals, in full unif.irm. herself wear
mg a major general's insignia. Mn.
K?lwarels took the ?tage. Surrounded
by her chenr. the orche-tra struck into
the war hymn of the South. Mrs.
Edwards' clear soprano voice Sited the
tent. When the song was over, the're
was another demonstration.
Miss I.ue-y White? Hayes, grauddaugh
fer of Jefferson Davis, the only Preei
dent of tli?' Confede'racv. was formally
accepted as the new "Daughter eif tin
Con federacy. "
The big tent, which is ?an! to seat
8,000 tier-sons comfortably, was packed
to its top-most tier of seat* When
Miss Hayes was introduced, th.- vet
erans all arose, sway?-?! tow aid th??
platform and gave the old rebel yell.
One by one the grizzle?! and bearded
officers on the platform ?Towde?! up to
Miss Have? ami kissed her hand
The Sons of I'nited Confe?J?-rate \'.'i
erans re-elected officers ami decided to
establish jiermanent headipiarters at
I island. Va., April S>. li?l?>.
Mr. and Mr?, ?it-orge Wheeler have
returne-el after an extend?! trip in the
Mrs. John ltroaililus. of Washington,
s|MMit several .lays with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Marius Sthreshley.
Mrs. Chas. Smithers, who has been
spending some tune in Washington, is
now at home.
Mrs. Dan Murphy and little son, Al?
bert, am spending some time with her
friend*. Miss.? Mattie and Helle Clift.
Mrs. Emma Dmld. Mrs. I). N. Mur
& by* ami little son. Miss Mattie Clift.
lessrs. F. A. Hloxton and Wm. Clift
spent the week e-ne! with Mr. Frank
( lift and family.
Miss Rebecca Stnne entertain?*! a
number of frienel? recently in honeir of
her birthday.
Miss Agnes Howler is spending some
time with her parents. Mr. ana Mrs.
Jas. Bowler.
Miss Rosa Rosa Graninger is visiting
her auut. Mrs. Hern?n! Johnson, .>f
S pei tsy I van; a.
Mrs. Henry <;. Chesley has return??!
to her home in Fnslericksborg. after
an 01 tended v.sit at the home of her
?on, Mr. C. !.. Chesley.
We ar?e sorry to say that Mr. Fr?~d
Herry. who has been suffering some
time from an injury Is his eye, e'ause?!
by th?' rvbouneling of a nail, has entire
ly lost the sight in that eVe, which hi?
.nil to sav?-.
Binrfcroart. Va, Aprils, IMA,
Mis? Jaiiiiu- Faulkner is onata sick.
Mr. Alfr?-d Faulkner had an attack
of the measles.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harris gave a d?'
lightful dance. Refreshments were
served. Music was furnisheii by Messrs.
Payne. All expresse?! themselves as
having a delightful time-.
Mr. Stephen Williamson is sick with
Miss Mary Trigg expect? to soon?!
the summer with her sisters. Mrs.
Charlie I.umsxlen and Mrs. Kichard
Mason, of Mineral.
Mr. Graf ton Parker was in Fr?-?l?-r
icksbuig Friday.
Mr. David Kennedy ha? gone to Ohio.
Miases Mary and Jodis Trigg were
gucsta of the'Misses Faulkner I-riday.
Miss Mary Stephens will return from
school in a lew days. P. P.
Lent. Va^ April M, 191U.
Tin' farmers have a long fs?'e. There
has Im-oii so much rain lately that it has
?topped all farm work.
Mr. Willie McKcnny had the misfor?
tune to lose his home by tire two weeks
ago. His two tine horse? were also
burned and all of hi? farming imple?
ment?. He has the sympathy of his
many friend?.
A number of our planters vaent to
Richmond to see their tobacco sohl.
Among those who went were Rita ami
Ashton Carter and Glassell Marshall.
Mrs. Annie Gsmett visited her
mother, Mrs. Hugh Carter, of I.ent,for
a few days.
There will be at Zoar church. Lent.
on the fifth Saturday and Sunday, the
deacons' and laymen'? meeting.
Lent. Va.. April M, HMO.
Our community was saddene?! by the
death of Mrs. Daniel Rollins, who die.!
Satunlay night. She had been an in?
valid for nearly a year and was a great
sufferer. She leave? to mourn her toss
her husband and three devoted children.
Miss Sallie. Louis and Alpheus Koilins.
of Lent, besides a number of grand?
children and a host of friend?.
Mrs. Rollin? waa formerly Mi?a Mar?
t???, of King George county. She will
be sadly missed by her husband, to
whom she has been a faithful wife and
willing helpmeet. They ha?i been mar?
ried for nearly a half century.
She was lsid to rest in the family
burying ground at 4 p. m. MoneKy, ser?
vices conducti-d by the Rev. Jame? Eu
bank. A Friend.
Mr. X. B. Chew, of Thoroughfare,
who formerly resided in Spotsylvania
i-ounty, is critically ill at his home near
there and hi? death is expected at al?
most any time. He married Miss
Minnie White, of this city, sister of
Mrs. John T. Goolrirk.
Splendkl opportunity t<i purchase
a g.?.*?! busim-sn stand an?! h??m?>
?combined with large lot, in Fr???ler
ick.-iburg. Iteasonable term??. A bar?
gain for quick buyer. Price $1.4(10.
Jno. W. Allison, Jr.,
Predericksborg, Va.
Chancellor MaKes The Price!
Spring Fanning 1910
BMBohsli mtlotaend .1 .1 .. .?-? ?Man. ?asb prtr, RE^Mlffcl? THlNAhlB AND PLA
iVl. S. Chancellor
_FARMERS' SUPPLY 8TOUE, Commerce Btreet
Carries the Largest. Most Complete and Best Assorted Stoc* of
Silks, Dress Goods, White Goods, Millinery,
Ladies' Tailor-made Suits, Separate
Skirts and Ready-to-Wear Garments
in Fredericksburg: at much less prices than can be had elsewhere
ior goods of like quality.
A Suit to Suit Your
Individual Fancy
WE have? any kind of suit you're
likely to ask for. Suits for short
men. suits for tall men, suits for
thin men, suits for stout men, suits for any
and every man, nt> matter what his peculiari?
ties. Our lin?? of
Aleo System
is so ?'omplete, so comprehensive that we can
satisfy ?very man. Even* model is new and
distinctive, the fabrics are neat and sure to
please. They are all fine wool and neatly
patterned and we have all the season's most
desire?! shades. Briefly, if you want a suit
that will please your individual fancy come
here and look over ou* line of ALCO
Suits $10.00 to $20.00
Stetson Derbys $3.50
Howard Derbys $3.00
Rosmore Premier Derbys $2.00
Gent's Furnishings
A Specialty ~
822 Main St, Frsder?cksburg, Va.
SEASON 1910.
Sired By Bingen 2.06 1-4.
Sire of ?lh?an 2-01 1-1. champion race trotter of the world; Admiral Dewey 2:013-4: Jay Bi/igen
2:12 1-2 (3) Etc.
1st I>am Elinda by Baron Rogers 2-09 ;'?-..
2nd Dam Nahesa by May King 2:2f>.
:?r?l Dam i lurala by Wilkes Boy 3803.
Sire of Courier Journal 2:06.
Baron l.inxi'n ma Ix'aiitiful ?u?li.l buy h.n ? 15:2; ?-an trot 2:20 Knit; sure f??l getter. Ho better ?Ved
tat an> whorw.
$25.00. Usual Return Privilege.
Moss Neck Manor Farm,
Caroline County, Virginia.

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