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The Free Lane
?Cover? nearly thirty ??.untie? in the First, Tt
Seventh and Eighth Congressional Districts,
Koa? to subacriber? at ?Marly SCO poaUxfflree.
Transient Ratbs.
K?r any site ad.. 1 insertion. 80c. per inch.
Reading notice?, 10c. i>er nonpareil line. Ant
?ertion; 5c. per line for each suheequent one.
Obituariea i?r religiou? notice? of entert
menta, etc.. charged for ?t one-half rate?.
Letter* recommending or advertising candid
for ofHce mu<l be paid for.
Ali romnuinicatKm? of every charwter ?h<
be ?Idt?saed to Tu?: Kkkc Lanck. Frederi?
burg. Va.
Subscription $1.50 Per Year, in Advat
SATURDAY, ?ILLY 2, 1910.
Tin- ?-xeollent report ?>f the 1
mine?' Committee presented to a
adopted hy the City Council at*
annual meeting Tuesday nig
shows that the finances of the ci
are in splendid condition and th
our credit is the very best.
After the payment of the in?lel?
ednoss of every committee of t)
Council, which in some cases exceei
ed their appropriates from aba
lute necessity, and after provulin
for other important matters tin
came within the payment! ?>t* th
year, we find a healthy balance i
the hands of the treasurer of It
t.vtvn 18,000 and ?19.000.
This must ?be a matter ?>f real prit!
to the members of the Council an
highly satisfactory to the citizens o
The Council as a txidy, in view o
this report and th?- extensiv Im
provements for th?' year, is justl;
entitled to a vote of thanks and eon
fidencv of the public for their faith
ful and successful labors, given with
out the hope of fee or ?reward othet
than that of a consciousness of dele?
gated duty faithfully performed.
The improvement! made from
year to year may not have aiit. d
everybody in every way, but this has
been the case in all cities and towns
where such work has Urn don?-.
Permanent improvements must be
made by the public wrvants of any
city or town whos?' citizens haw any
appreciation ?>f beauty or order, and
who would hold out inducements to
people and manufacturers of other
enmmunitu's to settle among us and !
become a part of us.
The fact that other treat ?iiii?n?ve- !
merits, private and public, in a?ldi
tion to those made by trie Coiinci
during the year are now in coarse i>
?construction has rejoiced the hear
of the citizen, invited public atten
tion to the spirit of improvement ii
the town, and has satisfit the publii
that Fredericksburg is by no mean
a finished town.
The improvements of the R., V. &
P. R. R. are both useful and highlj
necessary for the travelling public,
The passenger depot will be commo?
dious and convenient, the freight de?
pot meets all demands, and the next
improvement will be overhead
trains, that our crowded streets may
not be blocked with the 50 or more
daily trains. This necessity shows
the immense and rapidly increasing
business of the road as well as of the
Our $40,000 school building, the
pride of Fredericksburg, the nearly
completed postoffice building by the
government, th? widespread ing and
up-to-date no/ma! school a few hun?
dred yards from town, which
will adorn our western hills
and keep vigil over the busy
town, are all improvements of
urgent necessity and of the high?
est order, and wil| proclaim Freder
icksburg one of the most prosperous
cities in the State.
In view of these splendid achieve?
ments, what is the lesson of the
hour? This, that all citizens, all
taxpayers and public spirited men,
co-operate ?n everything that looks
to the good of the town or the better?
ment of the people, until we reach
the very highest efficiency possible
in these directions.
Senator John Warwick Daniel has
passed to his reward, and with his
death the old "Commonwealth of
Virginia is plunged in the deepest
grief. He was.t-eyond doubt,the best
beloved man in the State, and his
like will never be seen again in the
Old Dominion. He was great in
War, as his honorable scars attested,
and as great in peace. No one who
has ever listened to his matchless
eloquence can ever forget it. His
love for Virginia and for his brethren
of the Confederacy was intense, and
he was at his best when he had Vir?
ginia and the Confederate soldier as
his theme. He could arouse the ola
soldiers to a frenzy of delight or
touch their deepest sympathies as he
wilted. And now his silver tongue!
is stilled, but his services to his State
in peace and war will live forever in '
the hearts of his people.
Roosevelt, Hughes and Taft are to
meet. Will it be hard to guess
which of the three will obtain the
longest notice in the press dispatch. '
How ?can we expect to have a safe
and sane 4th so long as wicked! Ne?
vada allows prize fights to be pulled
off at Reno? I
Virginia's Beloved Son Passed
Away in Lynchburg Wednesday
Julin Warwick Danii-1, siiikir senator
from Virginia and for more than 80
years Virginia's favorita son, (Had ?it
the Lynchburg Sanitarian) Ht 10:18
O'clock Wednesday night, his death be?
ing dos t?. a cac?menes of paralysis.
The imnu'diate cans?- of Ins (Mat! w.-?s
a cerebral heniorrhai'?-.
At the heitsule wer?- Mrs. Daniel and
daughter, and other memberi of the
family, hesuies phyticiant and mines.
The end WSi p? aivfu!.
The illness of S?-nator Daniel dates
haek to last ?October, wli.-n he (offered
a slight attack of apoplexy in Phila?
delphia. He was ill several weeks nt
a hotel there.
_, Senator Daniel's last pablk appear?
ance was before Garland Rodet tamp,
I Confederate Veterana,Lynchbun, upon
the laat observance of the birthday of
Stonewall Jackeon.
It was at Daytona, Fia., m March s
tiiat he sustained a stroke of paralysis,
which involved bli left side.
Shortly afh-r returning bome Major
Daniel began to show some slight im?
provement and at times he was rfoite
rational, though never willing t?> pro
long a converaatioB. At times be
would juke with memhers of his family.
The funeral of Senator Dank 1 will be
held Friday afternoon at St. Paal'l
Epia?oopal church, Lynchburg, inter?
ment t? be in Spring Hill Cemetery.
The death of Senator Daniel removal
the oldest of the Democratic senators
in point of s?-rvii-e.
Senator Daniel was born Sept. 5, 1842,
at Lynchburg. He was educated at
Lynchburg. <>n the outbreak of the
Civil war he left to accept a commis-1
sion as second lieutenant in Stone- '
wall ?Jackson's brigade. SeptemberI
Hi-l". Ist'?:;, he was promoted to rank of !
major and aaaigned to duty on the staff
of ?Gen. Early. At the battle of the
Wilderness, May 5-7, 1884, he waacrip- ;
pled by the explosion of a shell that '
broke and shattered one of hi? leg-. '
He fell from his horae betarocn the
firing lines and save?! himself from ?
bleeding to ?death by a Ksrf which bel
happened to be wearing, w ith which a
soldier bound up hit wound, stopping
' the How of Mood.
Wliilc m the hospital he studied law
and on Ins rt'i-ovi ry attended a i .r.-?
' of law lectures at the University 01
I Virginia during 1865-1866. He wee ad
mitted to the Virginia bar in 1888. 1i
11869 he was elected to the Legislature
serving until 1871, and in lsT-'i to Dm
State senate, serving until 1881. II?
i was an elector on the Tilden ticket n
: 187t>, in which year he was als?? ?M
, Democratic candidate for governor, bul
was defeated by W. K. Cameron, re
adjuster candidate. In 1885 h<- wai
i elected to Forty-ninth Congress.
{ He had not been in Congress long be
fore he was elected senator by the
legislature to succeed Senator liai one,
whose term expired in 1887. He took
nis seat March 4, 1887. He was re
elected in 1892, again in 1898 and in
1905. In January last he was re-elected
for the term expiring 1917.
Virginia never had a more popular
The funeral of Senator John W. Daniel
took place Friday afternoon, at 5
o'clock, from St. Paul's Epieccrpel
Church, and the obsequies were as sim?
ple as could be.
The family decided against having a
state funeral, and the body was not
taken to Richmond to lie in state in the
capitol, which has been offered by Gov.
Mann for that purpose. So intense was
the desire of the family for simplicity
that there was n? public view of the
body at the Daniel home.
Bishop Tucker, of the Episcopal dio?
cese of southern Virginia, conducted
the funeral. He was assisted by the
Rev. Joseph B. Dunn, rector of the
church, and the Rev. Dr. Robert H.
Fleming, chaplain of Garland Kodes
Camp, Confederate Veterans.
Vice President Sherman appointed
the following senators to represent the
upper branch of Congress at the funeral :
Messrs. Martin, Rayner, Smith, of
Maryland; Simmons, du Pont, Oliver,
Warren, Kean, Bacon, Carter. Wet
more and Money.
The House was represented by the
entire Virginia congressional delegation
and Representatives Payne, of New
York; Clarke, of Missouri; Bingham, of
Pennsylvania; Hull, of Iowa, and Taw
ney, of Minnesota.
State Senator Owen has been ap?
pointed assistant to Commissioner of
Agriculture Koiner.
The Culpener Flour Mill, formerly
owned by the S. B. Li Hard Company,
were sold at public auction and pur?
chased by Dr. E. Lester Jones for $10,
James S. Thomas, until Tuesday
superintendent of the State elementary
public schools, when he tendered his
resignation, has been elected dean of
the faculty of the Virginia Christian
College, Lynchburg.
John E. Dennis died at the home of
his parents near Culpeper Tuesday night
aged 33. He was a Spanish-American
war veteran, and while in camp con?
tracted tuberculosis. Besides his wife,
his parents, two brothers and four sis?
ters survive.
A charter was issued Thursday to
the Chesapeake A Ohio Equipment
Co., of Richmond, with an authorized
capital of $1,000,000. The company
will build engines and cars and con?
tract for the same. The location of ?
the plant has not been decided. The :
plant will be a big one and will em?
ploy some two thousand persons.
To our sumac customers: On account
of our very large stock of leaf sumac \
on hand from last season's crop, and
very little demand for the manufac- j
tured article, we will not be in the
market at the beginning of the coming
season. Should conditions change we
will promptly notify you from this
John G. Hurkamp Co.
Ij23-tf. |
The Children's Day services held at
New Hope church, Stafford county,
Sunday was a success. A large crowd
was presei.t and the program was as
folio*) ?:
Singing, Bringing in the Sheaves.
The Loral 1'iayer, by school.
Reononaive reading, by school.
Address of weli-nine. by Fred Stev?
Recitation, Carl Bourn.
Kecitation. M:mi!o Ni'Wton.
Wlial I'd Like to Be, six lioys. Jim
DeehsUo, Frank Stevens, Willie Ed
?ards. French Allen, Harry Pueblo
mid Calvin Fines.
Singing by choir, Bring Them In.
( ?m- (lass, Rath Robereon,
Recitation, Geneve Mourn.
I'm Only ? Girl, Annie Newton,
liuds of Promise, l?la Deacon.
I.??ve and Give, Kaie Kos.'
Let the Children Come, Mettle Dd
Singing by choir, 'I here is Sunshine
m My Soul Today.
Recitation, Mamie Newton.
A Child's Prayer. Pearl Deshazo.
tation, Calvin I ii
Recitation, Annie Nan ton,
Ri eh of Ages, Bettle DiUton.
My Name. Okie Roee.
Solo, Will Then I"' Any Star? in my
Crown? by the pastor. W. K. Hardeety.
Do You Think I'm too Little'.' by
Lillian ?Peyton.
The Drowning Singer, Jennie Rober
When I'm Grown. Myrtle Stevens.
Little iH-iils Of Kindness, Clara
S'.i", ? ?
Singing I'V rhoir, Wonderful Story of
The PI? a of our Nation, by ten girls.
The lYearbera Victory, Annie De
The obieel of our Children's Da)
offering, V:vk\ Sti ? i
Collection by Misse.? Annie Deahaxo,
i Amy Newton, Jennie Roberaon and
Murnie Skidmore.
Address, by Supt W. T. Deacon.
Benedi? ti? n, by pust.ir.
Mis.- Ada Berry, of Bellair, acted as
orgai ?1 ai ! ibe ili?l it well.
Mr. Snelinga, of Bellair, sang ? toUi
entitled Gael Thy Bread ii|Min the
Among the Fred?rick'aburg visitors
were Mr. and Mr?. Showalter.
One Who Was Ih.re.
Ex-Governor of Virginia
May Succeed Mr. Daniel
As U- S. Senator.
Will Probably Be Named to Scrvs Un
expired Term of Senator Daniel.
Richmond, Va . July 1 It i- better
ed th.?t Governor Mann will appotnt
former Oovernor Swanson to All out
the itnexpi i term of United states
s? nal?? ?Daniel Cuainssrnss Floyd,
Bpeak? B rd <?f the house of dele
..ave also been men.
thill? d
In sad but loving remembrance of our
son, Kdgar Lewis Hullork, who de
parte?! this life June 12. 1910, at 3:30
I A. II., aged 19 years, (?one but not
A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be fill?ed.
Dearest son, thou hast left us
And our loss we ?leeply feel;
But 'tis God that has bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.
We miss thee from our home, dear son,
We miss thee from thy place;
A shadow over our life is cast,
We miss the sunshine of thy face,
i'et again we hope to meet thee,
When the day of life is fled;
When in Heaven in joy to greet thee,
Where no farewell tear is shed.
Hy his loving Father and Mother.
of train, automobile or buggy may
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nica Salve?earth's greatest healer.
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For burns, boils, sores of all kinds, ec?
zema, chapped hands and lips, sore eyes
or corns, its supreme. Surest pile cure.
2?C at M. M. Lewis'.
H. H. Rumble, of the Norfolk bar,
Wednesday was nominated for Congress
by the Republicans of the Second dis?
trict in convention at (Vean View.
! was of the unconquerable, never-say
die kink, the kind that you need most
when you have a bad cold, cough or
lung disease. Suppose troches, cough
syrups, cod liver oil ?>r doctors have all
failed, don't lose heart or hope. Take
Dr. King's New Discovery. Satisfac?
tion is guaranteed when used for any
throat or lung trouble. It has saved
thousands of hopeless sufferers. It
masters stubborn colds, obstinate
coughs, hemorrhages, la grippe, croup,
asthma, hay fever and whooping cough
and is the most safe and certain rem?
edy for all bronchial affections. E<?c.
$1.(10. Trial bottle free at M. M.
The Fredericksburg, Virginia, Society,
of the Alumni of the University of Vir?
ginia will hold its annual meeting at the
courthouse in Fredericksburg, Virginia,
at 12 o'clock m., on Monday, July 4,
In addition to the regular business
and social features, a banquet has been
provided for the occasion.
All ex-students of the University,
from thecountiesof Caroline, Stafford?!, '
Spotsylvania and King George and the
city of Fredericksburg are invited and
expected to attend.
A. W. Wallace, President. I
B. P. Willis, Secretary.
Brokenburg. Va., June 30,
Mrs. Martha J. Carnahan, a widow,
died at her home near Brokenburg
Tuesday. She was a great sufferer
and hail 1? en ill for several months.
She leaws one son. Aysa Carnahan, a
railroad man. Interment at her home.
Miss Catharine Partlow and M. F.
Waitc will return home Saturday from
Virginia Beach, where they have been
attending the(,rand Encampment.
Mr. C. K. Saunders and little son,
Hayden, will leave for Newport News
Saturdav to Msit her relatives. Mis*.
Lillian Davenport will accompany her.
Dr. A. M. Arritt left early today to
accompany two of his patients to a
Richmond hospital, Mr?. Jut Edenton
and a little son of Buster Wheeler,
whose skull was fractured by being
kicked by ? h??rs<- with which be was
Mine Road I adiee' Missionary So?
ciety will hold an entertainment at
Pool's G?t.- l!li of July, beginning at \)
a. m. Refreshments served in abun?
dance, aleo sandwich.-s,?te. Ball game
near the grounds
M. H. Dii'kinson hai purchased an?
other pair of nice mules from K. Tur?
ner, of (?rant,'?-, for ffgO,
Mr. Jno. Brown, of Lignum, Cul
peper county, Va., has purchase?! of
M. 11. Dickinson a ?r.u acre farm near
McHenry; terms cash.
torn crops are looking well. Many
farmers are throwing dirt.
Mr. Walter l.iseoe, of Orange, was
in Brokenburg neighborhood visiting
Mra. t ail Garner is improving. ?Hops
?-he will soon be out again.
There s.ems t'i be a plentiful fruit
crop through the country,
?Spotaylvania, Va.. June i'.nth, 1910.
On the evening of July 4th at Dos
well church Hev. Decatur K.lwards will
deliver Ins lecture called "Three Ave?
nues to Happineea." A silver offering
will be tak,?n at the iloor. The ladies
Will serve refreslitn? nts.
Miss Batelle Gray 'linder, a student
of Kings wood College, Kentucky, who
baa been spending a part of bar eses
tion with her sister, Mrs. J. B. Key
nolds, is now a gUCBt of Mrs. (iarr.-tt,
if Richmond.
Rev, S. II. Johnson, of Spotsylvania
Coat? House, with his interesting little
?laughter, 11 at tu-, were visitors at the
hots of Mr. ntul Mrs. l;?.l.?rt Jonas
Mrs. ('. H. Williams, of Stauntun. is
a guest of In r parents, Mr. and Mrs.
K. L. Curtis.
Miss Grace Embiey is spending the
week with Mrs. C. Kylaml I'ntchett.
Mr. M.u,rice Ball, of Alexandria,
?pant Saturday and Sumlay at the home
of his brother in-law, Mr. E. L. t'urtis.
Mi-s Kate A. Kicker will again spend
a part of her vacation in the lake r? -
gi??n,('liautau?|ua,.\i wYork.and will at?
tend th?- ii'ctuus delivered by Prof. C.
Alfonso Smith, of the University <>f
Virginia, and Others.
Underwriters Found Guilt} of K.talint
ing for Increased Kates in Newport
Preaidenl Dan H. Harria. General
Manager A. B. Andrews, and 21 mem?
bers of the Southeastern Underwriters'
Association wer?- eonvfc ted at Newport
News Wednesday in a magistrate's court
Of unlawfully conspiring to control in
surance rates in that city, an?l were
lined ?1600 each.
The case is the outgrowth of the asso?
ciation's act in arbitrarily raising fire
insurance rates in per cent to meet a
license tax increases of 31-2 percent,
levied by city council. The court held
that the inCTSSSS is rates were retalia?
tory and demonstrated the power of the
association to penalize any city in the
State if the tax was considered too
'I he cases will come up on appeal in
th?- corporation court next September.
How delicious were the pies of boy
hooil. No pies now ever taste so good.
What's changi-d? the pie? No. It's
you. You've lost the strong, healthy
stomach, the vigorous liver, the active
kidneys, the regular bowels of boyhood.
Your digestion is poor and you blame
the food. What's needed? A complete
toning up by Electric Bitters of all or?
gans of digestion-Stomach, Liver,
Kidneys, Bowels-Try them. They'll
restore your boyhood appetite and ap?
preciation of food and fairly saturate
your body with new health, strength
and vigor, He at M. M. Lewis'.
Who Will Defend
Heavyweight Title
At Reno July 4.
Photo by American Preai AMOCkmtloa.
Angelo S. Hamilton was put to death
in the electric chair in the penitentiary
at Richmond Friday for the murder
of Mrs. Sallie F. Hix, of Lynchburg.
The man did not deny shooting the wo?
man, but persisted that the killing was
an accident. He said there was no reason
why he should have killed her.
The crime was committed June 11 of
last year. Hamilton was drinking.
The busiest little thing? ever made are
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Every ?pill
is a sugar-coated globule of health,
that changes weakness into strength,
languor into energy, brain-fag into
mental power; curing ?Constipation,
Headache, Chills, Dyspepsia. Malaria.
25c at M. M. Lewis'.
King (?forge Co., Va., June ?W.
Bev. Roy Mason preach on Sunday
at Kmanuel and Lamb's Creek churches
to good sized congregations.
Children's Day was celebrated at Po?
tomac Baptist church last Suuday.
Mrs. Oscar Styron, of Washington,
accompanied by her daughter, Bessie,
and son, Oscar, are spending this
week at their home, "Wayside.'
Mrs. B. (?. W. Reid, of Baltimore, is
visiting her sister-in-law.Mr*. Doherty.
at "Waverley. "
Ml. Pcwterbaugh, of Oklahoma, is
visiting the Lewises at "Marniion."
Messrs. W. B. (?arnett and Harry
Brook, of Washington, are axpoctea
bete Saturday tu siiend the Fourth
with Mr. and Mrs. il. T. (?arnett at
Shy Hill.
Mr. Henry A. Mason, who has been
??pending a few day beta, left on Mon?
day. While here he renteil a cottage
at Coinorn and his wife and daughter
will ?(Min return to King (?eorge.
Clerk of Courts F. C. S. Hunter and
bride have arrived and are at home
to their friends at King (?eorge.
Miss Bmckley, of Washington, is ex?
pected here today and will spend July
at "Waverley."
Misses Stella Dickinson and Kllen
l.ewis have returned from a visit in
Rev. B. S. James is conducting a
protracted meeting at (?race church
this week, assisted by Rev. Frank
Master F.rneat Pusey, of Washing?
ton, is spending his vacation with
friends at "Waverly."
Miss Evelyn Ninde, who has been
visiting her cousins, the Misses Ash
ton and Caruthers, returned to Freder
icksburg Monday.
Miss Kate Ashton left on Monday for
Frederirksburg, where she will attend
the Summer Noriial.
Ask K. N. (?oolrick For Parisian Sage,
If You Want The Best.
Almost everybody in Frederickaburg
knows that there is no preparation for
the hair that can compare with Parisian
It cures dandraff, stops falling hair
and itching scalp in two weeks, or
BlOOey back.
It puts radiance and lustre into that
?lull lifeless hair that many women
p..ss.-srt. noil dot'? it in a few days.
It makes hnir grow; prevents hair
fr.'in turning gray and is without doubt
the most refreshing and invigorating
hair took in the woild.
It is daintily perfumed and is not in
the least sticky ?ir greasy.
In summer, peo[)le of refinement use
it regularly, liecause it keeps the scalp
cool and free from odor or perspiration.
On Manh S>. 1*10, Lulu I). Fix. of
Raphine, Va., wrote: "Parisian Sage is
a wonderful hair restorer; it stoppe! my
hair from falling out and stopped my
scalp from itching; also cored the dan?
druff. I only used one Ix.ttle, but I like
it so much I am g"ing to use m?ire.."
Parisian Sage is sold by druggists ev?
erywhere and by (?oolrick's Modern
Pharmacy for .VI cents a large bottle.
Mail orders tilled, charges prepaid, by
American makers, Giroux Mfg. Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Hicks' Store, Va.. June 27th.
The past week was hot, but the farm?
ers made good use of it, harvesting and
working corn. The grass crop in this
section will Ik.' short. Some of our
farmers will not cut at all and in fact
bat few fields loot tietter than good
pasture. Corn is slow starting and
some predict a short crop.
Our Sunday School at Shady (?rove
is increasing in number. Our league
was led by Miss (?race Bartelson Sun?
Mr. J. W. Wright spent a few days
last week with his brother, O. P.
Miss Cora !.???? Hicks is visiting her
brother, W. (?. Hicks. Her many
friends are glad to greet her with a
hearty welcome.
Mr. (?eorge Wakeman and family are
visiting their daughter, Mrs. Grant, in
New York State.
Mr. E. S. Bartelson will soon con
menee building a new residence for V
W. Buchanan.
We are glad to note that Mr. Chart
Howard is improving.
The protracted meeting will con
menee at Shady Grove M. E. churc
the 3rd Sunday in August Rev. S. 1:
Johnson, the pastor, will have able at
sistance.but oh! look out, poor rhicker
and lambs. Yet God loves a cheerfi
giver and we know of no better wa
to give than to encourage these service
for the upbuilding of His cause. Le
us all pull together.
A number of our young people attend
e?l church at the Court House Sunday.
It is reported that a certain poor,lone
ly, old widower of this section will soo
take unto him a bride. To set at eas
this gossip I wish to state that there i
no truth in the report. Bill.
(Corrected by Simon Hirsh ft Bro. )
Wheat, $1.00 to $1.05; corn, 72 to 75
meal, $1.70 to $1.75; oats, 60 to 65; ol<
hens, live, 12 to 13; dressed, 15 to 16
spring chickens, 16 to 17, Ib.; eggs
17 to 18; lard, 15 to 16; ducks; live
10 to 12; dressed 12 to 15; butter, 20 t<
25; country hams, 16 to 18; bacon sides,
16; Irish potatoes, 45 to 50; lambs,
$2.50 to $4 ; hides, green, 7 ; drj
salted. 10 to 12; dry hides, 10 to 15; call
skins No. 1, $1.00 to $1.25; baled hay,
$18 to $20 per ton; live hogs, 8 to 9;
beef, live weight, 3 to 4;pork, 9 to 10;
wool,23 to 25 per lb; veal, 6 to 7; sweet
potatoes, $1.00 to $1.10; seed Early
Rose potatoes, 65 to 75
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely derange the
whole system when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles
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criptions from reputable physicians, as
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them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufac?
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()., contains no mercury, and is taken
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blood and mucous surfaces of the sys?
tem. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be
sure you get the genuine. It is taken in?
ternally and made in Toledo, Ohio, by
F. J. Cheney ft Co. Testimonials free. ?
Sold by druggists. Price, 75c. per
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa?
In sums of $300 and upwards, real
estate security. Apply to Chichester ft
Chiches ter, at Urne vs. la tf
Tuesday, July I2tb, 1910,
Personal Property
| Sawmill
Porsaanl to the terms of ? deed ol
trust from ft. J. Jscobl to tin- under
signet! of date March 1, 1910, and del]
1 recorded, dsfsult having boi-n m.i?l?- it
the provisions of the said trust, ami be
mg thereto requested, the undereigne?
trustee will, bet?re the place of liusi
ness of G. Kdward Jacobs, corner Win
ehester and Commerce streets, Freder
Icksborg, \ a., on Tuesday, July 12th,
litio, beginning at 1(1 o'clock a. m.,
proceed to sell at public auction to tli?
highest bul,1er for cash, tin- proper!)
in said deed of trust set forth SI
1 carriage, 1 carriag", 1 rig, to|
surry; I trap, 1 sleigh, 1 sleigh, 1 hack,
1 buggy, 1 buggy, 1 runabout, 1 tOf
buggy, 1 top buggy, 1 :i-seat drag, I
2-seat drag, 1 set (I'ool) harness, 1
single set, I B. S. harness, 1 single set,
1 single s.-l, 1 single set, 1 set wagon
harness, 1 set doubl?' harness, 1 sel
single harness, I bay horse "Texas'
'.i years old, I Ian rob?-s, 1 gray litarse
named "Frank' about 12 years old,
bought from William Franklin; 1 bav
hors.- named "Frank" about '.< -year
old, bought from Jim Dunn; 1 graj
horse named "l'ete" 12 years oli!,
bought from IVter Jesse; 1 black horse
"i'rinci" 11 years old, bought from
James Bloxton; 1 brown mare "Daisy'
10 years old, bought from Aunt Maria,
near Warrenton; 1 two-year-old coll
and 1 three-year-old colt, both sorrels.
One sawmill in thorough repair now
on the land of John H. Wallace, ?Esq.,
in Stafford Co., Va., about 2 mil?>
north of Berea, lately run by W. A.
Snellinga anil consisting of 1 I'aige 2<.
EL 1'. boili-r, 1 Scott and Dulaney 2'
H. P. engine, 1 Bowering sawmill,
complete, and all necessary and usual
Intending purchaser should inspect
this splendid mill and U|>on application
will be shown the same by W. 1.
Alvin T. Embrey, Trustee.
ft. V. Waller. Crier.
IN the Clerk's office of the Circuit
court of the county of Stafford on
the 4th day of July, 1910. The
Tradesmen Trust (jompany, a corpora?
tion, plaintiff, against 11. L. Brown,
of Kiverton, State of New Jersey, and
C. M. Moody, of Philadelphia, State of
Pennsylvania, defendants.
In Chancery and Upon Attachment.
The object of this suit is to recover
of the defendants, H. L. Brown and C.
M. Moody, the sum of seven thousand
five hundred dollars, with interest
there.m, at the rate of six percentum
per annum from the 29th day of May,
1908, until paid; and to attach and sub?
ject to the payment of the same the
estate or debts owing to the said de?
fendants, H. L. Brown ami < '. M.
Motxly, within the county of StarTord,
State of Virginia, and particularly all
the right, title and interest and estate
of the said defendants in and to the
following personal property, to-wit: All
that steamer or vessel called the "For?
tuna," her engines, boilers, machinery,
boats, tackle, apparel, furniture and
appurtenances, now lying and being in
the waters of Ai|uia Creek, in the
county of Staff or? I, State of Virginia.
And an affidavit having been made and
filed that the defendant, C. M. Moody,
is not resident of the State of Virginia,
it is ordered that he do appear here
within fifteen days after due publica?
tion hereof, and do what may la? neces?
sary to protect his interest in this suit.
And it is further ordered that a copy
hereof lie publised once a week for four
weeks in The Free Lance, a newspaper
published in Fredericksburg, Va., and
that a copy lie ?posted at the front door
of the courthouse of this court on or
before the next succeeding rule day of
the court.
C. A. Bryan, Clerk.
J. R. Caton, Jr., p. q.
Miss W. F. Schooler, Principal
Will Open on Monday,
September 12
English Branches, including Higher
Mathematics and the Sciences, taught,
also Latin, French and German.
For information during the summer
apply to Miss Sallie lluckner Mont?
gomery. Fredericksburg, Va., as Miss
'Schooler will be absent during the sum?
mer months.
"ieadquarters For
Building Materials.
I keep all kinds of North Carolina
and Virginia Lumber, dressed and un?
dressed, Shingles, Laths, Sash, Doors,
and Blinds, Lime, Cement, Calcine
Plaster, Plastering Hair, Building and
Paving Brick, Tin and Iron Roofing,
Cut and Wire Nails, all kinds Ready
Mixed Paints and Dry Paint, Linseed
Oil, Turpentine, Dtyer Varnish and
Lewis's White I^ad.Paint Brushes of
all kinds, Window Glass and Putty,
Builders' Hardware of all kinds, Tar
Roofing, Sheathing Paper and Fire
Keep large stock of Sewer Pipe and
Fire Clay Pipe. E. D. Cole.
Agent for sale of bricks of Fred
ericksburg Brick Company.
Nymat S. Sacrey
Undertakfr and Embalmer
No. 719 Main St.. Freder
inkabiirK, Va 'Phone 98.
AiirrjBfl from Kxchanpe Hotel
MH. next to VV^tero Union
office. Telegraph and tele?
phone orders r??ceive prompt
atte-nt.il in. Open da.v and
In sums to suit on good security. Ap?
ply to Lee J. Graves, attorney Itf
K-aW>l?J*??^*?'.??W??^^*??.^?^jt?'??I T?M?S**?*?SW.t??r?tS tt? W?_?H?_P? jt?_?tuM_st? ^_pt; i^_?
j.eaBoscobel Farm Poultry??. ?
Chicks Newly Hatched, 25 for -13.00; 50 or more, 10c each. j|
Put in orders early, as they will be filled in turn. )
?Eggs for Setting, $1.25 for 15. f
Both Eggs and Chicks shipped in crates, especiallyj.draigned, furn- J
islved free of ?charge. For further particulars, address I
J BOSCOBEL FARM, Poultry Department, (
8'" St ft Pa Avt
$10 40-Yard Rolls of
Special a Roll
These mattinn had ?been ordered lor our
big ?spring sale There was a delay ?n ?
portation, and they arrived only a short time
ago. We decided not to take ?hem at lirst, as
they were m much delayed, bul the importer
agreed to give us a generous discount if we
would take the whole lot.
They are fine mattings for the {?rice, we
knew it, so accepted them on his bf
They are all the superior 180-warp mattings
with the patented wire selvage, which by al?
lowing the matting to lie more evenly adds
very much to the length of service.
All are carpet pat terns, and every yard is per?
fect, pretty designs in ?both red and green el
Save the wear on your ru^s and carpets by
having matting put down instead during the
summer. At this low price you can afford to
cover the whole house with mattings.
This offering; is only for one week, and at
the price they are sure to go out very quickly,
so it is well to get your order in as soon as pos?
Merchandise to the amount of
$6.00 or over will be delivered
?r]? carriage charge free to anysti
?wgj tion in Maryland, Virginia or |2N
West Virginia.
?..Unequaled Shoe Values..!
?Children*! Barefoot Sandals,
a regular 5<)c value, sizes OQp
2s,3t and Is, at.L<3\?
Misses' Whit?' Canvas l.acc,
blucher cut,a regular $1.26 QQa
value, ?hzoh 12 to 2, at . Oww
Women's (iun Metal, on?
eyelet, ankle strap san-$
dais, at .
Women'-? Vi.i Kid and Fat
.ni Colt Strap Sandals, $1 "IE
Women's Black Suede Ankle
Strap Sandals, medium ?Q flfl
mIm at . J.UU
Women's Russia Calf,
blucher cut, Oxfords, $1 TC
medium heavy sole,at .. I. /u
Women's Navy Calf Low
Shot's for solid wear ai;?l
great comfort, a shoe
mail?' specially for you, $1
at. I
Men's Canvas Oxfords,
leather soles, for con
fort and service.
Remember the Name and < lace
0 ED. TIMBERLAKE, The Shoe Nan g
K 904 Main St., Fredericksburg, Va. ?
?oo ?c? ?c*ic***io*?o*i?an? ?? ??je??*?*?? ?ta ??o?
Men's Buck Skin Shoes
for liailplayintf. ?i to 11. ?1
at. I.
Men's Heavy Veal Calf
Ties for hard service, 6%\
to 11, at. I.
Men'? Medium Weight
Shoes, sewed with can't $1
ripprocess. I
Men's Patent Colt 0x
fords.hand wcltcl 0
up-to-date style, at. v<
Men's Elk Skin Shoes, the
greatest comfort giver $4
poatibla, at. Ai
.JU ?
.25 8
.65 0
50 ?
Your Last Chance !
The spring months have about come to a cleso and you must
l>ogin to think of thost> hot summer days, and the best
place to pro shopping- for the SUMMER (?OODS is the store
that has the Beat Goodi ?it the LOWKST PRK'FIS. We are
now showing
Lawns, Dimities, Batistes, both wool and cotton;| Flaxon,
Wash Silks, Ginghams, Cannoncloth, Linens, and all other
goods suitable for Suits and Dresses. We also have a com?
plete stock of Ready-to-Wear Garments, such as, Shirtwaists,
Muslin Underwear, Wrappers, Wash Skirts, white and color?
ed; Voile and Panama Skirts, all colors, and Boys' Rompers.
Agent for Thomson's Glove-Fitting Corset
The oldest and most reliable and best known corset in the world.
Agent for the May Mant?n
Pattern. All 10c Each.
Large Stock of TRUNKS and VALISES.
j A.H.Wallace, "trff*
926 Main St. Phone 80.
Sawmills, Engines $ Boilers
[ A. B. Farquhar Co.'s Sawmills, Engines,
Threshers, and R'?ad Machinery.
If you contemplate buying anything in this line it will
pay you to see us.
Prcdcricksburg Buggy Co.
Fredericksburg, Va.
un h m.iniiiiitntnTntTninininin

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